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  1. The do a whole raft of sweet 1/72s, mostly clones of Hasegawa's but their P-51/B/C are great kits but possibly not terribly accurate? Their 190A is another sweet kit but apparently not very accurate. Built their P40E ages ago and again nice little kit with delicate engravings and great fit. The 109Gs have only one annoying thing, thats the separate tails but that shouldn't be much of an issue. Anil
  2. I just mist on Mr Super UV CUT III Matt til it looks right but I guess you're trying for repeatability so here's an obvious suggestion that you've probably done If Klear Kote Gloss = 10 Shinies then Klear Kote Matte = 0 Shinies Then it's simply a case of getting some cheapo ebay scales and mixing the right ratios by weight? That's how our car body guys do it especially for topcoating solid colors on things like old Bristols where the customer asks for lustre not high shine. Cheers Anil
  3. Man that is a sweet build of a righteously ugly plane. Anil
  4. Yeah the stands are getting a lot of attention recently, a few folks have asked how to make them and its on the WIP. The buyers love'em: my way of saying that these models are to be picked up and enjoyed not surrounded by " do not touch" warnings!
  5. Pyrrhic victory, OK finish from a dreadful kit that should never have been released...the only thing it shows is my stubbornness ...
  6. Enough with typing ''n sipping rum and coke, make with the Airfix Hurricane and stop playing with yer shiny new F150...we know where you live*... * And its brass monkeys so we're not goin' there neither...
  7. I'm pretty sure you're a voice in my head, "No mother, its no one, I'm not talking to anyone, NOOOO MOTHER!"
  8. This: If you're in Copenhagen, kill to get tickets to see Ms Hicks conduct these master musicians...
  9. Baby jeebus wants you to glue more greeblie bits to yo' sci-fi thingy, praise be and pass the Extra Thin, Yaaas!
  10. And this is what Azureglo sings when he's playing with his toy plastic planes and no one is watching...
  11. True but I don't want to be caught short cue Toulouse Lautrec joke ...
  12. I usually lock the door to my paint room and to date nothing has managed to "run away" but they're young, they grow up so fast, and who really can stop them searching out their own destinies? Anil
  13. Yeah making this made me want to cut off an ear too...
  14. Pete, this is proper modelling for fun, I lurk on your threads to try and get my personal build mojo going, this should do it. As Adam Savage would say, " This boy can sure make with the greeblies Ma, ya hear? Damn!" Anil The Inspired Again
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