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  1. Until you realise just how are you going to do those spirals on the Spinners! hence my one stuck in its box for years.
  2. Gulp €39.99. I'd need it pre made for that price TBH. Fine Model build though
  3. It might actually be held in a better venue where you don't have to stare at the sun all day long. Plus with the museum attraction on site not being a draw could it end up being cheaper too? I have not gone for the past few years as each year was morphing into each with little different.
  4. I like that a lot. Great to see some of the ol timers coming out instead of the Shake n bake Tamiyites jobs. Cracking build sir.
  5. Oh tks for the film tip, I see If I can get that now!
  6. Finally Finished this for Fathers day and what better then to spend a nice hour by the lake in the Warm Sunshine with your Dad! Here it is on its maiden Voyage. Snag was the smoker unit wire detached somehow so this was not working plus the light did not work so thats for another day. 615_1582 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 615_1584rs by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 615_1590 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 616_1609 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 615_1578 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  7. Nice effort, I bought one for a Tennor a few years back, Decals broke up, chucked it in the bin in the end.
  8. Lovely End Result, the Lights bring the vessel to life Fabulously. The instructions on these mountfleets are tough, Especially if you are not a Nautical person! I'll look forward to your next build!
  9. Man alive bad luck, You an I must be related as thats exactly what happened to my one the other week! A Resin 1/72 though!
  10. Its for My Dad, he hits 75 today so I will leave the naming up to him, I suggested Aine Deas ( which is Lovely Anne in Gaelic) Anne is my Mums name.
  11. Cracking build there mate, These are some really fab kits. Tempted with the Admiralty Coaster myself!
  12. Hi all, Just finishing off this kit, It is from Mountfleet Models. Cracking looking boat, Was Finishing it for my Dads 75 tomorrow but won't cross the line now as I need to do the rat lines and some of the Jib rigging and was short of Blocks and shackles. Rc inside, Lights and Fog unit. Here are some progress shots over the past while. 607_0784 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 607_0793 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 609_0908a by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 610_1057 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 610_1054 by Georg
  13. Sorry Folk, Lost this in the Mist of Time. Masked with blue tack and Mask ol. Paint pulled off Surprisingly easy. Looks like this now so all's not lost, chin up and all that! [/url]610_1038 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 610_1038 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 610_1039 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 610_1040 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr forgive the State of the Bench, I'll get around to it soon!
  14. If you look at my Spitfire Pic the Decals for the roundals are pretty poor where the blue meets the red it is darker, I could not be bottomed throwing more bucks for a set replacements TBH. Good luck with your build Rick, Just enjoy it for what it is!
  15. Yes, I got this as a pressie some back in the 80s from Santa, Banged it together and it got a repaint some years later, Lovely model for its day although I can say I did not do it justice!
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