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  1. I can't understand, for the life of me, why there aren't 100 comments about this incredible model! The more I look, the more impressed I am. Calum, I so agree with Russ; that is the best looking Sea Fury I've seen too!
  2. Oh, such nice comments Rick! Thank you so much! I've taken a few days off from my latest model project, the Tamiya 1/48 Meteor F1 Number One Prototype, to get some full-scale painting done around the "crib" here. Work I have been "putting off" for a few years ... I'm painting a hallway with eight doorways and nine doors, not to mention the ceiling and walls. The wood trim and doors will be oil-based (alkyd) enamel. After many years as a commercial/residential painter, I'm an expert "enamelator", lol. Or is that enamelist? And I had to order a new airbrush hose for my Paasche H. Here in the hinterlands, it's not easy to pop out and get another one. Thank goodness for Amazon. Thanks again Rick, glad you liked the old girl!
  3. Thanks bar side! I've always thought that it was so cool that a Sea Fury scored a kill against a jet opponent. Many thanks again for your kind comments!
  4. What he said! ^^^^^ Great looking P-40 indeed. The background just really enhances the photos of a great model Russ!
  5. Regarding that Hendon bird, looks like they didn't accentuate the panel lines enough. Kinda light on the weathering... I'd love to visit that museum!
  6. What a nice comment F-32! Thanks for dropping in and having a look. Much appreciated!
  7. Hi Greg! Thanks a lot for that!! I'll be posting a few more before too long. I appreciate your support!
  8. Before this thread rides off into the sunset, I'd like to thank everyone who "liked" the model with your reactions and of course, especially those who left a comment! I appreciate the support, encouragement and valuable feedback received. Many thanks from the heart of Texas!
  9. Nicely done Dennis! Thanks for giving us a look at her!
  10. Cheers to you Norbert! Thanks so much for those kind comments; you're much too kind sir.
  11. Thank you Djordje! Thanks for the nice comments, I really appreciate that!!
  12. Classic plastic! I love that Greg! Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated they are too! The Sea Fury looked a bit odd to me when I first saw one, but the type soon grew on me. I love their lines and that brutal look. I was thinking that the Typhoons and Tempests both had that as well.
  13. Thanks Greg! Much appreciated my friend. Yep, these Hobbycraft kits take some TLC and a good bit of patience. Believe it or not, I've got another Hobbycraft kit in the queue...this time a dandy, the F-111E.
  14. Thanks brother! The Sea Fury was something else; one of the ultimate piston-engined birds I guess. Thanks so much for the comment!
  15. I really like the Wyverns, they remind me so much of a militarized crop duster! Great job on yours Adrian!
  16. This is the old 1/48 Hobbycraft kit. A model that's at least 10 years old now. It’s pretty much an OOB build, although I did detail the cockpit a little, and I added some doo-dads to detail the landing gear and bays. I used a vac-canopy from Squadron, the dark gray is Humbrol, the Sky type -S is ModelMaster enamel. The stripes were done in MM acrylic flat-white and a custom-mixed dark gray with Humbrol. Cannons are hypo tubing inside brass tube. Decals are the AeroMaster “Sea Fury Pt. 1” 48-702 set. I had a lot of trouble with the canopy; I had a hard time fitting it, and after it was finally attached I saw a lot of crap inside the canopy and a nice big glue smear-inside too of course. Oh well, I was really tired of fighting this one at that point and let it go as it was. All in all, it turned out as another pretty fair “four footer”. At least I hope it looks good from 4 feet away. The model represents Lt. Peter "Hoagy" Carmichael's Sea Fury, of 802 Naval Air Squadron, flying from HMS Ocean. For years, he was credited with downing a MiG-15 on August 9, 1952. However, now it seems that the MiG was actually downed by his wingman, Sub Lt. Brian "Schmoo" Ellis. From the attached article: "In the four minutes of air combat, it was a MiG ‘kill’ and two or three damaged, probably beyond repair. It became a cause célèbre in the Fleet Air Arm. Many Sea Fury pilots were disappointed for Schmoo Ellis, who kept his own counsel on the matter even when flight leader Carmichael was awarded the victory." So, with that said, here’s Lt. Peter Carmichael’s MiG Killer Sea Fury, at an unlikely stop in central Texas. Hey, thanks for taking time to look her over and please leave a comment! https://www.aerosociety.com/news/sea-fury-vs-mig-15-the-true-story/
  17. That's is a most impressive model! And I like that nose-on view best too! Great scale modeling RMCS!
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