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  1. PS - I guess that Mikro-Mir (Small World) should think about changing their name to MACRO-Mir !!!!
  2. Clearly visible in this image posted earier......... With a scale wingspan of 74 cm (29in) the wings are probably beyond Miko-Mir's injection-moulding capability - hence the use of fibreglass resin - as used by Amodel in their 'Amonster' series - and Modelsvit on their An-124 and An-225 My K-7 is in the postal system somewhere - (I eventually talked myself into purchasing one - using the money saved on petrol during the lockdown). At least that's the rationale I used..... Ken
  3. Primered....... .... ready for the silver overall.... Ken
  4. Rhapsody in Orange... OR...... "Gentlemen, I give you Orange October"....... Mikro-Mir USS Albacore - modified to an earlier configuration with + shaped rear dive planes and 'standard' propeller... She is painted in an orange primer coat before the application of topside black - as seen here......... Ken
  5. Wouldn't they just be directed to "The orange one at pier 6 - you can't miss it"........ Ken
  6. She's painted..... As she was painted in primer orange whilst afloat - I assume only the hull above the waterline would have been painted...... and.... I'm guessing that the pennant numbers and other deck markings weren't re-applied until after the topsides were re-painted black? Thoughts anyone???? This is what I'm trying to re-create...... Comments - and links to any other images - welcome. Ken
  7. Xiaotangshan...... They also have a very rare UTI La-9....... Re the MiG-9....... on both my visits to Xiaotangshan (2010 & 2013) I never saw a MiG-9 - HOWEVER - I did purchase a hardback book 'Aircraft Treasures of China' and on page 62 there is a colour photo of a MiG-9 inside the 'cavern'. It is painted in green upper surfaces with light grey undersurfaces and coded 'white 30' Ken
  8. Nice review Julien..... FWIW - I'm still wrestling with mine...... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_type_r_html.html I've been tempted to give up a couple of times - but have persevered - although attaching the undercarriage may be the deal-breaker. WIP thread is here :- Ken
  9. Thanks for the photo GMK Those X-shaped rear diving planes are as fitted at the end of her career - I've done the Blue Ridge resin kit in that configuration... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_USA.html#USS_Albacore_AGSS-569 I'm doing the Mikro-Mir injection-moulded kit in her earlier layout - with + shaped diving planes and different propeller I'm going to paint her orange as in Chris's photo above. Ken
  10. All assembled and ready for a coat of primer...... The early variant had + shaped rear dive planes - so I used the kit-supplied X planes cut down to size and mounted appropriately. I decided to use Halfords White Plastic Primer instead of my normal grey as a better base for the topside orange..... Ken
  11. I followed your post in the WIP section - fascinating story and a great insight into the history of the USS Nautilus. Also great job on the old Aurora kit....... I don't know if you are aware of it, but the Ukrainian enterprise of Mikro-Mir have kitted a 1/350 scale Nautilus.... My build and more photos here :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_submarines_350_scale.html#Nautilus I don't know how accurate it is - but it's a nice and (relatively) easy build. Ken
  12. Not sure if it is painted in the correct colours - but I photographed it in 2013 at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Museum... Ken
  13. Making a start.... the upper and lower hulls are cemented together - with the join filled and sanded down. Note the filled-in holes for the X-shaped rear dive planes.... Mikro-Mir's model is of a later version - with a moveable 'rudder' at the rear of the saill...... As I am building an earlier version, the rudder was cemented in place..... ... and blended in with filler....... Ken
  14. It's a great looking aircraft - enjoy your build. I flew in one from Krasnodar to Moscow in 2002 - Kuban Airlines..... I was in an aviation enthusiasts group and we had just done a ramp tour, so we boarded via the rear airstairs and took our seats. The plane filled up with passengers and when the engines were started, the cabin filled up with dense smoke It gave all us Brits a shock - but the Russian passenger didn't seem concerned and it soon cleared. Turns out that it was fog - the aircarft had been sitting on a hot ramp and as soon as the air con came on the cabin filled with steam!!! Interesting experience. Good luck with your model - and Stay Safe... Ken
  15. Not in Beijing - we didn't have the time on a tight schedule. But in Shanghai I met up with Yufei Mao - who very kindly came to our hotel and took me to a local hobby shop - which, unfortunately, was closed. Ken
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