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  1. Sgt.Squarehead

    72nd scale AMX-13

    I take it you mean you got the Heller kit? Israel never used the AMX-13 105mm (FL-12 Turret), only the original 75mm (FL-10 Turret) version, so you would need a new turret and gun (see above). The Heller running gear is a POS.....Have you looked at it? You will need to replace it with something (see above). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX-13
  2. I'm already doing one, but it's all shiny & yellow (one wingy-thing per GB is plenty for me).
  3. Those flags are very cool, where did you find them.....I'm looking for a pair of tiny Turkish flags for a Leopard 2A4.
  4. Sgt.Squarehead

    Eleventh Hour GB chat

    I've been thinking about doing a Fokker Triplane too.....Well, 'The Fokker Triplane' if you know what I mean? Yup, that's it.....The red one!
  5. Sgt.Squarehead

    Scankit 1/72 Truck Kits.....Any Good?

    Cheers Pete, had my nephew & niece here this afternoon so I've not had a chance to look.....1/87 definitely won't work as these will be alongside 1/72 figures and AFVs and the latter in particular are big enough already. I've taken an interest in modern stuff, mostly Russian, but I'm also interested in the countless (& apparently endless) counterinsurgency wars and frozen conflicts we see on the news every day. Civilian vehicles feature quite frequently as you know and some of them could make great models, if only we had somewhere to start (in Braille scale): A question for the consideration of the participants.....Why does nobody make a 1/72 Toyota Hilux or Landcruiser? They are by far the most common military vehicles on the planet!
  6. Sgt.Squarehead

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Looks great to me, especially the texture.....With a dark wash or two to fill in the corners and add even more variety to the reds, I reckon that'll be perfect.
  7. Sgt.Squarehead

    Scankit 1/72 Truck Kits.....Any Good?

    Cheers Pete, I'll give 'em a look.
  8. The Trumpeter tub is OK IIRC, it's just the engine deck that's an issue AFAIK, the access panels are kind of a hybrid, but closer to the T-54 style.....I rescribed them (badly) on my Enigma, but with all the extra turret junk and the general battering I'm giving it (those things were shockingly badly fabricated) I think I will probably get away with it. If I can persuade the OKB track to fit my T-54 the Trumpeter track is yours.....As soon as all the bits arrive (from Australia & Russia) I'll start work and the running gear will be first, naturally. I should have exactly one more T-54s worth of mixed OKB Starfish/Black Dog Spider roadwheels left over, if they might be of use to anyone..... I'm using the Trumpeter OMSh track on my Enigma, the side armour boxes should hide the worst of their issues (the Trumpeter sprocket & idler seem to sit quite high so getting the sag right may be tricky).
  9. Sgt.Squarehead

    "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48

    Lovely bit of airbrush work there fella. Pretty confident an oil wash will promote the return of the rivets.
  10. Sgt.Squarehead

    Scankit 1/72 Truck Kits.....Any Good?

    Cheers guys.....I've got my eye on a Mercedes tractor unit and also a full rig, but the trailer's less than ideal on that one, I've also found a Volvo. If any of you guys know of a range of 1/72 nominally civvy vehicles, accessories etc. I'd be very keen to hear about it. Thanks for your help so far.
  11. No doubt, TBH I'd be ecstatic.....How did you go about cleaning up the roadwheels so neatly, the rim of the hubs took a bit of a pasting on mine (I bashed the tyres to hell to hide it)? It looks like you've rescribed them too! Ahhhhh, hold on.....Those are Revell wheels aren't they? PS - Sadly the only T-55 tracks I have that are categorically spare right now are ACE L&L (and I already know what you are going to say to those).....However, depending on how brave I am feeling with my T-54 (assuming it all turns up), there may be a Trumpeter set free down the road. PPS - I'm planning on doing more or less exactly the same as you, twice (Revell hull, Trumpeter turret), but mine will have the RMSh type track (& assorted Syrian bits).....The T-55 Enigma appears to have OMSh track BTW.
  12. Sgt.Squarehead

    Scankit 1/72 Truck Kits.....Any Good?

    Cheers, that is indeed very helpful.....Which of the tractor units would be in most widespread use? I'm hoping to use the kit for Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan.
  13. Sgt.Squarehead

    The Su-57 are arriving

    That's my suspicion too TBH.
  14. And I'm glued to the set! Figuring out what I can build with the assorted dodgy 1/72 T-55 kits I've accumulated (ACE, 2xRevell, 2xTrumpeter) has been a challenge, but it also means I've got a few spares.....They are at your disposal. PS - I'm faffing with an Enigma at present (Black Dog conversion for Trumpeter), I've accumulated a few detail shots of the real thing and of some rather nice 1/35 builds, I can dump them on Dropbox if you want?
  15. Sgt.Squarehead

    The Su-57 are arriving

    That's the spirit!