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  1. Thank you, mates! Hello Terry: Kit has 200+ decals, for the complete livery. I used enamel: Revell WeiƟ white 04, Silber silver 90, Schwarz black 07; Revell Airbrush Email Color Glanz- und Matt-Klarlack gloss cote; Gunze Sangyo Mr. Metalizer 218 Alu und 213 Stainless, Model Master 2041 Dayglo Fluorescent Red Orange FS28913
  2. Thank you, mates! at exdraken: Its a G.91 Orpheus powerplant, some F-86 and some T-33, look at the canopy frame....
  3. Hello Britmodellers, this is my newest build this year. Platz Fuji T-1B changed to A-Version number 825, 13. FTW 1993 with actress Maiko Kikuchi taxiing in the wind after PR foto flight for JASDF looking for the camera. I found this in 1993 8 Koku Fan magazine. This girl liked loopings! Cheers, Tom
  4. Lekker nederlandse kaas!! We adapted the super nickname in Germany too Cheese, Tom
  5. Thank you, mates! I hope she britsh is as good as buccy! Cheers, Tom
  6. Hello mates, this is a hybrid of Fagot S and Fresco PF built 1978. Cutting line was below cockpit round the wings. Because there were no NVAF markings as decals (my Microscale was defective had the yellow color missing) i painted them... ....waiting for the new Airfix one... Cheers, Tom
  7. Hello Serge, Thank you! there were only plans in Aerophile Magazine 1978 volume 1 nr. 5, i used them and therefore one fault in contour at the back (not rounded enough). Trumpeter is quite off and very wrong everywhere, i have bought one cheap two years ago, unbuilt of course (i was just curious)... Cheers, Tom
  8. Hello Mike, thanks! F-80 and Panthers are already posted here, Gull Gray is Hasegawa, Dark Sea Blue is Matchbox... Cheers, Tom Hello John, it was finished more than 7 years before Trumpy came! Cheers, Tom @ others: Thank you all, mates!
  9. Hello Britmodellers, this is my most timeconsuming model started 1980, stopped because the Airmodel vacu was much too wrong. I began to build it in segments, but the girls needed more time. Then i stopped modelling for many years. After i started again in 1991 i completed the fuselage finally in 8 main sections. The glass is also made from scratch in 7 pieces plus black PS frames cut from a video boxing. It took 14 years to finish the scratch build in 1994. A picture was in ModellFan then. It is not the Trumpy model, it is easy to discern. "F-107" is cutted airbrush-foil and laquered. It took more than 400 hrs. Stencilling is Verlinden and Microscale as are the scratch decals. Only the wings are (quite changed) from Airmodel Vacu. The later pictures are from the 90s. Aerophile was my main reference... The last pic is from 1991, you can see, because of the grey Dupli Color Autospachtel the model is very, very heavy.... Cheers, Tom
  10. AAArrrrGGHHHHH! Its from Starfix it! But my biggest respect to you! Deteriorating Decals are better than detonating ones. Cant be shure with Starshit Models.... Cheers, Tom
  11. Thank you, Jean! You had serious reasons. But me too wasnt here so much because of building every month one ModellFan Magazine in Germany. And i am definitely not getting younger, considering business life. But so, i have a little Armada (old and young) flying in here now... All the best in wonderful Africa Tom
  12. Not sorry! So i can recommend the movie "Manta, Manta" with Til Schweiger.... My 2011 C6 Grand Sport was cheaper than a good Opel GT was 2012 in Germany. Opel GT is very, very nice..... Cheers, Tom
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