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  1. Good to see you back at the bench.... Another elegant solution takes us along this fine road...... Stay safe Kev
  2. Can you PM your email address and I'll get some stuff off to you. No money reqd just the pleasure of watching you model it Kev
  3. Thank you for your support. What used to take 2//3 attempts now takes 4,5 6....... Wow I've never had a groupie before I'll keep on trying How goes the move? Looking forward to another Masterclass from you Stay safe Kev
  4. Hi Fraser I think I might have everything you need Wooden steam drifter Formidable built 1917. 88' oa. x 19' beam Is this what your thinking Plans, magazine articles. and the excellent "From tree to Sea" by Ted Frost illustrated book of his building Formidable Let me know what you think Kev ps what scale are you thinking?
  5. A nice thought Could it be that you have an obsession with seagulls? Feel no shame . One thing I have learnt is that modelling is for enjoyment not for how others may perceive us 🤫 Wise words !! Not heard that one before 😂 Sound advice Many thanks to you all for your kind thoughts and support Stay safe Kev
  6. It's been a while, poor health and the shakes. I've long had a problem with my left hand, half a cup of coffee takes about 10 seconds to re-appear on the floor. My right hand is now starting to go the same way....... Looking for solutions I've tried to justify Zebras on a Cornish cliff 🙈. Tried to train them so that my hands meet in the middle . Sulked, thrown my toys out of the pram etc etc. Finally decided I'd just do the best I can and get on with it, accepting the work isn't to the standard I would like Got my Sea Thrift thanks to @beefy66 Added thole pins and forward thwart plus weathering Figures........cant mask them. Happy with clothes, flesh tones still to do. I think I'll try oils Thought perhaps a telescope and tripod would add to the scene Thanks for stopping by Stay safe Kev
  7. A young whipper snapper............ You might get this week off and then the lists will start Stay safe Kev
  8. Congratulations on producing such a fine miniature Setting the gold standard in 1/48th Kev
  9. Not working models then? Only jokiing, fine additions to your handsome vessel Stay safe Kev
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