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  1. The Whirly's nose is about there, filling and filing notwithstanding, after The Repair Shop probably The undernose curve needs re-radiusing and a dab of White Stuff around the upper nose front will do me nicely up there. And the Dragonfly needs a decent drawing sourcing so that certain alterations can go ahead.
  2. A fruitful, if b***** expensive search (well it is nearly Christmas innit?) for passengers results in some pax and a couple of crewmen Yes there are a few downstairs too. Sorry Ian, I was in a rush to get images done...
  3. Pip if you are building the Italeri Wessex you might need to reverse the direction of rotation on the tail rotor, mine, a HU5 has the tail rotor going anti-clockwise seen from the port side. The pictures here show that is wrong as well as all those in my archive collection.
  4. But in the meantime Clear resin used to glue both halves of this rather daft assembly together, UV added for stiffnessness Dry fitting first, pop the glue in later when the trimming is done (thinks: do I really want to use already browning PETg or does drastic have to happen?) Any thoughts that stuff would fit inside were dispelled by fitting the rear bulkhead and oh boy. The floor! A horse of a different safari... Game, as they say, on. My local Model Shop, Mike's Models tell me it is very difficult to get Squadron products in at the moment so I had to resort to eBay. Luckily I got some white putty from them, for here. The garage environment beckons Brrrr
  5. Mark this is already beginning to rate "awesome" for me, lots of Lynxery in my future but in a smaller scale. Yours is rather wonderful. I wonder how you got drawings to work from, one of the things holding me back from Wildcatting myself is a lack of decent scale drawings on the intergoogle. Anyway, I will sit back and bask in this one.
  6. I get this Colin, the screen looks right to me but I think the nose may be too long Still a work in progress, have files will travail.
  7. Dog house shmog house... I have been scratching my hoary old head working out how to get on with these two whilst in a bit of a fugue state, mojo deletion process just barely reversed while I was devising this. On the back of said dog house is a very prominent diamond mesh grille, presumably just intended to keep out any flying leaves. Er and possibly ducks, the mesh is quite large. I have no intention of building little gearbox coolers to sit inside the housing, I did that on the Belvedere and it is impossible to see it inside the cooler structure atop the fuselage tail. Just not doing it so my task is to represent the cooling intake mesh without getting bogged down drilling fifty diamond shaped tiny holes. So how about this? This is a scan of part of a page from my Mecanorma Dry Print catalogue, circa 1980. Very scruffy I admit but it has, ey what? Dry Print? Er what I used to use back before the days when Microsoft and Epson made our lives incredibly easier with Ink Jet printers, here, at home using simple programs to operate printing presses of our own. I used Mecanorma and Letraset, you've all heard of Letraset after all, to write on letters, codes and sometimes other things on my models. In the catalogue there are pages of fonts and other wonders, one section has textures for architects to use making architectural drawings. The user might need to draw (cut out from plastic sheets) various shadings and stuff and luckily one section has a variety of dotted pictures for shading, this includes mesh segments Here Close in here is this bit By scanning the image I want I get this And putting the scan into my chosen drawing package, Paint Shop Pro4 ( a freebie off the interweb since my own copy refused to load on my Win 10 computer) I reversed the image to give me the black on white image just above. It looks awful when enlarged as here, but when put into MS Word as an image it can be further manipulated to give an elongated diamond mesh You can enlarge or shrink the image very easily in word and also make the diamond shapes sharper or less sharp, play with it it's fun I made a selection of meshes, one of which will probably become the cooling grid behind the dog house, tests ensued on the remains of the Airfix test mule Sea King shell. Sorry but it had to be put to the test That works for me, you?
  8. A treatise, disconnected, on Hawks tells us not to be surprised... Nah not really, quite innovative and humourous really.
  9. Top job, big man. I am glad I was able to help this beauty come to fruityness.
  10. Well that is rather nice isn't it Fabulous work on Scouty, looks the proper job Well done maestro, bravo, magnifico and of course superbamundo2 (Wondering how many Wasp/Scout/Bandai/Fujimi-iterations there are hoping to get some Hendie bits on them out there?) ((could next year be a bumper year for little nauticals in big boy scale?))
  11. I am sure this is it, but that screen to fuselage joint is not yet ready for action. This is the beginning of greeblie fortnight, the cockpit gets filled with levers and dials. Seats get fitted with harnesses, roof inners get top consoles and all get stuck down with Formula 560. Last night I gave G-S Hypo another (yet another!) test run, metal things to stick together permanently. Still less than impressed, think I am drawing an end to that chapter in Bill's experimentation phase. Anyway I digress, the nose. Underfuselage strake to add lower down than Airfix moulded it, shame really because they did it rather nicely. Matches photographs nicely now. Thoughts anyone? OK I am off searching for undercarriage legs to cannibalise for the front legs on the Whirly now, maybe practise Fusion-ing too. Busy Monday looms...
  12. Maybe I should stop looking so critically at my own work but it's ingrained, one reason I have stopped competing with it. The only thing that matters in a competition is whether the judge likes it, your model may be much more accurate than 'that one' but if the judge likes it, 'Good Night Vienna'. It was so relaxing to display at Telford with the club rather than wonder if the judges knew what to look for. Anyway, some polishing has ensued now the sizes are reached, I will try for a picture tomorrow. Masking off for the nose framing is under weigh, blimey that is no picnic. BEB
  13. "perfectomundo man" What could one say? She be lovely. God speed the Mail
  14. New nose time Today only roughing out work My original concept had the nose far slimmer than it actually ought to be, quick let's get Dol's finest in action. Now I haqve the front, mesh bound section moulded and stuck on it I can begin to draw back the shape with EIHRSC, soon to be known as EASY before I trim it down with SIHRSC or CIRCE colloquially. The lower front is submitting Under Easy's gentle ministrations. Getting there So much of my original shape was wrong More tomorrow, night all.
  15. New 'pro-filing' going on. The nose is under a fresh assault, pictures of the rectification party later. Soon be time for a new Milliput pack...
  16. I don't think I can put the upper deck on until I populate the downstairs area so a search for people is on, mostly OK for static horses but any more I find will be a bonus. I will begin making the stairs soon too, measuring is on. Eight steps up!* *I understand VW inspired EU CE regulations now require a ! on the word up!
  17. Certainly does Alan, tomorrow I will fire up Fusion and play with a shape or two.
  18. My point Alan is where do you start, on any CAD program? Do you have a design drawing you make a copy of? Do you start by drawing a line? I know I am going to need proper eddicating and that means getting sensible, I suspect my owner thinks she can get me a printer and make me happy. I suspect that would have me 'fragged in a tent' mentally if I can't get the basics first.
  19. how on earth are you drawing up stuff like a gear box, rotor head? What do you start with? Blank screen? Drawn image? Help I am trying to get to grips with fusion360 but the initial step eludes me, I can 'get' modifying the initial shapes but I just cannot get the shapes to start from... Mrs P says take a course, you can do it online... So little time. Having a Roy moment today "Shoulders of Orion"
  20. OK the fix is in, basic filework gets me here Still more to do with the underbelly radius and of course there will be some minor filling, probably using Triple P This does suit me better though Once that extra strip's Tamiya Green Thin sets hard I can get back on track Phew
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