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  1. longshanks

    Vosper Perkasa to Brave Borderer ?

    Showing your age John, I believe it was released early 70's The Les Brown articles are great and I reckon they can be relied on, Les Brown used to work for Vospers - the design department I think. Which has just dropped a cog into place, Les runs Small Warships SIG. Got to be worth dropping him a line. I found a layout on the interweb and the biggest difference I can see is that the superstructure has been cut in front of the open bridge. plus changes to weapons and placement. I agree with you it's well moulded for it's time, guns, torpedo racks and stanchions need refining but . . . . Not looking to start this yet but I need to start the research Kev
  2. Hi Folks I managed to pick p the Tamiya Perkasa at Telford, thinking being it would make a good comparison with the WWII boats I've built. Many of you will know the Perkasa along with three others was built for the Malaysian Navy. This was a spin off from the Brave Border/ Swordsman which got me wondering . . . . . Is it possible to convert the Perkasa to Borderer? Modifying above deck would seem ok but there seems to be conflicting info about the hull dimensions. I have found that there is a difference in the depth of the transom platform Borderer 2' 10" Perkasa 4' 4.5". Your thoughts and info would be appreciated Kev
  3. Cracking workmanship!! Kev
  4. Very pretty , will there be a vase of flowers on the bridge? Oh Yes! Day one rush around and grab a quick glimpse of everything and the kits / bargains. First one randomly WingNut Wings ' Sopwith F1 Camel " Clerget " right inside the entrance for £70. Next a Tamiya Vosper Perkasa for £60 instead of the more usual £100/120. All seals intact. Day Two. The competition room, without wishing to be contentious there are quite a few who are more deserved of Gold Medals in the Maritime Section of BM. More time to take in the Club/SIG tables and time to buy a lot of the materials/tools required for the next year Sunday is a lot quieter day but if you need something special/unusual/bargain Saturday is your day Kev
  5. Hi Rob Great to meet you in the flesh, not at all like my preconception Some interesting boats there that fell into your shopping basket. The D is going to be interesting in its final guise, certainly packed a punch!! I'm away from my reference material at the moment (Telford), would 736 be wearing a camouflage coat? Thank you your kind words on my fleet, if I decide to sell you'll definitely be my agent. In the meantime the cheque is in the post ….. The Pontos set for the 1/144 Corvette I going to be tempting when it's released Kev
  6. longshanks

    Landing Ship Medium

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us, I reckon I'll sign you up as my holiday planner Kev
  7. longshanks

    HMS Eskimo

    Going to be a beaut … No pressure Kev
  8. longshanks

    Landing Ship Medium

    When you say not as big. . . . . Where / what is that diorama? Nice detail on the 20mm's Kev
  9. I would suggest bronze for the props HTH Kev
  10. longshanks

    Landing Ship Medium

    or not with a hundred plus figures …. @Al Gunthwaite That's welcome news! Are you attending Telford, need to get a few figures Ke
  11. longshanks

    RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch

    All the very best for your birthday Kev
  12. longshanks

    Landing Ship Medium

    If that fails you've always got BM Re rigging handrails. Have you thought of wire? Standard house flex normally gives individual threads of around 0.17mm = 25mm @ 1/144. A quick tug between two pairs of pliers straightens it out nicely. A final tweak roll it under a ruler on a flat surface. HTH Keep up the good work. Julian either resides in Gateshead or you're a darn good modeller (Eskimo a prime example) Kev
  13. longshanks

    RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch

    I reckon you've done a cracking job of this scene Stuart. One tiny critique the vertical element of your jetty is dominating rather than complimenting the scene, only my opinion Kev
  14. Couldn't have put it better Kev