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  1. Hi Steve. Great to see this kit in progress. Looking good so far! Take care and stay well. Kind regards, Stix
  2. Hi Steve. I hope you and yours are well. Your thread is a good example of why I should start at the end of a thread and work backwards - to find out what happened! .......rather than be thoroughly enjoying a thread only to be saddened by what has happened! Sorry you had this experience. Take care and stay well. Kind regards, Stix
  3. Wow! Second master class of the day with Tamiya's 1/48 T-55. Awesome modelling! Kind regards, Stix
  4. Hi John. I hope you and yours are well. Well.....where to start? The first thing I had to do was check you were actually working in 1/48 still - because the level of additional detailing you are putting into place, looks like what talented modellers would struggle to add in 1/35! Your attention to all the small details, especially in this scale, takes your model building to the next level......in fact several levels beyond that even! I'm going to leave my recently acquired 1/48 T-55 in it's box for a while! Awesome modelling as always! Kind regards, Stix
  5. Very impressive modelling, painting and weathering! Very well done! Kind regards, Stix
  6. Now that's impressive! Especially in 1/72! Looks like 1/35 modelling reduced in scale! Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  7. Hi Spiny and thank you very much for your comments. The kit actually comes with a few alternate parts - you could have - or not have - the mudguards on the front wheels. I opted to have them as I was already leaving off a fair few parts compared to the one in the picture on the box! But yes, they wouldn't have helped in certain conditions! There are a few photo examples of the real tractor with the mudguards fitted. Probably fitted for when it's not working in the fields - I'm guessing. Kind regards, Stix
  8. Hi Mike. Thank you very much for your very kind comments. Kind regards, Stix
  9. Thank you very much. You are too kind. Kind regards, Stix
  10. Hi Haratio. Thank you very much for your kind comments. Good point about aircraft models with folded wings saving space! Just like the real thing! Thank you. Kind regards, Stix
  11. Hi all. It's a long time since I posted anything in this section and I don't think the standard of my project is anywhere near up to the standard of most of the models that appear here. My excuse is that it was built in the Blitzbuild Group Build over last weekend - so completed in less than 24 hours (I think it actually took about 20 hours over the weekend) and it was my first go with rattlecan gloss red paint for quite a long time! The last time I used any was on my Revell Schlingmann LF 20/16 Fire Engine - some photos of which can be found HERE. I'm posting it because I think quite a lot of modellers might not have seen it before and might quite enjoy making it. It is actually a snap kit and can, in theory, be build without much paint or glue. I used both! The only reason I got the kit was because a new toyshop opened in Leicester and I went in to have a look around. By chance there were a few 'odd' kits and this one was on sale - so I bought it. Because of the limited timescale of the GB I opted to do it as a 'showroom' version!! Seriously though - if you check on the interweb, there are some absolutely superbly weathered versions of this kit around!! Just don't look at them and then come back to look at mine! It was great fun to build with only a few minor issues with fit and some flash and seam lines that needed cleaning up. The WIP can be found: HERE This was the box and the one can of Gloss Red paint I had! Luckily it was just enough!: The front wheels can be angled: I also took a few photos on my Spitfire display base - with the sky background - and used some grass mat on the base itself: ] I can thorough recommend this kit to anyone who likes the idea of making something a little different and it could be the basis of a fantastic weathering project! Kind regards, Stix
  12. Great looking Hurricane! Very well done! Kind regards, Stix
  13. Hi Nigel. Great to see this one in the RFI section! Very impressive result! Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
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