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  1. More problems with Flickr, and the arrival of Christmas has caused me to neglect my posts on here. However, I have continued to work on both my builds, and actually finished the Vulcan a couple of weeks ago. So here's a quick recap on the final stages of the build and some finished photos. I decided against adding any further weathering, I previously built a Victor and didn't weather that build so decided the Vulcan should follow suit. I secured the landing gear and doors to the build, which was easy enough and added pitot tubes and final touches. Finally I gave the entire build a coat of Vallejo satin varnish, and she was ready to sit on display above my Victor. All in all, it has been a challenging build. The old kit doesn't fit together too well as we all know, switching tailpipes and changing the shape of the tail and nose all added to the fun, but the build is complete and I am pretty happy with it. I will post more photos when Flickr starts responding . Thanks for joining me
  2. So Google is my friend..... Neutrality stripes is their official name.
  3. Very true, I wonder if they had a term for them or simply called them stripes? Thanks, Michelle
  4. Although I have been lazy with my posts, I have been busy working on the build. I airbrushed the white invasion stripes and nose section, using Vallejo white. This as expected took a few coats to cover the pre-shading, but went smoothly. After sealing it in I remasked and began airbrushing the red. I always forget just how many coats it takes of red to get a nice finish with red. However, after 4 very light coats I was happy with the finish. After unmasking and sealing it in I airbrushed the Olive section on the nose. We are now ready to move onto decals.
  5. I have had a few problems with Flickr recently, and been busy with work and things which is why there have been so few posts. I have however, been working on both my builds, and finally managed to sort flickr. Taking a closer look at the decal sheet and guide I realised the 2's didn't need to go on the aircraft I was building, so I continued applying the decals carefully using the Micro sol, and finally it was complete. My next step is some light weathering, and construction of the landing gear, which I have already painted. Not far off finishing.
  6. I have spent the last few days carefully (and I mean very carefully) sawing off the ends of the tail cap, removing the square ends. This actually took longer than I had hoped, but with care it is now gone. Today I have begun applying decals, using Micro sol as usual. So far the replacement decals have gone on well, although they are very thin so have a tendency to roll and scrunch up if you take you eye off the ball for a second. However, I have now hit a hurdle. The decal sheet wants me to apply number 2 decals to the trailing edges of the wings. There are the correct amount of 2's however they are only in yellow..... Surely they should be baby blue like the rest of the stencils on the anti flash version? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have just realised my mistake with the squared tail cap..... And will lop it off later. I will leave the Radome be, as I don't want to mess too much (incase some fatal error occurs). I used Vallejo Silver acrylic, which settled really well on the primes resin. Thanks, Michelle
  8. Been a long while since my last post, but I have been progressing with the build between work and other stuff. Having slowly built up the white top coat I moved on to airbrushing the silver exhausts and the black section on the tail and nose. This all took careful masking. Once this was airbrushed I removed the masking hoping it hadn't bled (which it hadn't) and began sealing in all the paintwork. Nearly there.
  9. Been a while since my last post, but I have been working on the build in dribs and drabs between work and other commitments. So here is an update. I gave the build a coat of Vallejo white primer and once dry preshaded the panel lines. Then I masked it up and began adding some colours. I began by airbrushing the aluminium sections of the aircraft. This sprayed evenly and settled down well. After 2 light coats, I sealed it in with Quick shine gloss. Then I masked her up again and began airbrushing the white sections. These include the invasion stripes on the wings and fuselage. I used a ruler to ensure these were equal and straight. So far I have given the build one blast of white which is now drying.
  10. I have been busy working on the build since my last post, although work has slowed my progress a bit. I began by airbrushing the fuselage interior cockpit green, along with the seat. I also painted the instrument panel, adding details by hand. Once dry I began construction of the cockpit, and once happy with the results secured it into half of the fuselage. I then glued the fuselage halves together, they fitted really well around the interior and so I taped them together and left it to dry. Returning to the build the following day I built the wings, gluing the top sections to the large underside. When the glue was dry, I fixed the wings to the fuselage. This is a tight fit, but with a fair bit of pressure was soon in place. I have sanded down the seams on the fuselage and added some Mr. Surfacer 1000, which I sanded back. I then added the tail planes and canopy. This is a real squeeze to get fixed in place. However, with tape to hold it down it was soon in place. Finally I have given the build a coat of Vallejo white primer, this is now drying, ready for a splash of colour.
  11. My next build is Mister Crafts 1:72 P-51B Swiss Mustang. This is the first Mister Craft kit I have built, and all in all it looks pretty good. The box art is simple but effective, inside the box there is a detailed instruction booklet, a with colour depictions of the various schemes you can build, and a small decal sheet. There are 2 grey sprues, with little to no flash and a nice amount of detail. I plan to build it as it comes from the box, with landing gear down. I will be using Vallejo acrylics in place of those recommended, and aim to finish the build in the colours of Swiss Air Force Switzerland, late 1944. The sprues have had a wash and prime and its time to begin.
  12. Oh really, I didnt know that. I have a Heller Corsair in my stash, but have not as yet built one. Should be good, it looks pretty clean (fingers crossed). Thanks again, Michelle
  13. I'm about to start a 1:72 Mister Craft P51-B, Swiss Airforce. I've not built a Mister Craft kit before so I'm looking forward to the challenge. Thank you for your comments, Michelle
  14. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Revell P-47M Thunderbolt. It is a straight from the box build, using Vallejo acrylics in place of the suggested Revell paints. The build went together really well, and has a nice amount of detailing. I preshaded the panel lines with Dark sea grey, and used black Tamyia Panel Line Accent colour to weather the aircraft. This is the first time I have uses this fully on a build and I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope I have done the build justice, thanks for looking.
  15. Yesterday, I gave the build a coat of Vallejo satin varnish and once dry attached my antenna wire (ultra fine fishing line). With all that done the build was complete. I have really enjoyed building this kit, it went together well and caused little heartache. Mixing the colours as Revell suggests is always a challenge but I'm happy with the results. I will post more photos in the ready for inspection forum, thanks for joining me on the journey.
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