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  1. Did not think to mention I am posting photos of models built a while ago but never shown as well as recent builds.
  2. Thanks for comments guys. Peter, Keith, I am retired .
  3. Hi guys while looking on line for photos of Sturer Emile 12.8 cm s p gun I came across photos of the" MORITZ "after she was disabled and abandoned alongside a panzer Jager 1 and found by the Russians on a battlefield not far from Stalingrad she was operating with the 2nd panzer division. the Emil is a trumpeter kit , and I thought I would have to do a conversion for the panzer jager but finally found a old kit , pinned tracks to get sag , made damage on wheels, added bits and bobs to panzer. hope you like my rendition .
  4. Hi guys I am not in to paper panzers … But could not resist buying the 1 72 scale dragon maus kit ,as it wasn't far away from completion? .I wanted to have it in action in a dio and saw a photo on line of a Russian T 34 crushing a panzer 2 tank and decided to ring the changes . Hope you like my bit of fantasy, crew have decided to bail out.
  5. Hi guys having a break from scratching ,built 88 mm volmag gun out of the box except opening doors at back and adding shells, builds into nice model. Figs are ceaser.
  6. Have ordered a couple of bikes now ,thanks Keith.
  7. Brilliant work been thinking about getting one of these for a dio ,after seeing yours it is on my to buy list.
  8. Hi guys. a T 34 conversion to a german flakpanzer ,after seeing photos of a field modification that was used with schwere panzerjager abteilung 653 unit. I decided to build one using a U M T 34 kit and a 2 cm flakvierling 38 kit with metal barrels, I had to make moulds and cast all the amo boxes as I only had one resin box. The turret was scratch built using photos from web photos and the t 34 kit for dimensions. I wanted another element to the dio so added crew also a guy walking by with a bike( not a very good model) pointing and asking where the F... they got it from. Just went on line today and saw U M have made a copy of one ! Have also added a few not very good pics of build
  9. Hi guys built this a couple of years ago when I was building a collection of howitzers. This dio depicts soviet army moving in to Berlin with the potent 203 mm howitzer ,the germans knew it as stalins sledgehammer as it was a tremendous bunker buster .The gun is a diecast model and not that good but cant get a plastic kit in 1 72 scale ,I made buildings and base from hard sheet foam with bricks marked in to it. figs are milcast.
  10. Hi guys made this 1 72 scale dio a couple of months ago after I saw a photo on line with german troops using a burnt out T43 tank as a shelter (apparently this was done by both sides). I also wanted to model a burnt out tank using a method I found in a book using blotting type paper for peeling paint after a fire , it was fiddly but not too difficult and am pleased with results. let me know what you think of method. Figs are Zvelda.
  11. Great work all round especially the masking for camo.
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