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  1. tonyot

    Barracuda MkII, 822/1709 Squadron, Ceylon, 1945

    The Barracuda sqns on the Light Fleet Carriers used Ceylon as a last working up base under tropical conditions prior to heading for the BPF and before leaving for Australia they made their Barracuda`s lighter due to the heat affecting performance,........ so the rear gunner and his guns (and seat?) were removed, as were the Yagi ASV antennae on the Mk.II`s. Under the belly the rack for the 2,000 AP Bomb would have been added if and when this weapon was being used and under the wings I would say that four racks were usually fitted,....... the standard bomb load for tropical conditions under the wings was 1,500lb,..... often consisting of 3 x 500lb bombs fitted asymmetrically. For training around Ceylon, Light Stores Carriers with practice bombs were often carried under the standard bomb racks. Good luck with the model and I look forward to seeing it, Cheers Tony
  2. Cheers Nick,....... I think that you have more faith in me than I really do mate!! As for the white area on the collector ring,...... as far as I know it was an optional cover over the top of the exhaust collector ring, which was also seen on Beauforts with the same Taurus engine and also on Hercules engined aircraft like the Beaufighter This was usually painted with heat proof enamel, presumably as a safety precaution during night ops for groundcrew on the ground? You an see it here; H And another Albacore without the cover in place; Here are more pics showing the white painted cover; You can see the gap between the cover and the exhaust ring in the above photo. I`ve included this photo below to help with the rigging; Cheers Tony
  3. Hiya Folks, I meant to add that these are the decals that I am hoping to use;
  4. Hiya Folks, I got started yesterday and I`ll post some pics later,...... I meant to add that for the RAAF option I have this sheet from DK Decals ; And quite like the one with this nose art; But,... from the only pic that I can find it isn`t clear whether it had black or camouflaged uppers,.....the sheet depicts all black which isn`t what I really wanted,....whereas it looks to have lighter upper cowlings and wing to me, but is it a trick of the light/shadows? So,....I`m still looking for firther reference info!!!
  5. tonyot

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    Lovely job on a lovely kit,...well done.
  6. Your Black Cat looks great Dennis,........ and I think that you have got it right,...... I`ll be going ahead with this then I think, Cheers Tony
  7. Hiya Folks, Thanks for all the kind comments,....... here is another update,........ Well the painting is all but done,..... next for the bit that I`ve been dreading,....... the rigging!!! And with the upper wings test fitted; You may have noticed that I`ve added some plastic rod to represent the arrester hook A Frame as this is missing from the kit. I seem to have lost the small struts for inside the main undercarriage fairings and one of the torpedo racks has fallen off while moving the model for photographing,....hopefully it will turn up! Well it may not be perfect but it does look like an Albacore to me,........ wish me luck with the rigging!! Cheers Tony
  8. Brilliant cheers,...... the RAAF Cat isn`t off the card yet,..... I`m just in a quandry about the camo,..... I`m in two minds about it being light grey or EDSG applied to the black?
  9. Cheers Alan,.....yes the one in the background is on my radar and I might push it forward,...... so many models that I`d like to build! Thanks Alan
  10. I model in all scales and have done quite a few 1/48th Ventura`s already,...... cheers I`ll try my best! Got to say I`m looking forward to it, Cheers Tony
  11. Cheers,..... yeah I`ve always fancied doing this one,...looking forward to starting it.
  12. Hiya Folks, I`d like to represent a RAAF Black Cat with camouflage above the top wing,...... but there are so many theories about what these colours were that I`m a bit stumped really; So for this reason,..... I may fall back on a RNZAF Cat instead; Or even a RAF/RCAF wartime aircraft,.... Cheers Tony
  13. Hiya Folks, I`ve had a post war SAAF Ventura GR.V planned for some time and I`ll try and get it done during this GB; I`ll be using resin paddle bladed propellers plus a turret blanking plate from Lone Star Models and maybe the entrance door too? As I don`t have a set of resin wheels I`ve cut some wheel disc covers from plastic card; Here is a closer view of the turret blank and door; And as the cockpit isn`t very accurate, I`ll be aiming to convert it into something resembling this, which I did in an earlier model; The kit Cowling`s are not great, but I`ll be using them, here is a diagram of the cooling gills which may help a bit; Also the SAAF Ventura`s based in the Union had modified air intakes above the cowling and these will have to be replicated too; The silver aircraft above was converted to a VIP transport for General Jan Smuts and is now at the SAAF Museum. And here is the rough scheme that I`m looking to reproduce, Extra Dark Sea Grey with Sky undersides and yellow codes with Springbok roundels; And a big inspiration for my SAAF models is the late Ron Belling,..... a superb artist and historian of South African aviation,..... hare are some of his Ventura paintings; Cheers Tony
  14. Hiya Folks, Hopefully I`ll manage to get stuck into this soon; The interior is part painted,....but I`m sure that this s OK? I`ve got these extras too,..... especially since the Academy nacelles are said to be too small; I`ll compare the kit and resin nacelles soon; These fishtail exhausts are very nice too; Cheers for now, Tony
  15. Ah bum,..... only realised today that the kits were for sale!