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  1. Wow Russ, I enjoy every single rivet of that "Teppichklopfer" aka carpet beater as we say in Germany to all foreign and our own classic, now retired 2 blade Hueys! Cheers, Tom
  2. Thank you Mike! Little Intruder has a dry, warm place behind glass, the microscale decals are doing very very well, i am a big fan since the 70s up to now! Yes of course! Humbrol and Revell enamels. Nitro solvents make addicted... and last a lot longer!! Cheers all!
  3. Thank you mates that you like it, even when i destroyed my text between the pics: OMG! Cheers, Tom
  4. Had some health issues slowing me down but starting again, i completed this build in 1979, so this models paint is 42 years old! Microscale decals, model made in a few weeks, minime was much faster then Cheers, Tom
  5. Have you seen the canopy contours, Coke -cross section and the transparent part going to the radome? Together with FineMolds in 72 this is the only correct cockpit glass of a Spook This will be great together with all gimmicks Cheers Phan-Tom
  6. Thank you! Yes, because it would make clear, the pic was made 1971 just for PR: and a fake. Mine is no! Hehe...
  7. Great little Jet! To solve the problem, IAC should use those models: nice, clean, affordable, saves space and resources even if on every desk of IAC. I would like to be an exchange officer and would arrive with a Revell Tiffie or possibly a Growler from Germany! Tom
  8. Hello Andwil, Guetersloh down under! Great Lightning! Tom
  9. Wildenrath was too far away from the border to GDR. The short legged Hars were therefore a lot for practising in/around ETUO before 1977 (definite move), also in Camps as Sennelager or other field bases as Eberhardt or on the Autobahn nearby (many pictures). This picture is in fact in front of the very famous RAF Officers Club in ETUO ( because of Göring there WWII) where a Spitfire was Gate Guard for long time (The Princess Royal Barracks). I have 10+ pics of XV800 in/around ETUO, none in Wildenrath. Yes, 20 Sqn didnt move, got Jags because too much attrition of GR.1/3. Cheers, Tom
  10. Hello mate, as i saw only all-blue corporals in Guetersloh (even mixed under policemen) pics of around 1971 i thought it was the strong light from above making the cap looking pale. But you are complete right, the white cap is more rounded (here) and i didnt notice (until your hint) the hidden R.A.F.P. Armband on the left (also here) So thank you, and i will change it, add the band, scalp the cap at the white border, Preiser figures have a lot spare caps Cheers, Tom
  11. Hello Eugen, i would like to use pictures of your wonderful P-43 for ModellFan if you like?! Cheers, Thomas
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