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  1. Cheers fella`s,..... thanks for saying so and glad you like it, All the best Tony
  2. Hiya Folks, Here is my attempt at the new 1/48th scale Revell Beaufighter kit,.... not exactly a shake and bake like the Tamiya kit,.... but to my eye it looks a bit more accurate, especially around the cockpit. For anybody interested, here is my WIP; The model was brush painted using mostly Polly Scale acrylic paints and the decals came from Aviaeology and were excellent to use, as were the highly detailed instructions. The rockets and the box in front of the windscreen which directed air to keep this clear came from Tamiya kit spares, while the strike camera protrusion on the nose was made from drilled out sprue and the antennae on the nose and top of the fuselage are piano wire. For those wondering about the brick red coloured areas, strips of fabric were doped along the wing leading edge fairings to stop screws from shaking loose when the cannons were fired while others were used to cover the cannon ports and the dinghy release hatch too. Here is the model; And,....... Here is the same aircraft depicted later in its service life built in 1/72nd scale using the Airfix kit; Cheers, Tony
  3. Hiya Folks, Well I`ve added the antenna on the side of the nose and the large whip antenna on the top of the fuselage,....... stick the last bits on,.... and it is finished!!!! It has been a bit of a trial at times but it looks every inch a Beaufighter and dare I say,.... more accurate than the Tamiya kit, especially around the cockpit; I`ll stick a RFI on later,.... cheers for the encouragement along the way everybody, Cheers Tony
  4. Maybe e mail Hannants,.... they might order some more,..... or e mail DK directly explaining that their importer is out of stock! I wanted a Liberator sheet which was out of stock and finally found one on line in Italy,.... so don`t give up!
  5. I don`t know if this is of any use,..... but here are the two ADS Beau sheets for sale together on E Bay; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADS-Decals-Bristol-Beaufighter-part-1-2-pre-owned-un-touched/263981832425?hash=item3d768b18e9:g:teYAAOSwFYZbvH1P:rk:2:pf:0
  6. Hey Giorgio you have nothing to feel guilty about,....... you are a star my friend and I really appreciate your help!! There was no problem with blending the black areas in,....... we`ll see what it looks like after the matt coat goes on! I did struggle with the masks for the tail code Q,.... most probably because I tried to do it first using rattle can and then when that didn`t work I tried brushing the paint on,..... in the end I had to remove the paint and applied a block of yellow decal with a red `Q' over the top. I intend to brush paint some black on today to hopefully leave a decent yellow surround,..... wish me luck! All the best and cheers again, Tony
  7. Sorry to hear that,..... the thing is about DK sheets,..... you have to be quick or they soon go. If you cannot get one, contact DK and if enough people do that he`ll most likely do a re print, Cheers Tony
  8. Hiya Folks, Just got the first coat of Polly Scale EDSG onto the model; The EDSG is actually darker than it appears on the photos,....... I`ve tried a 2nd coat today but it was a bit of a disaster,.....really wishy washy,...... so considering using Humbrol 123 enamel instead now! Cheers Tony
  9. Hiya Folks,.... a bit more,...... I`ve added an oil collector ring to the Aussie Spitfire using plastic card,....which still needs to be sanded down and shaped properly; I`ve also added another coat of Dark Earth to the French Spit; Cheers Tony
  10. Well you`ve done a lovely job,..... much better than my two attempts at doing the same! Could I just point out one very easy to alter thing,...... like the Chinook the two sets of rotor blades would never be seen positioned in the same way, as due to the possibility of the blades hitting each other they would always be intermeshing instead...... ie if the front rotor was positioned as an `x' then the rear one would be at `+',.... if you know what I mean? Again,.... really well done,..... you`ve brought this old kit into the 21st Century and that takes some doing, Cheers Tony
  11. Thanks everybody,..... wow,.... I don`t know what to say! Re the back,..... it is never going to get better,..... the damage is done,...... but it is getting worse. My damaged discs which are a result of my parachute accident keep giving way or displacing and it is the displacing discs which are touching my spinal cord, causing massive leg, foot and of course back pain. The last op a year or so ago was to try to rectify damage done when the previous op failed after a few days,...... and now it looks like I need yet another,......... but hey,.... what can you do eh! Onwards and upwards with the Spits at least and thanks so much for the good wishes everybody, Cheers Tony
  12. Thanks Chris, Well I`ve done a bit more and it is almost finished,.... the undercarriage, flaps, exhausts and propellers have been added; I still have to paint on the Brick Red for the dinghy hatch sealing strips plus of course the Tamiya rockets and a few final jobs, Cheers Tony
  13. I know that it doesn`t seem like much progress, but the invasion stripes have been tidied up and matt varnish applied, ready for a bit of weathering; Cheers, Tony
  14. Hiya Folks, A bit more progress,..... the RAAF Spit is now ready for its decals; And I`ve added the first coat of Dark Earth to the French Spit; Cheers Tony