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  1. Thank you all when I left you last, I was working on all the little bobbins in the cockpit - switch panels, control boxes etc - most of these are PE faces, custom decals & toggle switches from wire, some of the bigger knobs & buttons are modified watch parts (cogs & shafts etc)... ..these are the front cockpit right hand side.. ..and fitted - the fuse panels in the lower half were first made up, then finely chopped coloured wire dropped onto blobs of CA - a bit like decorating a cake with hundreds & thousands.. ..same for the left.. ..here the knurled wheel was a modified 1/24 tailwheel (Fw190 i think) with ribs added.. ..rear right.. and rear left.. ..the rear bulkhead has quite a lot of complex work and it's own buoy and target towing control panel - the yellow thing in the middle is a pull cord to cut the towing cable.. ..when dry fitted in the airframe it starts to look like this.. ..then as we modellers like to do, we start to cover it all up.. ..here with the upper decking.. ..and when built up the cockpit starts to look a bit busier - in all areas there is still quite a lot of cabling & wiring to add.. ..and thats it for now - until next time.. TTFN Peter
  2. evening all I have been messing around with lots of little bits, but it's ok as it's all in the cockpit and I just lurve doing cockpits ..I took a look at the seat - I started this back in 2018 and used the base part as a basis for correction ..it's made of bakelite sort of stuff and needed the sides building out for these sort of 'wings' on the sides.. ..details, seams & rivets were added and the rear cushion made from milliput - the seams on this are lead wire and my sculpting skills are not very well developed ..then they were painted - lots of the tonal stuff seems lost in the picture.. ..also made the adjustment assembly & lower mount struts.. ..and it sort of goes here.. ..then made up PE bits for various consoles and fittings - many of these are in layers, much the same as the instrument panel.. ..after paint and decals I have a lot of work ahead still to do all the switches and knobs and make up the laminates plus glazing for those with dials.. ..speaking of instrument panels, I made this one from custome PE, custom airscale decals I tacked onto a trade order and lots of bits & bobs.. ..its as close as I can make it to the one in Steve Long's care in Oz.. ..yet to make the compass that goes in the compass stand.. ..long way to go yet, but it sort of goes here.. TTFN Peter
  3. Hi everyone & thank you I have been busying myself with the Firefly - having sorted out the upper fuselage shape I could get back to trying to make the forward cockpit fuselage walls and do it in such a way I could still get inside to detail it.. I started by skinning the walls and the cockpit coaming at the front - I figured if I just built it all first I could figure out access after.. ..then I decided to just cut away the walls and front to have one cockpit skin 'pod' and then drew up some line drawings for the structure & components.. ..after skinning the inner walls with litho (after scribing key locations) I added the station ribs from plastic or litho... ..also developed the basic floor - it was higher than when I originally cut the fuselage way back when.. ..and the basic structure starts to come together - the gaps all close up when squeezed.. ..with the basic structure done, I wanted to get down some paint as otherwise it all becomes a bit difficult to cover all the nooks & crannies - in looking at the refs I have, the bird I am doing has a 'black' cockpit, but when seen here it is quite grey - I realise this is under flash photography, but it is still not black as you can see in the contrast between switch panels & structure.. ..I had been using a tamiya rattle can of Nato black as thats quite a good tonal black, but I thought it too dark, so I mixed some MRP super matt black and blue grey and shot that over everything after priming.. ..a quick scour with 0000 wire wool to lift some detail and they are done.. ..rear walls, floor & bulkhead.. upper rear bulkheads ..rear deck.. ..cockpit pod.. ..pilots seat bulkhead.. ..cockpit floor.. ..and I am happier with the colour now.. ..now all I need to do is make dozens of detail parts like this one - the throttle quadrant.. ..it's missing it's labelling, but the custom decals are due soon so I can get stuck into the IP and stuff I really enjoy TTFN Peter
  4. Hi everyone Ah yes, Steve has already helped me out a bunch with pics of the Firefly in his care - in fact it is what this model is based on - I just need to get access to one to cover every inch and fill in some knowledge gaps rather than drive Steve mad from 10,000 miles away it's just a quick update even though it is partially one step backwards to get two steps forwards in parts.. I started by making up the rear cockpit sidewalls and starting to detail them with the gizmo's I can see in pics.. also the structural parts like ribs and a big angled beam that traverses each side.. ..these nestle under the rear decking.. ..also made up the basic floor & rear seat mount, with what I think are battery mount trays forward - as this is a target tug, I am not sure yet if the actual batteries were in it, but the trays certainly were.. ..painted up some of the stuff and made up some fuse / breaker boxes that live somewhere here on the sidewalls too.. ..there are a bunch of decals I am having made that have all the labels etc for the IP & gizmo's but they won't arrive until the end of August.. ..in the rear, the sidewalls are not fixed, they have spot CA to hold them in place while I shape the outsides to conform with the fuselage - I wanted to do the same at the front cockpit in adding removable walls so I can detail the interior without having to do keyhole surgery.. only problem was, when I added the sidewalls and was getting the aperture square, I noticed the entire upper fuselage between the cockpits was wee weed to one side, so nothing for it but to chop out all the skin and structure and start again.. ..it was this axis that was off - all the bulkheads were not in a line so new ones added.. you can also see where the forward fuselage where the IP sort of sits was off as well - the black lined template shows where the skin should be.. ..this was all redone & reskinned - much happier now.. ..canopy rails also let into the structure.. ..seat bulkhead is now right.. same with forward bulkhead.. ..I need to work out how best to do the cockpit now - I might chop out both fuselage sides, or I may cut out one so I can get inside - the rear sides will just break away.. .. a long way to go, but at least the basic airframe is in order now.. TTFN Peter
  5. Howdy folks So, i looked at what I might do next and of the shortlist only a couple on my 'mildly want to' fitted in my display cabinet - a P36 Hawk, a Goshawk, a CR32, an H1 and all the ones on my 'really want to' didn't... Firefly, Sea Fury, Defiant, Blenheim and a few outliers like a Meteor, Spartan Executive and Lockheed 12 were all considered, but in the end, I did want a Firefly so I have restarted it I started by taking the balsa wings I had made and giving them a bit of skin integrity by screeding with P38 filler and a shot of primer - then started to make up the radiator sections.. ..the first bit has the end ribs and the radiator box - this is as 90 degrees to the fuselage, not running the same angle as the wing leading edge.. ..these were then shaped & primed.. ..then a top panel and the leading edge which cuts in lower than the rib profile.. ..sorted & primed - for now these are just general shapes to start me off.. ..with the wings partially sorted it was time to start on the fillet shapes - these have a distinct profile and curve upwards from the trailing edge - so this was defined with brass sheet to keep the shape no matter how hard I sand at it and will result in a sharp edge.. ..this shot reminds me of the start of the build where there is lego and all sorts making up the central fuselage block.. ..foil tape was added to the wings and they were slotted into place so i could build up to them with P38.. rough and ready, but this is the start needed before refining the shapes, the wings just break out from the filler as it won't stick to the ali tape.. ..the finished fillets can be seen here, along with the fuselage sides for the rear cockpit - there is so much to go in here, I need access so made up the sides with spots of CA so they can be broken out again once shaped.. ..the sides also had brass L shapes to hold the deck that sits on the top, and also some inside to define where the sides will sit in the aperture.. ..got some more P38 on and started shaping.. best get all this done before there is loads of delicate detail in there ..and with a shot of primer.. ..I also had the PE I originally designed remade after I made a few changes - here is the IP.. ..after lots of filler & engineering I felt like a change so made the rear bulkhead in the observers position - the tubes are for sono buoys I think.. ..it will sit in here something like this... ..so thats it - underway again - she is a big girl too... The only thing is, I can only find one late Firefly in the UK - in the reserve collection at Yeovilton. I wrote to them asking if i could get access to take pictures but they said no... the aircraft is in a hangar while they are moving aircraft around and she said it would be 'too dangerous' and to write back in March 2022... Needless to say, if anyone knows anyone in Yeovilton's staff, please let me know as I am quite a well behaved civilised individual and could likely be in and out in 30 mins TTFN Peter
  6. Correct - it's a removable panel, rather than a door I made the panel but left it off as the 'pit is tiny as it is... Peter
  7. Thank you everyone, that is quite overwhelming I very much appreciate your comments and hope you will join me on the next build Peter
  8. Definitely following along, I love these big blank canvas conversions and the later mark Spit from a Mk1 is heady stuff I see you have some nice goodies to go with it too Peter
  9. Now the Fury is done, I am tempted to get back to this..
  10. thank you chaps, very kind I am calling this one done... thanks to everyone for dropping in and taking a look or leaving some encouragement K2902 of 1 Squadron was lost in a mid-air collision with K2901 on 17th December 1937 near Rowlands Castle, Hampshire. Both pilots, Flying Off (Acting Flight Lt) Harry Hamilton Peck (aged 26) and Sgt Robert Edmund Patten (aged 26) were killed. I hope to display it in Tangmere Museum as a tribute to them Thanks again & until next time Peter
  11. thank you guys, very kind I have been working hard on getting some big scary things done and actually it has caught me by surprise how close to the finish I am.. I don't have too many WIP pictures as while the model is on my bench getting stuff done, I have no room to get ready to take the odd snap, so i will describe some of the last stages.. ..with the wings on, rigging was made with K&S 0.15 Music wire - this stuff is great as it's rigid so it's just about getting the turnbuckles right and there is a bit of play as they slide in the turnbuckle tubes so a great fit is quite easy. the turnbuckles themselves are albion alloys tube, crimped & drilled at the ends with a few custom PE fittings like where there are dual wires... ..I also attatched the landing gear with tiny spots of JB weld and the bolts pushed through - I think if I am careful it will hold, these also have rigging lines, though the brake lines are not connected yet.. ..the tailskid & boot were also fitted - bit of red paint bleed I can see here I need to correct.. ..you may notice the wheel covers are red - I got an interesting message from JensHB that someone in the know was following the thread and said 'A Flight' of 1 Sqdn colours were Red, with 'B Flight' Blue and 'C Flight' Yellow - I was only going by the note on the one photo I have of K2902 when I painted mine blue so checked with Tangmere Museum. They couldn't confirm one way or another, but when I did shade comparisons on the photo with known red & blue from the roundel it was clear the wheels & fin should be red so they were repainted.. ..with the LG fitted and the rigging done, it is only the tailfeathers left to do.. when I say nearly finishing has caught me by surprise, I mean it - I have given zero consideration to what is next.. one thing is certain - it can be anything as I proved to myself I can scratchbuild, and as always i do like a metal finish so, need to get the fin, stabs, rudder & elevators fitted & rigged and then I think I am pretty much there TTFN Peter
  12. we have some rigging... we have leather patches... we have wing struts... we have WINGS!! home flippin straight now boys TTFN Peter
  13. hello again thanks all for your kind comments I did have a Patreon page for about a year which had lots of videos about how I do things, but I closed it as it simply took too much time in production and gave me less building time - I will see if I can unrestrict the videos as the page should still be there things have been hotting up in complexity in trying to fit the upper wing.. ..first they needed completing, so these access hatches were added - not sure what they are for.. ..also all the bracing wire mounts & doped patches were added to the underside.. ..the ailerons had the mass balance weights and the control horns added.. ..and the disc cam drives & control arm and were fully mounted in a neutral position.. ..with the wings complete, I wanted to get to mounting the centre section - to do that all the stuff under the upper wings on top of the fuselage like aldis sight needed fabricating, including the windshield.. ..this was quite tricky as the frame sits on a wooden former that is a neat fit to the fuselage.... I did this by covering the fuselage in aluminuim plumbers tape (like bare metal foil) and CA'd a rough frame to it so I could build up the shape with P38 filler and still be able to break it away later as none of it, including the CA really sticks to the foil.. ..that was refined and the glazing added - very carefully - I hate doing transparencies as I have a track recordn of screwing them up.. ..the aldis sight and gunsight parts were made and added to the upper fuselage.. ..also the cabane struts, which I have to say was probably the hardest and most frustrating bit of modelling I have ever done - they look simple sat here in the pics, but this is days of work to get them right so the orientation of the upper wing is correct in 3 axis ..the centre section fits on posts in each strut and will be a real challenge to actually glue in place as I need about 12 hands to locate everything.. ..there are also multiple rigging wires so things are starting to get exponentially harder TTFN Peter
  14. thanks chaps just a quick one to say wing painting is done without issue thank goodness used radu's masks for the roundels and then started to lay out the top wing squadron marks - i also had some round blanks to cover the roundels in the masks I made, the rest was tamiya tape.. ..getting there.. ..mixed up a match to the fuselage paint & airbrushed.. ..and job done ..lots more details on the wing still to go, but I am so relieved that is out of the way.. TTFN Peter
  15. Hi again everyone I cracked on with the upper wing - same format as the lower wing in using very thin plastic card, embossed with a ballpoint to simulate the ribs / catenary and then carefully using impact adhesive to fix the skins to the wing structure.. ..the tips were again a problem as the plastic doesn't like the compound curves, but I think I sorted it out in the end.. ..by the time I took this pic, both wings and the middle section were skinned, primed and sorted. I made the whole wing so I could cut the ailerons out and they would conform properly - here I am using a printed part of my wing plan to match the aileron to the mini forward spar underneath the skin.. ..the ailerons were cut out with sharp blades, mini saw blade and a few cuts with a slitting disc.. the profile is different on the top to the bottom, but I had no drawings so all I knew was the outlines.. ..with the ailerons removed some of the structural details can be added - there are two teardrop shaped recessed into the wing that make space for big balance weights sticking out of the front of the ailerons - these were made by plunge moulding the recesses and letting them into the bottom wing skin... ..here insulating tape is used to protect the embossed rib detail while I fill and fair in the recesses.. ..once the structural bits were done it was time for rib tapes, many, many rib tapes.. ..as before, the tapes and any linen patches are made from decal film - there is a lot of it... ..the circular hole on the lower surfaces is where there is a disc shaped bellcrank to control the aileron ..with everything done, it was time for paint - alclad white aluminium.. ..the rib tapes are quite subtle and I think worth the hours of work.. ..another look at the underside and the details.. ..the ailerons were also completed - an interesting detail top right is a small glass inspection window which seems to have a white notice with red writing inside it - made that using an airscale decal ..the internal shape where it meets the wing will be all wrong, but this can't be seen so it is what it is.. ..complete topside - the gaps between the sections is fine - in fact I would say mine is tighter than the real one ..and the underside.. ..probably get all the markings on the wing topside next.. I am NOT looking forward to that... TTFN Peter
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