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  1. This one is another great build John,Detail Detail every where,may send you my little people to paint their eyes,All this fine detailing on a 1/48,A true credit to you. Cheers Jim.
  2. Very nice lot of figures,Do like the Napoleonic figures,to me there is always something about the sky/blue and white in a uniform that looks so good. Cheers Jim.
  3. Excellent pair of painted figures,and the bases are an extra Bonus(Top Class ) Cheers Jim.
  4. Well this is sure something different,I myself have a few scattered round the garden already painted,that I have to touch up,as they fade,my thing is frogs I just love them,so many lost count and when it rains the real ones come out singing to mine scattered round the garden(dare say they get frustrated when they meet up),Look forward to your progress.P.S I want to be a gnome Eating,drinking wine and sleeping my kind of life,and here I thought they just sat around the garden. Cheers Jim
  5. Wow that's one great fort.Think I know what you mean about figure painting,I have built just about everything in plastic and figures have taught me a new set of skills,think if I had started with figures first I may have been a better modeller,Don't mention straps,I found most of the Napoleonic period they loved all those things and I have been painting so many,I am now back to painting some Medieval period figures so much easier. Thanks for the feed back and info it's been a delight.Being lock down for so long has made me a little stir crazy,if I never had my models to do I would have gone round the twist or driven my wife to shoot me. Cheers Jim.
  6. Thanks for that feed back always nice to know about the figures,As you say the fine details are fine,only thing I found was the rifles were a little wayward,I've had these for sometime and was always going to paint them,it's now I have been locked down I dug them out and started to paint them again,Still not sure if I will keep them mounted single or cut the bases off and group them.Your youth was spent like mine,my Dad was handy and built me a wooden fort that I spent many ours playing with my toy figures,Long before T.V and Game Boys. Cheers Jim
  7. Thanks Gary,Yes the Sabre was a dream to paint and build,My favorite is the Phantom,just something about this aircraft I like,I made the colours and patterns myself from a photo I saw,and I had some spare decals that worked well,I think I can see by your call pic that is the same Japanese plane I built,I kept getting the ends mixed up when I was building it,not sure if it was coming or going . Cheers Jim.
  8. Thanks Mike,I have built a few airplanes,When I was young,that now seems like another life time ago,Then I went onto AFV,Now I enjoy painting 28mm figures,they take up less space.I really enjoy all model building and painting,have tried just about everything,but there is something about these little figures that has me hooked. Thanks again for your comment and I hope all's well in your part of the world. Take Care Jim.
  9. Yes I think they are,I bought these at a second/hand fair,they sold them single or 5 for a few dollars,also bought some Scot Highlanders,I did google them and found one pic of the Scots but nothing on the French figures,A little bit of clean up and they turned out fine,but you are right would be nice to see them in hard plastic. Cheers Jim
  10. Thanks Pat.Nice to see your face again,Hope your keeping well,and building those fab cars. Cheers Jim
  11. Thanks Pete,Just don't let the figure guys know. Keep Well.
  12. Thanks Wulfman,Yes the shelf fall was bad luck,I had my head down at my work bench at the time and I tell you it scared the hell out of me,I've had some moves in my time and I always end up with some thing broken(models that is),so I will just add them to the to do basket. Cheers Jim.
  13. Thanks Clive,Yes all is fine down here,and I wish the same for you and family,but I have been locked away for so long going a little stir crazy,or I should say a little more crazy, Cheers Jim.
  14. I'm so sorry John I forgot to mention the guy who looks Russian in the first pic is a roof pest exterminator,He guarantees to rid any pest found in your roof,or your money back or a new ROOF,which ever comes first.Will ask if he will travel to France Jim.
  15. Thanks John,I made the mistake and stored it in the roof,And your know what happens in those roof rafters. Jim
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