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  1. TheBaron

    1/24th Blackburn Buccaneer S2B, 208 squadron

    I feel your pain mon general - just un peu. Hang on - it's envy , not empathy. Clearly I need to report to the MO for some pills; trouble is though, at this time of the morning his hand's usually still shaking from the previous night's Pilsner. Last time I reported to sick bay he diagnosed goitre and tried to feed me a ham sandwich intravenously.
  2. Carol appears to have gotten trapped in the net curtains on the way out of the house. - At least we now have a suitable subject to go on the next £20 note. But enough of this frivolity : what were you wearing Ced?
  3. TheBaron

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    You're very kind as always Simon. Having just spent the evening wrestling with a bracket to get the TV in the living room mounted up on the wall, I can share a selfie: One doesn't blame one in the least. It's the poor blighters over on Saharadesertmodeller I feel sorry for, never being able to paint anything.... I will indeed Bill: a black Alclad Primer & Microfiller (my favourite) followed by some Alclad black gloss. There's enough going on visually with the Chicken's metally-bits though that I reckon some experimentation with decanted Halford's grey may be worth a lash at variation. I need to dig out a mule first though to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Very wise. This woman came home to find her husband had been holding his airbrush the wrong way round whilst spraying Alclad: Nasty... I'm with you on that Adrian! Is suspect that for many of us, keeping a mental picture of the aircraft (or indeed ship, tank & etc.) that you're building in your head for so long is taxing enough that it requires a positive flow of events to keep it energized to the point of closure. Ooo-err. That was a bit 'Pseud's Corner'.... I haven't the bloody energy that you've got! Really Cc, you'll have all the responsibilities of being a grandfather soon and have to explain to a small child why the hip-rap gruntstep that their generation is listening to is nothing like as good as the heavy metal of your youth. There is always permanent seating available for you in my threads Cc... I'm researching the heck out of the Anson at the moment as I want to build the one from Boscombe Down that Y-Service used to detect the first Knickebein beams being used to direct German bombers over Britain in 1940. That great BBC series from the lkate 70s The Secret War presented by William Wollard had a nice exposition on the discovery: The pilot of the Anson Mk.1 concerned was a Flight Lieutenant H. E. Bufton (no relation @CedB?) and his radio op who picked up the beams a Corporal Mackie, but of the three aircraft loaned from Boscombe, I'll be damned if I can locate the serial number of the one Bufton was actually flying on the night of June 21st. I had pondered buying Ray Sturtivant's volume The Anson File as it sounds like the sort of detail he could confirm, but regrettably the prices for this are too high to be a practical proposition. Hmmm.
  4. TheBaron

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    I'm too damn lazy in this heat to read back to what I said but if memory serves dear M, it was that I was wavering between options. After some sober and mature reflection wild mental oscillations the idea of immediately leaping onto another big American bird after the Iron Chicken is more (I feel) than the tattered nerves can countenance. Which is why the next show will be brought to you by the letter 'A' (nson)... Must be one of the few things you haven't tried ya madman! A serious point Martian which I'm glad you brought to the fore. We're a only bit cooler than yourselves down on the Dorset Riviera but with humidity topping out here at almost 90% at present I really think it would be foolish of me to attempt to colour anything in whilst conditions remain as they are. Even before sunrise and after sunset the moisture is hanging around - as far as this neck of the woods is concerned 'temperate martitime' -trans. as 'the first bit of land that all of the water sucked up from the Atlantic gets a chance to drop onto'... There's plenty to do still on tidying and polishing the Chicken but I'm afraid this thread will be low on adrenaline until the heat and humidity drop. I'd wondered why I hadn't really found such things a problem before until realizing that this is the first build I've had to reach paint in the summer months. Thanks for confirming my caution. Except for hops it would seem.... Cheers!
  5. I'm a recent convert to the inward exclamation Ced - it's kind of like mindfulness training in that you have to discipline yourself to prouduce the required Anglo-Saxon expletive on the in-drawn breath, the F not being silent. Marvelling at your patience with those straps!
  6. TheBaron

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Nice lighting Chris!
  7. The array of loadout options give this every impression of a flying Swiss Army knife Giorgio! Stately progress as always.
  8. TheBaron

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Thanks Benedikt! I'd add that 'my hair's looking sensational' too, but that'd would regrettably be to misrepresent the presence of hair.... Ta Roger: reminds me that I still need to do up a colour plan as to what sequence to lay them down in. Gracias your Martianness! I shall endeavour to live up to your faith. Sure am Cc. Mainly standard and white aluminium which I'll experiment with by cutting with a steel colour. Never having actually painted an aircraft in this way it shall be something of a test of nerve of course! Grazie Giorgio! (With one of my favourite painters looking over my shoulder I'd best do a decent job then eh? ) Tack så mycket Håkan! Sometimes I regret the need to actually go beyond priming at all hendie, in the same way that I often prefer drawings to finished paintings... I know what you mean though: it will be odd to walk in one day and find no more Iron Chicken to do after more than a year. Thanks Ced: I gathered from the sawbones that it can take a while to kick in, so currently in that ambiguous 'is it or isn't it?' mode. Best not risk matters and get up from the bench then I guess! That's very kind of you young Terry! A big part of course is having such a supportive and knowledgeable audience on here to spur-on one's efforts.... To the Batspraybooth errr...Robin! Yeah! Just been practicing in fact! Tired now this evening after an eventful day so nothing of note to pass on the noo, save that these little gems popped through the letter box whilst I was out courtesy of Linda over in Canada: I was in truth a little put off from ordering from these guys in the past as some of the pictures in the 'engine products' section at the rear of their catalogue were poor enough to give me pause regarding the level of detail being represented in the castings. I'd just like to point out to any prospective buyers that some of the catalogue images do not do justice to the quality of the product - the three examples above have a nice crisp & clean rendition and I shall definitely be buying more from E&T in future - especially now that so many Aeroclub metal engines are becoming harder to source in 1/72. The item on the left is of most interest as it will feature in the next build after this one (happy now @bbudde? )
  9. TheBaron

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Elegant immaculatery. This is a continual pleasure to catch up with and learn new skills from Steve.
  10. Frustummery and vampiring: this has all gotten most Gothic hendie! (Why do I picture you looming over the bench swathed in black velvet and a storm playing upon the skylights?) Both virtual and physical modelling of the highest order - an elegant solution to the classic 'two-part rotor problem' re:Shapeways btw!
  11. Delicious progress. Fascinated to see how this develops.
  12. Habanero-plus on that Johnny. Could watch your colour-work for hours - gorgeous subtleties.
  13. TheBaron

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Thanks Martian. With the steady amount of brass I seem to be getting through these days I'm beginning to regret not trolling over your direction and stopping in at Albion Alloys in Bournemouth to do a supermarket sweepstake.... Thanks Giorgio. I must confess that it's a relief to be moving forward in the water again... Ta Bill. It is - as I believe Confucius once said - nice to be nice ....or was it the Crankies? I'm not good on philosophy... Those Edward Ardizzone illustrations were just perfectly suggestive weren't they? Leaving enough room for your own imagination to generate the required detail. As it stopped raining earlier I took the chicken and nest outside to run a surface integrity check with some primer: Some messy bits still to tidy up as expected around the added brasswork but nothing serious: The flaps will need a little scrape in places to remove any remaining traces of overfill at you can see on the topmost parts of the middle one: DF gear, pitots and hinges: Predictably the plastic I'd glued to the tips of those DF antennae earlier dropped off when handling so I simply melted some 70° solder onto the tip of the iron and dabbed that on to form the pointed ends. I can see though from the above shot that I need to go back and add some more solder to make the ends more conic. These bits look ok too, though that hole in the top of the 'winged' antenna will need a fill - dab of solder whilst it's out doing the DF ones will do for that I reckon: Now to the Iron Chicken itself: I have to say that I'm very pleased with the way that the added foil panels and fairings are now performing visually (though pretend you can't see where I forgot to tidy up the PPP on the lower part of the tail fin above). A closer look round the other side: The tailplane too now looks acceptable with a unfying colour applied: Still some residual messiness to get rid of around those nosewheel doors however: The canopy frame-working has come up nicely as well: Who forgot to mask the transparency in the centre of the nose then? Never mind - a cotton bud and some solvent will sort that out. The ducted-in wing intakes have actually worked-out better than I'd hoped they might (I think the uber-shininess of the foil in the raw state always makes me dubious when seen against the surrounding plastic), plus I'm optimistic that those circular masks for the engines will keep out any zealous overspray in the coming weeks: Some tidying-up then - which I'll take my time over during the week - but not as much as I'd feared on a beast of this size. Certainly the use of epoxy as an adhesive/filler combination on wing joins has resulted in a practically invisible result. On the visual evidence here I can recommend as well the use of adhesive foil at 1/72 for those areas of raised detail; the one and only drawback of course having to be soooo careful to avoid rough handling as the paint will come off more easily than from the surrounding plastic. A small price to pay though imho. That's as much as I feel can be usefully achieved today but honour restored a little I feel. Not sure at what pace the painting will proceed as the coming weeks will get progressively busier - I've been given a lot more leeway to develop ideas that interest me at work, however, the corollary to this is the need to carry out intensive writing and research. Bit like a day on Britmodeller in fact! Eh what? I hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekends and thanks for looking in - as always much appreciated. Tony
  14. TheBaron

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Giorgio & hendie: thank you both for the moral support gentleman. Nowt better a feeling that being down in the dumps and having good friends rally round. Speaking of dumps I note that Clive King died during the week: A book that lives vividly in the memory and one that my own children were equally enchanted by growing up. I thank you for your optimism Johnny but whilst the bench is currently spick and span, the floor around it resembles the beaches at Dunkirk and from which nothing returns.... D'you reckon if I bunged a UV bulb it it I could get a nice tan whilst working at the bench? Let us learn to fly and free ourselves of earthly pain Bill: Best hurry the process along by getting cracking hadn't I? Won't detain you guys with further pictures of something you've seen once already but suffice it to say that the new door has not so far drawn forth the old... After yesterday's weird and frustrating mindset (which I'm putting down to a delayed reaction to having been pumped full of chemicals and having bits of stainless steel probing the innards), upon waking early I plunged downstairs radiant with positivity and got to work, intent on working my way through as much of the snag list as possible. First up was to deal with the slight 'lip'along the apex of the BT. From oblique shots of this region I'd persuaded myself that this ran the whole width of the door rear, but closer inspection from shots taken square-on revealed these elements to be more in the line of fairings to protect the sharp corners: Tucked away underneath also are a slot on either side into which the rearmost set of hinges on which the operable floor of the BT pivots upwards into the ceiling: The hinges themselves were a reprise of the method used to make those for the flaps previously, though in this instance the slightly larger size necessitated using 0.6mm inside 0.8mm tubing to give the desired effect: After also excising a sliver from the rear corners of the door as well, a dry fit with all three elements in place: As with the flap hinges, these will onlybe glued on once all the painting is complete: With these items now completing the list of brass items needed, these were added to the Iron Chicken's ever-growing nest: Those antennae have been separated-out for painting as they need to be a pale grey to match the roof colour, whereas the other brass parts will match the overall metal finish of the aircraft: The big DF 'trees'still requite a tidy before priming - the blobs on top being plastic road GG'd on to be filed down to give the conical tips of the actual antennae. If I get any more done today I'll post later. One last thing I forget to post in all the chagrin yesterday is that if you have one of those dandy hole punch sets and now too skint to spring any moolah on a tray to fit underneath to catch your disks: -an old smartphone cover performs quite usefully. Tony