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  1. That's a cracking finish on a figure that's pure nostalgia for me. A heated needle or blade can be effective in removing flash from vinyl figures, or if you want to go a bit further, this is an interesting option: http://umpapas.blogspot.com/2015/09/converting-and-sculpting-plastic.html
  2. What a fascinating build.....Wish I knew what more of the words meant!
  3. So, @JohnT & @Paul821.....Are you in or are you just spectators of the apocalypse?
  4. Welcome to the end of the world. As fas as I'm concerned, the storyline is at least as significant as the model for the purposes of the GB.....Knock yourselves out! Still hoping we might hear from some of the 'Dinosaur Crew' and I'm surprised thre han't been more interest from the Luft/Panzer 46 fans.....Probably because of me teasing them in the past, I guess?
  5. Err.....This text doesn't seem to relate to the photos of the Leopard kit above, which clearly has L&L. I think you cut & paste from the wrong Leopard review!
  6. Looks like they've sorted the biggest issue with the earlier releases of this kit, sinkmarks on the trailer load-bed (either that or the new grey plastic hides it better). Hopefully tis might prompt Eduard to re-release the two large etched sets they do foe the Elefant kit.....Finding them at the moment is a nightmare, it took me almost six months to get a set.
  7. Allegedly a combi-boxing of this kit and the MIG T-54B was planned.....I believe it's listed on Henk's site. FWIW PS - Nope, it's not there anymore, just a brief mention in the Ammo/Mig section.
  8. What awesome figures! Love your paintwork on Pestilence's pony.....But it's almost a shame you already started, I have just the GB for these:
  9. The lack of a slat armour set for this kit is really giving me the hump now! Anybody fancy joining me in pestering OKB about it.....Or does anybody know who to annoy at Eduard or one of the other mainstream etch-makers? Failing that, is there a decent guide to backdating the kit anywhere? Maybe to something like this:
  10. That's a very cool subject, Nick.....Can't say I'd ever noticed the sprocket being swapped before, but I assume that's down to me not looking properly?
  11. Dude! $20 for the chance of a new YAK-9T.....That was always worth a punt. I'm sad that it didn't work out, but fair play to Dan for giving it a shot and also for looking after his backers when things didn't turn out as he hoped.....What more could you ask of him?
  12. Bumping this as I still think blowing the planet up is a bloody good idea!
  13. That looks sweet! I think I'm finally 'in' the GB.....Things haven't been brilliant on the modelling front recently, for a variety of reasons, most self-inflicted. It all got a bit depressing really. However this GB should actually take three kits out of the unfinished pile, rather than add another three to it, as I can now use my airbrush without asphyxiating myself.
  14. Can probably chuck a few bits & bobs in a DB folder that may be of use.....PM me for a link or if there's something specific I may be able to help with.
  15. They were indeed generally only associated with the late production Ausf J.....Which the restored tank in that picture quite clearly isn't! It's at best a very early production Ausf J as it still has the cast towing eyes on the lower front hull plate, late Ausf Js omitted these and had extensions to the side hull plate, thus: My models will probably have a variety of these features, I may even add a spattering of zimmerit to one or two of them.....But there's plenty to do to them before any of that becomes an issue.
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