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  1. Wish they would re release the 1/72nd Sikorsky H-19 helicopter kit,... or better still release it as a British Whirlwind!! Shame they never up scaled it to 1/48th too.
  2. WOW,... what a fantastic Lanc Roger,..... you an amazing model there mate. I have always like the Mk.II and funnily enough I started building one myself last week,.... I hope it turn out as nicely as yours mate! Lovely Lanc, Cheers Tony
  3. I jumped in, in 1988 mate and respct to your Grandad. The schoolkids of Arnhem/Oosterbeek started to adopt graves after the war and it carried on to the present day,...... some have compiled files about the dead soldier which they pass on to the next child,..... but many of the original kids carried on tending `their' grave all of their lives, but unfortunately they are now in their old age and are popping off too. One of the most moving things I saw was during the Sunday service in the cemetery when all the kids came in carrying flowers and laid them on the graves,...... wasn`t expecting it a
  4. It looks gorgeous mate,..... I`ve always liked this aircraft wearing this scheme but it is beyond my masking and painting skills to achieve anything like the masterpiece you have produced,.... so well done indeed. Cheers Tony
  5. Fair enough mate,..... those of us who know our roundels will have gathered that it was after 1942,....... well done for spotting the error,....
  6. Agreed J-W,..... the roundels are later,..... but the description only refers to the aircraft being impressed for service in 1940,...... here is the description "ex G-AEXU, impressed in 1940. Roundels and fin flash are of newer type introduced in 1942. Location is a guess."
  7. Yeah the expense has put me off to be fair,..... I like the type and the subject,..... but I don`t like it so much as to pay that money! Yo`ve done a grand job though.
  8. Light Blue was used by Malta based units and I did consider mentioning that,..... but it just doesn`t look like it to me,..... and I remember typing `could' when I mde this remark,..... "The codes `could' be Medium Sea Grey for the sqn letters and white for the individual code `Y' ,...... but hey!
  9. tonyot


    Very nice and interesting pic,.... cheers for sharing it mate.
  10. The codes `could' be Medium Sea Grey for the sqn letters and white for the individual code `Y'........ but I would say they are on the lighter side of MSG,..... ie very pale. Red is also an option, comparing the codes with the red on the roundel.
  11. Nicely done Shaun,...... lovely little model, Cheers Tony
  12. Very nice indeed,...... lovely job. Cheers Tony
  13. Very nice indeed, I had wondered what colours were used on these sleek looking floatplanes,...... you`ve done a lovely job. Cheers Tony
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