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Rob G

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  1. Rob G

    The FOUR wise men

    termination with extreme prejudice
  2. Rob G

    The FOUR wise men

    delivery before we leave
  3. Rob G

    Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury

    https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/sea-fury-cowling-2 I haven't used mine yet, but they do look very impressive (and the manufacturer has prior form for making great stuff!)
  4. Rob G

    The FOUR wise men

    like a crashtest dummy
  5. Rob G

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    That's pretty quick for a Britannia (let alone 2) or High speed Bristols, what a sight to see <ahem> or A Zwillung Britannia. How positively wonderful an idea! I can't quite decide how to respond.
  6. Rob G

    Hi from cairns australia

    Hi from Mackay. Great to see 1. another Noth Queenslander here and 2. someone getting back into the hobby. Great bunch here, if you have questions, ask. Someone will know the answer.
  7. Rob G

    Hello Down under !! Some tips for my stepson ??

    He came all the way to Aussie to watch tennis? Nutter... I won't even pick up the remote to change to a channel that's showing it. I'd give advice to miss out on the cities entirely (seen one city you've seen them all IMO) and come up to see the Great Barrier Reef, but it's a bit of a drive to here from Sydney or Melbourne. If he's staying down south, he'll be safe from the box jellyfish as they're tropical animals, but Great Whites live down that way. He can make a choice as to what eats him!
  8. Rob G

    Storage Tanks on Admiral Graf Spee

    Schnapps. It was a German ship.
  9. Rob G

    What's your day-job?

    What's my day job? Currently, I'm employed as a rigger in coal mine mainteinence. 12 hr days, sweat, dirt, grease and heavy manual labour. But it pays reasonably well. Yay me. How I got here doesn't matter, it's my day job. Edit: I should add. I'll have to keep working until I drop dead on the job, as I'll never able to afford retirement. Not keen on my current job (not the worst I've ever had, but not the best either), and my dream job would be something involving SCUBA diving and photography, pretty girls in bikinis not actually required (models are a PITA as a rule.) Fish are a lot less egotistical.
  10. Rob G

    Any Canadians here?

    I spent a couple of weeks on the lower left back in 07 (including a visit to the big red floaty airyplanes at Port Alberni). Loved the place, would like to go back. Does that count?
  11. Rob G

    The FOUR wise men

    for cleaning stained loos
  12. Rob G

    The best 1/48 F-14

    Or you could buy direct from Quickboost to save the wait.
  13. Rob G


    No, you would not. Completely different beasties entirely. When I get a chance I'll do a detailed comparison (unless someone else does it first), with photos! And what's this 'suck tea through it' balderdash? It's meant to be hot chocolate or Milo (hot or cold). Coffee is an acceptable 'grownup' beverage, but really, you're sucking a chocolate drink through a chocolate biscuit- how grownup can you be, eh?
  14. Rob G

    The FOUR wise men

    then waste it buying