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  1. That really works, on the evidence of your mule. Great idea
  2. Good God - that really underlines what a pitiful amount of power those guys were trying to fly with. A Seaking tail rotor gearbox isn’t much smaller than that thing!
  3. At least a picture (of the drills - you can never have too many teeny drills) that I can see! Or am I the only one for whom most of Bill’s recent pictures show up as the Postimage equivalent of the Microsoft Blue Screen of Death? For the record, not even I would add rivets in 1/72... [Apologies for prolonged absence of late; I have been very busy at work, but have also suffered a serious Mojo Failure for some reason - I just cannot get myself going on (of all things) my Lynx build. There are stirrings of a cunning plan to get me going again, but it will probably be away from the Lynx-fest. Watch this space. Well, not this one as in Bill’s wobblecopter thread, but the general BM area!]
  4. The bulge is the No.3 generator to power the sonar
  5. I am doing quite a lot of research for a future build of the Merit Ark 3. As Jamie says, the Tetra detail-up set is pretty awesome; comprehensive and of excellent quality - but even that misses some stuff (depending on how much you want to detail, I guess). NorthStar do some good generic RN things (winches, bridge gear and similar) which will help busy things up. They also do some nice HACS - either open or with the covers on; the latter particularly useful since it's the only way I've found of depicting them that way. Missing from anything that I have found are the (prominent) steaming light box on the forepeak (immediately above the so-called "eyes" - the two fairlead openings right forward), and the siren horn above it and offset to port. I think I am right in saying that the VeryFire set has the siren. Good references are hard to find - especially photos. I highly recommend "British Warships of the Second World War: Detailed in the Original Builders' Plans" by John Roberts - lots of fascinating plans anyway, but including Ark as at 1939.
  6. Wafu is right; the bridge roof Union Flag was an Armilla Patrol (Gulf) thing. My ship, for instance (Fearless) never had any such thing.
  7. You can indeed make a reasonable Fearless from the kit - just keep in mind that it depicts her as built; if you want to depict her in the Falklands, you need to make a lot of changes (especially around the back end of the superstructure / FLYCO). And Airfix's Seacat launchers are laughable!
  8. Did you say a 1/48 Flower?? Ooh yes please; just promise you’ll let us follow the build on here! I’m not really a Coastal Forces guy in modelling terms - but this is fabulous!
  9. Kevin, that is a truly remarkable piece of work / work of art; absolutely beautifully done. I too had to check a couple of your outdoor shots to confirm they were model not real ship. Fantastic.
  10. Tin foil! Of course; why didn’t I think of that? I’m gradually assembling extras for a future Merit 1/350 Ark Royal, and since she will be depicted at sea (working hypothesis is turning into wind to launch the fatal Bismarck strike) I need to cover most of the boats. I’d already ordered some North Star goodies - bridge kit, HACS, pom-pom directors - and having seen yours I’m very glad I had. Your Hood is looking magnificent.
  11. In the second (Malta) pic it certainly looks like a Type 277. I can’t think of anything else from that era that would need to be positioned so high up - it’s not like it’s some kind of electro-optic Johnson! An oddity, certainly, but nothing else springs to mind
  12. This continues to the present day (or at least did into the 60-80s warships I served in!). The ECP (definitely so-called nowadays, as the term “wheelhouse’ has pretty much died, the modern helm being on the bridge itself) is usually on top of the hangar of a modern warship - same reason; if the bridge is sufficiently badly damaged for you to have to abandon it, you want somewhere else to control the ship. Legion is looking lovely.
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