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  1. Thank you very much Nigel for your kind comments. I am sorry for the very slow reply - I have lost track of some of my stuff over the past few months! I'm not an expert at all in this kind of thing but @Troy Smith may be the person who can help with your question. Kind regards, Stix
  2. Hi Ed. Hope you are keeping well and thank you very much for your very kind comments. Kind regards, Stix
  3. Out of no-where........................................or what feels like no-where - the desert in Tunisia! Thank you, most kind! Hope you are keeping well. Kind regards, Stix
  4. *Well quick for me!! Having finished my 1/72nd Panther and my 1/48 Pz.III a few weeks ago, I decided I wouldn't be able to fit in a proper full build before the much anticipated Panzer III Single Type Group Build starts on the 6th February. So I checked through the stash for something fairly quick to make and figured one of Meng's Toon kits fitted the criteria. As this is a toon kit of a Panzer III, I also figured it would make a good promotional project to promote the Panzer III STGB which starts on the 6th February. Oh, by the way - did I mention the Panzer III Single Type Group
  5. I've got a version of this kit somewhere in the stash. Yours turned out beautifully. I will bookmark this thread for when I have a go at mine. Thank you for sharing. Kind regards, Stix
  6. Hi John. I hope you and yours are keeping well in these odd times. Thank you, as always, for your too kind comments. I did enjoy this project and I always think desert Panzer IIIs need to have a bit of stowage......well most AFVs do but time is sometimes the reason for not adding some. Take care. Kind regards, Stix
  7. Well that's a very impressive looking Grant! Lovely finish! Kind regards, Stix
  8. Hi Wayne. Wow!! That really is awesome. Incedible paintwork and finish! You can never have too many photos of such an impressive build. Kind regards, Stix
  9. Hi Simon. Hope you are well. That's a great looking build! Very impressive! Kind regards, Stix
  10. Hi Werner. Hope you are keeping well. That really is a superb result! Very well done! Kind regards, Stix
  11. That really is superb! Awesome weathering! Kind regards, Stix
  12. Hi Wayne. Thank you, That's very kind of you to say. Kind regards, Stix
  13. @Troy Smith is absolutely correct - I really am delighted he drew this to my attenton! You have done an absolutely incredible job....and scratch built in card!! Stunning modelling - truly inspirational. With regards photography. I think it's this kind of thing Troy is referring to: Please note mine is not built from card!! Basically I found a copyright free photo (of mostly sky with a small amount of land and trees at the bottom) online which I enlarged over several sheets of A4 paper, which I then laminated with matt pouches. Once joined together I attached them t
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