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  1. And another update,......... decal time,...... Here are the decals being sorted out,........ I had a sheet of narrow MSG code letters from Modeldecal,.....but no numbers,.... so the `9' had to be made up from a pair of C`s plus some other bits and pieces, as show here,..... along with a set of wider decals which were a standby! The eril was from the Light Slate Grey codes/serial sheet and the upper wing rounels came from the Special Hobby Sunderland that I`m also building; And the model with the decals on; Cheers for now, Tony
  2. Hiya Nick,...... I posted a larger pic of Blenheim UQ-D in the thread below,...... and I reckon that the rudder is faded DE/DG,....remember that it is fabric and the rest is metal,.... so dopes and paints etc, PLUS it matches the normal DE/DG pattern too,..but does look like it came from another aircraft judging by the pattern on the rest of the aorcraft. If it were Mid Stone/DE, then the central dark patch would actually be the lighter colour with MS replacing D/G, check out pics of other Blenheim`s, plus the restored one at Duxford, it has a rudder in DE/DG. I reckon that the serial could be L8376 too; There is also a decent article from Flypast here if interested; https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Blenheim/RAF-211Sqn-UQ.html Here is the Duxford Blenheim, note the rudder colours; Cheers Tony
  3. Thanks for the kind remarks lads,..... well I`ve tidied it up a bit now and added the gloss finish ready for the decals; Thinking of using Medium Sea Grey codes on this one as they appear lighter than the Light Slate Grey ones and the latter on my sheet don`t have narrower options, so time to drawl through the spares box! Cheers Tony PS,... I do have a second main wheel,....I just forgot to take it out of the box!
  4. Probably doesn`t look much,..... but cleaned the model up a bit and put the gloss on ready for the decals; Cheers Tony
  5. Nice to see another naval Tiggie,....... and such a nice one too!
  6. Hiya Folks,..... a bit of an update,....... I took the masking off last night but there had been some seepage,..... so I re masked it,..... sprayed some more white,..... and then did some light sanding,....... I need another coat of EDSG yet but I`ll free hand it and try to tidy things up a bit, especually around the engine nacelles,......probably tonight`s job? Here is the model so far; Oh I opened up the portholes by removing the masking from inside the fuselage too! They will be glazed using Kleerfix later on. Cheers Tony
  7. Hiya John,...... yeah and lots more EDSG to slop around yet mate! Would I recommend the kit? Well it depends how much you want a Sunderland Mk.V really. It is a nice kit on the sprues,..... better than the Italeri kits in that respect,..... but mine seemed warped and the fit was awful,..... however it isn`t impossible, it just needs plenty of fettling! Cheers Tony
  8. Thanks lads,....... the masking was mostly OK,...... but the paint had sneaked underneath in a few places and on a white background it really stands out! I went ahead and masked off the de icer boots and painted them Medium Sea Grey; Then,..... I decided to re mask the model as I`d bought some better tape and apply some more white,.......... wasn`t really a good idea as it cracked around the nose due to the heat in the porch where I was spraying!!! So the model was sanded down,....... I`ll be applying another coat of EDSG to tidy up the upper surfaces; Cheers for now! Tony
  9. Hiya Folks,..... here is the model with the first two coats of Extra Dark Sea Grey on the upper surfaces; Although I`m representing a post war aircraft,....... at the time of the Berlin Airlift it was still in its wartime colours and not the Medium Sea Grey uppers which were applied later on. I just hope that the masking tape has done its job properly! Cheers Tony
  10. A bit more of an update,........ here is the Fort with the first couple of coats of Extra Dark Sea Grey on,....... the subject appears to be wearing the later scheme so I`m just going for the one upper surface colour; I just hope that the masking tape has worked! Cheers Tony
  11. Thanks Mike,...... I`ve never seen a Stirling Mk.V with SEAC roundels mate,..... if you mean the well known one in colour photos,....that had standard roundels. It does look rather sleek doesn`t it. Thanks mate
  12. What a lovely Tiggie Gazza,..... nice to see a civvy one,..... bet you make another! Cheers Tony
  13. Hiya Folks,..... well I`ve been away from this one for a while,...... and popping in every time to do a bit here and there,.....sanding it mostly,...... but tonight I got the first coat of paint on,....... Humbrol acrylic Matt White,...... to be followed by Tamiya Pure White which is glossier and more decal ready; The smaller parts such as turrets, nacelles etc are being painted seperately. Cheers Tony
  14. Hiya Folks, I got a coat of white paint on tonight,...... Humbrol Acrylic Matt White,...... another coat and I`ll add a top coat of Tamiya Pure White which is glossy and ready for decalling; I`m also painting smaller parts like the engine nacelles seperately, Cheers Tony
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