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  1. dipped in egg, crumbed
  2. about wind-up plastic mice
  3. You can't insert images here because you can't insert images here. The hosts made the decision when the forum was set up to save storage space, bandwidth and money by only allowing links to images stored elsewhere. Therefore, you need to host your photos on another site, many here use Flickr and similar, and then link to them. Read here for how-to https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235008824-how-do-i-post-pictures/ and in that same FAQ section is a list of hosting sites that may be useful. Also, be careful that you own the copyright of what you post or have the copyright owner's permission to use it, or that the copyright has expired/never existed before you post. If not, there's every chance that your post will be deleted. HTH.
  4. A second hand Italeri Norton Manx 500 and also a real unicorn, the Gunze Sangyo BSA DBD34 Gold Star in 1/12th, for which I paid too much, but a lot less than they seem to be going for online. I'm happy.
  5. to finish their beer (warm and flat, in best Pommie tradition)
  6. They never were 'toys' to me. Model kits arrived so seldom into my possession that each was a small treasure. Although there was never any paint (I had no spare money to spend on it, pocket money being a very, very small weekly sum indeed), each was built (often quickly, true, but with as much care as I could manage), then placed securely on my bedroom bookshelf, where I could look at it and wish I had another, as well as some paint.
  7. Hasegawa, ecktewarrly. And very, very nice with it, too. I must <ahem> finish mine one day (does that sound familiar to anyone who reads my posts?)
  8. AK say to thin for airbrushing using their thinners (they have an 'odourless thinner' in their range) , so I'd say start with white spirit or turps or similar if you don't have anything comparable to the AK product. I would imagine that their branded thinners are just a repackaged odourless thinner from someone else, so no need to go out and buy the AK stuff. IMO.
  9. While I can't help with actual information, I can help with a possible source. Try looking around the blog www.aviationofjapan.com for details. Sadly, there's no search function, so a Google of hien www.aviationofjapan.com or something similar might help in narrowing the choices. Failing that, a polite email to Nick may be productive. There's also a long list of other Japanese aircraft research sites on the right side of the page, some of them may have what you seek. HTH.
  10. (psst guys, there's a new thread started)
  11. of good whisky, cheap
  12. ship, Captains first, ahoy! (someone should start anuvver thread, eh?)
  13. That sort of attitude afflicts every human endeavour. Look at coffee, wine and whisk(e)y- simple products that now have a whole swathe of complete and utter nonsense written about them, and if you consume them, you'd best be discriminating and well-versed in their 'subtleties'. Bunch of complete tankers.
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