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    Fleet Air Arm from Dad's Swordfish, Albacore & Barracuda III to my own Sea King & Lynx - oh, and the floating grey tin cans they flew from...

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    HMS Ark Royal 1977 1/700

    Double post. Apologies for cyber ineptitude

    HMS Ark Royal 1977 1/700

    Looks really good to me; the sea round UK very rarely looks “blue”. North Sea largely brown, greeny-grey further West, kind of slate coloured in the Atlantic. Med & Pacific are definitely the classic “sea blue”, but in general our weather doesn’t lend itself to the same!
  3. Just to prove I was actually there (despite somehow picking a moment when Bill had disappeared somewhere); Beautiful, both of them. Crisp

    New Ship Related Releases

    I'd never heard of Very Fire until I started researching 1/350 Ark Royal (my only major purchase at Telford on Saturday - the Merit job from a year or two back). Apparently they did a detail up set for it, but I have never seen it. Nice to meet you, @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies! [P.S. Do you stock the Tetra detail up set for the Ark air group? NOT the ship one - I've already found one of those on a certain well-known auction site].] I am thinking along the lines of turning in to wind to launch the fatal torpedo strike vs Bismarck, which would mean c.15 Stringbags, and I'd want to get them reasonably detailed. Not exactly urgent, though; unlikely to be started for many months]

    Airfix 1/24 Hellcat F6F-5

    I looked at it for ages at Telford yesterday, chatting to the Airfix guys, and I was seriously impressed. No, not normally my scale (who can see that 1/24 is their 'normal' scale?), but I am very likely to buy one for both practical and emotional reasons. Practical in that the wing fold makes displaying it not completely unrealistic (sure, I'd love a 1/32 Lanc, but I could not possibly display or even store it safely), and emotional in that I am ex-FAA and love building FAA subjects. No-one else does it, it looks a superb model, it was a superb aircraft that flew for at least 3 major powers (US, UK, France) over a reasonably long period... What's not to like? About time we saw a Naval type given this kind of love. BZ Airfix.
  6. Having looked at various versions of the Hellcat at Telford today, I’d say it looks stunning. [Yes, I know, pre-production, things can change, blah blah]. Not generally my scale, but talking to the Airfix guys today they definitely said French & FAA options as well as the obvious USN - I couod easioy be tempted. And with one or both wings folded it might even fit in a display cabinet - I mean, yes, the WNW Lancaster looks astonishing, but where the hell wouod you actually put it? Unsurprisingly, it’s HUGE. Nice one, Airfix.
  7. Massimo. i’m sure you know this, but that ILS antenna on the side of the tail needs to come off; RN Tooms didn’t have it. I’m sure correcting Airfix’s minor errors still counts as OOB!

    Illustrious to Invincible

    Chewy - PM me to remind me and I’ll send you what I have (though it won’t be until the weekend at the earliest); my Ark build [see lonk above] is as she was when I joined her in 1987 (820 NAS first front line tour), and as far as I can tell very little changed between her 84 commissioning and 87.
  9. Thanks, Hairy... Mr. Stick... whatever... I’ve been away on a training course from work, plus going through the deeply upsetting business of saying goodbye to my beloved dog Zebedee [who has simply become too sick to continue, alas], so no modelling for a few days. I’ll be back at it this evening, though. I think future builds (e.g. the Norfolk & Glamorgan double-header elsewhere on this page) will see me do something similar on the painting first front. Having said that, a lot of the stuff I’ve added (e.g. the deck clenches etc. on the fo’c’s’le) needed to be done before priming - and I have left things like the davits and both masts separate until after the deck is done, so I haven’t stitched myself up completely. Getting to some of the detail under overhangs, however, was a good game. All part of the continual learning curve that is modelling!
  10. For a moment there I thought you’d strayed into the realms of a WIF build where the FAA bought the Jaguar M instead of the F4! The Gannet is really coming together well.
  11. I’ll be there at some point on Saturday, and will be making a bee-line for some gorgeous Blackburn-ery
  12. I had somehow missed this until now - maybe becauae I am loitering in the maritime section a lot at present. This is fabulous; great techniques, lots of patience & persistence, and stunning outcome. Wonderful.
  13. Ex-FAAWAFU

    Sea king HU5 build No2

    That’s in the Ronnie Corbett league of short shots!