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  1. well that's just .. life has been quite .. uncooperative .. this last fortnight. I finally had an opportunity to pick this up again .. & dropped it. starboard stabiliser snapped off again - gouge back to raw resin through the white on the belly - & another on the fin pulled the blue off the white - so.. very.. demoralising..
  2. Thanks Stuart! Great to see a broad diversity of types .. Much appreciated from this distant viewpoint !
  3. Looking great Dennis, & I’m genuinely appreciative for the time you’ve taken to outline your process. I’ll definitely be slipping across to read your budget airbrush tips. I had one, way back around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall ... it was the pinnacle of my equipment, quite an investment of my acres of lawn-mowing earnings. My father was very supportive: my Christmas present - it was about that time - was a spare car tyre on a rim! When it was time to paint I had to negotiate with some adult to add a diversion to their shopping trip, with the wheel in the boot to be pumped up at the service station .. it then gave a very focused, fixed time-frame to a paint session!! I have yet to reinvest.. your thrifty tips have both a practical & nostalgic appeal!
  4. Very fine work - craftsmanship! I have been known to fabricate jigs for alignment peace of mind, but yours seem particularly efficient, elegant and effective. Sorry to hear of your “down” period, but don’t add to it with any anxiety about your progress here - completely unwarranted! g.
  5. Great aircraft, respected kit manufacturer, accomplished builder, hearty hecklers - all in order here!
  6. For the general interest of this ‘flotsam’ group of like-minded souls .. Here’s a teaser photo posted on another ‘likeable’ online forum. For those lucky enough to be attending Telford, look out for a display called ‘splash’, with a suite of Schneider Trophy racers to admire ...
  7. Understandable! You would want to be VERY determined to take that behemoth on!
  8. Enjoy the show! Apparently there’s a ‘splash’ display with a full suite of Schneider Trophy racers to be seen ..
  9. Congratulations - most impressive. Now do you have a space big enough for it??
  10. I too am quite (double)taken! This will be good..
  11. Merciful gods - no overspray! Now I need to source a sheet of decal paper to print tiny little black ‘N’ and ‘226’ to finish that off. Think I’ll take a look-see at what others are up to here in the group build..
  12. .... No. Definitely not. But thank you for the suggestion, making my lunacy seem reasonable by comparison!!
  13. Short answer: no! My manual attempt was hilarious instance of hubris. No, to achieve this, one needs .. ”a laser!” My office invested in an A3 laser cutter earlier this year. I really don’t need it for my role, nevertheless I thought it might be useful if I set myself a training task! Laser cut tape .. Useful, but a little bit too close to work - more time spent on the computer than working with my hands!
  14. OK, after an interlude for life’s daily crises.. Fin flash in B&W All masked up ... Blue... Red ... Awake this morning, fingers crossed, gingerly peel ... ... & reveal! And why all the fuss over this? Here it is with my (over-sprayed) thumbnail for scale ... And then time was up, morning circus commenced before I could remove all the wrapping. On the train to work now .. (limited time so no personalised response to each of you above - a collective sincere thanks instead)
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