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  1. Hi all rear dampers done WAPITA Pleased they're done but they took ages.
  2. It's pretty good but those rear dampers are a real struggle to get the nuts on, what I did (you can't get tweezers or pliers anywhere near them) was cut the end off a cocktail stick till is was a tight fit on the nut then use that as a kind of socket wrench. Ps no pics of that stage yet as I only have one half of one side done so far.
  3. Hi all more work on the Cobra. I decided to ditch the carbs (too much wrong with them ) The kit comes with fuel injection as an option I thought I would go with that, tbh a don't know which is worse, still I'm stuck with it now, hopefully I can improve on what the kit supplied (still won't be anything like accurate but maybe look interesting.
  4. Ootb Paul it's a nice kit, if not very accurate, luckily I've never been too much of a rivet counter.
  5. Hi all more work on the engine, the pipework is supposed to be gunmetal (why? Surley it would be steel or ally) anyway I decided for a bit of interest I would do it copper. Added some weathering to the engine.
  6. OK 2 more coats of stain (one more I think would do it) Got the inside stained, got the electrics in. And importantly somewhere to hang the dressing gowns Our friend is coming round tomorrow (he owns a flooring business) To put some 1/4 inch ply on the floor and half way up the wall then cover it with vinyl.
  7. Thats a great build you have going on there.
  8. Hi all time to start this Christmas present
  9. OK so the decals on this went weird so masked it and Sprayed it myself.
  10. I'm hoping that at 8 they won't get any chewing.megan loved them when unwrapped, actually it's a very complex game and will take them a while to work out the gameplay, she appreciates its a one of a kind game.
  11. Hi all lucky me (notice the Davidoff I normally get poundland cheipy ) must have been really good this year.
  12. So our boss kindly gave us Christmas eve off (love where I work) so I glazed the summer house and stained it with sadolin unfortunately swmbo didn't like the colour, fortunately I agree, so we bought some cornflower stain and this is the first coat (which I must admit I like much better, goes with the cream really well)
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