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  1. tonyot

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    We had some Russian civvie Antonov AN-26 twin turbo props going over here last week,..... flying from Germany to Liverpool Airport,....... really noisy,....... just wondered what that was all about? Cheers Tony
  2. Hiya Folks, Since a B-17 named Mia Amigo crashed in Sheffield in Yorkshire during WW2,...... it has never been forgotten by locals and one man created a monument to the 10 man crew who died. Today thousands of locals turned out to pay their respects and see a combined fly by carried out by the RAF & USAF,.......massive respect and never forgotten; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-47323045 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/02/22/pensioner-tends-memorial-us-airmen-saved-arranges-flypast-honour/?fbclid=IwAR1kgNtVPD0h9mqWWKZIqLBwYpPxP45z6BQSUBl__xlZR3LEQ1sKjkc2Ukk
  3. tonyot

    Colour film of Fortress Mk.I

    Thanks mate,....... you are of course right,........ thanks for screen grabbing it. Cheers Tony.
  4. Hiya Folks, I`ve been building this one on and off for a year or so now but I`m finally calling it finished I`ve always had a soft spot for the South African`s in the East African campaign, especially as I served in the area myself in the 80`s,...... and the FLY kit is very good, if a little fiddly in parts,....... but I can definitely recommend it. As usual the model was brush painted. I modified an Xtradecal MSG code letter as the kit ones were not accurate and neither were the unit insignia on the nose, only one of which is supplied....... which were replaced by a pair of decals included with a marking masking set. Here is the subject aircraft, flown by South African ace Major Jack Frost DFC & bar; Here is Frost climbing into a Hurricane, note the 3 Sqn SAAF wasp insignia on the nose with the motto which reads ""Semper Pugnans" or "Always Fighting",; And to provide some mood for the campaign location,......3 Sqn SAAF Hurricane Mk.I`s hiding under what we referred to as `sweetheart bushes' when I served there,......the thorns are huge and very, very painful,......hence the name!!; And here is the model; Cheers, Tony
  5. tonyot

    Colour film of Fortress Mk.I

    Great footage,...thanks for the heads up Graham. Was it EDSG/DSG with PRU(Cosmic) Blue undersides?
  6. tonyot

    SAAF C-47TP

    You`ve done a superb job on this lovely 21st Century Dak. Love the Dackleton scheme too! Cheers Tony
  7. Nice one Jan,..... that is the scheme that I want to apply to my next Sea Fury and you really have nailed it,...... thanks for confirming to me that the red panels were applied to the undersides too. What a beautiful model, Cheers Tony
  8. You`ve done a wonderful job Pat,....... well done it looks superb! Cheers, Tony
  9. It looks wonderful Julien, really, really nice indeed. I almost bought this conversion at a recent show but it was part started and quite expensive! Cheers Tony PS,.... Are the windows meant to be blanked over or have you forgotten the masking?
  10. tonyot

    Airfix 1/48Sea Fury

    They both look wonderful Steve,... well done mate, Cheers Tony
  11. tonyot

    1/48 Sikorsky CH-53 GA - Revell

    Very nice indeed and I love the camouflage. I worked with these helicopters as part of the AMF when they were flown by the HEER,....... very impressive indeed. Cheers Tony
  12. tonyot

    Handley Page Hastings C Mk1, Mk2. 1/144

    If I can help with colours and markings just send me a message,..... I have quite a few photos of the real thing. Cheers Tony
  13. No I haven`t got around to the rigging yet,...... for some reason I have a mental block,....... same with my Walrus!!!! Good luck with the kit and I hope that this thread helps you, Cheers Tony
  14. Cheers,...... and yeah happy memories eh? I used rattle can Tamiya Bare Metal Silver,..... with matt varnish brushed over it,...... I find that it dulls it down and in this way is quite a good match for RAF High Speed Silver. The White was rattle can, as was the cheatline for which I used Tamiya US Navy Sea Blue. All the best Tony
  15. I know what you mean Jason,...... but the aircraft is representing the Dakota`s used in the Airborne Forces role and although the VIP scheme is nice,...and it was indeed retained for many years on display (see my WIP)....... in this case it wasn`t suitable for the role and when it needed repainting it had camouflage colours applied to make it look more war like. All of the VIP interior had been ripped out before delivery too. Cheers mate, Tony