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  1. Flankerman

    Lightning F.6 light locations

    That second photo is interesting John - because it explains a story I have just read in 'Out of the Blue' (a book of short stories about flying incidents) Apparently a young Lighning pilot was on a night intercept excercise where he had to get into a firing solution behind another Lightning flown by an instructor. The instructor deliberately flew slowly to give the student a chance of interception - but was puzzled when he saw the student's Lighning in full afterburner ahead of him going off into the distance!! It was a clear night - and the student had mistaken two bright stars (Castor and Pollux IIRC) in the night sky for the tail lights on the Lightning. I couldn't work out where these tail lights were - an nor could a colleague who worked on them ! But your photo clearly shows where they are located. Ken
  2. Excellent build and paint finish - and superb photography Yufei I agree about MikroMir - their range of 1/350 scale subs are a godsend to us submarine modellers - both in subject matter and availability. Ken
  3. The engines are different - Shvetsov ASh-73TK radials in place of the Wright R-3350's - and the the B-29's .50 Brownings were replaced by 20mm (later 23mm) cannons. But, visually (especially in 1:144 scale) there is no difference. This is the 1/72nd Academy B-29 that I 'converted' to a Tu-4....... Even more drastic is this Tu-91 'Boot' testbed........ Yes - it was real!! Ken
  4. Colin, All the (B&W) photos I have seen of the real thing show it to be natural metal. ..... unless you want to do it as a What If ???? Ken
  5. Wow!! - I can't wait - it is such a strange - and HUGE - contraption. According to my trusty calculator, a 1/72 scale model would have a wingspan of 736mm - or 29 inches Wiki says a span of 53m or 173ft 11in :- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalinin_K-7 Ken PS - For comparison the Lancaster has a wingspan of 102ft and a B-17 103ft 9in.
  6. Thanks Troy - I'll take a look....... I scratched my new nose on the Soviet Lanc - but I have a vague recollection of someone doing a resin job ?? Ken Found it! :- https://www.aviationmegastore.com/avro-lancaster-mk1-in-soviet-service--csd7226-kora-models-csd7226-aircraft-modelling-conversion/product/?action=prodinfo&art=119332 ......but probably no longer available.
  7. How about one of the Lancs that got left behind during Operation Paravan? - repaired and used by the Soviets.......... Build details - and the story of Operation Paravan here. Great model - and fabulous diorama BTW Ken
  8. Flankerman

    1/48 Hobbyboss Su-34 Fullback.

    On my Italeri Su-34, I made the internal structure from hoops of thin plastic card - and the blinds from very thin (almost paper thin) plastic card - overlapped to try to make them look like folded canvas.. On my current Trumpeter Su-34, I made the blinds from white paper, folded up concertina fashion.... They are probably a little too big - or rather too deployed, not retracted enough (less exposed). I also didn't make the front ones - as they don't appear to be as visible in the many reference photos. Have fun.... Ken
  9. Flankerman

    1/48 Hobbyboss Su-34 Fullback.

    I'm building the Trumpeter 1/72 scale Fullback (which I think is a scaled-down HB kit (or maybe the HB kit is a scaled up Trumpeter?)). Anyway, one thing I had to do is scratch the very prominent blinds that pull down on a curved track inside the side windows...... they are very visible...... Even when folded open - note also the front blind - it folds down onto the top of the coaming ...... More photos - plus my build and the 'fix' are here :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_su-34_trumpeter.html Also, if you fit the ESM pods on the wingtips, there is a small radiussed fillet on the wing leading edge next to the pod..... It is missing on the Trumpeter kit (and I assume on the HB version??) Happy Modelling Ken
  10. Flankerman

    SU 35 colours scheme

    I did my Hasegawa Su-35 in the Su-27 AKAN colours......... (on the right in this pic).... Looks OK to me. Ken
  11. Flankerman

    Good 1/48 SU 27 series kits

    The LERX is the same on the Su-27 (Flanker Bee) and Su-27UB (Flanker C) (there is no such thing as a Su-27B). The 1/72nd Airfix and Heller Flankers were the same kit - with a new upper fuselage, fins, cockpits etc - in the Heller kit to make a two-seat Su-27UB. Both upper fuselage mouldings matched with the lower fuselage moulding - which was the same in both kits. That's not to say it will work with any other cross-kitting though. Ken
  12. Flankerman

    Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    Meanwhile.... back at the Su-34 ..... it has now emerged from the paint shop.... I used the AKAN Su-34 set - and I am pleased with the resluts. There are a few areas in need of a touch-up - and I broke off the port upper wing fence..... Underside view. Next up is the decals, undercarriage and weapons. Ken
  13. Great progress - it's looking good - can't wait to see it painted and 'unmasked'. Talking of diddy helicopters - the Soviets had a similar tip-jet design - the Mil V-7...... That would make a nice companion to the Ultralight - if it was ever kitted! (it was - by Unicraft - but that doesn't count ) Ken
  14. CAD images just arrived - ready to start moulding plastic....... I have no further information on actual release date - other than soon. Ken
  15. It isn't propaganda artwork - just science fiction fan artwork. https://www.truthorfiction.com/k7bomber/ http://www.likecool.com/Kalinin_K-7--Transportation--Car.html The real thing was mad enough - but the fan art adds more engines and massive ships gun turrets all over the airframe. The trouble is - on the internet, the fan art is now portrayed as the real thing - which it certainly isn't - hence my 'whistling' emoticon when I wrote about 'conversion' possibilities. I'm looking forward to the MM kit of the K-7 - it will sit nicely alongside my model of that other Soviet madness - the Vakhmistrov 'Aviamatka'......... A TB-3 bomber with FIVE fighters attached Ken