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  1. Hi Ian. Thank you for mentioning this in my WIP thread. I have now bookmarked this as reference for my build! Thank you. You have done a beautiful job with yours. It looks very impressive! Thank you for posting it when you did. Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  2. Hi Chris. Good to know I'm not the only one who makes use of masking tape in this way! Thank you again for your comments. Thank you Giorgio. Thank you too for your comments and yes, I still think occasionally not following kit instructions, works well - like with the lower wing section. I have got the lower wings part glued in place and cleaned up and it looks to have worked okay. No photos yet. I will try and take some at the weekend. During some research into the actual aircraft I found a photo on the Imperial War Museum's website. It can be found here: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205207589 Kind regards, Stix
  3. Hi Stef. Most kind! Thank you very much. Hi Cesar. Thank you very much for your kind comments. HI Ian. You are way too kind, but thank you. Hi Vytautas. Thank you very much as well. Kind regards, Stix
  4. HI Craig. How are you doing now? I'm sorry I didn't end up replying to your previous reply but it's been a busy period again. We are both well, thank you, and hope you are making some progress? I've just been catching up with a few builds and noticed your's here. Looking good so far and hope you are able to sort out the intake issue. On a seperate note - did you see this post on the Victory Show's Facebook page. I hadn't. My son's wife noticed it and he sent it to me: https://www.facebook.com/foxlandsfarmcosby/ Take care. Kind regards, Stix
  5. Hi Bertie. That really is superb. And lovely to see something different again! Well done. Kind regards, Stix
  6. That's a really impressive winter weary Stug!! Awesome modelling/weathering/presentation! Kind regards, Stix
  7. That's a really great looking Stug, Einar. Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  8. Hi George. That really is a very impressive vignette and your first B&W photo shows it off a treat! Top notch modelling all round. Kind regards, Stix
  9. Hi Francis. As always, it's a joy to behold one of your armour builds! You have obviously done a lot of work on this with very impressive results! Very done. Kind regards, Stix
  10. Hi Gaz. Well you have done an excellent job with that! I really like these tanks with the boxes of reactive armour. I must have a go at one sometime! Very impressive build and presentation. Kind regards, Stix
  11. Hi Bertie. Like a lot of modellers on here, I had never heard of this version. You have made a very impressive job of it! Very well done! Kind regards, Stix
  12. Hi Chris. Thank you very much for your comments. I always enjoy making the cockpits of aircraft - even in 1/72 - but it's always a shame how little can be seen later on. Hi Mark.Thank you for your comments and you are more than welcome to tag along. Way too kind as always Giorgio, but thank you. Hi FLM. Thank you too for your comments. Over the weekend, I did manage to get a bit more done. Before that though, I thought everyone would like to see the highly sophisticated, very technical, way I kept the fuselage halves together while the glue set: Impressive eh? Actually, I do like the way Airfix have done the fuselage - with the rear lower section as a seperate piece. It means I was able to tape up the halves, without any glue on, as can be seen above, and then I applied the glue from the inside: The result, for me, is a reduced chance of glue oozing out over the detail. With the glue set and the tape removed, it looked like this: Then I started work on some of the additional things that needed to be done before the wing sections were added. First off, I scribed the panel lines for the outsides of the panels which should be behind the armament bays: Before adding the filler to the fabric areas in these panels, I decided to file off the inner sides of the rear trailing edges of the wings. They are way too thick: You'll be able to see the result once the upper and lower wing sections are joined together later......(yes I forgot to take a photo of them at that stage! ) Then I used filler in the areas Airfix have as fabric in those panels: This photo showed me the areas I still needed to add some filler that I hadn't noticed by eye alone. You'll see the improved filler in a photo later on. I then got the parts attached for the wheel bay on the lower wing section - including adding the necessary PE parts: Once the glue was set I got these wheel well parts painted with a couple of thinned coats of Revell's Aqua Aluminium metallic paint - applied by using a small pointed brush: I used a small piece of 0.6mm lead wire to represent the pipework. Then, having read through my eperience with the other Hurricane that I made, using the same basic Airfix kit - I decided I'd glue the upper wing section in place onto the fuselage, before gluing the upper and lower wing sections together. I know the fit of the wing roots was a bit 'gappy' on my first build and a test fit, with this one, showed similar issues. So, the photos here show the upper wing section glued in place and I have done some work to fill the gaps in the rear sections of the joins at the roots: You may be able to see the gaps better on this photo from underneath. I think it was easier fixing this issue without the lower wing in place: This photo should show the better coverage of the filler in the panels behind the armament bays: Finally, yesterday, I did a little cutting and scribing with a scalpel blade to get a bit of movement in the elevators: Next up will be gluing the lower wing section in place and cleaning up all the edges of the wings. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  13. Hi Wayne. WOW! That's a really impressive model! Beautifully detailed and your finish is superb!! Kind regards, Stix
  14. Hi Greg. Thank you. I used to spend A LOT of time up here in the Aircraft Work In Progress section, but I got drawn in by loads of GBs! Hi Giorgio. Wow that was quick! Thank you. I will try and check out yours and other people's builds when I get chance. There's a lot more going on here than I remember back in the old days........it's only been a couple of days since I was here and this thread was already down on page 3 when I found it again! Hi Chris and thank you too. Yes, I'm still brush painting and still enjoying it. It's been quite interesting finding this kit again. It was put away sometime during 2016 and I have obviously learnt and done some new techniques since then. So, when I came to look at this one, my first job on Sunday morning was to do a bit of extra work on the bits I'd done before to bring them more in line with my current techniques. I couldn't do everything because some bits were obviously assembled. So, first job was to update a bit of the paintwork where I could - a couple of extra washes and some dry-brushing. I also added the PE compass below the IP and built up the control column/pedals section: Once everything was set and dry I glued the IP and seat frame to the inside of the port fuselage half - a few photos here, as hardly anything will be seen once the two halves of the fuselage are glued together: .....................and with the starboard fuselage half ready to be glued in place: After this they were glued together. While waiting for the glue to set I looked at some of the other parts incuding the exhausts. Like on my previous 1/72 Hurricane, I decided I couldn't leave the ends looking like this: After a bit of work with a micro-drill and a scalpel blade they looked like this: And that's where I stopped. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  15. Hello? Mmmm.... I know I've been here before, but it's been a while. I almost didn't recognise the place. I was looking around for a while wondering where all the wheels, sprockets, tracks and turrets had gone and then realised where I was. Anyway, while I'm here, I ought to build something with wings on. I realised a while back that I hadn't built any aircraft at all this year! It's been a busy year generally, plus I've hosted two Group Builds, which took up a fair bit of time too. So, to rectify this lack of aircraft kits from me, I was wondering what I should build. So I started looking through the stash. Down at the bottom, under LOTS of tank kits, I noticed a 1/72 Airfix Mk.I Hurricane box. On opening it, I realised it had been partially started. In fact, I'd started and not completed it in the Hawker Hurricane Single Type Group Build back in 2016. I had planned on making two Hurricanes but only finished one. The original build thread for both Hurricanes can be found here: The kit I'm going to try and finish is this one: For this kit I'd also got hold of the Eduard PE set for it - which had two frets: ......plus I obtained this wheel correction set from CMK: The original plan, which I am going to stick with, is to have this one displayed wheels-down, on the airfield. I will probably make a small base for it too. The other Hurricane, that I actually finished looked like this: This was photographed against a sky photo backdrop and I have Photoshopped the clear plastic stand out. More details about this build can be found via the link above or more photos of the finished Hurricane can be found here: Some views of both kit's sprues and other bits can be found here: On the one I'm going to work on here, I had just about completed the cockpit painting, but not assembled the parts together for the frame, seat, instrument panel and fuselage halves. Here are some photos of said work: I must admit I cannot remember what overall plans I had for building this kit so I'm looking forward to getting back into it. I may try and get something done on this later today or tomorrow. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
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