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  1. Looking good John. Never enough time to get the stuff done that needs doing. Get a great idea and forget it before you have the time to sit down and try it. Of course some ideas aren't worth the time either, lol. Lloyd
  2. Thanks Phil Sure is busy in there and a ton of shells to add yet. Miserable little buggers to paint though. Lloyd
  3. Thanks Liam Yes I have grown to detest full interior kits as you spend hours or days on the interior then promptly bury it. While this one does not have a complete interior it sure has lots of turret hardware and of course most will be hidden. Oh well, the nature of the beast I suppose. Lloyd
  4. This is what 150 plus pieces of gun look like. There are 220 shells to go in that turret so it will be pretty cramped. Too bad lots is hidden with the turret assembled though. Got to fill some seams on the guns and sand off some rough spots then figure out how to paint this. Here it is as of this morning.
  5. Thanks John That sure is an ugly blob on the end of that gun. Wonder why it wasn't just he more normal brake like the German WWII style. Maybe they needed more recoil damping don't know but sure is ugly. I'll see what I can do to mod the Academy brake. Lloyd
  6. Thanks Soeren It's a pretty simple kit really. Lloyd
  7. John I'm not a Sherman expert, well I don't know squad about Shermans that is but yes it has this goofy flat muzzle brake. I think it's supposed to be a French 105mm and it does look way too big. What should it look like? Lloyd
  8. John Well you certainly have a project on the go. It's going to be another Bullbasket masterpiece. Take care, Lloyd
  9. Thanks John Actually I have a third Trumpeter 1/16 Panzer IV, a Hobby Boss Canadian C2 MEXAS, an Academy M51 Isherman and an Airfix 1/24 scale Hawker Typhoon on the go besides these four. Took a break for a couple of months and have to make up for it. Lloyd
  10. Thanks Mike I have three Takom Chieftains, a Mk5, MK10 and Mk11 so I had to have the anti-aircraft gun version even though it turned out to be nothing but a prototype. I'm on an anti-aircraft gun kick at the moment so this fits. I have a ZSU-57-2 under construction so I think after I find a Russian Shilka that will complete the collection. Your ZSU 23 is off to a great start but I don't think I'll try to match your level of detail, oob is probably ok for this collection. Lloyd
  11. Started another project in that self propelled anti-aircraft gun theme. This one isn't that big but lots of detail. So far the guns have 151 parts, there are 220 shells on clips 4 per clip and indy link tracks. That turret is going to be rather cramped inside with all that hardware.
  12. Continuing on my Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (SPAAG) theme here is a British prototype that never did reach service status apparently. There is a Russian ZSU-57-2 waiting in the wings also to round out the collection and maybe a Shilka to come.
  13. Thanks Widow Thanks Phil It's sort of a rendition of one of the suggested schemes in the box. A little more brown and darker brown maybe than should have been but it's not too bad. That Tamiya Dark Brown Panel Line wash sure makes things kind of a warm reddish/goldish color but I sort of like it.
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