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  1. Thank you Mike! Planet was not so good, but i think better as any vacforms, general measures were OK. USAFM has new big pictures when they towed it to the new hangar... Cheers, Tom
  2. Thank you guys!! Even when it is a little ugly... It was a little hard to build but i love it! Cheers, Tom
  3. I am shure, this are "Mother in law" seats for a mormonic customer: double the trouble! No doubt! Usually small, but great modelling, Moa! Cheers, Tom
  4. Hello Jean, you are right. But when they get so much love, can they be ugly? Cheers, Tom Lots!! Symmetry oh noh. Scratch: All wheels, drop tanks (i didnt install them at last, now for diorama), landing gears, covers, wells, intake, probes, exhaust, afterburner, vents, new antenna cap, narrower hood, sanded and polished glass, star tracker, rivets, cockpit detail, seat, pilot Bellinger, stencilling 80 hrs solely building time...
  5. You are so right, i needed 100 hrs (w/o trailer) for mine, so much pain per Millimeter Cheers, Tom
  6. Zer Gutt, Steve! The Seahawks made their Brexit towards Uns even with their original colors at first! Ve Marine loff them Brits, as the Seafurys, Gannets, Sycamores.............. Prost, Tom
  7. Hello mates! Here is a quite new model, resine from Planet Models and hard to build. First fighter ever to fly faster than Mach 1 in levelled flight. Carl Bellinger flew it a lot as Republic prime test pilot. Hope you like it! Cheers, Tom P.S. .......and now with the removed last little masking tape on the right side lower canopy frame (Alzheimer i guess) and Chief Engineer Alexander Kartveli himself (and XF-91 model)
  8. Thank you Kev! Your boats are great, wow, how i like them! I built a Vosper long long ago, want one again when i see yours. Cheers Tom
  9. Thank you, mates! Shipbuilding is fun, i want to make more after my break 1974-2018! Cheers, Tom
  10. Thank you, guys! Yes, and they will be reinforced against Lirpaloof birdstrikes and made fool-proof as well... Landbased only until we have the new franco-german carrier "Charles de Kohl" for our new "Großhornisse" Superbug...
  11. Hello mates, news from Germany! Since the early 1970s, the acquisition of the YF-17 has been pursued as part of the LWF program and the Krauts years ago seamlessly and silently transferred it to the LWB, Lightweight Bomber Project. On the 1st of April the first FB-18G celebrates roll out. Surprise, however, is that the Marineflieger in MFG 3 are reactivated because all land bases are rededicated for residential development. Through pioneering steam catapult technology, the new bases under the project "Flieger-Horst" under the leadership of the Ministry of Interior Horst Seehofer will occupy only fractions of former space and act as structural aid measures first stationed on the islands of Usedom, Sylt and Heligoland. Cheers, Tom
  12. Hello Britmodellers, here is my last finished Elco 80 Model in Measure 21 Colors before Kennedy in 1:72 made by Revell, there is some homegrown extradetail and some eduard etch... Cheers, Tom
  13. Hello Holger, yes i milled them out to retain the 5 stringers and glued a screen (Aber mesh) in it. I used a Revell door too to get this effect... Cheers, Tom
  14. Hello Mike, thank you! Its for a loitering IS mission, just in time, Marketing would say "bomb on demand" Cheers, Tom
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