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  1. so, bang your head (He who hesitates, etc. It still works, so I'll leave it.)
  2. but you missed it (like Dr Hook...)
  3. Long press instead of right click works for Android, if you're a fruit user I have no idea what to do (but I would suspect the same thing).
  4. beer's best that way (We ALL know that it's not, but with luck it'll get a laff)
  5. Rob G

    Iconic Intros.

    And has anyone added this yet? Surely THAT'S an iconic intro...
  6. Two stubborn bidders, or one idiot and an unscrupulous seller with a fake second account... Don't scoff, I've seen it happen often enough that it's got to be a fact - quite often, the same seller will relist the item a week after the auction ends.
  7. No. Just no. You're mental. Great work on a very, very tiny thing. I have looked at 1/72th 47s and decided that they're much too fragile for my abilities, I can but stand and stare in awe at what you have done here.
  8. And I've finally managed to be in time to order some. Thanks guys!
  9. Add a normally closed magnetic reed switch into the circuit. To turn it off, place a magnet next to the switch's location, remove it to turn it on. If you're putting it into a diorama, the magnet can be concealed inside a crate or barrel (or even a figure, if the scale's large enough) so that it's not an eyesore when things are static.
  10. Chuck Norris got that just for signing up.
  11. That Rangie looks like an extra from a low budget Mad Max rip-off...
  12. Regardless of scale, that news should not excite anyone, with the possible exception of those whose reason for existence is the selling of resin replacement bits.
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