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    Things that fly and have wings firmly attached to fuselages as god intended.

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  1. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been given

    And from last evening courtesy of@Ian Shumsky the kit at the top of my Holy Grail list, an original , unmolested first issue Airfix 1/24 109E as given to me on my 12th birthday in 1972 (at great expense) by my eldest brother, a fitter in the RAF who worked on Frightenings amongst others. Been looking for a complete one for 6 years , This beastie had pride of place in our living room until my parents moved in 2002, only to to have the removals men drop the box it was in I have a newer one to build but just opening the box brought back that March day in 1972 when I unwrapped this leviathan and gasped in amazement. Taking the rest of the day off for some serious nostalgia... Collecting mountain officially climbed.
  2. azureglo


    A wee update: Started surgery on the hapless patient: The "hole" exhausts ended having to be scratched as the various Avis ones were not only unusable but had the wrong hole spacing for a DB600. A few minutes with Adobe Illustrator and then ran some Tamiya 0.2 Pla Paper through my Cricut with a deep cut blade and was pleasantly surprised considering that holes are 0.75mm x 0.5mm: A little fettling when the glue has dried and it'll do nicely. Tomorrow is a major fill 'n sand day. Now off to fondle my latest acquisition courtesy of @Ian Shumsky
  3. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been given

    The postman knocked twice...Another 2 holy grail items ticked off, a dirt cheap (but apparently unbuildably inaccurate) Sea Vixen for 14.99 delivered and to keep the Saeta company, another of Willy's finest: And this for £2.24 delivered, Bogey at his angry best.
  4. azureglo

    John Adams

    Just ran across this wonderful article (I know one of the admins for this site @tempestfan is a BM'er): What struck me is how much John contributed to the after market and un-kitted parts of our hobby for so long. Its also wonderful to see his amazing workshop and tools, all in a double garage apparently. I know @John Aero, has finally retired but if he ever drops by, a big thank for your hard work over the years. BTW I would dearly like to know his "secret" to short run injection moulding....
  5. A fine finish @Heather Kay, did one myself as an experiment in weathering and freehand camo. I note that you abandoned the silly fragile aileron balances , mine disintegrated on removal and I had some spares from a Tamiya. BTW what paint are you using? And also touch up the paint chips, looks like some jack booted pilot and armourers have been walking all over this plane.... Anil
  6. azureglo


    A day of prepping, mentoring a colleague at his new job and endless DIY spurred on my by new toy. So while I figure out a few mods like the long supercharger and the stub exhausts, I decided to do a paint and mask test to see how the markings would look on my like for like paint mule ( a wrecked Tamiya 109E as well) It seems that the fuselage letters need to smaller and thicker and my custom mix of 5 parts Mr Hobby 327 red and 1 part black, nails the whole wine red than the very ,very bright pink H34 wine red, these Japanese dont drink a lot of red wine as what I saw was a rose ( a non wine if ever one existed...) A few tweaks to the illustrator file and I think markings will be fine. Now to hack the poor Tamiya to bits. BTW @Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY, I did mention in my opening text that this was 109 B airframe, the Richard Franks profile shows this to have standard slats and a totally unarmed wing so more bleeding fillin' and sanding... Cheers A
  7. azureglo


    Broom handle? I would have thought General Udet would have a few selections from his normal in flight bar in the cockpit instead... Salut @Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY!!
  8. azureglo


    I’m on 109 roll: After my relative success with the 109E & 109F, I thought I’d try a little light conversion. It’s the wine red (or blue) 109V14 that Udet flew in Dubendorf and managed to prang. It’s a relatively easy conversion, but its actually BF109B airframe apparently so some details like fuel fillers need to relocated and obviously de-arming the thing completely.The Tamiya 109E is the starting point and I built up a stock of these on my travels to Japan a few years ,back at knock down prices so won’t complain about the costs or apparently the shortness of the fuselage. I am reliably informed the Mr Hobby Wine red is a good colour option so that will duly be applied. For the markings, I’m going to spray everything through homemade masks. I have some Red Pegasus decals that I got before the proprietor, Keith passed away but I have to say apart from the atrocious quality, he seemed to making up the fonts and sizes as he did me 2 totally different 1/72 versions that look nothing like the 1/48 version from him or anything like the artwork on the instructions! Still a bit of cross checking and tweaking before I use my Cricut Explore Air and all should be well BTW, love the mirror image Swastika on the 1/48 version Bits like the slotted exhausts will come from oddities like the now redundant RPM/Avis 109A/B kits I picked up many moons ago. This will be my first Tamiya and after the soft plastic and dodgy fit of the Airfix 1/72 109 I did last week, I'm hoping for a smooth ride. Cheers Anil
  9. azureglo

    Any point in buying 0,2 airbrush?

    Well you could do lines like this; or if its points you really need, here are some on a 1/72 Tamiya 109e paint mule BTW the this is badger Sotar 20/20 with 0.2 fine needle and Mr Paint acrylic/cellulose thinner paint
  10. azureglo

    Red Band Emil

    Oops, forgot to do the its finished thing and link to RFI so here it is.
  11. azureglo

    Red Band Emil

    thanks for compliments gents! The other magnet is superglued to the inside of the wing and these little N52s are strong enough that the stand remains attached when you pick the model up. Regarding the camo, I've read a lot of sources that said JG53 oversprayed the wing splinters and none of their planes had the troublesome motorkanone hence the covered spinner. The kit has a few issues, notably the soft plastic and large sprue gates meant that aerials etc disintegrated during removal. I'm doing a Tamiya 109E3 next to see if it is really is as good as folks say.
  12. Another finish for 2018: the not so delightful Airfix 1/72 109E in the colours of Hans Ohly of JG53. Some artistic license re the over-painted swastika and I always wanted to see what an 109E would look like with a pointy spinner. A bit of silliness with a home made stand and tiny magnets as I hate drilled holes in models. Finally still getting to grips with my Nikon D850 and photography in general, will update these with better shots when my tired brain can comprehend more. WIP here Some ropey last minute fixes, especially on the aerial and a replacement cannon bit it looks passable. Cheers Anil
  13. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been given

    @CedB at risk of being a pendant you do realise these are the 0.25mm ones? FYI these babies go down to 0.05mm! A
  14. azureglo

    Red Band Emil

    @Cookenbacher Thanks for the kind words, coming from such a skillful modeler they are most encouraging. Any competence is really down to the stunning Sotar 20/20 and and finding my dream paint-actually my dream Thinner aka Mr Leveling (sic). Being at one with your paint and filler I think is the alembic that turns styrene into show winners... Quite a lot of progress has been made and I revisited Phil Flory's dirt wash that I tried unsuccessfully a few years back: Well it works in a "Spanish School" kinda exaggerated way and was quite difficult to remove in any "gritty "areas I hadn't micromeshed (see underside of stabs) : Overall I guess I like it but its still a bit heavy (especially the panel lines), will photograph well though. Now onward to adding all the detail parts (from a Tamiya 109E as the Airfix aerials etc barely hold together while on the sprue) I've added the aerial mast, nose guns and finished off the retracted undercarriage but the stifling heats mean I'm going to sit in the garden with a cool glass of Chardonnay instead pointing cameras at models... Anil