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  1. BlackMax12

    Kinetic M3A3 Bradley CFV

    Hi Richard Yes it just falls together. The turret is a bit tedious with all of the detail and the "cut off the sprue and glue on" bolt heads are going to be fun but I didn't want the version with the ERA armour. This one will be in a NATO scheme rather than the more common desert sand. The carpet monster got one antenna base so it has an antenna off an Abrams, will look ok with paint I hope. Take care, Lloyd
  2. BlackMax12

    Kinetic M3A3 Bradley CFV

    All it needs now is those bolt heads on the front and sides and some paint. Not very good pics today, operator error.
  3. BlackMax12

    Kinetic M3A3 Bradley CFV

    Thanks Stix It's all assembled now except for the second track run and all of those bolt heads on the glacis and the sides. There must be 100 parts in that turret, even without the ERA armour. Pretty involved and I'll have to add the armour glass plates around the commander's hatch after painting as they would be tricky to mask. Not a bad kit at all, right up there with Meng and Takom. The instructions are a little vague in spots but everything fits. Take care, Lloyd
  4. BlackMax12

    Kinetic M3A3 Bradley CFV

    Hi Das Yes they are the slice-off the sprue bolt heads and not fun to work with but I'll try. Thanks for the tip about the NBW bolt heads. I'm thinking I might mount the brackets for the ERA but not the armour itself and thus not need as many bolt heads. I'll do a trial fit of the brackets only and see what they look like. Lloyd
  5. BlackMax12


    You should be able to spot any low flying 1:1 aircraft with that searchlight. Looking great so far. Bronco kit for sure with a ton of small detail parts, they really like a good parts count. Take care, Lloyd
  6. BlackMax12

    Kinetic M3A3 Bradley CFV

    Thanks Phil Yes it looks ok so far. That second track can wait until tomorrow though. Other than a little warping at the rear of the upper hull which some clamps and rubber bands will fix the fits have been good. My first Kinetic kit and it's not bad, lots of detail and excellent moulding. Take care, Lloyd
  7. BlackMax12

    1/35 Australian Centurion MK 5/1

    Pretty impressive Jim. Sure looks like a Centurion at work. Take care, Lloyd
  8. BlackMax12

    Pzr IV/70(A) Sd.Kfz.162/1

    Looking good so far Peter. It almost looks like they dropped the top half of the Jagdpanther onto a Panzer IV chassis. It does look like a Bronco kit, lots and lots of small detail parts but they look great. Take care, Lloyd
  9. BlackMax12

    Kinetic M3A3 Bradley CFV

    Got the running gear done on both sides and one run of track in place. The track looks ok but most will be hidden. Started on the turret and positioned some of the hatches. Without the ERA there are 35 bolt heads to add to the glacis and another 18 for the sides. They give you lots of bolt heads on one sprue runner but not looking forward to adding them at all. They did a decent job on the anti-slip which is good after I botched the anti-slip on that Merkava a while back. Here it is this AM.
  10. My first Kinetic kit. Doesn't look too bad compared to the Meng M3A3. Going to try it without all of all of the reactive armor add-ons. The running gear is really hidden with the upper hull sitting in place. Link and length tracks which is much better than Meng's individual links on their Bradleys.
  11. BlackMax12

    1/35 T34/76 Winter Camo|Tamiya

    Don't know how you are posting these .jpgs but I can't see anything with Windows10. Maybe try Imgur as it's free. Lloyd
  12. Gee this is so small you might lose it in your coffee cup. I think I'll stick to the 1/16 stuff I can see. My cat would probably think this was a new toy for him the little devil. Good start though, you should be able to finish this off by the weekend. Take care, Lloyd
  13. Rusted up the chain a bit and gave the tow cables a bit of a rustier look. Guess I'll call this done.
  14. BlackMax12

    Big As Maz, Junked!

    Whew....when I read this title I was afraid you had actually junked this model after all of the effort. Glad to see that you meant a junked truck diorama. Fantastic work Rich, it sure does look forlorn sitting there and slowly sinking into the mud. Give that tree a few years and the poor old abandoned truck will be totally covered. It's a shame that something this complex just gets discarded. Beautiful model and the diorama is just the right setting. Take care, Lloyd
  15. Went back to this one and added some chains and more dust and dirt. Used a brown chain but see it will need some more rusting.