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  1. Do you want the blood and guts?? Ah! but my tells me your keeps slipping out to create Mayhem ....................... Kev
  2. Your kind comments passed on and she is well chuffed Thank you Kev + 1
  3. Printed with ink jet printer. Painted with matt varnish. washed with diluted acrylic. I was really surprised I had no problem with the ink running at any time. Be good if they sang in English, not quite the same with subtitles . . . Thought I was on Radio 4 Only time will tell, I do love your wacky sense of humour I promise to include one in the next build - I assume a roadkill will count Thanks guys for all the support and nonsense you send my way Kev
  4. A pure piece of fun Inspired by a picture and compounded by my partners verse, thanks babe! The scroll is on an acrylic stand so it can be positioned wherever required Hope you enjoy Kev WIP https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235062824-past-dreams/
  5. Go for it ........... I was chatting with my better half about my vision for this build and blow me she produced these words Perfect Calling this finished Ready for Inspection https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235063623-past-dreams/ Thanks to all who have been along for the journey Kev
  6. That way lies madness perfection madness perfection madness perfection Kev
  7. What's the medical term for I've just fallen off my chair laughing Your builds always look like they've just come out of the showroom, even the weathered bits. I hope you made the appropriate noises . . . . A handsome bit of modelling Kev
  8. and if you don't mind me saying. That is why your model making skills have improved so much Kev
  9. Whoops late to the party . . . . Congratulations Keith you must be really chuffed with what you've done with the old lady Kev
  10. Praise indeed from someone working at the other end of the spectrum and doing some serious modelling extremely well When the Telford Season is over Only 359 days until the next one It was good to catch up with you all and see your masterpieces in the flesh. . . . I left for Telford not happy with the display of my 'Bare Bones'RM So I've been playing with ideas Was going to be cleaned up and painted wood The idea was to continue and make it rock like But it wasn't floating my boat/sinking my wreck ............. I needed to gain more space for something to come ...... Height just made it bulky so Still a work in progress but much happier now Thanks for stopping by Kev
  11. Looking darn good from here buddy Kev He also mentioned being frozen and you got your white charger and came to my rescue. Kev
  12. Hi Stuart, shame it was such a brief meeting I did come back a couple of times but you were prowling the halls ..... and so you should be of both boats Kev
  13. We are going to have to take you in hand and lead you astray Fancy that, perhaps a bit small for me . . . I have to agree with you on the quality of Barry Sharmans work Good catching up with you Rob, will PM you as soon as I get over the jet lag Kev
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