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  1. F-4J, Bureau Number 155792, at Nellis AFB, October 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. Tomcats of VF-211 at Nellis AFB for Green Flag, March 1981. 159462 159620 159626 159631 160915 Thanks for looking, Sven
  3. RF-4Cs of the 16th Tac Recce Squadron, 363rd Tac Fighter Wing out of Shaw AFB, at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 83-2, January 1983. 66-0470 66-0473 66-0476, still wearing the old "JO" tail code 66-0465 EDIT: Had some additional input on these jets. The 363rd was in transition for a couple of years before this event, slowly transitioning from a recce wing to a fighter wing: - The wing was redesignated as a Tac Fighter Wing in 1981 - The 62TRS was transferred to the 67TRW at Bergstrom AFB in 1982. The 33TRS was inactivated in 1982 and her RF-4Cs were either consolidated in the 16TRS or sent to the 67TRW at Bergstrom AFB. - The 16TRS gave up their red and black/white checks tail band for the red tail band previously used by the 62nd in late 1982. F-16 squadrons began being assigned to the 363rd, the RF-4Cs were retired in 1989, and the 363rd assumed the identity of the 20th Fighter Wing 1993. Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. F-15As from the 9TFS at Red Flag 83-2, Nellis AFB, January 1983. 77-0062 77-0069 77-0077 77-0102 Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. I appreciate the confidence, but my images don't go back that far. As NorthBay Kid and the wire-up in the link noted, these early aircraft were F-4B/F4H-1. They even carried the abbreviated Navy Bureau Number in the same location as the early Navy Phantoms. When they did eventually get USAF serial numbers they got the "buzz numbers" applied as well. I especially like the belly location of the buzz numbers, which seemed to be unique to VooDoos and Phantoms. Sven AKA Old Viper Tester
  6. F-15E Strike Eagles of the 4th Fighter Wing team at the Gunsmoke "USAF Worldwide Fighter Gunnery Meet", Nellis AFB, November 1991. 88-1690, 336th Fighter Squadron 88-1700, 334th Fighter Squadron 89-0471, 335th Fighter Squadron 89-0489, 335th Fighter Squadron 89-0500, 334th Fighter Squadron Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. Some of the S-3s above are from VS-33 - they have the Screwbird emblem aft of the cockpit but these are before they started using the larger Screwbird image on the tail. Also have this one from an NAS Miramar airshow, July 1989. Cheers, Sven
  8. Some S-3 Vikings on the NAS North Island ramp, March 1982. Had some time to kill as my Test Pilot School class waited at North Island for our COD transport to the USS Ranger for carrier operations familiarization. 157996 of VS-41 159396 of VS-41 159417 of VS-41 159750 of VS-41 160124 of VS-21 160127 of VS-33 160128 of VS-33 160132 of VS-33, with COD pod. 160133 of vs-33 160598 of VS-29 Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. A variety of T-33s on the Edwards AFB transient ramp. T-33A 52-9667, 123rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 142nd Fighter Interceptor Group, Oregon Air National Guard out of Portland IAP, September 1981. T-33A 53-5811, 194th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 144th Fighter Interceptor Wing, California Air National Guard out of Fresno Yosemite Airport, August 1981. T-33A 53-5950, 123rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 142nd Fighter Interceptor Group, Oregon Air National Guard out of Portland IAP, August 1982. T-33A 57-0767, 84th Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron, 26th Air Division out of Castle AFB, August 1984. T-33A 58-0529, 95th Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron, 325th Fighter Weapons Wing, Air Defense Weapons Center out of Eglin AFB, March 1985 T-33A 58-0591, 95th Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron, 325th Fighter Weapons Wing, Air Defense Weapons Center out of Eglin AFB, March 1985 T-33A 58-0610, 5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 25th Air Division out of Minot AFB, January 1984. T-33A 58-0613, 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 23rd Air Division out of Langley AFB, March 1985. T-33A 58-0618, 26th Air Division out of Luke AFB, January 1982. CT-133A Silver Star, 133542, unit unknown, Royal Canadian Air Force, March 1981. CT-133A Silver Star, 133467, 414 Electronic Warfare Squadron out of CFB North Bay, September 1981. Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. Some newly delivered F-16Cs temporarily assigned to the F-16 Fighter Weapons School, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing at Nellis. Awaiting authorization for the 64th Aggressor Squadron to relinquish their F-16As and take on F-16Cs? 86-0251 86-0271 86-0272 87-0319 87-0321 87-0323 87-0325 87-0327 Thanks for looking, Sven
  11. F-16XL-1, 75-0749, operated by the F-16XL Combined Test Force, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. Images are from two separate missions flown on 12 October 1982. Even with the CBU-58s carried in tandem, the drag penalty was terrible. Sorry about the watermarks, but some of my images have been appropriated on other sites. Thanks for looking, Sven
  12. F-15Cs and Ds of the 59th Tac Fighter Squadron, 33rd Tac Fighter Wing out of Eglin AFB, at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 81-1 large force exercise, November 1980. F-15C 78-0533, the 33rd Tac Fighter Wing flag ship, "Gulf Spirit" Wonder why the squadron name, "Gorillas", doesn't appear on the 58TFS emblem? F-15C 78-0535 F-15C 78-0544 F-15D 78-0568 F-15D 78-0569 F-15D 78-0571 F-15D 78-0572 Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. F-16s of the 311th Tac Fighter Training Squadron out of Luke AFB at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 84-2. 78-0020 78-0026 78-0042 79-0305 Thanks for looking, Sven
  14. The NF-104A on the stick is a collection of parts of 56-0756, '760, and another anonymous F-104. I don't know how much is the original '760. The rocket pack and the tail are definitely '760, as the '756 had it's tail destroyed in a second rocket engine explosion. If I had to guess, I'd say the radome and wings were from a stock '104. When I was at Edwards, there was talk of getting a proper reaction control nose cone (either they found an original or Lockheed was going to make a dummy) and modifying the wings to take "new" reaction control wing tips. Don't know if any of that happened. Here are the two survivors after '756's rocket motor was repaired the first time. '762 is the one that Yeager crashed. TPS had that one less than a year. The other two served from 1963 until the early '70s, '756 having its tail destroyed and written off in 1971. Sven
  15. Here's the surviving NF-104 in front of the USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB in 1984. Unfortunately, she does not have the reaction control nose cone or wing tips... and an Air Force Flight Test Center image of her in flight: Want to do one of these myself in 1/72. Sven
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