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  1. clive_t

    Hasegawa Ki84 Hayate

    Nice work, I do enjoy Japanese subjects, especially when they are as well executed as this.
  2. clive_t

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    He is indeed, Ced, and thanks for your input also
  3. OK, rigging... I am reminded of that lovely old hymn by the Sex Pistols from back in the days of my callow youth. You young 'uns might care to seek it out on YouTube, however I am compelled to issue a 'Parental Advisory', and by extension a 'NSFW'! Anyway, first I rigged the legs on the pulpit: Flushed with the relative success of that venture, I did the same for the undercarriage proper - requiring the intervention of my biplane jig and a couple of elastic bands to stop the whole thing dancing around on a short length of EZ Line: Not too bad, nearly time for the top plane to be fixed on! Thanks for watching
  4. clive_t

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Terrific, can't thank you enough Anil! Can't wait to get something started where I can get to trying it out. Thanks too for the guidance on using it, very useful.
  5. clive_t

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Wow that's really kind of you, Anil. I'll PM you soon
  6. clive_t

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Very nice looking paint job there. Can I show my ignorance and ask what is 'micromesh'?
  7. Great start, following this with interest. Oh, and welcome to the madness!
  8. clive_t

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Lol lucky you, I had the dubious honour and doubtful privilege of working a contract with Balfour Beatty some years ago at their Basingstoke offices... Best thing about that place was the road out of it! For the avoidance of confusion I should say I am a resident of Portsmouth (albeit for the past 30 years) rather than a true product, although my better half (her words, not mine) does hail from Southsea!
  9. Interesting, I too shall watch with interest!
  10. clive_t

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    Wow, this is some thread - modelling at the speed of light! Brilliant results too, I am compelled to fall in line behind everyone else and see where this goes next!
  11. Thanks Ian, yes I was sort of coming to that conclusion also - the great thing about oil paint is of course the amount of time available for correcting such things, so I have now knocked it back a little on both planes. I'll spare you yet another photo of it!
  12. Another interruption to the rigging process - I wanted to give the aircraft a weather-beaten look, as a consequence of the ground staff not being 'on top of their game'. Maybe I am doing them a disservice, but in my mind's eye this is how I see it. I applied some burnt umber oil paint to the leading edge of the wings, and streaked it back towards the trailing edge: Possibly overdone, but I am quite pleased with it. I also used the same idea to try and highlight the presence of the fuselage framework: With the various major sub-assemblies arranged together, it now looks like this: I now need to resist all temptation to recommence rigging for a few days while the oil paint dries... difficult!