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  1. morning folks thank you so much right, picking up where we left off.. Elevators were cut from brass sheet and scored for rib positions.. ..ribs & leading edges added from plastic card.. ..skinned in scored card in the same way.. ..and the tailfeathers are done.. ..I experimented with different rib tapes to see what I might use.. 1. is masking tape 2. is rivetted decal strip - the rivets dissappear
  2. evening again folks long weekend for me as I have some leave to take before year end in April, so got the stabiliser done today first a look at what we are trying to do... here you can see the complex arrangement where there are tubes supporting the fin, and between them goes the one-piece elevator spar tube.. ..there are also cut-outs in the fabric for the control wires, and mount points you can't see for rigging wires.. ..another little note is the elevator hinge arrangement - I have no drawings of this part so am going off this p
  3. evening everyone thank you so much for your kind comments, they really do mean a great deal and inspire me to better myself lets start with some little bits.. I added the coloured raised instrument bezels on the instrument panel in advance of getting the instrument decals at the end of the month.. ..also made up the compass ready for it's dial.. ..and it's bracket & stand.. ..moving onto bigger things, after a long time i had to get the wingtips sorted... I tried l
  4. Hi lads & lasses the Fury is moving along at a glacial pace - the next bit to do was the upper U/C strut seen here in all it's aerodynamic glory, along with many details that need reproducing.. ..note the different fixings, the bracket mounting it to the fuselage lug and the big nut at the front.. ..I started with the 3D printed parts I did - it was beyond me to get the curved fairing at the top so I did a flat profile outline and set about sanding them to shape. First up some tape to define the boundary and allow a scribed reference line..
  5. Hi there thats a great spot, oddly the Westburg drawings (popularly accepted as the best) completely ignore this metal panel - just goes to show to use photos not drawings here are the drawings i used ..and here is a clear shot of the metal panel on the R/H cockpit wall in question ..I need to make that correction and try and find the internal framework of the panel, but thanks for pointing it out now rather than I find out with the fuselage closed! Peter
  6. Howdy friends hope all are well & back with some more Fury stuff.. wanted to get some stuff done while I wait for the instrument decals so i can start building up the cockpit and ultimately close the fuselage.. ..there were a few bits that lend themselves well to 3D - things like the wheels... ..I nearly got caught out as the few drawings I have are for Danish Nimrods, well it turns out Nimrods have slightly bigger wheels - not sure what the one on K5674 in Duxford was, but the hub pattern is common to period Fury photo's I have seen,
  7. ..little bit more done... ..I wanted to check the cabane strut alignment against the little spigots I included on the brass tube 'core' at the heart of the model. These are quite complicated in as much as they angle forwards and outwards, plus obviously define the position (and strength) of the upper wing.. ..I translated some specific drawings on the plans into some card templates and added dummy tube struts to see where I was at.. ..after some fettling and small bends on the spigots, I got it good enough for now..
  8. evening folks Happy New Year folks and thanks for all your kind comments ..thought I would drop in with a little update.. ..I started to work on the vacformed fuselage, with the first thing to do being to cut holes where the inner brass framework that supports the cabane struts and the inner fuselage structure & wing spars goes to see if it all fits inside - thankfully it does.. after that, I laid the halves onto plans to transfer the positions of panel lines and the definition between the metal and stringer areas and added the rear s
  9. Seasons Greetings all Thank you for the tips and advice on replicating fabric covering - I will check them out Hi Antonis great to see you here my friend - I will check this out - for anyone reading this thread - you must check out rOEN911's digital aviation artwork on Artstation - he is responsible for much of the superb artwork on my packaging and for other manufacturers like Copperstate, RS, Flypast and more- stuff like this... ..it is quite incredible and an other worldly talent.. so, been busy with a couple of things
  10. Morning ladies Thanks Keith - I will skin the wings with plastic, vacform the fuselage (adding stringer efects to that), skin the nose in metal but for an actual fabric effect I am not sure yet how I will do that ..after a little interlude on the wings, I went back to the cockpit.. here, behind the instrument panel, you can see some shapes for the ammo boxes and feed / eject chutes - they are the diagonal lines above the left & right bits of the panel, and the ribbed metal panels below it - it turns out the mysterious cogwheel assemblies to t
  11. Thank you chaps - very kind I thought I might change things up a bit having been in the 'pit for a few weeks (and while I search for pics or drawings of the ammo boxes / chutes...) so thought I might make a start on the lower wings. These are more simple than the uppers (no ailerons) so are better candidates to learn on.. .. I copied the techniques in the Alcorn book - they made it look straightforward ..first up make a brass template of the rib - thankfully these are constant chord across the span until it gets to the tip.. the holes they are pinned throu
  12. evening chaps Thanks Chris - actually I have a pretty small, cramped desk with a mini-lathe (that is currently broken) and a mini proxxon milling machine - I just wish I had a fantastic workshop! Thank you very much - all the wiring will be display only - there is no way I am going to even try and make things like control surfaces work! Many thanks Chris - I am also intrigued about the fabric I have yet to solve it, but have ruled out tissue/dope and iron on RC materials - so will have to fig
  13. evening chaps - thank you, very kind so, as I said last time, I started to detail the sidewalls in which there are many bits & bobs that mainly are mini models in their own right.. starting with the R/H wall - here we have a conduit housing on the far left, a big brass ki-gas pump, a sort of pull handle on the top rail and a couple of push switches... ..on the L/H wall a trim wheel made from laminates of 0.5mm ply, some big ratchet handle and a small lever quadrant on the top rail - there is another o
  14. afternoon ladies Thanks so much for the encouragement not so much a WIP as a status update... but I found I had got to the point I really needed a jig I could put the side frames in and out of so I could work up assemblies that go in them.. ..this is just a sheet of perspex with a drawing I made from the plan stuck to it and then a bunch of hold points that hold the spar / brass front end, and then the side frames in the right place & orientation.. i had missed the side frames are canted inwards after the seat - I thought that was further b
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