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  1. The NF-104A on the stick is a collection of parts of 56-0756, '760, and another anonymous F-104. I don't know how much is the original '760. The rocket pack and the tail are definitely '760, as the '756 had it's tail destroyed in a second rocket engine explosion. If I had to guess, I'd say the radome and wings were from a stock '104. When I was at Edwards, there was talk of getting a proper reaction control nose cone (either they found an original or Lockheed was going to make a dummy) and modifying the wings to take "new" reaction control wing tips. Don't know if any of that happened. Here are the two survivors after '756's rocket motor was repaired the first time. '762 is the one that Yeager crashed. TPS had that one less than a year. The other two served from 1963 until the early '70s, '756 having its tail destroyed and written off in 1971. Sven
  2. Here's the surviving NF-104 in front of the USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB in 1984. Unfortunately, she does not have the reaction control nose cone or wing tips... and an Air Force Flight Test Center image of her in flight: Want to do one of these myself in 1/72. Sven
  3. 71-0960, 375th Aeromedical Airlift Wing out of Scott AFB. At Edwards AFB, July 1984. 71-0875, 375AAW. More weathered than most. RIAT, RAF Fairford, July 1987. 159116, VR-57, "City of Long Beach". Nellis AFB, January 1981. 159117, VR-57, "City of Memphis". Nellis AFB August 1984. 159119, VR-56, "City of Charleston". Nellis AFB, December 1980. 163512, VR-46, "City of Atlanta", Andrews AFB, November 1987. 160047, US Marine Corps. Andrews AFB, November 1987. Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. F-4Js of VMF-451 at Nellis AFB for Green Flag 81-3, March 1981. 153807 153813 155524 155827 Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. F-16s of the Peace Carvin I training detachment attached to the 311th Tac Fighter Training Squadron, 58th Tac Training Wing at Luke AFB. Seen Nellis AFB for a range exercise, October 1989. 87-0397 87-0398 87-0399 87-0400 Emblem carried on the left side, opposite the 58TTW shield. The emblem incorporates the 311TFTS "snake". Thanks for looking, Sven
  6. C-118B Liftmaster of VR-51 detachment at NAS Whidbey Island dropping off supplies at Nellis AFB, March 1981. Thanks fo Looking, Sven
  7. 'fraud not. Not my pix and probably some time before I started shooting aircraft.
  8. Found these slides in the drawer of a vacant desk while doing a clear out at the 6512th Test Squadron at Edwards AFB in 1984. Obvious from the slide frames that these were processed at the base photo lab, but no other info with them. The jet is F-4E 67-0392 of the 33rd Tac Fighter Wing. The "ED" tail code on a 33TFW jet would indicate this is late '60s or early '70s. (The 6510th Test Wing adopted the "ED" tail code in 1982). It looks like it is an Integrated combat turn that is being evaluated, though there are two different store loadings shown here. It looks like Eglin AFB, consistent with the 33TFW. Maybe the jet was being borrowed by the 3246th Test Wing across the field from the 33TFW? USAF images. Loading 20mm training ammo. Love those stencils. Yes, '392 was a MiG Killer. GBU-8 HOBOS (Homing Bomb System) on the right wing, inert GBU-10 on the left. 12 x inert Mk82 on the centerline, AGM-45 Shrike anti-radiation missile training rounds on the inboards. The fuel piping would indicate that this is taking place in a refueling hot pit. Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. F-16Cs of the 72nd Tac Fighter Training Squadron, 56th Tactical Training Wing out of MacDill AFB. At Nellis AFB for Red Flag exercise, June 1991. 85-1549 85-1551 85-1554 85-1556 85-1562 85-1564 Thanks fo looking, Sven
  10. I've considered it, but my discussions with others with similar collections claim the market is rather narrow and soft for such publications unless a highly focused theme can tie the images together. Sven
  11. A-37Bs if the 706th Tac Fighter Squadron, 926th Tac fighter Group, an Air Force Reserve unit based at NAS New Orleans. At Nellis AFB for Green Flag 81-3, April 1981. 73-1070 73-1081 73-1089 73-1105 Thanks for looking, Sven
  12. Some Navy F-5s of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun). 159879, Nellis AFB, January 1981 159880 Nellis AFB, January 1981 159881, Nellis AFB, January 1981. Heart and diamond in the camouflage scheme beneath the canopy? 159882, Nellis AFB transient ramp, November 1980. Probably there to coordinate support for the NFWS detachment in January 1981. 159882, NAS Miramar, March 1983 160794, Nellis AFB transient ramp, January 1981. 160964, Nellis AFB, January 1981 160965, Nellis AFB, January 1981 190966, Nellis AFB, January 1981 160966, NAS Miramar, March 1983 162307, Andrews AFB transient ramp, June 1986 Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. Eagles of the 550th Tac Fighter Training Squadron, 405th Tactical Training Wing out of Luke AFB. At Nellis AFB for Red Flag 84-4, June 1984. 73-0102 - This one still has the speed brake with the dorsal stiffener. 74-0111 75-0039 76-0074 76-0077 Thanks for looking, Sven
  14. Same here for about the last week. Been getting past it by hitting my link to the home page. Sven
  15. Four F-16s of Eskadrille 727, Royal Danish Air Force, at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 84-4, Jun 1984. 80-3600, E-600 80-3601, E-601 80-3609, E-609 80-3614, ET614 Esk 727 badge Interception target identification light Thanks for looking, Sven
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