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  1. Hi Terry Just caught up with this...... Some lovely work going on here Stay safe Kev
  2. Neat work Keith Stay chilled and safe Kev
  3. Pre ordered mine Kev
  4. That is good news Kev
  5. Hi Noresman These are the threads I tend to use. In this case the far left one HTH Kev
  6. Looking stunning Arjan I like the steering / servo arrangement Kev
  7. An area of concern has been replicating the railings. The kit consists of the teak hand rail and some knibs where the other rails go. Total height of rails 4.5mm Using my swiveling vice and peg weights I've managed to lay and glue the additional rails. No mean feat with an involuntary tremor in my hand. Calling that a result, well pleased Stay safe Kev
  8. @Dave Swindell @ArnoldAmbrose Hi guys thanks for your technical input. I'm rather thinking in terms of artistic license plus being a relaxing OOB build, sratchbuilding a 20mm square wheelhouse doesn't appeal Cheers Kev
  9. Thanks for the input guys Much appreciated Kev
  10. Just pottering along and enjoying myself..... Bridge windows are not glazed so I thought I'd try PVA + colour. Which colour do you think best? Weathering done on upper hull Props. Bronze plus verdis and black wash I've been playing with fenders. Kit supplied look like inflatable rings Take care and stay safe Kev
  11. That's what happens when you play with the Big Boys..... I'm sure you're up to it Stay safe Kev
  12. Congratulations David Looking brilliant. Definitely see the shape of a submarine Aircraft Carrier coming to light Keep up the good work using whatever lubricant is required Kev
  13. Nice one Mate! Up there with your usual class Hope you enjoy York Stay safe Kev
  14. Do you think I can get a prescription for that malaise .... As the man said the inside of the bulwarks were bare, couldn't let it pass. So numerous 0.3 sq bits of plastic later Then the application of hull colour black grey. I feel pure black is to strong at this scale Deck green Thanks for all the kind comments and likes Stay safe Kev
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