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  1. Thanks! No, it was not loadad during the fist roll-out and flight. So, it was decided to skip this element. To be honest, I've tired with building...
  2. Hi, It is reasonable for case of regular white Airbus livery, but not for prime coating colors. As soon as "primer" scheme was selected, it was decided do not put something inside on cargo room...
  3. Very good realization in both cases! Especially I like model from Polish forum: - cargo space - aeronavigation lights - A320 body add-on - landing gears - weathering - etc. Of course, I’ll found something critical to say, but I really like what and how this person from Poznan done. As I can conclude, he is registered here also. @Milczacy, hello! I like your Beluga! My congrats!
  4. No-no-no... Enough for me. That will be scratch for someone else
  5. It was some tech.problems with topic creation. Now it is ok. And with photo. Sorry
  6. Link to this subj.in Ready For Inspection section:
  7. So... The project AIRBUS A300-600ST BELUGA that was started in Sep'16 is completed now. Original body: Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Model: Revell 04206 Scale: 1/144 Aftermarket parts: no Livery: Airbus Beluga first roll-out and flight color scheme It was challenging project, but not all things I kept in mind was realized here. Anyway, to be honest, I like the result . Initially, it was quite old mid-quality Revell kit and ordinary livery in the box (as for me). Of course, white modern Airbus home livery is good but do not expect you'll get bright model on your shelf after completion... Looking for detailed photos of Beluga, I've found some interesting pics of first roll-out and flight and finally decided to make my model with this painting scheme! I've collected almost all photos of Beluga from that time period. At least, all available in inet . It is just 8 pics, +2 videos. That is all I had for start... Link to build (WIP):
  8. Almost done... Tomorrow... No, already TODAY, I will make some cosmetic operations AND close this project. Wait a little bit for final photos during weekend...
  9. Just put “missed” parts on proper place...
  10. Dreaming and looking for new project..., while waiting for missed parts http://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/9/5/5/2295559.jpg?v=v40
  11. Andrii, That was last variant (after copying, from Revell, from friends, ...) ))) I think, you're right... I can do that, but I've tired with this build. More than 1 year due to limited time available for my hobby (( To be honest, initially I planned to do cargo door that can be opened/closed with working mechanization... But later I decided to skip that, because I was not sure it can be normally realized in 144 scale... But my colleague from Odessa will send me that part next week... So, hope to complete this kit next weekend /// Igor
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