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    I'd like to say I'm back....but I have the feeling I'm just making a guest appearance..... Zvezda 737-800 kit finished with 8aDecs decals : Standard 4 x4 walkaround : ...and here it is with the original : I think AA have done a pretty good job with the new markings Thanks for looking - Mike
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    Morning All, With the release of the new Revell Beaufighter there seems to have been a steady stream of them lately, so as I've not done a RFI in this section I thought I'd join in! This is the classic Tamiya 1/48 kit. No real fit issues apart from ones I created myself, like having the wheel bays closed. Paints are a mix of Vallejo and Tamiya, I scratched up some extra aerials here and there and got some plain while markings for MB T, I don't think it's right but I prefer the look to the yellow or red options. All comments, criticism and advice welcome. I should have said at the beginning that this is my first attempt at a 1/48 model, working on the Tamiya Spitfire mk vb and the Special Hobby Seafire at the moment so it won't be my last. And a couple of edited pics just for fun. Hope you like em. Geoff
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    Sorry for never updating some people in 2016 when i finished the build had some stuff going on and had to put it into storage. This was my first build where i'd follwed instructions, used photo etch and got myself an airbrush, every build before that was a slapstick job with brush paints and not much care and attention, this took me about 100 hours to finish. That might seem an awful lot to some but for me it came out how i wanted it. I've got all the supplies out again and im decided if i should do the kinetic su-33 or my airfix 1:24 hawker typhoon(apparently the typhoon is a looooong build)
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    When choosing a subject for the Classic Airfix Group Build, I wanted something a little unusual and outside my normal fighter/bomber related build themes. Looking over Airfix's extensive back catalogue of kits a couple of 'different' aircraft sprang to mind - the Short Skyvan of 1974 and the DHC Beaver first kitted way back in 1971. The Skyvan proved to be an elusive kit to find (since addressed), however the Beaver happened to fall into my hands at a local swap meet I attended about two weeks before this GB started. So finally, here is my completed and slightly modified Beaver kit. It took me longer than planned and there are some bits that I'm not exactly happy with, however it's another finished kit thanks to BM's fantastic Group Build programme and the many supporting members that take part. Now for those of you that have not participated in a BM GB as yet, I cannot encourage you all enough to just have a go and get involved. I'm one of those procrastinating modellers that really struggled to get any kit finished, however can now boast six completed kits this year and hopefully another two to go before this year is out. Anyway, here is a link to the full WIP thread and a few progress and final photos added for your viewing below. Cheers and thanks.. Dave (p.s - aren't we glad that this ugly 'Standing Roo' roundel was soon replaced with the more familiar hopping Roo!!). .... and the real A95-201.
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    I have managed to finish some old kits this summer. Boeing 727-200 A rather quick build. Less than two month. Decals from 26 decals. Well not a Swedish plane but Denmark is close enough. I have wanted a Sterling 727 since the 1970's and finally I have one. The Caravelle's wasn't as fast to build. I thing that I started on them around 2006. Decals from F-DCAL But I should have bought new engines for it but I didn't want to dig in to references so I built it out of the box. Not a Swedish plane but it says SAS on the side. Good enough for me. I think these decals came from F-DCAL as well. Thai Airways International was founded in 1960 as a joint venture between Thailand's domestic carrier, Thai Airways Company (TAC) and Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) In 1977 the Thai Government bought out SAS and THAI became fully owned by the Thai government. I had built this Air France plane back in 2006 and after I had finished it I found decals for SAS and Thai so I had to buy more kits. Built straight out of the box with the decals supplied in the kit.
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    Well. Finished one of my Aurora kit restorations. This one is the 1/72nd Cessna 337 as a Canadian Coast Guard operated example. Decals by JBOT. The boom stripes, de icer boots and flap, aileron elevator 'hinge lines' are all from my stock of decal stripes. The red paint is Humbrol Crimson with a dash of red t match the deep red of the stripe decals. Not a lot of wrok involved in doing this rebuild, just Mr Muscle oven cleaner for paint stripping a little repair and rebuild. First a couple images of the rebuild in progress... And the finished article.... The fine black lines to the control surfaces are to depict the hinge points as the kit recessed lines were very feint and lost under the pain. With the help of my Airfix O-2 and 1/72nd scale planes direct from Cessna many years ago that I found in my acive of 'stuff' I was able to place te decals reasonably accurately. Could do a bit more though. Also, some detail refinements could or should have been added like the exhausts and vents around the lower engine areas etc. But As I often say, less is more ! PLus a little teaser for another Cessna dusted down to be finished.... Monogram 1/41st scale Cessna Model 180, Done the pilot chappie but more on this to come when completed........
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    Hello All It has been a while since i post here something, so here it is..my recently finished F-84G Thunderjet of the Portuguese Air Force 1953 of the first 25 received via MDAP These Thunderjets formed the 20 squadron ,the first equipped with Jets..and many of them ended their lives fighting in Africa....but thats another story. It´s the Academy 1/72 kit painted with AK´s extreme metal ,used eduard´s photoetch and decals from various sources. Enjoy, regards from Portugal FBorges
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    There's a tale that does the rounds at my place of work, of the two lads who were being taken from the van into the court. A moment's inattention from the escorting officers and they spot an opportunity, and off they trot down the road. Alas they're handcuffed together at the wrists, and even more alas, they ran off either side of a lamp-post. One of the briefest escape bids on record.
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    I managed to squeeze in a little more Sunday evening and a bit more tonight so a quick update. That's the idea Simon. For sharpness at this scale I couldn't contemplate getting the same results from plastic... I feel like I've just tuned into a late night heavy-metal station powering out of Belgium CC! Do you have a husky voice by any chance...? Most gracious hendacious one. Bill & Keith: please gents - no unwarranted immersion of noggins into said steaming vats! You are both correct of course in terms of the visual; however, from tests I found that playing about with thinner than 0.4mm starts to play into the hands of the gods regarding a) sagginess of the cage-like structure involved, and more importantly perhaps b) having enough bond strength on the various soldered junctions, due to the very small surface area at the tips of 0.3mm tube. (The alternative is to have unpleasingly large blobs of solder there which brings us back full circle to visual disruption...) I've worked-out a compromise structure using 0.4mm for strength on the main load-bearing runs top and bottom, with 0.3mm for the internal triangular bracing and cross sections on the engine bearers. In this way it should yield maximum strength with a minimum of visual incongruity. Thanks Roger. Now that I've got my teeth into it so-to-speak, it seems less daunting than considered in the abstract.... Sounds like a macabre version of 'It's a Knockout!' Ian..... We are but men Giorgio, and subject to the winds of fancy..... Sincere aplologies esteemed xenomorph. Well am I chastized for such unwarranted vandalism of the Martian chariot... Great stuff isn't it Chris? I'm still getting used to using so much less solder than previously and being able to poke it right into the join with a fine tip. Marvellous! A source of chagrin, dismay and dolour Bill but I shall definitely be absent from the throng, for the aforementioned reasons. Now if I can just get the eldest through his driving test by this time next year then it occurs to me I may get chauffered over next time! I'm tempted to lie outrageously Ced and say that it's a lump of amerbgris that I found whilst walking on the shore outside my beachfront house in the Maldives with Helena Bonham Carter in the dusk. Sadly however, it's just a lump of old stained White-Tak that I use to bung things onto for painting or soldering.... Here we are then: Using the etch bender to get the tubing to conform to the plan-silhouette for the top run of the engine-bearer. Held in the vice for soldering and the tubing secured at the right angle with ambergris White-tak: A dab with the hot pointy thing and that's the top tun in place: Side view: The final precise bend to all these parts will get done at the end when the mounting collar goes on last: Same deal with the bottom runs added now this evening: This time around I worked out that it was easier to bend the tubing to the approximate angle after soldering them on, rather than struggling to hold oddly-angled parts together beforehand: The lower runs will probably need trimming after a final bend inwards but again, easier to do it in situ than guess beforehand and hope. I am, it seems, learning. I do hope your respective weeks are going ok for you. Hard to believe that this is the middle of October already! Tony
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    Hi all got this for my birthday Inspired by Bengalensis build I've decided to try and do this version Can find no detail of the chassis so will have to make that up, will have to learn resin casting as I will have 3 pairs of suspension to make and 6 wheels.
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    Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind me sharing some photo`s of my latest effort My second attempt at Hasegawa`s 1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate kit Finished to represent a `Frank` of the 58th Shimbu-Tai, Kyushu, Japan 1945 Built mostly OOB, with just some brake pipes, seat belts and aerial wires added the decals are a mix of the kits and the tail makings came from the old Tamiya kit I know they didn`t usually have the flaps deployed on the ground......... so imagine that this ones undergoing maintenance Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
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    Hi Folks, OOB nothing added except filler!! Here is an Italeri F-14 with Iranian Decals, Humbrol Paints and Alclad Mat Varnish. 587_8701 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8700 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8692 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8691 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8689 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8688 by Georgeconna, on Flickr
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    The first finish of my Airfix Therapy Build thread and my tenth this year!. WIP is here. Paints are Mr colour/levelling thinner. Markings were masked and sprayed (with varying degrees of success) except for the shark mouth, eyes and serial. Went for something different in the photos: the John Dibbs look as I like to call it, cropped in, close and personal. Moments of silliness- microscopic ring and bead sight and those cute little position lights done with acrylic resin. Showtime! Adios muchachos, the stash calls to me and I'm a goin' fer 15 builds finished this year , even if they're a bit rough around the edges like this one! Cheers and thanks for lookin' in Anil
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    Not much time at the bench this evening, so just a bit more added. First, the control boxes for the cable holders (see the real Leander photo earlier for details): Second, more fair leads - this time on the stern.
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    "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48 RFI Good evening fellow Britmodellers, let me present my longest build to date, it’s been Seven long months and a lot of blood sweat and Tears to get this iconic bird over the finish line. If you followed the WIP you’ll be aware of the back story so I won’t re tread old ground. If you’re interested in the WIP you can find it here. I’ll keep this short and sweet and get on with the pictures. I hope you enjoy the shots. I wished I had a brighter day to take them but as autumn looms so does the light. c'est la vie. That’s all folks. I know there’s a lot but I figured I could endulge in this centenary year. I’ll run through what was used. Tamiya Lancaster 1975 1/48 (revised version) BIG ED (Photo etch) interior exterior bomb bay. masks belts etc. Tamiya Acrylic paints. Windsor and Newton oils. Flory washes. Tamiya weathering pigments. jewellers wire. Plasticard and various plastic rod sizes. Haynes manual. The BM hive mind. @isaneng‘s invaluable insight and research pictures of PA474. @corsaircorp‘s Lancaster engine and wing parts that reside in the nacelles. I do hope I have done justice to this wonderful part of our history. The many will never be forgotten. Thank you all for taking time to view this dedication to PA474 and all the brave souls. “The Many” John.
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    F-4Js of VF-103 out of NAS Miramar at Nellis AFB for an exercise, November 1980. 155510 AD204, drag chute still connected and wrapped around the missile launcher to avoid tangling during taxi back to the ramp - nice weathering subject... 155733 AC212 155754 AC203 157307 AC202 taxiing out Thanks for looking, Sven
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    Hiya Folks, Here is my attempt at the new 1/48th scale Revell Beaufighter kit,.... not exactly a shake and bake like the Tamiya kit,.... but to my eye it looks a bit more accurate, especially around the cockpit. For anybody interested, here is my WIP; The model was brush painted using mostly Polly Scale acrylic paints and the decals came from Aviaeology and were excellent to use, as were the highly detailed instructions. The rockets and the box in front of the windscreen which directed air to keep this clear came from Tamiya kit spares, while the strike camera protrusion on the nose was made from drilled out sprue and the antennae on the nose and top of the fuselage are piano wire. For those wondering about the brick red coloured areas, strips of fabric were doped along the wing leading edge fairings to stop screws from shaking loose when the cannons were fired while others were used to cover the cannon ports and the dinghy release hatch too. Here is the model; And,....... Here is the same aircraft depicted later in its service life built in 1/72nd scale using the Airfix kit; Cheers, Tony
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    #26/2018 Look, another 109 by my dad He´s trying to get rid of his 109 kits by building them. This was the Hasegawa G-10 JG300 boxing, but in fact both included schemes are G-14/AS. So my dad converted it by filling the wrong and engraving the correct filler caps on the fuselage. Decals are from the kit, only the Balkenkreuz which had the typical Hasegawa "ivory" look were replaced with decals from the sparesbox. As usual Gunze and Tamiya acrylics used, Eduard seatbelts, EZ line for the wiring, plastic rods for the brake lines. Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235043049-against-the-odds148-messerschmitt-bf109g-14as-jg77/ Model shows an aircraft of JG77 stationed at Twente/Netherlands in 1945 and later found by the Allies. p.s: The Antenna wire is supposed to look that way, explanation is below in the comments. DSC_0001 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0001 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0021 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
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    I wish I can take credit for this but I can't. This exceptional piece of fully scratch built replica of Donald Campbell test run Blue Bird at RAF Tangmere is done by master modeller Phil Cowley. Phil is a member of our model club: Tangmere Sector Modellers IPMS. He built this as part of our group build T101 (101 years of Tangmere Airfield). And what a subject to choose. He uses plans and research to create a balsa wood replica and then with the dark art of vacu-forming creates the model. Everything is moulded and scratch built. (Phil doesn't do social media or forums, but this is worthy of posting here). My only claim to this is reconfiguring a die cast Mk1 Land rover, adding some scratch and repainting it to depict the support vehicle used during the test. T 101 will be at SMW this year so please come and see it.
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    Hi The canopy I glued from small parts, each window as separate one piece The left and right windows from windscreen were rounded, not flat like others were. I cut it from plastic wine "glass" The top window is taken from RWD 6, all otheres are cut from plastic element of Gillette box of shave blades . The tailplane is a bit too narrow, so I glued extension in control surface and added some putty on ot... . The nine cylider engine Walter Bora had 110 cm diameter in original, so it about 15 mm in scale. I had to enlarge Towdend ring The engine itself will be a resin copy of engine from Praga E39 by RS. I started to scribe surfaces of wings To be cont. Regards J-W
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    Not a name I remember. My CID stint was in Argyll. Was he Glasgow? To divert every so slightly from the theme because this accused plead so there was no trial. My first day in the CID in Oban, I was sent to a reported theft from the residence of the Bishop of an English church in the town. There I met the Very Reverend Nigel Abbot which I thought was a good name for a man of his trade. It seemed that overnight somebody had dug up the Bishop's garden and made off with a fair crop of vegetables. Anyway,notebook out I went into robotic mode..name,age and occupation and I paused,realising what I had just asked.. He smiled and asked if I was being funny. I wish I could say I was.. A couple of days later I had my man, one Billy Pope and he was duly charged and reported to the Procurator Fiscal. Sadly because he plead guilty,I never got to see the local newspaper headline "Pope steals from Bishop's garden"
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    Forty years ago on 12th December 1968 a Pan American Boeing 707 took off from New York bound for Maiquetia airport just outside Caracas, Venezuela. It never got there. The aircraft was a nine month old Boeing 707-300, the tail number was N494PA and the aircraft was named ‘Jet Clipper Malay’. To my knowledge a transcript of the final moments either doesn’t exist or has never been published. This is fictional but I believe it might have gone something like this; (All times are local) 21.56 PA217: ‘Maiquetia Tower good evening this is Clipper two-one-seven becoming established at fifteen miles for runway two-seven’. 21.56 Maiquetia Tower: ‘Good evening Clipper two-one-seven, continue approach, one to depart ahead of you’. 21.56 PA217: ‘Continue approach, Clipper two-one-seven’. 21.59 Maiquetia Tower: ‘Clipper two-one-seven cleared to land runway two-seven. Wind is two-eight-two at nine knots’. 21.59 PA217: ‘Cleared to land Clipper two-one-seven’. 22.02 Maiquetia Tower: ‘Clipper two-one-seven I can’t see you on the radar, confirm you are at eleven miles?’ 22.02 Maiquetia Tower: ‘Clipper two-one-seven did you hear my last transmission?’ 22.03 Maiquetia Tower: ‘Clipper two-one-seven can you hear me? Come in Clipper two-one seven.’ Clipper 217 did not respond. To this day no-one really knows what happened to Pan Am Flight 217 but all 42 passengers and the crew of 9 perished. Some reports say that the aircraft undershot into the sea because of an illusion caused by the town lights on the upslope behind the airport –this has never been proved. The flight deck crew were all very experienced with many flying hours so it’s hard to believe it was ‘pilot error’. Recently I found out that rumours at the time said there was an altercation or argument in the cockpit just before the accident. Apparently the Cuban Purser on board had a few issues and could be a bit ‘moody’ from time to time, but again there is no proof of this. So no-one really knows. Another consideration is we’re talking of 1968 here, the US was heavily involved in an unpopular foreign war and there was a lot of ill feeling towards the Americans (some things don’t change!) so sabotage/terrorism also hasn’t been ruled out. What is known is the aircraft suddenly disappeared off of the radar. I don’t know if aircraft blew up before impact with the sea or if the aircraft broke up when it hit the sea. The front section of ‘Clipper Malay’ broke away from the rest of the fuselage and fell into a ravine under the ocean. The bodies it contained were never recovered. I believe 34 bodies were recovered from the crash scene and it is thought some might have survived the initial impact only to drown shortly after. So why am I telling you this little story? My father was the First Officer on that ill fated flight. He had a lot of flying experience. He learnt to fly at the beginning of the war because he knew sooner or later he would be called up and he’d rather have a choice if he volunteered. He chose flying as it fascinated him and coming from a poor background he would never be able to afford it. In 1943 he was posted to England and was a part of the 368th BS, 306th BG operating out of Thurleigh as a captain on B17’s. Just after the war while still in the Air Force he was involved with ‘Project Casey Jones’. This was really one of the first acts of what was to become the ‘Cold War’. The operation was to have the first accurate photo map of the whole of Western Europe. The flying would have been boring, up and down, up and down and if the pictures didn’t turn out right you’d have to do it all over again. He did a lot of flying around Gibralter and Southern Spain. After leaving the Air Force he got flying with Pan Am. Although he was a B17 Captain he did have to go ‘backwards’ and fly as a Flight Engineer for a while and I do know he flew on Boeing Stratocruisers. In the 1960’s he got rated on the 707 and a little while later became First Officer. Then shortly before the accident he was about to be promoted to Captain. He’d done all the hours and taken the tests. His new uniform with the four stripes was in the wardrobe and all he was waiting for was a letter telling him to sit in the left seat next time he came to work. But of course it wasn’t to be. I remember some years ago my mum telling me that shortly after the crash the FBI coming round asking questions like ‘What make of watch did he have?’ and ‘What brand was his shirts? Describe his shoes’. All sorts of questions to make identification easier if any more bodies were recovered. There wasn’t. I don’t remember him as I was just 8 months old at the time. So a couple of years later mum sold the house and moved back to England with me and my brother, back ‘home’ where her parents lived. So, Forty years later I have finally built the model I always wanted to, ‘Clipper Malay’. I saw the1.72 scale Heller 707-300 kit in a model shop in Bedford about 8 years ago it was only about £12.99. Not knowing then about forums and people making decals I just stored it in the loft until I fathomed out how I would turn it into ‘Clipper Malay’. Around three years ago I was browsing Ray Charles’ ‘Two-Six’ decals website when I spotted a sheet of 1.72 Pan Am 707 decals. I emailed Ray to confirm they were designed for the Heller kit. I then asked him if it was possible to change the decal sheet’s tail number to N494PA and include ‘Jet Clipper Malay’ and briefly told him why. Ray said it was no problem and the decals arrived a few days later. That was three years ago. Since then I kept meaning to get this kit built but never got around to it until recently. Being the 40th anniversary now seemed a good time to get it done. Here's to the memory of 'Clipper Malay'. Keep smiling! Cheers for looking.
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    Hi everyone, thought I'd post my latest build. I really enjoy Wingnut Wings kits. Love to take my time and be methodical. There's a few mistakes, as normal. I was thinking for ages how to do the 'bullet' rigging, ended up doing it too low. It wasn't easy. I am quite happy overall but think next year I really have to think about getting an airbrush. The whole aircraft is slightly lopsided as well, which I've put down to a rough landing. My favourite part was the whicker chair, it's great to experiment with various colours. Also I think the propeller was my best wood effect so far, the wood inside the cockpit looked ok too but it's nearly invisible. Apologies for the photos, I can't seem to take a good one, never really tried before and didn't realise there was a knack to it. All the best, Martin
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    This took some calculation. I should have prepared better earlier... I have converted both sets of colours to true greyscale but retaining the exact Light Reflectance Values of each. This perhaps explains the tonal problems with all Snyder & Short copies better than words. Note how the documented numbers of the left go from smallest to largest and our new paints likewise graduate from darkest to lightest, whilst the Snyder & Short ones jump back and forth. Anyone trying to make sense of B&W images with the shades on the left is on a hiding to nothing due to this. That's why there are so many versions of colour schemes around and each of them is contradicted by some real piece of evidence - the jigsaw pieces just don't fit together:
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    Boom! Thanks @hairystick for the polythene bag advice!