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    Fleet Air Arm from Dad's Swordfish, Albacore & Barracuda III to my own Sea King & Lynx - oh, and the floating grey tin cans they flew from...

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    Sea Knight

    Get thee behind me, Satan!

    Sea Knight

    That’s looking superb!
  3. The prop blades make a huge difference - somewhere on my 46 thread there’s a ‘before & after’ comparison shot, and the originals look puny. Coming along beautifuliy.

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    Assuming the ships and our use of them didn’t change radically post-1990 (when I last flew from a CVS), I’d say not. Often used as a ground running spot - and the AEW cabs even operated from there (“Spot 0”) occasionally. Nets, not guard rails

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    For the second half of my Naval career (i.e. fron 1989, when I converted to the Lynx) I lived in West Dorset, and it is indeed a wonderful part of the world. We sometimes used to drop in to Compton in a Lynx, too - not always easy to find from the air. Lovely, friendly airfield. All this glory and a Chipmunk, too. Bliss.
  6. Does the Shapeways print have to be the entire piece, complete? If it were me, I’d remove the strengthening plates from the print, and leave the modeller to add them (in brass or styrene), thus retaining the scale thickness. If the limitations of the medium (3D printing in this case) “force” overscale, wouldn’t it be beeter to leave that area out rather than compromise? I speak as a complete 3D printing ignoramus!
  7. Pot, this is kettle: colour check, over
  8. Though not really my scale, I had a very close look at this at Telford last year - it looks a superb kit. My Dad (an RN Observer - Swordfish & Barracuda) had a Wimpey in his logbook (I assume an ASV radar trainer), so I might yet be tempted one day. So you definitely have my attention!

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    Minor detail question, but are you sure that the bridge roof guardrails are collapsible (i.e. have black horizontal bars rather than grey)? That Huntress is a vast improvement. Nice work.
  10. Nice save! Just like @Frank083 and others, I’m perplexed by the nose issue - it fiited perfectly on my FR46. Still, no matter now. I loved this kit; I have a finished FR46 and an in progress FR47, and both have been a joy to build.
  11. Nice legs, shame about the chintake? We’ve been here before, somehow. My bank manager is also stirring uneasily...
  12. Ex-FAAWAFU

    Scratchbuilt 1/144 Avro Bison 1A

    I eagerly await its Blackburn Blackburn companion; two aircraft so ugly that you have to love them. Great project
  13. The Dunker. Used to scare me witless every time I did it - especially in NBC kit (the dreaded “whistling handbag”). Shudder. Saved many a life, though.
  14. Ex-FAAWAFU

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Great chicken nose job, and fine use of that seldom seen SI unit, the duck’s breadth. Have a great hols; you’ve earned it.