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  1. An easier question to answer would be "What's right with the Trumpeter ones?", the answer being "Not much". There's critiques all over the place, including here. Like most Trumpeter kits, they build well, but they only coincidentally look like Lightnings.
  2. Jags I have, but not many. If you'd asked about Brit Phantoms (mostly 72nd though) ... it's a disease, I tells ya, a disease!
  3. I'm OK for Lightnings, thanks. One day, I'll make a start on them. I'm sure that Airfix will reissue them in due course, in the meantime there's lots of them at swap meets (admittedly a bit hard to get to right now) and in Eduard boxes, with resin and etch (iirc), as well. If you want a whole family of them, may I suggest the recent 1/72th Airfix kits? Smaller, cheaper, and easier to procure and store. Whatever you do, don't be tempted by the Trumpeter ones.
  4. Eligible, but someone may be taking the mickey... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Matchbox-Tyrell-P34-2-ELF-F1-1-32-Rare-1979-Kit-Complete-with-Decals-/124815873371
  5. A second Tamiya 1/12 Porsche 934 Jagermeister kit, with the Tamiya etch included. The price was very good, and seeing as I made money by on-selling my last one, without the etch (to a complete knob - long story, don't ask, not that anyone will), this was, as they say, a no-brainer. But I'll keep this'un for me, and hopefully be able to add its sister 935 kit at some juncture.
  6. This kit was originally released by Protar which explains 1. The mad attention to detail and 2. The mad way that the detail don't fit where it should. It's looking good, one of the crazy F1 breed from back when F1 was fun.
  7. Nice job on a 35 year old kit! Yes, it really has been with us since 1985 (when the VX1000 was almost brand new!) Also, the discs are just the way that Yamaha designed them - no holes, slots or ventilation, just solid steel discs. Later models got slotted / drilled discs, but not the 1000cc model (which only had a 2 year production life). More relief at the triangular holes near the axle would've been nice, true, but it is an old kit (and much superior to almost everything else being produced at the time!) Again, great job! I really should build the one that's in my stash....
  8. There's (almost) nothing new under the sun... Original patent 1912. https://youtu.be/QBeOgGt_oWU
  9. This is, of course, the old Matchbox kit from 1973. It builds well (my ex made one up about 25 years ago) and looks the part, even if it is missing the fine details that many of us now consider essential. Chasing down the Matchbox instructions may be of assistance in working out how it's all meant to go together; they should be available online somewhere. Edit: in fact.... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/matchbox-pk-105-walrus-mk-1--133204 and scroll down to the button labelled 'Download' in the Instructions section.
  10. I was going to write a description, but... here's a video, should give you an idea of how it works.
  11. Isn't it easier to just use the powder from the jar? Seems like a lot of palaver to me just to get a cup of caffeine bean. (Yeah, I'm a non-believer. Coffee's coffee.)
  12. Rob G

    Good Four-tunes.

    but closer to Beverley (who's paying attention?)
  13. Rob G

    Good Four-tunes.

    and terminated with extreme
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