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  1. You definitely couldn't build it in 30 mins even without painting it. Well its done, bit disappointed with its operation but I'm sure my grandson will love it. https://youtu.be/SvG7vxUWCxM
  2. Nearing completion now, I may repaint the metal parts to look, well more like metal.
  3. There's far more work in the ladder assu than the bodywork and it's far more difficult to get a smooth action but I'm quite pleased with how it's working.
  4. Hi all more work on this one.
  5. Hi all, a little modification needed to make for smooth running. I quite like the way it looks painted (far more interesting than wood)
  6. Someone those shots it's impossible to tell if it's real or a model. Superb work from the master.
  7. Hi all more work on this one.
  8. Hi all I thought I would paint this to try and make it more interesting.
  9. Hi all, so what happened here. Both parts were painted at the same time, with the same primer and the same top coat, I decided to give them a second coat and this happened
  10. Totally gobsmacked, this is amazing stuff
  11. Hi all back on this, ive decided which way im going, lots to do yet but I hope you can see where it's going.
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