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  1. Deleted, getting bored with this bickering and would rather make some decent models.
  2. Actually your DLSR takes incredible photos, its just has a hideous piece of software mangling them into nasty jpegs whereas your camera take lousy images but has state of the art jpeg conversion to hide it...Just realised that after my £3K D850 was being "out performed" by my iPhone 6 and discovered the joys of digital negative developing.... BTW handsome build, like you I was pushed for time but finish it off and post in RFI, it worth showing off, you've settled the decals down into the Airfix trenches nicely and passed the "Airfix P-51 Canopy Challenge". When you finish it, shoot with light hitting the nose art, if you can, it'll really pop against the olive drab camo. Cheers A
  3. Only to @Ratch I loved your build and like you I was so excited and having so much fun, I lost count of the extra pix though it appears our friend didn't ! BTW loved yer Jug and thanks for the extra picture it, inspired me to build one, much more fun than nit picking forum rules... Cheers Anil Kumar
  4. Nor did @Corsairfoxfouruncle, who posted a few days ago but you didn't seem to mind his six photos, just mine it appears. Nice to know there's someone reading the rules so diligently, counting each picture and selectively applying them as they feel I've asked @Enzo Matrix to remove three of my images, my apologies to you for having disturbed your sensibilities, after all rules must be obeyed, its not like this is just a hobby some of us do for fun...
  5. Hey John, I took the liberty of illustrating my thoughts, here's a before and after: The after is a simple level change in Photoshop, a quick colour re -balance to get rid of the blue tint and slight sharpening pass, about 30 seconds...
  6. @Ratch You posted a confused emoji on my gallery shots, what's your issue? Its a P-51D, its based on references from a decal vendor, using their decals for a P-51D and it's made using the same kit as everyone one else. Care to share your "confusion"with rest of BM? I'll try my best to clear it up and if necessary remove my offensive entry from the GB if it displeases you so much...
  7. Good job, a nice finish and Mr Spaniel didn't chew on any of it prior to the gallery shot. Just a thought if you have access to some image editing software try and up the contrast- easiest way if you use Photoshop or gimp is to select what is obviously the white background and set that as the "highlight". Alternately its a fine and accurate representation of an overcast English winter... Cheers Anil
  8. My entry: Risky Business as flown in the Reno races. Paint was Mr Hobby, Alclad and Stynlylres primer as grey interior and white flying surfaces. Superb decals by Drawdecals. Much fun was had and build here:
  9. I kind of have a fondness for Drawdecal as they actually feature my build on their site, BTW I did a little bit more than just take a picture of a model on a shelf as you suggested in your original post...if anyone's interested here's a link to the Drawdecals site about my build here ,
  10. "Gentlemen, you have a finish!" Last minute touch ups to the hokey Airfix canopy, some micromeshing of Mr Hobby dark Iron that I smudged on the decals and some pointless detail additions: The Alclad polished aluminium looks a bit flat under the two layers of aqua gloss but I wanted to see the contrast between gloss black stylnylres (as used on the spinner) and the standard black stylnylres on the airframe. In truth Risky was polished to within an inch of her skin and should shine even more than the spinner but I observed how easily the paint came off the unvarnished spinner. A few mistakes as well, I'm pretty sure that the rudder should be white not silver as Drawdecals suggest and the wingtips aren't quite right, I literally followed the decal reference and in reality they're bolt on "winglets" that curve up. Another thing to watch for is the Eduard masks have a rather bogus shape towards the rear of the main canopy, I was going to cut a new set with my Cricut Air but as this was a quickie, I let it be, as Paul urges us all to. Punched out 1.4 mm lenses for the lights that no one will ever see... Sweet little aerial, looks properly scale, made from 0.2 mm nickel rod Kit has some questionable fit and engineering, especially the canopy but at £4.99 complaining would be churlish. This is the model I'm most pleased with to date, lovely little pony with no guns and no camo! Last WIP beauty shot and tomorrow the DSLR comes out for the gallery shots, finishing is fun.
  11. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been given

    The trick is to play the LP on the turntable, not the protractor... Seriously tho' all cartridges should be properly aligned, apart from sounding (marginally) better it saves stylii and records from being mangled. I would normally use the free cardboard one that came with deck but my brother appears to have mislaid it...30 years ago.
  12. azureglo

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    No contest, airbrush wins every time, I'm doing 1mm mottles freehand (see here) an I'm hardly an expert. Mind you I use Mr Hobby/Mr Color paint & leveling thinner (plus a face mask as its probably a WMD by now). Acrylic paint with acrylic thinners can be a pig, spatters, tip drying, thinner ratio etc. , practice first and check your airbrush still works and has its seals intact. BTW you should get a face mask even for Tam paint, safe it ain't, breathe enough of it as an airborne mist and your franks and beans will be the last thing you need to worry about...
  13. Another solid days of modeling afforded by the lousy weather, I was supposed to be flying a PA28 out of Blackbushe but the howling gales and lashing rains had me safely ensconced in my workroom with Risky Business. Forgot that Alclad Aqua glass is rock hard in an about an hour so hurled myself into decalling and voila, all done! Drawdecals behaved superbly, just had to remember to trim nearly to the colour for each decal and the boiling water/kitchen towel trick. She's a pretty l'l thing ain't she? Loving the racing prop. Well I've earned my sundowner today. Tomorrow, its the final gloss coat, making a magnetic stand as is my wont and attaching prop plus a bent wire aerial to the spine, gentleman we may have a finish! Cheers Anil
  14. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been given

    The Front Door God has been generous today: As first bought by yours truly in 1977 And these to go with... This, which is the actual one I also bought with in 1977 and got back this morning, Along with this also bought in 1977 which is reunited with these bought in 1976. Rose tinted glasses should arrive tomorrow .
  15. azureglo

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Hope all goes well and she makes a speedy recovery.