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  1. azureglo

    Modern RAF Roundel colours

    One for the paint gurus: I've got to retouch the blue on this and was wondering if any of you have the right paint type or mix: Its the "modern" blue and I have the extracolor X30 ( + gunze equivalent) but these are lot darker with none of the purplish hue. I suspect these may be the wartime red/blue. Brand is irrelevant but if anyone has any insight, it would be much appreciated Cheers Anil
  2. azureglo


    PS, this is a radical new invention called an "Ikea glass": It prevents spills and any are caught in the receptacle, can be easily repositioned, is resistant to most solvents has a weighted base and if all fails, you can use it to drink said solvent if it all gets too much...
  3. azureglo


    Out of interest, why did you have an open bottle of plastic weld a few inches away from a nearly finished model resting an a tiny A4 cutting mat? Just read your previous post, first time I saw the pic, it looked faked especially the tiny (cheap) cutting mat, the small parts neatly next to the plane etc. Anil
  4. azureglo

    Telford 2018

    A righteous time was had , met @perdu, @Tomoshenko, @HP42 and @CedB, to whom I owe a pint and I've found a use for the ear examiner stand! And huge thanks to @Nigel Heath for being my show and dinner buddy for 3 days! Booked my room for next year and if you have not seen @Tomoshenko's little jewel of a Fury, make sure you do, thats a show winner next year Anil
  5. The pictures barely do this piece of the master modellers art justice, having seen it the flesh. make sure its entered @ SMW, its truly exquisite. Cheers Anil
  6. azureglo

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Progress continues: Stynylres white primer was a bit more temperamental, regular rinsing of the airbrush in very hot water kept everything flowing as it were. I may move to a 0.6mm nozzle/needle on my H&S evolution primer airbrush. The Halfords cherry red went on (and dried) super glossy and very evenly, working with real car paints (and Mr Leveling thinner is a dream and it dries in minutes. No gloss coat for this little gnat. After knocking back some dust flecks, started on the decalling: Methinks Mr Fin will take more persuasion than my usual future/distilled water setting agent. The solution is pictured...
  7. azureglo

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Todays doorstep finds: At least a a reasonably priced one of these horrible "Things" and at £12 for the Cherokee it would have been rude not to. And slowly completing my collection of cars that I have owned ...the real one didn't even make it off the forecourt of the dealer in Mill Hill ( dead alternator) on the day of collection and was shortly replaced by a 928S as the my employers tired of the hire car charges while the S3 went back for its bi weekly repair cycle. Given that Fujimi S1 version wont move under its own power either, it will be historically accurate as far as I'm concerned. And to assuage my rediscovered love of vinyl, this bargain set of exquisitely re-mastered LPs of Mr Fagen's Finest including the now impossible to find Kamakiraid.
  8. azureglo

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Ditto, what a li'l cutie pie
  9. azureglo

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    A wee update as I struggle with some work issues: Got these a few months back for tarting up ejection seats: Well I think they look darling, though I failed to accurately fold them in tow so just snipped one in half and they looks fine to me. All masked up and ready for a prime.
  10. azureglo

    King Cobra racer

    @trickyrich Many thanks for the welcome. It's good thing I had a pause as AMG's research is a bit dubious: The plane on the box top isn't really right, the clipped wings belong to the white one raced by Mr Tucker, not this one race by a Bob Eucker ( in a plastic footballers helmet no less! The references show a plane with cropped but rounded tips that hopefully are the ones in the box as the resin parts. The break will let me check a few things like this and spinner shape as now I know where to look there are quite a few photos of this bird in various guises.
  11. azureglo

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Umm, bought it so the Spits could have something to shoot at?
  12. azureglo

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Inspired by @Procopius and his zeal for all things Spitfirey, these were secured during Ebays 10% off day And bringing the Holy Grail list down to a mere 4, this immaculate version of Matchtox's rendition Mr Sheene's mount. A large part of my late teens was spent watching this man and his works Suzuki going round various tracks, Sometimes separately as the steel pinned wonder was won't to do...
  13. Interesting to observe your experiences spraying roundels, I did this earlier this month on this beastie and found some nuances that you might find useful: First off, the material Pmask use and I use for my homemade ones is Oracal 810, which starts shrinking once its weeded. It works great for 2 colour or even one color but there seems to be an inordinate amount of skill required to line them up for multi color roundels. I swapped to kabuki and that was even more difficult as it deforms more readily and required endless lifting and re-positioning just to achieve a simple circle. I also noticed that if you lay down a white base for your roundel , the subsequent colors will lift and chip at the edges easily, thus revealing the lovely white under coat. A good workaround is to lay down an "edge" of the top colour first. Other than that I think as you will admit, the look of painted on markings is stunning and perhaps a skill that may take a decent amount of effort to master Cheers Anil
  14. No beanie, no skill, ask any teenager...BTW my Sotar is one of the Badgers with said dual/progressive taper needles
  15. azureglo

    King Cobra racer