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  1. Thanks for the compliments Pappy...... X.1 is based on a widened and lengthened MikroMir K4 hull with scratchbuilt upperworks and guns. Full build here :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_350_scale.html#HMS_X.1 Have fun! Ken
  2. Flankerman

    PC-9 / Texan II

    Slightly OT............ Isn't it interesting that 30+ years ago the Pilatus PC-9 was rejected as the new RAF Trainer (AST-412) in favour of the Shorts Tucano (a heavily modified Embraer EMB-312). Here we are a third of a century later accepting the Beechcraft Texan II (a heavily modified PC-9) into service as the RAF's new trainer. What goes around... comes around.... Now back to the model discussion..... Ken
  3. How about Britains answer to the Surcouf..... HMS X 1............ A 'cruiser' submarine with twin turrets containing 2 X 5.25in guns... launched in 1923. More on Wiki.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_X1 Then there was the 'M Class' - with a 12in gun...... Ken
  4. Thanks for the info Chris - having already done the X tail, I was hoping it would include the early configuration + tail and bow planes (first image)...... Still, it shou;ldn't be too difficult to scratch....... I might indulge. Does the MM kit have the dive brakes?? (as depicted in the last image) Cheers Ken
  5. Vickers Discount ??? Thanks for the photo Max Headroom - it confirms that EE got the markings right. I'll get back in my box now... Ken
  6. Not really my area of interest - but I was intrigued by the image of the boxtop showing G-AMOG in BOAC Speedbird colours - I had never seen that before. A quick Google search returned photos of the same aircraft - but I can only find images with 'BOAC' titles - not 'British airways' as shown on the box. What am I missing ??? Ken (a casual observer)
  7. I don't see why not - both Tabard and Thule are Third Group T-boats. The decal sheet provides enough penant numbers for P325. The Starling Tabard kit even provides for an open-topped gun emplacement..... I don't know what other visible differences there are? Ken
  8. All the internals are installed - ...........but the fuselage still won't close up... More fettling needed. Ken
  9. I've made a start - lots of sub-assemblies that have to fit inside the fuselage..... The nosecone/cockpit tub/nosewheel bay, the lower panel with mainwheel bays and the jet engine sub-assembly. As with previous builds, the cockpit section needs a lot of 'fettling' to get it to sit inside the fuselage and allow the two halves to close up. The same is true if the engine (made up from eight parts) - I had to remove a raised rib from inside the fuselage to get it to fit.... Ken
  10. Bummer.... I wish I had known before I bought the expensive resin kit from Blue Ridge models...... Still - I could get the new MM kit - and build it with the alternative rear dive planes and 7-bladed prop and no speed brakes...... Plesae let us know your experiences with the seller Chris - and if it has the alternative diving planes... Ta Ken
  11. Another one just finished - the U-Class Group II submarine - HMS Venturer... She was famous as the first submarine to sink another while both were submerged...... This is resin kit from Polar Bear Models. The deck gun is from a MikroMir K Class model and the pennant number is from my spares cache. This composite photo shows HMS Upholder - a Group I sub from E.V.A Models compared to the Polar Bear Model Group II sub... Note the folded (top) and raised W/T masts...... The Polar Bear kit appears to be accurate - but the resin is very brittle and the kit has no decals or etched brass parts. Still, it adds another Royal Navy submarine to the collection and is a very welcome release. Ken
  12. From a study of photos, it looks like the anchor and its well is covered by a sliding plate - presumably for 'stealth' purposes ? This image of Ovens shows it quite well.... http://www.navy.gov.au/sites/default/files/Ovens-02.jpg Here's another one :- https://c8.alamy.com/comp/GHHM79/hmas-ovens-oberon-class-submarine-on-display-outside-the-western-australia-GHHM79.jpg Happy modelling.... Ken
  13. Nice one Pappy - I'll be following this with interest - to see how you solve the many minor issues with this kit. You have already made a great start on those seams and the rear end - much better than my ham-fisted efforts... Ken
  14. (said in a Crocodile Dundee accent)........ Nah! - that's not a whopper..... THIS is a whopper........... 1/72 scale An-124 from Modelsvit...... Here it is next to Revell's A-400M..... Just wait until Modelsvit do their 1/72 scale An-225.... Ken
  15. Excellent model carter478 - great weathering. Note that there are TWO Yak-141's on display in Moscow - the one at Monino... ... and the one at the Zadorozhny museum.... They are both coded 141 - and they differ in detail - note the yaw 'puffer' at the rear end of the one above - this is not present on the Monino example. The Zadorozhny example is now coded 75. There are other differences - some that you point out in your photos.... Ken
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