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  1. .. were there not already four of these provided with the kit? Very nice. Certainly a dazzling polished metal finish!
  2. This should look very smart. Those SM79s are yours I presume - they look great! I had a thought once to stock the stash ready to make one of them in my preferred scale of 1:48. Found a very nice looking Italian Kits conversion, for use on the Classic Airframes kit ... but the combined cost was substantial. Hard to justify at the time with such a queue of unmade kits ahead of it. Now don’t you tempt me again .. !
  3. Stunning! Congratulations Moa. And how great to see those pictures of it in the air! Well done. Inspiring - I must move my S4 kit up the queue..
  4. greggles.w

    1/72 Boeing E-8C 93-0597 (Ex QANTAS B707 VH-EBU)

    Keep at it Ray - nice to see this resurrected machine progressing. I recall it seemed enormously ambitious when I saw it .. but you are steadily bringing it to a conclusion. Good work!
  5. Fiddly, fussy, & fine work - well done!
  6. Great attitude - I’m sure you’ll extract a fine outcome. I’m not familiar with this racer, more so the SM79s - is this one a similar flamboyant red / white / green livery?
  7. greggles.w

    He.70F-2 (ICM 1/72)

    Spectacular! Congratulations, very well done.
  8. Looks nice in white Moa! I’m interested that you have elected to assemble so much before painting. I have two floatplanes on the go (OK so that’s generous: my progress is glacial!) and have been thinking ahead on how best to sequence things. I had been thinking that assembling floats to fuselage as you have would present a challenge for painting the inside faces of the struts, floats & their junctions. You don’t seem to have had this trouble?
  9. greggles.w

    Curtiss Racer #3

    The last of the upright struts done - finally - done! And I’m underway with the remaining two horizontal struts, seen above resting on the front of the floats. This here below submitted to make my case for why this is taking me a while: Raw brass tube stock is shown on right. This is then squished in a home made vise to make it a rounded rectangle section as shown with the centre horizontal strut. Then it’s ground to an aerofoil shape using coarse grit sanding stick & finally polished smooth, as shown on the left - that’s one of the horizontal struts ready for trimming!
  10. Looking good! To keep you motivated, I thought I’d offer this link: http://streaming.britishpathe.com/hls-vod/flash/00000000/00019000/00019806.mp4.m3u8 Supermarine S4 newsreel footage. which I have posted elsewhere in this site once before. Found on British Pathe site, not specifically indexed as such so it could be easily missed. See 1 minute in. (I think part of this footage is included in the old David Niven film 'the first of the few')
  11. That’s elaborate struttery there - I count near to 20 lengths?! All looking very orderly, well done.
  12. Good news. I know from experience that these float-to-fuselage strut geometries can get fussy!
  13. Excellent work! That looks really plausible for the time. Great finish too. Reminds me of this similarly unbuilt proposal for the same race - which I only stumbled on recently - by Dornier:
  14. Commendable, steady progress! Nice options you have developed for the struts. Will be interesting to see which turns out best for the job.