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  1. Thanks for the comments Rob. No actual progress today, apart from ordering a set of Panzer Art Firestone wheels, with a more appropriate tread pattern. Hopefully they will be with me in time for the weekend
  2. Great stuff, I love a good figure-hack, me!
  3. Looking forward to this one
  4. That turned out rather nice didn't it! I like the painting of the canvas especially
  5. clive_t

    Army of Ghosts

    Nicely done! You've got me thinking of all my as yet untouched HQ figures, could be a nice little collection of mules for practicing painting techniques Maybe I will end up displaying them, who knows! Great to see a youngster getting into something creative like that too, thanks for sharing
  6. Thanks @Das Abteilung, @Hamden, @Carius and @Bullbasket for your comments, much appreciated. Very glad to have you aboard! Not much progress really - other things (resurrecting my garden railway principal among them) are vying for my time. The instructions call for making up the PE parts first but I skipped that page as I need to find my bending bars and a steady hand from somewhere. Next page was all about the engine - which may or may not end up being visible! Comprised of no less than 25 separate parts (including a bit of PE for the radiator cooling fan) it's a bit detailed! I managed a bit of it a few days ago, then managed to complete it in short bursts over the previous couple of days: I had a distinct itching sensation in my palms looking at the distributor cap - it was whispering 'I need leads, and you know it' in my ear...
  7. clive_t

    Army of Ghosts

    Lol I once harboured a small hope that my dear daughter might discover the joys of model making, through playing the original Hero Quest. She ended up just painting the figures, which to be fair looked pretty good, but sadly that hope was not to last. Interestingly, she still talks about that experience in a positive way, so you never know! I dare say having 2 kids of her own is fairly effective in suppressing the desire to return to it at the moment though. These new figures are on another level, it must be said! Looking forward to seeing how they develop!
  8. Excellent 
  9. clive_t

    Sturmtiger taking shortcut

    Brilliant, hard to believe that's 1:72!
  10. I recently obtained a copy of one of the Osprey Modelling Manuals, 'WWII Soft-Skinned Military Vehicles', and just my luck one of the models the book features is the Italeri 1/35 BM-13-16 Katyusha carried on a ZiS-151 truck (so a post-ww2 version). Some very nice pics of the build are shown, and the author's opinion is that the kit still holds its own in terms of quality despite having no meaningful alterations or upgrades since it's original issue in 1976. I might be tempted in the future to return to this subject but in a larger scale.
  11. Thank you Jim and Hairtrigger for your comments, much appreciated
  12. clive_t

    Army of Ghosts

    Following with interest, Will. I've never really gotten into this fantasy wargaming thing, but the figures and the terrains produced by GW etc I find fascinating.
  13. Nice 'Trixie', as my 4 year old grandson calls it!
  14. Nice colouring, I am really enjoying these dino builds
  15. Thanks Richard and Ozzy, hope I am able to do it some justice. It's looking a pretty solid set of parts at the moment, I've done the engine block already, and aside from a few minor gaps (my shoddy glueing more than anything else I suspect) no sink holes or ejector marks on the visible surfaces that I have seen. Pic to follow later, hopefully