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  1. LOL,... Mater Modeller my foot,.... and I know Terry would love to see it!
  2. I love this oxydol special" Chris,..... you have done a brilliant job and yellow has to be the worse colour to brush paint `EVER',..... your masking is faultless and the result is one of the best Ventura`s that I have seen in model form,...... simply superb mate. Why don`t you e mail a pic to Terry at Avialogy,.... I`m sure he`d love to see it if he hasn`t seen it here already, Cheers, Tony
  3. Another update,.... got the US Sea Blue uppers on today,..... I tried not to make it look too crisp as the real thing did not have ultra straight lines judging from photos; Masked and being painted; Finished,... after a little tidying up; Forward view with turret; So next a coat of varnish ready for the decals, Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks Wulfman,..... glad you like them. Cheers Tony,..... glad you like them and liked the open door,.... it is one of my favourites as it has a resin interior and it would be a shame not to show it off!
  5. Lovely job mate,..... really nice Beaufort!
  6. Thanks Dave and looking forward to your updates mate,..... I just muddle along while your more methodical method is much more informative! I`m like the warm up act! Cheers Tony
  7. Hiya Folks,..... a small update on my Beaufort`s,..... .I`ve built up a set of depth charges left over from an Airfix Wellington and added them to a set of bomb racks from a Revell Lancaster which have been altered slightly; Then they were added to the bomb bay of the SAAF Beaufort,...... a more suitable load for its anti submarine and convoy escort duties; So tonight should be undercarriage, torpedo, propellers and radar antennae night! Cheers Tony Cheers Tony
  8. No worries Mike,.... message sent,..... this website is very interesting too with some photos that may be new to you; https://no23squadron.wordpress.com/
  9. Really nice,...... always nice to see a 23 Sqn Mossie from Malta, and so well built too. I have a photo of this aircraft and like most other 23 Sqn Mossies I`m pretty sure it has black undersides for its intruder role,..... albeit just the extreme undersides and not encroaching upon the sides. I can send you a copy (for your eyes only) if you like. Cheers Tony
  10. Hiya Folks,.... while building a batch of Beaufort`s I have also been plodding along with this one too and gave it a few coats of white from Rattle Can`s last night,.... I used Humbrol matt as an undercoat and then put on a coat of Tamiya gloss; So the US Sea Blue next,..... most of these aircraft appear to have a much lighter colour on the upper surfaces,..... maybe a grey or grey/blue,..... but having seen a photo of this particular aircraft the upper surfaces are quite dark, Cheers Tony
  11. It is slowly coming along Pat,.... no worries mate and Happy Easter! Oh yes,.... she got LOADS of treats!!
  12. Hiya Folks,..... a bit more progress on my Beaufort`s,..... .I`ve been cracking on with assembling and painting some of the `ancillary' items like the wheels, propellers, torpedo (still being worked on!), turrets, and the guns, including the twin Vickers guns in the nose. The Brownings for the turrets are Aeroclub white metal and they have been removed from their moulded mounting on the sides to be attached to the kit part in an upright position where they are closer together. The beam guns are Coastal Craft white metal Vickers guns..... only because I used the excellent Airfix gun
  13. Thanks Alistair,..... much appreciated. Cheers Chris,..... you do appear to have caught the bug mate! Thanks mate,..... yes there is something about the Ventura,..... a brutish elegence maybe?
  14. You`ve done an amazing job Chris,.... it looks fantastic,...... and you are a brave man brushing so much yellow onto a large 1/48th scale twin! Definitely one to be proud of there mate!
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