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  1. It's not by choice Chris, I went to upload my photos to Flickr only to be told I've gone over my limit of 1000 free uploads. It wants me to buy Flickr pro, so I thought I'd be clever and delete a few from my Flickr account, this didn't work and I kept getting the same message. So I have gone for Photobucket purely as a second choice. Thanks, Michelle.
  2. Over the last few nights I have been busy weathering the Wildcat. Firstly applying a dirt wash to the top and bottom, removing any access residue in the direction of airflow. Next I applied chipping to the build, for this I used a filed down cocktail stick, once happy with this mixed up some rust and applied it to the underside. I plan to add some smoke trails from the exhausts with my airbrush, then the final assembly can begin.
  3. Since my last post I have finally finished applying the decals, and have sealed them in with Quick shine gloss varnish. My next step is to apply some weathering before building the undercarriage and props. Not far off the finish line now.
  4. I think most of them were Chris, although I have found some photos of the British Airways ones with what could be aluminium? Thanks, Michelle.
  5. While the varnish was drying, I started working on the propellers, spinners, and undercarriage. Firstly airbrushing the undercarriage struts and wheel hubs Aluminium, and giving the propeller tips a coat of yellow. Then I masked up the hubs and the propeller tips and airbrushed several light coats of black for the tyres and blades. Tonight, it was decal time! There are not a great lot of decals on this scheme, but they are large. Concerned about silvering, I cut the letters out individually and carefully reconstructed them on the build. Using Micro sol, I gently eased them onto the surface, and so far they appear to have settled down well. So far so good.
  6. Once the decals were dry and settled I gave the build a coat of Quick shine gloss varnish to seal them in. I then turned my attention to the few remaining pieces that needed airbrushing. I gave the wheels a coat of Vallejo Light grey, and once this was dry, masked up the centre and airbrushed the tyres black. Finally I worked on the propeller, firstly spraying it Aluminium, then I painted the wing tips yellow, before masking them up and spraying the blades black. These are now drying, ready for final assembly.
  7. With the grey/blue sealed in with a coat of Quick shine gloss, it was time to start the decals. I read about bedding them down using the quick shine gloss, and thought I'd give it a go. Mixing up 10 drops of gloss to 3 drops water I used it to settle the decals down. I have to say it wasn't for me, it didn't bed in to the panel lines as nicely as the Micro sol I regularly use, so I reverted back to that. There are not a great quantity of decals for this little aircraft and they all settled well with no problems. I am really happy with the progress I have made, and really like this little aircraft.
  8. Been a while since I've given an update on the build. I have been working steadily on additional coats of Dark Earth, which I sealed in with Quick shine gloss, before remaking it to begin the Dark green. I normally mask up the first colours I've sprayed really well, however, this time I attempted to lay my paper masks over the top and make the edges of the camo look more natural. However, this didn't work for me. So father the first light coat was dry I reverted back to my usual technique.....lots of tape very well burnished! So here she is, ....waiting for a coat of quick shine before I apply decals. Big sigh of relief I must say!
  9. Having topped up the light grey underside, I sealed it in with Quick shine gloss and once again masked up the build in preparation for the grey/blue top half. Having thinned down my Vallejo medium grey I began giving the build light coats. The paint sprayed beautifully and I am really pleased with the result. It is now awaiting a coat of Quick shine gloss to seal it in.
  10. It has now allowed me to upload the picture from my previous post!
  11. Hi Chris, I know.......but can't work out why? Do you think the new server doesn't like my Flickr? Thanks, Michelle.
  12. Over the last couple of days I have masked up the green sections of camo pattern, and began the task of airbrushing the Dark Earth. For this I mixed Vallejo Dark Earth with thinner and lightly sprayed it over the build. It went down smoothly and evenly. https://flic.kr/p/2exLWZG It is now drying awaiting another coat.
  13. I have sealed in the Aluminium underside of the aircraft with Quick shine gloss, and once dry, masked her up. Then came the task of preshading, there are a great many panel lines on this aircraft so it was going to be time consuming, and involve a lot of concentration! I mixed up some Vallejo black with a little thinner and began the task. I have found its important to blast air through the brush after each line /stroke is complete as it eliminates and splatter. I'm pretty happy with the results and look forward to laying down some of the camo over the top.
  14. Since my last post I have primed the build with Vallejo acrylic primer, and preshaded the entire build. Happy with this I began masking up the top of the aircraft, ready for the light grey underside. Yesterday I airbrushed my first light coat of grey. The paint went down really well, and I am happy with the progress so far, more to come.
  15. Since my last post I have laid down a coat of Vallejo silver and sanded it back lightly in places. Then I went on to airbrush a coat of Aluminium, intentionally going for a mottled look in places. I am pretty happy with the results, and have sealed it in with gloss varnish. Now to move onto preshading the top of the aircraft, and the camo print job.
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