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  1. Thanks Rob I went back to that Takom Jagdpanther G1 with the interior today. Is it ever small after a month with the 1/16 Panther. Panther not quite finished but need a change of scenery for a bit. Lloyd
  2. Got some brown and black washes to tone down the white a bit and painted the tracks. I'll let this sit for a few days then go back and spend some time on the tracks and wheels.
  3. Nearly complete. Needs some brown and black washes and of course some track work and that's it. I had to strip the sides of the turret and re-paint as I wasn't happy with the way the decals peeled when I did the white wash the first time. Strip, sand, paint black primer, paint dark yellow and the green/brown camo then decals again over gloss coat then hairspray and white and finally scuff the heck out of it without killing the decals this time. What a pain but it looks better now. No side skirts and left the sheet metal covers off the exhausts for something different. Got a ton of Vallejo Black Thick Mud all over the running gear and lower hull but mostly all hidden with the tracks on. Fabulous stuff and dries hard as rock so got to watch where it goes. The tracks will get some and probably a little on the wheels, especially the inners. Also threw in some pics of Panther #1 which is nearly finished, just needs some more dust to try to lighten it a bit.
  4. Mounted the radio equipment to the top of the transmission a la King Tiger. It's dumb to have it hanging from the roof where nothing can be seen. The upper hull is still removable without disturbing the radio and it looks much better, or would with some light weathering that is. Yes I went back and filled that big punch out, missed that one.
  5. Basic white wash. I'll let this cure for a bit then some brown and black washes and some dry brushing. Tools, spare tracks and cables and oh yes wheels and tracks yet. Lots to go on this beast yet.
  6. Hi Mark I use an Iwata HPC+ Thanks John. Looking pretty rough really but hopefully the white wash will tie things together. Take care, Lloyd
  7. Here it is with a rough 3 color camo scheme for under the white wash. Hopefully the markings get applied tomorrow and then it's the hairspray and toothbrush attack. I used faded Olive Green and some faded Red Brown to make things lighter so not as much peeks through the thin white wash. I'll also try not to remove as much as usual with the toothbrush. The turret shell is removable, that's why the little gap on each side at the front. Tried to close it up but it's too contrary.
  8. Not great pictures but the general idea is that it's black primer with white shading ready for dark yellow tomorrow.
  9. Thanks Simon When I get back to this one and the Takom Jagdpanther G1 that's also on hold I'll try those tips. The 1/35 scale parts are lots harder to remove seams, must be fun to play with 1/72 (not). Lloyd
  10. Thanks Rob This little bugger is on hold at the moment as 1/16 Panther #2 is a demanding mistress. The interior is pretty much done on that one and it is masked up waiting on some black primer and some white highlighting. I seem to prefer the 1/16 scale stuff as it's easier on the old eyes and these Rye Field Models are crazy detailed with oh so teensy tiny parts. Lloyd
  11. Here is a 1/16 Trumpeter King Tiger with zimmerit done with the hairspray and Tamiya Flat White over the normal 3 colour camo. Turned out ok I think And a Trumpeter 1/16 T-34/85 using the same technique. It may not be perfect but looks like white wash.
  12. Try Forgebear tanks in the UK. I've ordered ATAK zimmerit from them and they are good. They have the Taigen Panther G metal tracks for 49.99 pounds sterling. (there is no pound sign on my keyboard) You might need to get the metal sprockets and idlers too and make them fit the Trumpeter chassis. Actually the Trumpeter tracks are a bit of work but they look good, fit great and are very flexible so the sag is just right. Lloyd
  13. Starfighter I painted the engine bay roof and the inside of the main hatch over the engine in plain old red primer. My mix is Tamiya Flat Red with a little bit of NATO Black added to my preference. On some models it's redder and others it's darker. The inside of my 1/16 Jagdtiger is a little too red and bright for my taste but too late now and the inside of this latest Panther is a little dark but some dust and dry brushing helps to lighten it somewhat. I don't think any two of the WWII German tanks were exactly the same inside (or even outside) so it doesn't matter, if it looks good then it is good. The inside of the driver's and radio operators hatches are basic body color, in my case Tamiya Dark Yellow over NATO Black primer. I don't think they wanted white squares showing when the hatches were open, sort of disrupts the camo scheme. I don't know of anyone who sells metal tracks in 1/16 scale. I looked for Friulmodel and couldn't find any. I finished the guide horns on the tracks for the second Panther last night and happy that's complete, believe me. Now I'm in the midst of building the frames around the radio equipment. Lots of pe bending and fiddling there and it will be completely hidden unless the upper hull is removed. BTW some of Trumpeter's color call outs are a little fishy to me so I painted some things as I thought they probably should be in real life and shamelessly copied some of the other builds on this site that looked natural to me. Take care, Lloyd
  14. Hi I didn't have any problems with the torsion bars other than to make sure the axles are loose enough in the frame so when the axles are installed they can move to be a working suspension. I didn't spend enough time on the first Panther so I ended up gluing all of the axles solid as most wouldn't move. On the second I sanded until I had a loose fit and even ran a reamer through the holes on the frame so the axles would swivel and the suspension now works. Why have indy track links that work if the suspension is solid? The tracks are handed so the pins go in from the inside on each side of the tank. Don't know of any other German AFV that had handed tracks but there probably was some. Take care, Lloyd
  15. Soeren Don't you just love those track teeth? I know I do even in 1/16 scale (not) Looking good so far and your country road should show it off well Lloyd
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