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  1. tonyot

    RF-84F Thunderflash

    I nearly bought this one from Dave`s,...... so glad that it went to a good home Andy and has turned out so well too,...... great job as usual! I`m hoping to get a Tan Model one to build a Norwegian aircraft,..... hopefully Dave will have one in for me today! Cheers Tony
  2. Hiya Colin, I`ve been trying to find a set of wheels suitable for a 1/72nd Baltimore, Hudson, Ventura, Lodestar, Maryland etc but there are none available, especially with the hub cover fitted,...... so maybe a gap in the resin wheel market? All the best mate, Tony
  3. Great choice and looking superb so far,.....keep up the good work. Cheers Tony
  4. It was all to do with money,..... Eisenhower threatened to cripple the pound and the entire British economy whil also failing to denounce the USSR when they threatened to nuke us! Glad you like the models,...cheers. Suez was a military success but a political disaster!
  5. All in good time! I`d love to do a silver Valiant but as I have two white ones already I doubt if I`ll have room for another. The Hunter, Canberra, Valetta and Hastings are all in the pipeline though!
  6. I think that you know who I mean,..... but I don`t want to elaborate for obvious reasons,
  7. Thanks,..... I used brushed on MiG pigment powders for the exhaust staining. Thanks Davey,....... yes I do have quite a large cabinet,...... but it is now crammed packed full mate!!!
  8. Thank you to everybody for your very kind comments. Cheers Tony
  9. Thanks,....... yes some Skyraiders had lighter blue used on their roundels to make them stand out better against the Gloss Sea Blue finish;
  10. Cheers John,...... yes the Sea Hawk pilots were rather nervous of the MiG 15,...... BUT it still didn`t stop them chasing some,.....they just couldn`t catch then as they were riunning away too quickly!! I do have a Hunter in Suez stripes but it was made so long ago that I have no wish to share it on line,...... I need to build another to replace it.
  11. Thanks Mike,..... I had totally forgotten which kit it was! I have a Classic Airframes model in similar colours...... in fact this could well have been the Classic kit,....come to think of it!
  12. Cheers Bruce and yes,.... a TBM-3 in the colours of the HMS Bulwark Ships Flight would look spectacular,...... they both had names on the side of the fuselage,......this one was `Beryle The Peril'! Yes Neil`s editing is sorely missed indeed,....... the 2nd TAF edition was in SAMI.
  13. Cheers Neil,.... yes we had a great time mate,........ Sorrento is a beautiful place and Capri is bloody expensive!!!
  14. It isn`t so far fetched as it first seems,....... I know of one officer who was bent on getting a medal who is said to have been shot by his own lads ,.... and the officer who took over won the battle thanks to his better grip of the situation and tactics. I`m sure that it was quite widespread during WW2 and we used to joke about it with certain officers too.
  15. Thanks Don,....... oh it did test my patience mind you!!