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  1. That was the second ship in the film Keith The first ship they go to sea on was Flower corvette "HMS Compass Rose" which was also ficticious. I don't recall what those scenes were filmed aboard.
  2. Now you should have it, if you look at that single 2pdr PomPom mount aft, the ventilator and that little box with the stub mainmast on it, you will be able to make out a subtle diagonal demarcation between WA Blue and white across the little box and the top of the ventilator. Compare that to the design plate and you'll see what's actually painted on.
  3. PM me an email address and I'll show you something clearer. You will be able to study the photographs and recognise bits rather than have to identify them from the photos on a scheme that was intentionally low-contrast and difficult to make out.
  4. I can cut masks for pendant numbers, I just realised. They'd be on Oramask vinyl.
  5. Lovely work there, and far, far better than I will ever achieve with paint brushes!
  6. Oops! Athwartships is basically across-the-ways. The camouflage was painted on the sides, but surfaces in the vertical plane, called bulkheads on a ship or "walls" on land that ran across the ship rather than along its length are the athwartships verticals. The boot topping was a strip of special anti-corrosive compound painted in a stripe down the ship deep enough to cover where the waterlines could be at light or heavy loads. Usually it was black. The RN referred to it as a "composition" though rather than simply paint as it did have special properties. Th
  7. Hi Steve, it's the same thing. Its full and formal name was Western Approaches Light Blue, sometimes called "Peter Scott Blue" and sometimes just "Western Approaches Blue". Its a pale pastel blue based on Ultramarine and white pigments.
  8. Hi, I've got BS676 here ready to tin but it's going to be a while til I get round to tinning it, so suggest just going the Vallejo route for this one
  9. Verticals are white with Western Approaches Light Blue. Athwartships verticals are white as is crow's nest, yards etc. Undersides of all horizontals would be white to minimise shadow. Camouflage is painted down over the boot topping composition to the waterline. Underwater hull colour on Flowers was typically black. Pendant number should be MS3 or equal parts mix of 507A and 507C. CAFO679/42 gave no instructions for deck painting on Western Approaches schemes. I'd expect wood planking to be left along and steel decking to be painted with standard non-slip paints. Possibly MS3, but it would be
  10. Without a shadow of a doubt, that's a typical 2-colour Western Approaches scheme. The hull is essentially the standardised design offered on plate 23 of Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 679/42. Camouflage details on that standardised design on the upperworks are less obvious and may have been omitted in this case. but on closer inspection they are there. This looks to be a textbook example of Plate 23.
  11. If my response about acrylic marketing was taken as prickly or unwelcoming then I offer my apologies. It wasn't meant that way. You're also not the first person on here to have done exactly that with those paints based on the same assumption... The last guy toasted a whole boxed set doing it!
  12. You're right there. I don't really bother to be honest as the very modern problem of choice versus stock prevails. If my travels take me to Edinburgh I'll usually pop in to Wonderland, and if it's new otherwise I'll usually give @Duncan B first shot. Usually what I buy isn't typical shop fodder sourced through big generic distributors anyway. I've got a large stash already and it's mostly aftermarket I buy nowadays
  13. I got to work on the topsides. I started with the darker khaki green, then masked with white tack. The sand was then airbrushed over the lot. It's drying now and I've resisted unmasking it already and am on the way to the shops for some stuff (Gill's driving, obviously).
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