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  1. Available, scale model of the 50 Gallon LOX cart mobile liquid oxygen storage tank. Download instruction manual
  2. I'll send you everything together with the next oxygen cart.....
  3. I've been working for a few months on new different projects, one of them will be a complete redesign of the figures catalogue, this time in direct 3D printing in high quality, the subjects will be as usual modern Usaf flight line personnel, U.S.Navy and also Marines personnel. Firts set are a modern USAF Crew Chief figure 1/32 & 1/48 (man & female) in standing position with extinguisher and chocks, simple but effective figures for an essential modern flight line diorama. 3D printed figure in one piece. Second 1/32 are a variation to the maintenance set for a diorama on the flight line, a pilot in CWU-27 who is using a notebook while a crew chief is working on an F-16, includes various parts, drawers, boxes, buckets and more. if you want there are the color manuals in these links: DOWNLOAD COLOR INSTRUCTION - 1/32 USAF Crew Chief w/Extinguisher DOWNLOAD COLOR INSTRUCTION - 1/32 USAF Pilot & Crew Chief
  4. This GPU has been a common sights on RAF stations for many years, it provides power to various aircraft like Hunter, Lightning, Phantom, Harrier, Jaguar, elicopters and many more, ideal to complete all the dioramas with RAF aircraft. Resin parts, 3D printed parts and decals for one version.
  5. After a long time I come back with a big news, other 32 products will come this year.
  6. Good news for 72 lovers, the STT is finally available, ready to be inserted in your USNavy aircraft carrier dioramas. Unlike the 1/32 model this is the full GPU long version. As usual photoetched, decals, air tube and figure are in the package. A further version in 1/48 will be available as soon as possible. http://www.videoaviation.com/temp/STT_172_18.jpg
  7. The time had come to release some news in scale 1/72 AM/32A-60 Starter MA/1A Generator starter Harlan tow tractor MA/1A & MD-3 Starter set
  8. https://www.videoaviation.com/product/1-32-raf-1000lb-bombs-free-fall-tail/
  9. Back on business from today, first new product to start the year, a couple of 1/32 scale standard general purpose RAF 1.000lb high explosive bombs, used during the Cold War period and beyond on various aircraft (Hunter, Jaguar, Harrier and Tornado), 10,00 eu for set.
  10. Images of the finished model in the two proposed versions:
  11. This time a small set for a modern flight line diorama featuring a Halon fire extinguisher and USAF personnel, with decals. 10,00 eu.
  12. This tow tractor is the typical "jack of all trades" present in all air bases in the world, easily adaptable for all functions. The 72 & 48 versions with closed cab will follow later.
  13. Sept NEWS - 8 complete bombs, slick body for USAF and light ablative fire-retardating coating for U.S.Navy, decals as usual. 10,00 eu for each set.
  14. On request the 1/48 version of the USN deck crew set set plus a couple of F/Line crew as a bonus, including chocks and holdbacks. 18,00 eu.
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