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  1. Just purchased from OKB Grigorov....... http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/ A resin kit of the Royal Navy submarine R10 - launched in October 1918 - just to late for the Great War. At just14cm (5.5in) long, the hull is a single superb resin casting - with a separate conning tower and etched brass parts for the diving planes, propeller etc.. The service from OKB was great - just a week from order to delivery - although the box with the hull/brass/instructions arrived first, followed a week later by the conning tower in a separate Jiffy bag!!! The instructions are a bit simplified..... .... but the resin moulding is excellent - crisp and bubble free.... There are no painting instructions - nor decals - which is a pity - so re-creating the drop-shadow pennant number on the conning tower is going to be a pain..... Still, this is a new welcome addition to the range of British submarines, so great work OKB Grigorov. Ken
  2. Some little progress.... she's all painted up now - ready for the decals..... Trying to hold the model whilst applying the masking, then brush painting the blue, red and black was like trying to wrestle a set of bagpipes.... Modesvit provide self-adhesive masks for the blue areas around the cockpit and the black panel on the spine - but for the the rest I used Tamiya Kabuki tape..... My masking was not very successful - I had some ragged edges and bleed under the tape in places - it's OK if you don't look too closely...... Holding it whilst applying the fuselage decals without damaging anything is going to be interesting.... Ken
  3. Are we allowed to talk about TREAD Creep marks ??? Sorry.... I'll get my coat...
  4. Visually, not much - the J-16 appears to hav the 'standard' Su-27UB fins with cropped tips. It also seems to lack the pitot tube at the tip of the radome. Internally, I suspect there are lots of differences - radar, cockpit etc - study all the photos you can access........ According to the drawings I used, yes.... I fixed it this way...... (and fixed the too small fin intake at the same time).... My build of the Trumpeter 1/72 scale Su-30MKK is here. Happy Flankering Ken
  5. Yes it is - with a new decal sheet IIRC.... Ken
  6. The walkround is at the bottom of the build photos - the link should take you directly there - if not, just scroll down to the bottom... I used AKAN Su-27 paints on my T10-10...... Ken
  7. As promised - I have cropped/enhanced/captioned/uploaded my photos of the T10-10 Flanker tenth prototype wot I took at Lugansk. Ukraine in 2006....... They are here:- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_t10_modelsvit.html#Walkround_Photos Enjoy Have a Happy Flankering New Year... Ken
  8. There is a kit in 1/350 scale - in resin from 'Polar Bear' subs ;- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Submarine-resin-kit-of-SS-Oberon-class-the-UK-1-350-scale/264271889518?hash=item3d87d5046e:g:jlYAAOSwy8JctiIL I finished mine as 'Special Ops' sub HMS Opossum..... The build is here:- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_350_scale.html#HMS_Oberon IIRC, there's another 1/350th Oberon that has just been announced..... Ken
  9. I have some photos of T10-10 that I took at Lugansk - as soon as I have some time, I'll post them here.... Ken
  10. The Starling Models resin kit of HMS Tabard has her finished in a Mediteranean scheme of PB10 .......... Hataka do an excellent water based acrylic match - A521 PB10 RN Deep Blue.... (which I used on my model of HMS Tabard above).... Ken
  11. I'm looking forward to your build Stuart...... When I made mine, I accidentally removed the keel - so I had to replace it with plastic card !!!! FWIW, my build is here: http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_350_scale.html#HMS_Upholder_42 I'll be interested in how you make a 'waterline' version and sea base...... Regards Ken
  12. Thanks for replying re the Hasegawa Su-35S Robertone - saves me a job...... Re the original Su-35/37 (Su-27M) - I started doing the conversion described above (Su-30SM plus Su-33). The web page is here :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_su-37.html The project is currently stalled - I WILL get it going again as soon as I can...... The thread on Britmodeller is here :- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061242-su-37-t-10m-scratchconversion/&tab=comments#comment-3454159 Happy Flankering... Ken
  13. OKB Grigorov have just released a 1/350 scale model of submarine HMS R10..... http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/product/809/1-350-hms-r10.html Duly ordered A word of caution - do not hit the red 'Print Order' button - 'cos it prints the whole black screen and uses all your printer's black ink..... Merry Christmas to all.... Ken
  14. Not the first prototype T10-1, but Modelsvit do an excellent 10/11th prototype....... It would take some work to make T10-1 (smaller radome, non-canted fins, additional wing fence etc) - do-able, but not that simple. Happy Flankering Ken
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