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  1. Stunning work all round, so many little details that stand out - the fascine, stowage, ditching beam to name but 3. I assume you've used after market tracks as they don't look like Emhar's rubber band tracks. The real thing is now in a museum at Flesquieres, I visited Deborah in 2019. Pete
  2. Great work on a classic kit. Did one many years ago. Pete
  3. Nice work. Probably a damned sight better than my first attempt at armour! Pete
  4. Great finish. Nice haircut too! Pete
  5. Lovely work. As has been said, you've certainly captured that lived in look with some great attention to detail. Top notch! Pete
  6. Nicely built, painted & weathered. Got the Academy StuG IV in the stash but applying the Zimmerit is putting me off! Pete
  7. Lovely work all round. Must add a Chally to the collection! Pete
  8. Amazing work on that ugly duckling. Nice shots with the big brother. Pete
  9. You've done a great job on that. I deliberately chose another boxing when I got my Takon Chiefie! There's an unwritten law in modelling that says "Mistakes will only be apparent after posting!" Pete
  10. That's a cracking first effort. Always thought the M8 is a good looking vehicle. Pete
  11. Always interesting to see a different scheme like that. Weird how the turret looks smaller! Still not plucked up the courage to tackle my Academy StuG IV, might try your method on it. I've used PE Zimmerit but the costs of the Eduard PE is more than I paid for the kit! Pete
  12. A great build, nice to see a Churchill in something other than green! Pete
  13. Lovely job, looks like it's just been lifted from its firebase. Pete
  14. A great replica. It's all gone together very nicely. Pete
  15. A work of art with some excellent attention to detail. Is that a bottle of vin rouge I see? Pete
  16. Nicely painted & weathered. Only the rubber tracks let the kit down. Pete
  17. I think you can be justly pleased with that one! The last Grant I did was the Monogram 1/32 version. Showing my age now! Pete
  18. Lovely StuG. I like the interior, nice work on the exterior Panzer grey too. A difficult colour to fade & modulate. Pete
  19. First class. I wish I could master modulation like that. Pete
  20. Nice work, not something I remember seeing on here before. Pete
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