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  1. Nice job Dennis, good to see an interesting variant of a less common subject.
  2. Great result, nice to see the lesser known variants/liveries getting some exposure. I'd be proud to have produced something like this
  3. Cracking result all round, Bill, especially the engine which is looking the absolute puppy's particulars now
  4. Fantastic, those spoked wheels are a definite improvement. That's a really nice colouring on the wings too.
  5. I'm sure with your customary attention to detail it will happen, and it will look great. I had the same level of trepidation at the prospect of rigging, but it was actually less stressful than I had feared. My main fear was around trying to emulate the RAF's habit of doubling up on the flight wires (the ones which go outward from the lower wing to the upper) but I'm not sure if that applied to the US Jenny's. I think part of what helped me was 'seeding' the upper wing with lengths of rigging line before attempting to fix it and the struts to the lower wing. That meant that I could attach them without fiddling about with tweezers and spots of CA glue, all while having to work in that cramped space between the two wing surfaces It was still a bit of a faff to then attach the lines at the other end, but at least it was already half done by then. I'm not saying that's the best way, of course - merely that it seemed to work for me. Good luck with it anyway!
  6. Same here, this thread has become one big object lesson in how I should have done mine Totally blown away by your underwing ribbing translucence effect! All of your trials and tribulations around drilling holes for rigging, and sanding down those cross pieces on the struts gave me flashbacks! I had to draw the line at turnbuckles though, I resorted to making my own from twisted bits of thin strands of bell wire. Even that was enough of a stress test on my sanity! Still, it's going great, looking forward to seeing it all come together.
  7. Anyone who, like me, uses Imgur for their image host - I just read that they've been acquired by an outfit called Medialab... We can probably guess where this is heading.
  8. Bill, this is shaping up to be an absolute peach. Great job on the engine too, the grime really makes it pop!
  9. Ah, I knew you'd have it covered! I found it interesting, looking at reference photos for Canucks, that the arrangement of exhaust pipes almost seemed to vary from aircraft to aircraft!
  10. Apologies for mentioning it, as you might not be intent on doing this (or maybe I missed it and you've already done so) - but, returning to the engine for a moment, will you be drilling out the ends of the exhausts to give them a more 'tubular' look? Possibly you have some other cunning plan?
  11. Following with interest. I always enjoy Japanese subjects, as well as anything unusual such as the Kamikaze variant you are portraying here. I look forward to seeing how you get on.
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