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  1. Something that can do this (easily)
  2. You sir, are preaching to the converted:
  3. Hey Mike here's the first test: : This is ordinary polystyrene section and the clear is 0.2mm PETG from Eileens emporium: I used Dichloromethane (behaves the same as plastic magic) to test dissimilar materials and a solvent ( red dot) and glue'n glaze as bonding agent (green dot) Both give a strong bond with solvent being stronger. Glue n glaze is prefered choice of architectural model guys as you can be messy but it dries clear, they thin it with water , let a light tack develop and then get the pieces together first time to avoid smears. This will method work better if the styrene is painted, The solvent method will be easier of if you're working with unpainted styrene , lay the two together and use capillary action for an instant bond- I didn't bother with the their touch n flow applicator and just used a brush , hence its a bit messy-. You have to be careful and practice because for obvious reasons , the solvent version with melt the clear so using their needle applicator would be the best idea. Hope that helps. The Oil Rig is for definitely a retirement kit!! Cheers Anil
  4. If you were around in early 70's you might remember Mr Walton and his Nord 1002/BF108 painted as a 109 being "shot down " regularly by various Spits and Hurris at airshows. That and his monstrous Aeronavale painted Corsair. Sadly Lindsey has taken his final flight but for those of us lucky to catch him in past decades, his "109" as she is these days:
  5. Hey Mike, I have gazillion different types of solvent like Dichloromethane that I use for glueing different materials. I regularly use Mr Hobby cement S/ Dichloromethane ( see ebay also known as EMA Plastic weld at extortionate prices) as a brush applied capillary glue to weld my hokey acrylic stands together so I know it works as solvent for those. I have some clear styrene, petg etc as well a regular styrene parts/sheet to simulate what you're trying to do so will do a test will all my voodoo solvents to see what works with what and post results tomorrow. BTW all the solvents I use I get easily from ebay but I have a strong feeling Dichloromethane is going to be the one. Folks in the movie andand architectural model building business us everything from ABS to PLA (and stuff I'm sure is imported from Tattooine on rebel ships) and use Dichloromethane as their main glue and its telling EMA who sell said materials to said folk also sell it as their universal "glue" Stuff like GS Hype, contacta and UV cure resins (they're not actually glues, just sold as such) wont really work and are thick and difficult to apply. BTW See this short video from deluxe re their Plastic Magic ( which I don't have oddly enough) and is apparently capable of doing what you want but is some nasty stuff ... http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1833490.pdf PS this reminds me a bit of a giant mound of plastic trellis work I seem to have acquired that is allegedly a "North Sea Oil Rig"...
  6. I thought I was having a deja vu moment: I bought these Xuron photo etch tweezer nose pliers in a store in San Francisco back in 2012... Hmm, looks like our Chinese friends have made some improvements, going for a snazzy orange plastic and blanking off the Xuron logo...yup emperor's new clothes. I doubt you could patent a plier but if I was Xuron I'd feel mighty peeved, they even copied the holes in the handle for a lanyard.
  7. You my friend will enjoy the honeyed sweetness of Mr Leveling thinner, making feeling you warm and fuzzy as you smile sweetly at the on switch of your extractor saying softly to yourself "On switch? Extractor? Man I was going to do something with, um something, yeah. My that thinner smells nice, sooo nice, stone groove baby....."
  8. Complete and utter nonsense, I bought a 1/72 FW190V1 prototype kit from a dealer in MIlan that only cost 19 euros in postage and arrived safely after 21 weeks and a mere 9 emails., Honestly Jules, Rome wasn't built in a day
  9. I think your decision to use a A Model recipe may have been the problem here. I can see evidence of their usual fit as well their finishing instructions a plenty. Personally I would have gone with a lighter brown for the chocolate areas.
  10. Hey Tom, invest in some of these: http://mikegrantdecals.com/shop/product/cockpit-details-world-war-ii-3/ I'm using them on my current build and so is @Nigel Heath, given your attention to detail so far it would be perfect and give me something to squint at when you bring it to SMW this year...
  11. Whatever doubts that I had about the sanity of helicopters and those who pilot them have been confirmed by this wildly dangerous example of hedge trimming, even Homer Simpson would think twice about doing this. Re Autogyros, a short play: Pilot: " What is that?" Engineer " An autogyro, I invented it!" Pilot " Where are the wings" Engineer " I took them off and screwed them to the top like a giant propeller" Pilot: "So what powers them? Engineer: "Nothing, you've have to take off like a normal plane to make them spin" Pilot: "So you taken the worst aspects of an aeroplane and and a helicopter and put them together?" Engineer: "Precisely!! Got to be going, have other things to invent" Men in white coats ( carrying giant butterfly nets) " Excuse Mr Pilot, have you seen a man dressed as engineer recently?"
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