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  1. Thank you mates, that you like it! Tiger: I saw the built Trumpy kit at Nuremberg Toy Fair. It doesnt look good at all....
  2. Hello mates, thank you all! Booty: yes, she has about 90-60-90! Too sexy for her shirt! But i wouldnt give her away....... Cheers, Tom
  3. Hello mates, here big new pics of my Blinder made with my newer camera 6500px. Full resolution in flickr download for details. Cant find old thread... New Edit: As for the questions of mates below i took a picture at Nuremberg, Trumpy is not convincing to me.... Cheers, Tom
  4. Hello Britmodellers, having finished my latest build here pics... My tiny little "Mitten" from brand Zvezda. Very crisp and looks every mm a Yak-130, very good kit.... Cheers, Tom
  5. Thank you, mates, for the second wave of this thread! Cheers, Tom
  6. Oh oh oh, just i´ve ordered three bottles Tamiya Green Grand Cru Classé.........
  7. Thank you, Jean! As you can see, in turn i passed you over your Schnapszahl 3333! I always would say: if you cant sniff it, drink it (no thinner) Cheers, Tom
  8. Hello Britmodellers, here pictures of my Tomcat No. 4 1:72. Did survive. I polished the canopy and brushed the dust off. First generation kit built 1978 but fresh pictures from last week. First generation Tomcats from Hasegawa had shape problems around the cockpit...obviously! Decals are Microscale, crew is borrowed from passed Monogram Eagles Cheers, Tom
  9. Thank you guys! Thank you, Hans! The kit was sooo cool at that time. He had a giant "NEW" sticker printed on. We oldies know that....
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