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  1. Völlig! Excellent tip Giorgio - I'm going to have a rummage about at work later in the week to see what's lurking in the stores. Thanks James. Whichever scale you approach it I think that in such cases there's only a limited number of ways in which you can dice such sections in such a confined space if they are to be capable of being assembled in sequence later on. Aside from the old Frog kit which I started this build off with (who knew? ) I deliberately avoided looking at any existing manufacturer's instructions as I wanted this to be an entirely 'clean-slate' approa
  2. Today's guest track is Booty Swing by Parov Stelar, for Sunday lunchtime kinds of reasons. What have the boys in the band been saying first: It is indeed a pleasant sense of equilibrium at present Chris: and no displaced egotism intended if I say that holding pieces of the aircraft in your hand after seeing them as entities on a screen for so long, you kind of feel that an adult has made them rather than yourself.... Both good candidate techniques Alan & Steve - the one thing that gives me pause is that lens hood of the tv camera in the seeker head appears to
  3. I love the brass undercarriage that you've made here Alan, to which some kind of plastic creature appears to have attached itself. Ps. 'Classic Airframes' = carcass filers aim....
  4. Thankfully one of the few things not livestreamed these days...afaik.... Hope that brings you a step closer to effective treatment Pete. Likewise PotW. Sometimes I'd miscalculate though and The Sullivans would be on...
  5. It's not as if there's even Crown Court or Farmhouse Kitchen to look forward to after the lunchtime news any more either is it? Sorry to hear this phase is taking so long Pete.
  6. Steve's so right. I've run out of ways to rearrange that same set of words into an original sentence on all your builds Giorgio. Living colour is what you do!
  7. Shiny or not I love the way that the light cascades over all those various surfaces in and around the cockpit Crisp.
  8. You mean this thread is only available in black & white in some regions, and closes down at midnight after playing the National Anthem? Loving the vibe here already Steve - good luck with this build.
  9. Ah. There you are... Rather busy still both at work and out in the garden also now that Spring is doing its green fuse stuff.. Rewilding may have gone a bit far though as there was a 'wolf lose in the garden last week and it ate a hedge: Well, actually it ate the tops of a lot of our hedging which had been trimmed before the moratorium back in February but had taken this long to hire a chipper due to every every other pilgrim in the county seeming to have the same idea. Profoundly satisfying in a Thunderbirds/Crablogger vibe: With a large pile of chippings
  10. That engine assembly is pure state of the art as far as resin printing Alan - just sheer class. As you say, apart from the Scylla and Charybdis of shrinkage and warping, it's a constant juggling act between orienting and supporting for a successful print whilst causing least damage to detail. There's even an entire town in Russia that worships the God of Successful Orientation: I completely agree with: - in so far as there's a definite difference in how a part is when fresh out of the wash/cure cycle in the Mercury and how it subsequently feels a few days later,
  11. Given the possible problems that differential shrinkage could have caused it's always a relief isn't it? I share your pleasure in the sheer finesse of that assembly Alan. Absolute beauties. The side profiles an art unto themselves - Benvenuto Cellini eat yer heart out. Or @giemme Take your pick. (Though Cellini wouldn't be on at you about the old colore as much though. ) Major steps here in quality and quantity here- can't wait to see what you'll do with an M2...
  12. Great work and humour here as always CC! Your son's drawings are strong and confident - he's sure to do well.
  13. I love this Chris! Smashing work on the yellow and black, really, beautiful results.
  14. Utter filth. Disgraceful etc. #marquisdeced
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