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  1. Extra Dark Sea Grey over white, regards Andrew
  2. TEZ

    Quick Question re Sea Harrier.........

    Not sure, but dark sea grey was introduced post Falklands.
  3. This has been on the bench for quite sometime but finally I feel that I'm getting there. Decals next and then on to the weathering stage.
  4. TEZ

    F-100 Armee de l'Air

    Hi Nigel Although the French based the F-100 tactical camouflage on the South East Asia scheme the tones differed somewhat. The lower surface colour was was more blue in contrast to FS36622 - The closest match being FS35414. As with other types serving at this time the French didn’t use the US Federal Standard. You may find this site useful - French F-100 - https://www.escadrilles.org/avions/aeronefs-2/f-100/ Comparison between French and US F-100 https://www.escadrilles.org/histoire-et-histoires/1978-les-derniers-super-sabre-us/ Regards Andrew
  5. Ha ha, thank you, eyes have recovered!
  6. TEZ

    Gunsmoke 1983 - 52TFW

    Superb set of photos, always had a soft spot for Spangdahlem F-4s. This maybe of interest -
  7. This is my latest F-4EJ, using the 1/48 Hasegawa kit, it depicts an aircraft belonging to 306 squadron, 1982. Andrew
  8. Lovely build, did you use the Renaissance detail sets to improve the Heller offering? Regards Andrew
  9. TEZ

    F-4J(UK) Phantom

    Hi Dom, I fear I’m enjoying this scale too much. Thanks for the offer of AIM-9s and ‘Skyflash’, but judging by my slow output you’ll need them before I do. How long before you finish your latest projects? Pleased you’re enjoying retirement. regards Andrew
  10. TEZ

    F-4J(UK) Phantom

    Recently returned to this project and finally got to the point where it was ready to paint.
  11. At the moment Hasegawa is arguably the only viable 1/48 kit in town regarding an F-4E, EJ and G. It’s a sound kit and once you’ve done a couple it really doesn’t take too long to add the extra detail. Zoukei Mura are covering the long nose F-4s so that should cut down on some of the work.
  12. Hi Michael If you’re familiar with the kit you’ll know that the surface detail isn’t as refined as it once was due to the age of the moulds. Therefore each panel line was deepened with a pin and vice and a razor saw. The kit also lacks rivet detail, so prominent on the F-4. This was added using the pin and vice. The kit also requires additional panel lines, especially around the nose section. Regards Andrew
  13. The decals came from this Hasegawa limited edition - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/963943-hasegawa-07419-f-4ej-phantom-ii-old-fashion The following books were used for reference. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev1/401-500/Rev457-Japan-F-4book/00.shtm https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/all-jasdf-4-phantom-ii-pictorial-book-139651941 Hope that’s of use. Andrew
  14. TEZ

    JASDF Phantom stencils

    Hi Steve, only just realised that you’re doing the same airframe albeit some twenty years on from my model - Depicted as it appeared at the 1985 Gunnery Meet. Then, of course, the standard finish for F-4EJs was grey and white. Yes, you’re right in saying that the stencils would have been reapplied. This practise is also carried out on JASDF F-15s. Andrew
  15. TEZ

    JASDF Phantom stencils

    Took about an hour to do, and arguably less time consuming than applying dry decals.