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  1. HansReggelsen

    Greetings from the land of the midnight sun

    Great to meet a fellow scandinavian! - Or should I say 'Drittkul'! (pray forgive my spelling, I'm not a norvegean teenager! ) Looking forward to seeing your builds - your childhood modelling memories ecchoes mine! Cheers Hans J
  2. HansReggelsen

    Special Duties Mosquito FB.35

    Wonderfull model! I'm glad I read your article to the end - I was just about to ask for the specifications on this Mosquito version, when I read that it represents a movie-bird. It's actually fairly embarrassing as I actually have this movie in my collection! Cheers Hans J
  3. HansReggelsen

    Beriev Be-12 1\72 ModelSvit

    So beautifull - so beautifull! Cheers Hans J
  4. HansReggelsen

    Harrier AV-8S Matador 1/48

    Looking forward to this - there can't be too many Harriers built! I built this kit myself as part of the 1970's NATO GB last year: Unfortunally the pics disapeared in 'The Photpbucket' incident but perhaps there's some information to be gleamed from all the help I got. I built mine as an RAF GR.1. One last observation is that the kit actually is an AV-8 with Stencel seat. Cheers Hans J
  5. HansReggelsen

    Has the heat...

    Yep - this summer is an absolute 'killer' regarding my modelling! Here in sunny Denmark we just have had 31 degrees Celcius during the day and above 20 degrees at night which classifies it as a tropical night! My daughter is currently on vacation in Indonesia and they have it cooler than us! But a cool beer helps a bit! Cheers Hans J
  6. HansReggelsen


    Ahh - The Canberra! Such a beautifull plane! Your model of the B-57 version certainly does it justice! Cheers Hans J
  7. HansReggelsen

    1/35 scale "Holy Grail" of Jeep Collectors

    Yes - A great idea and well executed! Cheers Hans J
  8. Aawww! Your build is so beautifull I just ordered the kit myself! And for me to part with my hardearned cash is high praise indeed (I have a close - some may say a loving - connection to my money! ) Cheers Hans J
  9. HansReggelsen

    F7F Tigercat Italeri 1:48

    Ooh - the Tigercat! An alltime favorite of mine and your collection is beautifull! I've built one myself and have another one in the stash. Cheers Hans J
  10. HansReggelsen

    1/72 Tornado

    Kingkit has this one: https://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/revell-aircraft-1-72-04619-tornado-gr1-raf Cheers Hans J
  11. HansReggelsen

    Protecting Your Models

    I could have used this a bit earlier! Back in the '90es our cat Cesar managed to 'kill' five of my 1/72 planes and the '00es my then two year old son managed the same feat taking down 4 1/72 and 1 1/48 plane! Alas - the follies of youth! Cesar lived on to reach the grand old age of 17 years - and it so happens that my son is of the same age now! But as they say - 1 human year equals 7 cat years so he should go on to at least 119! Cheers Hans J
  12. HansReggelsen

    Pan Am Boeing 747

    Accordning to the indstructions, one simply attach the extra fins: https://stage.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/04863_%23BAU_BOEING_747_SCA_UND_SPACE_SHUTTLE.PDF Cheers Hans J
  13. HansReggelsen

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: If ever I'm reborn to this world, I want to be a cat : Cheers Hans J
  14. HansReggelsen

    Pegasus Hobbies Great White Shark

    Well, I haven't had a swim in the ocean since first I saw 'Jaws' in the cinema when I was a kid in the '70'es. Your diorama has reaffirmed me in the wisdom of that decision! Well done diorama! Cheers Hans J
  15. HansReggelsen

    Airfix 1/130 Cutty Sark

    Great build! A quick question to the original: How is the ship now - is it finished being restored after the fire some years back? I don't always get the really omportant news of the world here in Denmark. Cheers Hans J