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  1. This build is really astonishing!!!! The detail you've added to the engines is absolutely fantastic!!!! Well done Vitaly!!! Massimo
  2. Great result from an old kit!!! It makes you look forward to build one of these oldies!!!! Well done Adrian!!! Massimo
  3. Hi Crisp, shocking news , but I'm glad you're mending. These bulds will be of help while recovering! I'll be watching closely!!! All the best!!! Massimo
  4. I apologize for the mistake. Got a link instead and it should be ok now. Thanks for reminding! In general I'm not a nose weight lover, expecially for something this big. This is really a beast and I don't want to stress the landing gears with what would be a huge weight which would need a concrete display cabinet, so I've decided I'll pin the wheels to a wooden base and this will keep it in the right posture. Thank you all for the kind feelings for my Treasure! Ciao Massimo
  5. Good afternoon mates, it’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last post. During this time, my wife tested positive to covid 19 and was hospitalized with pneumonia. As you can imagne, my thoughts were withe here all the timeand I wasn’t really in the mood for modelling. The situation here is getting worse by the day and numbers have never been so bad. Now she’s been transferred to a nursing home and recovering, even if it’ll take a looong time and I’ve started relaxing a little, even because both my son and myself have tested negative for the second time in 14 days. So hereI am with a quick update on my progress on the Canberra. Having finished the operator pit, I decided the time had come to glue the fuselage halves together. Tamiya green cap was used along the junction. The junction to the cockpit insert proved a little tricky and superglue was used as a filler, buti t wasn’t too bad. I also added the nose wheelbay. I’ll add some detail to it later. A sanding session followed and I was quite happy with the finish. Then I gued the wheelbays into their pit and the wings’ halves together. Engines had been added previousy. They’ve been there for ages. The engines’ exhausts and their housings had been reduced in thickness. It was one of the first things I had done when i bought the kit: I glued some plastic blocks along the ventral opening to ease the ventral insert’s positioning. Once they were dry and strong, I added the ventral insert into its housing. I startedd from the back and went on following the junction line . elastic bands did the rest, keeping the ventral insert pushed against it housing in the fuselage. Another sanding section followed and I got a smooth finish. Panel lines will have to be double checked, but not now! The camera bay here below had to be deleted, There’s no sign of it in the picture of the real aircraft at this link: https://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/English-Electric-Canberra-PR9/1137469/L?qsp=eJxtjrEOwjAMRP/FcwaUUkDZ6MIIAz9gOQYilTayPVBV/XeaRmJiu7tn%2BW4GGgfjj92nzBB Some surgery was needed to get the part needed of the spare ventral insert from another version of the kit. Superglue and flour were used to fill the gap and a good sanding ended the process. Panel lines will be double cheked, but not now! Being in th mood for surgery, I decided to do some more and remove the original canopy’s humpback , tobe replaced by the resin one included in the Hypersonic set. Finally I decided to be brave some more and glued the wings to the fuselage. Faps and wheel bays’ detail will be dealt with later. That’s it for now! Thanks for watching Ciao Massimo
  6. Ok, my previous comment was a joke! I think Adrian got the right words to express my feelings and admiration for the unbelivable job you've done!!! Chapeau!!!! Massimo
  7. WOW!!! I had seen this one in the background of another biplane and have to say it's as good as that one!!!! Great stufff!!! Well done Hendie!!! Massimo
  8. Great result!!! Those red and green lines around the bombs are fatastic!!! The rigging is superb!!! Wonderful stuff!!!!! Well done Hendie!!! Massimo
  9. Ok, ok, the wingfold looks oke, but there's something in the nose weight that doesn't convince me...are you sure it should be like that?
  10. NIce pre-shading and lower side grey!!!! Looks promising!!! Bravo Giorgio!!! Massimo
  11. Well...to be honest I had no idea, but fortunately, by chance, watching another Canberra build, I saw James' topic and I have to thank him for the precision of the info supplied and mostly for suggesting the way to get a very realistic result. I'm just following James' instructions and I'll try to do my best to replicate what I see in the pictures. I assume you'll be using the Pavla set for the nose. I thought about buying it when I got my kit, a few years ago, but then I decided to have some fun trying to replicate it from scratch, which is what I did. About the seat, have you got any pictures showing it? I've found just some "bits"of it as you can see from the pics in the previous page. Now I'll look for some more pics of the tailplanes and then I'll get back towork. I was wondering about opening the battery bay...I'll see. Thanks for the nice comments Ciao Massimo
  12. Good evening mates, it's late and it's been a long day. Anyway I found some time to spend on the tail, which needs some work. Luckily I found this tutorial by @71chally where he shows a clever system to replicate the tailplane in a very realistic way andveryclose to the real thing. So I started getting familiar with this area.The main differencies are the junction between the tailplanes and the fuselage and the curve of the rudder's leading edge. Here below I've marked with a pencil the areas to be removed Here I've modified the right fuseage half. Here I've cut the area which will house the tailplane main block, by the centreline. To insert it the tail cone has to be removed. I'll glue it back once i'm happy with the tailplane in place. The fuselage sections I removed will be glued to the tailplane and move up and down with it. Not much of a progress, but it's one of those works you need to get familiar with first. Thanksforwatching! Good night!!! Massimo
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