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  1. That was quick!!!!!! You needed a "straight forward" build after the Wessie!!! A little fun came from the tail alignement andthe detail you added makes the difference! Nice paint work too!!!! Look forward to see the next update!
  2. WOW!!! Lovely job on the canopy and really nice detailon that tailgun!!! This Battle is coming to life!!!! Welldone Ian!!!
  3. Hi maes, tonight I went on detailling the middle section wingfold. For now It's enough, as most parts are done. Piping and rods will be added once the wings other sections are in place. This left me with a big question mark, as I didn't know how strong the fit among the different sections would be, so I decided to try a dry fit test. Iused two pieces of plastic rods fitted through the dedicated holes I hed previously drilled onthe middle wing sectionsand at the top of the fuselage. Here below a few pictures of the dry fit test...I'm really surprised and quite happy with the result, as the assembly seems really robust and won't need any addition of metal pins. Glue will do the trick. I think some paint work willbe needed soon! Thanks for watching! Good night!
  4. This Typhoon looks great, Giorgio!!! The detail is superb everywhere! I love the small final touches which bring her to life!!! And next I'd say 111!!!
  5. Hi all, Tonight I went on with the main wing-fold detail starting to build the two frames at the centre of the middle section. Their shape is a bit tricky, they're a sort of box, so I started by cutting the front sides, and the bottom ones , then I glued them togethr and added the other sides, which seem to be angled. This is a dry fit test. They looked ok at the beginning, but with the added thickness of the sides they look a bit too big. I'll let them dry overnight and Tomorrow I'll sand them to reduce them a bit. Let's see Tomorrowthen. Good night!
  6. I think this picture shows why I'll be working step by step!!! Tonight I'll do something more! Thank you all for the nice comments!!! What may beof help are pictures showing the access ladders sed for the Gannet, like the red one shown in the picture below
  7. Good evening everybody! During last Christmas holidays I spent some time working on the wings of the two Jaguars and two weeks ago I got the moving parts fitted into place. Last Saturday I decided to spend some time on another project that had been left aside for a while: Ark Royal's Gannet AEW3. To find my last intervention on her, I had to go back to page 37 of this thread, where I had painted the wings'middle and outer sections.To see the fuselage I went back to page 35. The project had been left behind as at that time I used to do some modelling while I was abroad, which means I could carry out just some interiors' detailling and fuselage work. This got me concentrated on the Buccaneer and the Wessex. Now I'll concentrate on the the main wing-folding system, or at least part of it. Once the main components are done, I'll be ready for some paint work on the fuselage,its decalling and weathering, followed by the landing gears, so the kit will be standing on its own legs. Finally I'll fix the folded wings and addthe last details to the wings' folding system. Now a few pictures to show what I did overthe weekend.First I cut the elevators offf and re positioned them at an angle I've seen in a picture. This was to give it a bit of life. Then, using the usual rods and profiles,I started adding some details to the main wing fold. It's a time consuming job, as there aresome parts partially hidden inthe pictures and I had to do a lot of cross reference. I know it isn't much, but Tomorrow I may add some more detail. For now that's it. I end with a picture of the project components. Good night Massimo
  8. What you did up to now is great!!! I admire your perseverance in facing a new world as 3D printing, with all the question marks involved in translating what you can get from drawings and pictures into an accurate 3D rendering. Anyway you're proving to be right and handling this project the right way, thus...chapeau!!!
  9. I really enjoied all of this build!!!! The level of detail you added's been stunning all the way! This will be the best reference for anyone wanting to build a Wessex!!!! It'll be veeeeery difficult to workout it's a model if you take some pics with a better background!!! Superb modelling!!!
  10. I've been hiding for a while,but occasionally I had a look at your wip. Now it'sallcome to an end and I have to say it's been worth it!!! The final result is astonishing!!! You must be proud of her!!! Well done!!!!
  11. Very nice representation of a well weathered aircraft! Those rockets are very convincing!!! Ciao Massimo
  12. This Malta Blue 's got some magic to me and I really love this kit! The weathering is superb, but I think you forgot... the access door's interior. That looks just painted interior green and there's no attempt to any sort of shading or highlighting. I don't pretend the crowbar painted red, but It's right in front of you and it's in contrast with the wonderful work you've done on the exterior!!! Anyway you're still in time! Well done! Massimo
  13. Very interesting topic and willbe a useful reference for future builds!!! The addition of one of these items brings life to our kits ,thus they're very welcomed!!! Thanksfor sharing! Massimo
  14. Superb!!! The camouflage and weathering is very convincing!!! Well done! Ciao Masimo
  15. Very nice result of an anusual one of the many colour schemes!!! I'm sure you'll get a very coloured collection out ofthose boxes!!! What next? Ciao Massimo
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