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  1. Thanks very much for the kind words to Mikey, SD, Nikolay, Thom, Roger and Martian - really appreciated Thanks hendie and Giorgio I think it will have to be hung low, or maybe a bit tilted… Take the rest of the week off? As if… Thanks Ian Hiding the stash will do you no good, I have Internet Shopping! Transfer on to 'match' the pictures from Seattle, kind of: Luckily no silvering (a ha ha ha) so I think I can blacken the vents, glue on the drone and we're done. Actually that photo emphasises the incorrect position of the refuelling hold but hey, good enough for the ceiling! Nothing I can do about this: …except cheat and not photograph that dusty window.
  2. Masking tape 'Easy Peel' 50mm and 2x25mm for £10 and some Washi 15mm, 10 rolls for £4.49. We shall see how it performs!
  3. Thanks Serkan I couldn't resist sticking on the fins and intake cones and dry fitting the drone: Transfers next.
  4. Thanks Serkan, especially for the reference shots and comparisons which I'm sure will be very useful particularly to others Thanks hendie Thanks Keith, Bill and Antti I almost wish I'd built her wheels down now and made more of the tyres! Almost… Bill the kit does contain the shields although I didn't bother installing them. The base colour is Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminium. Thanks Keith Thanks CT Hi John (happy birthday!) I thinned the XF-16 with Tamiya X-20A thinner about one thinner to two paint (it's quite thin already). The coverage is good but, for me, it is a bit grainy - perhaps it needed another coat but I like the finish (see below) Thanks SD I like the AK 'True Metal' paste, although I think AK are now pushing their 'Extreme Metal' range. It can be had from a number of suppliers like this one. I like the fact that you can scrub it on with a brush, spreading it around until it's almost gone, thus avoiding the drying problems others have had. This gives you a varied finish and you can play with different coloured primers too. It can also be burnished if you need a shinier finish. A tube lasts for ages and it can be thinned with white spirit. The AK Tutorial video also says it can be sprayed but I've not had much luck doing this; I think I thinned it too much. So I've applied Gunmetal for the very dark areas, dark aluminium here and there and gone over some panels with aluminium: The lighter panel over the top of the fuselage between the nacelles is actually residue from the tape, but I like it! I have no reference shots of the bottom so this is pure guess work: Right, we've waited long enough, off with the tape: Happy with that. Very happy.
  5. When I built my 1/72 Storch some time ago Nigel posted some photos of the Storch at the East Fortune museum that might help. Scroll down to post #22 for some more (but ignore the madness!) There's also a note that the cockpit was painted RLM02 and instrumental panel RLM66. HTH Ced
  6. Your model, your choice Dave. One of the frustrating things historically, but good for us modellers, is that there's very little 'real life' experience from this era… sadly. Modern pilots get to buy a round of drinks at the bar if they leave flaps deployed. Did that 'rule' come from 'those days'? Who knows. I always go for the 'I like that' option 'cos you're the one who has to look at it after the RFI shots!
  7. Well, what can I say Steve? As a fairly new member on BM with 446 posts I have to say your progress has been impressive. I mean, look at the details on that tiny thing… Kudos Prof. Can't wait until your next 'experiment'
  8. What a little beauty, brilliant job Steve Here's one of mine: You have to be prepared to drill out some kits 'prop holes' with one of the supplied drills and insert one of the 'grip pins': You stick this in the hole and as you tighten the screw the 'gripper' moves back and grips the back of the hole, avoiding any damage. You can see it gripping in its usual home in the stand: You'll see them in use in most of my single-engine builds. Useful for general handling and 'holding' using the main stand but especially for useful for holding during painting: Recommended. I should get commission!
  9. Great Customer Service eh? Mrs B regularly phones them to complain about something and they just give in… I know how they feel Last one was a couple of tins of Illy ground coffee ordered when the 'proper' coffee machine went away for repair. We decided to buy an emergency Nespresso instead (we're fussy about our twice daily coffee) so she tried to return it and found that you can't return 'food items'. She called them and, very soon, they suggested a full refund and asked us to 'dispose of' the tins. Don't ask about the Apple Earbuds! Thanks Thom, I'm keen to see it too Thanks Giorgio Ready for a good pasting: The Gunetal will be used for the very dark areas like the ones around the vents on the nacelles. The Dark Aluminium will be used for the other dark areas and Aluminium for touching up and missed bits of XF-15 and for a bit of variation. The engines, from the 'vents' back, are already steel over bare plastic. Out this evening so I'll start tomorrow.
  10. Thanks Terry - I wish I'd seen her flying Thanks John - another great story! What's this? A dead one of these: In the end I went for Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminium as I thought I had a load of it (and don't usually use Tamiya). Like the Titanium, when I opened the pot it wasn't anywhere near as full as I thought. Can't see through the labels; typical Tamiya eh? As stated above that's a 'base coat' for some variation using AK paste. I'll have a go at the soon.
  11. Thanks Giorgio - I certainly hope so! Thanks Terry I've seen the one at Duxford but never seen one flying; must be a great sight. So, masking. With lots of checking of the reference pictures she's now masked. I got the line on the top of the fuselage wrong to start with, corrected on the right: Note that I decided from looking at the pictures that Lockheed hadn't discovered 'Tape for Curves' and that the demarcation up the sides was 'stepped' - it looks curved due to the fuselage profile: Finally, after a morning's work (with breaks) she's ready for paint: I've decided I can't bear to do any more masking so I'm going to blast 'some silver' over the whole thing and then use the AK paste for variation. I've done these for a bit of a break: Paint later, hopefully.
  12. Nice work Steve on the tiny rigging - I love the photo on top of the TET bottle; puts things 'in perspective'… Ah, now you're talking… Sphere products are one of my favourites and I can recommend their painting stands (the ones with the pin vice) - this one for 1/72. The pin thing that goes in the drilled out prop hole is great for handling the model, especially during painting. I also have the stand I use for applying transfers and generally holding things steady but flat. You might also want a Biplane jig like this one. I have the big one ready for my planned WnW build. Those last two both from JH Models and available from Paul at Modelling Tools (as linked)
  13. Thanks hendie I'll have you know I'm an animal lover I love animals I really like animals - oh good grief, you have to be so careful nowadays in case someone starts a Twitbook campaign against you… I care for animals and none were harmed during the making of this Blackbird. By the way, Mols went to the vet last night and her eyes are getting better, although she has to stay on the antibiotics for another three weeks. Funny how that, and the last visit in four weeks, will take us up to our insurance limit (cynic, me?) Thanks Nikolay, Johnny and Giorgio Thanks Serkan. I'm not a great one for realism to be honest and normally just bash the kit to show what can be done with it… unless it's a subject 'close to my heart'. I do like people adding notes on realism though (for those who might read this later) so please carry on You're right of course. If you look at this photo on SR71.org (copyright) and compare it to this (one engine dry fitted): It can be seen that the M-21 seems to have longer wings that go 'straight across at the back' with no, or a very small, tail cone. Pretty major surgery required there, methinks! Late last night I applied the transfer serials to the fins: …and checked them this morning. There's a shiny bit on the decal on both sides that catches the light from a particular angle: Irritating. Just that one bit so must be the printing? A bad workman always blames etc etc. I was going to blast it with DullCote but I'll see what it looks like under the varnish. No silvering though - yay! I must offer a small apology to Italeri though. Remember this: Well it turns out that the lumps on the bottom of the fins aren't locating pins but the remains of the gate - sloppy me. It also turns out that the rear part in that picture has some excess plastic AND that it may (I say may) need to be pushed down in the hole to avoid fouling the fin. Too late for me, but chiseling the top of this bit: … and flattening the bottom of the fin resulted in a much better fit. Masking next. You may remember in this post that I said this took ages: Well 'arr hardy har har' At least on the drone my 10mm tape more or less covered the edges. I'm running low (or will be) on 10mm tape so not having anything wider except cheap builders tape that needs pre-sticking on my trousers a cloth to remove some of the tack I don't have anything wider. I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for a solution. The cheaper MT Washi that I love does come in a wider version but delivery is glacial (8 weeks!!) I found some cheap 15mm Washi and some 25 and 50mm 'Peel Easy Paper Tape' on the 'deliver it quick' place. (Sorry, those links might only work in the UK. If it's any good I'll post a product description) Placed an order using 'Prime One-Day Delivery' yesterday. Email confirmation says 'arriving Thursday'. WHAT? I need it now!* Perhaps that's another misuse of the hyphen? Is it one-day delivery or delivery one day? You know what'll happen don't you? I'll use my current tape to mask up and it will take me two days. Masking finished Thursday, just as the wider stuff arrives. Right, I'll stop moaning now (for a while). I have lined up some suitable paint for blasting the beast: The remnants of the X-32 left over from the Peacemaker. The .063 'Silber' is my go-to HSS so I may save that. Should be enough to blast some bits. I'll then AK paste to give some more variation. Maybe I'll weather too. A bit * standard response from a modern consumer. We will be assimilated. Resistance is futile
  14. Oooh, that'll be good Rob I'll be there on Saturday with PC, Cookie and Navy Bird, meeting up at perdu's stand at noon (I think). You actually read it? Kudos! I've just checked mine and it's the same - "remains the property of the Crown" - so it's also applied to RiffRaff who live here!
  15. I'm in Jaime - better late than never! Interesting subject and I'm sure you'll make a great job of it, as usual.
  16. Marvellous. Must try that hammer trick on some of my models
  17. Love those photos Tony. And the rudder of course Good tip about rubbing the PPP with your finger - noted!
  18. Anthracite, sprayed 50/50 with Colourcoats thinner, just where the NMF won't be: Better? I quite like it. Quite.
  19. Thanks John and Giorgio - I'll wait and see what it looks like with the NMF on the back then PPP if required Thanks Johnny Thanks Serkan Probably a step too far for a kit basher like me. Is that your corrected model? Looks great. I've justified mine being open on the basis of my reference photo, presumably taken from the tanker… So this morning I had an unusual lie in (hooray!) and then a friend called so not much time at the bench. Tony's comment about 'Anthracite finish' had me mithering for a bit and then I found an old tin of Revell 9 enamel - Anthracite! I've also checked the scheme diagram against the reference shots and made some amendments: The enamel came in a batch from one of Mrs B's WI friends so I've no idea how old they are, but it looks OK after a good stir: I might stir it up with the Badger and try it thinned on a test piece. Will Humbrol enamel thinner work do you think? I have masked the fins for the serial surround: and painted: While I had some paint in the AB I thought I'd play with the MAC valve on the mule: Crikey! Now I get it - thanks to @Cookenbacher for the explanation - same 'ooomph' as far as the paint is concerned but less air to make things spider. I may even be ready to try some freehand mottling. One day. How did the fins turn out? Looks too dark? How about with a different background, shown here with the newly aluminium tipped intake cones: More like 'in real life' - and they say the camera never lies… I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this colour photography stuff. When I grew up everything was black and white
  20. Awww, sorry Steve, it was a bit smug of me Nice work with the tubes though - turnbuckles eh? Not for this build? They look good to me…
  21. You asked for it! I had several attempts at that and they all look more like 'sad old man' faces but hey, if it works… Can't see the picture of the nail polishing stick, it just throbs grey at me
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