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  1. Thanks Vince,I've been spending to much time with my Austrian Landwehrs,to start this one,and I'm also still waiting for the August issue of Wargames Illustrated it has a sprue with some Roman figures I want to add to these in a small dio. Cheers Jim.
  2. Taken this one to another level John,A Superb build and Dio,great attention to detail,Cheers.
  3. Nice looking figure in more ways than one,I would find it had with so much bare skin which I find hard to paint,a lot of highlighting,and I'm sure my wife would say I spent to much time handling it .Cheers.
  4. Fine example of your work,always a pleasure to see.Cheers.
  5. Excellent work on these figures,I have painted a few M.B kits over time and find them excellent to build and paint.Also WarLord is my favorite figure manufacturers.Cheers.
  6. You have made it come up a treat,excellent work and it was worth saving,Cheers.
  7. Progressing with my 28mm Victrix Austrians,I have broken them up as the kit box comes with 56 figures and 2 horses,did not want to end up with all one colour,the green is Saizburg,the red is Austrian and I saw the light blue and white online,that I thought looked cool.The first coat is on all figures,now a wash and then to pick out all the gear and touch up the colours where needed,and lastly base them all.These have been nice figures with good detail and very nice face details,the only thing was painting the 56 a stretch for me now a days,I like around the 20 or lower. Cheers Jim.
  8. I have a book that I used when I first started face painting,found it a good book on all aspects of painting a face and skin,it's from the AK learning series,Techniques to paint all types of flesh in miniatures (Flesh & Skin),you can check it out on line by reading the reviews and it comes in PDF if you like things that way,Cheers.
  9. Good lot of buying there,that will keep you busy for awhile.Cheers.
  10. Excellent Purr Purr,I'ts the cats meow,Cheers
  11. Excellent painting on these figures,I do like the Prince and your bases,I painted the Pike men sometime back and I have the Landsknecht missile troops primed and ready to paint.Now I know why your models are so good you are blessed by the Priest .Cheers.
  12. Thanks Andy for your kind words,I do try and keep them simple and keep them on small bases,space stops me from going to big,would love to build a large Dio to place them all on.Cheers.
  13. I've finished all my Grand Alliance and Sun King figures,I may buy in time one more box of Infantry and paint them in white with red edging,So as not to bore you I have combined them all together,Cheers Jim.
  14. Top build,do like all the extra gear you have placed round this kit.Cheers.
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