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  1. Hi Francis, Thanks for your kind words. I used Tamiya XF-81 RAF Green. Can't argue with your remarks on British tank colours, it certainly is a minefield. (Pun intended!) Pete
  2. No I hadn't Bertie. It's back where it should be now, thanks for pointing that out. One of the unwritten rules of modelling is that mistakes will only become apparent after posting! Pete
  3. This explains it, from the FAQs: Village Photos have allowed their security certificate to lapse, which means that photos from their site won't show up on the majority of forum sites, so they're now a bad idea as of July 2022. If this changes in the future, we'll re-open the thread, but in the meantime it's closed and we wouldn't suggest you use them to host your photos for Britmodeller. Thanks to @Bullbasket for the original thread, and for reminding me to let people know they'd gone "odd". Need to look for another host, any recommendations? Pete
  4. Yup, must be. I use Firefox but just used Chrome & can only see the link. As Wile E Coyote said, Back to the ole drawing board! Pete
  5. That's odd Graham as it seems Stef N can see them. The pics are visible to me & I'm using Village.Photos as per usual. Pete
  6. After an absence from modelling due to being physically unable to get into the attic post-op & then it being too fekking hot to stay in the attic I've finally finished my Churchill AVRE from AFV Club. Having done the early carpet layer I knew what to expect & the best way to tackle the workable suspension. A nice kit, the only additions are Value Gear tarps & a crewman from Tamiya's Churchill with a Hornet head. Any comments, criticisms & observations welcome. Pete
  7. Great job with the camo & weathering. I chickened out & painted mine green & black! Pete
  8. Looks good. I agree about what others have said about the black, I use Revell tar black for painting which is like Panzer grey. I've recently bought some Mig weathering pencils & have been trying them out. Reasonable pleased with the results so far, tutorials are on YouTube. Pete
  9. A nice trio. I agree with your comments on parts count & PE. I think there's a department in some of these companies dedicated to making kits as awkward as possible. I've just finished the Tamiya Jagdpanther & AFV Club Churchill AVRE, the contrast is striking. Pete
  10. An excellent job of something we don't see often. Looks like it's just driven through the dunes at Formby! Pete
  11. An interesting subject & nicely done. It looks like they found a stack of Char B1 Bis running gear & didn't quite know what to do with them. Pete
  12. Inspirational. Every time I look at the photos I see someting new. Pete
  13. Stunning work all round, so many little details that stand out - the fascine, stowage, ditching beam to name but 3. I assume you've used after market tracks as they don't look like Emhar's rubber band tracks. The real thing is now in a museum at Flesquieres, I visited Deborah in 2019. Pete
  14. Great work on a classic kit. Did one many years ago. Pete
  15. Nice work. Probably a damned sight better than my first attempt at armour! Pete
  16. Great finish. Nice haircut too! Pete
  17. Lovely work. As has been said, you've certainly captured that lived in look with some great attention to detail. Top notch! Pete
  18. Nicely built, painted & weathered. Got the Academy StuG IV in the stash but applying the Zimmerit is putting me off! Pete
  19. Lovely work all round. Must add a Chally to the collection! Pete
  20. Amazing work on that ugly duckling. Nice shots with the big brother. Pete
  21. You've done a great job on that. I deliberately chose another boxing when I got my Takon Chiefie! There's an unwritten law in modelling that says "Mistakes will only be apparent after posting!" Pete
  22. That's a cracking first effort. Always thought the M8 is a good looking vehicle. Pete
  23. Always interesting to see a different scheme like that. Weird how the turret looks smaller! Still not plucked up the courage to tackle my Academy StuG IV, might try your method on it. I've used PE Zimmerit but the costs of the Eduard PE is more than I paid for the kit! Pete
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