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  1. Great to hear from you @BerndM! Thank you for commenting, I sure appreciate the support and encouragement. I'm finding this project to be a lot of fun and a great diversion from aircraft builds. It just seems a lot less stressful to me (so far! ). I am also glad that this tank might've given you some ideas for your own M41 build; I'm look forward to seeing that one too! Thanks again Bernd!
  2. Well, hello to you too EB! Thank you so much for those kind comments! High praise from an expert modeler! I feel honored to be the recipient of your first post here at BM; there are some pretty good ol' boys 'round here, and some damned good modelers too. I hope to post some progress soon, still dealing with an issue or two but I feel the need to scratch that modeling itch! I'll probably tackle some crates and boxes next, please stay tuned! Much appreciated sir! Thanks for the generous comments Ed!
  3. Mike, what a wonderful comment to wake up to here in hot ol' Central Texas! Thanks so much my good friend for those kind words. They mean a lot to me Mike! And thanks also to @Dric for your "like" for the model! Cheers!
  4. Thanks so much for your kind comments Michael @WildeSau75! I really appreciate it!
  5. Jean, she's far from a masterpiece, but I am very happy to read your wonderful comments mon ami! It doesn't seem like a year has passed since I presented the model here, but it almost has. As for more, I do have some pics of my work under my profile here at BM. Please have a look and see if there are any you may have missed. Cheers to you as well Jean! Thanks also to @Unfinished project, @Bigglesof266, @Maginot, @Pantherhawk27263, @Mozzy19 and @CJP for their recent likes for the Tigercat! Cheers gentlemen!
  6. Oh my, what a pleasant surprise to see my Tigercat get some more love! Thanks @SoftScience for your wonderful comments! I am so glad that you like her! And thanks also @ilj for the "like"! Here's wishing all a great Saturday night!
  7. Hi Peter! Great to hear from you! I've been busier than a pair of jumper cables at a family reunion. I haven't touched the tank in two weeks. I've had several other "tasks" to get done and a few other issues as well, but there will soon be more to report. Hang on for an update in a few days and thanks for the bump my friend! Enjoy the upcoming weekend.
  8. Wonderful result! Incredibly well done Ivo...and yes, those tracks are brilliant!
  9. I concur. That is amazing art, scale realism personified!
  10. Thank you sir! I really appreciate that! Why, thanks Bertie! That is so kind of you to say. I do believe that is the first time anyone has called my rate of work impressive. I tend to think of myself as one of the world's slowest modelers, as it takes me forever to finish a 1/48 airplane. I'm glad the enthusiasm is coming through because it has been a fun project and I feel like I'm learning new stuff as I go. Perhaps it's not too late for old dogs and new tricks? Thanks to all of you who have stopped by for a visit and had a look at the Bulldog. I sincerely appreciate your interest and especially all the nice comments! Have a grand weekend...and as always, onward through the fog!
  11. Wow, that does look great! Fine work @MVTB, with a superb paint job!
  12. Hey, that is impressive modeling in any scale; in 1/72, it is fantastic! Great job indeed!
  13. What a superb tank model @Nenad Ilijic! That is fantastic scale modeling, shown to perfection with your great photo work Nenad! Wow, I can't express how impressively realistic this model looks to me! Thanks for inspiring me sir.
  14. Great suggestions Maddoxx! @dov, the tank turned out really well Dov, and with a bit of weathering, it will really pop. I'm in the middle of just my third tank build and am still learning as I go. Lot's of good advice has been given so far and while I know how difficult it is to just "jump in" and start trying new techniques, it will really help! Good luck, and maybe post some "after" pics later?
  15. Thanks @Maddoxx77! Maybe too rusty? Hard to get a good balance sometimes but I think they look okay now. I'm not too sure about throwing that "great" around yet, still along way to go! But I do appreciate the support my friend! Have a great Saturday! Yes, that is helpful! And a damn good looking model Maddoxx! That is some fine weathering! Well done indeed. Hey Peter! Good to see your comments my friend! That rust turned out pretty good but it's all due to the "teacher". Here's the video I used for a guide: using Vallejo acrylics to create rusty exhausts Stay safe on the farm and stop by again! And here's one for you! Taxes on the farmer feeds us all-Ry Cooder
  16. Mighty nice thing to say Tony! Thank you sir, I'm glad you're liking her so far! I've been giving the tracks a lil' attention too, and soon it's on to the crates and boxes!
  17. Thank you Arthur! That's so kind of you to say sir. I do appreciate your opinion! I'm trying to get 'er done!.
  18. Good day Peter @Peter2! The 6 hour difference sometimes catches me on the hop, and I didn't see your nice comments until this morning, over here in Texas. What a great suggestion! I had intended to thin down the aluminium tubing used on the auxiliary muffler but simply forget that step. I will certainly follow your recommendation though and give them all a bit of work. Thanks for taking time to make it, and I certainly appreciate the compliments as well Peter!
  19. Thanks! I like the rust better after a bit more work. It's a handy technique and simple too; all credit to the Youtube author's tutorial! I sure appreciate the encouragement! Thanks Longbow! Yeah, gettin' a bit nervous now that I need to do some real weathering to the lower hull and running rear. I have been playing with some AK mud on a paint mule Hind and liked how it worked. I need more practice before laying it on the tank. I have three fairly good color photos os ARVN M41s and their conditions varies by tank. The best pic shows a Bulldog on an urban street, with no mud showing on the tracks, although there is some evident on the road wheels, and surely quite a bit along the lower hull. It has been a helpful pic for this project, and I'll post it again below. But yes, I think she's still too clean too. Yeah...I dunno. It had a six-cylinder (opposed) gasoline engine; wonder if they did belch some smoke on start-up? I believe you are right about the tailpipe tips. Probably wouldn't see that there, and I can easily correct that one. I took the rear fender cue from this photo, showing the urban scene with a crushed car. Is that brown color on the rear fender exhaust staining, or maybe rust, maybe dirt? I know, close call from one pic. I'll keep looking around for anymore evidence and again, pretty easy to "fix". Thanks so much for the suggestion!
  20. Hey, I want to thank @M3talpig, @echen, @Longbow, @Lummox and @Cerberus for your "likes" for this model! I sure appreciate the support my friends; has anyone some advice or suggestions to offer at this point? Thanks for the encouragement all! I added a couple scratch-built pieces yesterday. ARVN crews often removed the pioneer tool rack on the right front fender, using that area for more stowage space. Sometimes the rack framework was left intact, with crates/boxes placed within. I imagined that some "in-field" modifications were also made, especially wherever young tankers had access to a welder, torch and angle-iron stock. With that thought in mind, I used some brass angle and small strip of sheet-metal to make a "jerry-rigged" stowage brace (gotta have someplace to tie that stuff!). I also went back over the main muffler shields with more brown Vallejo to "subdue" the rust tones a bit. I like it better now! Thanks for stopping in and having a look!
  21. Hello everyone, I want to post a few pics of my progress up to-date. After much trepidation and viewing tutorial videos (several times!), I tackled the mufflers on this tank. They are quite prominent and rusted badly in use. I followed the work of a gentleman on Youtube who did indeed make his technique seem easy. I bought the products recommended and practiced several attempts on a paint hulk helicopter model. Then, I tried it on the tank. It turned out okay,I guess. I probably applied way too much paint on the first side attempted, the port one, as I went over it too much I'm sure. But the techniques seemed to work better on the starboard mufflers. Since applying it, the texture of the stipple seems to have diminished somewhat, thankfully. Other weathering has been done with pastel chalks and some Florry washes. I tried two different techniques to simulate collected rust in the two recessed "cross-brace" stiffeners on the rear of the front fenders. Port side was done with Florry wash, while I used Vallejo acrylic on the SB side. I don't really like the SB look as well as the port side and may well paint over the SB part and try again. I also took a few pics of some stowage items, sort of "mocked up" where I'll probably place them. They, and the tracks, need attention soon! But next step is applying some mud and splatters on the lower hull and running gear. The best color reference pic I've found of an ARVN M41 shows the tank in an urban setting, actually having just crushed a car. There is almost no mud evident on the tracks (just rather dusty), and some is seen inside the road wheel rims. I'm sure there must have been some behind the running gear, on the hull sides, as well as splashes and splatters on the hull front, rear and fender edges. So, that thought will guide me through the mud work! reference pic: So, that's kinda where the Bulldog stands at the moment. There is still lot's to do and I'm still having fun! Things haven't all gone swimmingly but it's still onward through the fog! Thanks for your interest and following this pilgrim's progress!
  22. Ah, so I imagine the damage was primarily caused by the action of the thinner reacting with the vinyl. I would even guess that vinyl from that period might've been even more susceptible to that reaction than what we get today. But, once bitten, twice shy, eh? I don't blame you one bit for being cautious thereafter! I did manage a bit more progress yesterday, including getting the mufflers rusted. I hope to add some mud to the lower hull and running gear later and will post pics after that. Have a great weekend everyone!
  23. @Maddoxx77, I think she looks damn good! And quite realistic to my old eyes Maddoxx. Your paintwork turned out fine on the second try, and the running gear looks fantastic! Well done for sure man!
  24. Uh oh. That's probably what I used back when I built my first two tanks, and just what I sprayed on these too. How long did it take for a reaction to occur with your tracks? I don't see any issues yet, but I will keep an eye on them. I finished the Florry washes yesterday and got a nice flat coat on everything now. But, it looks too clean.
  25. Thank you for the head's up @echen! That would be a real pisser; so far I haven't encountered that issue. Perhaps I was just lucky with my first two vinyl tracks. They were almost certainly painted with either Humbrol or Modelmaster enamels back then. I haven't seen any degradation yet from them and it's been over 25 years I reckon. I hope these will also hold up! Do you recall which paints caused that problem? Thanks again for that warning echen!
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