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  1. As in, taken from another airframe - paint demarcation doesn’t match.
  2. Lovely build, great attention to detail - replacement nose cone - and a real sense of speed and movement - photography and pose of pilot figure. Regards Andrew
  3. As always a beautifully finished model. Always thought the Hunter looked great in the wraparound grey and green camouflage. Just one point, that particular mark of Hunter, the F.6, was restricted to carrying the smaller 100 gallon tanks. The 230 gallon tanks were carried by the later FGA.9. Although some F.6s converted to the F.6A could carry the bigger tanks. Regards Andrew
  4. Lovely build, and makes a change from seeing a Lakenheath ‘E.
  5. Thank you, it’s not a bad build, easier than their Mirage III, and more refined in terms of fit compared with their previous Sea Harrier FA.2. Looking forward to the GR.1 and GR.3.
  6. Thanks, you’ll see it on the Harrier SIG display at Telford! Used artist acrylic to paint the MDC. The advantage of using it is that you can tidy up any mistakes with the tip of a cocktail stick. Regards Andrew
  7. This is the 1/48 Kinetic Harrier T.4(N) depicted in 899 NAS markings circa 1987. Mostly built out of the box - CBLS on the centreline, intake blanks and RBF tags being the added extras. Sprayed using MRP, weathered with oils and Gunze Gray Smoke.
  8. A couple of b sides, the first from Let’s go to bed, Just One Kiss - https://youtu.be/iBlD3AWzox4 The second, from Why Can’t I be You, A Japanese Dream - https://youtu.be/vMc99EKlze4
  9. TEZ

    Harrier T.4(N) cockpit

    Thank you for that,
  10. Great build, they’re enough JASDF F-104 schemes to fill the average lifetime of a modeller.
  11. TEZ

    Harrier T.4(N) cockpit

    Thanks for that, just spoken to someone who worked on them and said the same thing - In fact he said at times the map was constantly moving even when on terra firma! Andrew
  12. Despite having a number of Harrier books none contain photos of the T.4(N) cockpit. To be more specific I’m not sure if the moving map display was retained in the front cockpit. What FRS.1 instrumentation was added in terms of the instrument panels? Andrew
  13. Ha ha, doing a T.4(N) at the moment, so that just leaves 800.
  14. Thanks, MRP are IMO the best paints out there.
  15. A long time in the making but now finally finished, this is the 1/48 Kinetic FA.2 Sea Harrier. It’s depicted in 801 NAS markings as seen at RAF Waddington circa 2001, hence the ACMI weapons fit. The only added extras are the access ladder, ACMI pod, scratch AIM-9 acquisition/ballast rounds, intake blanks and home made decals for pilots/ground crew names. Paints were in the main from MRP. Andrew
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