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  1. Thanks Mr Edmontonian, glad to have you here! Thanks, yes well spotted In fact, on closer inspection it wasn't over-spray of dark iron, it was my shoddy work in not fully over-spraying the original flat earth with the light blue! I'm hoping that in the near future I will be able to hide it to some degree by applying some weathering to the thing. Thanks Michal for sharing your work, that was another beautiful piece of modelling! A little more progress today - firstly, I couldn't put it off any longer, I had to finish off the PE on the rear guns:
  2. Hi Michal, thank you for your kind comment, good to have you aboard! I took the liberty of looking at your HMS Jed thread, and although ships are not a thing I build often, your model is certainly very well executed. I was also very impressed with your lad's Wellington bomber which made an appearance part way through the thread - he should be proud of that, I know I would be! Anyways, some more progress last night, and today. Decals for my chosen scheme are now all on, and I have painted and fitted the exhausts: The Mr Mark Setter/Softer combo a
  3. OK decals going on - these are from the 'correct' set that I had to order last week: The yellow band went on a dream, even though my ham-fisted attempts to move it into position managed to tear it partly. The tail stripes on either side of the rudder are slightly oversized, but they are in place now so I will see how it looks tomorrow. Incidentally, these decals are the first I've applied using Mr Mark Setter and Mr Mark Softer, so I await the results with a certain trepidation!
  4. Ahead of attempting any decalling, I felt I needed to resolve the issue of the collector ring on the cowling. This is how it ended up, with first a light over-spray of Tamiya Dark Iron XF84, then a patchy application with a small amount of Tamiya Metallic Blue X13 added to the remainder of the Dark Iron in the airbrush reservoir: Off with the masking tape, to reveal: That looks fairly OK to my untrained eye
  5. Thanks Daniel (sorry missed your name in your sig from your first comment ) Yes, myself and Messrs MisterCraft have something of a turbulent relationship, however the chief driver for this particular purchase was the comparatively low price tag - added to which, if I recall correctly I hadn't actually gotten round to attempting a MisterCraft kit at the time I bought it, otherwise I might have considered even £2.99 a bit pricey! Anyway, we are where we are so I shall attempt the best I can with it. In the meantime, the painting of the underside of the Karas is more or l
  6. Thanks @Fukuryu for your kind comment, and the very useful link to the discussion on collector rings (as I now know them to be called )
  7. Morning folks, another little update. I am going with the 'Romanian' livery on this, however yet another in a long string of poor life choices means my building the 23A version has come back to haunt me. It appears that most (but thankfully not all) of the Romanian aircraft were 23Bs. No prizes for guessing who naively ordered the wrong set of decals for it! Ah well, fortunately the Big H had the other set in stock, so those will hopefully arrive next week. In the meantime, I decided to overpaint the flat earth colour with an olive green, but before doing so I was trying to find th
  8. A minor update, necessitated at least in part by my trying to play it safe with the moulded-on tail skid (by cutting it off) but then failing (by losing it anyway). Typically, such adornments were evidently beyond the remit of the PE suppliers, so it was left to me and my now sizeable box of scrap styrene bits and bobs. I tried to emulate the design from a close-up photo of an original - I don't know which version of the aircraft it was showing, but I do know it was substantially different from the blob of plastic I cut off: The grey plastic 'V' bar is the
  9. Thanks. We Englishmen are constant complainers, although usually either under our breath or, in extreme cases, a strongly worded letter to the Times. But you're right in that we don't like to hear others complaining - having said that, every last one of us will continue to complain volubly to each other about the weather - it's our heritage, you know! I guess with this particular venture, it's more about my own lack of 'mojo' to get it finished to what I imagined it to look like in the end - and the simple fact that for want of a decent (e.g. vac-formed, or dare I say it scratch-b
  10. Much-belated greetings all, and in particular those of you who took pains to reply expressing an interest in following this, my current fool's errand. I say 'current', however looking at when I last provided an update you'd be forgiven for leaving a window open in your room for a few minutes to allow the dust to clear. I can offer no real reason for such a long deferment, save to say that my desire to continue with it was severely curtailed by a combination of the situation that we've all found ourselves in for the past few months - albeit with thankfully no adverse hea
  11. Not sure if this is available outside the UK (judicious use of a VPN may prove useful) but on the BBC Sounds app this evening I was recommended to listen to the soundtrack of an actual Lancaster raid over Berlin, originally broadcast on 4th September 1943. 'Commentary' courtesy of Winford Vaughan-Thomas. An absolutely rivetting 30 minutes' listening... www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b0076rvh
  12. Brilliant collection Steve, hard to pick out a favourite but I do like those Stukas
  13. Great work Stuart, a nice diversity of subjects
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