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  1. Procopius

    UK unveils new next generation fighter jet.

    Well I'm excited, and I think it looks gorgeous, and I'm ready for the kit.
  2. Hullo Sarge, just saw this thread. I just laid out for one of these (and the correction sets) myself -- have you checked if the spinner fits well? I've been trying to find a solution to the kit part myself.
  3. Humidity is at 95% here today, which makes it feel roughly like walking around on the bottom of a standard Olympic-sized pool filled with hot soup, and I hate soup. Minimal chance of rain until Monday, when I expect the heavens will open halfway between work and the train station. In other news, possibly my only remaining chance in life to actually meet or even just see a RAF flying ace (Allan Scott DFM, 6 victories) in person will be 150 miles from my home at Airventure in Oshkosh on 23 July, which is a Monday night. I am seriously considering making a three-hour drive out to see him and then turning around and heading right back at 10 PM (there's effectively no room at the inn at Oshkosh during the airshow if you look for a hotel this late in the game -- even airbnb lists a room for one person as $300 minimum then), virtually ensuring I'll die in a fiery car crash. Weighed against this is that soon he and everyone like him will be all gone, and the urge to brush the hem, as it were... Decisions, decisions... In any case, I got down into the grotto and did some more work tonight. I added the decals on the other side of one of the iterations of "001", and finished painting the fuselage of the aircraft from 1925. 20180714_220545 by Edward IX, on Flickr I also assembled the ingenious jigs that will make putting on the landing gear (hopefully) not the exercise in hear-tearing, screaming frustration that WWI-era aircraft landing gear usually is. 20180714_224523 by Edward IX, on Flickr And started decalling the vertical stab. 20180714_224541 by Edward IX, on Flickr I'm puttering along on these -- I'd hoped for a faster pace, but the fact of the matter is that most days I'm exhausted by the time the kids are in bed, and reading political and legal tweets all day can be remarkably draining. I know many people are encouraged by, say, reading a book that's utter crap, because it means that they themselves could be published someday, but I find it deeply discouraging, because clearly these ingrates are more tenacious than me and have more of whatever indefinable quality one needs to ascend in the world. But I guess David Bowie would have been a nobody if there weren't all those nobodies buying his records, so perhaps the world needs me in a way as well. To close on a happy note, Winston wanted a "black Spitfire" from the grotto, which was weird, because I haven't built any, and ultimately he settled for me playing a song that had a black Spitfire in it...you see where I'm going with this, right? Anyway it did my heart good to hear him try to tunelessly warble along with Kate Bush singing "dropped from my black Spitfire..."
  4. Procopius

    1/72 Cold War Soviet Mud-Mover

    I seem to recall seeing some in the Trumpeter Su-24M kit, which has a lot of ordnance in it. Been two years since I built it, though.
  5. Procopius

    The Su-57 are arriving

    I like semicolons way too much for us to be very similar.
  6. Procopius

    What have you purchased / been given

    Alleycat. They also do a gear bay set and new intakes, but I found the tail to be plenty of work and it was the only set of theirs I used.
  7. Procopius

    What have you purchased / been given

    Do you plan on getting the correction set for the tail? For my own part, I bought Gun Button to Fire, by Tom Neil, and 249 At Malta, by Brian Cull and Frederick Galea.
  8. Procopius

    The Su-57 are arriving

  9. Procopius

    Grump Britain replacement

    I'll be honest with you, it sounds weird to me too, speaking as an American. It doesn't even sound right when Canadians do it!
  10. Procopius

    The Su-57 are arriving

  11. Procopius

    1/72 Cold War Soviet Mud-Mover

    Haven't you, of your own free will, purchased Mirage kits? Modelsvit should be as nothing to a man of your skills. In any case, Soviet tactical aircraft are badly served for nice modern kits from big manufacturers. You could do an Afghan War Su-24M from the Trumpeter kit, but would need some references to get the greeblies right. Be glad it isn't an Amodel kit. ::shudder:: The MiG-23 and MiG-27 by KP/RV are both also limited run kits at their core, and allegedly demand much filler. Unless you want to build a MiG-21MF used as a fighter-bomber (if any were, I don't know) by the Afghan air force so you can do the Eduard kit, I'm not sure what other options there are.
  12. Give in, you know you want one! It's such a cool-looking airplane, with that 1930s half-WWI, half-Buck Rogers air to it. That's the idea, build it now in my own children. It's an uphill battle, as Mrs P is unashamed of her own body (with good reason), and she works to impart such pernicious notions to our own children. I used to do battalion-on-battalion games with 40 'mechs to a side. To speed things up, we moved by lance and used playing cards for initiative order. Oh dear.
  13. Oh, three of the early Battletech novels, tie-ins to a board game/PC game/card game/miniatures game thingy. They are neither good fiction, as they often tell rather than show, have stilted dialogue, and poorly-realized characters, and they're not even good game tie-in fiction, because it's painfully clear the author (who was heavily involved in the creation of the Traveller role-playing game) had not played Battletech much (I used to be an unpaid and much abused demo guy for the game, so I have a lot of familiarity with it). Here's a photo from a demo game I ran ten years ago, not long before I stopped doing it to concentrate my fiscal resources and creative energies upon the nubile future Mrs P: September 20th CBT Game 066 by Edward IX, on Flickr The books were mostly interesting as historical curiosities, and it was interesting to see how much they aped contemporary men's adventure novels but on a more PG-13 level.