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  1. Thanks Simon....see you soon!....well virtually! Cheers Pete! The rear gunner had a hatch to get in and out of just below the starboard side elevator......he could crawl through past the tail wheel housing but it was so cramped that it was ill advised with all his cold weather gear on! Merry Xmas!
  2. Hi guys This will be my last post for this year as I am off to the UK in a couple of days time to see family and friends. So another year is coming to an end (glad this one is nearly over!)...and this project still hasn't come to the end! I can't believe that I started this in 2011 with the nose section!....9 years later and I am still working on the tail end!......but realistically I think that I can get it all done next year!.....I do hope so as I really want to move on and build something else for a change! Here is a photo of the all of the fuselage to da
  3. Good afternoon everyone Time for an update! In the last post I mentioned that I was having a problem with finding information and photographs of the area immediately to the rear of the tail wheel tub........Well since then I have had great help with photos and info from some fellow modelers ....so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Ol'Scrapiron for his help in sending me the photos that I desperately needed to continue with this part of the build. I also reached out to the museum that looks after B17G "Fuddy Duddy" to see if they could help me but I never got a reply! So
  4. Thanks Pete....I'm slowly getting there with the photos! A BIG thank you to you Steve for the info....I have sent you a PM!
  5. Hi there guys Time for another update My last post was the building of the bottom half of the tail wheel section and this time its the detail above the tail wheel!....I have had a lot of trouble finding information and photos of this area as I mentioned in the last post which forced me to kind of use my imagination a bit!....Well I was photographing what I had done and decided to take it all apart because I came across a photo of a C-1 auto pilot unit that sits on a tray just above the tail wheel!(2 days of work down the drain!) .....I have found that there seems to have been
  6. I must admit ....neither did I!....got confused about bamboo airplanes and professors! uuuuum....no it's no good Simon...just cant think of a witty answer!
  7. Good day all! Hope all is good where you all are and that everyone is staying safe from this virus!...2020 has been a terrible year for us all and the sooner it's all over with... the better! Lets hope and pray for a better 2021! So on with the next part of this project!.....the tail wheel section!.....I have been kind of dreading this next part as there is lack of information and photos of this area of the B17. If you look for photos in books or the internet it's always the same.The whole area is covered with tarpaulin blocking out all the parts you want to see! Enthusiasts g
  8. Hi Pete!....cheers mate....I think exhaust fumes were least of their problems!...rather that than no electrickery!
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