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  1. Had to be done, I couldn't POSSIBLY (Best Kenny Everett here please narrator) have left it as was. Any road up Molotow a splash and Mr Levelling a smidgeon shaken not stirred applied at about 27psi. I think I am sticking at this. One for the massif. Brush or attempt to spray this for the first time ever?
  2. I found it took a day to subside and a couple more to leave the rest of the ancient bod. Fingers x'ed for a rapid dedosing.
  3. Red Stripe envy. Gets us all one time or another, me? I loved building that Thunderbolt back in the day.
  4. Looks good to me I haven't forgotten Hendie's NO AND OLD stencils. No printer? That's a pity. Shall I rub it in? No better not! Oh go on then just for the craic. My printer cost me £3, brand new from 'the computer pirate' at the local car boot, "no box, ink or destructions but save me taking it home" ex-window dressing gear. It's been brilliant and far better than the three I've worn out before it.
  5. That surely is a task for clear decal paper and RAF_pw_ ath fonts in the computer font bank I have found it is possible to type the stencil lettering in Word using the ath font and after highlighting the text setting the size down to ridiculously tiny. My computer sets its small size at 6 but if I highlight it I can go down to 1 or 2 depending on the size I need. The fonts can have any colour changed once highlighted, I have done yellow on this one and some small danger marks in red. This was an adapter set I printed for my HC2, some borrowed from my Modeldec's sheet which had to be adapted for the green on green HC2, many emergency exit ones printed in yellow (this did'nt work well because of a lack of white background, but hey I tried) and many fuselage stencils NO STEP etcetera. I'm sorry I don't have a better picture of this sheet because it actually has many items which might inspire. As you see by this used sheet I duplicate or even triplicate the decals I print, just in case. I used clear decal sheet for the one here, Mr Decal Paper is one brand I use, Am--zo- sell it and deliver quickly Once printed I mist coats of Tamiya TS-80 matt varnish, letting each coat flash off its solvents before I mist yet another coat over. Four or five coats leaves the transfers useable. XR525 by the way, SUNSHINE, is the HC2 displayed at Cosford and might just possibly be my favourite Walter of them all.. Mostly because I can pop over there any time for another peek. This horrid shiny shot shows that some of the yellow emergency stencils round windows and hatches worked as did red fire warnings. Courtesy of a W.P. program near you, MS Works here and Open Office works about the same way. I rarely write letters, I often use my W.P progs. I can delete this if you like, don't want to clutter your thread.
  6. I see how you do it, I really do. But I just don't know how you do it, it's just beyond me how you work the layers and tones, Here today we have Giorgio's chiaroscuro in gray and grey. Love watching this old friend, one distant day I might even aspire...
  7. I sometimes think my local LMS has eyes in here all the time, every time I wander in to the back end of the shop (locals will know what I mean) there seems to be yet another range of unexpected, great, paints. I dont think Mike's has MRP but I'm sure a gentle lobbying might generate results. (It's OK Paul I ain't asking mate) Why not just ask them Terry? And yes the Musketeers are looking outstanding, but at nearly two feet long they should.
  8. Fell off because adhesive dissolved on the sellotape, admittedly not a very durable way of placing thin windows but I thought it worth a try. And to be honest I still do, when whatever happens to the paint has happened they side panels will be reglazed with sellotape. I will give what we have a little bit of a shine Terry but I am thinking, as I did before to be honest, that for a 1/72 scale model that much supershine is out of scale effect. I intend testing the IPA version on the bottom of my Lightning wings first and I hope the look I want can come out of all this.
  9. Curse those shiny nosed Hawker devils. Tell me why I could not rationalise at this point? Comes the moment of the IPA Why oh why couldnt I rationalise here then? But no, the side panels, windows et al, all gone in a flurry of IPA. What? Jings, And crivens. Wheels and all? Doh... So much sanding to repair... Better start again Now to discover whether the Microsoft weather ticker has any foundation in real life, can't paint without garage doors open as I sit in the vestibule...
  10. Tell you what, I'll try IPA this morning. I have the Frog F6 mule to plaster with metal effect in the garage.
  11. Still no little bits of unexpected resinousness. FYI I am busy trying to make constraints constrain properly in Fusion360 I will get there but it doesnt help that the Handbook I bought is for an earlier, slightly different version of the software and the terms/headings in Design it uses are not available in my version. as I said I will get there... Now, the pivot pin. Some of us require a diameter so we can scour our dwindling supplies of old style red Slater's Rod for your use.
  12. Well it looks like I ought not try to short cut the tested processes, Mr Levelling Thinner Terry? The (ink?) stuff pools as one tries to spread it across the model, leaving oddly glimmering ridges round the edge of wherever it touched first, that was why I couldn't be happy with leaving its admittedly smooth' shiny surface. Today's conundrum: How to mask the sellotape window containing panels without taking off the entire side panel? Hmm, we will see...
  13. Good idea now I've broken the skin of the chrome. Garage in the morning, no mo' this evening.
  14. Rectifying begins... I will remove as much excess chrome as I can with sandysticks and find out if I can save the model. Otherwise I might have to Hind up a Demon...
  15. Yet for me airbrushing their acrylics was a dream on my Jagwarrs. In that vein however Tamiya and Mr Whatever/Hobby acrylics are suitably high up my favourites list.
  16. Possibly of course a misprint induced by typing* under the affluence your chiefship. It might be, your honour, that our extraterrestrial mean to write HORROR. We may never know... *Spare underutilised tentacles getting in the way, style of thing.
  17. This. This Hurricane is one of the finest Airfix models I have ever had the pleasure of putting together. I cannot remember where I bought it but as it is a subject so far out of my present modelling stream I think I picked it out at a Middle of Lidl or a centre aisle special at Aldi for just a few quid. Wherever it has raised my admiration for newer subject Airfixery I thought you'd like a last chance to see it before Giorgio @giemme gets his paintwork done. I'm not sure the Hurricane deserves being labelled dainty but it is certainly refined, top'n'bottom Superb, this time tomorrow I expect the undersides to be Sky Type S and possibly a start made on the top surfaces. I will not be hunting for markings outside the kit box either, the ones in there look fine to me. The Hind however A bundle of laughs it aint! The metal front looks horrid So much of that front looks like wobbly plastic chrome that I want to bring it all back to bare Airfix... Time to think...
  18. Acherlley the old bus was so snoozy it just happened, one minute eyes open, next one? Gone zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. Exeunt stage right, pursued by a bear, a Martian, a member of the General Staff and oh yes. A drayman. All fetchingly attired in head to tentacle fishnet.
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