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  1. I did think of that but I want to have the bomb bay doors down and the ball turret in position so she will have to go onto some sort of stand!
  2. Thanks everyone for all your great comments!..oh and I will enjoy UK Pete..even for all it's faults!....and you can stop swearing John W....wings? ....catch up with you all in September! Fozzy
  3. Hi guys Well this will definitely be the last post before I return to the UK for a month or so....I will be returning back in September to continue with this project! What I wanted to do was get as much done as possible with the tail /rudder and dorsal fin before my break and so first off I sprayed the tail unit yellow. This was more difficult than I thought as my airbrush decided to give up the ghost!...when I turned the outlet valve on the compressor to send the air flow to the brush the blasted thing kept spraying and I couldn't stop it! the only way was to turn the outlet cock off to stop spraying! I have had the air brush for many years so I am not surprised to be honest. I think the air in let valve is knackered...thought it might be blocked with dried paint but that isn't the case.Any way I will buy a replacement when I'm in the UK. So I manged to cope with the yellow paint being half sprayed on the model and half all over the place!.....here is the tail unit now sprayed! Now came the tricky bit!.....no decals in 1:20 scale so I had to make them all. The base colour of black/white was sprayed in the appropriate place and then I made the markings by cutting out the numbers/letters from some sticky back Teflon....you can see I am in the process of doing this in this next photo........ Once the paint had dried I took off all the masking and here is the end result...... There are two greenish stripes that also have to be sprayed on the tail but need to have the two half's completed and skinned before I can do that. So the tail is now virtually complete (a few more minor details to add later). Of course there is all the interior parts to be scratched yet ,which is what I will look forward to do in September! I needed to take a look at the whole thing to see how she was looking so far!....by doing this you can also see if there are any headaches to sort out down the road. So to that end I got the completed front section out of it's box and temporarily attached it to the rear section and took a few photos.....what do you think so far?.... Its huge!...the model that is!...like a meter in length....don't quote me on that....but it's ...HUGE!! OK....So I will continue with this beast in September and so until then happy modelling and stay safe guys! Cheers Fozzy
  4. Morning fellow modelers! I have been doing the laborious task of making up the entire interior with all the ribs etc!....this was only achievable by listening to all my favorite bands on my player ...taking the occasional paracetamol when my head started to ache from staring at hundreds of little pieces of plastic!!....and having the time on my hands to get through it!!..........still needs must and all that! I'm so pleased that this phase is over because from now on the build becomes more interesting ....and hopefully for you guys as well!.......so here are the photos of all my effort! First I glued strips of plastic onto the yogurt pot walls representing the vertical ribs ...and then I had to cut hundreds of pieces of plastic representing the horizontal ribs.... so that I could glue them between the vertical ribs .....this sounds as boring as it was! So here we go then!............. .....a week later it was time to spray the base interior green! PHEW!................. I decided to prepare the balsa wood fuselage for skinning with the aluminum sheets ,which I will do at a later stage...(it also strengthens the fuselage)......so to that end I covered the fuselage with tissue glued on with PVC glue and then brushed on shrinking dope. Now its as tough as old boots and I am as high as a kite! This afternoon I will have a go at preparing the riveting on the dorsal fin and then maybe spray it tomorrow! Probably one more post to go for a while as I'm off to see my wife in UK....due to this Pandemic I have been stuck here in Bulgaria and haven't seen her since last March! See you on the next post! Cheers Fozzy
  5. Thanks guys! So I did Pete!.....well spotted!...got distracted I suppose!...Fozzy!
  6. Hi guys I have just about managed to finish the basic construction of the rear fuselage and tail section with just a few details to add at a later stage. So after this post I can get on with working on all the internal detail! So first up I had to think about how I was going to go about making the structure of the Cheyenne rear turret. After measuring up for scale from photos I got a sheet of plastic card and put together the frame work. I won't be glazing the turret or fixing it in place until all the internal detail in the turret is complete...this is because I will never get my fingers in there to do anything!.....so here is the Cheyenne turret frame work..... After fixing some sort of band of plastic around the aperture so that the frame would have something to adhere to I placed the turret in position to see what it looked like......I am happy with the out come as I thought it would give me no end of problems considering I had no scale plans to go by. Here it is in place..... So it was back to the tail section. I decided to skin this section now in preparation of spraying. Most of this B17G Fuddy Duddy I am depicting is bare metal except for the tail section where there is a splash of yellow. So first up was to mark the rivet lines with pen.... The material I am using to skin the tail is quite simply sticky back silver paper which is thinner than the aluminum skin I will and have been using for the bare metal sections.You can see in this next photo that after I traced a template the rivets were punched by my handy rivet maker tool (a safety pin inserted into a piece of plastic sprue!....no expense spared!) and its ready to be glued to the tail section.... ...and here is the tail unit skinned..... The next job was to sand down all the formers making way for all the internal detail that I will be starting on soon....this was done on both top and bottom of the fuselage half's Using some of my collection of yogurt pot plastic tubs cut to shape!.. I started on covering the internal floors and side walls... The last 3 photos are of some of the detail to the rudder... eg...the trim tab rod connection and the rudder connection fittings to the tail section... That's it for now guys. Next up is making the ribs for the floors and side walls on the lower half of the fuselage and possibly spraying the tail unit....so until then stay safe! Cheers Martin
  7. Cheers Bill!...it was somewhat easier this time as I didn't have to worry about the plastic fogging as it will be painted any way!
  8. Hi Jochen.....yes I have considered that Idea and may well place an outer box on her.....all depends if it will fit into the suitcase that I have for the aircraft hold!...cheers!
  9. Hi everyone I'm still battling away with the construction of the tail section of this B17G..... long old slow process but I have made some good progress! I was about half way through constructing the tail out of balsa wood in my last post ....so here are some photos of where I am at the moment. Here you can see that I have filled with scrap balsa in between the longerons on the section I built in the last post... The next 3 photos show that I have built the rudder and temporarily attached it the the tail assembly...... After giving it some thought I decided that the rudder would eventually look better if I skinned it with tissue. So after sanding down the rudder as smooth as I could get it , I applied the tissue with a couple of coats of shrinking dope....time to get as high as a coot!!... The trim tab I left as solid balsa wood..... The fun really started then as whilst looking at the scale plans I am using I realized that the tail gun position was of the old "stinger" configuration!...as shown in this next photo.... I needed the up dated Cheyenne turret...as in this next photo..... Well this caused me all sorts of worries as I would have to some how build the Cheyenne turret with out any scaled plans. I down loaded and printed off a drawing of the turret using Foxit reader and tried to get it to the same scale as my existing plans...I got it as close as I could but it was really just a guide of sorts! I then basically had to take a look at photos and transfer what I saw into some sort of balsa construction! So it was a bit of a challenge to say the least! So first up .....I placed the built fuselage onto the drawings and literally drew in the shape that I needed to get the width of the turret ...trying to remember that the drawings were slightly out of scale and then looked at photos of the side of the turret to get as close as I could the height and shape dimensions!....crazy way of doing it but this was all I could do. Here is that process on the go...... I then filled in between the stringers with balsa and literally whittled the shape of the turret!...getting the aperture shape for the ball was a nightmare but managed to do it in the end... To make the ball that fits into the hole....for want of a better description!!....I thought best to make a plug in the correct shape out of balsa and do a plug and mold procedure! I placed the mold into the hole!....to check out what it looked like....I thought ...so far so good! I got the mold ready to push onto the frame where I attached a piece of food packaging plastic ready to be heated... ...and fired up my old Bulgarian grill machine!...perfect for the job! Placed the prepared frame under the grill.....waited for the melt!....and boom!....managed to get it right first time...something that doesn't always happen for me! After cutting out the slots for the machine gun barrels, I cut the mold out and super glued it to the turret.... ....and finally here it is attached to the fuselage with pegs!! The fun and games doesn't stop there for this Cheyenne turret as I have to somehow get the perspex enclosure built....again this will be done by staring at photos all day!! Thanks as always for taking a look guys and see you next time round! Cheers Fozzy
  10. Cheers Ian.....I am either brave or stupid!....but I thought it best to do the test before traveling!....so far all is good, touch wood!...at the end of the day it will be in the lap of the Gods! I wouldn't worry as much if it was a small model!
  11. yes all good here PR thanks......Yes it is really nice and peaceful here in Bulgaria with a population smaller than London UK!.....there are draw backs however ...like having to travel a 2 hour round trip to get to the supermarkets....and as for getting modelling supplies?.....no such a thing as a modelling hobby here!..
  12. Thanks guys for your tips on packing!...I will take it all on board when it comes to the time!....I used to work at Gatwick Airport as a Honey Cart driver many moons ago and used to see the baggage handlers in action and I have to say the idea of putting fragile stickers over the case would be like a red flag to a bull! Love it JJ!
  13. Excuse and ignore this irrelevant post ....it's just a test as I am having problems with my photo host.......
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