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  1. I'm not sure I can remember what my first modelairplane was - I think it was a Revell 1/72 Zero in palegreen plastic OR a Revell 1/72 P-51 - the one with a red fuselage! But then again - I can't even remember if I have answered this tread before! Cheers Hans J
  2. Beau-tifull! Another one of my favourites and a well done at that! Cheers Hans J
  3. Having this kit myself, your WIP is most welcomed! When I eventually start mine up, I'll use it as a guide! Now - where's my Mike Oldfield 'QE2' CD? Cheers Hans J
  4. Great model and a funny setting! I didn't know that Ronald McDonald had a job on the side as a mechanic - you live and learn! Cheers Hans J
  5. 2020 has been a year full of conflicting feelings for me, but modelling for my part were good as I have amassed 10 finished and two more on the bench! Here goes: 1) Dragon 1/35 Conqueror MBT 2) GW Space Wolves Dreadnought 3) GW Space Wolves Primaris Dreadnought 4) Airfix 1/72 H.P. Jetstream 5) Airfix 1/72 Ju-87 'W├╝stenschlange' (at least how I think it should look! ) 6) Aurora 1/72 AH-56 Cheyenne 7) Tamiya 1/35 SAS Jeep 8+9) Heller 1/24 Honda 500 + Masterbox Marilynn Pinup = Catwoman 10) GW Spa
  6. R.I.P I remember reading his autobiography "Yeager" many years ago and found it very inspiring! The tales of how he and Bud Anderson went fishing in the mountains, how he went hunting in Germany and of course of all the places he was stationed while with the USAF. I particular remember how he said, that if you can't go fishing in the mountains any more, go to the local lake and fish there instead. So don't be sorry about what you can't do any more, instead enjoy what you can do. Cheers Hans J
  7. Holy mother of Batplane! While it may be disputable if it's a pretty plane - - your model surely does it justice - and more! I've never heard or seen this plane before, but now I want - no - NEED one! Cheers Hans J
  8. Great model of a great plane! Also a great kit - as far as I know it hasn't been surpassed in this scale yet? Cheers and keep up the good work! Hans J
  9. Very nice indeed! Interesting how they painted around each and every one of the stenciling - must have been a nightmare for you to mask! Cheers Hans J
  10. Really well done - and yes! - I see you added the famous broomhandle! Well done indeed! Cheers Hans J
  11. Hi Bill The Revell 25 is also quite luminous and that is why I 'dulled' it down with som red, but remember, that how a colour looks change in time (fading etc) but also during the day (sunny, cloudy etc) depending on the light. Colours is a subject that is difficult to pin down to an excact science, so I go by what looks 'right' to my eyes. I could be - and in some instances most probably am - wrong, but I can live with that! What I mean is - get as close to the colour that looks right and go with that. Cheers Hans J - Running for cover!
  12. Hi Bill I used Revell Matt 25, but toned it down a bit with som matt red. I didn't use a specific mix-ratio - more along the lines of 'that looks good'! Cheers Hans J
  13. Over at Danske Modelbyggere (Danish Modellers) there's a tread about this. It is in danish, but you can find the aircrafttype and the FS number and go from there! https://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/index.php?topic=1818.0 I think the consensus is Dark Green FS34079, later FS14079 (same colour, different shine) Cheers Hans J
  14. Looks interesting! The Maryland along with it's sisters - Baltimore and Marauder are among my favourite bomber of WW2 Is it a rebox of the Frog kit? Cheers Hans J
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