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  1. Some lads would kill for a weathering finish like that, Maybe enhance the panel lines with some pastels or such to bed in the effect, you never know. I gace fierce problems with cold, mositure and paint these days. Very off putting.
  2. Aeriel on now folks and a touch or weathering. Tks for the comments 604_0493 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0492 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  3. Some Ezi thread added for Aerial Impressions. Chickened out of the Cage Ariel lark. Once more Life boat to put on, touch up of the black on the frame and calling it done 604_0486 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0494 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0487 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  4. Hi Lads, Not a great start to 2020, sitting on the S.O.D for ages and I decided to hell with it lets finish the buggar and this happens ,so many times now I I am at the point of just making stuff that does not need masking or has just one colour. How am I gonna fix this besides flinging it at the wall? Masking peeled off top and the tail planes coats when removed post paint drying. Xtra colour was used over holts Grey primer. Since I moved out to my Porta cabin I think the Damp air affects the paint grab. I dunno. Never happened in the house when I had me own room. probably 20 years before the eldest pisses off to her own gaf so I should get me room back or build a bricks and mortor job. 604_0484 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0483 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0485 by Georgeconna32, on Flic cheers g
  5. I took the contents out of the box in a shop I worked in and asked people what they would give me for it. I got no offers over 20 notes. Amazing what a big box does. Same with those large scale spits, For sale all over the place for around 25 euros.
  6. Look no different to other brands TBH Walter. Maybe not a fine as Fujima or Hasegawa but they did the job for me.
  7. Hi folks, bought this about 5 years ago when I worked in a model shop so just getting around to finishing it off. I used a Laser Cut deck which really enhanced the model and added some details for the boat cranes. Looks ok but a wee bit too heavy. Just wondering about some rigging next, I dont fancy doing Cage Aerials so will keep it simple. the sea was just crinkled tin foil plastered over with Polly Filla and then sculptured a bit to make some wave like effects and painted over with Humbrols and Klear for the Sea Gloss. 604_0406 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0407 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0408 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0414 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0415 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0473 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0472 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0471 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0470 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  8. Ok very nearly done, just the Antenna and Pitot tube to go back on otherwise I am calling it done! The fuseage was a bit warped and as this was for a friends kid to build I took it on an gave him something simplier and Of course I did not read the instructions and had to split the wings post cementing to insert the cannons and the blanking piece for the outer wing!! All done with Humbrol enamels and Alclad II Matt on top. 604_0464 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0465 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0467 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr 604_0468 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr
  9. Nice effort Scotty. Just goes to show you dont need all that Fancy Mig / Ammo / Alclads etc etc.
  10. Great Effort Brian. Fair play to ya. nice mix up too. Happy New year kid.
  11. Ouch, I had the same thing happen with Mr Colour paints, Masking tape glue left on the white paint. Binned the kit in the end. these might help. http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/tools_techniques_and_reference_materials/f/18/t/141261.aspx http://cs.trains.com/mrr/f/88/t/130897.aspx
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