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  1. As always a great representation of this work horse. I hope you manage to find more modelling time next year Stay safe Kev
  2. Good to see you've not forgotten us..... Great work on the planes To be continued Kev
  3. Great work Rob, love the detail ... I keep .thinking you're working at 1/144 Stay safe Kev
  4. Now were talking ....... Looking forward to watching this develop Kev
  5. Good idea with the clamp, makes life so much easier Kev
  6. Hi Fraser Good to see you back. I hope the years have been kind to you and yours. Looking forward to seeing this build continuing. Stay safe Kev
  7. Good to see you stretching your wings Looking sweet Kev
  8. Good progress.... You and the wife are both talented artist Kev
  9. Looking awesome John, well worth all your efforts Stay safe Kev
  10. I hope your Dad makes a full recovery very soon Take care Kev
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