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  1. Under artificial light (at 57 degrees north it's only day light when I'm working during the winter months) and unmasked we get this. I'm Scottish so I'd rather have a fist fight and a trip to the dentist in the same day than ever strip repaint a model so this will have to do
  2. Yes and yes, but in the 1950s it would be done using weighed pigments and eyeballing the resultant specimen against a shade card. Technology existed for objective measurement, but the calculations were deeply involved mathematics and the preserve of people with letters after their names. What I'm speculating at is that someone's close-enough commercial match may have been further away from the post 1947 standard than the pre 1947 standard was. I think using FS15042 is safe territory for this
  3. I think it might be - the paints on the Buchons appears to be the same as the paint on the Casa "Heinkels" in the movie, so I think 70/71 is more like what they were representing?
  4. The blue is repaired and masked up. My choice of colours for the Buchon are - drumroll - RAF Dark Green and IJN D1 Deep Green-Black
  5. It's FS15042, which isn't an exact match for pre-1947 ANA623. My point is that it was unlikely to have been American made paint imported, and instead something made either where the aircraft were built or in the operator's own country which was a practical match. It seems to be in the realms of the non-productive to be debating pre or post 1947 ANA623 when it was probably someone else's commercial match to it anyway - a hypothesis on my part but one supported by above anecdotal evidence of large variations in colour observed between aircraft.
  6. The change in shade of ANA623 dates to 1947, according to Dana Bell. FS595 did/does make equivalence statements back to the ANA colours, but I'd trust them about as far as I'd trust Jimmy Saville with my daughters. I interpret them to be statements on their pre-FS595 equivalents. Still, given the relatively subtle difference between wartime ANA623 and FSx5042 in the grand scheme of things, and the apparent uncertainty over exactly what the subject of this thread used, combined with anecdotal evidence about variations depending on several things including where the aircr
  7. This is why I don't finish anything. I applied a narrow strip of Tamiya tape under the canopy and just as it caught the paint I pulled it back to reposition, and it lifted down to bare plastic - the Mr Surfacer 1000 thinned with levelling thinner performing as well as the old water based acrylic rubbish that almost drove me out of the hobby. I've feathered it out, shall respray the blue, and treat the rest of this model as if it's been painted in bad quality paint. I must admit that wasting so much time on detacking low-tack tape like Tamiya's is just an anathema to me at this point. I'm going
  8. Hooray, my thread is fixed. I had to relink the photos in the latest posts but normal service has resumed. Phew.
  9. If fussed about that sort of thing, the paints on the real Arados were the standard Luftwaffe Maritime scheme of RLM72 and RLM73 in a splinter pattern camouflage upper surfaces over RLM65 lower surfaces. I'm not suggesting you absolutely need the exact right paints on a tiny little plane for a model ship, but it's always good to know what you're shooting at
  10. That's lovely. Somehow the Mk.IX really does suit green and brown, to my eyes at least. I suppose I should progress the poor Spitfire a bit too since the Buchon has clearly stolen a big march on it! p.s. I contacted Village Photos who responded straight away. The security Certificate will be renewed today and so hopefully by tomorrow all my pictures should be showing again!
  11. I was just whinging about this too but decided to contact them and ask. They responded straight away and said it expired a week earlier than they had marked in their calendar but that it should be fixed today - although I expect the definition of "today" should be viewed against a US Pacific time expectation rather than British early evening! Still, it should be fixed shortly and I don't need to rebuild threads like wot happened after Botophucket pulled their stunt.
  12. Hi Carl, This should be a treat in 1/32 Please do run a thread if/when you get around to it. It seems that my photo hotlinking issue is not unique to me: Rather it's Village Photos who forgot to put 50p in the Security Certificate meter. Hopefully they renew it quickly and it all goes back to normal - because it was working fine until a few days ago!
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