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  1. I wont be masking this 'til at least Monday evening... OK afternoon is more likely. I am always impatient too By then I expect to have half a dozen fried egg sarnies with a gourmet mix of Daddies and Lidl Tomato sauce liberally sprinkled over them Or not, but I have been known to make a sarnie of anything Fish fingers is a favourite
  2. Thank you gentlemen An RFI is now on board over there Let us now move on, fifty shades is out of the shadows..
  3. So fourteen days spent finishing the H-19 were not entirely wasted because during the odd (some of them very odd) pauses I did a bit more of this PPP is having the most severe test since I started using it, here The moulded canopy I made fits reasonably but almost inevitably there is stuff to do, so I decided to do this the asthma friendly way with PPP instead of one of the more volatile stinky smelly putties like Humbrol or Green Stuff So test under way This is similar on both sides and I have been hoping to remove this without damaging the surface of the new PETg, we'll see Rubbed down with a smooth sanding pad wetted with an available wetting agent we proceed Some work to do there I see Both sides were basically the same With the wetted sander this has smoothed out and feathered perfectly, at least 'til we get a coat of primer on I have ben following Giorgio's Eurofighter and noted an exchange between him and Steve referring to using Alclad Aqua Gloss to make or retain glossiness In Mike's model shop I found they had some of this acrylic based gloss finish yesterday and popped it into my little basket I have given the clear portion a gentle brushing with this blue looking soup and have been very pleased to see it does what Giorgio says on the tin/jar It has dried into a very shiny finish, I am a fan You are supposed to dip it but as the nose has two levels of 'horizontal' and might have leaked in I used the wide brush instead Nice stuff (Oh bugger, just as I am contemplating a dash for a chinese and chips* the heavens have opened... sod's law rules) Back later to attempt the very complex masking job before I prime this *chick'n chop suey and fried rice on a bed of chips for the sauce to trickle down through, I bet St Peter and his cronies have that every Friday night When I 'm up there I will!
  4. Finishing off the series of nautical themed helicopters I started back when Pontius was a Pilate is the Airfix Whirlwind that I took back in time, even further back than when the kit was first released Sikorsky HRS-1 / H-19B from HMR-161at Panjong-ni, Korea c 1952 I am grateful to Richard for sending me a little present way back when I was working on the Merlin, not sure he expected this to come from Airfix's very ancient kit but it was a favourite of mine since it's release into the wild Some work was done on the upper cabin to sort out problems with the windows and the build was detailed here I hope you like These two shots have told me to do more to the wheels, I will Oh well, live and learn I will pop improved wheels shots in as they become available Bill
  5. I have been adding and taking away to and from the filler which is tidying up the nose of Wokka, more to come there soon But not here, this is the end of the line for the very venerablest thread I ever started We're done here Yes the nose wheel leg has been relocated but these are the end of the road for a thread which started I seem to recall with a US Marines helicopter and now finishes with an earlier generation machine. The Sikorsky H-19B / S55 Chickasaw was probably the first reasonable load carrying machine in service and has always been a favourite simmering away waiting to be done I didnt expect the build to be this complex but hey, it is what it is A few more snaps Don't fret about that wheel it is already done OK This one was before the HR-2 decal was added This wasn't But I hadn't blended it in Well OK it's been fun interesting, see y'all elsewhere This may be on the Birmingham IPMS stand in Hall 3 block C near the Bomber Command and Canberra displays next month at Telford Look us up and have a natter ciao
  6. Col dont you DARE take your ball home! If us'ns can't take the michael in BM the world as we know it is doomed even more sooner than we thought This kind of banter is where Britmodeller lives and is almost uniquely the reason I hide from the world in here rather than some of the more unsalubrious places out there And no matter what anyone tells you, it IS magic and does use quantum to vary it in the control planes, s'obvious innit?
  7. Exactly what Roger says This is stunning model, but I am apt to hate it when you finish it * Until you start the next tour de force, whereupon I will give it the love it so richly deserves I feel for you on the subject of the boys, I am reasonable sure all will be well as it ends matey We must try to ensure you have a great visit, you deserve it *because I love it now and finished means the story told and unreturned to
  8. I've never looked at any other kit of the beast but I do concur that Airfix's kit looks exactly right to me I pored long hours over the kit and many photographs and drawings, it looks right and I was very happy with the finished project
  9. They are really very easy Kirk Magic makes the whizzy thing on top lighter than the helicopter but of course that just gives the absence of control that has to be controlled by something or they'd flop about all over the sky making everything untidy The marvellous way they do that is quantum Quantum is generated in tiny bits by the mysterious doohickeys just behind the tail whizzy thing Look here, do you see the vee shaped quantum disorganizers here on this machine preserved from crashing in London The disorganisers enable the driver, a very skilful chap (ask Noel Edmonds) to use quantum to point them along a track to the destination Or destiny BL**dy clever things disorganisers Anyway, hope that helps
  10. Very important and incisive research there Roland, explains it so well Thank you
  11. Good plan but don't expect to do a lot if you are lazing about in your nest Little touches at a time (Hmm, can't remember who told me that but...)
  12. Hope you get well-er soon mate, vertigo sounds atrocious Annie however looks delightful
  13. The initial photogerappery is in (post image) and available Badly lit, posed and executed but does at least show wheels and legs on As I mentioned there is tidying to do but I feel it's oke to relax now A bit... Need to lose some more of the Airfix white carrier round the thirty or more year old transfer but not too awkward And oh yes, the galloper is seated better than he did Makes him look too old I'm told, can't do much about it short of pasting a pic of Killian across his mush, so I won't
  14. No photos yet today but hey, the wheels are on and it needs: a pitot, red and green side nav lamps painting and the lifting loop atop the rotor gear spindle Might be done by Sun day Making tack for Tommy's horse too, he might also be finished by then then (hope you remember him, nobody but us knows about him).
  15. Surely seventy or eighty pages left to go yet Roland, chill man Lots of time to catch up...
  16. I think they are what I am going to have to get next time around Ced but I think they are very wasteful when compared with these not many left now though sadly But they have the advantage of being double ended with no useless bits needing throwing away, have a decently near round cross section and are made of decent workable plastic nevermore I fear Where's me raven?
  17. Cheers Terry at last we are getting somewhere, the sacrificed red rod gets smaller And painted blue and a small lamp impressed on it This will sit on top of the transmission cooling fan duct and act as a hi-viz lamp It should get an Oscar, lookit! Now then, should I? Airfix give you a little spinner to finish the tail rotor, not this Pondering that one Getting closer, wheel time now Soon
  18. Meself, I find it hard to understand how non-normal things like aeroplanes can fly when they are not properly spinning their wings around above their heads Witchcraft undoubtedly Tssk tssk, someone has to pay for this insult to the gods Hope it aint me, I dont trust them big noisy things that fly just over my roof all day en route to BHX Anyway back to god's own helichopter the H-19 S-55 Whirlwind All the transfers seem to be on and it is time to ancilliarise, this is the very last piece of the red plastic cocktail stick from the set I bought in Rackhams back in the seventies Still got many yellow ones, blue is also available but red and green have all headed to pastures new on various and many models, adorning wingtips and spines as lamps.nav As they say, when it's gone it's gone, pity really these have been very useful over the years but an end is in sight ciao
  19. Shall we progress? Yup! Nice fences Steve, well done you and Andrew* *Andy is ir-responsible for much of the Airwaves development back when they were produced for his dad's shop
  20. Oh no Tomo, the musicians here are out of this world mate Mind you if the Fighting Cocks was closer I would have the occasional few there
  21. perdu

    Telford 2019

    I will be popping round to visit Terry and there will be the big meeting
  22. Too, far too kind Steve and coming from a master modeller I am pleased that you liked it enough to mention it Thanks very much
  23. When I saw the first 'soldered on' shot I was beginning to have doubts Blimey, that'll be me over in the corner with Thomas That looks brilliant Random thought sleeting through the mental recesses "I hope Steve has cut the rods short so they don't interfere with the jet pipes..." Proper worry-wort these days aren't I? Top job Steve, real modelling
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