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  1. That looks great! Very inspiring! Are the fish part of the kit? Cheers Hans J
  2. A fine model of a great plane! You have a fine eye for details and have captured the real life plane very well! I especially like the wear and tear you've managed to get right! Cheers Hans J
  3. Thanks for asking, but let's not open this one once more. It was (and still is) a light grey lo-viz Spanish AF F.1 with a tigerstribed rudder and underfuselage stabilizers. I used Albatros Decals ALC/72010 'The Dark Mirages'. - a decalssheet that I can highly recommend as it has marking for a plethora of F.1's. Cheers Hans J
  4. Well - henceforth I will stop refering to this type of modelling as inspired by the 'spanish school'. As for skills - I build for myself and for having fun, not for public admiration. And I have a lot of fun. If you don't like it - so be it. Your comment wouldn't normally bother me - but in this case it does. I have therefore decided to delete these pictures as not to offend your eyes anymore. Cheers Hans J
  5. Nothing to see here any more. I think I need to take a break. Thank you for the support! For a moment there I felt like Jamie Oliver when he presented his take on a paella! I didn't want to offend anyone, and I don't think I did, but such is the world these days - some people will get offended just because they want to. That's a hobby, I think, but not one that I would take on. Anyway, I like my Mirage and most importantly, so does my wife and my friends. I don't want to put the pictures up again - water under the bridge, but I'll just say this: I have 2 more Hasegawa 1/72 Mirage F.1 and a lot of decals, and I'm not afraid to use them! Will I put pictures of them up here? Perhaps, if I'm in the mood that day -there are somethings you just shouldn't do! Cheers Hans J
  6. It's a fine model - even if it's 20+ years old. It must be the Italeri kit - or perhaps the Revell reissue of the same kit. Anyway - it looks great! Cheers Hans J
  7. Great model of a great car. My memories of it doesn't extend further than it's use in 'Never Say Never Again'! I liked that as well! Cheers Hans J
  8. Thank you. I think you're right regarding the paintscheme. The prototype scheme consisted of large red panels on a NM background which broke up the lines of the aircraft. An allover one colour scheme lets one see the whole aircraft without anything to disturp the lines. I've always liked the Ultra Sabre - what's not to like when the word 'Ultra' is in the name! Cheers and thanks for the input Hans J
  9. Yes - I know, I know - The F-107 never passed the prototype stage, but what if it did! What if not only did go into production, but it also won out against the F-105 (who had ever heard of a fighter with a bombbay anyway!) Then in the sixties when the European Nato countries were looking for a new fighterbomber, what would be more obvious than to choose the Ultra Sabre - afterall the danes had used the F-100 to great effect! And noone wanted that flying misile F-104 anyway, what with it's tiny wings and all! So I present to you, the F-107A in service with the RDAF: Hope you like it and please forgive me for toying a bit with history - but then again it's very popular these days what with the mulitiverse and what have you...! What's next, I hear you ask - I don't know yet - a Bundeswehr BAC Lightning? (Or something that actually was used in the 'real' world! ) Cheers Hans J
  10. I like it - a lot! The only other B Mk. IV is in totally different league - pricewise, and still has disappointedly some serious problems - so serious that I sold mine off! Your Mossie looks great! Cheers Hans J
  11. Another figureset that I have not heard about! And it's a year older than I am! Thanks for the pictures of these figures - they look great! Cheers Hans J
  12. Hope this works! A small diorama which contains models from several companies - Masterbox, Miniart, Tamiya and more. The story is that i a postapocalyptic world our heroine Hanna is scouting the lands for new supplies when she stumbles upon a deserted town - why it is deserted? She is about to find out. Hope you like it! Cheers Hans J
  13. I have just uploaded my first photo to Imgur -Let's hope this works:
  14. I just looked it up on the 'net. Doesn't look too difficult to scratchbuilt if it were - just lots and lots of plasticcard. But of course it isn't the 'real' one! Cheers Hans J
  15. Well done! I remember these! Didn't Airfix also make some foreign legionairs and a desert fort? Cheers Hans J
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