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  1. slow progress Trying out flaking the mainsail. This is just a test of scrap material. I've reduced the height of the sail by a third, otherwise you get toooo much bulk Flaked with the aid of the brass rod, water and PVA glue Mizzen sail drawn out Glued on 1mm wide strips to represent seams Trimmed. Wire inserted when turning the hem to be able to get some shape into the sail and a light spray Bolt ropes and eyes next Thanks for your kind comments and likes Stay safe Ke
  2. II'm quite certain you have the abilities to carry this off in style You may continue to entertain us Kev
  3. Good job but floor probably could do with some more wear as per Andrews suggestions above Kev
  4. For something a bit different and full of character https://www.neomega-resin.com/ships-163-c.asp They are 1/144 though Kev
  5. I reckon mine will fit in your large Docking Bay Carry on Nurse Kev
  6. Nice crisp scratch modelling of the detail..... Good to see you've got one of those giant pens I recommended Keep up the good work Kev
  7. Good to see the experimentation going on..... The one on the right looks like it would be good for mid-Atlantic Stay safe Kev
  8. Must take more water with my whisky........... I'm sure I saw two Stay safe Kev
  9. Been working on the mast cheeks which support the shrouds and of course I couldn't resist jury rigging the mizzen As you can see the jewelry fitted to boom and outrigger Experiment with shroud lashing. Left cord, right thread. Think I'm going with the thread. Thank you all for the comments and likes Stay safe Kev
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