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  1. Good to see a Master sharing his thoughts.... Kev
  2. The superstructure is looking very crisp and detailed Stay safe Kev
  3. I am thank you Stay safe Kev
  4. Congratulations on passing that milestone, True Grit! Looking forward to all the decorations to be hung around the scuttles..... Stay Safe Kev
  5. Nice work Steve Amazing that they could get 40 knots out of a displacement hull Stay safe Kev
  6. Its been a while, struggles with Mojo and release gear on lifeboats.. New brass davits tapered and bent New chain .07mm wire plaited half the size of the PE which equaled 3" chain ? Now all I've got to do is figure how how to portray the release gear/attachment Mk 5 so far......... Splinter mats from plastic card and yes peeking over the top a Micromaster 20mm oerlikon. If the big boys can have them....... Not bad, i'll remind you this is 1/144 If anyone is wondering why Devon is tier 2 ins
  7. Great real modelling here..... That's not fair it was my turn tonight Stay safe Kev
  8. A change of pace Rob? Gone from a back to back marathon to a enjoyable jog As always looking forward to seeing the Master at work Avoid the numpties and stay safe Kev
  9. A very attractive rear end ....... Stay safe Kev
  10. Keep calm the therapy/tablets will kick in ..... If it would help I could send you a straitjacket in the post. It is in kit form of course In the meantime you may carry on entertaining us... Amazing scratching Stay safe Kev
  11. Up to your usual high standards Mate slander??? Avoid the numpties and stay safe Kev
  12. Certainly busy underneath .... Rust Dear Boy, Needs lots of rust Avoid the numpties and stay safe Kev
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