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  1. Rob G

    Four on the floor

    and the Yorkie bars
  2. Nah, operators don't get muddy feet, they're above all that common muck.
  3. Rob G

    What the Hell is Bit Locker ?

    I'm reading all this and wondering if it actually is BitLocker that caused the issue. I wouldn't put it past the virus people to make one that looked like it. In fact... A little Googling found this (along with others): http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2456969/ransomware-bitlocker.html Might be worth a bit of a look into.
  4. Rob G

    Try before you buy?

    Calling Paul @little-cars Come in Paul, are you receiving, over. Hang about a bit kids, help will arrive shortly.
  5. Rob G

    Four on the floor

    Unless the fuse works
  6. Rob G

    Four on the floor

    when fuelled with liquorice
  7. Rob G

    No TV for a week!

    Not having a TV makes me a very happy chap. The issue with sleep etc is caused by 'blue light' as emitted by electronic stuff, and it's become the curse of modern society. Not having the TV on before sleep is a good thing.
  8. Rob G

    Four on the floor

    of the old brown
  9. It is indeed too deep, especially around the nose and leading edge, but I was thinking about using just the high back bit ie a cut and shut (to steal a car modding term). Although it might be less effort to make one up out of plastic sheet...
  10. I know that it's very early days yet, but has anyone else thought about using the spine from the Academy XIV to kitbash a high back XIV? It'll be on my list of 'things to examine' when I get my hands on Mr Airfix's kit.
  11. Rob G

    Peter Jackson's new film announced yesterday

    I saw it at the cinema last night (11/11). Very well done and it treats the material and stories with deserved gravity. There's the odd bit of humour in it too, which I found refreshingly appropriate. Top marks Mr. Jackson. If only someone would do the same sort of thing for 'the other side'. They too have stories to tell that are as important and moving as the ones we've seen. Re the colour issue. I'm a stills photographer and I have a long-standing loathing of colourised images (for reasons that are too complex to go into here). The way that Jackson's team treated the archive footage however, felt 'right'; to my eye it seemed as if they were reproducing the hand tinted images that were the best we could do for colour back then. Bright green fields, red flowers and blue skies. People's cheeks had that pink glow, and the team didn't shy away from colouring the dead and injured appropriately. As a colour reference, total failure, as would be expected. As art however, total win.
  12. Given that G-M was English, not German, the missing 'e' is unimportant. The kit is correct, and as proof, here's a photo of the real thing. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205227630
  13. Rob G

    Four on the floor

    who don't actually care
  14. Rob G

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    I can't think of a single one (not that I'm an expert.) I would think that given Tamiya's status in modelmaking, they wouldn't want anything substandard in the market after they'd made a better version. The moulds will no doubt be retired, never to be used again- they may end up in the Tamiya museum? Tamiya is big enough to absorb the cost of effectively scrapping still viable moulds.
  15. Rob G

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    From the aforementioned hobby shop what's owned by a mate, a 1/35 Merit X-craft submarine. <sigh> It's a disease I tells ya, a disease.