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Jim Wasley

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  1. FeeL you have built a very nice tank,refreshing to see such a clean tank for a change,Cheers.
  2. Jim Wasley

    1/35 E100 super heavy tank

    Exceptional build and weathering,Cheers.
  3. Jim Wasley

    German motocycle BMW R12

    Excellent work on this bike,and the wire wheels certainly emphasize the look of it,Cheers.
  4. Jim Wasley

    Nuts Planet - Martina

    Outstanding work ,Cheers.
  5. Jim Wasley

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    My lates buy are these 2 boxes of Star Wars Legion figures,AT-RT and Rebel Troopers,always have been a bit of a closet Star Wars fan especially the Clone War figures,saw these on a AU site and couldn't help myself,they are nice figures and dead easy to put together,Cheers.
  6. Good one,Halloween all over again,,Cheers.
  7. Jim Wasley

    1/35 Soviet BA-3 Armourd Car.

    Thanks Pete,yes most seem to think the same,Cheers.
  8. Jim Wasley

    Amusing Hobby 1/35th Löwe

    Excellent build and figures also,do like the muted colours,Cheers.
  9. Jim Wasley

    Shenadoah Miniatures Confederate Infantry

    More great work from you,I hope you work out the photo posting,love to see more of your work,Cheers.
  10. Jim Wasley

    Strange Love - part 1

    Super a feast for the eyes,great detailed painting.Cheers.
  11. Jim Wasley

    1/35 Soviet BA-3 Armourd Car.

    Thanks for your comments,Cheers.
  12. Hi, I have one of the Lord of the Rings (Citadel) Hardrim Raiders finished,and the other 5 are base coated ready for all the detailing,The quality on these figures is such a high degree I have been taking mytime trying to do them justice,sure I will not have them finished till the New Year,so this is my last post,so I will wish all you fine figure painters a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year,got to say for myself it has been great fun this past year with all your kind feed backs and comments,and to permit me to be apart of all your great work I have seen over the year,Cheers all the best Jim..
  13. Jim Wasley

    1/35 Soviet BA-3 Armourd Car.

    Thanks Francis,the wife says similar things about me..,Cheers.
  14. Jim Wasley

    1/35 Soviet BA-3 Armourd Car.

    As always thanks for your kind comments Stix,Cheers.
  15. Jim Wasley

    1/35 Soviet BA-3 Armourd Car.

    Thanks Keith,yes it was nice to have it on show.Cheers.