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  1. Good evening mates, A small update on Today’s progess. Once decided I’d use the CMK seat, I started by deleting the seat belts and drilled a hole in the middle of the chute bag, as this is the main difference with the realthing. Here below a comparison between the original seat and the corrected one. Seat belts will be added later. Next I added a few electrical boxes to the operator pit’s bulkhead and a step to support the ejection seat,which isn’t sitting on the floor, nut suspended at a short distance from it. I also grinded the area over t
  2. ...and slowly!!!! Probably through a panel at the top. You can see the yellow dashed line on the roof. From outside it's quite visible too. There's no sign of it in the kit. Here below the PE fret by Eduard...the panel is definitely rectangular, but from the picture above you can see it was trapezoidal. I'll sort something out. Ciao Massimo
  3. Good afternoon mates, first of all I'd like to thank you for the nice comments and the pictures. They're all very useful! As you’ll have seen from my last update, the cockpit is done and glued into place. The stick and the ejection seat will be left for a later stage, to avoid breaking them ,so now I can proceed with the operator’s pit. As for the cockpit, I’ll build it from scratch and it’ll be a slow process , but I’ll have to be inspired!!! Luckily thefuselage section is circular, so the bulkhead separating the cockpit and the operator’s pit’s been cut fro
  4. Good afternoon mates, after finishing theLoire Nieuport 411 and tidied up my working area and tools, I was ready to concentrate on a project I had left aside : the Canberra PR9. I’m really happy to see Martian’s back to work on his Canberras, thus I’ll be in good company and I’ll take advantage of lots of useful info, in addition of some tips. I had temporarily left this project aside as I had lost the Airscale decal set I bought a few years back . Now I’ve found it but just after having bought some new sets including a couple of decal dials and some PE instruments frames
  5. She's taking shape nicely!!! Well done Ced!
  6. Hi mates, I've found the Airscale dialsI had lost , of course after having purchased some more!!!! Anyway it's very useful stuff and I'll use them somewhere else! I've also ordered the Hyperscale canopy again and it looks it's been sent!!! Soon an update on the cockpit. Ciao Massimo
  7. Thank you all forth kind comments! Ciao Massimo
  8. Life will look different after those rivets !!!! May I suggest an eggplane after this build?
  9. WOW!!!! Looks really good!!! I didn't know here in Bologna, where I leave and where Italeri is based, they got this new kit !!! It's been a difficult time! Anyway after the F104 thislooks another pearl in this scale! For us Italians the main work horses for 40 years! For the RAF the same! In this scale the engine option offers a lot of different scenarios!!! Here a couple of pics of the week before their disbandment I'll be watching closely this build!!!
  10. Coming along nicely!!! I've got a reboxing of this kit by ....Mono chrome....which is basically the same kit with B&W painting guideand.... ...NO BUG!!!!! Nice little kit!!! I've got the Classic Airframes 1/48th kit. Sometimes I may start a double build.... I'll be following this build with interest!
  11. Hi Phil, this is one of the shortcuts I mentioned. I think the problemis partlycaused by the fuselage section which may be too wide in that area, together with the undersized canopy. I found it really difficult to get proper references. Most pictures I found online show grounded and damaged aircraft withnocanopy or just a frame. The worst area to figure out was the ventral pivoting arm in the belly. There's no sign of itinthe special Hobby kit and ...I had to find a compromise...next time I'll choose a better documented subject!!!
  12. Good evening mates, last update on this build which has come to an end unusually quickly. In my last post I had glued the landing gears to their wells. Next step was to glue the main gears' front covers, which had a braking function and thus were extended while diving. Ready for battle!!!! Machine guns and the window for the camera were added to the wing It was now time for the engine to be detailed... The back plate was made... ...and fitted into place, toget
  13. I'm delighted!!!! When you started this project I thought it wasn't for me. I'm no fan of 3D-printers and CAD and for sure I couldn't imagine this was what you were going for, but now I'll read all your posts again from the beginning and a different perspective!!! I'll enjoy it!!! For now I'll wait for your next update with the parts cleaned up! Well done!!!!!
  14. Good choice!!! I suppose your pictures show nice updates but my sight and the size of the pictures don't allow me to appreciate them!!! I'll be watching closely...and I really mean it!!! Ciao Massimo
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