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Jim Wasley

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  1. Jim Wasley

    1/35 King Tiger

    Thanks Francis,sorry all my paints I use are craft paints bought from a local shop that sells a lot of craft ware. I just mix and match with what I have,some I have are getting close to 20 years old,Sorry this is no help to you,when I was a young boy I did my apprenticeship in the Auto Repair Trade and learnt how to make up colours,so this is how I get my colours.Cheers.
  2. Jim Wasley

    Dragon 1/35 Jagdtiger

    Superb looking build,and those bigger tracks sure look the part,great paint/work and damage on the guard,Hey is that guy on the top standing on the other guys hand,a compo case in the making there ,Cheers.
  3. Jim Wasley

    1/35 King Tiger

    Thanks mate,yes the barrel was a replacement,knocking out all those Shermans it melted the old one ...!!! Thanks Kris,Cheers.
  4. Jim Wasley

    1/35 King Tiger

    Thanks Stix as always for you kind comments.Cheers.
  5. Jim Wasley

    1/35 King Tiger

    Thanks Darryl,sorry I did not go with the Octopus scheme,I had some very nice pics of the scheme I used,and to me it just looked better with the brown added(only personal taste)I tint up all my own colours,but must say I had a hell of a time trying to take some good pics,just could not get the contrast to look any good,almost never put this one up,my camera is just a happy snapper,this tank looks a lot better in the flesh or should I say plastic,and next up I think will be the Soviet BA-3,realy like this one just nice to build something without tracks,everything will be on the back burner for awhile,have so many doctors appointments,the old ticker and my eyes,everythings just needs servicing,Will be looking forward to seeing yours when it comes up for show,Cheers and keep well. Jim
  6. Jim Wasley

    1/35 King Tiger

    Thanks John,plastic surgery with a candel,etch and me are not good friends,Cheers.
  7. Jim Wasley

    1/35 King Tiger

    My latest build a 1/35 Academy German King Tiger (Last Production),OOB build nothing added that was not in the box,just left off some of the side guards and damaged what was added,saw so many with lots of damage or no guards at all,the tracks are so big it would have been a shame to hide them,it was an easy build only lost a couple of pieces to the carpet Monster,Cheers and Enjoy.
  8. Jim Wasley

    1/10 Waffen SS Soldier

    Thanks Jack,can I get one thing straight I DID not knowingly buy a knock off,I thought it was the real deal did not know until I received it in the mail,it came in a plastic bag with no packaging or instructions,it was advertised as the real thing,I complained to the vender about the broken items and lack of packaging,he did say he would replace the broken parts,but I told him I want no more dealing with him,in my post I should have worded that I did not know it was a knock off,my fault there,I do apologise for that,so don,t think so bad of me. As for your comments will go back to the bench and try to correct them,nice to have another set of eyes to look at your work,Cheers.
  9. Jim Wasley

    1/10 Waffen SS Soldier

    Thanks Vince,I don,t know myself,but if you read JackG,s comment he has a site you may find what you want,Cheers.
  10. Jim Wasley

    1/10 Waffen SS Soldier

    Thanks Ciao,yes you are right about the belts,funny I thought the same when I saw the pics myself,and will put some more tone to his hand,I did pick out the veins in his hands with a light pink blush,so thanks again for your kind input,Cheers.
  11. Jim Wasley

    1/10 Waffen SS Soldier

    Thanks Pete,and yes it could make a handy weapon as well,Cheers.
  12. This is a resin kit I bought from China on line,it was a knock off from the original,and it was a devil to glue and put together,a lot of the smaller pieces were broken,I have been painting it for sometime always trying to add more or correct some part I thought may have been wrong,I kind of think it is as good as my talent can take it,I would appreciate any thoughts or help if you think it could be improved ?,I have no one to show other than this site,the jacket he is wearing I purposely gave it a gloss look as it was raining in some of the scense I saw this soldier in,He epitomizese to me what a SS soldier would look like(Damn Scary), Cheers and Thanks Jim
  13. Jim Wasley

    War without Hate

    Excellent work,Cheers.
  14. Lovely work on these figures,and the bases bring them to life,Cheers.
  15. Jim Wasley

    (28mm) Gangs of Rome

    Thanks John,I find these small figures a nice diversion from my AFV,Cheers.