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  1. Both! Witchdoctor Captain chants (It's the voodoo that you do...)
  2. shotgun shells, we blasted
  3. , glory, what a helluvva
  4. According to Flickr, it's an iPhone 14 Pro. Which explains a lot, as the tiny sensor results in an inherently large depth of field.
  5. is often fatal ( @Admiral Puff - your 5, my 3, saved you from a penguining. )
  6. Which Tamiya McLaren? That number does not compute. Try www.scalemates.com for instructions. Edit: unless it's for an RC car, in which case this is def the wrong part of the forum, and indeed almost the wrong forum completely.
  7. bus, next stop Huddersfield (Or is it Slough?)
  8. Except that you don't, because the business goes bust somewhere around Day 22.
  9. named after Nordic... things
  10. are closed for winter
  11. My absolute favourite WW2 type (despite the plethora of completed Spitfires in the cabinet), so I will break my own rule and put my hand up for this GB. Add me to the list, old bean! Now, all I have to do is decide which kit to build...
  12. It would depend on which strips you have and their flexibility. You'll be the best judge of that - try a test run with something that's not mission critical. Using Evergeen PS I'm currently (slowly) working my way through adding fuselage frames to the tail wheel well of a 1/48th F4U Corsair and have found that pre-forming the strip by pulling it over the edge of the desk / under a ruler makes a huge difference to how easily it lays in place. Tamiya Extra Thin cement brushed liberally on to the mating surface of the strip seems to soften it a bit too. The hardest part is keeping them all parallel...
  13. and a soup├žon of
  14. and triples the cost
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