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  1. Rob G

    Telford 2019

    I took a few too, but hardly worth sharing given the glut of images that must be around. I only used my phone, because I was too lazy to carry the dslr around. Matters not, the chaps in the old home club will enjoy them and envy me my long trip, if I ever manage to sit down and load them up to Farcebook.
  2. What have I bought? Entirely too much is what I've bought. Apart from the aforementioned BAT-M conversion and Daco's 737s, this weekend saw the purchasement of the new Armory Fairey Flycatcher (it looks quite luvverly in the box) and a quick visit to the local ALDI netted me no less than 3 Airfix Gnats in the Yellowjacks boxing and 2 of the Fw-190A-8 kits as well. Plans for all of them, I have. There was also a decal sheet and some resin bits from Mr Belcher. Now, I just have to work out how to ship it all halfway around the world without it costing me a King's ransom.
  3. That's actually the most likely possibility.
  4. about the election results
  5. I mix about that much clear to sort of this much thinner then turn the compressor on and test spray. If needed, I'll add a splash of this or a nip of that, up or down a whiff on the air pressure and off I go. Much too technical to convert to actual numbers.
  6. Googling for airfix 1/72 lunar module modifications will allow you to find this https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Fea1/901-1000/Fea940-LunarLander-Matthews/00.shtm which has a link in it where you'll get yet more information. Have fun.
  7. How did I miss this? Now I'll have to find more space (dammit) in my checked luggage.
  8. Thankfully? By all accounts they're a bear to use. Have a look for some prior builds on here to get an idea of how to deal with them. Still, it's a sweet little kit, and even I managed a reasonable result on mine!
  9. I'll add it to the list Adam. If I can get close enough...
  10. I'll wander past and ask about markings, and I have no idea about other announcements. I'll ask about those too.
  11. Vulcan pix. Excuse the rotten quality, the lighting is abysmal.
  12. My first (and major) Telford purchase- the Panzershop BAT-M conversion for the Trumpeter AT-T . Now to get it home and build it! Edit. And also a couple of Skyline Models 737s in Air Baltic colours from Danny at Daco.
  13. I'm onto it Dave! Edit. Or I would be if the verdammt WiFi would cooperate!
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