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  1. Looking good Mate. Saw this and thought we might all benefit ..... Kev
  2. Thanks Rob, thought I needed something to lighten it.... Oh dear! Just had a look a look Not very romantic, think Newlyn school here..... Perhaps they could have gone to see the skippers Mum for tea at Tenby Kev
  3. Could the Scrumpy have something to do with it Capping rail added Along with Taff rail and transit rail. I cut a new deeper taff rail to cover timber heads and transom trim. Rudder gets additional pintle & gudgeon above deck Dandy wink gets a Dandy Score (Scratch built). Roller fairlead for aft end of trawl beam Current thoughts are having the Nisha dried out with beach legs and the Trawl beam resting on the the sand Transom finished off with trim Thanks for the comments and likes Stay safe Kev
  4. Welcome back to the real world Ray I can't recommend Vanguard Models to highly for a first voyage into wood boat building Keep on rigging Kev PM sent
  5. Moving onto deck furniture.... Dandy wink. Used to hoist rear of towing beam I chose to have the hatch boards open Drilled holes, punched disc to fit. Stretched sprue for handle Tissue/dilute Pva to make tarpaulin Tarp, boards and metal bands to lock down the hatch boards I hope you like the progress Thanks for looking in Kev
  6. Good to see you back at the bench.... Defo going to be the summer of sexy camo schemes How is retirement treating you? Stay safe Kev
  7. Only a few pics but big steps forward................. Deck fitted. This has had numerous washes of lifecolour 'Wooden Grey Umber' You can see the original maple colour where the boiler plate is missing Rubbing strake painted Vallejo Emerald knocked back with pale grey. The hair grips have been shortened on the inboard side Thanks for stopping by and for the likes Kev
  8. As you say... I'm not a fan of large monochrome colours especially on my working boats Thanks Kev
  9. and how else are you going to get experience..... not to mention providing us with such an entertaining and informative build Devil is in the detail and you're doing a great job Stay safe Kev
  10. I look in the mirror It's been a while since we've seen your blueberry ripple, I trust all is going well. It's all been done before. I just wish I could remember them all A change can be as good as a rest, just a thought Stay safe Kev
  11. Thanks for the comments / likes Slow progress but.... Working the hull above the waterline White, grey and raw umber oil Rudder temp. added with pin for strength. Note scupper line has had the stanchions picked out with shadow I reckon were close to moving on deck now. I hope you're enjoying the developing boat Thanks for looking in Kev
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