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  1. It looks superb to me Russ,..... another winner in your jungle warrior collection! Cheers Tony
  2. I built one here if it is of any use,..... I presumed that French or US colours wee used to overpaint the previous markings on the desert scheme which appears to have been applied in the USA using equivalent colours;
  3. Looks fantastic Simon and I love the Cranwell scheme with the blue band,.....always a favourite and you could do quite a collection of aircraft that have worn that famous marking down the years. I`m currently battling with the Airfix dayglow decals on my kit,......urghhh!! Cheers Tony
  4. Has to be all three,.....might even build a 4 Sqn one too!!!
  5. Superb job Neil,..... very very impressive mate.
  6. Nicely done Christian,....... it really looks the part compared to the original sat in the surf on a Sicilian beach, Cheers Tony
  7. What a superb result for such a basic kit,.......... the detail you have added looks brilliant, Cheers Tony
  8. Thanks for that update mate,..... I will bear all of that in mind when I start mine, All the best Tony
  9. Thanks Kapam,...... yes these models represent ealier variants with smaller wings and tail surfaces. The Hasegawa kit is lovely, you will really enjoy it and it depicts the later variants with larger wings and tail surfaces. Here is a Hasegawa kit that I built a while back; All the best Tony
  10. Hiya Don,...... I answered your PM and I did answer the same query on page 1 so I won`t repeat it again here too! Good luck with the model,... you will love the decal sheet,...... the quality is awesome,..... both decals and instructions, Cheers Tony Thanks mate,...... glad you like it and cheers for saying so.
  11. WOW,.... That looks fantastic and wearing the best scheme worn by that variant too. I have one of these to build myself this year some time,...... I hope that it looks as good,..... was it a pretty easy build? Cheers Tony
  12. Very nice indeed Sean,...... the colours look spot on and I love the little details, especially the weathering on the tyres,...... I`d be very pleased indeed to have that beauty on my shelf, Cheers Tony
  13. Tim,..... .... Looking at the pics of the real thing I couldn`t actually decide between the wartime or tubular exhausts,......so opted for with the earlier ones as they are ex wartime machines,...... the exhausts can easily be switched. I`ve looked again and agree that they do look like the latter. I did choose tubular exhausts for the smaller version to hedge my bets. I`m aware that the canopy `looks' a plain light colour which could be silver or grey green primer,......not being sure which,...... I opted for the camo colours in which it was no doubt eventually painted,....or the previous canopy frame was painted. Glad I came in handy for something with the spiral, Cheers Tony
  14. The Mk.I had the original rear gun position, as seen on the original USAAF version the B-26 (and as per my Mk.I models),....... the Mk.II had the later position as per later B-26B`s with the glazed section around the guns and the Mk.III last the last style position with the rubber boot around the guns. ...as per my model here; The few early B-26B`s lent to 14 Sqn by the USAAF had the interim early style with the pointed metal rear section and a glazed twin gun mounting above,.....as per my B-26B model in this thread. Google should clear up any problems. Cheers Tony
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