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  1. Very nice indeed,.... nice to see a model of one of the second line Blenheim`s used for comms duties in the Med, Cheers Tony
  2. Here is info that I found out while researching Jimmy a while ago for a facebook post I made; During WW2 comedian Jimmy Edwards served as a Flight Lieutenant flying Dakota`s with No. 271 Squadron RAF He took part in the D-Day landings and at Arnhem his Dakota (KG444, named ""The Pie-Eyed Piper of Barnes" after his birthplace Barnes) was shot down resulting in facial injuries requiring plastic surgery, which he disguised with a huge handlebar moustache that became his trademark. Accordingly he was also a member of the Guinea Pig Club and he was awarded the DFC, the circumstances being " while returning from his fourth mission as part of Operation Market Garden his aircraft was hit and he gave the order to bale out. When he went to jump he found some of his crew were injured and unable to jump so he returned to the controls and landed the aircraft in a wood, A brave and funny man. Cheers, Tony
  3. RAF Dakota`s did tow Horsa`s during D-Day, Arnhem & the Rhine crossing,....... on D-Day RAF Dakota`s dropped British paratroopers but at Arnhem the USAAF did the job, apart from the Pathfinders who jumped from Stirling`s. The best kit is the Airfix kit,...... then just find a photo of the subject that you want. Italeri did a Dakota with RAF D-Day markings and the kit used was the old Esci kit which was the best one available before the Airfix kit turned up. Italeri have a kit for the Airborne Forces MkIV,..... that is the best to go for,......... The Revell Merlin engined Halifax can be built as a glider tug,....it has the Mk.V undercariage, glider towing brace and parachute exit in the belly,...... however the engine nacelles are rubbish and the 4 bladed propellers are not accurate either. Freightdog Models have a pretty decent correction set for the engines,.....which is simple to use. I jumped into Arnhem in 1988 for the anniversary and I`m very jealous of your trips this year,.......... you will be amazed by the kids in the cemetery in Oosterbeek on the Sunday,..... what they do is heart rending but beautiful!! All the best Tony
  4. Lovely job Colin,..... nice to see one in Barge colours mate, Cheers Tony
  5. tonyot

    Martlets a'plenty!

    Great pics there Mike,..... I have seen a great many of them before but there were some that I had never seen before,.... that colour photo was new to me,.....what a beauty eh!! Oh,... and never say `hat' to a British paratrooper,....... it is the ultimate insult,..... just to let you know. A bit like saying `leg' to a US paratrooper!! Cheers Tony
  6. Wonderful job,........ I`ve always liked this type but didn`t know it was designed by Koolhaven,....... now you`ve told me it seems obvious,..... it just looks like one of his!!! To say this is scratch built makes it even more special,..... great build, Cheers Tony
  7. Cheers Chris mate!! Well a bit more of an update,..... I have sanded the fuselage halves to make the mating surfaces flatter and also drilled out the windows,....... unfortunately the resin fuselage halves are twisted and bowed,........ I may have to heat them with hot water and try to fix it that way? I`ve also painted the interior, going for a lightish brown dry brushed with a mid brown and given a watercolour wash to try to replicate a plain wooden finish, with Interior Grey Green for the cockpit and also the metal plates used for the tracks/wheels of the cargo. As well as that I have cut out the vacuformed nose,..... at the moment I cannot decide between the clear nose which has been partially painted, but a little small,..... or the larger white plastic nose part with clear parts to be added later which is a slightly better fit? Here are some pics; Cheers for now, Tony
  8. You have done a beautiful job on this one Gazza,....... it really is superb mate,......... I wish I had room for one of these myself. Cheers Tony
  9. Beautiful job Chris,....... you are very brave doing this scheme,....... I love it but it scares the crap out of me!!! This is how a JP should look!! Cheers Tony
  10. Lovely job,...... I do like that scheme! Cheers Tony
  11. Very nice model of an aircraft that I remember seeing,...... great subject! I would query the Airfix figures though as they are much later than 1982 and carry the SA-80 rifle,....... which was not in service then, it was the longer and much better SLR. Cheers, Tony
  12. Thanks Mate,...... yes Plagis BR321 is on the sheet, ,.....here is a link to the sheet instructions; All the best Tony
  13. Thanks mate,...... yeah the first Spitfire`s to carry bombs were on Malta when they were fitted with bomb racks from Beaufighters under the wings, for offensive sorties against Sicily. It was later refined and made standard on the Mk.IX. 249 Sqn had quite a few Spits carrying bomb logs. Malta is a beautiful place,..... maybe a bit touristy since the early 90`s when I first visited,..... but Grand Harbour is an awesome sight that I never get bored of. Mdina is special too and this is where the fighter pilots from RAF Takali were billetted, overlooking their airfield. I do think that the epic battle of Malta would make a brilliant film,...... done to top standards like `Band of Brothers',..... the strong sunlight, beautiful Mediterranean island, aircraft, the story of the siege,..... the international cast of Allied aircrew,.... not to mention the naval war, civilians and Army,....... it would be stunning. ....but hey,...what do I know? Cheers Tony
  14. Thanks Jackson,..... that is partly why I elected to use a vacuformed canopy and mount it open,...... plus the detail inside the cockpit is rather nice. Thanks Chris,.... means a lot pal,.... hope you are keeping well?
  15. Thanks Justin,...... yeah I sanded the trailing edges and wing tips and this seemed to help. Cheers Tony
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