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  1. Hi all do any of you post your builds on Instagram if so be careful of what you post. I posted my porsche 934 resto build and have been told to either take it down or set up a paid partnership with them as its product placement (I'm assuming it's because I have good year and castrol logos (amongst others)) I've deleted the post but if that's the case I think I will be deleting a lot more.
  2. I found something better to power the GT40 than some marker pens and some plumbing spares.
  3. Hi all well it cleaned up fairly well, just got to strip the paint next. What I'm planning involves using these
  4. Hi all got this back out of the shed, can you guess what I'm going to do with it.
  5. Thanks mate looks a far cry from this.
  6. It's not a proper scheme I just invented it.
  7. It's micropore tape (you know the medical stuff) and I just cut it in half lengthways and wrapped it then painted it black.
  8. Another of my favourite products I have an old stiff brush I use for stuff like this. Dip in the powder. And flick over the engine by pulling your finger through the bristles. You should end up with this
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