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  1. If no joy there then the best thing to do is exercise your statutory consumer rights and return it to the place of purchase for refund.
  2. I'm not very good at model shows. The only model I ever remember seeing at Telford was Peter from Airscale's Spitfire. Most of the displays are just obstacles not to bump in to I don't mean to ignore them all - I just don't really register that there's anything to look at. Saying that I never look at my own after they're built either, so I think I'm really just here for learning from others in the WIP sections and shows full of built models hold limited appeal for a weirdo like me! With that in mind, I was able to "complete" Telford in about 90 minutes the first time I went, then I left and went to do other things outside.
  3. That's rather splendid, but you've got the left insignia on the right wing and vice versa.
  4. For reasons beyond my control (I couldn't be bothered) the engine didn't get done tonight, but I did force myself to paint the wheels and glue them on. Hey, that's something, right?
  5. That's literally the *entire* reason I started this lark! I just wish someone else applied them for me Last night I glued together two lengths of heat stretched sprue and chopped it into little sections about 0.5mm long. These were then glued around the central ignition harness ring. Hopefully tonight I will get the individual ignition leads made from copper wire and attached. The engine can then be glued on and given a very dirty wash, you know, because it's a radial and they only stop leaking oil when they've run out of oil.
  6. At this point, I'd like to have a general moan that somebody (else) has not yet made decent ignition harnesses available on the aftermarket.
  7. Ultracast no longer supply to trade which saddens me. The Eduard propeller is not very good - the hub is mishapen and the blades are like cricket bats. I still had an Ultracast one here so I pinched it and it's going on this model now. Likewise the kit wheels are ok, but the tyres are split down the middle which just annoys me. As above, an Ultracast set were obtained and the hubs of both wheels and propeller sprayed ANA623. A set of Master gun barrels was sprayed in a base colour of Alclad Duralumin.
  8. I drilled out the kit exhaust stacks. They look ok and it involved minimal extra effort and no extra money
  9. Hi, it's just in there so I don't lose it. It hasn't had the ignition leads made yet or any highlighting etc The cowling is just placed on for now...
  10. Thanks folks Here's where we are with a coat of enamel gloss clear applied this afternoon.
  11. Not sure if I'm just getting old or if I'm justified in finding these difficult to see in order to cut them out. I ended up trying to cut them out using their reflections Anyway. 3 hours of my life later I am thoroughly bored and have a very sore neck. The stencils are all on and it still looks the same
  12. I want to get something finished. I really (I mean REALLY) hate the tedious faff associated with finishing models. Chief amongst such mind-numbingly unrewarding dross is stencil decals. Ugh...
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