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  1. Obviously North East Coastal scheme c. 2020 Begs the question do they steal your chips like the Cornish s/hawks Kev
  2. Superb work to date..... Thank you for sharing with us Kev
  3. I agree! Would love to see more of your work. Amazing work so far Kev
  4. Yes a shitehawk! Whilst I admire your skill, why oh why?@? He who shall not be named will become insufferable Stay safe and loose the hawk Kev
  5. Great save mate. Nothing more than we expect from the super league Stay safe Kev
  6. Could this be your next project Pascal?? https://composites.umaine.edu/3dirigo-the-worlds-largest-3d-printed-boat/ Kev
  7. Congratulations Jeff for a superb rendition of HMS Jamaica Kev
  8. Truly amazing work John My only advice would be don't sneeze ............... Kev
  9. Thanks yet again Pascal for sharing these memories / moments with us. Lifts an already memorable build to another level. Many years ago I took a 2,500 dwt coaster through the 'inside passage' of Ouessant . A practise long since banned I believe. Quite right too. In my defence I was young and dumb and not the captain. The currents were vicious and I was allowing 30/40' of leeway in places. Needless to say the weather was nothing like portrayed above Regards Kev
  10. Nice one matey... can we assume normal service will be resumed Kev
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