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  1. I could be up for this - it's been a while since last I joined a GB and this is straight up my alley! I'm thinking alternative planes for european AF's - like a Luftwaffe BAC Lightning, F-102 or F-105! (the mentioned planes were in the competion which the F-104 won! ) Or even more WIF: If the F-107 had won out against the F-105, then we could have had a RDAF F-107! (The danes would have bought F-107 instead of F-104 since they already had the F-100! ) Hope this goes forward! Cheers Hans J
  2. Quite a flying circus you have there - well done! Cheers Hans J
  3. After my little incident yesterday some drops of blood from my foot got unto the carpet. My wife wanted to google how to get it out and wrote:"My husband got stabbed and bled all over the carpet. How do I remove it?" Do you think she'll get into trouble? Cheers Hans J PS She didn't actually - but it would be funny if she did!
  4. One can never have too many Skyhawks and yours is a fine example! It's also nice to see one in another scheme than the grey/white one! Cheers Hans J
  5. I think it looks great and your weathering is IMHO spot on - just the way I like it! Well done! Cheers Hans J
  6. Do you know the feeling when out shopping groceries you suddendly pull a muscle in your left calf? And the day after when - in an attempt to spare your left leg - you sit down af your moddeling desk and then drop your scalpel right into your right foot! I think I'll just stay in bed for the rest of the weekend! Cheers - and be carefull outside and inside! Hans J PS I had - of course - just put a brandnew blade in my scalpel!
  7. I actually bought some trash! .....and some trash cans! ....in 1/35 scale from PlusModels and Miniart respectively! It'll be put to good use in a small diorama I'm planning! ....OK I also bought a 'real' kit! A Hasegawa 1/48 Saab Draken 'Scandinavian Draken'! It'll probably end up as a RDAF plane! Cheers Hans J
  8. I happend to grow up in the southern part of Jutland, so I watched both versions! - Yes the german version was a bit 'alternative' to the original, but very funny! Cheers Hans J
  9. Just had a look at my Fujimi 1/24 Dino 246 which I plan to build as Danny Wilde's (Tony Curtis) from the TV-show 'The Persuaders'. However I have not been able to find a kit for the 1970 Aston Martin DBS driven by Lord Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore). Was a kit never made? And how about the Bonds cars of the 80'es (V8 Vantage Volante Series II) and 00'es (V12 Vanquish)? Were they made in 1/24? (Haven't forgotten the 90'es, but didnt't Bond just drive BMW's? ) Cheers - and just wondering Hans J
  10. I think it looks great - especially your weathering! Keep'em coming! Cheers Hans J
  11. Well - I don't know if this counts, but the last vehicle-kit I bought was a pair of Arii 1/35 Daihatsu '57 Midge (Tuk-Tuk)! You never know when one of these may come in handy. Cheers Hans J
  12. Great Shermans! It never ceases to amaze me, how many variations of Shermans one can make! Your two are both ones I have never come across before, but I like them! Cheers - and keep up the good work Hans J
  13. Great! - one can clearly see where Spaceman Spiff got his inspiration from! Cheers Hans J
  14. The MiG-25 is soooo sleek! You've done a great job - only hope that my MiG-25 - eventually - will end up as good looking as what yours is! Cheers Hans J
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