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  1. Thank you Andy! Yes, like your Revell He 111....... Cheers, Tom
  2. Marinefliegergeschwader 2 of USAF!!!!!!! Lovittttt!!!
  3. Thank you mates! Thank you Mike! Yes, a mix of International Orange and Fluorescent Red, at 100% Vol. shaken not stirred!!!! Cheers, Tom Now i remember it was Ardmore ...
  4. Hello mates, now some older stuff (again) Completed in the year 2000, one of 3 models in 2000 ... together with F-5E and AT-3 ... I am a Jaguar Fan you know Cheers, Tom
  5. Cool pictures, Andy! The first one is WOW! Cheers, Tom
  6. Thank you mates, that you like it so much!! @TheyJammedKenny!: Schmidt is rated the best of all Kanzler in Germany by all. CDU/CSU wont tell ... Pilot takes file, last window left Schmidt with Bölling a bit more inside, first right Ben Wisch nose to glass (best to see), last right Genscher The windows were a nightmare, they didnt match in form and curvature, milky too, so the full program: all superglued, sanded 800 to 3000 and polishedpolishedpolished Cheers!
  7. Thanks mates! @Space ranger: Lots of problems! Its amodel. Asymmetry, blind glass, no internals, no details, no stecils, wrong decals ... did i forget something? 100hrs for the jet alone... @Keith: The trainee, daughter? of the french Colonel beside the pilot is a 3D Maim figure: female mechanic Mechanic with Wrench MAiM | No. MAIM72004 | 1:72 Der Sockelshop Germany Cheers!
  8. Hello mates, here my new Hansa Jet! Quite a lot of work: Amodel what else... French AF Colonel has last minute secret papers for chancellor Helmut Schmidt at Orly 1. Mai 1974... Cheers, Tom
  9. Thank you Terry! Yes i should, but i have too many kits here and i am 61 already! AMK: I have the 48er 2. Gen and the 72er. Huhh .... In the line Hansa Jet, Mirage 4000, J35, Jaguar Desert Storm "Debbie," Sukhoi T-4, and Tamiya 48er F-4B New Tool Cheers, Tom
  10. Wow, great build! 1 week! OMG, im so jealous!! Cheers, Tom
  11. Thank you, Mike! I have some older ones left to show. Next new one will be classic Hansa Jet with 1974 cancelor Helmut Schmidt at CDG Airport Paris, but this Amodel kit is quite a pig (again), should have known better ,,, this build consumes some high spirit medicine. Nitro only is not enough! Cheers, Tom Thank you mates! I use enamels (addicted): mostly Humbrol, Testors and Revell, i have amassed them to last 10 years more, i am 61! Here mixed except the tan from Testors/Model Master. For 72 always min. 10% white added
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