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  1. That is really excellent JIm. Great fun and very well modelled! Well done. Kind regards, Stix
  2. PlaStix

    Airfix Pontoon Bridge

    That really is a superb scene all round! Fantastic modelling - especially in 1/72. Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  3. PlaStix

    Airfix 1/72 Grumman J2F-6 Duck

    Great looking aircraft. Kind regards, Stix
  4. PlaStix

    Tamiya 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat.

    I've looked at this kit in the past so I will be interested to see it being built. Kind regards, Stix
  5. PlaStix

    Grumman Hellcat F6F-F Eduard.

    These Eduard kits do tend to make up into rather good models. Looking forward to seeing this in progress. Keep the lamp out of the way though! Kind regards, Stix
  6. That's a superb looking scene! Beautifully detailed. Kind regards, Stix
  7. Well it was really worth all your efforts. That is a stunningly beautiful Lancaster! Awesome modelling! Kind regards, Stix
  8. PlaStix

    Pz IV STGB 15 Dec 2018 to 17 Mar 2019

    Hi V-P. I am equally honoured and excited to be hosting with you! And the new Revell kit does seem to be getting a lot of favourable press at the moment. Hi Steve. Great to have you on board and it will be fantastic to have one of your 1/72 masterpieces in progress in this GB! I have added your name to the list here. Hi Ben. Looking forward to seeing what you discover in the stash and to following it's rise to magnificence in the GB! Great to have you on board too ijs302. Looking forward to seeing you re-create some childhood memories! I have added your name to the list here. Hi Ian and welcome to the GB. Those cheap Tamiya kits are usually a joy to build and result in great looking models! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on this one! I have added your name to the list as well. It's great we are having more people sign up! The more the merrier!!! Kind regards, Stix
  9. PlaStix

    Tamiya Panther Ausf A OOB

    Great stuff! I will add you to the participants list when I get chance! Kind regards, Stix
  10. PlaStix

    Sherman Command Tank

    Good call then! Well done. Kind regards, Stix
  11. PlaStix

    Tamiya Panther Ausf A OOB

    It would be great to have you take part in the GB but your current Pz.IV is a bit too far advanced. Britmodeller's rules for GBs states that builds which have been started must be no more than 25% complete to be eligible for a GB. As long as you don’t mind making another Pz.IV so quickly after your current one it would interesting to follow how you achieve the fantastic results you do. Hope you decide to take part. Kind regards, Stix
  12. PlaStix

    1/72 Airfix F4F-4 Wildcat

    Hi Giorgio. Thank you - probably around the 11th November then! Good evening Patrice. I look forward to following your progress with yours. If you could start a bit before me I could then just copy what you do! Hi Ian. Unfortunately the last Geoff’s Toy shop in Loughborough closed earlier this year. I managed to go in the day before it actually closed but there wasn’t much left. I managed to get a couple of Airfix kits but there were no paints, glues, brushes, etc. It is a shame it closed. I work in Loughborough so it was handy just to be able to pop in on the way home or at lunchtime. I now have no model related shops with in easy reach at all. The nearest one now is Gee Dee Models in Nottingham but even that’s closing down soon. I bought the Wildcat when this GB was announced. At this rate there will be no actual model shops at all in the East Midlands area. There was a market stall in Derby that sold a range of kits but I haven’t been for a while so I have no idea if it’s still there. Ah well. Kind regards, Stix
  13. PlaStix

    Sherman Command Tank

    I do like it Steve - it looks excellent, especially in 1/72! I agree with comments above about drilling out the barrel. It would improve the appearance even further. Kind regards, Stix