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  1. Thanks for the cleaning reminiscence. Something to look forward to on Tuesday when we'll be cleaning XM603s undersides. Even though Woodford is a long way from the North Sea the wind still howls across what's left of the airfield. I think it's traditional. Good progress on the kit. Pete
  2. Lovely StuG, all the better for it being in a non German scheme. The Finnish Air Force gets a lot of coverage, nice to see the Army getting the coverage to deserves. Pete
  3. Looks great, an interesting scheme to boot. Pete
  4. Will follow with interest. I've got mine Vulcan shaped now having re-scribed the panel lines, currently trying to regain my mojo with it. I was helping clean Avro Heritage's XM603 last week & thought how smooth it was & why I bothered re-scribing! Pete
  5. Lovely job, nicely built & painted. As others have said, it's a great kit. I did the original AM kit, the instructions reminded me of the old Airfix kits. Pete
  6. Great work on a subject I never expected to see modelled. Pete
  7. Nice work on an unusual subject. I had to look at the turret twice when I saw the dummy gun! Pete
  8. Lovely job, I really like the look of that. Something else to tempt me at Telford! Did the CSM Lanchester & was impressed. The resin figure sets are also very nice. Pete
  9. Lovely job, it's a great kit. The Montex masks certainly make a difference, I must have a go with some. Pete
  10. Nicely done. You can certainly see the Vickers lineage. Pete
  11. Nicely done. Still not got a Hetzer - shame on me! Pete
  12. Very nicely done. Got the dual combo boxing, one down & one to go. Pete
  13. This is my accident prone Kittyhawk F-104G, finished in a German Navy scheme. I wanted one that represents The Vikings that impressed me at IAT '87. They flew without the tip tanks but I think they add a splash of colour. I lost & knocked bits off it throughout the build, even knocking off the pitot tube when I was taking pictures! A shame as it's a good kit. I've placed it rather gingerly on the display shelf, hope the cat doesn't knock it off! Any comments, criticisms & observations welcome. Thanks for looking. Pete, AKA Mr Clumsy.
  14. Lovely job all round. Nice to see it flexing its muscles! A shame Duxford repainted their F-4J(UK) in US Navy colours. Pete
  15. Looks great in that scheme, nice restrained weathering too. Did the AM boxing in FAA colours when it came out. Pete
  16. A great build. Always good to see an aircraft in another uniform. Pete
  17. Nicely done, a lovely little dio. I bet the commander's wondering where his gloves went! Pete
  18. Great work on both, interesting to see the Neger. It seems all the German arms of service had desperate last ditch weapons. Not sure if the time, money & materials spent developing them was worth the results though. Pete
  19. You've captured the look of that monster nicely. Pete
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