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  1. replicant

    Hasegawa Northrop T-38A Talon

    Thank you, guys! Have F-5As, Bs and one F-20 in my stash, if i hadnt so much to do for ModellFan they were already built! Cheers, Thomas
  2. replicant

    Hasegawa Northrop T-38A Talon

    Hello mates, Thank you all seven! Yes, for me the Talon is one of the best looking planes ever. And she is a real sportsplane and pilots plane like the F-5 and so ideal for example Top Gun. I will keep her good! Cheers Thomas
  3. Hello Britmodellers! This is my oldy 1967er Hasegawa T-38A Talon, finished in 1999/2000, only one picture by me before this. Decals were altered originals and from Microscale. Pilot is borrowed from a Monogram F-15. It´s a German one in USA with a first solo flight, 60ties model and a hybrid between old Hase and the much better cockpit and spine section and other parts of an Italeri F-5F, wrong wingspan is greater now too, correct intakes are handmade. It can (without moving the front wheel) flip the rudder and make 5 mph while canopy open only by that (i loved Flipper and other dolphins so much), a little bit of a what if, mates! BTW the box: i was always and i am a non-smoker! Cheers, Thomas
  4. replicant

    F-4F JG 71 Richthofen 2004 1:72

    Thank you guys! With Hasegawa based self made inlets, new nose, new burners, new fintip, new interior, new well doors and new tank this Revell-Spook looks good....after 75 hrs at last....
  5. replicant

    FB-111A Aardvark 1:72 Hasegawa

    Thank you, guys! I saw this in one of my Koku Fan mags and i WANTED this at once! I like the exotic US camos, the desert-camo B-1A No. 3 is a longtime dream of me.... Cheers, Thomas
  6. You got it exactly! BEDEVERE: And that, my lord, is how we know the Earth to be banana-shaped. ARTHUR: This new learning amazes me, Sir Bedevere. Explain again how sheep's bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes Bon Appetit!
  7. Thank you, mates that you like it! This weekend i plan to shoot my twoseat-scooter for you! Cheers, Thomas
  8. Certain theories regarding the shape of the canb-earth are disastrously wrong. There is nichts faulty to hinzufügen Please don`t mention.... Fun as in the movies! And great modelling anyway! Thank you general! Cheers, Thomas
  9. replicant

    F-4F JG 71 Richthofen 2004 1:72

    Wow! Wow! Thank you, that you like Ze German Diesel! (OK. This has nothing do do with the Volkswagen Diesel-Gate. Excuse me. But the Spook did really smoke and made noise plus VIBRATIONS . THAT i liked!) Cheers, Thomas
  10. Hello Britmodellers, This is a conversion of the single seat Heller with canopy and spine from Italeri Mirage 2000 (heavily reworked) an partly scratch decals and handpainted details. I couldn't get a F1B for 10 years, so i did it myself in the year 2000.... Cheers, Thomas
  11. replicant

    F-4F JG 71 Richthofen 2004 1:72

    Me too! But the memories will last!
  12. Thank you all, mates, that you like it! My references from 1992 are all saved analogue at my alzheimer department... I found a quick pic that saved my little scooter from a possible chainsaw massacre: 55 with IFR Receptacle, ........it`s a boy! Cheers, Thomas http://a4skyhawk.us/sites/a4skyhawk.org/files/images/imagecache/gallery-display/150044.jpg
  13. You are right, sometimes removed, some had, some not, couldnt make this clear, may be at times, this 56 was the other companion at that time, the only 55 picture i found isnt clear
  14. Weenie cookers!!! You made my day too, Mike! Thank you, great pictures, Martin! I am in love and want to make a little model with one of them! Cheers, Thomas
  15. Hello Britmodellers! This is my 26 year old scooter, Spook Killer of Top Gun, finished OOB in 1992, never shot by me but quite dusty after the years... US Navy, Top Gun, Navy Fighter Weapons School BuNo 150044 / 555 CPT Schurr, "Bill" Cheers, Thomas