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  1. They look great!!! Nice painting and those cables are the finestI've ever seen!!! Well done Ian!!!
  2. Very nice finish and the base withwater effect looks orgeous!!! I love it!!!
  3. Hi Bill, all the detail work you've done on the fuselage interior is amazing, but those seats alone are a real gem!!! Another dinosaur being transformed in a masterpiece!!!
  4. Very nice paint job on that ccockpit! Those intakes are a real pain , but you did a fantastic job and they look very much like the rea thing!!! Ciao Massimo
  5. WOW!!! Very good subject and amazing progress ! Well done Ian! I'll be watching closely!!!
  6. OBVIOUSLY IT'S A FIVE PENNY PIECE ON A WELL POLISHED SURFACE!!!! My wife said: "look how polished that surface is!!! I don't think we need a better picture of a five pence piece on a well polished surface...this one is quite good!!! Ciao Massimo
  7. Coming along nicely! Nice detail you've added!!! Well done Giorgio!!!
  8. ...I know the feeling!!! Interesting subject and it Looks like a beautiful kit!!! I'll be watching with interest!!! Ciao Massimo
  9. Haven't followed for a while and....WHAT A GREAT PROGRESS!!!! Those interiors are outstandingand the engine can speak!!!! You're doing great!!!!!
  10. For sure what needs to be done to Tilly's legs is nothing compared to what you'll have to do to this kit! All my simpathy for your puppy, She'll do fine! What I can't really understand is how nowadays Airfix can sell a reboxing like this!!! Of course this is what we're here for and the challange is intriguing, but I'd prefer to build it by choice as a vintage kit from an old box bought at a bargain price at a local fair, rather than buy it (and not cheap, considering Airfix prices!!!) as a new offer in 2019 or last year and get this surprise on opening the box!!! Anyway I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun building it to a good STD an we'll have as much fun watching you! Good luck to you and mostly to Tilly!!! I'll be watching. Ciao Massimo
  12. I've been away for a while and see some real progress here!!! Great paint job and nice work onthose legs and pitot! Well done Giorgio!!!
  13. In the last few months I've been popping in just a few times and I'm happy to see that those who dare are still in the circuit! This thread looks like a wood where every now and then wild mushrooms appear from nowhere! The Merlin's a beauty and the Whirlwind 's coming along nicely! Well done Bill!!!
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