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  1. Thanks Vaoinas. The wheels and under the bogeys are not seen as I glue them to a permanent base so don't spend a lot of time on them.
  2. Hi guys in progress my 10 th scratchbuilt and 15 th railgun in my collection , this is a model of the German Theodor Kanone (E). Three of these were built using plans of w w 1 mountings and barrels from pre-dreadnoughts they were built in 1936 and in service 1937 to 1945,two guns were used during the French campaign. I have had a number of guys ask for a rundown of the builds so have included a few photos during build, the barrel is turned in aluminium and the wheels are from oo gauge railway stock ...will be glad to answer any other questions on build. Model is now waiting for primer before adding figures and a base.
  3. This gun carrier was used in july 1917 in france the idea was to be able to carry large guns over rough ground easily, and remains the first self propelled vehicles as it could fire the gun from carrier but was more often dismounted at a firing point. the gun was carried on a sledge at the front and the wheels on the sides of the carrier it could carry a 60 pounder or a 6 inch gun, please forgive me all of you who know all this but thought it needed a little info. For my dio I decided to have the carrier at the firing point with the gun being lowered to the ground with one wheel attached and the other being brought round to gun also carrier being unloaded. Bike kit and figs are from W D models.
  4. Thanks ,They were bought sorry cant remember where
  5. Thanks Keith I have a plastic sheet ebossed like corrugated sheets, use tin from cooking trays cut to size and pressed on to plastic sheet punch a few holes bend bits up and paint .
  6. Hi guys my latest 1 72 scale model is based on a W W 1 drawing entitled (tickling the rhino) ,cant find copy on line now. The figs are Ceaser with a lot of alterations on arms and legs to get positions I wanted, also paper slings on guns. The camo on the tank is brush painted ,the base is all scratch built.
  7. Thanks Badder glad you like it and it's got you imagining.
  8. Hi guys have been planning on building this since I bought some great church windows but could not find a 88 mm gun in my scale anywhere, in the end I bought Zvezda 88 kit and had a some hasagawa wheels from a earlier conversion (not great but with a bit of extra work not bad) The church I built from foam sheet and had to build a front and back to sandwich the windows .The virgin mary was difficult to find in the size I wanted also very expensive for a two inch figure, the figs are Ceaser.
  9. Hi guys a model I built few years back , Retrokit resin kit of French W W 1 S P gun and ammo carrier, the germans also used these on the eastern front ,nice kit for resin just needed thinner hand rails and new folding sides. P S these models are not floating in water its a glass table....
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