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  1. Thank you mates, that you like the little Hun. She has a good place again behind glass without sun... Cheers, Tom
  2. Thank you! Compared to the newer ones the kit looks good to me even today. It lacks details...
  3. Thank you Steve! Mine too. I want to make a new SEA F-4E soon... I do not know your identity, but i know your Vindi is great. Sagenhaft! Dont worry, you caught up!! Cheers, Tom
  4. Hello Britmodellers, here one of my surviving older Models. Hasegawa built 1977 with Modeldecal decals (from 1972 !) and a supered seat. Clear parts and silvering decals are clearly ageing now. Stencils are handpainted with Rapidograph, who knows them now? I was a Teenie then, so forgive me! Cheers, Tom
  5. Thank you all! Pig´s ear is good, John! Here we would say: Wildsau. Thank you! Really not easy to build but wonderful details! Cheers, Tom
  6. Thank you, guys! And thank you, all the guys from Modelsvit and Reskit, I hope to see many more such kits made by you! Cheers, Tom
  7. Hello Andy, Great plane, that little one!! Cheers, Tom
  8. Hello mates, here my newest model, Big Mirage 4000 by Modelsvit. Burner cans are Reskit, Martin Baker (Safran built) Mk.10 seat is Pavla and Chief Test Pilot Jean-Marie Saget with Tricolore on the Helmet is from PJ Production. Wingspan is bigger than Mirage IV! Cheers, Tom
  9. Thank you, mates! Today i will take a cup of Joghurt and watch Spaceballs!
  10. Thank you two! @david: i had an early test shot. the fit of radome, intakes, canopy and fin box was not so good. the modularity and flexible plastic may make problems with the fit of the canopy (easily too wide). The rockets and pylons are not good in details. The burner cans are too flush with the cover, i widened the fuselage at the lids. The clear parts have a seam and a lot of distortion there. There will be a build feature in the german Modellfan Magazine 3 2022, as ripped PDF usually soon made easily accessible by russian fan folks :-0 @ exdraken: yes they flew a lot of bomb runs as B-4B (kicher), but i like much more the CAP-Missions they also flew as a fighter: Not a pound for air to ground!
  11. Thank you,mates! Sundowners are great, also F-14 colors...
  12. This looks so cool. have to look for my DVDs.
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