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  1. Very nice indeed,...... nice to see one from this unit with the wheels on!!
  2. Thanks Jason,...... glad you like it and cheers for the kind comment too.
  3. Lovely,....... simply stunning. Cheers Tony
  4. Cheers Chris,..... Cheers Mike,.... yeah it is a superb little kit. I reckon that they could do a single seat Vampire out of it with a new nose,...... but a Venom would have to be a whole new kit. I`d love to see a new 1/72nd single seat Venom and also a Sea Venom,...... the only thing is,..... there are not as many different colour schemes,..... so maybe less interest to Airfix? I hope not! Cheers Terry,..... I wouldn`t go that far mate,... but ta!
  5. Thanks Chris,..... I`ve done a naval one already and I`ll look forward to seeing yours pal,.... I quite fancy doing an early one in naval colours too,..... I bought a conversion set to do one,..... and cannot find it anywhere,..... must be in the same place as my C-130 flaps,.... just vanished into thin air!
  6. Thanks mate,..... yeah cracking, simple little kit, cheap enough and as you say,..... so many decal options! Everything a kit manufacturer should look for.
  7. Thanks Colin,..... sadly being the operative word for sure,...... I save them for special occasions these days and reclaim them from old built up models!!
  8. Hiya Folks,,.... Another once across the line,..... and one more addition to my growing 45 Sqn collection. This is the excellent little Airfix 1/72nd Vampire T.11 with decals from Xtradecal and a couple of old Aeroclub metal seats were put into the cockpit to help with nose weight. The model was painted using Tamiya rattle can bare metal silver and brush painted with matt varnish to better replicate RAF Hight Speed Silver. I tried to make it look well weathered due to the tropical climate,.... but I may have over done it?; And next up,.... I`m tackling the same kit but with the High Planes conversion to make the early variant with framed hood, no ejector seats and smaller fins,..... which also includes decals for a 45 Sqn aircraft,... photos of the real aircraft show that it did in fact have roundels on the booms, so the image below must be a printing error;
  9. Thanks mate,.... I totally agree! Thanks mate,.... glad you found it useful and enjoy your Tamiya Mossie.
  10. Thanks Colin,...... yeah PRU Blue is great on a Mossie! Thanks mate,.... glad you like it. Thanks mate,..... yeah the Tamiya kit is better,...... but when a mate gives you three Hasegawa kits, you never look a gift horse in the mouth and t is far from being a duffer. Having built all three,.... I would rank the Airfix kit as the best,...... then Tamiya and Hasegawa last. That is just my own opinion mind you,.... and they do offer completely different versions! Thanks mate,.... yeah me too,.... it is a lovely colour for a model for sure. Cheers Mick.
  11. Thanks mate,.... I`ll get there,..... I do like the red white and blue spinners and I have set of resin two stage Merlin`s,..... so never say never.
  12. Very nice indeed Steve,.... I do like the RAN Dak`s and fancy doing a blue ad white one some day,..... that said,.... it looks brilliant in silver and white too. Cheers Tony
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