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  1. Amodel do it in 1/72 scale......... The fuselage fuselage and wings are in fibreglass - there are a few fit issuse - but the build is not too difficult.... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_be-200.html I agree with your wish for an A-40 though - that would be nice ! Great model in 1/144 scale Daneel. Ken
  2. Great progress Nikolai (and Johnny) If they are any use to you, I have some walkround photos of the Mi-24A - taken at Samara State Aerospace University airfield ..... I managed to get the sliding door open and got inside.... More photos -( including interior shots and some taken at Monino) are here :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/m-24a.htm Hope these help.. Ken
  3. Excellent model Dimiter Great build and stunning finish..... I didn't know that Amodel had done this kit - I built the Avis kit of the La-200 with Korshun radar.... The worst part was the main undercarriage - realistic but very weak... I had to put a clear-plastic prop under the fuselage to support the weight...... Did you have any problems with your excellent build..??? Happy New Year Ken
  4. Two more photos of Maartens conversion......... It looks great Maarten !! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.... Ken
  5. There is no such magazine...... It's either ...... Scale Aircraft Modelling (published by Guideline Publications) or... Scale Aviation Modeller (published by SAM Publications) (which, worryingly says 'Address Not Found' when I click on it...(?) Have a Happy and Safe Christmas...
  6. Some more in-progress photos from Maarten..... he writes...... Three picures with the first paint on. It was my intention to make it look a bit tatty, but, blast, the paint was probably too old, it didn’t work out quite well. OK, I can camouflage it later on, now it looks far too tatty! ☹ But still, it looks very much a Churchill now it’s black. and.... Note: the propeller is a Los Angeles class example, which suffered some battle damage. Works fine as a stand-in until Mikes 3D example arrives!
  7. Maarten has sent me 3 new photos - and this short text.... Now it goes faster, I’m refining the details like the shape of the bow, added the forward diving planes, refined the contour of the upper casing in a gentle S-curve, and so forth! Fantastic work Maarten - it really looks the part..... Ken
  8. Some more photos from Maarten..... Over to you Maarten.... it's looking great so far...... Ken
  9. You are not wrong....... Take a look over on ARC at Gabor's comments on the weird double curvature at the wing root trailing edge..... (scroll down about half-way).... http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/315206-148-mikoyan-gurevich-mig-15-mig-15bis-fagot-by-bronco-models-released/page/2/#comments Ken
  10. Great photos Mark - thanks for sharing them.... which reminds me.... During a group visit to Boscombe Down in the early 80's, we where shown round a Tristar in a hangar. Our host informed us that they were doing FR trials with it - and also mentioned that it had originally been intended as a three-point tanker - with Flight Refueling HDU's under the outer wings as well as the centreline unit. But.... due to the Tristars 'Active Ailerons' (ACDS) it had proved impossible to fit anything under the wings. At least I think that's what he said -
  11. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/31456-maartenschonfeld/ Belgian modeller Maarten is converting the MikroMir 1/350 scale HMS Resolution SSBN kit into a Churchill Class SSN. As he has no means of posting WIP photos on Britmodeller, I offered to post them for him.... Over to you Maarten........ Ken
  12. Great idea Maarten - something I have been thinking about for a while. Do you have any photos of work-in-progress ?? I would be interested in exactly how you go about the conversion. I'm not sure I understand you on this - if you leave off the separate missile deck you get the circular hull shape - but you would still need to fix the raised section at the bows.... I'll be following with interest... Ken
  13. As I understand it, they are to align the panels - so that ham-fisted conscript groundcrew can't fit the removable panels the wrong way round. They just have to line up the coloured dots - and the panel will be correctly fitted. Ken
  14. I find it amusing that the Pilatus PC-9 was rejected all those years ago in favour of the Shorts Tucano - and here we are years later purchasing the Texan - which is, essentially a warmed over PC-9 !! Full circle... Ken
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