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  1. azureglo

    Hasegawa 1/72 FW 190D

    Thanks Alan, the Airfix one I did was a hound but thats what modelling is about, that and a lot of putty. This one used the Skys !90A sheet you mentioned. The HG is light years ahead of the Airfix, beautiful fit (apart from the windscreen), lovely delicate panel lines etc. Looking forward to a few more HG & Tamiya builds this year Cheers Anil
  2. azureglo

    Hasegawa 1/72 FW 190D

    Primer day: Lots of minor glitches needed filling etc but good to go. Preshade and RML76 tomorrow, want this finished next week as I aim to finish at least three 1/72 kits every month to get my standard up and stash down.
  3. azureglo

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Indeed, after much thought I resolved this by making sure that I am in a totally committed relationship observing the following rules: Should current girlfriend criticise any of the following; My modelling activities and various noxious odours produced thereof My stash My consumption of single malts/steaks/full bodied reds/the occasional sausage and egg mcmuffin/visits to good restaurants to atone for previous My playing and listening to jazz My guitar collection My deciding to live in Amsterdam then I would be totally committed to getting a new girlfriend. So far it has paid dividends and my personal harmony is at nirvana like levels...
  4. azureglo

    Hasegawa 1/72 FW 190D

    a fine aviator despite his rather extreme views.
  5. £249? Thats less than a short jaunt to France, and theres less chance of getting lost...
  6. azureglo

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    It looks about the same as Alclad flat aluminium , which is pretty good! My issue is the waste and the lack of control in rattle cans, I used Halfords Peugeot red to do my Red Arrows Gnat but decanted If you dont decant then try this, gives you way more control (one you've jammed it on!) Blurb: http://cangun1.com/ Buy (halfords) https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-workshop/welding-metal-work/can-gun-1-spray-can-tool My I'm feeling helpful and cheery after a morning of spraying cellulose paints, wonder if my facemask filters are working....stone groove baby, far out...
  7. azureglo

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Hey Jon what are you thinking of using? As you know, I've done 2 back to back in metallics and the "NMF" Spit 22 with Alclad HSS was piece of cake. Actually I found doing NMF way easier than camo but then again I went the toxic route as nothing really seems to come close to Alclad and I've tried everything from Vallejo Acrylics to AK Extreme. The fussiest was Tamiya rattle can decanted, pools like crazy but if you dilute with Mr Leveling it all works out as it dries in minutes.
  8. azureglo

    The Return of Spitfire A-Go-Go...

    Lovely build, the Airfix version I did wasn't any better fitting despite being mainstream. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235042917-airfix-172-therapy-build-thread/&do=findComment&comment=3198857 BTW get some 0.1mm/0.2mm nickel rod in for the whip aerials, I'd like someone else apart from me yelling "ow!" every time they pick one of their models Anil
  9. azureglo

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Apologies for the lack of feedback, I struggle with transports and Civvy airliners, hoping this will get my twin engine Jones going...I have a Roden 144 Dak with Pan Am decals which I got at Telford so maybe this will inspire me to get transporting...
  10. Ok Tom, the skinny: Cricut Explore Air 2 = much finer detail cutting, can cut thicker material up to leather (!) but has cack software and the cutter software which you have to use for making cuts is online only. You need to be able to use something like coreldraw or adobe illustrator (CS2 version is free) and learn about exporting to the right format. Illustrator aces the Silhouette software and I make canopy masks by tracing on Tam tape, scanning in and "drawing" masks in illustrator which I send to the cutter. The fineness of detail makes it easily the right one for me as I do a lot of 1/72- I even used it to make slotted exhausts ( shades of your Fury build!) here, took about 10 minutes from drawing to sticking them on. Silhouette = less detailed cutting ability, nicer software ( but no match for Photoshop/illustrator) and runs the software on your machine not the web. Theres an option to use a Graphtec blade (google it) that allegedly makes it capable of making finer cuts. I tried one and found the cutting ragged and the software a bit clunky but then I'm a computer nerd ( and so for that matter is @CedB!!) There's a massive reference here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/ Either one will work but I tested both and Cricut was easily the better cutter with the inferior software which I replaced. Either one will be an amazing asset for you and if you have the money something like the Silver Bullet ( there's someone on BM who has one?) is the daddy of them all but pushing £900 for the cheapest one in the UK. Oh and it will spew out any amount of circles from 2mm to 200mm Cheers Anil
  11. azureglo

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    And that's exactly what it got a, slightly modded Spit sight: It turns out the real thing had a "Librascope reflector gun sight"- an item so obscure there are no pictures of it (apparently). While I was there added a close enough firing handle for the seat. After an eternity of intake masking, filling, sanding and more sanding, she's ready for primer...Oy, this new Airfix schmutter could fit better or even at all would be nice. Tomorrow is another day and frankly my dear....
  12. azureglo

    Hasegawa 1/72 FW 190D

    Been a bit tardy with this: Got the Eduard steel belts in but had to improvise mounting- they should be be anchored on the deck behind the sat but that would have prevented the armour/rear canopy combo from sitting flush. Added a a 1 mm gun-sight glass. Eduard mask was for the blown canopy which was mangled in this cheapie so had to cut my own masks. Surprisingly the windscreen fit is a bit off, I imagine HG were assuming that everyone would do wheels down, canopy open. I'll fill with PVA /Mr Surfacer tomorrow but we should be in the paint shop PM tomorrow.
  13. azureglo

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Back to the grindstone: The intakes are an interesting challenge, they have a locating lip that supposedly fits into a receiving recess that you would have created very carefully when inserting the main intake. Except for the fact the lip is 1.5x the thickness of the recess..I remember a post on the Airfix forum from the much missed Drewe Manton* where having presented his credentials as microscopic tolerance aerospace engineer and how he worked with Airfix who were well versed in tolerance etc. that I'd beg to differ from: there's a big difference between a lip of 1.5mm width and a recess of 1 mm. That said, easy fix, saw off intake locating lip and flow Mr Cement into the butt joint. Fair sized gap addressed with Mr Surfacer 500 and wiped off, Luckily trench panel lines means everything thing looks the same: Note black superglue on spine, this is a filler queen but relatively easy to deal with. Now does this scooter need a gun sight? Cheers Anil * I loved his expletive filled diatribes at anyone and every on Zone Five, Anyone know where he is these days?
  14. Woohoo Tom, its fun doing markings using masks isn't it? You might want to tray some Oramask 810 vinyl, I found it much better for flat/slightly curved surface like wings and fuselages as its stiff and holds it shape better. Its also a lot easier to burnish down as you can see where its down properly ( e.g your bleed issue)
  15. azureglo

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    awaiting my return from bingeing on art at Tate Liverpool, just need fit last of the fuselage & wing fairings slap on some masks and into the paintshop.