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  1. ...I'd say "quite pleased" is the right word for those rivets...of course just ..."quite"!!! About the 10mm strips thing...I'll read it again tomorrow, it's toolate now!!! Anyway ...WOW...it's a pleasure to read every single page of this thread!!! Chapeau!!!
  2. Lovely paint work Giorgio!!! She'll be another beauty to be added to your collection!!! Looking forwardto see some decalling!!!
  3. I've been hiding for a while, but every now and then had alook at your progress. I have to say she's wonderful and the painting is asgood as metal detailed interior. What a lovely build!!!
  4. Nice grey finish, Bill!!! Now let's wait fo some green!!!!
  5. You've done a great job sofar!!! Looking forwardfor the next update!!!
  6. In a magazine about the Buccaneer I bought last week at Norwich Airoport, there's a picture of an 800 Sq.aircraft, I think n° 100 (I've left it at home before coming back tothe UK!!!) with the airbrakes open and...they're yellow , as well as the landing gears and doors' interior. I've looked among my references and found this one. Copyright is Aviationphotocompany.com Here aircraft n° 107 has the landing gears yellow, but the picture in the magazine mentioned above shows aircraft n° 100 with the airbrakes open and the interior is the same colour. Any idea whatsort ofyellowis it?It doesn't look zinc chromate ,but rather a brighter yellow ,similar to the one used for towing bars and tractors.
  7. Thank you all for the nice words" To be honest,after having enjoyed scratchbuilding most of the detail, I thought a newly released kit wouldn't be fun, even because as a modeller, I've grown up building Airfix and Matchbox kits when resin and PEsets were still to come....as mobile phones !!!! These kits bring up memories, sorecently I've bought some more vintage ones. On the other hand, it's a real joy to see Airfix back with so many newly tooled beautiful kits, filling gaps of a period when British aircraft were many and all quite peculiar, thus I couldn'tresist and bought a new Buccaneer. Not to get bored building it,I've bought some decals to convert it into an S.1with white undersides, loviz roundels, unpainted radome and all the interiors yellow. I've see a picture of her and ... it was love!!! Have afew projects I'd like to bring to an end first, and then I'llbe back buccaneering!!!
  8. Good evening guys, after more than a year, I finally finished my Blackburn Buccaneer. I started it as part of a bigger project involving the types on board Ark Royal carrier during her last deployment in 1978. It took long, but it was real fun. I'm not sure I'll purchase the new tooling Airfix kit, as it would be a bit... sterile after the amount of work I carried out on this one. Should anyone be interested inthe making of this model, here below the link for the wip. The resin seats were courtesy of Perdu. He made a lovely master from scratch for his SA1 and sent me two copies of them. The decal sheet we was courtesy of Scimitar. and of course I had some great support by many I'd like to thank. Now some pictures: Thanks for watching Ciao massimo
  9. Thanks very much for the nice comments! I'll have to work on the Palouste by CMK, because as it comes it's a bit...flat! I think I'll cut it and add the top "basket". I'll see...
  10. Hi fellas, after a long time away from the work bench , Autumn brought my motivation back and thus, after a small progress on my Jaguars, this weekend I took the Buccaneer out and tried tofinish it. I started by adding a set of resin wheels I had received a few months ago, to replace the kit’s original ones. To be honest, if you don’t turn the kit upside down, you can’t see much, but you know they’re there!!! Next step was to add a set of ejecting handles to the seats. I used some PE from a set for the Airfix Phantom. I also added a mirror on the windshiels and added some detail to the canopy: two side handles, the middle frame and an extra mirror attached to it for the back seater. I also made a tow-bar from scratch, using some pictures and the resin one included in the resin tractor set by F4 models as a reference. A few pictures of the finished model. Finally, as I still don’t know how long it’ll take to have the Ark Royal project done, I Decided to move on with the base I had started some time ago. I glued the deck section to the wooden base and added the 809° crest and the Ark’s one. I added the tow-bar and the spare ladder. The Palouste will be next . So here we are, it took a loooooong time, but the Buccaneer is finished and this will be her home for a while, at least until the Gannet is done. The next updates will be about the other subjects. I’ll post some more pictures in a proper thread in the “Ready for inspection”at soonest. Ciao Massimo
  11. Good evening my friends, it's been a while, but Today I finally spent some time modelling. Some time ago I had abandoned this project in favor of my Ark Royal multiple build and after more than one year I thought it was time to get things moving on this one. I wasn't ready to finish the wheel bays,as I'll have to look again at all my documentation before I can do some work in this aarea. I found some Pistons i had scratch built, but can't remember what they're for, thus I decided to go for something easier: the tail. This is where I started from... ...and these are the additions I did Today. Not much , but...better than nothing!!! Ciao Massimo
  12. WOW!!!! What a nice surprise!!! Been hiding for a while and there couldn't be a better welcome back!!!! Nice to see this model finished! She really looks gorgeous!!! WELL DONE AIRFIX!!!!!!!!
  13. They look great!!! Nice painting and those cables are the finestI've ever seen!!! Well done Ian!!!
  14. Very nice finish and the base withwater effect looks orgeous!!! I love it!!!
  15. Hi Bill, all the detail work you've done on the fuselage interior is amazing, but those seats alone are a real gem!!! Another dinosaur being transformed in a masterpiece!!!
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