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  1. Looking great Stuart - especially the yellow bands; good job! I'm no paint expert but iModelKit shows the following equivalents: The triangle indicates that it's glossy, I think. Any help?
  2. OK. One last try before I go to bed… Fingers crossed Still rats…
  3. Thanks hendie - I'm trying to avoid sticking the tweezers into anything! Thanks Bill Thanks Chris - but I think CA will stick to rubber, even if it grips better True, so true Aha! Is that a solution I wonder? Also true No worries for the drift Alan - it is about Sunderlands after all! Our first Christmas dinner last night. For some reason I was feeling a little fragile this morning. Must have been the mince pies. I did get the props masked, painted and unmasked though: …and they're almost all the same. Almost.
  4. Are we all leaving posts in the hope we’ll make the century? Are we? Well I’d like to say it’s been a journey and the destination is amazing. Good job Tony. Blah blah blah... is that enough? No. Rats.
  5. Sounds like you're having a bit of a mojo crisis hendie - I know how you feel, must be the weather or something Still looking pretty good to me and I'm sure you'll get the little problems sorted once you're back to full steam
  6. Thanks Giorgio Ah, more hands needed eh! Thanks hendie Thanks Ian - enjoy the beer! Thanks Bill, helpful. So what about ceramic tweezers then? Will CA stick to that? Anyway, in an attempt to avoid all the fiddly bits I found some stands to hold things on and, hopefully, avoid knocking off the soon-to-come sticky out bits: Note I also painted the prop tips - sprayed H24 after Bill's recent escapades. With Cookie's thinner seemed to go on OK. The stand for the fuselage: …is another thing I've had hanging around. I think it's from the Wii? Tomorrow I'll look at all the missing bits, decide what needs to be on after the transfers and stick the rest on. Probably. Then it's time for some proper paint.
  7. So close… You're a brave man, as others have said, leaving her on the stove - do the cats ever jump up there? Lovely, lovely wipers
  8. Thanks Adrian - very kind Thanks Tony Ming or minging? Anyway, my nerves are shot now having completed four supports AND glued in the top counterbalance weight PE on the ailerons: Can anyone recommend some tweezers that the PE won't stick to? I'm fed up with carefully positioning a piece only to have it come away with the tool
  9. Thanks Keith - more below! Thanks Steve. Sun? What sun? Thanks Alan - 'method' below Sausages in the thread again? How did we get back to sausages? We should be told! When I asked my first wife's father for her hand he said "Are you sure you want to do this?". Should have listened… Bit of mojo and enthusiasm this morning so I started by drilling a hole under the hedgehog (that was tacked in with Copydex): …glued in a piece of wire with CA gel: …bent the wire, trimmed it and drilled another hole. This one with a smaller drill to get a tight fit: Lots of pinging, cursing, tool grabbing and pinging but, with blowing on the CA to dry it: The result? Good enough for the ceiling. My idea of making a template for the other three has gone but at least I can measure stuff for the others. I guess they won't all be perfectly the same anyway? More later.
  10. Nice A couple of tips if I may. Put a strip of tape over the masks like this: …and it helps keep the circles aligned. Hold down the bits you want on the model as you, carefully, peel the tape back then burnish down. Leave the tape stuck to the model dangling over the edge ready for the next set. I would like to say I do this all the time, but a browse through my photos show I normally take the lazy route and use transfers Secondly, use Jamie's thinned paint technique: … and it'll be touch dry in minutes!
  11. Thanks Ian, Stew, PC, Jason, Bill, Rob and Steve The pub visit was a great success and I had a few Butcombes, as usual, along with some lively conversation. Bit slow this morning for some reason and had to get the puppy back to Lottie this afternoon so not much done. Thanks Alan - phew, saved from some scratching! You're right about the supports though (see below) Thanks Johnny - nice to see you're keeping busy; not long now and it'll all be over Right, which one of these is not the same: Alan's right and it's been bothering me all day so tonight I tried this: I've had this wire for about fifty years - I knew it would come in. Which gauge is better: I think the thinner one, the one that I used for the 'prototype' support. For the real ones I'll just bend a 'V' and stick another bit behind I think. At least the blobs of CA will look like mountings - honest Looks OK?
  12. Bloomin' marvellous that is Stew. It'll be a shame to close it up…
  13. Looking good Heather but what, no photos of the painted internals? Have a good weekend and I hope the sniffle gets better
  14. Very nice Steve - with just six jobs left to do is there a chance they might be finished, er, soon?
  15. Nice internals Heather - looking forward to some paint in there?
  16. Seconded! Pleased to hear Jack has recovered - good boy Jack Lovely interiors as always Stew - they look pretty perfect to me
  17. Nice Sky PC, good job Sorry to hear about the offer - idiots, some people. Have a good lunch!
  18. Thanks Heather, appreciated Er, thanks Ian Thanks Tony - she is a cutie. Going back tomorrow Thanks Giorgio, well spotted. Now sorted with a few swipes of the trusty SIHRSC. I must have been distracted by something to have missed that. Oh yes, the TRENCHES! Thanks Keith Thanks John Nice one Adam! Is it a Siberian Hamster? Please don't say you haven't seen that episode of Fawlty Towers Gulp. Pet wars! Thanks Chris - useful. I obviously need to do some more research! Hmmm. Exhausts diverted? Just when I got the four supports bent: I did try to start sticking them to the model but they're springing all over the place. I'm off to the pub.
  19. Once bitten, twice shy, if my memory works… I wanted to make sure that the exhaust stubs were in the right place, which meant bending some PE for the hedgehog supports: I'm never sure whether to bend with the slot on the inside or outside - help anyone? This seems to be right: …so i'll use that as a 'master' when bending the others. The engine masks weren't big enough when bent over the gearbox: …so I cut some bigger ones: Better. Mojo tank on empty again. What is wrong with me? Don't answer that…
  20. Can't swing it AND draw fast, I need both hands to… Oh, the Crikey, got it Thanks Giorgio 'tis 'Copydex' Stuart, great for this sort of job. Holds well enough and, when you pull the part off, you get to peel the latex off; almost as good as bubble wrap Thanks AW - it transpires that there is a reason for having the rear view - see below Thanks Adam - mishaps continuing! We've got the puppy here this week and she's not helping my modelling at all, having decided this is the best place for a snooze: I say 'puppy' but she's almost a year old now - still slightly potty though. So, puppy down and engines up. Let's look more closely at that picture of the rear of the engine: Notice anything? The arrow helps. There's a slot in the back of the engine that fits a lug on the mount like this: Fortunately I'd put that engine in the right way up. Unfortunately: …that's the only one. Rats. No problem, chop off the lugs: …clean up the mount and the engines and cowlings go on fine: I've let those dry a bit while I post this. Time to put on the front bits and exhausts.
  21. Thanks chaps Perhaps I should start a 'guess the shadow competition? Might keep you busy while my mojo's low? Hendie I can't produce a squadron - the shadow's from the light bulb. Pity. Thanks Giorgio - Stynylrez is my friend It will indeed Greg - as per perdu's request, in formation with the Nimrod Thanks Rob Yes, I don't no what came over me, very David Bailey. Cripes! You're right! Thanks Will, but I won't be testing my seams like that! Some mojo before bed so I made use of it. I have no idea why Italeri decided that they needed to emphasise 20o twice in the instructions: Maybe it's because the square location dots for the intakes aren't actually on the model? Oops. Anyway, all the bits were assembled: …and, because I don't need the props to spin on the ceiling but I do need to mask the engines I decided to glue in the shafts: My idea of glueing the cowlings on with latex worked OK but I realised the the back of the cowlings doesn't touch the nacelle so there's a risk they'd be wobbly. With all four assembled: (No protractors now chaps - I'm not that accurate) …all I needed to do was to cut some masks out from some 'that'll come in' packaging with the circle cutter: They've been painted so I'll put them together next and stick 'em on the wings.
  22. Great flanges - and the way that's comfortable for you is usually the best… unless you want to use aluminium repair tape like wot TheBaron does? I've had a play with it and it's easy to handle. Too late for this one (they look good) but worth having some in the toolbox IMHO
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