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  1. Hi Martin, thanks. For most of the cammo I've used Gunze acrylics, also some oils for the weathering/details, and to finish I always use a coat of Marabu clear, in this case satin finish. Ricardo
  2. Hi Michel, thanks. I did the photos with my iPhone, but my knowledge on photography is really poor. One good point on todays technology is the amount of free apps for phones or pc that allows you to in one touch have a balance in color or contrast etc... try for example a free app from Photoshop. Cheers R.
  3. Thanks mate, but I’m far of perfection! The key is keep a level between patience and fun cheers
  4. I wanted to share here the beautiful work from Mr. Hudson, an inspiring work for me. This one is from the top level, the most beautiful A-20 model I ever seen... Ricardo
  5. Thank you. Yes, that's the "almost a good fit" I say in the top of the post. It's really hard to get aligned and fitted the wings with engines nacelle, and the fuselage all together. My way was: glue one gap one day, the next day, other, and so on. And when I have it glued fill with putty and sand and reescribe the lost lines... so sure its not a perfect fit... Ricardo
  6. thanks. I don't have it very clear, but I think so yes, it's an inflatable boat.
  7. thanks mates the true is that I forgot to weather a bit the props
  8. Thanks, I simply add less paint, a very thin layer so I I'd been able to scratch it with a hard brush to remove some areas. Then I adde some small paint tips of white and camouflage color.
  9. Hi mates, I finished this one a few days ago, one of my favourite planes. This model from Special Hobby is very nice detailed, with almost a very good fitting, and came with nice PE from Eduard. I added some scratch and wires and some rivets with my Trumpeter's riveting wheel. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you like it... Cheers Ricardo
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