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  1. Thank you, mates! But there has no BI-1 survived, even the exhibit in Monino is a quite less exact replica. All gate guards and pole stars are models in 1:1... (see russianplanes.net they have all of them)
  2. ....Oh i would love to feed the zimbabwean punks some time hopefully, the marauders from Namibia ´99 were the same stuff, but so polite and tourist friendly to come after dinner...
  3. Hi Jean, Thank you! Sniffing Weißbier, one gets a white nose. The BI-1 bitch killed engineers and test pilots, the kit tried this to me too but my Schneider* saved me. Yes, and we Mangapatate in Ratisbonne, Radasbona, Castra Regina had Marc Aurels Legio III Italica here for longtime and so some of us look a little bit italiano if not africano. In Kelheim (Keltenheim) round the corner they have the Schneider Weißbräu*, best of ol, Skol!
  4. Hello Jean, Now! BI-1 Rocket Interceptor 1:72. But its with skis, nothing common in Zimbabwe, i presume, or do you have dunes? And too small for a honey badger to like to eat it! I know, they are rather interested in full size 1:1 scale kotelettes! Cheers, Tom
  5. Hello mates, Hello! I am Minime: This model from VES is really tiny in 1:72. We bavarian Celts say: Klein und gemein (small and mean ) . It took much, mucho mas longer than expected. There was a certain "Mach2-Effect" or "Zappa-Effect: I´m so wrong...." Papperlapapp: it was huge fun to build this model mostly under 3.5 Dioptren Cheers, Tom
  6. This is a beautiful diorama. I love it. To finish a Mach2 nightmare: Big respect, you fought the beast down to be finished! For my X-13 Vertijet i needed 10 hours per centimeter model. Did you also like to feel the pain vanish? Cheers, Tom
  7. Hi Jean! Another one from the shelf of doom gets african vitamine D! I like your x-rayed Stuka! Cheers, Tom
  8. Really cool! That will be a burner in print! Cheers, Tom
  9. Thank you, Harold! Yes this is the dirtiest racer ever!
  10. Thank you, Joachim! These CMK figures are really to recommend...
  11. Thank you, mates! 10 2020 Thank you Andy!
  12. Wow, how could i miss that for so long! As a fan of Body Doubles (in Germany: The Death Comes Twice), Brain de Palma and all kinds of lifting bodies: Thank you for the model and the narration about and around it. Since Aviator a*******s are available in close up for millions. Great small replica! Tom
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