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  1. First news of the year, this time 6 1/32 submunitions dispensers SUU-30 (CBU-54) B/B "early" with decals. Always old price 10 eu per packet.
  2. This November as new a pair of carrier deck crew of the early "vietnam" era (circa 1965-1968) with Aero 12 cart partially full of fuzes ready to use on bombs. One "red shirt" ordnancemen and one "green shirt" aircraft maintenance. 16,00 eu.
  3. Upscaled version of modern tug tractor for aircraft & helicopters used by Raf/R.Navy as well as some EU NATO A.F. (Belgium for example). Complete with photoetched, decals and precut transparent. 25,00 eu. http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/148-modern-rafr-n-tractor/
  4. I'm back with a small set of 1/32 MK83 bombs with "slick" body, requested for some time, as usual price is 8,00 eu.
  5. onosendai

    1/32 MJ1 NEW DRIVERS

    Listening some requests i made two new modern figures that will be included from now in the MJ1 Loader package, one "Vietnam style" for the early A loader, the other contemporary USAF crew chief for the late B loader. For all those who have recently purchased one of this products i offer the possibility of having one of these figures for free in a next order or paying only for shipping costs.
  6. I often receive requests for scaled down some of the 1/32 scale subjects, beginning with this, others will follow soon, i don't think for the ordnances, too much competition in this area, maybe something inside mixed sets.
  7. 1/32 U.S. Navy Deck Crew Aircraft maintenance figures w/AERO 12C cart, metal boxes & tool. 16,00 eu.
  8. 8 U.S.Navy BLU111/Mk82 bombs BSU-33 Tail with light ablative fire-retardating coating. Complete with DSU-33 proximity sensor, standard fuze, caps, lugs & decals. 10,00 eu.
  9. I don't believe in this, the mold is certainly the same quality.
  10. As widely expected, no Vicon RCAF and NL Orpheus also.
  11. onosendai

    F-104G Starfighter

    The AN/ALE40 they have been installed for the “Ace Guard” (Desert Storm) based on Erhac AB Turkey from 6-1-1991 to 10-3-91 together with the Orpheus pod. It seems to me that there were no stencils on the chaff/flares, only on Marineflieger F-104, i've these in my catalog in 1/32 scale.
  12. As anticipated some time ago from today the 1/32 SUU-20 dispenser is available together with 6 (plus 2 spares) BDU-33 practice bombs. Price 12,00 eu. If you only want the bombs I prepared a set with 8+8 BDU-33 & BDU-48 for 6,00 eu.
  13. ......but at that moment they were in the coffee break in the next dioramas, as will be understood, they are support works for my business and for my site
  14. Yep, "Gina" is correct for a German '91, curiously this latin nickname has never been adopted here in Italy.
  15. I managed to finish a litte dio after a long time, a G-91R/3 Luftwaffe LeKG 43 in 1969. The Meng model is not without problems, the main one is the shape of the characteristic "nose", more other things here and there. Also the model had the small tanks supplied, I replaced them with a bit of cad work and printed with my 3d printer, these are the convenience when you do this job. The decals supplied with the kit unfortunately proved bad, at least those in my box, having no other valid available I had to use the very old ones Modeldecal from the 80s, although slightly off-register and bad appearance it worked well with microsol.