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  1. Hi all. Huawei phone, running Android, this is the second phone that I've been getting the error on, previous was an LG. It happens on both WiFi and phone data connections and has been an issue for some time. I can post a screen shot of the error message if it'll help, there's a link on the pop-up to a script on BM. Any thoughts/fixes from admin? Thanks, Rob.
  2. Ummm... hello? It seems as if I'm really, really sucky as a GB host, and I offer my deepest apologies to all. I can but blame chronic illness and long hours at work (which combine to make me exhausted at the end of every day) and promise to 1. do better for the time remaining with this one, and 2. Never, EVER host another GB, ever. Heck, I haven't even put an entry into my own GB, what kind of slackness is that? To all those who've put entries into the gallery, great work. It's great to see all the builds, and I thank you for entering the GB and continuing on in the face of apparent hostly indifference. To those of you with builds on-going, keep on rolling! There's just on 3 weeks left until we draw the curtains on this'un, so hack in with a will and get that paint applied, pronto! To my co-hosts (who have, it seems, taken up the slack and covered for me without being asked to) another thank you. I owe you both a tipple whenever I happen to get back to Blighty (please don't let me forget). To conclude, here's to the remaining 3 weeks, and may your glue be sticky, your paint shiny and your decals straight! Carry on Training chaps, and Thank You All again for your participation!
  3. , badly. An ingrown toenail (To continue the FT theme.)
  4. , even though they're revolting
  5. in boxes for gloves Glove boxes, geddit? Fine, have it. Your own way.
  6. Seeing as I have a mate who owns a hobby shop and I fill in for him from time to time when he's got things to attend to, I picked up HobbyBoss's St. Chamond WW1 tank kit on Saturday. At cost. Also, but not new, because they're from someone else's stash (so they don't count!) a couple of Hasegawa Typhoons and a Hurricane, all in 48th.
  7. That's a good 'un, looks like it's ready to fry after the Rooskies and stop them poaching Canuckistanian airspace! Too much? Sorry, I'll get back in me shell...
  8. "nuff said. Actually, it looks somewhat like a monoplane version of the Walrus. Proof that form follows function?
  9. Re the post, you may be able to hide it somewhere just behind the main gear, under the fuselage. It will be less noticeable than under the tail. Chocks visible here, they're skeletal triangles. A packet of small Evergreen angle will do the job nicely, methinks.
  10. Darn. A few options present themselves. First, add a tail support from clear sprue at the rear, it's quick, easy and not too distracting. A variation of the above is a strategically placed trestle/ladder/barrel/crewman. Second, put the bird on a base and tie the nose wheel down, which is a good option if you don't mind bases in your cabinet. You can use wire through a hole or a screw into the nose wheel, as skills and inclination dictate. Third, drill holes in any place that you can find (under the cockpit, behind the cockpit, in the engine cowlings) and add as much fishing weight lead as you need, fixed in place with a dribble of superglue through the holes. You may actually manage to hold the weights in place with screws or pins through the fuselage bottom, but that takes a bit of lining up and luck! Once it balances, make good the panel and paint damage. That's the most difficult option. Don't give up Dennis!
  11. I have a few GBs in mind but I'm loathe to suggest them because frankly, I'm a terrible GB host. If anyone(s) would be willing to host my suggestions, I'd be happy to post them. Or if anyone wants to suggest and host them, PM me and we can chat.
  12. Revell Germany. I suggested a reissue of their BAe 146 kit, as eBay prices on it are insane, and they replied with a polite "Nein".
  13. There's these https://zepsus.com/ but they may be a trifle expensive for your project. Personally, I'd be using a small Normally Closed magnetic reed switch (ie closed without a magnet near it) and just tying a magnet near it with an elastic band or similar to turn it off. Or maybe, a micro sized click on-click off pushbutton switch under a foot. There's some tiny ones available, browse around some electronics wholesalers for ideas. Edit. If you can get a 9v battery in there, there's heaps of room for a micro sized switch.
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