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  1. About a decade before my time, I'm afraid!
  2. A restored Pattern 1885 Martini-Henry MkIV Type A rifle, which I believe actually predates the arrival of my earliest ancestors into this country. Also some plumbing, a dremel tool with a grout removal bit, medical bills, and other less exciting impedimenta of modern life.
  3. Let's not forget the part where we drove around the general area your grandfather brought the Liberator down, with Ced leaning out the car window and asking bemused locals of a certain age if they recalled where the American bomber had crashed.
  4. It's looking like it's a miscarriage, I'm afraid. We weren't expecting or prepared for another child right now, but we're both still sad that we won't have a chance to meet this one.
  5. Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. Our new house's 35-year-old furnace died earlier this week, and had to be replaced with a new one to the tune of $3,000 dollars, and then today Mrs P was clearly feeling poorly, and so I finally persuaded her to go to urgent care at the hospital, who promptly sent her to the ER, who informed her that...she's six weeks pregnant (as you know, the best time to have a baby is after a major financial outlay). But they can't pick up a heartbeat (not uncommon at six weeks) and Mrs P has been bleeding from a secret place for two weeks, so we have to go back in a w
  6. A single-stage reloading press and dies for 577/450 Martini-Henry, for a long-term project. Also, regrettably, a new furnace after the old one gave up the ghost, which is one of the reasons the above project is long term.
  7. I quite agree, I really like his translations. I've built a few of the Sword Vc kits (including Seafires, I think four or five), so I feel like I can weigh in a little here. The interior detail of the Sword kit is finer, but the fit is substantially worse in every aspect. It's a kit that requires a lot of sanding. Tonight I put the belts on and closed up the little cockpit sabot: Then cemented it into place: And closed up the fuselage. Then I put the wings on. Here I encounte
  8. I'm afraid the back of the head hinges open to reveal the complete original run series on DVD. They're actually surprisingly bendy, and I would say they seem so far to bend and retain the bend better than Eduard PE belts. But I may yet eat those words.
  9. Sorry for the delay in posting lately, chaps, I've just been a bit worn down this week. Winston glosscoated his Tempest: I would love to say he did it all himself, but Winston (like his father) is easily frustrated by failure and soon handed it off to me to finish glossing. But modelling is at its heart all about failure, isn't it? Our best model is always our next one, there's always something we can improve. I'd love to think Winston might learn that from building a model, but he is after all only five. Anyway, some work on the seatbelts
  10. AZ Models Hornet FR.4 and the Aerocraft resin nacelle set.
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