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  1. Stunning work! Great paint finish. Cheers. Cristian
  2. Thank you Paul√£o!!! Thank you!!
  3. Thank you guys. Thank you very much for the compliments and tips. It's very important to receive your tips. About the roundels in the wings: I am happy to know that they are correct! Thank you Airfix designers! Thank you all! Cheers;
  4. Hello my friends; I finished my last model in this weekend. It's is a new simple Airfix mold. I did modifications including a lot of adds: - CMK engine; - Seat, wheels, control surfaces, exhaust by resins Aires and Quickboost; - PE interior and flaps by Brengun; - Master Pl cannons and; - Tail wheel scratched. I built a simple base too. I had doubt about the insignias diameters (upper wing surfaces), but even so I ended up using the Airfix decals. I had no options here. The mark is No. 266 Squadron, 2nd Tactical Air Force, Holland and Germany April/May 1944. Cheers;
  5. Done my friend: Thank you for reporting this mistake. Cheers.
  6. Done my friend: https://flic.kr/p/2iJjjs1 https://flic.kr/p/2iJoG36 https://flic.kr/p/2iJoG4D https://flic.kr/p/2iJjjvN Thank you for reporting this mistake. Cheers.
  7. Yes, ops. I will fix this. incredible mistake .. Thank you!!!
  8. Thank you Mike!!!! Ok, good. Thank you!!!
  9. Pictures adjusted. Now I'm using a Flickr. Cheers.
  10. Hi Joaquin, Yes, I posted these photos in Google Photos. If you want, I can send my photos by e-mail. Drop me a line: zarichta@gmail.com I live in Porto Alegre and it is keeping a nice town. It is good to know that you liked to visit my city. Keep in touch. Cristian
  11. Thank you! After the blue paint applied, I did soft lines with a silver pencil. With my Iwata HP series airbrush, I painted this lines very carefully, passing two or three times and covering totally. It was not easy, but with calm and patience, it worked. Cheers
  12. Thank you. Yes, but the Swiss described this color in reports. And the Swiss were very precise. It's fact, but about RLM83 it is another theme. Cheers.
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