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  1. Great attention to detail, love the personal touches Kev
  2. longshanks

    1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    There are probably as many ways of painting wood as there are types of trees. Which is probably my problem ….. ' I can't see the wood for the trees ' My own opinion is that at 1/72 you wont see the wood grain. What your looking for perhaps is plank variation as seen above centre and top right in pic. First experiment with the colour, I would suggest grey with a touch of brown added. Score the planks and you may with a steady hand be able to paint between the lines varying the colour with each plank. i.e. plank 1,3, 4, 9, 11 & 15 one colour. Change the tint and paint 2,7, 14 & 15 etc etc Washes over the top will blend it all together Or get or cut 1mm masking tape and repeat above. HTH Kev
  3. longshanks

    Norfolk Wherry 'Gleaner'

    The joys of model making Ray I've stuck plastic to Isopon before which may or may not help. Failing that remember you can move carvel to clinker in the paint stage with masking. Or indeed use tape to form the planks. HTH Kev
  4. longshanks

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Looking like a boat now and a fine one to boot Kev
  5. longshanks

    1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Cracking job, a perfect cherry on the top Kev
  6. longshanks

    Oyster Regatta

    Where can I buy match heads at least 25mm square?? A few pics to show progress being made x 4 Main & topsail traced and coloured. Tried to show canvas panels without going over the top Staysail & jib setting in luff lines. PE bender used to fold edge over and line glued under flap Mainsail & shrouds rigged Starting to lay the fleet out ... Will finish with the same box frame as used before Thanks for stopping by Kev
  7. longshanks

    Questions about those 1/700 Atlantic Models RN destroyers

    I'm in for £2.99 it's got be to be worth a try. Thanks for the tip Kev
  8. longshanks

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Looking the part now, little bit of filler where no one can see Kev
  9. longshanks

    An Ugly Frog Prince

    Only a matter of time Kev
  10. longshanks

    1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    I hope you enjoyed your stay in God's country. Thanks for posting the pic of a beautiful craft. As to what she is I can only guess. Around 60 foot long, with a big powerful rig. A Pilot cutter or Trawler. Unusual for trawlers to keep the cutter rig they mostly converted to a ketch rig for ease of handling. The ' L 20...' number indicates a fishing boat registered in Limerick in Southern Ireland. She 's flying the Red Ensign at the stern and the Scottish and Cornish flag at the masthead. The Scottish flag to stbd is in the position usually reserved for a courtesy flag of the country being visited. So considering the facts The name is just visible on the pic you posted so perhaps the original could be enlarged and can you confirm the number? Kev
  11. Wow! That's a fashion statement …. I would imagine it would fade quite quickly Kev
  12. longshanks

    HMS Eskimo

    Like the colour scheme, shaping up nicely now Keith Kev
  13. I can only guess at how many hours have gone into this build thus far. I can feel my life ebbing away just looking at those tiles. Congratulations on your achievements so far Kev