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  1. kpnuts

    New man cave finished

    Thanks when I get back off hols I will look into that
  2. kpnuts

    New man cave finished

    I'm going to use carpet to line the walls and put insulation under that.
  3. Hi all well it's finished
  4. Thanks guys, yes the photos got a bit mixed up.
  5. Hi all had the family over yesterday (to help with this) decided it was way too hot so I've been trying it on my own. We will be adding power at some point, still got the glazing to do and adding the trim but quite pleased so far. It will help supplement my modeling area for the messy stuff.
  6. Well first lesson learned I tried to made a cylinder head and bought card stock of the correct thickness and cut out 15 cylinder bits and 17 fins then glued them together after which they should have measured 10.25 mm well after gluing 10 of the fins together it measured 13 mm so I thought I will compress them in my vice trouble with that was it compressed the cylinder bits but not the fins and ended up looking like this Instead of how it should look. I can only assume the extra thickness was due to the glue so I think I will have to experiment with different thicknesses.
  7. Hi all well move went well new job is going well and I have negotiated a modelling area (well when we don't have guests that is) so gulp I've jumped in to try this scratch build, ive managed to find some profile drawings of the body so I've copied them onto paper and glued it to this ply wood. I'm hoping to make a former from this as a rough starting point. I'm expecting this to be a long build, somewhere between 3 and 60 years (but that's just an approximate guess could be much longer
  8. Hi all well some of you will know with the move I have a new job and that job is working at a company which restores classic porches at the moment there are 16 different porches in our workshop worth 27 mill I'm sooo loving the 904 and would love to build one. I've never done a scratch built car ( loads of ships but never a car) I have no idea where to start but the average turn over is 3 months so plenty of time for measurements I still have to get a modelling area but negotiations are going well. Any suggestions where to start with making the body.
  9. kpnuts

    New home

    Yep, maybe a tad more. Thanks guys
  10. kpnuts

    New home

    Hi all well now it's all complete, got a new job (with more pay and holidays) we are as happy as frogs on Lilly pads, flys on poop, maggots on rotting festering decaying rubbish. Well no, happier than that, we love our house, we love where we are, our family is great and are fully behind us, life, as they say couldn't be better.
  11. That's looking rather splendid.
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