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  1. Thanks Darryl Thanks Hans Yes it's starting to grow on me too, lol. Lloyd
  2. Thanks Ron Made some corrections and add-ons.
  3. My first Tamiya kit in years but so ugly I had to have it.
  4. Rob First image is portrait and second is landscape. They are both way too big though, got to scroll down to see the entire photo. BTW that Terminator is going to be a project, a busy project. Have fun. Lloyd
  5. Thanks Johnny The sand is Tamiya Buff and the ochre is Tamiya Buff with some Red Brown and a few drops of Flat Orange mixed to what looks good. Lloyd
  6. Thanks Rob There is no secret. Just get a large cake pan filled with white paint and dunk the damned thing in it, lol. No I don't do anything different just 2 or 3 light coats to build it up a bit as white doesn't cover well. Thanks Model Mate I think the rivets are only in the add-on armor pieces. Can't see under them to see if the hull was rivetted but probably not. Lloyd
  7. Thanks vytautas. Something different than the normal green. Lloyd
  8. Still needs some track and wheel work but getting close.
  9. Something different than the normal Russian Green. This is a representation of the demo scheme used in 2013 at the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition. Not completely accurate but close.
  10. Thanks Darryl The pods don't move any more as I had to glue them solid. Broke the little ladder at the rear off twice moving the pods so fixed that so they don't move. Lloyd Thanks Phil Thanks John Lloyd
  11. Another fine looking model Bill. They must have spent lots of barracks time polishing these up if they couldn't drive them, lol. Lloyd
  12. Beautiful work Fabrice. If those rings on the barrel represent the number of T-34s knocked out then this is one dangerous piece to stay well away from. Lloyd
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