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Jim Wasley

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  1. Jim Wasley

    28mm British Foot Artillery

    Thanks Ratch,No they are bigger than 1/72,on the kit box it says the size is 1/56,which I guess the size is closest to 28mm,Cheers
  2. Jim Wasley

    1/35 88mm Pak-43

    Thanks Pete,yes it looks a bit that way,Cheers.
  3. Great little build,you kept it nice and clean,great work on the dio adds to the top quality of this build,cheers.
  4. Jim Wasley

    28mm British Foot Artillery

    Thanks Vince,yes I think that was the best head in the kit,I have a spare that will be good to use on another build,Cheers.
  5. This is a Victrix 28mm British Napoleonic Foot Artillery kit,comes with 15 figures,3 guns and 3 limbers,with options of 3x short 6 pounders,3x long 6 pounds,3x 9 pounders and 3x 5.5. howitzer,I used the long 6 pounder,9 pownder and the howitzer,it was a very simple buid and paint,the figures can be used for the peninsular war or waterloo war,I just placed them on cardboard,as I liked them so much I may buy more and make up a bigger battery of guns.Cheers.
  6. Jim Wasley

    Lifeguard Trumpeter

    Nice painting on these figures,can I ask how tall are they?.I must say I saw lifeguard and I thought I was going to see some one in swim wear .Cheers.
  7. Jim Wasley

    Dragon 1/35 Stug Ausf.G III complete

    A treat to look at,one great build and weathering,Cheers.
  8. Jim Wasley

    28mm Samurai (Warlord)

    Only suggestion win the pools and get expert to paint them,Love the cow.Lucky you I click on the emoji and nothing comes up,some people have all the talent,Ha Ha,
  9. Jim Wasley

    28mm Samurai (Warlord)

    Yes thats right practice,practice and you will be better than Jim?
  10. Jim Wasley

    RAF Ground Crew

    Thanks mate,and I know what you mean Jadlam have some cheap kits,have bought some from them myself,Cheers.
  11. Jim Wasley

    28mm Samurai (Warlord)

    Thanks Gorby,about my brushes,I use no particular brand of brush,sizes may range from 0 to 000,and at times anything with a point,with some of the small detail I used an old round blunt pin,hardest part was keeping the hand steady.Cheers.
  12. A feast for the eyes,ONE Great BUILD,Cheers.
  13. Jim Wasley

    1/35 M113 Italeri Greek Army

    Nice One and great ground cover,Cheers.
  14. Jim Wasley

    Greek Heroes

    Great work sure have the midas touch with these figures,Cheers.