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  1. My car is on the drive - all packed and ready. What time does the burger van arrive???? Ken
  2. If it is anything like their An-124 (and I think it is) - there is no way that the accurate, to scale undercarriage will support the weight of the model. I made a support 'box' from clear perspex to support the weight - it's almost invisible unless you look for it.......... Ken
  3. All my models are jets - not propers......... Does that mean I can't attend ??
  4. Is that anywhere near the Far Queue ???
  5. Hi Phil, It took a back seat for a while - I was waiting for the correct colour paint from Hataka (PB10 Blue). It now has a first coat - but I've been away on holiday - so haven't touched it for a few weeks. I need to get back to it - soon. Ken
  6. I thought they had no plans to do the MiG Ye-166??? Plus the M-55 parts look nice..... Oh! - and the An-225!!!!! Ken
  7. It's a replica - I photographed it at MAKS 2005... No close-ups though....sorry! Ken
  8. You are correct Serge - the I've seen that turquoise colour on Tupolev Tu-154 and Tu-134 airliners, some Antonov's and Mil helicopters as well. An-22... I was trying to point out that we should not automatically assume that ALL contemporary fighters used it - certainly not many Sukhois. Ken
  9. ....and the hard-edged camo. Ken
  10. All the Su-25 cockpit photos I have seen are light blue-grey (like the Su-27 Flanker cockpit). Plenty of pics if you search for 'Su-25 Cockpit' The Su-9 had a grey cockpit AFAIK - happy to be proved wrong though. The Turquoise colour was used on MiG aircraft (up to the MiG-29) - although the MiG-31 uses it. Ken
  11. Just wait until the Russians put the Lun ekranoplan back into production....... Ken
  12. Is this what you mean PatW...? This shows the underfuselage mounting lugs on my conversion of the HobbyBoss Mi-8MT.... This pic shows the lower triangular bracing attched.... Here's a pic of the real thing... A few links to some downloadable Mi-8 drawings..... http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/mi8.html http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw2/mi8-2.html http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw3/mi8mt.html Hope this helps ?? Ken PS - The only really accurate kit of a Mi-8MT in 1/72 scale is the HobbyBoss kit - see my build (plus some comparisons) here :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-8.html
  13. Visually, very little. The MKI has some western avionics, so the cockpit is slightly different, but AFAIK, that is all. The Malaysian MKM has more differences, with its MAWS and Laser Warning Antenna...... I built the MKI and MKM about a zillion years ago - converted from the the old Heller Su-27UB ... see here. IMHO, this is a missed marketing opportunity by Zvezda - a simple adittional sprue of the differences would allow them to maximise their investment on the Su-30SM kit. Plus both the MKI and MKM have been adorned with some stunning comemorative colour schemes over the years - another decal opportunity for Begemot. Ho Hum.... Ken
  14. You are right Neffan - I forgot about the T10M.... You could build 15 of them - and no two the same! Ken
  15. Excellent! - including decals for Kazakhstan ........ Plus a bonus 'First Edition' decal sheet with an error on it - that will double the value of the kit .... Andrey, do you know if there are any plans to make a Su-30MKI/MKM/MKA from Zvezda??? It would be a shame not to make the most out of the moulds - the Su-30SM/MKA/MKM/MKI is the only Flanker variant missing from the lineup of available Flanker kits. This new kit plugs that gap. Ken
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