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  1. Thanks Anil, and RJ. The aerial wires are EZ-Line, split in two lengthways to make the line even thinner than normal.
  2. Many thanks Kitchen Modeller, Paulo, Mark and CorsairF4U for your very kind words
  3. This is looking absolutely superb already with that pit detail !
  4. Looking forward to seeing this develop. Did I miss something, you appear to have vac formed your own spats etc? Any further details on that would be highly appreciated
  5. clive_t

    Pass the Jug will ya

    I feel your pain there. Dropping a part on the floor is bad enough, but putting it somewhere and then losing it is the absolute worst. Streaking looks good though!
  6. Thanks Mr Cloudman, I would profess to a certain ignorance on the matter of Curtiss Hawks myself - one of the things that I found confusing was the different terminology for the aircraft: Hawk, Warhawk, Tomahawk, Kittyhawk, and so on! As I understand it, the reference 81-A-2 was the manufacturer's designation. One order of these aircraft was placed by the French (who kept that as their military designation) prior to the invasion by Germany. Once they were invaded, however, the aircraft were diverted to the British, who earmarked some of those to be sent on to the AVG in China. The US military designation for these aircraft was P-40B (sometimes P-40C). I would imagine that the AVG pilots and ground crew would have more likely referred to them as 'P-40s' rather than 'Hawk 81-A-2s'! There is, however, no doubt that this aircraft was one of the so-called Flying Tigers, portrayed as prior to the adoption of the Disney-designed 'winged tiger' motif. Obviously I stand to be corrected in any or all of the above!
  7. Thanks Chris, ah well I guess I will have to skip the desert camo. I seem to recall seeing a camo pattern that was essentially green with swirly yellow (possibly brown) lines - whether that was Italian or not is another matter entirely!
  8. Hi all, herewith my latest assault on the mountain of boxes now surrounding me - and in this choice, more 'firsts' are encountered: my first RS Models kit, and if I am not mistaken my first Italian fighter subject! The intention is to accept all the flaws in the moulding (as I wouldn't know them anyway). That said, I have sourced some rather fancy after-market PE courtesy of Brengun and the Big H (again), so hopefully it will enhance the look of the thing. No progress to report as yet, just setting a stake in the ground as it were. OK, one photo to kick off with - the box-art: Oh, and the decals/colour callouts: The markings look really sharp, which is good; however, I am somewhat underwhelmed by the all-over green colour. I was kind of hoping to have a crack at a mottled desert-type camo or similar, but to date I've found no reference photos to suggest they ever flew over North Africa. If anyone on here well versed in such matters could provide some other alternatives, I'd be interested to see them! Tally Ho, Yellow!
  9. Thanks Cookie, although to be fair to Messrs MisterCraft they'd have to take a large lump hammer to their moulds in order to get down to the quality of the Amodel SPAD SA.4 kit I did recently - in my humble opinion, of course I am reminded of the fact that I have actually done a MisterCraft kit before, which also presented challenges a-plenty! This one, in fact: It is of course the Aichi D3A1 'Val', which was moulded in a hideous pale blue plastic! That said, I will be honest and say I wouldn't rule out doing another kit from them; although only if I was feeling particularly masochistic - which happens now and again
  10. clive_t

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk1

    Great modelling! For figures, it's possible - and a lot of fun in my view - to customise a figure to adopt the required pose. Simply cut the limbs (and possibly the head) at the principal joints, drilling holes for some soft metal wire to act as a joint, then filling, sanding and painting to suit. Give it a go!