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  1. Hi all well for a kit of this age I can't believe how well the body goes together (considering all the complex curves) look how little filler ive used. https://i.ibb.co/XJJqthF/IMG-6080.jpg[/img
  2. Hi all next victim is the italari 1/16 Mercedes 300 SL, first thing I don't like is the distributor and plug leads are molded as part of the rocker cover (I don't even know why they would do that at this scale)
  3. Ask away it’s Pandora my boss bought it as a wreck and rebuilt it, it’s his pride and joy.
  4. Yes thats a 904 its the one this truck also carries, the 6 cylinder is out of a 911 the 1 on the left is a ferrari 4cylinder
  5. Here is one of the cars it usually carries (it also carries a 904 a 910 and another rsr cafe mexicano)
  6. Sorted the ride hight. I really like the look of this with the rear window pillar missing i may have to build this again but sans the window pillar.
  7. Here are some more shots of our work shop The engine room Main workshop Tried making the louvers out of quartered cocktail sticks, not very successful I measured the louvers and they are 20mm wide the quarterd cocktail sticks are 1 1/4 mm so way out of scale. I have another idea up my sleeve let's see how that works.
  8. I need to make lots of louvers for the samba bus conversion so heres my simple answer, glue bade to base at half the thickness of a cocktail stick run that through blade then turn the resulting halves 180° and run through aginn all I have to do now is round the ends off and I have my louvres.
  9. I've got to say unlike my previous job I look forward to going to work, and its not just the job all my co workers are great, such a friendly place (and that includes the boss's)
  10. Hi all this is what I'm aiming for, it has a very unusuall way of loading cars (which i am ambitiously aiming to depict)
  11. More work done to this, that is the basic shape of the vehicle a few doors to add and lots of details to the bed to add.
  12. I just bought the 1/16 Italari Mercedes Benz 300sl cabriolet. Super excited for it to arrive (supposed to be here on or before the 2nd) Anyone know of some good builds of it.
  13. More done on this, going to have to do something with the ride hight, its awful
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