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  1. Hi Folks A question for you. I'm trying to find a set of decals for a friend of mine. Namely Spitfire MH434 in 1/72 as shown below Many thanks for your thoughts Kev
  2. Wow who has been a busy boy............. Obvious the Cat is away and the mouse is having FUN !! Nice work buddy Stay safe Kev
  3. certainly a labour of love going on here............. Shaping up nicely Kev
  4. You've certainly brought the gear bays to life Stay safe Kev
  5. I meant to say I tried a new (to me) technique on the chassis. Randomly spread thinned PVA and Micro balloons. This adds the rust texture and the balloons readily soak up the different rust/muck shades. If you need further info feel free to ask. I bet you say that to all the guys You don't think we could find a back street guy Thanks for the comments and likes Stay safe Kev
  6. Dooh! Didn't know I had toooo Just a quick catch up To get some variation in the final colour I've daubed some muck on the sides. This will be covered with a wash Although very little of the chassis will be seen I the I'd give it The Works By the way there have been reports on here of a difference in the length of the body work /chassis. I've had no such problem Wash applied and started sponging body rust Ditto. Note left wing came from another Citroen As did one of the wheels Deluxe materials applied to wings lower edges. Juries out That's it for now, thanks for looking in Stay safe Kev
  7. Good to see the Master back with another OOB build Love to see you try and fill that drop tank at the petrol station in the current climate Do carry on my entertainment has been sadly lacking of late Stay safe Kev
  8. Great new sills Ray A suggestion... Draw the mast / yards on paper to scale. You now have 90 angles to eye to. Put the yards down first held in place with tape. Now tape the mast over. The steps formed can be overcome with paper/tape/plastic packers. HTH Kev
  9. Not a comment you might want to hear but I'm glad you like it I'm using a mirror for reference Nicest thing you ever said Hmmm! I thought something was amiss Glad you approve Thank you all for your kind comments & likes Kev
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