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  1. the old White Ensign had PE for the Airfix kits in 600th scale. Nothing specific for Fearless / Intrepid but lots of generic and general stuff which was (is) good value. I think they come from the USA now but the sets seem to still be available if you search White EnsignModels. And, despite it being an older kit, it can end up as quite a nice model; this is one i did way back...
  2. Starting to get to the end part now; railings going on. Still some touching up to do, then rest of the decals for pennant numbers, a matt spray, rigging and a (very) little weathering... should be finished in a couple of months !
  3. More details added and touching up starting. Was hoping to have this finished for the show at Perth; but, as it is tomorrow then its not going to happen ! I may still bring it along as a WIP...
  4. Nice work; did you freehand the camo ? or mask it ? i do like arty, and i have that kit in the stash so i may even get it out soon !
  5. thanks for the kind comments gents. the net is a rolled up piece of 35th scale cammo netting that i have draped a few pieces of thread over to try to give the impression of a piled up net. the "floats" are the heads of map pins that i snipped the pin off and attached with a little drop of PVA glue. Its more of an effect look than real life; there should be otter boards and different rigging and the net should not be as clean... but, it looks busy which is what i was aiming for.
  6. A nicely unusual kit that came as part of the "Replenishment at Sea" set of 3. You get the carrier Foch / Clemenceau, an escort destroyer and this most unusual fleet oiler. It had been sitting with just the hull glued for years until, in a fit of enthusiam after finishing the traweler, i decided to do more work on this one. The bigger parts fit well, the smaller parts have lots of seam lines to get rid of. Plenty of touching up to do but its going together well so far.
  7. thanks guys. more pictures added with close ups... dont look too closely; my models always look best from about 4 feet !
  8. Recently completed example of the old Revell kit of the North Sea Trawler. This boxing had the name decals for Arctic Corsair and, since i am a lazy, modeller, i built her with that name despite the fact that the kit is based on the Ross Co "Cat" boats. Straight out of the box with only the old net added to give some busyness on deck. My thought was to give her a fairly heavily weathered look as any fishing boat is a working boat and these were side trawlers dragging their nets up and over the starboard side. I did cut out the wheelhouse windows and replaced them with
  9. Lovely job sir. One minor point you may want to consider going forward is that the flags would be flying the other way; blown forward by the wind. Only when we went to steam ships could we have flags blowing against the wind...
  10. Hi John No, its the '57 Eldorado Brougham. A truly terrible kit in really brittle hard plastic that i picked up. It had been started with thick enamel silver paint (H11 i suspect) splashed on the chromework... This seemed the best use of it And thanks everybody for the comments. Now i have had time to think about it, i really should break one of the tracks and put some strips of perished rubber around the front left wheel to finish it off and make it look totally abandoned. Alan
  11. So, i was travelling with work one time to Texas and, as i had some spare time, i wandered around a flea market one Sunday morning. My eye was taken by a pile of 1950's magazines titled "Cars and the Apocalypse". They were full of ways to alter current cars to meet the demands of a 1950's imagined post apocalyptic USA which, of course, had easy access to lots of old WW2 hardware. I was particularly taken with the plans for a half-track conversion of the Cadillac Eldorado. This is my effort to recreate a barn find Cadillac Desperado left all abandoned and rusting after
  12. Me 163; it has fascinated me since i read Mano Zeiglers "Rocket Fighter" over 30 years ago and an honorable mention to the unsuccessful Scheinder trophy racers, especially the Savioa Marchetti S65 which was so beautiful it hurts, and so bad it killed its pilot in training in 1930.
  13. Hi Folks Just found this forum again This is my effort at a diorama using the Tamiya Quad and 25pdr gun. I didnt fancy the desert scheme and a shiny green combination did not look right, so, a breakdown with tools scattered around... details by Accurate Armour and verlinden with the jacks from an old Italeri workshop set. Comments and suggetsions welcome.
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