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  1. These are WarLords Pike & Shotte 19 metal 28mm Scottish HighLander Clansmen Infantry,I'm sorry my pics do not show the real quality these metal figures have,but they have been a delight to paint,I have 7 finished so far with another 12 to finish the final detail,Wife and I have been watching the Outlander on NetFlix,this has been great as it helped with some of the detail,though I am not going for period accuracy,have found the wife has taken an interest in these wee Scotts,wanting to know what is up the kilts,the Bonny lass that she is . Cheers Jim.
  2. Great work on this Viking.I have not seen this kind before,and as said the base is top class. Cheers Jim.
  3. Great work on this figure,nice to see him so happy or pleased with the outcome of this painting. Cheers Jim.
  4. I finished the little Dio,did cut out 2 of the other horse figures I kept it more simple,have finished painting the other 2 but will mount them on there own,or together. Cheers Jim.
  5. I have been putting together these figures for a Dio of the French cavalry running down these British soldiers.The French Cuirassiers are from Perry also the wounded British soldier,the other British are from the Victrix set,I did a few small tweaks to some of the infantry other than that they are OOB. Once I finish the figure painting I will start on the base. Cheers Jim.
  6. The 1/72 kits are coming of age,and you have done these proud. Cheers Jim.
  7. Why do Squirrels swim on their back. So not to get their Nuts wet.
  8. Yes Family Trees can be very interesting,yours sounds a beauty. Jim
  9. John have you ever tried counting sheep,OOPS or the sound of tapping feet in the ceiling .
  10. Sleep,what is that,I turn 70 next month,and have not slept well for years,it's a pain or a toilet trip at night that never lets me get more than 5 or 6 hours,(if I was asleep I would not be here at 2am typing this)and trying to think of one thing to drop off to sleep is hard as I usually forget what it was I was thinking about and then I have to start all over again thinking about something else,Now what was I thinking about "OH Yes sleep" Cheers Jim. P.S. I just remember what I was thinking about when I was trying to go to sleep.The saying is when your young you can do it all night but when your old it takes you all night to do it,I did not know they were talking about sleep !!
  11. Great looking troop of Confederate soldiers,like the picket fence Vignette,The figures posture looks like they are marching against a gale force wind or are they doing the quick march ?,I have some North and South Perry figures that have a more upright stance,just being nosy,I can not remember what set I bought to far back,and as each year paces the grey cells get more clouded, Cheers Jim.
  12. More fine artistic work and painting,have captured the mood with this subject,Cheers
  13. All pics to me look fine,Really great work on this One,Cheers. P.S. We are always our worst critic !!
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