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  1. Yes it would - though in any kind of weather there is so much salt in the atmosphere that corrosion is just as much of an issue higher up the hull. It's the spray that really gets into every conceivable place and starts to eat the ship!
  2. That is something that is much exercising my mind at present, Giorgio. The answer is almost certainly a combination of techniques. I always black base anyway; then it will probably be a base layer followed by quite a few heavily-thinned applications using a combination of mottle templates... ...and salt or hairspray techniques. Jamie assures me that these work fine with Colourcoats, but I’ll be experimenting first (not that I don’t trust him, but I’ve never tried it with enamels and want to know roughly what I am trying to do before I start!) Then m
  3. Not that much to show you after a weekend with not much time at the bench - digging out the stump of a 120-year-old (very dead) lilac tree took most of my energy on Saturday! Most of the work I did do isn't very photogenic - cleaning up the weld seams and PE from the last few weeks. However, I did finish adding the assorted grilles that are visible on the port side in many original photos (I did most of the starboard equivalents many weeks ago, though still a couple to add on that side as I clean up). Done by eye, using a micro chisel to dig a slot and then some fine brass mesh (
  4. Does that mean their kit comes compkete with Fallen Madonna *cough* etc portrait in the cabin? If so, BM’s lunacy is definitely spreading! Astonishingly good Canberra cockpitry - and very, very good to have you back. Take your time. Crisp
  5. Bridge Over Troubled Turbo-Porter. I’ll stop now...
  6. Have you been drinking with Belgians again, Guillaume?
  7. Yesterday: Today: Only the other 7/8ths of the ship to do! [I promise I won’t photograph it every time - you get the message] Crisp
  8. A couple already have during Wanda’s less subtle moments! But only a couple, which ain’t bad considering there are hundreds of the blighters. I want to be certain that they’re good and solid before paint, or there’s always the risk of one coming adrift leaving a blob of grey styrene or white filler visible through the meticulously applied Colourcoats. Not a good look.
  9. My favourite nailbar / hair salon for the discerning gentleman. Hoxton, I believe. Sadly closed at the moment, but a man can dream. [Stonking Stuk-ery, Giorgio, obvs]
  10. Since I am deeply into the process of building this very Merit-Tetra combo (see my endless “Sink the Bismarck” thread), I fully appreciate just how much work it takes to get to this point, and she looks great; really well done. I’m not sure I agree 100% with some of your conclusions about the paint scheme, but now is definitely not the time for that discussion to reopen. Two minor things that you may take or leave entirely as you please, however. 1. As far as I am aware she never had Fulmars and Skuas at the same time. 2. She definitely never had the Yagi radar aerials on her H
  11. Wanda, it’s been a pleasure! And your mate Dina the de-Gausser? Yep, her too. This phase is done! That final view because the equivalent view from fine on the starboard bow seemed to strike a chord with people. As I said yesterday, there will now follow an extensive programme of cleaning up - you can see from these close ups how mucky things are, how much stray Gator Thin is about, & how many traces of seam-checking black paint are hanging around. As much as possible needs to go before any new paint goes anywhere near - plus there is still a l
  12. Wanda now close to being laid off until fresh orders reach the yard; one more weld to do high up on the bow (which will not get a special photo of its own!)... but basically port side (& thus both sides) weld seams reinstated: ...and the DG coil is also almost done: 2 more sections to finish tomorrow to close the gap: There will then follow a lengthy and serious detailed clean-up session to get rid of as much glue, sanding dust and general detritus as possible, ready for a few finishing details (e.g. ladder rungs in the hull side & the like).
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