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  1. Weird; here in the 'states, bao are strictly a Chinese food thing.
  2. Tony opens his mouth and a series of geometric shapes float out.
  3. I think it should be okay. The wings fit snugly into the clear parts, based on my test-fits, and of course there are also the big v-struts to hopefully anchor them. Also, I'm absolutely crap at drilling into things to add stubs. But stay tuned for my sheepish post where I throw myself into absurd contortions to get the wings to stay on! Yes, well, everything burned down here a while back. (In fact, the town I live in largely grew up around the garrison established after the fire to protect the property of the wealthy folks who lived in the city's northern suburbs.) Also, and I say this with love, the temperature range in the United Kingdom year-round can easily be experienced in toto in a single week, if not a day. Our winters are colder, infinitely colder than yours, and our summers more hellish. However, my home currently is pretty big by UK standards, and I'm conscious of the absurd amount of space Americans take up.
  4. So we've tentatively accepted an offer on our house. Some details have to be hashed out, and no contract's been signed, but we have a verbal agreement. Looks like I'll be trading Hedgehog Manor for new and more expensive (possibly ruinously so) digs by April-May, depending on when we find something. The goal is to have a home with a bedroom for us, one for the boys, a guest bedroom, and a study (ostensibly for me and Mrs P, but I have more books by a factor of ten and will soon triumph). Side effects: lifelong house-induced poverty, possible membership in a homeowners' association (fascists), and who knows what else. Hopefully, Ced, Bill, and Cookie will be able to visit now, even in the hot summer months, since we're gunning for central air. Yes, the Family Procopius may end up with a house designed within the last seventy years, instead of our crumbling 1921 hovel. We are going to be so poor for so, so long. Now, as for the Lysander, I started test-fitting the clear parts, and, uh, you recall that lovely scratchbuilt oil tank I did? It's gone. It prevented the side panes from fitting properly. I had to veeeeeeeeeeery carefully extract it with my scalpel, cutting in all sorts of unsafe directions, but I got it out okay. The replacement will either be part of a Mk117 bomb from Hasegawa Weapons Set 1 or one of the cigar-shaped Eduard Spitfire droptanks as used over Normandy by some squadrons. I'm leaning towards the former.
  5. I, for one, would like to see this on an aircraft.
  6. I can promise you, people were famous for stupid things long before the modern era.
  7. Yes, I checked on that ages ago, having come to grief with the Airfix Blenheim earlier. It didn't fit at first, but by god it fits now.
  8. I'm inclined to agree. I've built a few of their 1/72 WWI kits (SE5a twice, Camel, Fokker D.VII, the last being one of the worst kits I've ever built in terms of fit) in the past six years, and while they're very detailed, they are also extremely fiddly. I also found the decals to be very poor on the ones I did.
  9. Honestly, I have to hold off for a while. I have two Revell Shackletons, the Special Hobby Mirage two-pack, an Airfix Victor, and the Sword five Seafire set at the office, all waiting for a day Mrs P is out before they can come home. Oh no, have I made it look that bad? I don't think it's terrible -- though it is definitely below the quality of an Arma kit, they seem to really go out of their way to make construction clear and logical for us -- just let down very badly by the instructions. The only real clanger for me so far is the omission of the oil tank above the fuel tank. That's prominent and it should have been hard to miss. Pfft, you'd be soldering teeny-tiny belt buckles onto fabric seatbelts sewn by a mouse who pledged his life to you when you helped him out with a tricky legal issue. I still owe you a Blenheim cowling, don't I? I look forward to poisoning pigeons in the park again. Or did you mean the Cole Porter song? Anyhoo, did a tiny bit more work tonight. The ground is covered with snow, and a car got stuck in front of my house for a time, and we had a showing and went out for dinner because Winston had a good week at school -- he is on some sort of heinously expensive reward program where if he does well each week, Mrs P takes him to do something she wants to do for herself. He was pretty pleased about it, and I'm proud of him. Here's my little Win-Pin (he likes to be called Win, Win + Kingpin - King = Win-Pin) a few days ago: On Thursday I worked from home and had to drop off and pick him and his brother up from their respective schools, as our sitter was on leave. This meant that when I trundled Win in with me to drop off Grant, we were intercepted by the toothily-grinning Stepford-Wife-esque head of school, (who had previously threatened Winnie with expulsion) and when she greeted him, Winston flatly remarked "I like my new school better." I made a noise sort of like a dog barking and sort of like his name, and hustled him off. On the way back to the car, he asked me why I'd said his name so strangely, and I wearily told him I loved him and to keep speaking truth to power. (Not me, of course, but I have no power. He'll realize that soon enough.) I had to work and Winston is clingy, so while Grant was down for his nap, he cuddled up to me and amused himself by randomly pressing the touch-sensitive screen of my Surface laptop, in the hopes that this would make me let him use the stylus to draw rather that doing all the boring work I do to pay for everything. Since he was asking me if airplanes had guns in the back (yes, sometimes), I showed him a c.1943 film strip starring an already-long-in-the-tooth Burgess Meredith and one Ronald Reagan entitled THE REAR GUNNER: Gentle reader, he was engrossed. He followed the story very closely and was desperately concerned for the titular rear gunner (whom he referred to by surname) when the shooting started. I got a bit of work done, and then mostly fielded questions about bombers for the rest of the day. Anyway, you want to know how the kit is going: The spine of the fuselage behind the canopy is two separate pieces, I presume to permit different variants, since there are alternate parts in the box. They actually fit into place pretty snugly, like so: Regrettably, the panel lines don't quiiiite line up: I added some more TET, and I think it looks a little better now, but we'll see. I also decided to add some 0.4mm lead wire to the back of the instrument panel (which I forgot to put in earlier), to simulate the wiring going back from the instruments. In other news, we received an insultingly low offer for the house, which was then raised to within $5000 of our minimum asking price, and then, before we could respond, bumped up again to our minimum asking price on a contingency basis. We also had someone brave the snowstorm tonight and someone else coming tomorrow, so maybe we will sell this damned thing after all (and then move even further from work and pay even more for the privilege, hurrah?). Also, weird question. Has anyone seen the 1987 film Eat the Rich, starring among others Nosher Powell and Lemmy of Motorhead? If so, could I impose upon you to reveal the ending to me? I can safely say I will never, ever see it, but I am curious to know how it played out. I have my suspicions.
  10. Hello again folks, still depressed, even worse, honestly, but I managed to force myself downstairs and to force myself to do some work tonight. The MMP book (which has arrived and is now in my possession) shows the folding-down seat for the observer in the back, which is wooden and almost pentagonal in shape. Naturally, I'd just finished making and installing my own bench seat, painted interior green at time of reading, but fate was with me, and a subsequent paragraph on Special Duties aircraft seems to imply that this was removed and replaced by bench seating for two agents. And since nobody's shown me a photo so far... So what I did was I took a thin piece of plasticard, cut it roughly rectangularly, and mounted it on the seat mount that comes with the kit. Then I dug out the remnants of an Eduard Lancaster seatbelt set and got to work. Much swearing later: The seatbelts were bent down and into position, neatly obscuring the clever work I'd done in phase 1. But you've all seen it and you all know. Now, live forever, and carry word of my deed on to successor civilizations. Then, it was time: First I plugged everything into one side of the fuselage, and after all my sanding down and chiseling earlier, it mostly fits. Annnnd now: Folks, we're in business.
  11. You might as well ask if it's okay to play table tennis or to watch Strictly or any other such thing. If it gives you joy (and you're not, like, painting them using the blood of babies), then yes, of course. They were meant to be built. For fun, even!
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