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  1. azureglo

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    Looking at the ease with which you did this master, you weren't one of the "Mikes" in Two Mikes resins by any chance? A
  2. azureglo

    Airfix Classics Launched

    I was the bod who snapped up @bootneck 's SRN 4 ( & for sheer masochism the Revell oil rig) . Back to this thread, looking forward to the WW1 male tank, yes the first kit I made all the way back in '72... A
  3. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Stone groove, baby I got it alright. I was, like y'know, busy man....yeah, busy...
  4. azureglo

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    Its like that is it?, well you lost out on fondling crisp new £5 notes and have to settle for some digital nonsense on a screen ..see ya at the show! A
  5. azureglo

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    I could stop off on my way to Devon to torment meet any fellow BM'ers...If @Mike survived meeting me, maybe you could? A
  6. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    One of my holy grail kits, the Airfix SRN 4 hovercraft courtesy of @bootneck. I have fond memories of a 70's school trip departing from the hoverport at Pegwell bay, sadly now little more than a few bits of forlorn concrete. A
  7. azureglo

    Warp Factor Woes!

    Thus proving that there is no such thing as a free launch... A
  8. azureglo


    Odourless cyano (non fogging), used exactly for creating landing lights, insert acrylic rod, slather with said glue: Sand then polish with micromesh and finish with Future/Klear A
  9. azureglo

    Uschi's Rigthatthing query

    Hi @@Timmas I love this stuff and used it here: I use very fine fibre tip tweezers to handle it and the technique I use is: dot of super glue ( I use zap odorless) where the thread needs to be anchored, then after the thread has made contact, touch the glee with a brush loaded with this: It sets rock hard in milliseconds and then repeat for the other anchor point, the Mig UTI in the link has still got the rigging and I occasionally twang it for no good reason and it stays put! A thought, you may have cut the rigging too short and its overstretched, I usually cut a length 5 mm less than the unstretched distance between the anchor points. Cheers A
  10. azureglo

    What kind of modeller are you?

    @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Ahh the voice of reason ( and good colour accuracy to boot). As usual you said what most of us feel , even if you're in cahoots with some order of cooked fruit masquerading as a modeller..That said I miss the wonderfully crazy French (?) guy Gaston who copied everyone's pictures and drew red lines on them showing inaccuracies and the delightful chap who had been working on a correcting a 1/48 109 for two years and only finished the nose ( the link would be much appreciated, once I source spare underwear). In the meantime, you'd think with 2 dedicated modelling rooms, a half dozen airbrushes and a stash of of over 400 , that I'd build something for a change? I'd join @bootneck's procrastinating modellers group but I probably wont get around to it... Anil
  11. azureglo

    Mr Metal Color: how to thin/clean brushes?

    I use these regularly especially 214 dark iron. I always prime then brush on (its very thin) The paint dries in about 10 mins and can be buffed with cotton bud or similar. Clean up is ordinary lacquer/ cellulose thinner. take a look here where I used it to detail these etch afterburner rings/exhausts
  12. azureglo

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Revell rebox of Hasegawa Learjet and Falcon courtesy of @Shar2 90 minutes ago. Support your moderators, they need to buy plenty of headache remedies. A
  13. azureglo

    Can I use an enormous compressor for airbrushing?

    As found lying around in any good dental practise... A
  14. azureglo

    Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Easiest is good ol' 99.8% IPA ( not India Pale Ale but that might work too), you can buy litre bottle of for £8-10 delivered (google shiny Hardware Ebay) and I also use it as prep before painting to shift finger oils and get a clean surface.. Have left over Futured canopies in a small covered shot glass over night and removed and residual Future with pointy Qtip
  15. azureglo

    Broken down. Again!

    Jamie, I've been thinking of trying your paints but having heard this brilliant turn of speech, the decision is made, I must do business with you! @Rick Brown, consider yourself lucky, at least you got to drive one albeit not for long, Marshalls in Reading wouldn't even let near their precious Karoq demo, (I might have got it dirty or bought it), if anyone remembers my thread from a few months ago. I pretty much lost the desire to go anywhere near a car dealer again...and my ageing T31 Xtrail seems undaunted by the 150K miles its covered.