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  1. Rob G

    Trainers GB - 18 and counting!

    A reminder that this GB is intended for trainers OF ALL TYPES, not just airyplanes. So if you want to put little wheels on a model of a kids bicycle, do up an Escort or Focus in driving school markings or even make a Bren carrier from a training regiment during WW2, they're all welcome. Just nothing WHIFFY, so no T-16s for shooting womp rats from (sorry SF guys). You space cadets could stay somewhat on-genre and build an Apollo Command Module simulator.
  2. Rob G

    Trainers GB - 18 and counting!

    Yep. If it's been used for training, it's welcome, even if it is a boring grey jet. :) If someone does the SR-71 trainer, they'll get automatic cool points! Simulators are most definitely welcome! The ultimate 'trainer'. I believe that there's a kit of the Link trainer out there somewhere, but a scratchbuilt modern sim would be an awesome inclusion. I've added you to the list Jack. Welcome along.
  3. Rob G

    Can't believe I've done it again!

    What they said about the strong light, because I've never done that either. Ever. Not at all, no.
  4. I thought that an Oleo was some sort of Oriental biscuit (or cookie, if we must.)
  5. Rob G

    Trainers GB - 18 and counting!

    Indeed there is, and I had a look at it. Before I proposed the GB however, I couldn't find anything. <shrug>
  6. Oooh 'eck, a Matchbox Phantom. It's only got about 15 bits Ced, you should have it done by teatime! (Just like we all used to manage 'back when we was young'...) I see that you have the late version of the kit, which M'box modified to more correctly portray the nose contours. I have a copy of both versions and one day I'll build them both (the original one was started back in the mid-80s, so the glue should be just about cured by now, eh?), with modifications as appropriate to correct the original issue errors. Looking forward to seeing how you go with this!
  7. I have plenty of Mustangs, however in a year I won't have access to them (hopefully). Planning some travel. Never mind, it's only a model. :)
  8. Gotta laugh, I found some decals in the stash yesterday that made me think of joining in this GB. Had a look in here today with the intention of maybe kicking off and et voila, too bloomin' late. Story of me loife. Never mind, I'll do it on me own time, sometime. Nice to see so many completed and in the gallery, and so much good work, too.
  9. Rob G

    Trainers GB - 18 and counting!

    Thank you to all, most impressive turnout. Halfway there! I better start a list in the first post, eh? Welcome to all! @Paul J, I looked to see if it had been done before but didn't find owt - nothing new there, I am terrible at finding things on here. Glad to have you aboard!
  10. Rob G

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Girlschool, via Spotify.
  11. Partly inspired by Airfix's recent releases (Vampire, JP, Gnat etc) and partly because I'm a bit different, I propose a GB dedicated to trainers. Modern military aircraft are the obvious majority here, but there's armoured vehicles dedicated to the role as well. A bit of lateral thinking will also lead to civil driver training school cars, as well as civil air schools for both private and commercial pilots. This could include simulators for thems as feels like some scratchbuilding! There's probably other subjects too. I'd encourage entrants to think a bit 'out there', and be a bit different, I'd hate to see a slew of samey same subjects, and I think that WHIFS can probably be excluded too. Anything not obviously a trainer will need some sort of evidence based justification, even if it's just a caption from a photo in a book. Remembering that this probably won't happen until 2020 at the earliest, what say you all? Enrollment. 1. Rob G - Host 2. zegeye 3. Redstaff 4. Mancunian airman 5. Corsairfoxfouruncle 6. Paul J 7. vppelt68 8. zebra 9. Rabbit Leader 10. Avereda 11. Grandboof 12. JOCKNEY 13. MarkSH 14. TEMPESTMK5 15. malpaso 16. rafalbert 17. Romeo Alpha Yankee 18. JackG 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.
  12. Rob G

    1/72 Matchbox Phantom Canopy

    Nick, if you don't get a better offer (predictive texas told me I should've written 'vebber otter' - search me!), I can assist with a Matchbox canopy. Let me know, but it might take a little while as it's going to come from Darn Unda.
  13. Rob G

    Why won'y CA glue stick

    Is it a cheap brand of glue ie one from a dollar shop? Sometimes they seem to be missing something from the mixture and just won't work. I stick to known brands (heh, pun) Loctite, Selleys etc, I've even used UHU in the 3 pack of 1ml tubes from Woollies and have almost never had an issue. If it's a good brand, then how dry is the air there right now? (Very crudely), cyanoacrylates need moisture to cure and won't set up without some humidity in the air, and in that situation accelerator may just be making it ugly. Is the bottle old, or has it been open for a long while? That'll mess things up at times too. You may have only just bought it, but it may have been on the shop shelf for a while. Apart from that... I'm out of clues. If it's a good brand, newly opened and you have the receipt (!), take it back and get it changed, look for a different batch number if you can, just in case it's a duff batch; it does happen.
  14. Just had a look at both the unbuilt one in the stash and the one I built 20-odd years ago (which now lives in the 'gone to model heaven' box)- off-white is the colour. I doubt that it's a printing error, Tamiya don't let that sort of thing out into the market. It's more likely either the actual colour (racing white is a creamy white), or a misrepresentation of the original colour caused by poor colour control in the photographic process. Without seeing an actual, original MHR in person, it's difficult to tell what the original colour was. You can't trust what you see online for judging colour accuracy. I'd suggest either building it as is (it looks good) or, if it concerns you greatly, contacting Ducati and asking what colour the 'white' should be, then getting some custom decals printed if that's necessary.
  15. Rob G

    How to make clean oval holes

    Thin the kit plastic from behind, it's easier to get consistent dimensions in thin material, and practice a few times on sheet or a scrap model. I'd actually be considering making a couple of panels with the holes in them, then cutting out/modifying the kit to suit. That gives you more than one go at making the holes.