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  1. Wifes Son lives there,would have been excuse to see him.next time,that will be 2 beers.
  2. These are part of the WarLord Field Artillery box set,this lot is the Continental figures with a 6 pounder cannon,the kit came with 2 female figures and 2 casualties,I used both female figures which were modified,to suit and the same with the casualty figure,the barrels came from D/D fine/cut accessories.Cheers and thanks for looking.
  3. A great lot of variety in the figures Andy ,do like the Austrains,love the hats they wear.I have a box of Victrix Austrain Landwehr,and yes it sure is great to clear the work bench of half started figures,wish I could say the same,Sorry I missed you down under could have shouted you that beer.Cheers.
  4. Another fine lot of figures Ratch.Cheers.
  5. Excellent figure painting,the back ground is a nice touch,adds a quality of realism. Cheers.
  6. Very impressive lot Ratch,Looks like you have enough to have your own Waterloo.Cheers.
  7. Never seen anything like this before,great work on this figure,all be it a little gory.Wonder if the pins helped his headache and whats in the box ??,maybe I shouldn't ask.Cheers.
  8. Thanks Andy,I think one of the manafactures makes a figures set like this,I just got the idea on line. Cheers Jim
  9. Great painting on these little figures,seeing you had some problems with them they turned out well,I know I have trouble painting my 28mm but the 1/72,just to small for my eyes,and yes I must check my biscuit bins,thought my wife only kept our afternoon snacks in them ,Cheers.
  10. Hi just finished these 28mm plastic Prussian Line Infantry Perry Miniatures,with some Warlord metal Prussian High Command,and the Mule with the pack on, is from Wizkids D/D deep cut range,must say they are realy fine figures,it comes with 2 mules in the pack and primed(,it is resin)The figure helping the wounded figure were both scratch built from spares ,I also have a pic of the 95th Rifles a metal set from Warlord I finished just before starting these,Enjoy, Cheers Jim.
  11. Top notch painting on these figures,A real feast for the eyes,the clothing is so real.Cheers.
  12. More Great work from you Ratch,Like the way they are displayed.Cheers
  13. Good one Angel,great work on the base.Cheers.
  14. Some cool looking figures you have there Will,should be fun to paint,The paint work WarHammer has makes them look like they are made of bronze.Cheers.
  15. I picked up some more AWI Warlord kits to go with the already finished AWI Hessian regiment figures,the online dealer I get these kits from are selling these off very cheap,and I have seen some great built kits on youtube,will have some fun painting the Indians and the Militia men.Cheers.
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