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  1. A Beautifull Brute Beast - and I love it! Cheers Hans J
  2. Very well done indeed - if you've this far in just one year, I'm really looking forward to seeing how far you've progressed next year! And - as others have said - keep the first one and display it with pride - it's Genesis! Cheers Hans J
  3. Many thanks for this! I just love the sleek lines of the Commando! Makes me want to build my Williams kit as well! Cheers Hans J
  4. A great model in a great setting! Cheers Hans J
  5. Well as long as the reboot button isn't at the other end of a velociraptor infested compound I think it'll be all right. Me? - I have taken the appropriate evasive action - "Endgame"! Cheers Hans J
  6. Such an innovative aircraft and such a great model! Maybe I should get me one?......NO! Spend too much already this year! Cheers Hans J
  7. An interesting subject - a very informative WIP and a fantastic RFI - and all this at Easter! It's like a modellers dream of a Kinder-Egg! Cheers Hans J
  8. I've had a soft spot for the Black Widow ever since I, as a kid on vacation in Austria, bought an Airfix 1/72 kit - in Feldkirch I think it was - in the neighbourhood of the Bodensee! Your model - magnificent as it is - brought back the memories! Thank you for that! Cheers Hans J
  9. My most profound condolences! Hans J
  10. Two Vikingwarriors meet each other in Valhalla. One of them has such an impressive deep voice, which compells the other to ask:"You have an impressive deep voice - what is your name?" The other replies:"Low Key"! Cheers Hans J (running for cover)
  11. A great selection of figures from a great movie. Cheers Hans J
  12. Fujimi actually do TWO sets: Kit#111506 - the one Ken mentions & Kit#111650 - the latter also has seated guncrews Cheers Hans J
  13. Wonderfull! It's great to see imagination and well executed handicraft go hand in hand! Well done indeed Cheers Hans J
  14. Models like this and the stories of the originals always serves me as a reminder of how far we've gotten in just a little over a 100 years! Magnificent! Cheers Hans J
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