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  2. Oh bugger Lost a post again I have been working on the window slot and have been using eihrsc as well as sihrsc to clean upo ythe very hard CD case plastic With the piece in the vise I used both to flatten the edges And open the tapered (inevitably as a result of doing this as a second guess) slot out to parallel see? Soon sorted on the day Soon ready for the glue guy to finish his break and get some work done Ah yes here he is There is a little excess glue down the back of the fuselage which I hope will polish out later, as you see Humbrol Tube glue rescued from an Airfix Starter kit This might have been the Gnat* Must build that one day soon I mean at least not before tomorrow, it is Tuesday Tonight is Toby Carvery night for a change Yummy *Must build that one day soon
  3. As you will all realise I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but it has The window positions have been saved from the original positions and a chunk of CD case clear plastic is being produced to replace the missing bit The holes were measured up, as well as the windows marked on the plastic. This should be OK This however looks as if it will be OK This glazing looks OK to me, we'll see when the nose is ON
  4. We hope Colin We hope Pity they had windows innit! Yes I'm on it, soon get there
  5. Me too At the front, over there Good start Ceb, Ced ,Cel, Cad er yes Ced
  6. Agreed, I usually use German Grey instead of black Both in Tamiya and in Vallejo they work well that way I understand that night is basically a very very very dark blue with odds and sods of other tints within it Nick Millman will probably be able to put me right on that
  7. I received one of those lathes in the post last year (thanks mate, an amazing gift)* A more than toothsome morsel and now I know there is youtube I shall have at it I need to learn the skills of the bead lathe, I expect this to be more readily assimilated than vector drawings Crete Amazing looking place Ced thanks for the travelogue And look at that Minoan red paint, Walpamur could have used that long lasting pigment for trade paint huh Lighting? yes superb DO do a RFI You might be pleasantly surprised at the results, after all WE LIKE IT!
  8. Is the original exactly like the new one above? which means it isnt the original because I did an edit in the thread I cannot find the original anywhere in the postimg. gallery
  9. As it has disappeared into the vagaries of Win 10 and Postimage I took the shot again (here again) for your references of course However it doesnt even look like that anymore I didnt like the junctions between clear and solid so... Off with its windows, port side at least I intend trying strips of bespoke CD case plastic I know it responds well to polystyrene glue so... Watch this space Later after I come home from 'club' this arvo
  10. I'm getting it too on a tablet I think it was photographed with my phone Further investigations proceed
  11. Although similarly ignorant I would say the HS does indeed indicate the unit marking for the Annie It is most likely to be that but that doesnt help if you needed to check a particular machine's individual letter But you already have that dont you
  12. Yup, rather like that ........…..............
  13. Maybe the shock will give Crisp's mojo a kick under its nadir It does look a wee bit understandable doesn't it Can't have that can we...
  14. Braced for action There is a complex set of levers and braces, brackets and tubes around here I am sticking with this The Airwaves set has a set of swash plate pieces that will sit tidily over the top of these I cannot see any sense trying to replicate this In here laters chaps, off to early dinner I am told
  15. Any road up, here's another of this best buy of May (testing imagery app again) You really cannot have too many tiny drills
  16. I hope that issue has now been dealt with Working with my tablet screen this morning, dealing with the drills as it happens meant I clumsily offered Postimage the opportunity to delete an entire gallery And before I could play catchup/stop it did just that This was in a different Gallery And I will be far more careful forever more Crisp we had got the general drift of your mojo depletion, it allus comes back tha' knows I am happy to wait Maybe we can collaborrate on a Lynx with BERPs on it Me in little , you in ginormous Tek tha time!
  17. I hope it's all worth it, but it's only a game anyway isn't it? I'm about to build up the framework next and luckily a purchase I made earlier this week dropped through the letter box I like those little machine drills with the Archimedial twist but they are intrinsically very weak so the thinner ones usually die in no time, flat Looking into the 'bay' ready to buyer placements for all my broken ones I came across these Since I and probably the rest of us has a large number of the wider ones but few littler ones I was chuffed (extremely pleased Giorgio) to see I could simply buy a bunch of only one sizes to save having lots of un-needed big ones lying around My 0.03mm drill set Who needs big unuseableones huh?
  18. I did it this way on the recent Buccaneer build A friendly inquisitive alchemist made these for me I drilled a zillion holes all over the shop and finally got symmetry Then did the stuporgoo drop business and lined up carefully It was quite ... taxing
  19. A drop of Revell green/grey acrylic rubbish in a small square box FGS Looks adequate for down in the hole Bracing to add tomorrow, mess bar is open again Martian none of the Melchett stuff in, Shropshire Lad do you?
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