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  1. G20 is also a different colour colour compared to G10, so the final result will look substantially different. The images I posted about are pure grey-scale images to help convince you that the dark colour cannot possibly be B55. It doesn't mean G20 is a "scale effect" substitute for G10. G10 is bluish whilst G20 is greenish.
  2. You've dodged a bullet there because Tamiya completely missed the fact that Bismarck, in common with most large German warships, had a different colour on hull and superstructure! The correct colour for the hull was called Dunkelgrau 51. There are numerous airbrush-able model paints matched to this. The superstructure verticals were painted in a called called Hellgrau 50.
  3. Strictly speaking there were three shapes of splinter shields available with Oerlikons. Assuming they were singles rather than powered twins, then these are the correct basic gun. I haven't studied Hermione to know which are the correct sub-variant though. That said, you can give anyone who picks you up on the wrong Oerlikon splinter shields in 1/700 a slap with my blessing.
  4. For ships at sea, it definitely was. They simply read "HMS" during wartime.
  5. Hi Claudio, It's not a record I've ever looked at, but like most in there it's not been digitalised so you have to go there in person to see it. https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C4794435
  6. I would bet good money that the darker shapes are not B55. B55 is very light, always, and tends to look almost white. The darker shapes are clearly a dark colour, but not so dark that the black pendant number is lost, hence why I think the darker shapes are something like G10.
  7. You're right and I didn't articulate myself very well! I meant that the net result of making the tail longer to balance an engine relatively further in front of the wing is a heavier fuselage, needing bigger wings, and thus heavier still and perhaps needing more power which lumps you with a larger engine which probably weighs more too and thus you're back to square one!
  8. Hi Alain, I believe all the darker shapes are the same colour. It is common for shapes under the bow to appear slightly darker due to the shape of the hull here.
  9. I know Graham Boak knows this, but to address any possible thoughts of "why not just move the wing backwards" the answer is "to place the centroid of lift where it wants to be on the fuselage" or else you'd end up with a longer tail and a heavier aircraft (thus needing a bigger wing to get the STOL characteristics wanted and perhaps needing a bigger, heavier engine ahead of the wing)... Engineering is always a compromise.
  10. Hi, I think the first step here is to give you some calibration. On the colours G5, G10, B15, G20, B20, B30, G45 and B55 the numerical digits describe the Light Reflectance Value. In greyscale / black and white they look like this, so B55 will never look dark. I think on Bickerton you are probably seeing G10 and either G45 or B55.
  11. I'm quickly trying to make a suitable light blue for Stew which won't be a commercial product but if anyone else does want masks feel free to ask Stew There is an aspect of him not messing it up but there also needs to be proof that they work ok on the CR42's fuselage.
  12. Hi Mick, thank you for the generous offer. It's very kind of you! I can save you the hassle of posting though as I started drawing the pendants already in Illustrator and I've got the mask-cutter-y-machine right beside me so I can whip them up quick as a flash. Someone less fortunate will get far better use from those
  13. Thanks Mick I thought I'd edit the photo above into black & white to have a direct comparison with the photo of the real thing. It's handy to see if the paint tones are right! Not too bad. I'll try again at a similar angle and under similar lighting which is clearly from bow-on on the real ship. I'm pretty confident the Pendant Number is MS3 there. I should have cut the masks at the same time as the hull... Oops.
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