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  1. Cheers bud. I started painting it tonight! Got to be done Duncan,...... I know it is really expensive,...... but I`m glad I bought mine. Hurricat,...... did you say Hurricat,...... aw flaming hell,...... wish you hadn`t said that!!
  2. I wish I had the room for the full thing Tommo,...... yours should look awesome,...... especially attached to a 1/48th scale Country Class Cruiser!! Mine took a lot of cleaning up,..... so be careful as the parts are very thin in parts,...... a sanding stick was my main `weapon'. Dry fit at least three times before using glue and many of the fitting lugs on cross beans etc needed to be cut down and thinned to fit inside U shaped sections etc. Try not to rush it too!
  3. Hiya Folks, I have nothing to do with Neomega but having just got my stalled 1/48th Airfix Walrus project out, I have got on with building the Neaomega resin, white metal and brass etched catapult section with trolley. I found the instructions next to useless,..... so if I have put anything in the wrong place,...... hey, I did my best!! I just thought that I would share it with you all,....... what a good way to display a Walrus or a Swordfish floatplane,.... or another naval type as the same trolley was also used on British carriers like the Ark Royal, but of course the runners were set into the deck. Here is my progress so far; And some more pics; It is very fiddly and the instructions are not the best,...... but I am still glad that I treated myself and forked out for this, according to the invoice it was £37.50,.... but after tax and postage it was £49.00,...... so definitely not cheap! , Cheers Tony
  4. Cannot say too much on an open forum mate,...... but I`m not surprised. I heard nothing from them after the launch of this book at Telford,...... leaving me with a half written series about RAF Germany for which I had spent a fortune in photos! Ah well! They are still selling my book on a website apparently?
  5. Thanks Colin,..... yeah I have always thought the stretched ones look more elegant too. Thanks Ray,..... yeah finally got there mate! Thanks Perdu,...... what a great memory,...... and it is beautiful there to begin with anyway. Thanks Derek, glad you like it mate,....ta. Thanks mate,..... yeah I`m not air or ground crew but I`m aware of a yellow dot on one blade which needs to be at the top and for the blades to be dressed, I even dressed the feathered prop just in case!! I don`t remember how they dressed it on the ground,...... but the sight of it just stood still out there through the fuselage window flying at low level was quite sobering and is imprinted on my memory! This model replaced one that I had built some time ago (a standard short fuselage Herk) and I found it so much easier and was able to do much more with it,...... just shows how your modelling changes over 20 years. All the best Tony
  6. As has been said,..... it is feathered due to a problem,...... just have a look at the WIP which has plenty of C-130 photos or check Google,..... the props on the `original' C-130`s,.... before the J model do NOT auto feather when the engine is shut down,....... they only feather if they have been feathered by the crew due to a problem in flight!
  7. That is very nice of you to say so,...... thanks mate. I loved Lyneham,..... cannot believe that it is no longer an RAF station,..... it was one of those place that were so important that it would be there forever! Cheers Tony
  8. Good luck Colin,.... what a project! Have you tried any of the Canadian modelling sites? They love their Argus`s they do! I`ll be following this with great interest,..... you are a very, very brave man! Cheers Tony EDIT; I dare say you`ve seen these rough plans? I`m sure if you shout up on this thread somebody could help you out mate;
  9. Thanks Steve,.... so glad you like it mate. No I had 4 months of very severe back pain and associated modelling block,...... but I bounced back as usual! Nice experience seeing them below you,..... I`ve done the same in the Welsh mountains,.... and sometimes it is better to just savour the experience rather than fumbling and panicking for a camera! It is those occasions which you remember most,..... like my experience with the Harvard flying right behind our tail gate! Cheers mate Tony
  10. After reading other `reviews' and replies I think that you are right mate. The colours really do stand out more after removing the fim, especially on the codes which are rather mottled otherwise. Cheers Bruce,..... yeah it is all finished now mate,..... very, very impressive kit from Eduard and you will love it,..... I posted the result of mine in WIP.
  11. Thanks mate,...... no the blade was feathered to replicate a flight I was on which is mentioned in the WIP when the engine had to be shut down in flight and feathered. It is not a regular thing,..... but I saw it with my own eyes. Thanks Jon,..... yeah the Arnhem jump was well up there mate....... a definite bucket list tick for sure. I would love to have done it from a Dakota,..... but the Herk was a very nice 2nd place. I was due to jump from a Danish Dakota once but the engine wouldn`t start, so it was scrubbed,..... bummer! I`ve sent you an e mail by the way.
  12. Very nice indeed,...... lovely kit from Airfix isn`t it, I`ve built a couple now and been very happy with them,
  13. Mine was a best guess after viewing lots of reference pics. Are you doing a C.1 or a stretched C.3? Have a look through the WIP to see if any of the pics help,..... if not let me know and I`ll photograph the undersides when I have some daylight! Cheers Tony
  14. As I said,.... a catalogue of errors,....... I also blame Browning for taking so many gliders from the Arnhem lift to take his Tac HQ in on day one,...... where they did next to nothing. Brereton was the man in charge,.... so he has to take some blame. It was the air side who also said no to a drop closer to the bridge,.... a coup de main was requested by 1st Airborne and rejected due to the proximity of Deelen and its flak defences. ....... so thinking opposition would be light they went with the Recce Jeep plan instead,..... they even rejected an offer from 6th Airborne Recce to provide some Tetrarch`s or Locust`s for a coup de main dash. I also mentioned the lack of air cover from 2nd TAF as the UK side ordered them to stay clear,..... until common sense dictated otherwise towards the end when I said this earlier "Thanks Steve,....... yes the blokes on the ground gave their all but I`m not sure those in charge of it all did. I have always been baffled why the 2nd TAF was not used for close support of the blokes at Arnhem,...... turned out it was a squabble between Brereton and 2nd TAF,..... Brereton,..... who also vetoed two drops at Arnhem on the first day did not want 2nd TAF over his theatre of action,...... crazy,.... especially when the blokes at Arnhem were attacked regularly by German aircraft and German armour was allowed to move around in daylight with impunity! ", Cheers Tony
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