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  1. Down to about 80 colours I understand, Getting rid of the non sellers.
  2. 2nd what has previously been mentioned, Cracking GB, Lovely Models, New live to old kits that I thought would never see the light of day and I got some reasonable models out of it too boot! Still looking at a number of MB kits to make and I found a few more in the loft!! Arrgh! Enjoy the rest and the OBE when it arrives.
  3. Well the End is nigh, big thanks to the lads setting this up and keeping all us building with the ongoing encouragement, My first GB on BM too so really fun for me as well, I forgot how modelling should be instead of getting wrapped up in the latest Etch and Resin. I was great to see that so many people took part and the outcome was some excellent build threads and finished models, so well done to all. I won't be around for the 100 Y/O one so maybe my Daughter will take the mantle and build one for me (if there is any left in the Stash) all the best lads, have a great summer. Regards George.
  4. Fab Work, I have one of these in the loft so taking plenty of interest here.!
  5. Hi Folks, Some short Vids of the Ship in Action, Some little Issue light forgetting to tighten up the Srcew resulting in a tight shaft and overheated motor. An the Smoke unit decided to fail also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUub2BBOPuY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sRnmTxC0Ls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25DhE1QQ_cg
  6. I am in the Same boat but spray! Humbrol will be out again at the end of the year but apparently only in 80 odd colours I was told by a Model shop owner who was informed by the Humbrol sales people. Nice work BTW. Nice to see a Vacform still being built!
  7. SAd to see this coming to and End, Really shows there is life in these old kits and there has been an amazing array of input as weill as some fine examples of Matchbox kits on show. Congrats to the organisers and all that contributed over the past while, Got me Stating modelling again really! Here is my last contribution, Revell boxing of the Beaufighter!
  8. Hi folks, Also calling this one done despite breaking off the Dorsal Scoop while taking the photos. Could not find it!
  9. Good Evening Folks, This one also calling it done, Well it was and then I undone it by dropping something on the model causing a dorsal scoop to fly off and never to be found again... Appreciate the comments and interest along the way!
  10. Good Evening, Number 4 of my Matchbox builds and I present a 74 Squadron Aircraft done as per the box art. The Matchbox Decals were used and some from the Revell boxing which I built this from.
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