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  1. Zarichta

    Bf 109G14 1/48 Eduard

    Thank you mate! Cheers;
  2. Zarichta

    Bf 109G14 1/48 Eduard

    Thank you mate. My idea was to make a smooth application. Cheers;
  3. Super camo mate! Congratulations! Cheers;
  4. Zarichta

    Bf 109G14 1/48 Eduard

    Thanks mate. These Eduard decal's are excellent.
  5. Zarichta

    Bf 109G14 1/48 Eduard

    Thank you Vinnie. I just used decal with Mr Mark Soft by Gunze. Cheers;
  6. Zarichta

    Bf 109G14 1/48 Eduard

    Thanks matte. I used these mixes: RLM76: XF23 (50%), XF2 (30%) and XF19 (20%); RLM75: XF19 (75%), XF1 (20%) and XF7 (5%); RLM74: XF24 (60%) and XF27 (40%). RLM66: XF1 (60%) and XF13 (30%). I dilute with Future (50%) and Thinner X20A (50%). Cheers!
  7. Zarichta

    Bf 109G14 1/48 Eduard

  8. Hello; Here's my latest built: Eduard's 1/48 Bf109 G-14 W. Nr. 512382, flown by Lt. H. Schlick, 4./ JG 77, Schönwalde, Germany, November 1944.. It's a great and easy kit. The main colour is Tamiya and the decals are from the kit. I built oob. All comments very welcome. Cheers, Cristian Zarichta
  9. OK Niknak. As soon as possible. Thank you! Cheers
  10. Thank you Bob! Cheers. Thanks you!!! Cheers.
  11. Maybe, but I'll consider this touch. Thank you. Thank you Mick. Cheers.
  12. Thank you Mate. I really don't know yet. I started last weekend this TA 154, but i will study more this point. I will keep in touch here. Cheers!
  13. Hello guys; I recently finished this model. It will be a future part of a Mistel composition: FW190 A8 +TA 154. It's a complicated kit with bad fittings. It's out of box and I used Dousek's riveter. Tamiya's mix were used. Ta154 is on production. Cheers.
  14. Uowww! Excellent work!! Superb weathering! Love it! Cheers. C. Zarichta