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  1. Sgt.Squarehead

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    That looks sweet! I think I'm finally 'in' the GB.....Things haven't been brilliant on the modelling front recently, for a variety of reasons, most self-inflicted. It all got a bit depressing really. However this GB should actually take three kits out of the unfinished pile, rather than add another three to it, as I can now use my airbrush without asphyxiating myself.
  2. Sgt.Squarehead

    Panzer IV Reference

    Can probably chuck a few bits & bobs in a DB folder that may be of use.....PM me for a link or if there's something specific I may be able to help with.
  3. Sgt.Squarehead

    Sgt.Squarehead's Panzericus Genericus

    They were indeed generally only associated with the late production Ausf J.....Which the restored tank in that picture quite clearly isn't! It's at best a very early production Ausf J as it still has the cast towing eyes on the lower front hull plate, late Ausf Js omitted these and had extensions to the side hull plate, thus: My models will probably have a variety of these features, I may even add a spattering of zimmerit to one or two of them.....But there's plenty to do to them before any of that becomes an issue.
  4. Sgt.Squarehead

    Zebrano AEC & Humber armoured cars

    Reckon my Extratech AECs are safe.....Will probably pick up a Humber Mk.IV or two though.
  5. Sgt.Squarehead

    Sgt.Squarehead's Panzericus Genericus

    Sadly not, as @badger points out the mounting rails and their supports are wrong, they should look like this: The rails themselves should be easy enough to make, but the various supports would be a bit of a chore.....Might still give it a go though.
  6. Sgt.Squarehead

    Sgt.Squarehead's Panzericus Genericus

    Any idea where I could find a set or two? It needs to have the proper rails, the Thoma skirts alone won't do the trick (the rails are very different to those used with solid schurzen). I was planning on building these as fairly early versions (the Revell late exhausts are useless and I don't think I have enough Hasegawa & Dragon replacements), but probably without zimmeritt (because it's a pain).....Bloody Germans and their silly putty.
  7. Sgt.Squarehead

    Motorbikes, Cars and Trucks (inc. AFV)

    Kirovets Stronk:
  8. Sgt.Squarehead

    Motorbikes, Cars and Trucks (inc. AFV)

    Are tractors OK? My 'not buying any new kits' policy had a bit of a setback (again):
  9. Sgt.Squarehead

    Sgt.Squarehead's Panzericus Genericus

    Placemarker, as ever. Not less than three Revell 1/72 Pz.IV Ausf J, marked for one of the Panzerbrigades (ie: as sparsely as possible) for generic gaming purposes. Fair chance I might chuck a Jagdpanzer IV L/70 into the mix too, just to be sure the 25% deal is well covered as the Pz.IVs are already started.
  10. Sgt.Squarehead

    Zebrano 1/72 Lebedenko 'Tsar' Tank

    The outboard seating looks a little dangerous on that one, Melchie!
  11. Sgt.Squarehead

    Zebrano AEC & Humber armoured cars

    About time we had a Humber Mk.IV in 1/72.....TBH Zebrano wouldn't have been my first choice for the company to produce it though. PS - I am impressed with Jadar though, they passed my 'small order test' with flying colours.
  12. Sgt.Squarehead

    Zebrano 1/72 Lebedenko 'Tsar' Tank

    Here's a link to the kit on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-72-Zebrano-New-Item-Cat-SEA031-Giant-Tsar-Tank-Lebedenko-super-lim-edition/401654620552?hash=item5d847b2188:g:sfcAAOSwxPpcBs1-:rk:1:pf:0 Thus far I have resisted.....If I hadn't just bought my tractor, it would already be mine! FTFY!
  13. Sgt.Squarehead

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I can't eat or go out at night, Cos I just bought a tractor: Also, Hungarian things:
  14. Sgt.Squarehead

    A Mojo Restoring Interlude

    I forsee some swearing in my not too distant future. Having said that, I've just added the Part sets for the ICM 1/72 Model T MMGS & Ambulance to my wishlist.....They're great value (from Jadar) and the kits are proper little gems, not much bigger than a 50p piece!
  15. Sgt.Squarehead

    A Mojo Restoring Interlude

    I very recently discovered that the details for my little Ford TfC are available separately, from Part, so I ordered some and they arrived today: Fold your own turret (14-17) and roll your own Maxim (20-33).....Blimey, talk about going from one extreme to the other!