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  1. Nice touch is the canopy tubings completely forgotten by Hasegawa, with open canopy is really important.
  2. The second towbar of the series, this time for the period Vietnam-ColdWar.
  3. This is an upgrade of a previous set with the addition of a drawer, various tools, a suitcase, buckets and more, what it takes for a modern diorama on the flight line. You can also add the set 153832.
  4. I'm back with this little set based on Aero12 cart with a "explosive" container, ideal to populate a carrier deck. simple and effective. 14,00 eu.
  5. MD-1 Nosewheel Aircraft Towbar, for different types of aircraft, used from the eighties until today.
  6. This Hobart AM32A-86 is widely used by the late eighties until today by various air forces for a large type of aircraft. Rubber cable and decals included. 24,00 eu.
  7. 6 complete submunition dispenser SUU-30 CBU-54 H/B “late” with decals & photoetched parts, post Viet War, late Cold War until 1991 Gulf War. 10,00eu
  8. LAU-51, 19 2,75 in. FFAR rocket launcher used mainly by F-104, G-91, Alphajet, Jaguar and other. 8,00 eu. Again available 1/32 MK-25 Bomb dispenser, 8,00 eu.
  9. First news of the year, this time 6 1/32 submunitions dispensers SUU-30 (CBU-54) B/B "early" with decals. Always old price 10 eu per packet.
  10. This November as new a pair of carrier deck crew of the early "vietnam" era (circa 1965-1968) with Aero 12 cart partially full of fuzes ready to use on bombs. One "red shirt" ordnancemen and one "green shirt" aircraft maintenance. 16,00 eu.
  11. Upscaled version of modern tug tractor for aircraft & helicopters used by Raf/R.Navy as well as some EU NATO A.F. (Belgium for example). Complete with photoetched, decals and precut transparent. 25,00 eu. http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/148-modern-rafr-n-tractor/
  12. I'm back with a small set of 1/32 MK83 bombs with "slick" body, requested for some time, as usual price is 8,00 eu.
  13. Listening some requests i made two new modern figures that will be included from now in the MJ1 Loader package, one "Vietnam style" for the early A loader, the other contemporary USAF crew chief for the late B loader. For all those who have recently purchased one of this products i offer the possibility of having one of these figures for free in a next order or paying only for shipping costs.
  14. I often receive requests for scaled down some of the 1/32 scale subjects, beginning with this, others will follow soon, i don't think for the ordnances, too much competition in this area, maybe something inside mixed sets.
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