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  1. Hi mates, a small update on tonight's work. It'll need a few touches and some weathering, but this is th idea. Good nght Massimo
  2. Thank you all for the nice words! To be honest I'm quite happy with the result I'm getting. Still don't know if showing it aside the gannet and Phantom is a good idea or it would be better to have her on a stand alone, but there's time to take a proper decision. At the moment Ill have her n a temporary one with the Gannet, then we'll see. Ciao Massimo
  3. Hi mates, This week I went on adding the last details, but there seems to be always some new ones. The cockpit had been left aside, waiting for everything else to be done, so I started by adding observer's ( I remember something about some nicknames....) middle instrument panel, which I did from a piece of plastic card glued at the front seat's back, painted grey. A decal did the trick. I also made another back seat front perspex (of course I had lost the one I did months ago!!!) using another Super glue blister. I added the front pocket for the flight documentation. Thisis the cockpit with the perspex and seats finally in place.I still have to add the seats' ejecting handles, the wind screen's wiper and what I think must be the windscreen's front blower. I've also glued the airbrakes and the landing gears' legs . The wheels are just temporary ones, while waiting for the resin ones to come. I may decide to paintthem anyway! I airbrushed some fumes at the fuselage's back and added the engines' nozzles' covers and one of the ladders. The second one may be left on the deck , besides the Palouste starter. To finish a quick walk around. These pictures may result a little better than all previous ones as I took them with my compact camera instead of my cellphone. I also found the azure cardboard I had lost for the last few months. It was "in front of my nose" as we say in Italy!!! That's it for now. Not finished yet, but nearly there! This Matchbox kit is really good. "Those were the times!!!" Ciao Massimo
  4. Hi mates, Back home , I haven’t had much time for visiting BM, but I found some for some modelling. First of all I decided my Buccaneer finish was a bit too gloss and thus I oversprayed her wir a mix of Future and Xtracrilix matt clear, thinned with alcohol (not Grappa!!!) She isn’t matt, but I find it more convincing now and even the colour has turned a touch lighter , which looks better. Then I decided to add some fumes to the wings’ deflectors, as seen on many pictures. I used Tamiya panel accent liquid and then I brushed ita way with some thinner.Due to the folded wings’ angle, they won’t be very visibe, but…that’s life!!! I painted the wingfolds light grey and washed them with Tamiya panel lines accent liquid. May be a little dark, but I’ll wash ita gain with some thinner and drybrush the area again. I then decided to concentrate on my attention on the canopy. I masked it first and painted canva colour. Then masked again and sprayed EDSG, followed by a coat of Future, decals , Future again and the mix of Future and Xtracrilix matt. That’s it for now! Ciao Massimo
  5. I hadn't deen this one!!! Veeeeeeery interesting!!! I'll follow you!!!
  6. Dear Bill... I have to be honest, you warned me,but Ididn'tlisten and bought the Itaeri kit, as it looked more detailed. Now, a year later, I've worked many hours cutting, filing sanding cutting, filing, sanding , fillinf, cutting, filing sanding cutting, filing, sanding ,cutting, filing sanding cutting, filing, sanding , cutting, filing sanding cutting, filing, sanding ,cutting, filing sanding cutting, filing, sanding ,cutting, filing sanding cutting, filing, sanding , to get..... a Frog nose!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT I AM!!! This week I've been tempted to invest some money to purchase an Eastern Express (Frog reboxing) Wessex, but, as mybosssays, "This would prove Iwas wrong", thus ....NO WAY!!! I'm going back home now and next week I'll try to get the Buccaneer and Gannet a good step forward. Have a nice weekend you all!!! Massimo
  7. Good evening, Here we were two days ago. So last night, in order to add an extra lip (in the background), I glued a few holders (some sort of shark mouth!) Then I glued the lip in place , filled the gaps with CA glue , at consecutive times and forced myself to let it dryand harden. Last night I felt a bit frustrated...needed to work on something different, so here is a small anticipation of a future work on the other travelmate I had brought with me.: You may recognize the shape as it's been the subject of a recent build by Bill ( Perdu ) I chosed to start from the fuselage lower half. Here she is after a bit of cutting. I felt much better afterwards!!! After the short diversion, tonight I had the wessex's nose filed and sanded and this is its new look. This is a comparison between what it looked like before and how it is now. That's it for tonight. Back home Tomorrow and I'll be there all next week. Good night Massimo
  8. What a beautiful Barracuda!!! I like very much the weathering, not too heavy and...just right!!! I've got this kit and I look forward to building it!!! Very nice indeed!!!
  9. Your last updates show the great effort you put in this build and the great result you achieved!!! I like very much the plate you did around the cockpit windows and te general look of the all thing. I've been following you through this build and there were times when things really looked bad, expecially with the Alleycat transparents! I had a bad experience too with the resins set from this supplier for my Buccaneer, all mishaped ,but you survived and now she looks great!!! Well done!!! Chapeau!!!
  10. They both look gorgeous, Bill! Well done!!!
  11. There was something not convincing me , but didn't realize. I started with it orizontal, but then I filed and filed and filed and...filed too much!!! Thanks Bill!!!
  12. Forgive me, but I've got the impression to this flying machine something's missing... like this it would fly just down a hill!!! But I don't understand what is missing....
  13. Good evening, I've been home for the weekend, well...some sort of "tocata y fuga", but forgot my glasses in Cambridge, so coudn't do any progress on th Buccaneer or Gannet. Once back , I tried to add some detail to the Wessezx' s nose. It's taking ages and I haven't done much, but this is what I came up with: I've cut the front grill's shape , as the original detail was gone during the nose surgery. I've checked online and found a PE grille by Eduard on Modelland Lowestoft's cathalogue. I'll purchase it. Of course this means I'll have to create some sort of detail for the inside, Watching some pictures, I realized the interior was quite visible on the real thing and sometimes the grill's side corners were removed.So I made the bulkhead and the curved guard from plastic card. I also added a few bits here and there, like the side lights supports, at the base of the side door and drilled the square holes for the steps. On the inside I glued some pieces of plastic card . I also added some detail at the bottom. There seems to be some sort of vent ans a light. That's it for now. I considered to add some PE parts, but I think this should be done once the frame is assembled and just before painting, otherwise they won't last. This is it for tonight. Ciao Massimo
  14. Another really good start, Giorgio!!! Very nice seatbelts and cockpit added detail!!!
  15. Another outstanding beauty!!! I Love the cart!