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  1. Nice work - love the weathering
  2. Thanks Wlad - I used uschi line medium for the aerials - it’s that stretchy stuff that makes it quite easy to use - with some ca accelerator, this was a pretty quick job.
  3. Thanks Andrés - I've actually used the tamiya colours before but found them to be overly dark - Mr Color are a little better but still quite off. I've bought some AK Acrylics as I've heard they are quite good so we'll see how I go with them - endless experimentation! I think it's a subject worth exploring as I have quite a few models in the stash that use this colour scheme. Thanks for your compliments on the oils - I'm still finding way with using these - it's now more a case of learning when and where not to use them, Thanks Some of the modulation was done during the p
  4. Thanks Dave - yes you’re quite correct - I had to compromise and use the later type as the type As provided by fundekals refused to conform and it became clear that they just were not going to work - I had the later type there so just used them / a shame as it’s not accurate but I thought using the later type was better than no roundel at all.
  5. Hi All - finished up my latest this weekend - Tamiya's older MkV spit. In spite of it's age, it's still quite a nice kit and goes together very well. I added Eduard's cockpit details set and landing flaps. Paddy Finucane is a childhood hero of mine - a remarkable pilot and natural leader who still holds the title of the youngest wing commander in RAF history - He was a hero of the Battle of Britain and was credited with 28 aerial victories - making him possibly the highest scori
  6. Hi Walter - no problem: Mr Color 117 RLM 76 - underside Alclad airframe aluminum Mr Color 121 RLM 81 - lightened this quite a bit as I used Jerry Crandall's book "Yellow 10" as my main reference and the paintings in that showed the RLM as being quite light Mr Color 122 RLM 82 Mr Color 123 RLM 83 Nose colour: Mr Color 124 Dark green (mitsubishi) mixed with a little yellow - though this was as close I could get it / I'd look for a different shade if I was doing this again as I wasn’t 100% happy with how it turned out. Hope this helps. Cheers
  7. Is the other one my one? Or am I being presumptuous Very nice work - love the scheme on this and it does look nice and sleek clean. Top notch.
  8. Thanks for all the kind comments guys thanks Sam - all in well down here in New Zealand. Just heading into summer now so hopefully lots of bench and beach time (in that order)
  9. Hi all - my final completion for 2020 is the Eduard D-13 weekend edition. A nice kit if a little tricky in places - I like many others doing eduard’s doras struggled to get a good fit on the gunbay covers which if you want to display closed, requires a bit of surgery. Other than that, things went together pretty smoothly. The scheme is what drew me to this and I was happy with how that turned out. I replaced some of the kit parts with wire and steel tubing, such as the gun barrels and pilot tube -added wiring to the wheel bay and added some pe seatbelts. Other than that’s it out of the box. P
  10. Thanks Z - fully aware that this was a Gavia kit - their name was all over the sprues - might be wrong but think this was the first kit eduard released although it’s a rebox - the decals are by eduard - and they were pretty thick though they seemed ok until I started putting down washes . If I had cut the carrier film from the edges like I should have, they probably would have been fine. You live and learn. Thanks guys
  11. Thanks Opus - that's just thinned down oil paint applied with a brush - then used a dry brush and cotton buds to blend it and create the patterns - I used a gray colour which worked quite well.
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