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  1. With the panel line dry time came to mask her up. There are no decals for the invasion stripes (I would have airbrushed them anyway, but used the decals as a size guide), so by eye I masked up the striped and Grey areas. Then I mixed up some sky and airbrushed a light coat of it onto the build. The vallejo acrylic settled well, so I left it to dry overnight. The following day I gave it another light coat, leaving some of the panel lines visible. Today, I mixed in a little white and airbrushed some highlights/ wear marks. Once dry I will seal it in with Quick shine gloss, and mask up for the yellow invasion stripes.
  2. I have been working away on the seams that were visible on the wheels. This took a lot of sanding, and some filler, and yet more sanding. Finally, I was ready to reapply some colour, and thankfully it has worked! Next I plan to add some weathering and build the undercarriage.
  3. Since my last post i have spent time airbrushing the tyres on all 3 wheels. The paint settled well but the seam line is still visible. Because of this I will sand them down again and repeat the process, hopefully to better effect. I have also airbrush the landing gear doors, inside dark sea grey and outside white.... Thankfully this was pretty straight forward.
  4. Since my last post I have primed the fuselage and wings using thinned vallejo primer, this is really thick so definitely needs thinning to 5:1. Once this had dried (takes at least 24 hours), I gave it another blast where my Mr. Surfacer was still slightly visible. Again I left this overnight, and today i have carefully preshaded the panel lines. I used vallejo Nato black for this, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Once this has dried I will mask it up ready for some colour.
  5. Since my last post I have been working on the canopy, several dry fits revealed that it didn't fit! The front piece was fine, the back was way too narrow! Lots of attempts at widening the back section helped but it still required a lot of force to make it fit. But fit it finally did..................... Once the glue was dry and the canopy was stuck in place, I added a little filler to the gaps (there were still some), and left it to dry. Then I constructed the airbrakes, and began work on the wing roots.
  6. Since my last post I have been working on the undercarriage. This I imagined would be pretty straightforward, however, it doesn't fit very well (or at all into the wheel bays!). With a lot of fiddling around, trying to hold the main strut in place, while making the brace fit (which it doesn't!), I finally got them in place. Once the glue had set I removed them for painting, airbrushing them Vallejo silver. I then constructed the wheels and airbrushed the hubs silver. Getting there slowly.
  7. Once the paint had dried on the interior I fixed it I to one half of the fuselage, along with the nose cone. Then I joined the halves together, this was a real squeeze but with brute force I managed to secure them. Then I turned my attention to the wings (roots) fitting the top section to the underside. This went smoothly and without drama. Once the glue was dry I removed the tape from the fuselage,and discovered that it would need quite a bit of Sanding to remove the seams. I set to work with some Perfect Plastic Putty, and went over it with Mr.Surfacer 1000. After several coats I began sanding. I hate seam sanding so have been working on it in small bursts, and am finally happy with the results.
  8. With the paint dry, time came to unmask the aircraft. I was relieved to find the paint hadn't bled under the tape and am rather happy with the look of the build so far. I then sealed in the paintwork with a coat of Quick shine varnish. On to the undercarriage and props.
  9. Last night I mixed a little white into the Dark Green and airbrushed some highlights (the lighting makes it look more obvious than it actually is). I have left this to dry and will unmask it and seal it in later.
  10. The Chinook kit was given toe with most parts missing, so instead of putting it in a cupboard I decided to use it for airbrushing practice. The Yak was used to practice the hairspray technique. I spray them a little every time I airbrush, so really they are quite loved.
  11. Thank you, the Yak is my paint tester. I spray that and half a Chinook to test my mix. Thanks, Michelle
  12. Exactly, build them separately and paint them, then attach to the aircraft at the very end. Michelle
  13. Thanks Ced, I'm pleased I'm not the only one who prefers to build them that way! Michelle
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