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  1. evening chaps, hope you are having a great weekend at the bench thanks again for all your comments ..bit more Fury mayhem... ..attached the lower wings - I replaced the carbon rod spars (two of which had snapped off anyway as I had to partially cut them after realising there was dihedral..). Basically I drilled out the first inch or so and put brass spars through the tubes in the fuselage (already part of the cockpit frame) and slid the wings on - I also perforated the mating face on the wing itself for better adhesion as all the time I had been concerned
  2. recovered! red over black means the shade is a touch darker than I would like and I guess I will need to repeat the mistake on the upper wing stripes to keep it the same, but at least it's done without too much drama TTFN Peter
  3. "Well no-one's perfect" So true - especially in my case when we now have a classic example of assumption being the mother of all f#ck ups.. Nick, you are of course right - 1 Sqn's markings are red, but I had convinced myself and assumed the photo was mislabelled as No 1 Sqn as the stripe PATTERN looked like 25 Sqn in tighter spaced lines and therefore if it really was a 25 Sqn aeroplane then they were black ..now I look again and do more forensic examination i can see many cues that show this is indeed a 1 Sqn aircraft and the stripes are indeed red
  4. evening folks & thanks for your encouragement - it really means a lot to me Thanks Derek - will have to check that out - i haven't noticed it yet, but that certainly does not mean it's not there ..as far as progress goes, I started painting - not my strong suit.. Radu made me the masks and they were excellent - the only real issue being how fragile the surface is - the decal strip can pull off, the alclad can pull off, and painting onto polished metal means guess what - yep, it pulls (or falls) off... I probably should have varnis
  5. evening everyone Hi PR - great to hear from you - hope you are well ..you hit the nail on the head - I am actually really worried about the integrity of the surface when it comes to masking - up to now I have been VERY careful, but it just takes one lift and the surface is ruined - especially the decal tape which is a weakness ..I have done tests & it seemed ok, but time will tell.. so just a brief update as while I have been busy I didn't get any in progress shots.. firstly, the wings were given rib tapes from
  6. ello, ello, thanks my friends for stopping by so, I have finally settled on a scheme - it's K2902 of No.1 Squadron Tangmere. It belongs to B Flight with it's fin, wheels and spinner painted in blue. It's individual letter 'A' can be seen on the cowling painted in red. Tragically, it was lost in a mid-air collision with K2901 on 17th December 1937 near Rowlands Castle, Hampshire. Both pilots, Flying Off (Acting Flight Lt) Harry Hamilton Peck (aged 26) and Sgt Robert Edmund Patten (aged 26) were killed, so this is in their memory. ..there are fanc
  7. thanks chaps ..just a quick one I cut away the under fuselage to allow mating of the rad structure - the roof of the rad intake at the front seems also to have some sort of slat arrangement, but I only have a couple of oblique photos to work from so imagineered this bit.. ..also the flat panel in front of it was let in by using a template glued on to cut away the skinning and then some work to flatten the underlying structure before adding a more detailed panel.. TTFN Peter
  8. thanks chaps so, a weekends work in a few pictures coming up.. ..the radiator under the fuselage is quite a complex structure and now the PE bits I had made have arrived it was time to start.. ..complicated nose with cut-outs and gills.. ..rear with some details to capture.. ..I started by translating drawings & pictures into templates to make a buck for a vacform copy.. the PE included radiator faces which while they can't be seen here have all the honeycomb detail.. ..I started
  9. afternoon just a couple of bits done today.. this intake sits each side of the fuselage - I had already built a recess in the fuselage to house them and cut holes in the panel where they go, so next up was making them. I started with a perspex buck and spent a few goes trying to skin it - that was an epic fail as it's juts too compound to get right.. in the end I used my little proxxon milling machine to mill some Ali rod into a blank I could then mill out the end intake - it cost me three tiny milling bits as I am such a noob, but
  10. thank you so much everyone - I want you to know you are why I got better at modelling - thats what a WIP on here does for you ..here is the next chapter.. ..this is the nose panel I have been secretly dreading... one, it has to fit with other panels on 3 sides, two it is full of raised rivets despite being curved and needing burnishing into shape, and three - last bu not least, look at those perfect little oval apertures for each exhaust pipe... challenging... ..the first thing to tackle was the ovals - here a suitable b
  11. evening ladies ..so all the action lately has been on skinning - hard, complex skins actually.. ..the under chin one took a couple of goes, but with lots and lots of gentle tapping with a tiny hammer, coaxing with various bits of soft and hard wood, I got it good enough to lay down and work on.. ..the printed paper borders are acttually a false litho skin representing the engine side panels so I can lay this chin panel down and push it right up to that border - once overlapping & tight, the waste can be sanded away leaving the edge shape I want..
  12. hello again & thanks again Well Malc, if Telford is on, I hope to enter my P51, and whatever state this is in I will put it on the WIP part of the 32 SIG stand - it certainly won't be finished by then ..the only part I have actually made are the guns - bits of brass and some PE I made at the beginning - these were pre-painted before assembly so I can get in all the nooks & crannies.. ..the muzzle breech thing had square holes so these were drilled & filed.. ...& painted.. ..
  13. ..finished the top deck which is where I should have ended yesterdays update
  14. Good day to you So, what bobbins have I come up with this week? Well, now the rear fuselage has the tapes and at least a primer coat of silver I can move to the skinning - this is something I have been both looking forward to and dreading... ..the dread stems from there are many complex panels (hard thing number 1), they are not flush riveted but have dome rivets (hard thing number 2) and they are highly polished (hard thing number 3...) ..moving backwards from the turtledeck, I noticed some smaller panels sort of stitched on..
  15. many thanks chaps yes, of course, it's this stuff on Amazon ..they do clear as well.. all the best Peter
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