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  1. Ook. Since I mentioned it I should really take a butcher's inside I like a lift up lid more than a lift the end and slide in What's inside the box now? Aha, a butchered Airfix GR3, hmm what else? Where the GR3 intakes ended up A pleasant moulding though I see I still need to add throttle and nozzle levers to the port side console What else? Ah Furniture for one, I might be able to use this or maybe find out whether a Hawk seat will go in, are they similar? And these, I think the two on the left are for the two seat Hunter, anyone got a clue? Would the one extreme right be GR5/7/9? OK time to go, ciao.
  2. A good idea to try this I think, when the Valley Hunter is looked at with the naked eye the green redness of the lamps is not so ugly and in-yer-face as when photographed, I may leave it as it is. See, we shall. An aside, (I do do these a lot don't I?) when I was attempting to make a horse drawn bus there was a search on for available horses. I saw this one sculpted over in Ukraine by A Gagarin, sold by Master Box as French Cuirassier. I decided the horse was a little too refined to spend its life dragging buses up New Street and put the set to one side, lost the cuirassier's head and forgot about it. Bill's elusive mojo returned for a few days and this began. A head was repurposed from an Airfix Napoleonic figure, bandage applied and this morning a touch of silver added to the cuirass. I think I shall call the vignette "France is that bloody way, don't let the gate hit you in the bottom!" as the lady sends waves of unlady-like vibes to her country's unwanted visitors. Quite reverse-modern really huh? This is my keep me awake piece whilst I mojo-hunt around the house, it can't be far away. I think busting the Hind did some structural damage to it, I still have the basics of a second generation Harrier to get into the hangar/HAS.
  3. A mmmmmonth how on earth does the mojo disappear so quickly? I recall mentioning the wing tip lights for the Valley Hunter, after scraping a little tad of mojo I did get something done to them. This was what we had. Nothing in the way of definition at all. I need to remember to sit down and wear some readers before I tackle little jobs' Note emphasis on little but these days the emphasis is changing to 'jobs' instead. I tried two different attacks on the lamp job, Valley bird got the cut-out cut out whilst the cam job got a touched in spot of colour in one place on the tip. Oops missed the spot with the paint stick, as @CedB knows I spot touch with a thinnystick when small bits of paint want doing, managed to keep it on the wing but what a missed shot. Sadly same on t'other wing Other than batasblindness I just dont know what to say Anyway you can see I completely coloured the recesses on the Valley Bird, too bright for me I say... but unsure whether to do anything about them. After the Vallejo paint dried I touched a droplet of Limino Clear hard UV resin into the space left and applied the little UV torch to harden it. Only took a couple of applied droplets to make a completely smooth lamp cap. That I like After trying that and being a trifle unhappy with the 'look' of the solid colour I attempted to get a 'small light unit inside a bigger cover' look Nowhere near as in yer face as the other way is it? This posed as if flying shows that from my point of view I managed the 'little lamp inside' look quite nicely. Next will be another try to depict the nose mounted, centralised (It bloody would be!) probably a camera port. That is going to call on my little Expo drill bit, set on 7.5 v for speed control.
  4. Perhaps I do need to learn the dark arts of fortieighth first but maybe...
  5. Nice Churchill, mention it to the fellow will you. Oh yes, posted. A fixation on photoetched oddball things for modelling, I just cannot understand such a fetish. The only time in history that I get and understand etch is when it nestles on the fuselages of a pair of Hawks, presently of this parish. Oh yes and when perpetrator of said etch made two million vortex generators for a project I had, years ago... Also, nice turkey, s'lookin' good.
  6. Me too, I love the old Transport Command livery.
  7. I am going to like this Martian, slumping at the back in my sleeping bag if you intend a protracted Fritag type build.
  8. Excuse self, please sir but did you not mention owning the cardboard dashboard from your training sessions?* Would reading that remind you of the order of operation for such switches. *Or was that in reference to the cardboard dash of the Jet Provost models that you magicked out of plainly ordinary Airfix polystyrene?
  9. Multicongrats on the seat young fellermelad, it has repaid you for the care you took. I wrote a missive extolling black only for Martin Baker products then unusually wisely for me I looked in my photoarchives. Oops Sadly I do not own the photo but it does nestle in my Lightning exclusive files Take from that anything you like.
  10. FYI Crisp, a rather big Lynx just popped into my hands at Telford courtesy of Strickers. Gulp, your scale not mine, Airfix HMA8 Mk88A with Dutch options. Gulp...
  11. Ah well, the boring battle wagon look is anything but, she is a beauty Steve and augers very well for the Valley Beauty too. Top job amigo.
  12. Edward send to me an address (PM) and I shall send to you a Frog/Hasegawa B.A.C. Lightning - Interceptor Fighter as interpreted by Novo who got the moulds fresh from Frog when Rovex hit the dust.* I am at the moment without a spare canopy for it, yet, but I expect to come across one in short order. Said kit does not yet have decals either but before posting that deficit will also be rectified. The kit was rescued from dumping by a sentimental attachment to Lightnings which is almost inexplicable... Or is it? I have the canopy stuffed in a bag elsewhere but it still lives on in my house so not to worry! *the mouldings are as fresh as they were when Hasegawa and Frog used to bung them in their boxes
  13. Edward the 'old' Airfix Lightnings were probably, er, less involved than the newer ones maybe you could score one of them or maybe the similar vintage Hasegawa/Frog F6. Be aware, (I'm sure you are) the nose cones on said Airfix offering is less pointy nosed than Hasegawa's. It is possible I may have a spare, free Hasegawa one, allow me to check today. Er does it weird you?
  14. True, but immensely sad PC. Obligatory mention to prove I'm watching and have the pre-requisite Frightening memories. All those wonderful air shows with English Electric dreams to recall. At Little Rissington I saw Stampes perform Lomcevak manoeuvres which I thought were about to tear the Rothman liveried wings off ...and then the Red Arrow Gnats appeared from below the horizon at the end of the runway to perform their peerless display. Various other aerodynes operated to near the limits designed for them, Cosmic Wind astounded with its glimmery paintwork and then... From the same dip in the world from which the Sparrows appeared a noise happened, and the silver bird sailed on into the stratosphere thence to orbit the Cotswolds mightily. Then other 'planes did their things but those three items remain in my memory, as does riding to the show in my friend's Austin Healey Sprite. Happy times. I can bore mightily about Lightnings, old man memories latch on where they may and mine do figure Lightnings in great array. Please delight us more dear fellow, I'm in
  15. Wagamama? There's a Wagamama in Telford? I wish I'd known, but the meal I had in company of the very finest calibre compensated. Oh yes wotcha Ced, haven't seen you for ages/days. Very, really very glad that you found the mojo bullet to bite.
  16. Thank you Tony for clarifying the nest of pipe-ry. It will allow me to ignore them* again next time I make a Wasp or Scout but will let me know what they don't do on my models. *Mostly
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