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  1. This is gonna be an awfully dull build thread if I cannnot sort why my Flickr links aren't working... Bare with me..
  2. Bother adding pictures. Try again... Oh, for crying out loud-this used to work fine...
  3. Hello friends! Been a while since I've been on here and even longer since I posted anything. You know, what with the virus thing and all... Anyhew, time to start up a bike build.. I bought this kit at Telford (ahh, the memories... ) a couple of years ago for a sensible price. I had grand plans to backdate it to a '77 machine and do it in Sheene' s colours. But it needs too much work for my skill level /time availability /patience.. It also turns out the decals are probably furchtbar. So I had a rethink and picked up some Studio 27 Mike Hailwood, 1979
  4. Enjoying this, matey. You're right that it's a different kinda modelling experience than the "usual" but it's showing off your skills really well! W-D
  5. Cheers Dennis. My original plan for this was to try and do Barry Sheene's Championship winning RGA500 suzuki (last title win in '77). There is a matchbox kit but it's costa-fortunum, verging on the unobtanium these days. I was going down the route of converting Tamiya' s later model RGB500, but I'm not sure if I can get it close enough to pass and I'd have to freestyle the paint scheme... Maybe one day. Mick..
  6. Bandai's 1/72 Incom Corporation T-65 X-wing space superiority fighter (1977): Cheers W-D
  7. True, dat. I have mine together now and I've filed, trimmed, filled and sanded as much as I can be arshed with. It'll do me now. Oh, and I have used my body weight in lead and filled every orifice. Still not enough.... Anyway, this thread is s'posed to be about an x-wing, so where was I? Yes, weathering. I next added some more streaks, leaks and oily grime round the engines using various oil colours. As with other aspects I deliberately went more brash and bright than I normally would (quite enjoyed that....). I also targeted some blaxk/brown paint on areas such as in the recess
  8. I can see why, Dave... It's been a bit of a pig so far to be frank. Shape's good and there's some neat ideas but it simply doesn't fit... I see some builds on here were more successful so maybe it's me but if so I went very wrong very quickly.... Ho hum. W-D
  9. Grand start. Looking forward to seeing this progress. W-D
  10. That's very nice, that is. Paintwork is super and - cos I'm just wierd - I really, really like the "sit" (or should it be "hang"..?) of the cabling! Chapeau! W-D
  11. Thanks for the encouragement, folks Seems I'm getting into a pattern of a weekly update on this one.... This week, i have mostly been starting an S&M Canberra and not finishing this x-wing! Some progress though. Stage 1 of the weathering is done. A "panel line" wash of darkish grey on every line or raised detail and I did really try to get into every one. Not my usual approach as I prefer something a bit more selective... Anyway, it's a basis for more specific washes and stains next. I matt varnished the whole thing at this point too. I won't do that again now to get some v
  12. How do. Right, I've finally finished painting the various panels as well as the metallic parts of the engines and exhausts. I'll not show you every component cos you e better things to do with your time(?), but by way of example: It's still a bit "bright" but weathering stages should help there. The next stage was to get into the cockpit. As I mentioned earlier, I've no idea what colour it's meant to be so went with neutral grey and a fairly heavy, lighter grey dry brush. Thin black wash, and picked out a few random details for interest. The
  13. Thanks Karl. So far all Tamiya "acrylic" thinned with Isopropyl. The metallics will be Vallejo, just cos that's what I've got in the box. Oh, and the primer was Tamiya too, straight from the can. I've noticed no ill effects. W-D
  14. Amen to that, @kiwitrogg. Mind you, I saw one of Doohan's bikes at the NEC one year (earlier than this one) and it was a right shed. Probably a bitza lashed up for shows, but it did burst my teenage bubble a little. Top work @Kibar W-D
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