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  1. Thanks Ian yes that belt is awful in the extreme i remember the first time I built it (when it first came out) I threw it away and used a bit of a bed sheet stained brown for it (hopefully i can find something better for it this time)
  2. So I've started the crankshaft and pistons I've built the casings of the half I'm going to paint, we have a machine at work called a vapour blaster which we use to clean engine parts which I'm hoping to use to give these parts a cast look (it uses tiny glass beads and is only supposed to remove 30 microns on metal parts will try it on a piece of sprue first)
  3. The princess progresses Will have to replace that awful generator belt
  4. Hi all got this for my birthday, I'm well impressed, the instruction manual is a thing of beauty I've never seen one like it before. It is full of history and information also loads of beautiful pictures of the cars this engine was in. The actual instructions make up about a third of the manual and are also beautifully printed and clear to follow. The box is huge, good quality and stuffed to the brimm with high quality plastic. I'm intending to build this as half see through rather than completely see through as is intended with the kit
  5. More work on the princess, nearing the end now.
  6. I look forward to seeing it (you lucky man)
  7. Hi all more progress on this it really is a lovely kit, I wish they would release some of the others they used to make. And I've finally bitten the bullet and started painting the lines on the wheels(I've been avoiding it as my eyes and hands are not as good as they were in my 20s)
  8. Yes mate the bike is in the garden shed now (along with a few others.
  9. Starting to look like a traction engine now.
  10. Such a shame, was an epic build.
  11. Thanks John, Chris im just copying what the kit moulded pipework does, but is an easy fix I will just cut off the ends and leave them as they are but not going into the tank.
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