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Jim Wasley

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  1. HI It's very impressive and shows the quality of your skills. Jim.
  2. Thanks Pete,I think it's been modeled on one of the Actors(Characters) in the Netflix KnightFall series.Simon Merrells. Jim
  3. I'm glad you said that,I thought it was Me being part of the old grey set.Phew !!! Jim
  4. These are some 28mm Frostgrave figures I have had in the stash for sometime,I think they make some nice figures with good detail in plastic,I'm just clearing my old figures before I buy anything new,I have 10 painted with another 10 to go,And also a bust of a Templar knight in resin that I have primed and given some colour washes.I just do this one when the mood takes me. Cheers Jim.
  5. Great job on these,I like them,To coin some phrases Now pay attention men and do you thinks that's wise,five bob a piece,.Jim
  6. Thanks Andy,again these are top notch castings,may buy more in the future(I can buy these in OZ). Jim.
  7. Thanks Andy,Yes they are very nice figures and real fun to paint,I just love the show and watch it many times on You/tube. Keep Well, Jim.
  8. These are some of my work in progress completed,most are what comes with the Warhammer magazine,And for those who remember Dads Army these are the metal figures in civies,I did the uniforms in a past work in completed,just took sometime to do these.Thanks for looking. Cheers Jim.
  9. Thanks Houston,these are nice figures with great detail,making it easy to paint. Jim.
  10. These figures look great,and the red on the right figure looks OK to me. Jim.
  11. Thanks Charlie, Just a bit of red nail polish. Jim.
  12. I have base coloured all the Chainrasp figures(Yes I know I'm working at a Nightmare pace Frightening isn't it!!).I have a group pic and a single pic of one that is getting close to my finished figure. Cheers and thanks for looking, Jim.
  13. Thanks Pete,Yes with me painting them Scarrry !!!! . Jim.
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