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  1. Man, I would love to just watch over your shoulder Russ as you paint these models with brushes. I think that would be so interesting and a true learning experience for many of us members here. Your work on these planes is so masterful and realistic! So how about it Russ? Are you up for recording a painting session for a tutorial for us? I bet a lot of us would love to see a master at work! Honestly, brushing a model is pretty intimidating to me. Help us step up our game Russ!
  2. Another great looking model Russ! Fantastic scale modeling from you, as usual.
  3. Much liking this one! Very nice scale modeling and a classy result!
  4. Very nice! That's one of the mounts attributed to the North Vietnamese ace Le Hai. I really like your paint work!
  5. Stunning build! Great scale modeling Fridrih! Thanks for showing us this beauty.
  6. Exceptionally nice! Fantastic scale model and great photo work as well. That sir, is a real winner! Please, take a bow.
  7. That is a great looking Pony! Well done x two for the weathering work!
  8. Great result from that old kit Pat! Well done mate.
  9. Great paint scheme! That is a beautiful Emil Jan.
  10. For those shiny oleo cylinders, I've found Humbrol #11 Silver enamel gives a fairly convincing look.
  11. Great job! The weathering is realistic to me and the detailed explanation really helps! Thanks for posting this.
  12. If it works, it works Bob. You've got a beauty here, and it would grace any display cabinet-I wish it were in mine! So well done sir, take a bow.
  13. Wow! Build more airplanes Darryl. Man, that 109 looks great, and is a great inspiration for a 109E-7 I'm building! That's a great looking model man.
  14. Very nice work Stephen! I really like the type and you've sure done it justice! Bravo!
  15. That is a marvelous scale model sir! Very nice work with a very realistic result. Congratulations on a real winner!
  16. Yes, that is very nice work! I wonder if the pilot of "Lil Butch" went on to fly in the Korean War? I built an F-84E with that name, maybe the same pilot?
  17. Very nice work sir! If I may ask, what is the ordnance it's carrying?
  18. So round, so firm, so fully packed! That is such a cool and cute model. Great job on a truly iconic air racer!
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