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  1. Impressive. Beautiful weathering work. Looks like a real beast. Lloyd
  2. Thanks Chris Yes done, moving on .......... Lloyd
  3. Thanks John Yes didn't see much detail on the first photos. Thanks Darryl The T-54/55 series aren't very big but they are nice models. Go for it. Lloyd
  4. Final pics of the Tiran 4. Some in sunlight and some in shade, quite a difference. This is after some gloss and some Dark Brown Panel Liner. Shows the detail better and I did add the serial number plate after these photos were taken so it's done.
  5. Thanks Das Serial number plate was still in the box but it's on there now. Mold lines and sprue attachments are eyes not as young as they used to be, lol. More pics coming with some dark treatment to the cracks, etc but taken before the serial number plate was attached to the glacis. Lloyd
  6. Just a little guy compared to a Merkava. The weathering doesn't hardly show in the direct sunlight. Will have to darken things up a bit. Stay tuned.
  7. Thanks Steve I don't know where you would put much more detail. Thanks John Yes I have the older Academy Magach and the Meng is quite a bit better, especially with all the ERA. Of course it's newer and twice as costly. Lloyd
  8. Impressive viper. Sure looks like 1:1 scale to me. Geez, every time I look at the photos I see more details, beautiful job. Lloyd
  9. Quite a project and a superb job Phil. I like Jagdpanthers and love this one. Lloyd
  10. Thanks Darryl The panels are kit supplied and the numbers are decals. Yes that's an air recog panel, or supposed to be, actually orange painted tissue, lol. Lloyd
  11. Thanks redcap. Yes the modern stuff is rather "blah" Lloyd
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