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  1. Not dead, just devoid of mojo and overworked. 

    1. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      That's good mate, the mojo will return, hopefully the workload will diminish, but the 'dead' part would have been a tough one to overcome :) 





    2. The Spadgent

      The Spadgent

      Glad you’re ok dude. Don’t be too long though eh, I need my dose of dry humour and self depreciation Edward style. 🖤.

  2. By god sir, this one doesn't even have a propeller.
  3. Most Canadian Spitfires featuring the maple leaf emblem seem to have gone for red, so that would be my vote.
  4. Over on Facebook, Wing Leader posted this photo of Admiral Prune with two questions: What kind of bombsight is that, and what is the purpose of the blistered window on the nose escape hatch, which they've never seen before.
  5. "This then, my lords and gentlemen, is the message which we send forth today to all states and nations, bound or free, to all the men in all the lands who care for freedom's cause...this is the message: lift up your hearts, all will come right. Out of depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind." -- Winston Churchill, 12 June 1941 1. Procopius 2. Malpaso 3. LDSModeller 4. steveJ60 5. TEMPESTMK5 6. MarkSH 7. Franky boy 8. Corsairfoxfouruncle 9. PhantomBigStu 10. Robert Stuart 11. Grey Beema 12. GREG DESTEC 13. Ozzy 14. Cookenbacher 15. Rabbit Leader 16. dnl42 17. lasermonkey 18. Bonhoff 19. depressed lemur 20. jrlx 21. Colin W 22. Stew Dapple 23. Beard 24. Arniec 25. stevehnz 26. Torbjorn 27. Hockeyboy76 28. nimrod54 29. Edge 30. Joss 31. 06/24 32. Smudge 33. wimbledon99 34. Redstaf 35. Wez 36. DaveyGair 37. FalkeEins 38. Heather Kay 39. Valkyrie 40. Jockney 41. Retired Bob 42. Paul J 43. jenko 44. Kallisti 45. SleeperService 46. Rafwaffe 47. Anthony Kesterton 48. RJ-WobblyHands 49. Paul Bradley 50. CliffB 51. 4scourge7 52. PLC1966 53. vppelt68 54. Silver Fox 55. Angus Tura
  6. Well, I did some minor modelling tonight (clear coating turret clear parts to protect against fogging and some light filling) and thus emboldened, attached the resin intake scoops to three of the nacelles using extra thin super glue, which was a mistake, because it's been a long time since I've employed it, my old bottle having solidified a while back, and I forgot how infuriating it is to use. Lots of glue fingerprints and then latex glove ended up on the kit parts, and swears flew hot and heavy. I retreated and will return later to deal with the situation.
  7. Just be careful, it could happen to you! This week I've had like, no bench time because I've been trying to get more sleep and more exercise (down now to 193 pounds from 222 at the start of the year, but still trying to lose more, because come on), but I hope to get back there eventually.
  8. Well, it's in Hong Kong right now, BUT JUST FOR YOU SWEET DUNCAN:
  9. With detachable outer wing sections like that, how long before some clever bod works up resin Manchester outers?
  10. I'm pretty sure there are even natives who refuse to try Marmite.
  11. A reliable source of black pudding!?! This is truly a great day. Speaking of great days, I got some more done on the Lanc. Some interior colour sprayed, wings closed up, puttering along.
  12. I make a pretty nice grilled cheese with bacon, dill pickle, and cheddar cheese, if you want to get fancy, but I look forward to experiencing the culinary delights of the Branston pickle when back in that green and pleasant land. After Wimpey Burger, anything else is a step up.
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