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  1. Hi all well i wanted to add the throttle linkages and cold starting system but comparing the engine at work with this one, I got to thinking it's nothing like the real thing so I took it into work and asked our engineers and none of them have seen tinware on a 356 Porsche like the one depicted in this kit (baring in mind they only restore classic porsche here) so I cut all the excess tinware off. Here is what's in the kit. Heres a pic of the engine out of the 356 C Cabriolet So after I cut off the excess tinware I ended up with this I also wanted to add the low and high tension leads to the coil but when i tried there was no room under it to add them so I thought I will just move it up but then i thought it may have knock on problems later on so I measured it and it should be 8.75 mm the kit supplied one is 10.5mm so it's too long, after the last few revell kits (which I raved about how good they were I'm very disappointed in this one) I also added the leads from the dynamo. Loads more details could be added to this kit (I dont havevthe skills so I wont be) the 2 stumps either side of the engine with the 2 holes in the top are supposed to be the inlet manifolds and carbs (I may try to make some rudimentary ones but since when in the car they wont be seen at all who knows.
  2. Not yet still thinking about that, it does look good in black (we have one in the workshop now)
  3. Not sure why it duplicated the body pics here are the engine pics
  4. Hi all I've sorted the sink marks and the windscreen surround (it's still a bit warped but when the windscreen is added it trues up nicely Did some work on the engine, the rocker cover springs are moulded as just a plastic tab so I cut it off and made them, lots more detailing to do.
  5. Hi all well I'm calling this done, I intended to leave the woodwork showing and obviously never intend to fly it so i see no point in buying a prop for it. Now it's done I have no idea what I'm going to do with it as it is huge so it will probably end its days in the shed hanging from the roof.
  6. I know I'm jumping ahead a bit (well quite a lot) but I thought it might be interesting to add some of the deck furniture. I made another little jig for the covers for the hatch as there are a lot of them and they all need to be the same.
  7. I made a simple jig to keep the ribs the same distance apart and to keep them perpendicular to each other Made the cats whiskers too.
  8. Hi all nearly finished now just got to get a prop for it
  9. Thanks for taking the time mate, from what I can see the Cabriolet is far, far worse.
  10. Hi all I got this from my missus for Christmas. I must say for a revell kit I'm very disappointed, it's the worst kit I've had in ages, look at the deformation of the windscreen surround for starters. I've never seen a kit with so many sink mark's or crackling of the surface of the plastic. And this is the first part I've looked at some of the sink marks are in very awkward places. Not a very encouraging start.
  11. Hi all did some to the stern cabin on this, I must say I'm really enjoying this.
  12. Hi all for Christmas my kids asked what I wanted and I said surprise me, get me something I've not built before. They didn't disappoint I got these I've never built one of these kits before or this subject matter. The kits look really good (although I wouldn't really know how detailed they are) The instructions look a bit basic. No idea what to do with these kits, will have to do some research.
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