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  1. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all well I still thought the sub was a little over scale so I've cut it down as much as I can, I've also added 2 more and added a bit more superstructure. I was thinking of adding another light, do you think that would be too much.
  2. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Hi all, well apart from the Oerlikons all the deck furniture is done, i think, hope?
  3. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all well I've got lighting that seems more right scale wise, got another one of these to convert and ordered 2 more slightly different (just for variety) to add.
  4. Did some work work on the bed of the transporter.
  5. kpnuts

    Yamaha YZF-R1M (Tamiya, 1/12)

    Good progress so far, look forward to the next update
  6. Thanks for the info mate. I've noticed that as they've used common parts in both kits the chrome strips on the cabriolet version have not been continued on the front wings so I've added them.
  7. kpnuts

    Heller Peugeot 403

    I think it turned out great and at least you didn't cheat like I did on my avant and do it top down.
  8. kpnuts

    Academy 1/350 H.M.S Warspite

    Beautiful,,,,, what else can I say.
  9. Incredible work and patience. Totally gobsmacked.
  10. Hi all here's the next update put the suspension together temporarily to see what size wheels I will need for the flatbed. 1/24 scale with tyre at 28 mm so unless some kind person has 8 wheels with tyres that size I will have to have a go at resin moulding. Did some more to the engines and done the leather seats as well.
  11. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350th Bismark

    Hi all built some more of the superstructure and added some more damage to the decking I know there is no debris from the wreck in the immediate area but I'm sorely tempted to use some artistic licence and add some.
  12. Hi all placed the wings and bonnet on to see how it looks Made the shackle rings Had a go at making a winch for the flatbed.
  13. kpnuts

    Lancia Stratos 1/24

    Decals looking good.