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  1. Very nice work on an old classic! That is a splendid result sir!
  2. That is so realistic! Wow, what a superb finish you've achieved here!
  3. Amazing work. That is a super scale model sir! So well done!!
  4. Very nice indeed! Great detail and a wonderful result!
  5. Beautiful work sir! A truly fine scale model!
  6. Superb work Volker! That is one phine Phantom dude! Thailand? Oh, the food you must be enjoying!
  7. A very impressive conversion, and the result is very handsome Sabre! Bravo Sabrejet!
  8. That is superb scale modeling sir! And an incredible example of the mighty Phantom!
  9. I hope it's not too late to add my admiration of this impressive model Alan. It turned out beautifully, and would certainly grace any display cabinet (as well as being an instant "centerpiece"!). Congrats on a great model!
  10. That's a fantastic Vega Fuad! So well done, and another beautiful scale model from a master builder!
  11. Tuan, those are beautiful birds! Fantastic paint work on both, but I'm partial to number 8523. Wow, what fantastic scale models!
  12. Giannis, that is fabulous work sir! Great scale model, wonderfully presented too!
  13. Breathtaking realism Rod! Fantastic model and superb photo work too!
  14. Now, that's just super cool! And a type we don't see that often too! Great job on a terrific scale model; I would love to have one that nice in my display.
  15. Thank you! Yeah, it's a "what if" that I came up with. There was a glossy black Voodoo that flew in Canada I believe. more here: RF-101B "Black Magic"
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