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  1. I still know not the name of said cloudy beer but I do have a portrait Pretty innit?
  2. Whilst we await a drinkable Sea Vixen it came to pass... I went to my 'almost fabled little local' last night and acting on the advice of two drinking buddies drank 'some of that!' I can't for the life of me remember its name which surely means a return for research this arvo, but well into pint two I realised it was (shock horror) cloudy too. Very pleasant pint(s) but difficult to recommend because it is extremely memory destructive Cloudy
  3. If you don't know we may have to be extreme in our dealings...
  4. Don't be confused, I say do NOT be confused. That's my job. The box top of the Revaleri HC3 shows it carrying the winch/hoist folded back against the fuselage. Lovely says I although the kit only offered the front of the two cast brackets because the rear bracket sits out of sight when the hoist is disabled and said second bracket is of a different design but unseen. Unseen describes the winch on the kit, after a very diligent search (not at all like me) I have to report it ain'tn't there. The Norwegian Merlins have a pair of hoist looking things over the large door, one is black and vaguely cylindrical, the other looks organic as if it grew out of the airframe under cultivation. Oh well more to do than expected Situation normal Would have been nice...
  5. My digestive tract must be awesomely UN-VEGAN FRIENDLY considering its reaction to many of the pints of cloudy beer it has imbibed over the past nigh-on sixty years. *Isinglass I seem to recall alongside several other allegedly inoffensive substances... My stomach's owner (moi) refuses to go near any pints of cloudy beer for fear. Fear is the key, no doubt acos I fear the effects of cloudy immensely. So will we be getting 3D printed beer too then? My friend, him over there, asks that I should engage in the gentle badinage of this discussion. Me? I seriously doubt his and my wisdom but that die is now cast.
  6. Hmm, best send her round here for orientation definitions. Soon get that sorted out for you... (things I do for mates)...
  7. It's a small piece of flexible plastic G, if I had decent WiFi I would show you but it refuses to link to postimg.
  8. The new snout is now on. And I have run a few test circles for the FLIR camera window Simone sent a piece of that colour shifting plastic for the windows on the optical and I began by cutting circles with my DSPIAE cutter from paper. This looks about right, something else to play with.
  9. Watch out for Pete, he might need somewhere else to park his draywagon on odd occasions Welcome amongst us
  10. Hi and welcome José.
  11. Hi Jenny, self portrait? nice one As Faraway says there is a wealth of friendly advice and encouragement for when the Deep Lows hit us so you never need to despair. In Brum you will probably have found Parabellum in Vyse Street by now, if you haven't prepare to be dazzled by the choices Nigel can offer and my own local shop is Mike's Models in Kingstanding which also carries a world of goodies in stock End of Commercial, let's make models I mostly do aeroplanes especially if the propellor goes around on the roof instead of up its nose Naval modellers are well sorted as are armour and vehicles and figures here in Britmodeller, all esoteric tastes can be expected I did this a couple of years ago, just for fun Brum IPMS run a little competition based upon what can be fitted within the footprint of a Carling Black Label beermat, we does have real fun. So it boils down to WELCOME ABOARD, DON'T GET BORED
  12. Me too then dammit Thanks for the heads up, who knows my local one may still have stocks. I'll let you know, cheers.
  13. Clamping may be necessary, we have in prospect The Nose Job! Simone Plai has produced, by the uncanny miracle which is 3D print, new noses for these varieties of the AW101 and which were very quickly in my hands after discussing my needs with him on Facebook's Message facility. I am sure most of you won't find that as radical as I did but there it is. And here it is. This is only the first stage of the required alterations, this really is surgery. Adjustments to the radome posture were needed, here we are partway into the process. Easement of the mating edges (ooh matron) is required. Like so. These fingerprint like whorls are almost invisible to my poor sad old eyes, i bet you can all see them when the model is complete. Or will you, heh heh? I will be glueing this on tonight after having a look at the FLIR pod. And two unexplained small pieces of printed resin on the FLIR set. The rectangular 'looking' shape might be the rear radar responder device on AW1010s, but I am beggared, as yet as to what the small eyebrow shape is for. (Sticking up on the nearest to camera moulding peg) Happy days heh?
  14. Ta Ced Er Wot? No supermegagrippyadjustabuloclampy things to commend for grippy fabulous service Ced?
  15. Cheers Neil, thanks. TOOL NEED ALERT... TOOL NEED ALERT... TOOL NEED ALERT... Ced will know I needed a clamp to apply a precise amount of gripped closure to the tail rotor drive cover. As you will know ITACRAPI insisted on building the fuselage 'halves' in four 'halves' (OK sections... The critics round here huh!) To close the rear upper drive cover which was the last part of the front fuselage to be hung onto the rest and needed to be firmly clamped I tried my Berna clamps. Oops no good. Then I had a go with my universal big grippy plastic clamps, oops no good. No what I needed was a firm and precise amount of squeeze. This amount Dad's old Moore & Wright one inch micrometer on the drive shaft cover and the plastic big grippy clamp for the top casing. Now this worked perfectly but it is no way to treat a precision instrument, even if it is unlikely to ever be needed to measure in microns again. What shall I buy to prevent me heaping more indignity on the one inch mic? I have begun adding the very prominent heat shielding to the upper fuselage skin using fifteen thou polycard. Colour me chuffed over how much is visible inside with the flash, the shield needs persuading to settle down now. Not a happy place for the polycard. We'll get there in the end. I hope we can also get the front screen done to suit too, not looking very promising just nows. Just another of Italeri's inexplicable policy of adding barnacles or other excrescences to beautifully clear transparencies. In the case of the Merlin there are two moulded on wiper blades and on each wiper two parallel pivot arms. To paint those without smudging the paint on the glass is next to impossible. So off with them and begin the polishing... Please cross 'em.
  16. Lucky you, separate wipers! Looks very good and yes gloss varnish before transfers then don't forget to mask the clear bits before you matt varnish the entire helo. I use Tamiya TS series varnishes 79 and 80 for semigloss and matt.
  17. Nothing more to say, nothing more to do Brilliant build thread Johnny, so That's the way to do it! Now for the Whirlybird expo
  18. Out of deep gloom something moves into the light. I had to ask myself whether leaving Merlin open to even more additions and subtractions would satisfy my yearnings... And decided no, this model needs finishing. Even though it will not be gracing the halls at SMW in November. Yes I have reluctantly informed my club branch that Bill ain'tn't going this year if it goes ahead. I am hoping for a modicum of normality next year, so the builds go on. A moral tale. When you begin the inevitable clamping operation involved closing up a prized model, first have both pairs of Berna clamps to hand. Do not, I implore you, start applying Tamiya Green Cap at one end making sure that the rear ramp is fitted and operable and clamp up the tail end then realise you have not seen the other clamp for a few weeks... So while that decides if it is happy to remain 'Two Becomes One' I opened up the BM Walkaround sets. Augusta Westland AH-1 Apache And began examining this again I am tying to get a fix on the shapes under the PPP blobs, I refuse to give up on it To get this and There is enough great photography from Gary Steadman in there to make the awfulness disappear , thanks Gary and Julien. Aha what light from yonder... I hear a song and take my leave good fellows, more later one hopes.
  19. I have to admit Alan that I am still getting immense pleasure from it. I knew after building the Italeri one that there were issues with having the very clear windows recessed deeply into the cavities that there was stuff to do there and I might be able to deal with it, so I did. Having found all of these wonderful source pictures for my archive the interior was going to be worth a bit more effort than most and this is where I am getting the most fun. Which has to stop soon... Anyway, untrimmed but Daco-ed the bungie elastics are now where I am leaving them, if he (you know who) isn't happy I regret to say... tough! White edges will be removed with NATO Black Model Air and I have yet to decide upon the fate of seat Two-B, I do have a spare ziggyzagger if I need it. Mike's Models tomorrow though, completely out of Gris Claro and I need it now. The grey lump, I suspect it may be a dinghy pack but don't know It is however IN and is staying there, no further alterations to the interior and furnishings will be tolerated All of the blue seats have been extracted once to trim the spray deck type bases down. Never again. Nightol.
  20. I'll be over there, nosing as you do. This is a model I put into our club's Christmas charity event and regretted as soon as it was too late to grab it back. So like I say, over there. Browsing...
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