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  1. or even folk punk (Dropkick Murphies , anyone?)
  2. A Spotify find: The Record Company. Blues roots through a 50s rock'n'roll filter. I'm thinking that the boys are quite good.
  3. socks, out, darned spot (Channeling my inner Shakespeare...)
  4. It's a nice enough kit, even with its inaccuracies. Looks good when it's built, and you're doing a bang up job!
  5. Assuming that the funnels are identical, or nearly so, a simple Oyumaru mould and epoxy putty casting would most likely do the trick quickly and easily.
  6. A slew of little bits from The Big H that I can't currently get from anyone in Aussie, including some Master pitots and Brengun resin, and a few sheets of etch and stuff. Also, a ticket to see The Matrix on the big screen the week after next, for its 20th anniversary. 20 years? Crap, I'm getting old...
  7. What Chris said. There's no point in turning yourself inside out over what is nothing more than a pastime. Fun, but it won't cure cancer or save the world, regardless of how 'good' you are at it, so get on with the next one and enjoy yourself. Regarding masks, the precut Eduard ones are a great way to save time and stress. Well worth the few dollars/pounds/euros/cowrie shells they'll cost you, especially if you make models of aircraft with heavily framed canopies and small panes. I tend to make my own for bubble canopies, but buy masks for the rest. The Corsair looks fine. I'd be pretty happy to have it on my shelf, and given the variables inherent in digital colour representation, I'm not going to comment on any possibly 'incorrect' colours, as no one can say for sure that it's wrong (or right) without seeing it in person, with at least a book of colour swatches in hand. That said, Revell's colour call outs can be a mite... odd, at times. Check references whenever possible. The only comment I'd make is that it may benefit from a dark wash along the control surface lines - I'm not a fan of covering models in black goop and calling it weathering, but moving bits do have substantial gaps that do appear as dark lines, so I have no issue with that. If you can't get a wash to stick, a fine pointed 2B pencil run along the lines will work excellently. You may need a flat clear coat to get it to stick well though.
  8. Rob G

    Berlin Brigade Sofa

    Not only did the scheme work, it was painted identically on every tank, so that the enemy couldn't use it to count numbers.
  9. Well, it would be on on that weekend, wouldn't it. I won't be participating, as I won't be at home. I'll be 'darn sarf' at a model show. Fie on you, fiends.
  10. Not a problem. My brain (such as it is) can't remember important things, like dates and passwords and stuff, but it can remember really important stuff, like how someone made a pretty fair representation of an engine turned finish on a model airyplane 4 years ago. Glad to be of assistance.
  11. All knowledge is found here on BM. 42. This is possibly a step too far for you, but it may help you work out an alternative. Gah, wrong post. Try this'un
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