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  1. Here's a King Tiger from a while back. Later production, early 1945 maybe but without zimmerit. A Hobby Boss 1/16 Tiger I for size comparison
  2. The paint is Tamiya Khaki XF-49 with about 40% XF-66 Light Grey added. Lloyd
  3. Thanks Matt The kit is an easy build and the instructions are outstanding, best I've ever seen. I really liked their giving you the lengths of each spark plug wire and where they go. I deviated a bit and used 0.030" solder as it was easy to bend and looked good. The only real problem I had was the core of the engine required a lot of filing and sanding before the cylinder assemblies would slide onto it. The other thing was the tabs on the stabilizers are a little too long so they butt up against each other inside the tail and the stabs wouldn't fit tight. I trim
  4. I found some more photos of the cockpit under construction. Not great but all i have.
  5. Thanks Darryl Thanks Hans Yes it's starting to grow on me too, lol. Lloyd
  6. Thanks Ron Made some corrections and add-ons.
  7. My first Tamiya kit in years but so ugly I had to have it.
  8. Rob First image is portrait and second is landscape. They are both way too big though, got to scroll down to see the entire photo. BTW that Terminator is going to be a project, a busy project. Have fun. Lloyd
  9. Thanks Johnny The sand is Tamiya Buff and the ochre is Tamiya Buff with some Red Brown and a few drops of Flat Orange mixed to what looks good. Lloyd
  10. Thanks Rob There is no secret. Just get a large cake pan filled with white paint and dunk the damned thing in it, lol. No I don't do anything different just 2 or 3 light coats to build it up a bit as white doesn't cover well. Thanks Model Mate I think the rivets are only in the add-on armor pieces. Can't see under them to see if the hull was rivetted but probably not. Lloyd
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