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  1. Hi everyone Here then is the Cheyenne turret finished to the best of my abilities! The canopy for the turret wasn't as simple as I thought it might have been! A few months back I had made the canopy to fit over the turret detail but when I looked at it more closely I noticed that the small window apertures behind the main front perspex were way to small!....and so started the re designing of the frame....after a few attempts of dry fitting to the fuselage I think I cracked it! So the first 2 photos we have the modified canopy frame............
  2. Cheers and go for it Richie!....you don't need all that expensive after market stuff....you are a modeller!
  3. I wish it could be a little easier at times Simon!
  4. Hi there..........Speeding along now! Here is the last of the internal detail of the Cheyenne Turret ...which involved making the gun sight.... So stage 1 was to make the sight platform....... Next up was the bullet proof glass shield .....I have to say I still wouldn't want to sit behind that!..... It was then attached to the frame work ...... Now came the real tricky bit! The N-8a Reflector gun sight is only 6 inches long in real life which relates to approx 8mm x 6mm in my B1
  5. Yep ...that I can understand Pete.You can find an abundance of information on the B17 right up to you get to just before the tail wheel. Then it's a no go zone!...of course I do have reference photos I use but that area isn't covered very well! Thanks for your thoughts mate....interesting!
  6. Mmmmm...interesting hyphothesis Pete!.....but still don't understand!...even if one starts to freeze ....more oxygen won't help but extra heating might!....or am I being thick? (probably!!)
  7. Well this is true Brian!....but the effort and patience needed to connect the belts up to the guns was a step too far!! Hi there every one Here is the next post on this 10 year post!.......nearly there now...he says! This post is all about adding more detail to the Cheyenne turret......so here we go....... These first 4 photos show pieces of wire I have added in and around the turret which is supposed to represent air ducts for de misting purposes....well at least that is what I am led to believe!...and I can't believe it took me all afternoon j
  8. Hi Ian The ammunition belt twists towards the both breaches as shown in this photo....... Luckily I didn't need to attempt that as you can't see the breaches on my 50 cals! Cheers!
  9. Hi guys! Time for another up date!...still battling on with the Cheyenne turret and this post is all about Ammo boxes ,rounds and seats! So this first photo is of the two ammunition boxes I made from plastic card. I should point out at this stage that when I mounted them onto the Turret side walls I realized that they were far too long and had to cut them down to size!...1 step forward 2 steps back!..... So here they are attached to the side walls.... It was time to put some music on and settle down for the
  10. OK guys....reference the wings...... 1. I started this B17G approx 10 years ago. 2. I have aged even faster due to this project! 3. It would take me at least another 10 years to do the wings. 4. I just haven't the time left in this world! 5. I would love to have a go at another project.....before I get too old! 6. I hate wings! There I think that just about covers it!
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