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  1. Hi all I decided to add the brake pipes to this kit and was going to use wire but then realised that the working steering and suspension wouldn't work so I added the bracket to the suspension leg and then added a flexible hose from that. Should I mention this was my third attempt(no ones perfect)
  2. Hi all made a start on the axle stands but had a major set back on the bodywork looked great till I clear coated it and it went matt (strange as I sprayed the bonnet and wings exactly the same way and they are nice and glossy) I decanted the laquer out of the can and sprayed it through my air brush, the only difference being I sprayed the body this morning (it rained over night) I sprayed the bonnet and wings during the day in the sun (i wonder if it was damp and it has bloomed)
  3. Thanks guys, yes the engine stand was used to store it whilst bit dried and stuff.
  4. Hi all bought a mirror to mount the 934 on will have the car on axle stands with the engine alongside it, not sure whether to have the tyres stacked or arranged around it, also thinking of putting 2 walls up around it with pictures of the car racing on them I'm going for a look of it being in a museum display. Any suggestions welcome.
  5. I'll ask the blokes at work about the pipes on monday mate. I must say I'm really enjoying this kit (although I thought it would take longer to build ) The seat is just placed there not glued loads to do to that yet.
  6. That actually looks like its eating into the plastic (if you enlarge the picture they look like tiny holes rather than fibres)
  7. Looks great the shoe lace idea is good. I used the kit hoses but I do have some braided hose so may well change those. Here is where I am now.
  8. Looks great the shoe lace idea is good. I used the kit hoses but I do have some braided hose so may well change those. Here is where I am now.
  9. Done some work on the fuel tank. a word of caution to anyone building this kit. When it comes to mounting the oil tank, on page one of the instructions it tells you to attach the mount for the oil tank, unless you skip ahead and build the oil tank first dont attach the mount in the first picture the bracket on the left had side is for the oil tank (the shelf with the oblong rail coming out from the side. The steel pipe laying on its side next to it in the next pic goes into the tank and then into a hole in the bulkhead. In the position of the next picture. Here is a picture of the oil tank in position Getting that pipe into the hole in the bulkhead and into the hole in the oil tank with that bracket in place is impossible (on this model of course that bracket was well and truly stuck) so I cut that rail off in order to get that pipe in then glued it back on again. A better option would have been to attach the bracket and tank with the pipe on at the same time. Here are some pics of the fuel tank.
  10. Hi all well the tamiya supplied engine is done, I've looked on line but cant find picures the throttle linkages, I will have to ask my boss if he has any references (he seems to have an know anything Porsche related (hes an advisor on several official Porsche boards and is highly respected for his knowledge))started the decals, which are great but, the ones round the grill are really hard especially the ones around the square cut outs (if I could have guaranteed the colour match it would have been far and away easier to mask and spray it. Ps I've barely started the decals (what ever happened to the English version (which I much preferred transfers) decals, where did that even come from you transfer the image from one place to another what you de (cant even think where cal fits in) sorry rant over, I just dont understand it.
  11. Yes the ps range is for polycarbonate bodys that's the reason I chose it, i didn't want any problems with compatibility (which I've had with the ts range) I dont know if it was a reaction with my primer or with the ts range of paint so I decided to try the stuff specially designed to work with clear polycarbonate figuring if it's safe on clear parts it must be especially safe on normal plastic
  12. More work on the engine and a start on the body.
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