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  1. Edward, you are a lovely man; that has cheered me up massively!
  2. Fabulous work; as others have said, this would be an excellent model in 1/350, let alone 1/700!
  3. Excellent stuff; she’s looking great. That is one serious wave-guide!
  4. Great Scot! An entire month has gone by; how does this happen? I could tell you that the whole time has been packed with modelling progress… but that would be a lie. I went back to work post heart attack a few weeks ago, and the end of June / start of July was pretty manic at school, so by the end of the day I was completely knackered and fit for nothing beyond sleeping in a chair. Then we went on holiday for a week (Appledore in North Devon; fab). Them the bloody heatwave appeared just as I had a week without work at home - my man cave is completely untenable in such conditions, so I simply shut down the computers and evacuate the room. Then 2021 produced another example of the unceasing medical fun for which the year has been noted in my family. Thus far we’ve had my heart attack in March, closely followed by my wife breaking her ankle really badly, requiring 3 months on crutches. And now this: This is my starboard leg immediately after I got back from A&E on Thursday; at lunchtime that day I jumped out of the way to avoid an over-enthusiastic dog (not ours), and landed with all my weight on my right leg, complete with a significant sideways moment. I felt a distinct ‘twang’ and as though someone had smacked me hard on the back of my calf with a baseball bat. What’s that? Did I hear you cry “ruptured Achilles’ tendon”? If so, you’d be right. It could be worse. Though remarkably painful at the time and for about 10 minutes thereafter, it now doesn’t hurt at all. I am going back on Friday for a scan to ascertain the full extent of the damage, and thus the likely treatment… but there seems to be some evidence that (despite at the time there being a visible gap in my tendon of a good half inch - sorry if you are squeamish) a few fibres of the tendon are still hanging in there. Upshot. No modelling yet, and not much likely for a bit - certainly not for a few more days yet, since I absolutely MUST elevate my leg and cannot fit at the bench with it elevated. We’ll see after Friday. Ho hum. Anyone else having a fun year? I know about Famille @Procopius’s travails (which are infinitely more sad than any of my recent snags), and about @Navy Bird‘s attempts to set new records for ridiculous scar length. What about the rest of you lovely peops?
  5. The Navy was interested in both versions of Martel, but saw the TV version as specifically an anti-ship weapon, so it would make sense that the early trials focused on that. It’s Sod’s Law, isn’t it? I am back from holiday (superb) and have a further week off work, so an ideal chance to do some modelling… you’d think. But my man cave is unbearably hot in this weather, so I am confined to ancillary activities like reading and research. Fun, but not resulting in any visible progress with P-38s, Ark or anything else
  6. I have a number of pics of a FAA Museum Firefly, but I think they’re all of the Mk.1. I’d say @NAVY870 is deffo your best bet
  7. Sorry; I am a mere wobblecopter pilot, so know little of these weapons. But the thought of an upside down Bombhead is deeply disturbing. I may sue.
  8. I thought it had been a while since I was properly bouche-smacké (as we say in Wiltshire) by some epic lateral thinking. But of course, the moment Tiny reappears, that’s remedied instantly. fan-blimmin-tastic
  9. I concur that the I-beam is museum only, for all the excellent reasons Dave says. Apart from anything else, I can’t see how the davits would actually work if that were a feature of the operational version
  10. Making great progress, thanks David; the medics are really pleased with me and I feel better and better with every passing week. Stamina is the only remaining legacy (quiet in the cheap seats), but that will return. I still fall asleep after any prolonged concentration and/or effort. We’re away on holiday at the moment (Appledore; lovely), so no modelling at all. But Ark will not stay silent for long.
  11. Brilliant begreebling. Will the Hendiehead eventually be fitted with a lifting eyebolt thingy / “Jesus nut” (as seen in the styrene number)?
  12. Yes, yes, yes please; I was gutted when you stopped work on the Firebox
  13. And from Wiltshire. You have said lots of nice things about my Sea King (for which many thanks), but mine’s in 1/48 (& probably only that cos there isn’t a 1/32 one). You’re working in Braille Scale, so stop beating yourself up!
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