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  1. HansReggelsen

    Comets - two of'em (Momentarily shelved)

    Thank you for both your comments. I first bought the 4B with plans to convert it to a C4, so when the 4C eventually was released I bought that instead so I now have two Comets I think I'll shelve these two for the moment and go hunting for an Airfix 4B and use the wings of the Amodel 4C and combine these two to an C4. The reason behind this is that I have planned a series of RAF transport planes, Comet, Hercules, Britannia etc and would like them to be at least to be in the same scale. Cheers Hans J
  2. HansReggelsen

    Comets - two of'em (Momentarily shelved)

    I had heard, that the Amodel Comet kit wasn't quite 1/144 scale. I have now found out that according to Modelversium the fuselage is supposedly 12 mm too short! http://www.modellversium.de/kit/artikel.php?id=11209 Hmmm.....That is quite something......hmmmm...... I'm not a nitpicker, but my worry is now that the 1/144 RAF decals I bought will not suit this kit. Hmmmm.....should I look for the Airfix Comet instead.....hmmmm...... Cheers - for now.....hmmm...... Hans J
  3. HansReggelsen

    Comets - two of'em (Momentarily shelved)

    So! I seem to have a little trouble with the alignment of the wings to the fuselage. It seems that the wingsection wants to slide to one side alle the time. I have therefore glued two pieces of plasticcard on each side of the wingroot to keep it in place - hopes this extra support helps. I'll keep you posted as events unfolds! Cheers Hans J
  4. HansReggelsen

    Comets - two of'em (Momentarily shelved)

    So! Once again it that time where it is thursday (Thor's Day) so maybe it is 'Hammertime'! But before that, I've done a bit of modelling: I've decided to build them as DeskTop models so will not get bogged down with details. Just clean looking models this time! ........I think...... Cheers Hans J
  5. HansReggelsen

    Apollo 7 50th Anniversary S-IVB

    I stand corrected! I got the two movies mixed up because in 'Diamonds Are Forever' there is also a satelite involved, but in 'You Only Live Twice' they actually kidnap austronauts in space. Maybe this is a good reason to spend the evening watching the old Bond movies again! Thanks to VMA131Marine for the great picture! Cheers Hans J
  6. HansReggelsen

    Comets - two of'em (Momentarily shelved)

    So! Maybe I'm not as lazy as I thought , as I allready have been doing some more building on the two Comets: The build itself is mostly just glueing the parts together - the real challenge is in the painting. Cheers Hans J
  7. So! Hot off the Bugle Buggy build, I sat down and pondered what to build next. Luckily sitting down is a skill I master quite well and t'was a clear evening and no clouds to obscure the stars. As I sat there, staring at the stars, and letting my mind wander, it suddenly hit me: How 'bout a Comet - no - not one, but two! I happen to have two AModel 1/144 DeHavilland Comets in the 'stash - a 4B and a 4C. They'll be built almost OOB and mostly for the fun of it. So - 'nuff said - let the building commence: Cheers Hans J
  8. HansReggelsen

    Apollo 7 50th Anniversary S-IVB

    A great build and a fantastic presentation! Now I know where they got the idea from for the spacecraft in 'Diamonds Are Forever'! Cheers Hans J
  9. Thanks - I felt the diorama needed som action and drama, and nothing says 'drama' as a fleeing chicken! (...well maybe a flying shoe! ) Cheers Hans J
  10. HansReggelsen

    Heller Peugeot 403

    What a great build - can't wait to se it finished! Cheers Hans J ......ahhh.....just one more question. Do you plan on putting a dog in the back? ()
  11. HansReggelsen

    Revell 1/32 VW Beach buggy

    Just when one thought it safe to take a trip to the beach, here comes not one but TWO Buggy's! Looking forward to this - you've allready taken a bold route with the colours - Looks great! Cheers Hans J
  12. HansReggelsen

    Beach Party! Buggy through the Night!

    So! The Buggy's done! Please see the pictures of the finished presentation here: Cheers Hans J
  13. My Buggy is done! Here's the build: And here's the finished presentation: Hope you like it! Cheers Hans J
  14. HansReggelsen

    Dornier flying boats 1\72

    Beautiful - absolute beautiful! Always had a soft spot for seaplanes! Cheers Hans J
  15. HansReggelsen

    What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    The latest two: But please don't ask when I'm going to build them - that remains to be seen! Cheers Hans J