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  1. Nice looking Jet. This is a lovely kit to Build. I got one on the cheap for 15 notes, the last one at that price in the LMS. I'd love to build another one.
  2. nice one, the engine nozzles are upside down though, Dunno if thats an easy fix.
  3. I Tried and Failed some years ago. Still in the box in bits..... good luck with it.
  4. Lot of other errors on it,More Glaring too, buffers for one, Spashers, Wheels different shade to the main body....
  5. Good Jos on that, Built a wolf pack one years ago, only bits of it left in the spares box these days, I am sure I repainted it twice as well!!
  6. I hope that is a Giant Fag Lighter as that work is unreal, I'm building a 1/48 Steam Freight and struggling with that!!
  7. One for the Purist's. My Dad sold his one 2 years back, got good Coin for it too Love to make one for him but cant really pay out that money for a kit. Looks like he will have to stick with the Matchbox one!
  8. Q-tips with Plastic tubes replaced with Paper. Simple you wont loose them. Use Wooden stirrers cut in half, they become 4 stirrers then. It is pretty disheartening to see the attitude from some people here in relation to this environmental problem. I was only taking to my modelling chums about the amount of plastic I chuck into a Landfill from the left over sprues and additional parts. could these be recyled back into production elsewhere? The plastic pollution has gotten out of hand and is growing. Just the production of single use Water bottles is astounding, A program gave out a statistic of 1,000,000 being produced a minute. quite a lot ends up as landfill or on the roadside littering the country side or in the ocean. Education of the younger generation does not seem to gain a traction as I witness young lads littering the green outside myhouse. When I approach I am accused of being a stalker. I just cant win. Plastic nonsense such as the lolly pop holder, McDonalds toys and other pointless Crap needs to end. take a look at the BBC Drowning in plastic for some extraordinary insight to the problems being faced right now. It is hard not to be Affected by the program. cheers George
  9. Beautiful looking bird. Can you position the wing sweep on the Tamiya one?
  10. Sweet Lanc, Love the prop movement as it really brings it to life.
  11. Lovely Build. you kind of miss the old Rivets.
  12. Good god, Just looked that guy up....I know what you mean now!!
  13. Thanks Lads, Anything over 30 notes I tend to muck up!!!
  14. Hi Folks, OOB nothing added except filler!! Here is an Italeri F-14 with Iranian Decals, Humbrol Paints and Alclad Mat Varnish. 587_8701 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8700 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8692 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8691 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8689 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8688 by Georgeconna, on Flickr
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