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  1. I have at least two Classic Airframes kits in my stash (Sea Hornet & Gannet). I think I’ve earned a top-notch state-of-the-art Tamiya masterpiece for now...
  2. Mr Surfacer on Wings duly fixed. Not the most thrilling of updates, but vital.
  3. Gallus fettling indeed (though since I am a Nottinghamian, use of such words probably counts as cultural appropriation in our Wokeworld, so I anticipate a visit from the Thought Police).
  4. In case anyone hasn’t twigged from my comments on the General’s P-38G/H builds (not to mention my history with rivets and Sea Kings), the after market to which I have been alluding is the dedicated full set of rivets for this kit produced by HGW. As I have said on numerous occasions already, this kit is superb, so why on Earth do I want to add rivets? Well because I am aiming to reproduce something like the effect seen on this chap’s port wing... ...and I think the best way to do that is with some proper raised rivets (as opposed to dents in the skin). The S
  5. It will be interesting to compare the two approaches. As anyone who recalls my Sea King build will not be astonished to learn, I too will be going down the HGW route on my P-38F. I think the possibilities for the upper wing surfaces in particular are very intriguing
  6. That Occam bloke gets around; I had no idea he was a Vixen man. Shouldn’t he have concentrated a bit more on a Safety version of his main claim to fame?
  7. I think the HGW belts will look fantastic when done, but I went for the lazier option... and in any case, I’m about to dive into more HGW goodness over other areas of the airframe...
  8. Belts done; Eduard won. The seat is not as shiny as this photo makes it appear ... but you’re going to have to take my word for it, since all is now buttoned up. Windscreen and rear section glued permanently; centre section will be open on my model (and the F & G had slightly different canopies anyway), so using the kit’s closed P-38G version - tacked in place with PVA - to act as a mask (but still trying to take no chances with the joins). Now the fun really starts!
  9. Hmm. A rummage through my stash in search of something else has probably significantly changed the odds of the HGW belts reaching imminent fruition: Meanwhile, everything in the cockpit is now done except the seat (& belts) - seat & frame dry fitted here: I’m masking up the rest of the canopy framing, and then some real fun can begin...
  10. I reserve the right to say “to Hell with them” and replace with a scuzzy set of barely-concealed Tamiya tape if my patience circuit breaker pops...
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