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  1. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Thanks richard and andy for the kind words. Well im a bit annoyed with eduard. I started putting the pe portholes on and got 10 done and thought hang on theres something wrong here ( they give you 50 pe portholes) counted down one side theres 63 (it does say optional parts) optional or not they should at least supply enough for the job. And now im thinking about it what about all the pprtholes on the super structure. When i built the warspite i had loads of parts left on tge sprue that wernt mentioned anywhere in tge instructions ive since discovered they were ment to be portholes they look a bit different to the ones eduard supply but maybe i will use them. I managed to get the portholes off without damaging the paintwork too much. As i say maybe i will try the warspite ones will have a count up and see if theres enough.
  2. Hi all I was given this and the Bismark for a Christmas pressie from my daughter and son I bought what i thought was the pe for this kit (which cost more than the kit and I now discover is still not the full pe for it, i will buy the rest but just have to wait a bit) so I was thinking I quite like the pics by Eduard and pontos (others are availiable) of the pe on the finished ship with no paint on it and was thinking maybe I would do that with just a slight difference being I would weather the pe but leave it unpainted. What do you all think, I quite like the pe showing I think it adds interest(i know it's not very accurate but let's face it I'm pretty rubbish with this modelling lark and I very seldom build as per the instructions anyway. So here is my start on this build Made a start on the decking (Will be using pastels for the decking this is just the base coat.
  3. kpnuts

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Man that is such amazing model building skills.
  4. Such a massive undertaking and you are doing an incredible job of it.
  5. kpnuts

    Batmobile,polar lights..

    Looks good
  6. kpnuts

    1/8 Citroen V8 traction

    Hi all well my soldering is world famous for being abysmally poor so here is my best effort at the headlight bar. I've installed the engine and radiator also done the wheels with the large at the front and small at the rear. Loads of connections still to me made to the engine and got to figure out the exhaust system.
  7. kpnuts

    1/8 Citroen V8 traction

    Thanks mates I've had a suggestion I swap them round as it's front wheel drive I put the larger wheels on the front so I may see how that looks it may give it a sit up and go look.
  8. kpnuts

    1/8 Citroen V8 traction

    Hi all been messing about with wheels just can't decide does this look ridiculous I really like the small wheels at the front but the rear (although bigger) I think don't look right in the wheel arches (of course I could remove the wheel arches) Or if I mix wheel rims what about this Or keeping the same rims (Still smaller at the front) There is surprisingly very little difference on ground clearance at the front considering how much bigger these wheels are
  9. kpnuts

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    There's some great work going on here.
  10. kpnuts

    Mercedes 540k coupe.

    Looking forward to it.
  11. kpnuts

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Great work as usual mate.
  12. kpnuts

    Airfix 1/32 humber snipe

    Hi all here is another update.
  13. Did a bit more to the little boat
  14. Hi all got this out to do some work on it. There seems to be a problem with the cheap paint I used on the base (Not had this problem before) the base started off dk blue but over time it seemed to go brackish Which I didn't mind too much as it just looks like dirty harbour water but worryingly it is doing this from the edges and seems to be progressing inward Do you think this will progress, if so should I stripp it all off (assuming I can) then start again, any suggestions.
  15. Hi all well the big ship is finished Made a start on the small rescue boat.