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  1. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter T-72B1 w/Kontakt Reactive Armour

    Assembly pretty much complete. Got to sand down the seams on the main gun, remove the tracks and rubber tires then off to the paint shop. The turret is not removable now so might be fun painting.
  2. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter T-72B1 w/Kontakt Reactive Armour

    Not much progress today. There are 162 ERA blocks on the hull along with 50 mounting brackets for them. Several different part numbers to go in specific locations and some are two piece as the back shows. Wonder why this couldn't have been moulded in one or two pieces instead of 200 plus. Then there are another 68 ERA blocks for the turret which hasn't been started, enough for today.
  3. Started this yesterday and a pretty simple build other than the 190 odd individual track links with 7 sprue attachments per link and the umpteen dozen reactive blocks to attach one by one. No interior which is really not missed.
  4. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter Maxxpro MRAP

    Thanks Chris Thanks Viper Thanks John I know what you mean, there are just as many crazies in the Walmart lot around here too. Why park one foot from my vehicle when there are 500 other empty spaces? Gas mileage on this might be a concern though. And don't pi$$ me off, that's a real 50 cal up top and it's loaded. Lloyd
  5. Something different I built this week. Needs some weathering, mostly dust. It's big, almost as big as that 1/16 King Tiger.
  6. Thanks Badder Wonder how big a 1/16 diorama would have to be to get all 3 of these and 2 Panzer IVs into it? Pretty damned big and then there's a T-34 and a SU-100 to fit in there somewhere too. My back yard probably isn't big enough. Take care, Lloyd
  7. Thanks Stix Thanks Widow I managed to tone down that decal film with about 3 coats of dullcote and some more dirt. I pulled the tracks off to re-paint and do a better job on the weathering so more pics coming. Take care, Lloyd
  8. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter King Tiger

    Looking really good Mark. Having the roof off the turret sure makes a difference and is it ever cluttered in there. No room to swing the proverbial cat around either. All of those mg ammo sacks on the forward bulkhead sure add to the lower hull and the extra piping and detail sure makes it look more realistic. What kind of camo scheme are you going with? Take care
  9. Here are my 1/16 Tigers, a small task force. I need a bigger bench. The Porsche version needs more track work for sure, have to pull them off once again. The Henschel is a bigger turret but has less frontal area and I prefer the look. That Jagdtiger is one mean looking beast, low slung and menacing, a real killer.
  10. Thanks BigX Thanks Chris Stash is empty but there is a 1/16 Trumpeter T-72B and a 1/16 M-ATV MRAP at the LHS. Hmmmmmm...... Lloyd
  11. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter King Tiger Porsche Turret

    Thanks for the tip Chris but too late now, it's moved to the RFI page. It's not too dirty but the zimmerit looks decent. Lloyd
  12. Here it is pretty much finished. Looks good for an early model King tiger with only a few scuffs and dings. Maybe could use some more muck on the tracks, especially the left front. That decal film doesn't show in real life but of course the camera sees it. I ruined 3 sets of numbers trying to apply them to the zimmerit and since this is the last set of 1/16 numbers they will have to do. And half a bottle of decal set too, at the point where it was starting to dissolve the paint. I didn't bother painting the turret ring and gear as the turret is a very tight fit. Maybe someday I'll do something about that, maybe. The upper hull is removable to show off but I didn't want to do that outside, too windy as usual here in Alberta.
  13. Thanks Scottie I don't think that glass top table could handle 70 plus tons though. Lloyd
  14. Thanks Gary Thanks Mick Thanks John Glad it's done, now where do I put it? Lloyd