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  1. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235046874-focke-wulf-fw190d-9-late-profipack-8189-148/
  2. https://www.flightradar24.com/blog/satellite-based-ads-b-data-now-available-to-all-flightradar24-users/
  3. I'm no Revell fanboy, but to be fair to them this was originally a Monogram mould, and it dates back to 1963. In light of that, it actually ain't that bad.
  4. semms to last forevvvvahhhh
  5. at the taxpayer's expense
  6. With that W. P. P. LTD under the wing, you may be on to something there. Hughes would only be turning over because everyone persists in calling it the Spruce Goose. By all accounts, he hated that nickname, given that it was coined as a pejorative.
  7. are found in Parliament
  8. I'd be looking at contact adhesive, with the usual caveat of doing a trial run first. Selley's make a water based contact adhesive that may work, or you could maybe use one of the craft spray adhesives.
  9. Redo it with less/more carefully applied salt, and blow another coat of jam on. Easy.
  10. Fluorescent lights are the bane of photographers worldwide. Like Gollum referencing Bagginsssss, we hates them, we hates them forever! That said, a Mk.1 eyeball inspection would be required to make a fair judgement either way.
  11. Gotta LOL at the Twitter window. How many of us here use Twitter? I don't, and I'd bet that in the aging community of scale modellers worldwide, not many of you do either.
  12. A couple of pedestal fans to replace the knackered old ones that I own, because it's getting to be a trifle warm now that summer's arrived. 36C and no rain in sight.
  13. Fair point. But for most of the world, who don't have anyone there to send it to, it's effectively UK only. While it may be cheaper to mail than to buy a new kit, I'm not sure that it's worth the hoop jumping - the box is large and heavy. and will be a bear to pack. YMMV. Either way, best of luck.
  14. The last time that they gave away a 1/24th kit they restricted it to UK only. I'm not going to get excited... Edit: Yup, UK only. Ho hum.
  15. What they said. I've built one thus far, and yes, it does have some tight tolerances, but since that one was finished I've bought about 6 more (including 3 Yellowjacks boxes at the ALDI in Telford after SMW) - I think that that says something about how much I like the kit. It's a great wee kit. Take your time, follow the instructions, test fit (as always) and enjoy. I managed to get the wing tanks done with few issues, but did have some small problems with the intakes and wing, possibly because I did it out of order; I cannot now recall either way. However, patient problem solving umm...s
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