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  1. Thank you, Steve! My first 48er since the 70ties! I saw Christopher Nolans Dunkirk with the voice of Sir Michael Caine and rememberd him starring in Battle of Britain (Luftschlacht um England, was the german cinema title) i saw as boy. Since then i am fan, so i could not resist... Cheers, Tom
  2. replicant

    1/72 Bristol Superfreighter

    Super. Freighter! A statement and a wonderful non mainstream model! When comes Airfix 1:72 Beverley? I would love to hear the four Centaurus turning .... Cheers, Tom
  3. Hello Moa, you are real aerophile! Please don´t stop making that gems... Cheers, Tom
  4. Hej Björn, great, your Jaktviggen! I built a testshot, this is pure fun as you said, hope the mates make much more of them: Viggen is the hottest of all! Cheers, Tom
  5. Thank you, mates, that you like the little Spit, this is my first 48er since my YF-16 Monogram 1976 (i presume)! Thank you Andy, as for the Jungmann and the Mirage! Cheers, Tom
  6. Hello Martin, i use the Föhn only to drive the props, only cold and low power, not to melt or blow them away! Cheers, Tom
  7. replicant

    1:72 AZ Model Supermarine Attacker

    That´s simply great, that small bird, Bill! A joy to look at! Cheers, Tom
  8. Hello Andrew, yes it was big, short 34 hrs fun despite riveting, pilot changes and some extra detailing. Best fitting kit i ever had... Cheers, Tom
  9. replicant

    Bücker-131 D

    Hello Andy! The Jungmann looks even better as on the Mac!!!! Hope print is good this time! Cheers, Tom
  10. Thank you all that you like it! Sadly the otherwise great pilot of the kit has the typical toilet habit of the figures of the1970s: 2 hands on 2 legs and pressing! So i cut him in pieces to get a vivid move and opened the mouth for a smile BTW the Kit is on sale since November, in Germany nearly sold out. A second batch is under way as TE said... Cheers, Tom
  11. Hello Russ, what a joy! Great! I made this in 1:72 in the 70ties. My little Snoopy Spook is safe under glass, i will post it.... Cheers, Tom
  12. Great colors Steve!! Cheers, Tom
  13. Hello mates, No. 19 Squadron Leader Geoffrey Stephenson has just landed! Fast Spit, fast build, Braun 1000 Watt.... Cheers, Tom
  14. replicant

    XP-84A Thunderjet

    Hello Tommy, thank you for this great stuff! I have no WIP because 2003 i didnt do this. Your drawing is far more accurate as that of XP-84 in D&S and shows perfectly the shorter fuselage and the longer keel. There are tons of pics of pearl gray P-80s, e. g. a very nice big feature in Airpower September 2001, i checked my references and mixed my own color and came out with around FS16492... Book with chips is Monogram USN USMC Official Color Guide... 36492 is matte version, 16492 is glossy as were P-80 and XP-84 I usually make steps in mixing process on litho film for possible future models Cheers, Tom