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  1. Those decals look bloody nice,...... you are doing a cracking job here Beard! Cheers Tony
  2. Hiya Folks, A bit more progress,..... the Olive Drab anti glare panel has been added (although not sure whether it is dark enough,...it looks almost black in ref photos!) and the spinner tip has been painted red. I`ve just masked off the panel which is to be painted a darker shade of silver; DSCF3511 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Soon be ready for the decals, Cheers, Tony
  3. Hiya Folks,..... the first coat of Dark Green camo added; DSCF3512 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3514 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Cheers Tony
  4. Hiya Folks,.... I`ve made quite a bit of progress on this one recently but forgot to post the photos!!! Here it is after the resin wings were attached,.... with filler applied; DSCF3501 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3502 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Then it was sanded and the guns, radiator, oil cooler and belly tank were added; DSCF3503 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3504 by Tony OToole, on Flickr And I`m well into the painting now,. here is the first coat of Dark Green after application,....... I`ve gone for the sharkmouth,... but I`m still researching which aircraft it was,......I want to replicate the aircraft as it was photographed, at Biferno, Italy in 1944 before it went to Greece,..... but the roundels provided for the scheme were those added much later after the aircraft had been in Greece for a while, circa 1945. Like the Baltimore`s of 13 Sqn RHAF,.... the RAF C1 Type fuselage roundels and fin stripes would have been converted using blue and white Greek colours,.... but with the same proportions. DSCF3508 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Cheers Tony
  5. Hiya Franz,..... here are some shots of the undersides as you requested,..hope they are OK?; DSCF3505 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3499 by Tony OToole, on Flickr And here is the model with the final coat of Dark Earth; DSCF3500 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Cheers, Tony
  6. Nice pic Phil,..... to be honest I was just glad to see it outside as I`ve always wanted to see it out of the hangar! Cheers Trevor,..... I think that the red or blue cross thing is a matter of interpreting b&w photos wrong in the past,..... I`ve always believed them to be blue. Yeah hopefully be glossed up and ready in a few days, unless,.. as you say,...something `comes up' from her in doors! A good old feed up, a laugh, change of scenery and hugs did the trick,.... he`s back on all cylinders now... first exam on Tuesday! Hahaha,.... yeah I think you are right John,......got back home in time for Match of the Day and saw what you mean, shame as I always used to love FA Cup Day!! I said at the time that it was first proposed that the Premiership was a bad idea and it would kill the old British game,.... too many foreign players diving all over the place (although ours have caught the bug now too!) and prima donna`s,.... all about money now and boring football. Yeah we had a good time and it was well worth it,...... the back might take a few more days yet mind you! Cheers Tony
  7. I bought a lot of them when they were released but this is my last one now! All I have left is an old Heller one and a Revell one,..... but as you say they are both longer and for a Mk.II. I totally agree,.... we need a modern metal winged 1/72nd Hurricane. FLY Model have announced that they are releasing a couple of 1/7nd kits of the Hurricane Mk.IIb,..... which is good,....... nice decal options and a canopy mask set plus a resin propeller,...... but it is the old Hasegawa kit,....which isn`t so bad as it is the best Mk.IIb out there! They say that they will follow with a MkIIc and d,.... so at least somebody is trying,..... don`t know any prices yet though! Cheers Tony
  8. Cheers Dave,.... A pair of 3 Sqn aircraft in those schemes would look superb mate, Tony
  9. Nice choice Pat,.... I`m pretty sure that they made a few dive bombing attacks on Malta using these,.... but the Italian`s settled upon the Ju 87 instead. Good luck with the build, Cheers Tony
  10. And the last coat of Dark Earth,.... I`ll be painting the tip of the spinner with light blue; DSCF3492 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Time for the Dark Green next,.. Cheers Tony
  11. I`ll take a photo tomorrow,..... just lost the daylight here now! I did add the resin tropical filter from a Model Aircraft Monthly conversion set (maybe available now from Alley Cat?) and the first coat of Dark Earth (photos taken earlier this afternoon!) Before painting I had sanded the `dog house' behind the cockpit to enable the sliding canopy to sit properly in place; DSCF3493 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Cheers Tony
  12. We went up behind the fishing quay,... it was an award winning one and the fish was lovely,.... a bit pricey,.... but did the trick!
  13. Cheers Fella`s,.... Oh I know Trevor,..... the blades are reproduction and not real,..... also,..... look closely at the exhausts,..... they are made from a workman`s plastic hard hat and a length of plastiv tubing,..... with triangular `things' attached,..... and the cooling gills are cut from a length of metal sheet with cuts along the edges!!! Seems they were rushing to complete it towards the end and never got around to sorting these bits out! DSCF3477_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr Cheers Tony
  14. Hiya Folks,.... the first coat of Dark Earth camouflage went on today!; DSCF3490 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3494 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Had a good afternoon & evening yesterday,.... but the old back has been suffering today! Our Son is at university in York and phoned up at lunchtime asking us to drive over,..... so bang went my afternoon of pre FA Cup TV coverage followed by the match itself! Anyway,...as he lives less than 5 miles from Elvington and as the Halifax was supposed to be parked outside the hangar this weekend,.... we took a slight detour on the way; DSCF3473_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3471_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3476_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr Shame the sun was right behind it,.... but brilliant to see it outside in its element,.....like thousands of other Halibag`s were around Yorkshire during WW2! Here are some of the other aircraft too; DSCF3478_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3479 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3468 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Then we picked Rob up,.... who was suffering from a case of pre exam blues caused by days and days of revision,..... and took him for a run in the car over the beautiful North York Moors followed by fish and chips in Whitby,.... which seemed to do the trick! DSCF3488 by Tony OToole, on Flickr As I said,... lovely day,.... but feeling it now! Cheers Tony
  15. I love the Australian based Spitfire`s and you have nailed it again with this one,.... what a lovely model Russ,..... one thing though,.... 54 Sqn was an RAF unit,.... not RAAF! All the best, Tony