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  1. Added the hinges to the side windows. Definitely on the last leg now.
  2. She's nearing completion now (I hate those PE seat belts, in fact I hate PE full stop)
  3. Did more work on the 910 made the porsche decals for the side (quite pleased with them) masked and painted the windscreen and built the dashboard. Working on the font for the number 20 (proving quite difficult)
  4. OK some pics of progress so far, I really don't like the tamiya idea of doing the suspension, it's s=€t took ages to do and is very fragile (must be why they give you one extra of each suspension part) I generally like tamiya kits but not a fan of this one for design of assembly luckily I didn't do the suspension in the order tamiya suggest as it would have been even harder to accomplish done in the way the instructions suggest.
  5. You wouldn't believe how hard the suspension on this is and don't get me started on the connection of the wheels to the drive shafts. I've started scratching the slide throttle linkage for it, the guys at work hate this system, there is a plate with 3 holes in it the size if the venturi of the flutes that runs on bearings and slides forwards and backwards to enlarge or reduce the air fuel ratio by sliding the hole thus reducing or enlarging the venturi, it's prone to leaks and not a great system. This car had other throttle linkage systems which were better but the one depicted in th
  6. It's going on the back of the samba bus.
  7. OK so good weekend spraying, got the base colour on this OK its not great but I don't claim to be an expert
  8. OK so second attempt at the spray job and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. A vast improvement on this.
  9. Hi all more work on converting the 934
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