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  1. an anonymous African 'charity'
  2. sell as 'fresh juice' (which is what they do)
  3. Dust, like death and taxes, is one of the immutable certainties of life. However, unlike death and taxes, a bit of a once over with a duster makes it all good again, and if you're really concerned, put it in a perspex box. Not everyone (including the OP, from his comments) has the space to put a large piece of specialist furniture in their room.
  4. the 60s, completely undriveable
  5. There's this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CjjkZ90bCOc
  6. Most likely. Whoever owns the Piper trademarks (company and product names etc) has either not allowed their use or wants extra dollars to use them (Caterpillar and Harley-Davidson are infamous for the way they charge for use of their corporate images). Possibly, Revell have produced the kit without any official permission at all, and thus feel that using the names might be pushing their luck a little too far. Corporate names and indicia etc can be a murky and expensive swamp.
  7. paintball gun any ammo (again, I dunno <shrug>)
  8. I was considering buying (and doing) another one, but seeing as you've got it sorted Dave, I'll see what else I have. That box art is, for me, an enduring image from childhood.
  9. I've never measured the Matchbox kit, but the Skyhawk always was a leggy lass, so a bit of height looks about right!
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