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  1. Presumably they fit around accommodation so can't you fix them at the end. A lot easier to paint off the boat Only fitted when required, normally a circular plate which is removed to expose a nut at the top of the rudder shaft. Normally it would be stowed in/on brackets around the aft end of the accommodation. Don't put it anywhere where a rope / tow wire might snag it HTH Kev
  2. Bottom boards painted and fixed. Thwarts fitted but not fixed. Knees fitted to transom and apron blended in Key elements in position but not fixed, still playing with window dressing . . I hope you like it. Still plenty of touch ups to do plus washes etc but we're getting closer . . . Kev
  3. Looks excellent . . Painting . . . I try and keep as much as possible inside the bulwarks as sub assemblies until painting. Once the inside is finished and before fixing I cover the deck area and then paint the hull. HTH put your thoughts in order Kev
  4. and his detail, detail detail . . . . .. .. = Nice work matey Kev
  5. I would suggest talking the people over on Mayhem https://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/forum/index.php Kev
  6. Thanks for the support guys. Special thanks to @Dads203 who is always there with advice and suggestions. A true friend. You did say a cheque was OK? Kev
  7. Good to see you back at the bench A good compromise that should finish up with an elegant solution. Toe rails look much better. Kev
  8. Time for a bit more window dressing . . After numerous attempts to make circular lobster pots I was forced to admit they were beyond my skills So onto the rectangular type Hope you like them Kev
  9. Four models on the go and he's going away AGAIN! Good to see progress everywhere . . . . Enjoy your bus holiday. Kev
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