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  1. I have one in my stash, and it tempts me regularly - but since i already have a number of paused / stalled builds, I will take vicarious pleasure in watching yours come together instead.
  2. Done. For the hours of fun, worth every penny & then some
  3. Natural metal, fairly dull; this is one of the Navy Wings (ex-RNHF) aircraft, but cannot remember which.
  4. i am wrestling with the same issue with Ark; she’s being depicted in a North Atlantic storm, so pristine bright dry teak is not going to be convincing. Tetra do nice wooden overlays (4.5” sponsons, cable deck, quarter deck), so I wondering how to darken them without the faff of scratching the whole lot (which would be considerable on the cable deck especially).
  5. Having all my modelling stuff in one place again for the first time in over 2 years is great, but in trying to snatch some time at the bench in the past few days (work is v busy) I realised that I couldn’t find anything. When you only have an hour of spare time, wasting half of it rummaging through tool boxes looking for things is a real waste. So I finally decided to do something about it; I’ve seen the Polish “HobbyZone” modular stuff at Telford & thought it has potential. 36 hours after finding the UK supplier, 9 modules were delivered on Friday. It’s taken me two days to build them all & sort out my stuff, but finally (possibly for the first time ever!) I know where everything is: It transpires (which will surprise none of you, I suspect) that I own an embarrassing number of files & tweezers! Let’s hope it allows me to get in with some work on the ship (though part of the school re-opens tomorrow, so I’m expecting this week to be pretty mad as well) More soon Crisp
  6. Lovely. By the way, I think you’re right; it is a TV aerial
  7. Needs a Firefly rocketing the Bejaysus out of it! Lovely idea, well executed.
  8. It sounds a fascinating book, I agree - but a search of Amazon & Abe Books (admittedly not an exhaustive one) suggests North of £45 at best.
  9. As are parts of a ship’s structure that act as quasi-sails. The war canoe I had the privilege of commanding (HMS Blackwater) had large slab-sided funnels and a fairly high freeboard; at low speed in any sort of breeze she could go sideways like there was no tomorrow, which sometimes made ship-handing a little on the “squeaky-bottom” side when entering narrow harbours.
  10. They have recently spent a lot of money on it; there is a completely new hangar since I was last there, enabling (amongst other things) their Vixen finally to go back indoors. Plus some incomparable Mossies, obviously.
  11. Even your sundials look de Havilland-esque; if you go to Salisbury Hall (& if you haven’t you definitely should, though their Vixen is a mere FAW2) there are moulds / formers for Hornet & Venom fuselages lying around that look very like your cast pipe. Different shape, obvs. - the Hornet was far too elegant to be a drainpipe
  12. This continues to exceed available superlatives. Brilliant work
  13. WE177 could only be used as an NDB from any RN helicopter. We used to practice the drills (using a simulator thingy which gave all the right lights etc in the cockpit as the crew went through the drills) regularly. One thing I’ve never understood about use in the Wasp is that even airborne there were strict two-man rules; it was not possible to drop The Thing unless the P1 AND the Observer both made the right switches in the right order. The Wasp was a one-person aircraft, especially with a WE177 strapped onto it - endurance must have been a tad constrained (making one- or two-way mission a moot point, really) - so I'm not sure how they implemented this final bureaucratic hurdle on the path to armageddon. To this day the war cries of “Beware beware!” [I’m just about to drop this thing] and “Dustbin dustbin” [I’ve just dropped it] leave me feeling distinctly queasy
  14. That’s the one, yes. My French has clearly improved! [Edit: that’s weird - yesterday, when I made this post, Iceman’s quote of my account appeared in French (hence my joke); now it shows up in English. I must be multi-lingual without even being aware of it]
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