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  1. kpnuts

    Some of my dad's art stuff

    Thanks for all the replies, yes for all his faults he was a great man, just a shame he could have been so much more. I just wish I had half his brains and charisma.
  2. kpnuts

    Some of my dad's art stuff

    He was an amazing man. It so annoys me the amazing paintings he sold or even swapped for a bottle of whiskey. I'd say where's that one gone (knowing the answer)(he'd have taken months to paint it) he'd say got a tenner for that one. I understand like my models once they're built I'm not interested in them anymore but I loved my dad's pictures I'd have kept all of them. It was so frustrating if I'd bought them I would have paid far more than he got for them, but that would have just fuelled his drinking more. I really don't think people realise how destructive alcoholism is my mum and dad got divorced over it, she still loved him but having loan sharks coming round the house threatening to break her legs for money dad had borrowed finally got too much for her. Even so they were amicable dad got his own place for 4 yrs of course he got worse we went round to see him one day and he was sitting on the floor all he had was a camping stove, literally all, he'd sold everything else, no bed, no tv, no food in the cupboards mum had him back home. When we cleared out the house we got 506 bottles of whiskey out of it that's in 4 yrs he was back with my mum for 14 yrs and was not allowed one drink (to ill to get it himself by this point) in all that time I think my mum should have a medal I don't know many women who would have their ex husbands back let alone become their carer. That said my dad was a very likeable man, in fact you couldn't help liking him, he wasn't a nasty drunk he was always a happy drunk. Which I think is why he could talk his neibour into getting the drink for him.
  3. kpnuts

    Some of my dad's art stuff

    Hi all went round to see my mum today before we go on hols tomorrow and she asked if I wanted Some of his drawings. Of course I said yes, these (including the planes) are all drawn on postcards. These are nothing compared to what my dad was capable of (most of his good stuff was sold for drink) I am so sad about that he was such an amazing artist (he got it from his dad, you know all those chocolate boxes with the winter scenes or summer fields or the buiscuit tins, that was his dad's job, he painted those types of scenes for them) my dad was truly amazing, it's such a shame the demon got a hold of him.
  4. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all made a start on the damage, there is a load to add but I think it's an ok start. I'm afraid no more modelling for a week as off on hols.
  5. kpnuts

    My new toy

    I loved windows xp so don't even get me stared on Windows 10, I'd rather go iPad than windows, and for me that's swearing windows 10 is the worst os in my opinion
  6. kpnuts

    My new toy

    You can get a keyboard for this for 100 quid which takes it up to 450 quid so still cheaper th an a surface pro and I'm sure just as good
  7. kpnuts

    My new toy

    I know, I know the tab s 4 is out but I'm not a slave to technology the battery on my favourite tab s2 is kaput it only lasts a day (used to last 3 or 4) I would have just bought a new battery but my missus says what will go wrong next (she wanted me to go to the dark side (ipad) there is no way I will ever get an iPad) this is supposed to be leagues ahead of the tab s2, I'm happy as a frog on a Lilly pad it's exactly the same as the tab s2 no quicker everything exactly the same place as the old one ( yes I will admit screen is definitely more colourful and sharper) but it's no quicker and the supposed quad speakers sound exactly the same as the mono speaker on the s2 so overall I'm happy but if I was into tech I would probably be disappointed. We're off on our hols on Sunday I'm so looking forward to it, for one thing I won't have to get used to a new device as this is so familiar I'm so pleased Samsung didn't try to reinvent this device (which so many do) my missus recently got a new iPad (I can't tell you how many times it gets chucked at me to sort something they've changed) Personally I think if it works why change it (a lot of manufacturers seem to think you have a new thing change everything) I will admit the tab s3 comes with the award winning s pen (lost on me as I won't be using it) (go on call me a luddite I don't care) I can't praise Samsung enough as my dad used to say if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  8. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all started on the base I've tried to get the seabed undulations as like the photos as I can, still got some fine tweaking to do to it yet. I've drawn some of the damage on the hull and decking I'm thinking of using a soldering iron to inflict it.
  9. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    I was thinking of adding one( or maybe more ) of the submersibles hung above it with led lighting in it, but that was just a thought.
  10. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all I had to drill out the lower deck to allow for the details I have to add as the turrets won't be there. And gave the decking it's first coat of paint As you can see the traversing gear needs a bit of work
  11. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Hi all proof I've not given up on this. Here is one of the four pom poms on the next part (they just take so long) Here are the unfolded magazine casings for the rest of them Here they are folded Now I just have to cut the magazine's themselves and bend them then fit them, oh and then cut out and bend the body's, then cut off the magazine's off the plastic parts, oh then bend the cages for the magazines. I really don't think I will do PE pompoms again. I saw somewhere where someone makes resin and PE pompoms for 1/700 scale ships that have 100+ parts, including metal barrels. Whoever undertakes those is either a hero or totally insane, or maybe a masochist.
  12. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all before risking the actual ship to my first attempts at an underwater dio I tried an experiment does this look convincing took me ages (well 15 mins) I'm quite happy with it. I'm trying to get it to look like this https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Bismarck+Wreck+images&client=tablet-android-samsung&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiq66XgqK7dAhUqBsAKHYSJA_UQ_AUIESgB&biw=768&bih=1024#imgdii=AsOOKmDJJz7KHM:&imgrc=jjP8_UgTvFSHiM: I photographed the process encase anyone is interested.
  13. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all well got the hull painted, as I said I'm not too worried about the accuracy of the painting as most of it won't be seen when it's on the sea bed and yes I know the stern painting is a bit off but since that will be sheared off in the dio it won't be a problem, also another size comparison against the Titanic (which incidentally seems to be exactly the same length of the KGV although she was much higher makes me wonder were battleships given a low profile to make them harder to be seen.
  14. kpnuts

    GIANT Ducati...!

    Hi yes I built it a little while ago and changed the Philips screws. You should check out silver 911 build of it (he nearly finished it) what a build some amazing skills in his build. Great kit isn't it.
  15. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all well I think I'm just going to go with the wreck dio ( will need a fair bit of scratch building but I'm up for it) As an interesting angle on size and shape look at this. She was a tad bigger than the KGV but almost identical in shape. Anyway made a start on painting her Not going to go overboard with the painting as most of it won't be seen. I must say I'm going to really enjoy this as I love doing rusty things (for those who don't know me i love doing cars and motorcycles, which I usually do with a fair bit of ware and tear) As per this example.