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  1. Hi Martian, I'm following very closely these builds as I think you're doing a great job and I fully share your enthousiasm and the approach to these subjects . I'm actually in the middle of omething similar! Here below the link. Looking forward for your next update!!!
  2. Looking gorgeous!!! Great job with that sealant! Bravo Giorgio!!!!
  3. Another rabbit out of the hat!!! The final result is outstanding!!! Great modelling, Bill!!!
  4. I admire your skill when it comes to painting - sanding - masking - painting again....... She's coming along nicely! Well done Giorgio!!!!
  5. You seem to have found a pupil!!!! That was quick!!!! I'll be watching botth with great interest!!!!
  6. It looks the perfect match for Martian's tutorial!!! Good choice! I'll be following both Teacher and Student!! Ciao Massimo
  7. Very nice subject and good progress!!!!
  8. Those rafts are looking good!!!! Well done Crisp!
  9. Very good idea Martian! Vacform aren't easy subjects and many people are frightened by them , but can be built with good results,once you know how to. A biplane offers also the opportunity to face other challanges like the rigging, thus there's plenty of tips to be given! And it'll be the perfect project to switch to when you want to take a rest from the Lynx! I don't know this subject, thus it's another reason to watch closely! Look forward for your first update!!! Ciao Massimo
  10. Very good work on the interiors!!! And very good model! Excellent result! I'll use your topic as a reference. Ciao Massimo
  11. Those interiors look fabulous!!! Well done Martian!!!
  12. I find flour's got a better flavour than talc!!!! Nice legs Bill! ...well...I mean..not yours!!!
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