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  1. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/48 Douglas skyraider

    Next update, last one for a fortnight (holiday of a lifetime cruising the Caribbean)
  2. kpnuts

    Revell Trabant Universal

    That will be a great model when finish, one you can feel very proud of
  3. kpnuts

    1/35 KN1 Sea Tank

    Hi all well as I said on my Spad build this yr I'm going to try and finish some of my shelved builds. This one wasn't stopped for problems with the build. I started this on another forum that is ruled with an iron fist I got fed up with continuing complaints and warnings from the admin (everything I posted on there was exactly the same as here and other forums I frequent, with no complaints on here or any of the others) the final straw was complaining about the back story on this build (I decided I don't want to be on a forum where you can't even use humour in a topic) I've not posted there since and of course it put me off the build, well I've decided to start it again.
  4. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Oh how I wish I hadn't glued the sub assy's on putting the railings around them is proving to be a royal pita, I've even tried prying them off (why is it that you really glue something well and it falls off if you sneeze, you just tack something and it's stuck fast) grrrrrrrrr I think I've just made this a million times harder, i should not have got paranoid that the sub assy's would get knocked to the floor again.
  5. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/48 Douglas skyraider

    Hi all well I've developed a bad habit of starting models and not finishing them(I get to a boring bit or a tricky bit, or it's just not going very well (like this one) and I shelve it) Well I've decided this yr I'm going to try and restart, and who knows maybe even God forbid finish a few. Well this one not being a subject im very good at got left as soon as the going got even slightly tricky, when I left off (The kit dose not have the option for landing gear up but that was how I wanted it, simple enough I thought) the landing gear doors would not shut properly so I valiantly struggled for about 5 mins then shelved it and gave up. Well I've started it again and ive done my best with landing gear doors, had a go at doing the panel lines with a pin wash ruined it, stripped the paint off had another go, same result so this time I repainted it and tried my own idea I got some 600 grit and a piece of black pastel which I sanded over the wing I then rubbed it in with my finger, then wiped the mess off with a damp cloth, i am quite pleased with the effect. I've added some weathering (probably not great as I know little about planes but I'm happy with how it's going)
  6. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Not painting it leaving it bare brass as I said at the start, so no problems there.
  7. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Hi all well all the Oerlikons are finally done as is the last of the pompoms (I accidentally stuck the shields on the wrong way round on the first of this set of Oerlikons and thought the brass showed up better so I've done all the rest the wrong way round (if you use the etched detail side you can hardly notice the pe)(here's a challenge try to find the ones with the pe the right way round they hardly notice)
  8. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    I've seen some of that 1/35 armour pe and a lot of it is smaller than the stuff on here. I think they make some parts just to show how clever they are. There is a few bits I've left off here as you wouldn't even see them if they were there. I think life is too short to struggle for hours to get a bit upright, in the right place and true, which after all that struggle won't be seen, and in some cases when brush painted will be lost under the coat of paint.
  9. Hi Ian there is a French company (Mielien) (may have that spelt wrong) who specialises in doing conversions of this car (they have made some pretty out there ones, far more radical than this one)
  10. Hi all well I finally got some bench time, got the rear wheels on, just got to invent some suspension.
  11. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Hi all well I finally got some modelling time and I've fixed what I can and I've now glued the sub assy's to the deck (I know it will make adding further pe problematical but I figure the whole ship will have to be knocked off the bench to damage bits in the future) So now I have about a gazillion bits of PE to add to the Oerlikons, then all the railings, build and add the last set of pompoms to the stern big guns, add the pe to those guns and the job should be a goodun.
  12. kpnuts

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Here's my Christmas haul
  13. kpnuts

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Looking good, still not tried pre shading may have to give it a go soon.
  14. kpnuts

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Superb modelling, love it
  15. That's looking blooming good, lots of great work going on there.