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  1. That means there'll be Leicester see on this thread for a while...
  2. Superb control of colour - as always in your work - Fuad.
  3. Top effort Pat. Agreed; for the same indefinable reasons...
  4. Yesterday was a good day for standing up against the forces of entropy that threaten the well-being of a person's buttocks with the onset of winter. I'm calling this one 'Intimate Causality No.5': With the perimeter hedging cut back I've also now got a better view of the carrier pigeons rooks arriving with the forum mail: What tidings bring you sweet e-birds? Ooo-errr. {withdraws job application to Diplomatic Corps...} Thank you young Peter - you're a damn' decent cove for saying so. Most kind of you ED - you are most welcome to
  5. Belated congratulations GrandCed. It must be a lovely feeling.
  6. Beautiful evening here as I tap this - our neighbour Declan was round with his gert big JCB 805 yesterday and trimmed all our hedging back so that there's more light spilling across the lawn than there has been in years. With the end of the garden looking due West we've gotten our horizon back again just in time to watch the sun slipping away further southwards along the edge of the world each evening as it sets. To mail first. These are not the tidings we are here for: take care of your needs and come back to us when you're able Daddy M. Oddly Giorgio and
  7. Except on Tuesdays. Have never painted with it on Tuesdays since the Great Tuesday Tape Removal Incident that I don't like to talk about in public. Much. Looking forwards to seeing your shiny nose.
  8. I've got roast potatoes in the oven so better not get too distracted by today's post.... Thanks Giorgio & Ced - amazing how rusty you can get just in the space of a week isn't it? Went at it hammer and tongs today though as my last chance until next weekend to push things on. Not having used decals on the last two builds Bill I'm not intending to use them here on the Vixen either: there's a number of markings on both these two versions that are going to test the resolution of my painting skills! Kindly sentiments Pete and I t
  9. Ye Gods / Dogs / Troggs, An absolutely insane week at work with all the restrictions involved in operating with groups of people; coming home most nights and falling asleep by 9pm so today was the first day the Vixen even had mental space to be considered. I have though been able to get through a few pages of Christopher Clark's: before Morpheus descends and most excellent it is too. Full marks for spelling Pete! Aaaah, those were the days Chris. I do miss them so. <sighs in Latin> Kind of you - as always - Terry. I do indeed sense th
  10. I'm not anticipating there being any major print issues regarding the openings around the forward section Giorgio - as long as the piece is optimally oriented on the printing platen to avoid having a forest of support structures in unfortunate places.... Who said soft furnishings were easy James? Based on that description I went hunting and realized there was another smaller image of a Mk.4 on the Martin Baker page that seemed to match that cushion appearance: and amended the shape of mine to something similar: (The closest leather texture I could find in Fusion t
  11. Revived by your kind messages I thought it about time yesterday evening that I got off my posterior and did something pragmatic to get the brain and hands back in action, starting with the chassis of the observer's seat: The main trade-offs here are between getting a reasonably accurate expression (is it my imagination that many kit/AM Vixen seats at 1/72 are decidedly anorexic looking?) of Martin Baker's lifesavers within the bounds of printability, but always with an eye upon subsequent assembly and mounting to the other parts. Mulling things over whilst in hospital I r
  12. A recent spell in hospital gave me more reading time than expected so finished off: A deeply mis-titled book, much burdened as it is by reams of bureaucratic history and financial planning notes. Given the main author's usual area of specialization, I was surprised to see his name on a book of this nature and and should have been forewarned, so my mistake. Surprised at the narrow scope, privileging officers, politicians at the expense of crews and the wider place of naval service within society: in this respect a mentally dull and uncritical establishment history, one better entitle
  13. Thanks for your kind thoughts all. Sprung from hospital at lunchtime today and home now, knackered from an unexpected week and chastened by the knowledge that we are basically just plumbing capable of conscious thought. Seen more needle in the last few days than a Rangers/Celtic Derby &etc. etc... Have to return for a further operation in a few weeks' time but for now, a couple of days rest should see me oop and aboot. Until next time, happy modelling (and other lesser aspects of existence)... Tony
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