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    Fleet Air Arm from Dad's Swordfish, Albacore & Barracuda III to my own Sea King & Lynx - oh, and the floating grey tin cans they flew from...

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    Trumpy Wellington Mk III 1/48

    This is great stuff; can’t believe I’d somehow missed it until now.

    Blackburn Palouste Airborne Air Start Pod

    But a) you have the satisfaction of a) having scratch-built it and thus triggered CMk into action and b) we watached you do it so we can plagiarise imitate your work. I shall be obtaining at least 2 in 1/48
  3. Hershey bars... a brand almost entirely devoid of chocolate taste
  4. I’m confused; are those the specs for Orange Clubs or Garibaldis? White rail thingy is the “swim this way” johnson to help orientation when upside down in freezing cold water in the dark; feel along it with your hand and you find an arrow. Seakings have them in the back, too - though they weren’t white in my era. [Mmmmm. Orange Clubs...] P.S. this build is making my (vague, half formed) “plan” to turn an Airfix 1/48 Merlin into an ASW version recede even further into the Too Difficult pile. I know it’s been done - on this very forum - but my knowledge of the real aircraft is just too sketchy. So Junglie HC4 it is, then!
  5. I know you did, and major kudos to you for doing so. I am working quietly on a couple of your Lynx 3 conversions, and very good they are too.
  6. The catapult hooks were indeed under the wings; immediately onboard of the main undercarriage wells, behind some spring-loaded doors. Unless you’re portraying the aircraft on the catapult, you won’t see them. Google “Buccaneer catapult launch” & there’s a really clear pic of an S1 on the trials catapult at Bedford (scroll down - https://www.bahg.org.uk/NAD.htm)
  7. Only if you’re unimaginative enough to have stationary wings
  8. Massimo, be careful; I have a vague memory that the Navy Buccaneers didn’t have a nose wheel light - that was an RAF fit. Check your references! But in general this is fantastic work
  9. It’s safer to stop then land than the other way round. [Especially on a ship]
  10. Ex-FAAWAFU

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    Another epic in the malking; I’m in!
  11. Ex-FAAWAFU

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Ah, nostalgia; I built this kit sometime in the 1960s! Even brush painted an attempt at the classic Italian mottled camouflage. I loved it as a 9-year-old. Let tart-battle commence; you have my attention.