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  1. Diminutive but delightful! And a humbling finish - brush painting art not lost. Congratulations!
  2. Tremendous, intriguing & inspiring! Thanks & congratulations!!
  3. Very nice! Such a creatively optimistic design.. I think if you are to display on those trestles you might want to look to some of the period photos for where they were located. I doubt they would have sat the front one under the brass radiators - too vulnerable! Images I’ve seen show that front trestle sitting just behind the hydrofoils. Never mind that - it looks good!!
  4. Classy, seems you were more than up to the challenge! Congratulations!
  5. Great theme, beautifully finished, congratulations!
  6. Very sound logic, fuel it is! & thanks, my decision to display ‘in flight’ is confirmed!
  7. Cheeky! Just to undermine our confidence & mutual self-congratulation - any chance it could be for the water in that elaborate cooling system I now wonder?
  8. Stuck in a zoom meeting of no consequence ... sifting through the above images while I listen in & noted this: Could this be the fuel gauge perhaps!? No intention to replicate, just curious ... last time I saw a fuel gauge like this was on a tractor!
  9. Postscript to the above: some incredibly responsive & wonderfully helpful fellow modellers in Italy have come to the rescue with a link to comprehensive cockpit & fuselage interior photographs for the Macchis at the Italian Air Force Museum, Vigna di Valle Italy. Catalogued online care of the Club Modellismo Plastico Ravenna. Here for reference by any others looking for same: Macchi M39 http://www.cmpr.it/Macchi M.39/macchi__m.htm Macchi M67 http://www.cmpr.it/Macchi M.67/macchi__m.htm Macchi Castoldi MC72 http://www.cmpr.it/MC 72 in
  10. Teeny tiny progress: a scratch built instrument panel. I’ve only managed to find one photo in the M39 cockpit, and even then it’s not a period photo. It’s taken in the one in the museum in Italy, and the panel is 2/3 empty holes where instruments were some time ago pulled out. However it gave me enough to mimic the layout & select an approximate bezel type from a generic PE sheet by airscale: glued & drilled & shaped ... .. that was then held with double-sided clear tape behind a strip of clear styrene so I could align the dial-fa
  11. Thanks Stuart! & nice to have your company again. Actually no, the blade still in use - I followed Albion’s online guide & just rolled the tube back & forth under the blade without pressure and it snipped off in no time (happily!) I’m thinking they will .. at least the S5 box promises ‘Schneider Trophy Series’
  12. Gnnrrh!! Here’s the full set of x24 done
  13. Indeed John! But fairly meditative with music or podcast, and not all in one sitting. Having said that, I’m glad the Italians dropped the dual-pipes per cylinder after this V-12 M.39, as I’ll likely need to do the same refinement for the M.67 V-18 & MC.72 V-24 - that’d be x36 & x48 pipes respectively!!!
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