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  1. Shelliecool

    FW 189 A-1 / A-2

    You did indeed see a Yak 38.......I'm using it to practice my winter distemper, it's from an old kit I picked up for pennies online. Great idea about brushing on the whitewash, like you say it was often applied hastily and not as smooth as an airbrush. Thanks, Michelle.
  2. Shelliecool

    FW 189 A-1 / A-2

    Since my first post I have begun work on the FW 189, firstly washing the sprues and giving them a coat of Vallejo primer. I then began work on the cockpit and interior sections of the aircraft, giving the interior of the fuselage, floor plan, seats and instrument panel a coat of RLM 2. Once this had dried I built up the flight deck, and began adding fine details by hand, before applying the decals to the seats and cockpit. While this dried I began masking the canopy and glass sections. I had already dipped them in Quickshine, and with a new blade painstakingly masked each little section. I have found some great hairspray technique tutorials on YouTube, and am very keen to use this on the winter distemper paintwork (I will copy a link at the end of this post), so have built up an old spare kit to use for practice. I have to say I'm loving the detail on this kit and so far it's been great to work on. https
  3. Shelliecool

    Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless

    I have started work on the Dauntless, after giving it a soapy wash, I gave the parts a blast of Vallejo primer. Once this had had time to dry I airbrushed the interior of the fuselage, cockpit floor and seats with the Vallejo equivalent of cockpit green and set it to one side. I then began adding some colour to my pilot and crew. I managed to find some colour photographs online of men who had flown onboard these aircraft during WWII, and set to work. Leaving these to dry I began building the cockpit, before adding my crew and securing it into the fuselage. As I expected from an aged kit, the cockpit didn't fit very well, lose in some places tight in others. However, with a little jiggling I managed to bring the halves together and tape them in place. The seam is going to need a good sand, as a light coat of Mr.Surfacer 1000 has revealed. My next job is to drill out the airbrakes, and build the wings.
  4. My next build (that I'm working on along side my FW 198), is Airfix's 1:72 Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless. I have had this kit in my stash for some time, and as usual let my son decide what my next build would be.........and here it is...... The kit contains a set of simple instructions, and a detailed decal sheet for both colour schemes. If the parts were originally all on a sprue, some of them have broken off, and most have a lot of flash. Most of the detailing/rivet markings are raised on the kit, which if I'm honest is not a favourite of mine, and adds to the challenge. There are a choice of 2 colour schemes, I am planning to build that of Groupe de Chasse-Bombardement 1/18 "Vendée", South France 1944. It will be a straight from the box build, with landing gear down.
  5. Shelliecool

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Yes.....I fear I may be needing a stiff drink once I have finished my masking marathon!!!! Thanks, Michelle
  6. Shelliecool

    FW 189 A-1 / A-2

    I am about to begin building Italeri's 1:72 FW 189 A-2. I was lucky enough to receive this kit for Christmas, having been keeping an eye on it on several online shops. I love the twin boom, and huge greenhouse effect cockpit of this aircraft, and in its winter distemper colour scheme of 'Heeres-Aufklarungsgruppe 32' it looks like a mean bit of kit. So let's look at what the kit has in store.... As usual the box art is beautiful, and the instruction booklet is detailed and clear, has the option of 4 colour schemes and decals suit your choice of build. There are 3 grey sprues, which appear free from flash, and have a nice amount of detailing, with panel lines that are not too deep. Then there are four clear pieces, these are going to take quite a lot of attention and time to mask up properly (but should be worth it in the end). This is going to be a straight from the box build, with landing gear down. I have decided to build the scheme of FW 189 A-2, Heeres-Aufklarungsgruppe 32 based in Finland, 1943. This is the aircraft pictured on the box art, and I have chosen that scheme firstly because it looks stunning, and secondly because I want to test my skills airbrushing the winter paintwork. I only hope I can come close to doing it justice.
  7. Shelliecool

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Thanks Roger, my next builds are Italeri's FW 189 A-1 and an Airfix Douglas Dauntless, both have had a splash of primer to the cockpit sections and are waiting for me to start. Thanks again, Michelle.
  8. Shelliecool

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Thanks Chris, in my defence the illustration on the instructions is tiny and hard to decipher. Thanks , Michelle
  9. Shelliecool

    Curtiss Tomahawk IIB

    Hi Steve, I struggle getting a consistent mix with Humbrol and find myself pulling my hair out while trying to airbrush it. Hence my conversion to Vallejo, I used Middleton's for the lighter shade and Dark earth for the darker (that was the best match I had and liked the look of). I hope that helps. Thanks again, Michelle.
  10. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Avro Lancaster Bomber Mk.III, by Revell. It is a straight from the box build, the only change being that I used Vallejo acrylics throughout, and have build my own stand so the aircraft can be displayed in flight. The kit went together well, the sprues were nice and clean and for once I managed to join the fuselage halves without breaking into an angry sweat. So I would have to say this has been one of my favourite kits to build, and I hope I have done an icon justice. Thanks.
  11. Shelliecool

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Once the blue had dried on the stand I masked it up again and gave it a blast if red, I then put it to one side and began the finishing touches on the aircraft. Firstly carefully attaching the bombs using tweezers, in the best arrangement to suit the stand it will fit too. I then added the props and spinners, as well as pitot tubes and the like. Once the glue was dry I masked up the clear sections, and gave the build several light coats of Vallejo satin varnish. I then unmasked the stand, sanded the roundel down to weather it and gave it a coat of Quick shine gloss. Then the time came to secure the aircraft to the stand, I took time to build some Lego jack's to keep it level while the glue set.......and finally, she's finished. I have really enjoyed this build, the Lancaster is such an iconic aircraft and one I feel I know a little better for building. The kit went together well, caused little drama, and the Vallejo acrylics sprayed and settled very well. Thank you for joining me on this build, I hope I have done the aircraft justice. I will post more photos in the ready for inspection forum, thanks again.
  12. Shelliecool

    Curtiss Tomahawk IIB

    Thanks Jean, it is indeed a starter kit and a straight from the box build. Maybe a little more research is needed in future. Thanks again, Michelle.
  13. Ready for inspection is my latest build Airfix's 1:72 Curtiss Tomahawk IIB. The kit was a gift I received for Christmas, and apart from my homemade stand and my decision to use Vallejo acrylics, the aircraft is built straight as it comes from the box. There was very little flash, and there was quite a nice amount of detailing in the panel lines etc. I was a little dubious as to how well the sharks mouth decal would fit and settle, but my worrying was for nothing as it went on smoothly with a splash of Micro Sol. All in all it was a nice little kit to build, thanks for looking.
  14. Shelliecool

    Curtiss Tomahawk IIB

    Once the primer was dry, I carefully airbrushed some Vallejo Aluminium over the top and left it to dry overnight. Today I carefully traced the centre circle and cut a piece of green fabric to fit, this I then secured with PVA glue. Leaving it to dry I added the aerial, and other bits to the build before giving it several light coats of Vallejo satin varnish. I then drilled a hole in the stand and aircraft for the tube that would support it. Once these were secured together the build was finished. I have thoroughly enjoyed this kit, it went together really well, and even the tricky sharks mouth decal went on fairly easily. Thanks for joining me on my build journey and for your advice and support. I will post some more photos of the build in the ready for inspection forum, thanks again.
  15. Shelliecool

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    I have continued work on my display stand, unmasking and masking it up so the roundel can receive a coat of blue (this time Revell blue gloss). Once dry I can apply the final colour, red in the centre. https://flic.kr/p/243TsYk