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  1. Ooh - that's nice! Well done! Reminds me of my childhood when I read the Dan Cooper comics! I seem to remember him flying one of these and had to fly through a hoop mounted on a wall! Now I have to look into that! Cheers Hans J
  2. At the moment I've working on two old 'classic' kits from Revell - the Douglas Skyrocket and the Douglas X-3 Stiletto. Both will be made as desktop models in flight mode, so a lot of putty and sanding! I'll put up some pictures in the Aircraft RFI when done - there really isn't much to show in a WIP! Cheers Hans J
  3. A great build of a true classic kit! Well done indeed! I have the same kit, and I can only hope that mine - when I get around to it - will come out as well as yours! Cheers Hans J
  4. A truly well done model and a nice tribute to one of the latin american airforces who fought on the allied side in WW2! Cheers Hans J
  5. Bravo! Well done indeed! It's models like this, that make me want to try out building a 1/144 scale kit - might as well do it while my eyesight is still in order! Thanks for showing! Cheers Hans J
  6. That is a lovely model! Well done indeed! How did you make the giant matchstick? Cheers Hans J
  7. Great model! I simply don't understand how you do it! A woodcarver once told me that there's a model in the wood somewhere and that he only removed what's not supposed to be there, and that's it, but surely it's much more to it than that! Well done indeed! Cheers Hans J
  8. You have a great eye for possibilities! I like the way this is coming along! Cheers Hans J
  9. Uij! That's nice! You've built one of my favourite planes of all time (it's because it reminds me a bit of my self - Short, tubby and not much of a looker - but charming! ) Thanks for presenting it! Cheers Hans J
  10. Wow! - It doesn't come much better than this! A great model with a facinating history! Well done indeed! Cheers Hans J
  11. Übercool! I like your aproach - "if it doesn't exit - make it!" Cheers Hans J
  12. Looks like a great idea - are you going to keep the scale of 1/32 or will it be in 1/72 scale as to fit with the Razorcrest? I've often looked at 1/32 or 1/48 scale kits and wondered how they would look if I 'scaled' the scale (!) down to 1/72? Keeping the dimensions of the larger kit, but interior etc would be in 1/72! Looking forward to your build! Cheers Hans J PS - it's also a good way to downsizing ones 'stash' - 1+1+1=1!
  13. Your model looks great! I've had my eyes on this kit albeit the Navy version. I may have to rethink it! Calvin's dad would probably say that this kit would be a characterbuilding excercise, but I'm 60 (!) so my character's been build a long time ago! Cheers Hans J
  14. I too built this kit when I was a kid back in the 70'es. I built mine as the IDF F-4E. Great to see an old warhorse built into a really nice model! Thanks for the memories! Cheers Hans J
  15. You mean the one with David Carradine as Frankenstein and Sylvster Stalone as Machinegun Joe? I saw it in the movie when it came out (showing my age here! ) Oh - and the model is great! I've had my eyes one the Suyata kit as well, but the price! Cheers Hans J
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