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  1. Thanks Vulcanfan Yep, it's XH558 as I was privileged to see her on her last display at Weston-Super-Mare. Sadly missed…
  2. Thanks Val - once you get used to 'old Airfix' there's some nice subjects to be had Thanks Phil, glad you like her Thanks Wulfman Cheers Cookie! One day I'll be as good as you are at weathering and stuff but, for now, 'factory fresh' is easier! Thanks TJK I'm a bit obsessed with Stynylrez; I can even type the name now without thinking! Thanks Rob And brush painted! Partly due to your great results and help with the brushes, thanks! Thanks Dennis The Meerkat collection should be a warning to all us older guys who have most of what they need… never say you like something or you'll get presents for years!
  3. More gorgeous stuff hendie - looking better and better every update I've got one of these and I use it a lot to clean up the bench and go over models after sanding. It sucks (in the UK way) really well and anything sucked up gets caught in the body so you can check if anything important has been 'captured'. Cheap as chips I bet you could push a flexible tube on the end to get into all those tight spaces…
  4. Nice boats Crisp I'm pretty sure Ultimate primer is re-badged Badger Stynylrez and you know how keen I am on that stuff! You can buy it online in different colours (the red brown might be good for ships?) in various sizes. The nice lady from Barwell suggested an initial airbrush wash out with water and then their airbrush cleaner - it dries quickly and doesn't smell! Great stuff.
  5. Gorgeous engine Cookie and your usual expertise with the airbrush Looking forward to the chipping.
  6. Excellent, thanks John It is a sad fact that we've lost so much information that would be a treasure trove to current modellers and it's great to see at least some of it surviving. I guess some of it is due to the old records taking up valuable physical space and being 'culled' during 'efficiency drives'. Other material, like the wonderful Bristol Aircraft Company records I was able to paw over in the Bristol Aerospace archive are bizarrely 'restricted' by product liability concerns. Thanks Roger, you too Thanks Bill There is something about the Proctor isn't there? It just 'looks right'. Nice idea John. I've been fiddling with the internals prior to deciding what I need to paint before (sub) assembly. Holes have been drilled in the bottom of the fuselage and floor as directed: There's a problem though with the locating pins on the floor - they don't line up with the holes: Future builders note. Unless you want to spend a few minutes moving the floor around and wondering what you're doing wrong, like I did The radios have been assembled: …and their shelf prepared in the bulkhead: All very nice so far.
  7. Welcome Ian and thanks Thanks John Really good to have you along to add to our knowledge - much appreciated. Landing light sawn, chopped (the S-M fine chisel fits just right) and micro-filed: You know how I like to show off my tools! Now, the ailerons. I may have got them mixed up but this doesn't fit: The hinges are nicely represented and fit in the 'half slots in the ailerons, but they're not quite square in the moulding: Cutting them carefully using the aileron as a guide helped and they're on now, with the really nice PE filler caps: Over the page and onto the interior.
  8. Thanks Mark Oooer! The things they do for films eh? Thanks Keith \ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - get it out with Optrex Thanks Giorgio - means a lot coming from you, you super-detailer! Thanks Neil - I'm up to £65.05 at the moment. I can't quote the old joke about "Who gave you the 5p?" but those who know it can join me in a chuckle… Judging by the build so far the 1/48 would be a joy; you could see those levers! Wise man Mark, wise man… who's going to see them on the ceiling? More madness this morning. Knobs added to levers with Kristal Klear: I bet they fall off when I try to paint them The i/p, shelf and coaming have been assembled and are drying out of the way, resting on a Humbrol acrylic pot: Next step - wings. The gates for the parts are a bit unusual - they are sort of under the part. I found that chopping them off like this: …was much better and only left a small vestige to remove: There was a tiny amount of flash on one wing; inside the aileron slot and also closing off these pin holes: The locating pins (one shown here, the other in the inboard corner of the aileron slot) also hold the parts apart a bit: …but nothing that can't be cured with generous application of TET and a good squeeze. That said the wings are gorgeous: Nice thin trailing edges and no seams that I can see. I need to cut out the landing light next.
  9. In a minute - still itching… I thought "if I stick the levers on they'll be dry in the morning". Oh ha ha ha… The first one was bent (yes, the mount is two-part): I think this PE is scaled from the 1/48 kit. The levers are tiny - sorry tiny. The other two are smaller so I cut one off and dipped it in Gator’s Thin. Of course I dropped it. Can you see it? Those squares with the thick lines are about 25mm. Now? There it is! Oh, for goodness sake, I'm pointing right at it! Needless to say when I picked it up with the tweezers it pinged off. Oh good grief… Fine wire was located and levers scratched: For scale: Any comments like "Oh no, he's left the mixture rich" or similar will be dealt with, severely. I am likely to have an empty bottle to hand…
  10. True ben, thankfully! Thanks John - a very timely photo too as I start to pull the i/p together Here's one of the photos Steve posted of their Proctor: Similar, with one straight and one 'looped' control stick (I wonder why?) Yours shows the position of the compass nicely, another doubt elsewhere. Note though that Steve's has the red splodge on the left of the shelf (no idea) if you can see it under the accursed 'Proudly hosted' nonsense. There's some variation in the instruments too - the kit PE looks like Steve's with the missing panel on the right like your photo. All black though - good news! Thanks Giorgio, Dennis, galgos, John (1/32 build one day), Simon and Johnny I can always tell if I'm enjoying a kit if I 'get an itch' in the evening. Tonight's was scratched a bit with more on the i/p. It's an unusual setup with the cowling as a separate bit, shown top here: Then the panel with transfer applied, PE dash, PE shelf (with red splodge fitted) and throttle lever support. On the PE sheet you can see (ahem) the levers, parts 11, 12 and 13. More tiny stuff. Rats. The PE is very nice. The 'gates' are very thin so cutting with a blade is easy and leaves no nubs! One day all PE will be this way… I have learned from experience that trying to glue tiny levers onto flat plastic is impossible. Well, actually, keeping them there is impossible. My answer is to cut some slots in the plastic to represent the real slots: Sadly, hard to cut and harder to photograph! I'll leave things like this for tonight: Wine will be had…
  11. Thanks John Great to know that the research they did was so extensive - they've certainly produced nice moulds and, so far, it's going together really well. Nice photo of the leg too, thanks. Uh oh. I'll try not to disappoint! I couldn't leave the man cave until I'd sorted that hole - I'll forget if I'm not careful. In an act of complete anarchy I cut out the intake parts out of order: You can see that the gates need careful removal (stress marks at the front) to avoid chopping off the locating pegs but it goes together beautifully with practically no join: There's the peg that goes in the hole that should be drilled now. To be honest the position of the hole is far from obvious so I think I'll chop the peg off and glue it on 'flat' later using the reference photos. Before I go a picture for John (Biggles) of my thumb:
  12. Welcome Roger, Steve, Keith (hee hee), John (scale will be provided), Simon, Phil, Bill, Giorgio and Cookie Welcome Ben Dora Wings are quite new to the modelling scene I think being based in Ukraine. They do some unusual subjects, like this one! Welcome Adrian I'm trying to make sense of the instructions at the moment. They have you swerving all over the place rather than the normal 'internals, join up, wings' etc order. We shall see if there's method in their madness as I can't risk missing a step! Thanks John I you go here you can download the instructions with schemes. Thanks PC! Step 1 is assembling the wheels: I did this to see how much of the hubs would be visible and the answer is 'some'. Note the lumps of gate left on the parts - nasty but easily solved. I've drilled holes in the wheels and stuck them on some cocktail sticks for painting. I have no idea what colours things should be as there's no guidance on the instruction sheets: Thanks to Simon's thread asking about interior colours here I could see the silver hubs (Steve's picture of theirs on page 2). Steve's pictures show the internals too - they seem to be grey fabric on his. Further research found comments that 'all Proctors Mk. III and prior were originally military' and would be interior grey green. That said there are lots of pictures of other colours, some of them bright red (!!), so I guess some aircraft were sold on and the interiors 'upgraded' including the sound proofing. Step 2 would have you assemble the i/p: There was no film in my kit but two i/ps on the transfer sheet so I used that on the FLAT side of the part - the PE represents the panels quite well. You can see I've applied the transfer here and painted the PE matt black. I'll let that dry. What's this? Drill a hole in B1. What's that for? Um. er… Aha! It's for this: The intake thingy. Thanks to the IPMS Netherland Walkaround of LZ766 I can see it's under the port wing. That's numbered part B2 on the part tree. Tricky. That's it for now, more tomorrow.
  13. I said to @Duncan B that I'd post my feelings about the Infini mats. Here you go: Easy, accurate and well made. What's not to like. I wanted this for cutting accurate strips of Filmoplast for canopy frames: Perfect. A new #10 to cut the strip and the #15 to lift the end of the tape. On glass the blade needs to be pushed along the mat under the tape to prevent the adhesive staying on the glass. On this mat it seems to lift without that problem. Very happy bunny here As I found on YouTube a bonus is that the adhesive for the packet's flap stays on the main packet so you don't get that problem where the flap sticks to the mat when you're trying to get it back in the packet; great little feature. That meant I was also happy to leave the tape on the mat ready for next time. Recommended from me!
  14. Nice idea Jamie - how long would that Zoom be?!! I'd like some more 'how Jamie does it' videos though…
  15. Thanks Giorgio, glad you like it Thanks Tony - still plenty of room up there Thanks AW Thanks Tbolt Thanks Bill, always chuffed when you like one of my efforts Next build is here: Come on over - all welcome!
  16. Thanks Steve Thanks Phil My bad Keith, should have just said 'full throttle' I guess? She will be missed. The Vulcan, not your Missus! Thanks Bill No organiser yet but I'll let you know. Next build? I had chosen the Italeri A-26B Invader but the postie (and Duncan) rescued me by delivering the Dora Wings Proctor - yes!! Come on over:
  17. My next build and my first Dora Wings kit is this nice little Percival Proctor Mk. III: Of course I'll be doing this scheme: LZ766 currently residing at IWM Duxford. Nice clear transfers: …and if you turn the package over (I didn't to start with) you'll find the PE and masks: Three nice crisp part trees: …with some nice detailing: Clear parts: Looking good - can't wait to start!
  18. Ordered late Sunday night from Duncan at Black Mike Models and arrived today - great service, thanks Duncan! Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr The brushes are actually from eBay, cheap. My first Dora Wings kit and my next WiP. Nice little Proctor. Two Infini Easy Cutting mats for next time I need to frame a canopy. Watch out for them in a WiP near you soon!
  19. Not my era. Not my scale. Jamie build - I'm in! Ah, that's where I'm going wrong then! Nice solution to the canopy problem
  20. Thanks Harley John, Benedikt, Markh-75, alt-92, Simon, Jack, Adrian, Roger, Keith, Bill, Dennis, hendie, Cookie, Craig, Johnny and Giorgio Thanks John No worries, the ceiling's been there for over 100 years so… oh no, wait… Thanks Crisp That's XH558 that I saw on her last display at Weston-Super-Mare doing her naughty roll-out from a vertical climb before heading home to be grounded I can still remember the feeling in my chest as the re-heat went on… Now in the RFI here: Thanks to everyone for their help, support and companionship during this build- really appreciated I've not decided on my next build yet but I'll come back and post a link here. Soon.
  21. I've been building a lot of small models recently - The Sioux, Skeeter and a couple of LA-7s. Time for something bigger. Much bigger. I bought the Airfix Catalina PBY-5A a long time ago before I realised that manufacturers re-box old moulds. Some really old. Some, like this one, almost as old as me. In this case 1964 old. I had the usual problems and issues with this kit as can be seen in the WiP. Over twenty pages. But she's done now, thank goodness. New vac formed canopy to replace the kit short shot one, framed with Filmoplast. Replacement scratch built Vickers .303 guns. The kit has foldable floats so, having foolishly decided to have them down, the struts had to be scratched. Stynylrez white primer sprayed with Humbrol acrylic brushed for the camo. Glad she's finished and I hope you like her. Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr The new Vickers: …and the new canopy: Floats and closing rods showing the scratched bay covering: She's now on the ceiling: In formation with the Sunderland and Nimrod: Thanks for looking
  22. Thanks Mark Old Airfix is always a challenge IMHo - time I did something newer! Lego is great for larger kit jigs - I use it all the time. If you've seen anything wrong don't tell me, it's too late… The hanging problems were twofold; the aerial is in the way and the model's top heavy (I wonder why). Time to glue some thread into the model as Bill suggested some time ago. Drill a hole in the rudder: …and snap the bit. Rats. Use the next size up, thread in the hole: CA thin in the hole, activator. Wait. Pull on thread - it comes out. Remember that CA doesn't glue invisible thread. Look down at model and realised I could loop thread around the fuselage inside the aerial Do this: Thread tied around the fuselage just in front of the tail. Looped over the ceiling thread then, to overcome the top heaviness, around the nacelles. There was Anglo-Saxon; have I told you how hard it is to see invisible thread when you want to knot it? The hint is in the name. Anyway, she's here now, just where you asked for it (especially Bill): Glad to see the back of it this one finished! I'll decide on my next build in the morning - I need wine now!
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