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  1. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter 1/16 King Tiger -Finished

    Pretty impressive final product there. And you are going to be even more obsessed with the Panther? Good grief man!! There is an involved build of the 1/16 Panther on the Kiwimodeller site under forums (Trumpeter 1:16 Panther) that I've been following. If mine ever comes I won't go into that much detail on the interior though. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing some Panther pics. Lloyd
  2. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter King Tiger Porsche Turret

    Hi Mark Things are getting a bit cramped with nine of the 1/16 scale models and the Panther G coming yet too. The Panther must be almost as big as the King Tiger so it won't fit inside my display cabinet either. The Porsche (Krupp) style turret was ok to assemble but it is a little smaller inside than the Henschel. The rear hatch is smaller and the mantlet is different but the actual mounting brackets for the main gun are further apart so it makes the gun easier to mount. The shape of the turret with the bulge on the left under the cupola makes it harder to install the ATAK zimmerit but that's pretty minor. It has just as much detail as the Henschel but it has a "swoopy" sort of look rather than the typical German angular shape and I'm not really a fan of that look. The turret is the only real difference between the two tanks but the two turrets are not switchable between hulls. I tried just for fun and the hulls are just a little different where the turret mounts so they won't fit properly. I don't know if it was ever done in real life but with a cutting torch the Henschel turret could be made to fit the hull that had the Porsche turret but the Henschel hull wouldn't support the Porsche turret properly. Typical, instead of concentrating on one or two AFVs and building thousands they had to have about 100 different kinds of vehicles running around with the logistics nightmare that caused. Can you imagine the results of say 60,000 Panther tanks rather than the 4-5,000 that were built. Forget about the King Tigers and Jagdtigers and all of that useless stuff and build something practical, cheaper and better than most opponents. Take care, Lloyd
  3. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter King Tiger Porsche Turret

    Thanks Konig I like my 1/16 Trumpeter King Tiger with the Henschel turret better, don't really like the Porsche style turret but I had to have both just because. Lloyd
  4. Thanks Konig Yes verrryy cool build as it is -20C out in the back yard today and that table is just a little icy. Lloyd
  5. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter King Tiger

    Looking great Mark. These things are quite a project even when built right out of the box so yours is exceptional. I'm sure the 1/16 Panther will look just as good and I'm waiting eagerly. Take care, Lloyd
  6. BlackMax12

    1/35 Scimitar and Warrior - Iraq 2003

    Looking good Nick, especially like the Warrior. Lloyd
  7. BlackMax12

    Panther SchmalTurm

    As the op said this is a "what if" and I believe it is mean to show off the various paints, washes and techniques rather than anything that could be seen as realistic. I do like the subtle tones and shading but the combination of reddish primer and silverish details sort of doesn't work. The wheels look great and I like the weathering on the lower hull and can live with the tracks. The overall color and the contrasting details and gun barrel/mantlet are sort of whimsical though. I did a "what if" Tiger II a while back with an exaggerated ambush scheme which had hundreds of contrasting dots rather than the normal pattern. It was something to try and it got some comments but not something I kept. (got a white wash fairly quickly) Anyway this model is in that category and while not too authentic it does look darned good. That True Earth and SDW stuff looks interesting. Just my $0.02 (Canadian so not worth much) Lloyd
  8. Mark Glad to hear the beast is complete and looking forward to the photos. Bet the family was impressed. Too bad the big Panther isn't going to prowl for a while though. Since mine is still "back ordered" with no word of when it will be shipped I have to rely on watching someone else's build. I sure hope it isn't almost a year like it took to get that second 1/16 Jagdtiger and the second King Tiger, that was frustrating. Our Thanksgiving is in early October so it's just a distant memory now. Watching all of the Black Friday antics and managed to pick up two Samsung 860 EVO 1TB solid state drives for a good price here in Canada thanks to the price matching of U.S. prices. That doesn't happen often enough. Colder than a witch's t$t here right now, quite a bit of snow and nothing in the stash again. Getting caught up on some Netflix and yes, just a little bored. Take care, Lloyd
  9. Thanks Mark Yes they take up lots of resources, space and money but they do look nice. How about some more pics of your new large sized Panther? Take care, Lloyd
  10. Thanks Das Unfortunately the display case isn't big enough for nine 1/16 AFVs and soon to be ten when that Panther G shows up. I've been looking at some larger cabinets with glass sides and doors but they are close to or over Cdn$1000 so will have to wait. That would really cut into my modelling budget, after all that's almost the price of three 1/16 kits......... Meanwhile they are sitting out in the open on top of my 3 small display cabinets, a shelving unit and my computer credenza. They need dusting with canned air once in a while and Mr Cat hasn't bothered them, yet but I'd like to get them away from temptation. Take care, Lloyd
  11. Thanks Badder Yes, fat fingers, 4 thumbs, trifocals and throw in some shaking and 1/16 scale is probably the best. Thanks Stix I'd like to put together something like a museum display to show them off better but dioramas and me and of course the real estate required just aren't happening. Take care all, Lloyd
  12. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter T-72 with Kontakt armour

    Thanks Chris Thanks Soeren Lloyd
  13. BlackMax12

    Tamiya Tiger OOB

    Looks very good and the mud looks very real, especially all the stuff thrown up by the tracks at the rear. I've discovered it is very hard to make a gray vehicle look convincing but you have managed the weathering just right. Take care, Lloyd
  14. BlackMax12

    MkIV Male Fascine Carrier

    Brand spanking new, looks great. Lovely job on the un-ditching beam and I see it comes loaded with storage too. The tracks look great, cast iron with just the right black tone for cinders, nasty stuff that. The fascine must have been a chore but looks real. You will have to add the grousers before sending this one into your mud bath at the front though, LOL. Take care, Lloyd
  15. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter T-72 with Kontakt armour

    Thanks Badder I'm waiting, rather impatiently for the Panther and hoping it doesn't take almost a year to get like that second 1/16 Jagdtiger. My poor old pocketbook has never been the same since I discovered 1/16 scale and now a new much bigger display case is due and that's not cheap. Take care, Lloyd Sorry there's no outside pics but it's rather white out there and bbbrrrr..