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  1. I've been working on the radar tower and I'm well pleased with the results. I started with some trepidation as there was two spiders webs to be formed into an octagonal shape. e.g. To my surprise my cunning plan worked using 45' template to get the correct bend et voila Tower not fixed yet I'm calling that a result Thanks for stopping by Stay safe Kev
  2. Just to give you guys an idea here is an exploded view of a 10' dinghy..... HTH give you the idea Kev
  3. There I was thinking I'd discovered the world is flat ... I'm using it for all sorts of job including etch to etch. I have a problem in that I have an involuntary tremor in my left hand which can make gluing interesting. Trying to hold and apply can be quite frustrating .. With the KK I can apply to the area, position piece and clear up with a damp brush. Ok I can't build a kit in a weekend but then I have no desire to. As the man with an 'ology' pointed out Ca aint the greatest. The KK is definitely flexible which is a big plus especially for attaching railings Thank you for all your kind comments and likes. 100 lines ' I must pay ..... Stay safe Kev
  4. Good progress made to bridge deck Scratch built shelving and aerial leads on center railing. The one thing with macro pics you can see where you've got to touch/clean up My new best friend . Brilliant for PE Micro Krystal Klear which you may remembered I sourced for the windows. On the label it says joins most materials.... Looks feels like a tacky PVA. So I tried it. Brilliant. Good initial tack, quick setting, clean up with a damp brush and flexible (useful for railings when you're clumsy like me) Incidentally one of my glue applicators is visible above. Cocktail stick with wire stripped from flex wound around. Great for awkward corners and easy clean, cut the end off. Stay safe Kev
  5. Coming together nicely buddy You may carry on Stay safe Kev
  6. Just a generic notice. Please just carry on with this beautiful project Kev
  7. True Magic Keith, you have excelled with this build!! I must admit I sat on the fence when you took Dremel to plastic..... Well you just cut the fence down Stay safe Kev
  8. Oh Yes but they wont let me in A swamped abandoned lifeboat is the intention.... Stay safe Kev
  9. Certainly feeling more inclined I thought you Aussies didn't do BS See a man of few words Thanks for the kind words and likes Stay safe Kev
  10. Hi FS As requested As to your request for further details. I used to include more details as to how I managed to fudge together my builds. This evoked little to no reaction leaving me feeling as if I was blowing my own trumpet. In addition this build will involve very little scratch building and therefore it would be inappropriate. As to PE work I'm a novice If you wish to ask questions feel free on the forum or by PM. Keep up the good work on the Vosper Kev
  11. I've had a couple of days relaxed modelling..... no brass knitting - bliss The boat is going to be abandoned/swamped. So will be set very low in the water. If anyone is wondering how it would still be afloat. Underneath the side benches are watertight containers. The cross thwarts have water tight storage bins under. Thanks for stopping by Stay safe Kev
  12. I thought you lot signed the official secrets act...... All this talk of orange handbags and yellow carrots ........... When they invade through Brighton beach "Were all Doomed" Kev PS The modelling is good
  13. Hi Wilbur, welcome to the forum. I'm not aware of anything suitable but ..... My suggestion would be to lead the viewer in. Scratch build and inflatable liferaft Scratch build a bow or stern of the craft disappearing beneath the waves Have the rescue craft cruising through/over a flotsam field. HTH Kev
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