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  1. Jumping from one kit to another at the moment but here’s my latest, 1/48 Kinetic Harrier GR.3. The kit is going together pretty well although some of the surface detail requires some attention.
  2. Be careful, the kit contains both FRS.1 and the later FA.2 wings and their associated wing fences - see above photo of PE set. If I remember, the FRS.1 instructions incorrectly show the fitting of the FA.2 wing...They also show the fitting of AIM-120 missiles - the FRS.1 couldn’t carry these.
  3. The earlier editions also had incorrectly positioned upper auxiliary doors...
  4. The radio call sign for the CRC at Scampton has recently changed from Black Dog to Crow Bar...
  5. Lovely build of a version not often seen built up. Much prefer it to the ‘IIIE in terms of looks. Not an issue for It’s envisaged operator, the IDF, just how effective it would have been in typical European weather conditions...
  6. Here’s my latest build - MRP paints used throughout, weathered with oils and black basing. Decals in the main are from Airdoc, although the kit sheets provided some minor details. Seats, Intake blanks, RBF tags and ladder were aftermarket. Sidewinder acquisition round was made up from plastic rod. SUU-23 gun pod came from one of the Hasegawa weapons sets.
  7. TEZ

    Airfix Hunter F.4

    If I remember correctly 230 tanks were fitted to those aircraft being dispersed to the ‘states and elsewhere around the globe. Various photos include dark green and LAG tanks - left over from RAF stocks. As the aircraft were not going to be conducting ‘high’ g manoeuvres the struts were not necessary. Hence, when the T.8Ms carried the 230 tanks struts were implemented. Went to a presentation by Brian Grant ‘Mr Hunter’ which amongst other things covered the ferrying of GA.11 XE707 and T.8 XF289 across the Atlantic... https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/hunter/survi
  8. Finished, just the one photo as this will be featured in a future article of Airfix Model World.
  9. TEZ

    Airfix Hunter F.4

    Some of the early serial GA.11s were pre- Mod 228 - could only carry two 100 gallon tanks on the inboard pylons. Most, if not all FRADU aircraft with the 83* series of nose codes were pre-Mod 228. regards Andrew
  10. No, it was this site, www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk
  11. Do you have a particular airframe in mind?
  12. Depends on whether the Buccaneer was an S.2D - You’ll have to check photo and serial references. Due to the size of the Martel missile the pylon spacing had to be widened to allow it to be carried. There was a Buccaneer website that listed every airframe, including such details. I do have access to this.
  13. Just be careful regarding pylons - the above RN Buccaneer is an S.2C (non-Martel capability). The RN also had the S.2D (Martel capable) with the associated longer pylons - as seen in the photo below. photo courtesy of Andy Ford regards Andrew
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