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  1. Lol, I was just thinking that as I was looking at the pictures, Ian. Then I saw your post... Great build and finish, Rune. W-D
  2. . Came out very nicely. Great colour and finish.
  3. Fantastic! If that was 1:1, a few young chaps with beards would pay top coin for it in that condition! You've captured the patina perfectly. W-D
  4. Nice! Looking forward to seeing progress. I did the 916 years ago, but I wasn't so patient or competent back then. The Desmo looks much better with this "proper" livery IMHO (fags branding included). W-D
  5. Thanks for the kind words, folks. I used tamiya paint mixes @tonyot - although I'm not very precise about these things: CDL - deck tan and white (maybe about 70/30?) with a couple of drops something yellowy (whatever is to hand, lol). PC10 - in this case probably 50/50 brown (xf-10) and olive drab (xf-62). I'd probably prefer a bit greener personally and usually add some olive green (xf-58) but didn't this time. The battleship grey(ish) is tamiya dark sea grey (xf-54). WnW recommended ocean grey (xf-82) but it was too blueish for me. I like that about ww1 subjects. You can basically please yourself.. W-D
  6. That's tidy, that is. Like the staining on the fin/rear in particular. It's really noticeable on the one in my local museum, and this captures it well. W-D
  7. Thanks Ted. Bit of an experiment really, but I painted it CDL, then really roughly added some maskol. PC10 over then once the maskol was peeled off I dry brushed over the areas a bit. It looks alright if maybe a bit marble-like. Something I can refine for next time. W-D
  8. Howdy I built this purely so I could have a go at using the buckles of Bob. I figured it was far better to have a first go on a kit that cost under £20 than one that costs north of £60. I also had some bits and odds left over from my WnW Camel (le rhone), so I used them up partly to improve the basic kit a bit but mainly as I preferred the colour scheme options to the kit ones. So this is done as DR MacLaren's 46sqn aircraft (option D in the WnW kit). I corrected one or two of the kits oddities, though frankly couldn't be bothered with all of them. Annoyingly, when taking the photos I realised I had forgotten to turn the machine gun barrels the right way up! Otherwise it was a reasonable build, apart from mounting the top wing which for some reason was a right pain in the nuts. As for the buckles, well I can say they are a great product and look good when well done. Most of mine aren't, and I might need another go before trying them on one of my WnW kits. Cheers for looking W-D
  9. Has it affected the black paint, or is it like a "dust" you can rub off? I had a similar thing on a Ford Model T recently, and had not used klear or such - just tamiya clear over tamiya paints - most of the "frosting" wiped off when dry. Most, I should emphasise, not all. And yours looks "worse", if you see what I mean.. M
  10. Thanks for the comments. So, as if by magic, it's done! ☺ Not much to report really. Wing mount is surprisingly sturdy if not quite 100% square. It's pretty close so unless you look at it square-on you can't tell. There's a mistake in the under side rigging as some stray CA grabbed a brass "buckle" at the wrong end of one of the lines, but again you have to be looking for it. Added the last dangly bits - steps, prop, machine gun and, well, that's it. Reasonably chuffed with how it turned out, and I can do PE after all (but not the stupidly tiny bits though... ). Here's a few pics: And finally with its future self! Thanks for your help and encouraging words. Need to finish the Academy camel in 1/32 I'm part way through, then an airfix Halifax in 1/72. That'll be in free French colours (inspired by a recent trip to Elvington). W-D
  11. Good start there, Ted. This alongside the Nieuport? W-D
  12. Hi folks I added the fuel (and oil??) tank filler caps and the windscreen. Just used CA glue in the end, after testing it on some scrap acetate from the kit. Screen is a bit too vertical I think but not too noticeable. After a bit of "thinking time" (i.e. a beer and some telly) I figured out a sequence for rigging and set about it. I rigged the top with the wing still separate. Wanted to minimise handling as the wing to strut mounts are pretty fragile. All the lines are continuous over the top and the "ends" will be on the underside mounting points. As I suspected, I went for ezline and some tiny cuts of brass tube to simulate the ends and the adjusters. It's cheating but I'm happy enough with it. Photos not the best - sorry. After that I got all confident and went ahead and mounted the wing. No photos yet though cos I'm not touching it til I'm sure it's 935% dry! Cheers W-D
  13. Looks good Ted. I peaked at the Copper State parts (mines the "early" version) and the aperture looks very similar to yours (except with release pins thrown in). W-D
  14. I like the mechanic opening a tin of paint. Class! W-D
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