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  1. Excellent sculpting, did you use an armature to build the figure's body? Also what material are you using please? I'd love to see more details of how you're making the figures.
  2. The mind boggles! Actually I have some sheets of marquetry veneer salted away somewhere, not sure how I would bond it to the plastic though!
  3. Thanks Jonners, yes indeed you're absolutely right; I had read as much previously but thanks for reminding me. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that I would have forgotten - no excuses now though!
  4. Hi all, herewith my second attempt at foiling, hopefully this time armed with as many of the lessons as I can remember from my first attempt! For a bit of background, I obtained 2 freebie Hobby Craft vampire kits (minus instructions and decals) at a recent club meet with the advisory that 'they are not very good kits...'. Well, having never knowingly looked a gift horse in the mouth, I took them anyway to file in the stash under 'Might Come in Useful One Day' . Well lo and behold, having completed my first foil subject, I realised that there were schemes for the Vampire Mk,1 with a NMF - specifically those sold to the Swiss. For a 'larger' scale model it's not overly burdened with detail, to be honest. In my case that's not a bad thing. I could have easily gone overboard on the after-market bling - of which there is a fair bit about - but as previously I was more about the foiling, so I decided to save my pennies for other projects yet to be revealed So, to the build! The office went together fairly easily, and is probably where the lion's share of the detail is to be found: I then assembled the wings and the tail booms. I pinched an idea from a You-Tube clip showing the addition of some cheap-n-cheerful detail in the main wheel wells: I think I have enough to make a start on foiling, so I will hopefully make some progress there soon. Thanks for watching
  5. Indeed, more progress this morning; the branch track bed is all but fully secure now - just a tiny bit still to do where it runs onto the bridge over the pond: Weather permitting tomorrow, I should be finishing off this section of track bed! Thanks for watching
  6. Looking good so far! One of the things I found when foiling the Airfix MiG was that the foil, when sanded, seemed to effectively 'close up' the pre-moulded panel lines. They were still visible, but less obviously so - which I think was a happy accident!
  7. Looking like a pretty successful experiment to me!
  8. Looks good so far; I'm looking forward to seeing this come together, seeing as I will in all probability never have room for one myself!
  9. Thanks Corsair F4U and Hairtrigger. It's a good kit for learning on, apart from the fences on the wings. I would imagine that the Airfix F86 Sabre would offer a similarly good opportunity.
  10. Thanks Mr Hairtrigger, much appreciated. I do have something in mind, but not that big. I do have an Airfix Fortress in my stash, but that will be for another time I think.
  11. Hi Mr Spaddad, the hope is that I can obtain a digital wireless transmitter/speed controller, and a wireless receiver for each loco that I want to control. The transmitter that I am after will hopefully allow me to pair up with up to 12 locos. Not that I have any intention of attempting to control 12 locos simultaneously, that way madness lies! When I get the stuff I will post it on here. So, a bit more progress today, but I am all out of sand so I need to buy another couple of bags next week. The branch terminus is all done: Hopefully more progress next week
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