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  1. longshanks

    Falmouth Working Boat

    Thanks for the support guys, cheques in the post ..... I reckon she's cleaned up quite nicely Ready for fitting out Thanks for stopping by Kev
  2. longshanks

    Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    OK seascape II Start with Celotex insulation board Dig out a rough hole so it's sitting right and wrap hull in tin foil ... First job seal top surface with PVA/ Varnish or like. I have left the foil on the bottom to seal it. If you don't seal the top whilst ensuring the board stays flat it will curl like a banana when you add something to one side. Then apply Other brands or materials are available.The gel dries semi transparent so I slapped some blue on first. I worked this with a small palette knife and dry paint brush. Remember to keep it to scale, think how high you want the waves/swell to make. I think (hope) you'll agree it's already looking better I'll give it a bit to dry then start painting and washes Thanks for looking in Kev
  3. longshanks

    Vosper MTB

    It's cos I beat him with a big stick Brings back fond memories. Rock up to a boating lake, slip this diminutive little thing in the water. Wait for the Ohs & Ahs then Blam it took of like a rocket ship Kev
  4. longshanks

    Cornish Fishing Luggers

    There will be a short intermission whilst I sharpen my quills and get some new oil paints ……. Kev Oh and find out how to do it
  5. longshanks

    Falmouth Working Boat

    ADJECTIVE capable of attracting and holding interest; charming Cor I always wanted to be a charmer Kev
  6. longshanks

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    neat modelling skills on display here ….. Would a working disco light be out of the question? Kev
  7. longshanks

    Cornish Fishing Luggers

    Thanks all Looks like were edging towards the wood grain …... Kev
  8. longshanks

    Falmouth Working Boat

    Hi Keith Sorry I didn't take pics of the making of the plug but it's done exactly the same as the Mounts Bay Fishing Lugger https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235030173-mounts-bay-fishing-lugger-and-wreck/ The again is the same Halfords glass fibre resin and tissue. Kev
  9. I can hear you groaning but here comes another sailing fishing boat …….. Falmouth working (Oyster) boats, Gaff rigged long keel boats with mainly internal movable ballast. As well as general fishing these were used to dredge the oyster beds in the upper reaches of Carrick Roads. The bye laws to this day prohibit the use of engines for this task and the boats are still used today. The fleet has seen the ingress of glass fibre copies which has ensured a healthy racing class. https://www.falmouth.co.uk/on-the-water/the-falmouth-working-boats/ Plug made as before Setting up to form one side of the mould One side laid up Mould made # and we now have a glass fibre hull to play with ….. Thanks for looking in Kev
  10. longshanks

    Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    Thanks for all the kind comments. You can't really see it but the bow wave height is something one of Johns MTBs would be proud of. @seadog @JohnWS perfect guys that's what I needed. Tis a ' Q ' ship silly Kev
  11. longshanks

    Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    I have been playing around with these two …... Finally managed to paint a seascape I was happy with (and I have pics to prove the colour blue when the sun shines). I was more worried about the depth and tones plus the disturbed water in the wake. Tried some different techniques and these are the results Now I just have to do it all again! I'm not happy with the height and angle of the bow wave Thanks for stopping by Kev
  12. longshanks

    Cornish Fishing Luggers

    A few steps forward, Hull completed to rabbet line Keel piece applied. It will be seen that the hull falls short of the rabbet line. This is because the planking fairs into the keel Fairing the hull into the keel The finished hull Showing the sheer on these boats All that remains is to finish it for display. Current thoughts are white or black gloss, or try for a wood grain finish. Any thoughts?? Thanks for looking in Kev
  13. longshanks

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Mind we don't want any old rubbish, only a matching set for this executive transport That aside it's looking good and coming along well all things considered Kev
  14. longshanks

    HMS Abercrombie

    That is really coming together now. Some fine PE work Kev
  15. A beautiful piece of micro engineering Like the use of brush/tinlet to give scale Kev