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  1. Echo everyones comments.You must have been up against some tuff competition not to get any awards. Jim
  2. Yes l agree build and camo great,I did a similar camo on a tank its was a nightmare.
  3. Thanks Pete,taking a leaf from your book.
  4. Just letting the imagination run away here,and my spares box,A fun thing to to.The figures are 1/35 and the rest well take your pick. Cheers and thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks Ian,yes you will find a lot of the manufacturers have improved and in the Ancients and Medieval you will have a wide variety to choose from,Mate I say go for it. Cheers Jim.
  6. Thanks.It makes painting easy when you have nice figures with good details. Thanks Jim
  7. Middle of Summer down here and looking at this makes me feel a little coooler,Great work all round. Cheers Jim
  8. Another 3 more to the list,though the tank is just a base I think it's not really a Dio,but I did add the rocket and after/burn,A first for me,the first pic is the real deal and that is what gave me the idea,1st is a Chinese 122mm Type89 multi-barrel rocket launcher(Trumpeter 1/35 kit).2nd is a 1/35 10hp British Light Utility Car. and last is another 1/35 German figures and dingy. Cheers all.
  9. Great looking model, top skills bringing this together. Cheers Jim.
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