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  1. Thanks for sharing your methodology Giorgio. That scavenged wiring looks very convincing in place there on the firewall also.
  2. There are times you just have to grin in admiration at the elegance of means on display in this forum. This image encapsulates it all Bill. (Glad the lathe has found its spiritual home too.. )
  3. Thanks for building. Will it be paint or foil for the metallics of the main cylinder Martian?
  4. Probably safe to say that nobody has ever spontaneously built an aircraft carrier? Wonderful vertical serenity to that photo of the cathedral as well Crisp.
  5. Always thought it would be a nice touch to mount a tiny camera in one of these models CC. Admittedly it would look a bit odd waving a Hurricane at the happy couple when taking wedding photos.... Lovely catching up with your work as always ami.
  6. Ced, if that tape around the exhaust gives problems with forming a sufficiently sealed outline involving compound curves, I've found in similar situations in the past that firstly delineating the edge of the outline accurately with a strip no wider than 2mm let's you accurately define the required boundary between two regions (in terms of being able to bend and form complicated and varying curves without intrusive wrinkles disrupting the outline). Once you've an accurate boundary set in place, you can then build back from it with thicker strips of tape. Apologies if this has alread
  7. Have you tried adjusting the knob? This thread has now officially passed the Turing test. Thanks as always Chris - hope that all is ok in your neck of the woods mate. One sincerely hopes not Bill! Ignatius would know. Is this a record? *Attempts to contact Norris McWhirter via a spirit medium* Something was bugging me when going through the inventory of parts last evening ad I realized that I'd forgotten to add the refuelling probe to XN708 - or rather, the wing fairing into which the sha
  8. That's remarkably generous of you to say so Alan, considering the amount I've learned from your good self over the past few years. I had a conversation with somebody through work back in November about a similar issue regarding creative activity that is observational/visual in nature (this was to do with the making of films). We'd both arrived at the same conclusion quite separately regarding the fundamental importance of mental visualization; that, no matter what facility one has with any given equipment/technology, the ability before all else to hold a clear three-dimensional m
  9. What the hell was this diagonal cloud up to? Pillar of cloud by day and all that. I see your agreement and raise you some more agreeing CJ! I've got your next anniversary present covered I think then Michael: Mr. Schenck wrote some singularly odd stuff at times and this is up there. (The cover artist a Victor fan obvs.) Nice to have you along btw. Nice to met you Kevin. Ignatius eh? Think I've been in the Irish version of the Night of Joy on more than one occasion in younger days.... Brilliant Bi
  10. The less said about the Mitsubishi Minica Winky the better..
  11. Smart start Chris - and a pleasing blend of subjects! Good luck for this.
  12. A handsomely turned propeller Ced. Nicey done sir.
  13. Another week gone in a blur eh? Read somebody on Twitter the other evening saying that they only have two times now - day o'clock and night o'clock - to which I can completely sympathize. Seriously beginning to hate Teams meetings as a poor signal/noise replacement for face-to-face contact. It feels so false pretending bonhomie to a blasted camera lens. It's all been downhill in my opinion since people used to send each other considered monographs on obscure subjects by post coach once a month... Speaking of which! 'The therapist will see you now Mr In L
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