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    Hi, Here is my interpretation of Wellington Mk.III HF670 'U' from 142 Squadron flying from Blida airfield during early 1943. The Trumpeter kit is an absolute joy to work with and the only criticism I can think of is that the wheels look too skinny. The decals are from the generic Xtradecal dull red and my reference was 'Wellington Squadrons in Focus' by Freer and Parry. I hope you like it, Russ
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    Here is my take on ICM's very nice 1:72 scale kit of the I-5 (Early). The model was not difficult to build, but required the care often afforded to short-run kits. The fit was mediocre, especially around the cylinder housings, and the lower wing/fuselage bottom. The upper guns were difficult to fit, on account of the vague instructions. The struts were a bit flimsy, so I glued the whole thing together before painting it. The kit is finished as the personal airplane of Soviet Airforce Chief Yakov Alksnis. Alksnis; a Latvian, joined the fledgling Soviet airforce in the mid-1920s, and served initially, in an administrative role. In 1929 he received his wings and became a dedicated pilot and leader. He instilled in his officers, a keen attention to detail and alertness. He was chief of the Airforce until the 1937. Then he was rewarded for all his efforts with expulsion from the Party, accusations of setting up a "Latvian Fascist organization", and execution. I painted the model using Tamiya and Vallejo paints. The red is Tamiya Flat Red, sealed with MM Acrylic flat clear mixed 1:1 with Future/Klear. The prop was painted with Tamiya Flesh, streaked with brown artists oils, then sealed with Tamiya Clear Yellow. Everything else is Vallejo. I used EZ-Line elastic thread for the rigging. I used black thread and then painted it with a highly thinned coat of Vallejo Oily Steel. This was thinned with Liquitex Fluid Medium. Photos aren't the greatest, as I found it really difficult to color balance with the bright red. Please comment and let me know what you think.
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    Back in 2015 there was a Gloster Meteor STGB that I participated in but never completed with a 1:48 Classic Airframes kit of a Meteor NF 11 to be done as a 5 Sqn aircraft. You can see the original thread here However I will be pulling some material from that into this thread to keep it all together. This will be a side-project of the long running collection I've been working on for a few years called "Aircraft my Father fixed! which you can see here: This side project in intended to allow me to build aircraft from 5 Squadron, to which my father was attached in the latter years of WWII in India and Burma, particularly in the post war years. I've already done a Lightning Mk 6 and a Tornado F3, so now its the turn of a Meteor NF 11 which were flown by 5 Sqn from 1959. Box: Paint scheme for 5 Sqn Sprues: Now if you look in the middle of that photo you see one of the problem with this particular kit - there are two sets of the same sidewalls for the cockpit rather than having two different sets. I got this kit of eBay back in 2014 and only started it in 2015, so opps! The solution was to resort to scratch building - there were some photos on the net and a set of very nice illustrations in instructions to allow me to get a good idea and after I'd completed it @trickyrich posted a very handy pic that showed I'd got pretty close - whopeeeeeee! To be honest when I got the kit out of the stash on Sunday I didn't even realise I'd scratch built these parts as they'd been painted since that pic was taken and it was only when I saw the previous build thread that I realised what a nice job I'd made of them!!! That is pretty much as far as I'd got at the time, then I picked up a chest infection at the 2015 SMW which meant I wasn't able to complete in the time available for the STGB at that time, so the box got packed away into the stash until I finished the Scammell Diorama at the weekend and started looking through the stash to decide what to do next. I really didn't want to go back to sci-fi just yet, I'm quite enjoying building "real" things at present and there is an idea my club has had to celebrate the RAF centenary this year, so adding something to the RAF 5 Sqn roster seemed a good idea!
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    New kit just released by EVA. Resin + PE. Not for beginners. 1/48
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    I'm Back. The build will resume shortly!
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    I did mine wheels down and flaps deployed, and the wing L shape came as one piece each side. So count your blessings! You may find the instructions say apply before fitting the flap pylons. Notches may be required in the piece along the flaps trailing edges. And then touch in the appropriate pylon parts in white. You may need to chop the diagonal line to fit either side of the mid pylon too. If I can illustrate.... Probably said decal before pylons! No, me neither..... Wouldn't work out
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    This model Yak-28PP from Bobcat absolutely does not correspond to Yak-28PP what was in reality: !!!! B.R. Serge
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    Gap filled with some modpodge and i have added a bit to the water surface to give it some movement.
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    Lovely shots AD. It's good to see that the Brooklands team are looking after ZA150 so well. She is an historic example and was the last of just 54 Tens built and served faithfully for many years with East African Airways before the RAF acquired her for K.3 tanker conversion. She was also the last VC-10 I ever had the privilege of flying on in 2013. This is a picture I got of her overflying the Falklands with 1435 Flt Typhoons in tow. look like a great day out despite the weather. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for future events. Mark
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    Azur-FRROM is to release a 1/72nd Renard R-31 kit - ref. FR0039 Release expected in October May 2018. Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2018/03/fr0036-renard-r-31-172-pripravujeme.html Box art Sprue A V.P.
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    Hi, This is the old Italeri/Revell kit that seems to be OOP for quite a while. I built it 20 or 25 years ago. Built as a curbside model it is a really nice kit with only one major shortcoming: the unrealistically wide wheels. I reduced the width of the tyres and made real wire wheels. As far as I remember I detailed the interior, reworked the clumsy wipers and transferred the prancing horse and the chrome lettering on the boot lid from another kit. If you are interested in this classic Ferrari and if you can still obtain the kit I would really recommend it.
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    @southpier thank you for this. Am glad someone is referencing Paul Budzik as well. What great scale modeling. @larchiefeng Jesus Wayne vreat to see you here. Been following your amazing Ferrari challenge. i think yours is better built than the original one. An Italian aquaintance of mine died hitting a tree and the gas tank exploding out of Bologna Italy on a short sunday drive when the first F40 cars came out... bloody dangerous to drive thank you for your cheers. Am back at my bench with the Mef but bloody hell so many great modellers on BM pushing the standards ever higher that i can't let go !!! so am learning and redoing stuff...may be will break Chaz s record... You have an incredible den i saw... enjoy !!! @PROPELLER Dan this picture is amazing. It is a devil s picture because it gives ideas etc. this looks like it is Gepetto s car by the way. Cheers to all such great builders and what great spirit and building going on here on BM. I learn from you all the time thank you
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    A second very light coat of the modpodge applied and blown with the airbrush to get the ripples. Once fully dry i will add a small amount of white dry drushing in a few spots
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    His Buccaneer must have travelled many thousands of miles by now - without the wings even being on! Surely some kind of record? Splendid progress Massimo - I would always be too distracted travelling so admire your incredible focus at keeping things going wherever you land.
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    Trail fit of the bits, loads of filing and sanding yet to do to get them to a finished state. Along the way we had the fortune to get measurements from the owner of an actual lwb van and found it to be slightly wider at the rear than the kit.
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    The main float struts are glued in place. I prescinded of the molded-in struts featured in the kit and solidary with the float halves on the backing sheet, because they were not really sharp; so instead of wasting time correcting them, I used -from my pitifully low remaining stock- Contrail aerofoil stock (I very much hope that some manufacturer would make more of that stuff!!!):
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    I recall when I had my 3 hour circuit bashing flight from Brize, us cadets were loaded on to the main cargo floor where they had a bunch of aft facing airline style seats in RAF fashion. The seats only occupying an area on one side of the hold by the undercarriage bays. Some cadets got 'billeted' upstairs behind the cockpit. Meanwhile us down below got a bit bored and played 5 a side footy with a screwed up ball of paper... not helped by banking turns when practising final approaches etc. I was on one side peering out a window when a change of direction had me rolling across the floor and landing on opposite wall narrowly missing the emergency lever of an escape hatch. Very few of us were staying strapped in to the seats. The flight was broken up for a comfort / tea break when we parked up on a hardstand somewhere on the base when the NAAFI van rolled up serving refreshments and then everyone got herded back on board via aft ramps and off again for another hour or so . I'll try and scan my pics when I find them and post on BM .
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    Aaaaarrghhh ! I no longer can, how can you do that !! sincerely. CC
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    Adding just a few more... And that's all folks! From there, at least Martin
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    Jason C from Britmodeller made the masters for these two-stage nacelles (which come with 6 stack exhausts) for the Tamiya 1/48 Mossie though https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/products/pangolin-two-stage-mosquito-nacelles-1-48
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    The seaplane version had an additional diagonal reinforcement strut connecting the "bullet" with the aft wing struts root: The fore diagonal strut is provided with the kit, as is part of the normal landing gear.
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    I like it too. Interesting idea with thise working lights.
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    It's not strictly true Matt, it really depends on how much Klear you use. I tend to use a small 'puddle' that sits proud of the surface (difficult to put into words how much really) which does allow the decal to move - if you just brush a thin coat on then it will tend to 'grab' the decal. However, even if it does all is not lost, as you can carefully lift the edge of the decal with a wet brush & let some water under it in order to reposition it, then when happy it's in place you can put some more Klear under it and roll a Klear dampened cotton bud over it to bed it down. Klear doesn't actually dry instantly & I've managed to move decals 3 or 4 minutes after doing the roll over with a cotton bud treatment. But much longer than that and they're on stronger than a limpet! Keith edit - should have said 'wet brush 'if you need to lift the decal. K
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    I hope I don't come across as rude asking, but I was just wondering what your thinking was for the RHD conversion? Is it personal preference, or was there some other reason? Just asking since the real thing is LHD, but ultimately my feeling is that the only way you're doing the model wrong is if you don't do it how you want it.
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    Superb build and finish on a wonderful (and, sadly, often underrated) aircraft. Agree about the wheels...
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    I was only just thinking that you'd make a great research aid to Franta from DK Decals Tony! So good to hear this as DK have been very prolific of late and have some very exciting decals schemes in the works. Cheers.. Dave
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    That really is stunning Steve and your attention to detail is top notch. Great idea with the lights too. I always like these extra features! Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
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    Nice! I wouldn’t want to be sat where he is though during a lift!
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    A bit of a stinger about that decal dear boy. A bit late for advice and all that “but” in tricky situations like that stripe I tend to use just water, then slide it to where I want it and let it dry a bit. Then when happy add the micro sol. I know you’re meant to add the micro set to glue them in place but I don’t like too much risk. Excelent work on tother and fixing the bosted one too. bravo sir.
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    Great choice of aircraft and schemes Tony, I look forward to seeing them both come together.
  33. 1 point
    Excellent looking Wellington. I really like the scheme on this.
  34. 1 point
    I use Jadar-Model in Poland. I've had excellent service from them. Edit: I just checked their website and it looks as though they are out of that particular one. Google Part S72 181 - quite a few options seem to be available. Ian
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    Stunning work there Ced old chap. One word of warning about using klear to attach the decals/transfers/what ever you want to call them, I've heard it helps them stick well BUT I've also heard that it grabs said transfer/decals instantly with no hope of sliding into position. A bit of searching on the forum might be in order, to check my dubious advice. Matt
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    Very nice Johnny. I want one!
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    First rate build. Love the Wellie terrific aircraft.
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    Lovely perfectly clean build.... My old dad would have loved that.
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  40. 1 point
    Very neat finish
  41. 1 point
    Great shot again Leigh! Perhaps could use the full 1280px width to give us a better look? I'm sure that many of us would appreciate some more detailed views please; I have an Airfix VC10 tanker and a Roden kit to build, and such images could really help. Mike
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    Nice work. I had the same problem with the wings on my AZmodel Morane 'G' kit. I removed the lugs (which were in the wrong location anyway) and drilled holes for some short lengths of stuff wire. It seemed to work just fine.
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    Oh, the fun of decals... I am sure that you will find a way around this problem Ced. Masking and spray, or use the kit decals, it`s a hard choice. Looking good though, both builds Ced. Simon.
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    Fascinating, thanks for sharing. We had a Palouste in a lab at uni, it was instrumented so students could take measurements of temperature and pressure at various points. Didn’t know about the podded version before though.
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    Know exactly what you mean. It's tolerated for now and I have an agreement with a six month on, six month off deal. Trouble is, with U-Boat number two in production, things might get tense. Here's a pic of it on the mantle. As you can see, there is a bit of a maritime theme going on. Missus says the house is looking like a man cave. I need a study. Thanks for the comments guys. Andy.
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    That deadline is starting to look frighteningly close... Ulp! Final stage post surgery was to daub a thin layer of green on the DV visors and assess the result This is rather a cruel close up but I think is is a reasonable depiction of the DV visors. The sharp eyed among you might notice the white plastic lifting rings that have replaced the kit items? No perfectionist tweak this, the carpet monster got one so rather than try to replicate the original I cut a thin slice from some plastruct tube and I think once painted will stand close(ish) inspection. I hope you agree! So, surgery has been declared (pretty much) successful. I can now start the somewhat less stressful task of sticking together the lovely bits produced by Tamiya, which is rarely any less than satisfying. This completed (quicker than expected I must say, these really are lovely kits) I sprayed the whole model with a unifying coat of Vallejo Model Air Russian Green. Plan now is to spray with a suitable sand colour, then fit the tracks, paint and weather them, fit the sand shields and paint to match. Hopefully I will then apply the contrasting dark colour, markings , seal and weather... In what? Two weeks...
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    Great! I'll settle in at the back. Actually I have this kit and made a tentative start at it several years ago, but stalled. In fact I started another Anson at the same time, an Aeroclub multimedia post-WWII Mk.19 (vacformed fuselage, injection moulded flying surfaces, plus white metal details). Unfortunately that one stalled too. Will be following this with great interest since I know you'll provide many useful tips.
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    I did get a little done yesterday but modelling time was limited by various domestic tasks which had to be attended to and it wasn't worth posting. I have got more done today, so here's an update. I used white Milliput to fill the guard slots and have added the travel lock: My plan is to finish off the guard slots with some stretched sprue weld beads. I have also assembled the spare track link blocks. I think these will be best painted separately so I drilled a hole in the back and mounted them on cocktail sticks ready for painting: I have also started work in earnest on the turret. The main parts have been cleaned up and I have filled and sanded the min barrel as well as starting some assembly: I should have more time tomorrow so hope to get quite a bit more done then. Bye for now, Nigel
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    On my last example the legs were also malformed and twisted. Here are my resin replacement wheels against the kit ones. What this doesn’t show is how narrow the kit ones were. Trevor
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