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  1. Thank you chaps - very kind I thought I might change things up a bit having been in the 'pit for a few weeks (and while I search for pics or drawings of the ammo boxes / chutes...) so thought I might make a start on the lower wings. These are more simple than the uppers (no ailerons) so are better candidates to learn on.. .. I copied the techniques in the Alcorn book - they made it look straightforward ..first up make a brass template of the rib - thankfully these are constant chord across the span until it gets to the tip.. the holes they are pinned throu
  2. evening chaps Thanks Chris - actually I have a pretty small, cramped desk with a mini-lathe (that is currently broken) and a mini proxxon milling machine - I just wish I had a fantastic workshop! Thank you very much - all the wiring will be display only - there is no way I am going to even try and make things like control surfaces work! Many thanks Chris - I am also intrigued about the fabric I have yet to solve it, but have ruled out tissue/dope and iron on RC materials - so will have to fig
  3. evening chaps - thank you, very kind so, as I said last time, I started to detail the sidewalls in which there are many bits & bobs that mainly are mini models in their own right.. starting with the R/H wall - here we have a conduit housing on the far left, a big brass ki-gas pump, a sort of pull handle on the top rail and a couple of push switches... ..on the L/H wall a trim wheel made from laminates of 0.5mm ply, some big ratchet handle and a small lever quadrant on the top rail - there is another o
  4. afternoon ladies Thanks so much for the encouragement not so much a WIP as a status update... but I found I had got to the point I really needed a jig I could put the side frames in and out of so I could work up assemblies that go in them.. ..this is just a sheet of perspex with a drawing I made from the plan stuck to it and then a bunch of hold points that hold the spar / brass front end, and then the side frames in the right place & orientation.. i had missed the side frames are canted inwards after the seat - I thought that was further b
  5. evening chaps so, only a few pics, but this has been a lot of work... ..the rudder pedals & control assembly seen here in a lovely old ink drawing... notice the pedestal assembly, the star control wheel assembly, the pedals & pistons... all need to be made.. ..started at the bottom with the pedestal - this is just tube and tiny litho bits to look like a casting.. ..then the star wheel assembly with a PE star and some bits - the threaded rod is a watch part.. ..and the pedals
  6. thanks guys been a bit busy on the Fury - much of what I started to do has been binned and remade, so while you have seen this, you haven't seen the accurate version ..first I remade the tubular framework with squared joints which was a way Hawker managed to joint tubes in this way.. here also some of the brackets are being added (with dummy ali tubes) that support the control stick / rudder pedal assembly.. ..checking the alignment again by putting both side frames together..this is crucial for everything to be true &
  7. Thanks guys - Chris those pics are particularly helpful - thank you I have been at the bench, but not modelling.. I have taken the drawings and photo's I have and have prepared the PE needed for the interior of the Fury - hundreds of parts in total. I also prepared the instruments which I will get made as decals in my next airscale stock order.. first the PE fret - this has an F4U panel in the corner for a fellow modeller in 1/18 who goes to the n'th degree like I try to to be accurate in every detail (you know who you are Jay...) ..here we have brackets, IP
  8. need help chaps - does anyone have even one period picture of a Fury instrument panel? ..have a few of resto's & the Nimrod, but nothing like a contemporaneous Pilots notes picture showing one back in the day thanks in advance (& with fingers crossed) Peter
  9. so after an early start, I am back from my research trip I spoke to Guy Black this morning and he allowed me full access to K5674 in Hangar 3 in Duxford - anyone who knows the warbird circuit will know of Guy, he is a legend in bringing old birds back to life through AeroVintage & Retrotec and operating them. It was a real privelege for me Took loads of pictures - unfortunately a tonneau cover was over the cockpit and the security guy (probably rightly) didn't want to mess with it - but for the exterior I have everything ..these of the U/C will definat
  10. Hi & welcome to the forums If you go through the contact us page on my website I can email the PDF back to you as it's not online, I got my printer to make up the PDF from images I found in an old RC Model magazing www.airscale.co.uk Thanks Peter
  11. Thanks ladies a bit more done.. ..the undercarriage legs are something I thought I might start without drawings as I have a fair bit of dimensional info off the 4 view I do have.. we can see here there is a lower aerofoil compression strut that is in a wider upper housing, with the axle (looking like a rod, but is also aerofoil) and a complex bunch of fittings either end to mount the main strut, trailing strut and bracing wires.. ..to make the aerofoil compression strut I tried a number of things, from lef
  12. Thank you ..after posting the pics of the control grip I was really bothered by how crap the cotton wrap looked..so I stripped it off.. ..then I painted it in maskol masking rubber & painted that instead... ..I am happier with how this looks on another note, on Monday I am going up near Duxford to meet with someone who has nearly 2,000 factory drawings of the Fury which I am allowed to access and photograph - really thrilled about that as it is becoming a problem having no references
  13. Evening folks Thank you for all your kind comments – I will try and live up to them! ..got a little bit done since last time – added the seat height adjuster – an industrial sized lever indeed.. ..also used this and one other photo to try and make up the control column assembly in which the control stick itself goes through a casting which is itself mounted on a rod going fore & aft.. ..you can see the stick as the grey vertical rod in front of the seat, and the transverse black rod below it
  14. mojo noun informal a quality that makes you successful and full of energy: · He's definitely lost his mojo. · He needs to get his mojo working if he's going to finish that model Well, I lost mine over the last few months in a big way. For many reasons I just lost interest in my Fw190 and so it has been shelved for now. It's one of those inexplicable things, those that remember the 1/24 Tigercat maybe know I have form in this area .. Instead, I have found a new source of mojo which has seen me back at t
  15. Thanks folks & good afternoon It’s been a while since an update, simply because I have had to reconfigure our house and move my office / workshop to a smaller room to give what I had snagged as the biggest room in the house as a family room as my eldest daughter is expecting and I am to be a Grandad! They don’t live with us (thank God!), but we will need more space for entertaining so I moved lock, stock & barrel into the old Lounge – also bought a display cabinet I had my eye on as part of the bribe… ..but I have now picked up
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