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  1. Cracking effort, you cant go wrong with these kits!
  2. Hey Days of Dux gone, Hardly , you will probably end up see the same aircraft in different shows in DUX through the year and at other shows, the Hey day of Legends how ever was greatly reduced from years of old,, Old Warden has to be the best place for a UK show these days....
  3. Hello Everyone. Well the bags of bit are diminishing quite quickly from me last check, Still pondering about some pieces though and where they go! Over the weekend I tackled the Depth Charge Platform and got it built but not painted yet. Might do that tonight. Depth charges had Metal Ends and plastic tube for the middle, Went together quite nicely. They plans show Eyes to tie these down and looking at other build there seemed to be white metal eyes provided but none were included on my model so some spare eyes were got from the spares box and those put in. T
  4. Good Evening all Been Beavering away still, Never seems to progress as there is so many little bits to do! The Carley float was a crap resin mould and I was not too happy with it, the ropes in resin were sanded smooth and replaced with real rope and pre shaded and then painted, I also weathered the winch and stuck to rope on it too, Bit more work to do on it as you can see. Before Sanding IMG_7371 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7368 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7369 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7383 by Georgeconna32,
  5. Good Morning, Tackled the Winch over the past 2 days, White Metal and brass with 2 resin parts so this called for assembly with solder for strength and durability. resin bits where superglued on. Very complicated build. Painting next. IMG_7361 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7362 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7363 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7366 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  6. I enjoy them though, usually twice the price of a mag so I think they are a good buy despite the concerns noted else where.
  7. Stopped @100 myself and said that it for me....
  8. ving Along nicely and one of the most eagerly awaited jobs, The Armour Deck Plating. 2 Sheets of A4 paper were provided in the kit, Yeah right that will cover the hole thing plus on top of it I made a balls of two attempts do lay the Plates so had to order a pack of 50 sheet. Just trying to get a suitable Rivet head was problematic, Tried a Dart, Drill bit, Grinding bit, some other bits in bobs but nothing great, In the end I round off a 2mm brass rod and put into a pin vice and pressed each one in to each plate, marking out 5mm per rivet and 2mm in from the edge. A long process.
  9. Next time your over drop us a line and I can take you for a few pints! You got nice weather too! Nice bus!
  10. Bit here about the Blackwater and the Bride Rivers (which is 100mtrs from my house) https://irishwaterwayshistory.com/abandoned-or-little-used-irish-waterways/waterways-of-cork-and-kerry/the-bride-the-munster-blackwater-and-the-lismore-canal/ any over here in the future drop me a line and I can take you out for a few hours kayaking.
  11. Here are a few from last year on the river blackwater, 3 miles from my house in Cork. Going off topic but what the hell. The Castle shown is the Duke Of Devonshire's Gaf, the Richest man in England, there are lots of Rich Brits along this river, Trusthouse Fortes Daughter owns another castle further down. He apparently owns the river bed from Fermoy to Youghal where it hits the sea. You could no make this crap up TBH, Local Fisherman have to tow the line when the toffs arrive from the UK like Prince Charles etc if they want to fish and I though and they ar
  12. Hello Everyone, Hope you are enjoying this sunny weekend, A quick post before I head to the Sea for a spot of Kayaking. A few more hours spent yesterday in joyful solitude in the shed with some CD's banging away. Major surgery with a repositioning of the engine room vent pipes, Despite going off the plans the location measured was not correct and they had to be move up and over a tad. you can see the original position in the photos. Wheel house deck is now in place too. Hours spent with little to show! The Ladders were also attached and the handrails soldered up to the
  13. That has come out Very nice, Miss to the old 20 Sqn Jets on the show circuit. Always a favourite.
  14. Evening Gents, Been Beavering away on this still and here some pics too. First was the construct the Gallows, These are white metal castings and are a tad rough, The first too went together nice enough using low temp solder in the end but you can see some casting are way out! IMG_7248 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7249 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7251 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr See the height difference and the short leg on the left hand one! IMG_7254 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr The Front one
  15. With the S boat not around, I checked the other thread I decided to do a weight and balance test and the model delightfully stayed afloat without much fuss! IMG_7232 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7231 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr IMG_7230 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
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