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  1. BlackMax12

    Merkava Mk.4m w/Trophy - 1:35 of Meng Models

    Looks pretty good but just wondering why you would mount the side skirts on the inside of the hangers. Lloyd
  2. BlackMax12

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Looks pretty good Martin and I think you've got that whitewash down pat. The tracks look like they have just the right sag for a Tiger so you've ticked that box too. Indy links can be a real pain but they look more real on Tigers and Panthers that the normal rubber band efforts. It looks rather depressing with that gun depressed so far though, almost like that scene from Kelly's Heroes where Eastwood, Savalas and Sutherland walk up to the tiger like Wyatt Earp and a gunfight at the OK Corral. Keep them coming, Lloyd
  3. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava 4M w/Trophy Protection System

    Thanks Richard I'm going to be in Ottawa from tomorrow until July 31 and there's a rumour that the 1/16 Jagdtiger that I ordered last Sept 5 might be in at the LHS around Aug 1st. I'm hoping that it and the 1/16 Kingtiger with the Porsche turret will both be there to give me something to do for the next bit. Not holding my breath but one can always hope. I have to check at Great Hobbies in Ottawa for some storage stuff for this Merkava, a Bradley and that M3 Lee I finished a while back so I can call them all done, finally. Take care, Lloyd
  4. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava IV M

    Thanks Kev Lloyd
  5. That rippled glass table top sure does look like the gun is floating but then I thought the barge is nowhere big enough to hold that weight and why did he put grass and railroad ballast on it? Then reality kicked in and I realized it's sitting on a glass table like the one in my back yard, yes I know, not quite awake yet. Another fantastic job, especially scratch built and even more impressive that it's 1/72 scale. How in the h$ll do you do it??? One model would be a lucky strike but you consistently turn out mini masterpieces. The mind boggles, like those little crewmen must be about 8-10mm tall and they look perfect. Even the lettering on the carriage must be 8 point type, amazing. The Dora was really really impressive and these others just keep getting better. How long does it take to create a work of art like this? Take care, Lloyd
  6. I'm guilty too, usually don't bother with 1/72 as it's way out of my comfort or even seeing range but now I've looked, wow, another blue ribbon winner. This is for sure a big "Ooops!!" and the driver was last seen beating it over the nearest hill. Great work again, these guns are sure impressive and the dioramas just enhance everything. Who would believe it is 1/72 as it looks pretty realistic to me. Take care, Lloyd
  7. Paint it steel with a little rust and call it 3/4" or 20mm cable but rope looks out of place. They should be able to thread cable through all of those blocks and wrap the bollards but then you would need some mini cable clamps at the ends. Just a thought. Lloyd
  8. BlackMax12

    BTR-70 APC

    Jeez, your 1/72 efforts look better than my 1/16 stuff. Don't know how you do it as I'm finding it harder to even work on 1/35 but whatever it is don't loose that recipe. For a minute there I thought the big brother was 1/16 and wondered who made it but then I realized what a little masterpiece that was beside it. How you can do that shading and weathering with such a great result is way way beyond me. There is lots and lots of 1/72 stuff of every description showing up on the site these days and it's making me jealous. First that folks can see to work on them and turn out such marvelous work and second that I could put 10 on one shelf in my display case and that's a big plus. Oh, and to mention, they aren't $100 per kit like the 1/35 stuff is getting to be. Wish my trifocals and opti visor would let me work on small scale but that ship sailed long ago. Take care Andy, Lloyd
  9. Amazing!! How you can even scratch build something like this and in the microscopic scale just boggles the mind. One thing I did notice though is that rope seems a little light for something that's obviously this massive. Might want to paint it to disguise it as steel cable instead. If the rope breaks in one spot all of the blocks in the world won't do any good. Otherwise the attention to detail is just "amazing" or did I mention that?? Keep it up. Take care, Lloyd
  10. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava IV M

    Mike I looked at your pics of the tracks on your review and the toothed halves of mine had lots more flash with the pivot pins buried so I had some digging to make the other half fit over them. Basically they are trash but when you don't have any other tracks to use what do you do? Fruils would look good and the suspension does move, neat how they moulded those main springs. Take care, Lloyd
  11. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava IV M

    Hi Mike Yes I used the kit tracks and they are a major PITA. Took me about 9 hours per side which is way too much fiddling for me. Serious amount of flash and the two pieces don't fit well but I managed to end up with workable tracks, not that I really care. The only other really tedious tracks are the Rye Field Abrams set with their 6 pieces per link, at least those are flash free and fit even with the approximately 960 pieces per set. I've done 2 of those sets and while they take some time they are easier to work on than these Meng Merkava tracks or the Meng Panther A tracks, those are throw aways for sure. Fruil to the rescue on the Panther. Thanks for looking. Take care, Lloyd
  12. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava IV M

    Thanks Houston It's pretty much straight out of the box but I think I'll try to add some more chain on the tow bars at the front and something in or over the turret basket and the two bins at the rear. I don't have any storage junk at the moment but I'm going to Ottawa mid-July and there are larger hobby shops there so I'll try to find something to fill the bins. Thanks Plastix This one was a reasonably easy build except for the major flash and cleanup on the tracks which wasn't too much fun. Now I'm building a Takom Chieftain MK 5 and I've painted and stripped it twice already as I just can't get the black and green paint scheme to look right. I've mixed several different greens using various Tamiya acrylics and still haven't found one that looks right when combined with black. I have a Chieftain MK 10 and a MK 11 both done in the BATUS sand/green schemes so I wanted this one different but it too may end up as a BATUS unit. Take care guys, Lloyd
  13. Here is Meng's latest Merkava. The Mark IV M with the Trophy Active Protection System.
  14. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava 4M w/Trophy Protection System

    Not quite finished yet Nick but getting closer. Got to do something with those baskets hanging off the rear and come up with something for the turret basket but I don't have any stuff to fill them up right now. Meng has resin loaded rear baskets but US$40 is a bit rich for me. Take care, Lloyd