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  1. Thanks all for the comments, likes etc, much appreciated. Another significant step forward over the weekend - the control surfaces are now all on: I didn't take any chances with this, I used CA glue to secure them even though not all contact points were foiled. Seems to be holding up! Not so 'holding up' was the registration letter 'F' on the upper wing surface, where it was found to be lifting in places. I have reapplied some more KoE, albeit in a stronger solution (ie 60-40) in the hope that it finally gives up and does as it's told. All I have to do now are the door/window panels, and assorted fiddlies dotted around the place. Finish line definitely in the distance!
  2. A mini update this morning - the underside registration letters are now on: I'll let it rest for a while, but I think I would regard myself as 'rounding the final bend' on this one!
  3. Thanks Adrian, I am quite pleased with how it's looking so far. Apart from the goose emblems and a couple of areas on some of the wing registration letters where the decal hasn't settled completely, the KOE looks to have done its job. I am not sure how to proceed now, though - persevere with the KOE on what I have already laid down, or resort to the 'brute force and ignorance' approach of old, ie MicroSol etc. Advice on this gratefully received
  4. Thanks Björn, in the end I went with the blue decal set: I have used the diluted 'KOE' as recommended by @stevehnz so we'll see how that pans out over the next day or so. I still have the underside registration markings to do, but I didn't want to push my luck with ruining what I'd already done. So hopefully all decals on by tomorrow!
  5. As ever - two steps forward: One back - knocked off the tail ski and somehow have to re-glue it
  6. Thanks for your reply Bill, much appreciated. To be fair to Mika at Arctic Decals, the instructions that came with the decals were pretty comprehensive: ... but they haven't done much to curb my nervousness over doing it. To make matters worse, having cut out a complete set of decals from the blue sheet (with its 8 micron carrier film, apparently), I noticed that the bright orange/red fuselage band I sprayed on isn't wide enough for the flying goose emblems, by about 4mm at a guess. So I've had to shelve my plans for doing this until I respray the band wide enough to take the decal with no overhang. No matter. There's no deadline for completion, and I think it would be outright foolish of me to mess it up at this stage just for the sake of trying to get the thing finished and out of the way.
  7. It's been a while since any progress with this - but a couple of days ago I received this through the post, courtesy of Arctic Decals: I appear to have the same decals on 2 different thicknesses of carrier film (the blue is the thinnest), as well as masks in case I am brave enough to go down that road for the wing markings. I am extremely nervous at this point, the opportunities to nause this stage up appear many and varied! I think I may defer actually trying it until I've done as much research as I can from other threads. I seem to recall @stevehnz had a thread somewhere which mentioned applying decals to corrugated surfaces? Or did I dream that? There was another thread as well, but I cannot remember whose it was or the aircraft involved, save to say it was a civilian aircraft like a Trimotor or similar?
  8. Some great scratch building happening here! Following with interest.
  9. Probably my favourite sequence, where Flashheart encounters Von Richthofen whilst attempting to rescue 'Slack Bladder and the mound of the Hound of the Baskervilles': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWRBlhzjAcc Just quality comedy. OK, you may continue!
  10. Just returning to this for a moment, I wonder if the problem you are having is down to using Sculpey mold? Is that flexible at all? Is it porous? I have found the the rubber mould material I use is non porous and highly flexible, and seems to have its own inherent release agent. Just gently flexing the mould means the styrene casting just peels right off, no problems at all.
  11. Following, initially for the Blackadder Goes Forth nod , but also because I have this kit in my stash as well as the 1:28 version. Edited to add - don't fear the rigging, let the rigging fear you!
  12. Another brief update - the various bits of the office(s) are now secure: And with that, the fuselage halves are zipped: I will leave that to go off fully before looking to sand/fill whichever areas are in need of it - and there are some I can see already!
  13. Thanks Marklo. I don't have any exact science for the liquid plastic, I just started with a third of a bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin, and progressively added lumps of sprue until the resulting goo was runny but viscous rather than watery as it were. The thing to bear in mind is that over time the glue component will gradually evaporate off. The remaining goo then gets thicker, to a point where it doesn't flow smoothly, and looks lumpy when you try to spread it into a mould.
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