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  1. Another thread Maybe, I am only playing on Play Station so not as fancy a set up as most lads I'd say. I Spend most of the time on fire!! But hey I'd give it a shot, I don't have a head set or any of that Jazz.
  2. The ol Panther is not doing me any Favours in Warthunder though even with all that Armour!
  3. And the 2 little 'Aerials' in front of the Canopy are too far apart on the CAD when compared to the real one, Defo wont be buying this one now.
  4. "that it will be treated in a similar manner to things I have previously imported from the Far East etc in that the Courier will request payment of the VAT due plus a handling fee before delivery." Exactly so why does not the others say from the US operate the same way, the postie rocks up and ask for the dosh. Happens here right now, I have cleared 100's of customs entries into Ireland this week helping out our land dept. Lots of Consignees not Registered EORI wise, Tough then, Stick NR (not registered) in the Entry and they pay up front before delivery , Small delay
  5. Same here, Perhaps Paul Walsh in Dublin or Maybe, just Maybe Marks Models or Stillorglin model buy n sell lark at some stage. Fraid Selling any thing Model Related now to the UK is Kaput. Just left it too late myself. Now what to do with all those Corgi Lightnings I have.....
  6. Screwfix price is all in Roy, Vat is on the invoice or should be. I had some stuff delivered from them last week, Waited ages though and some crowd called Wiggle with no extra costs.
  7. Top notch that one is, You must be very happy plus pride of place in the case!
  8. Oversensitive dude, You or a kid are building a bomber of Mass Destruction - I prefer to have a heavenly body landing on me rather than 1000lb bombs out of a 17.
  9. you have limits as an adult and a child of what you can bring in before taxes are levied. 390 is a lot of Plastic if you manage not to get pressies for the missus, Well used to be, 2 x 1/144 747SPs you wont get much change outa it LOL! UK customs allowance If you are travelling to the UK from outside the EU, you're allowed to bring a certain amount of goods such as alcohol, tobacco, perfume, souvenirs for your own use or as gifts. Your personal allowance includes up to 1 litre of spirits, 200 cigarettes and up to £390-worth of other goods. I think kids have a reduc
  10. Its the Continent now Roy or the L.M.S. really or my Loft for Kits. Thanks God I am not bothered with Etch and Resin these days. As Roy says VAt is paid in the EU at source. No other bother or Worrys Also with Address Pal (a Proxy UK address to Facilitat UK People that wont post outside the UK - yes they exist!) you might get charged VAT twice on that service as a UK supplier to Ireland may not be aware its coming to the EU with out telling them before hand. I will wait until someone tries that out first!
  11. Posted before the Jan 1st perhaps. The amount of Extra Work now involved just to transit a truck across the UK is a Staggering. Before the truck was sent with a CMR - that was it. Now a PBN needed to board the ship from Ireland to UK, A Goods Movement Reference is need to enter GB, A Kent Access Permit to get to Dover, An ENS to get into France and an SIEXIT reference needed to enter France you could not make this up! thankfully Stena have put an extra ship going direct to France to bypass the UK.
  12. Wonderful choice of Scheme, I love to do the same some day,
  13. And I though I was bad with a good few made, Some fine examples there
  14. Tks Joachim, Don't worry it is probably broken off at this stage but thanks for the info!
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