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Jim Wasley

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  1. Good one,Love the picket fence nice added touch,and I can sure relate to the must be sure feeling.Cheers.
  2. Excellent work on this figure,and a great idea for the lamp post,Love the series I watch it on NetFlix,Cheers.
  3. Very skillful work on this figure.Hope you do well at the show.Cheers.
  4. Thanks,Warlord with this kit allows you to mix the hats,and most are a bit thin on top,so I thought I would leave some with no head gear. Cheers Jim.
  5. More of your Superb work Ratch always a pleasure to see your figures.,Wow 5 Battalions that's a mammoth amount of work ,Cheers.
  6. Finished all my Warlord 28mm Pike & Shotte figures,I enjoyed painting them all,but am glad now to be able to move on to other work. Cheers Jim.
  7. Nice bunch of farm animals,Do like the rooster,hen, and chicks and you even have the eggs,Now which did you paint first the chicken or the egg?? . I have been painting the Warlord 28mm small farm animal set in metal. Cheers Jim
  8. Very impressive work again,Do like the bear adds another dimension to theses figures,and it's always nice to come to the end of a project sometimes, and start a new one. cheers Jim.
  9. Outstanding I agree with every ones comments.Cheers.
  10. I echo every ones comments a great build on a Iconic car,the glass work is superb. cheers Jim
  11. Hi Francis don't go on this forum much anymore but I saw your name and thought I must have a look,well I was not disappointed,A top build,Fantastic weathering and every pic is a feast for the eyes,A true Master at work here,great to see. Cheers Jim.
  12. A great looking Dio and figures it really tells a story.And that guy to me looks like he is saying OH my aching back,as I would be if I had to pick up those cannon balls.Very glad to hear the wife's op turned out fine. Cheers Jim.
  13. Thanks Stuart,and yes I am lucky. Cheers Jim.
  14. Some progress on my figures,have one set of 4 based and finished and another 20 base painted,finding these figures a delight to paint nice detail,Also have some pics of a Dio on a sheet of MDF 1200mm X 600mm I started this weekend,wife said I could put it up in the spare room,Will be nice to place some of my figures on it and make more room on the shelves for more figures.it will be an on going thing as I add more detail and figures, Cheers and happy modelling Jim.
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