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  1. How have the other recent KP Spitfires been in terms of accuracy? That'd be a major factor in my decision to buy or not buy. I'd love a better Spitfire I than the Airfix kit, but shape is important to me (said the fat man).
  2. Absent input from the peanut gallery, the canopy with bulged window is on: I've also added the PE fuel caps(?) to the underside, as well as the little window, which doesn't appear to be a feature of the non-PR versions, so also a dollop of Mr Surfacer: More later, long weekend, and not in a fun way. (Mrs P had parent-teacher conferences all day Saturday, and then was exhausted today, leaving me with two full days of exposure to my children, who emanate dangerous, fatiguing C-Rays.)
  3. Some Branston Pickle and aged cheddar, finally.
  4. Win's Tiffies are done (save the rockets, as he sternly pointed out to me), and they are providing top cover while he sleeps tonight. If anyone has thoughts on bulged vs non-bulged side window, NOW IS THE TIME TO TELL ME. Not glued yet, but test-fitted. Johnny-come-latelies will receive the full force of my passive aggression. I attached the little PE engine grilles and promptly lost one, fortunately I have three sets of this (fairly awful) PE from Eduard and only two kits, so I may just bite the bullet and go full robber. Amazingly Tamiya doesn't even have a plastic part to mimic the grille, just flatness.
  5. @stevehnz very kindly sent me a photo of 464 Squadron Mossie's lined up with the starboard side facing the camera. I caaaaaan't quite tell from the photo, though, but I thiiiiiiiiiiink that it was bulged. This photo is in late '44, and the below is in August, which suggests at some point 464 actually extended the height of their invasion stripes, or that someone considers July "late" for purposes of the calendar, which would be weird.
  6. I do have a Sherman Firefly in the stash, just working up the courage to build it. When I wanted to join the Army in 2003 after college, I wanted to be a tank commander or intelligence officer, but the recruiter advised me that the army was full up on whatever I was, and had no need of more. Given in 2003 they were taking any warm body they could, that should give you an idea of what poor stock I was.
  7. Current tea status: Yorkshire Gold, steeped two minutes, 1 tablespoon (about 15 ml) 2% milk (it's what we have), and two teaspoons sugar (approximately two lumps). It's very pleasant and relaxing, and so far a nice start to my day.
  8. Eduard/Arma's Hurristory set in 1/72, along with the Eduard Adlertag, both from MJW.
  9. I'm not sure how hard or soft the water from Lake Michigan is or isn't, sources seem to differ on this front. I'll experiment.
  10. I had some Yorkshire Gold this AM; I steeped it for five minutes, but found it a tad bitter and malty when I had it with nothing in it. So I cracked and added 1/4 cup of milk (36 calories) and two teaspoons of sugar (30 calories), and it was quite smooth and excellent. This is probably the first time I've drunk milk in any form in over a decade. Losing 65 of my 1400 calories is a bit of a blow, but it may be worth it for this. Rooibos is right out for me because I need the caffeine, but it sounds terrifying. Also, by happy accident, being fat these past few years has kept me looking like a smooth-faced giant baby, so no fear of wrinkles. I do have some of their Lady Grey tea, as befits my effete nature, which is quite drinkable with no sugar or milk. So a point for that over Yorkshire Gold.
  11. My entire life has been directed with bloody single-mindedness at repudiating my ancestry, and I don't intend to stop now. Yorkshire tea it is, then! A box will be delivered to Hedgehog Manor tomorrow, and I shall issue a full report.
  12. Sorry for the radio silence folks, I took a week off work to just enjoy Fall and go for walks while the weather still holds. Time well spent, if you ask me, I had a very sedate and relaxing week. Also, Facebook broke on Monday, and I was pretty glad to be out of the office for that (though out of guilt I came back in on Friday to help my deputy close up the week so she could get out early for the weekend). Some of the very sober adult things I got up to. I'm searching for better tea than PG Tips, which I feel is not a tall order, but please keep in mind due to the brutal diet I'm on, I cannot put sugar or milk into whatever I end up with. Winston also turned six, and I had a lot of legos to build, as well as two tiny Flames of War Hawker Typhoons from @06/24: These are 1/100 scale, and I painted the camo (but not the stripes) freehand with my 0.18mm Gunze Mr Airbrush Custom, and felt pretty good about myself for doing so. I'm sure the thrill of it will be mitigated by Winston annihilating the finished examples within five minutes of receiving them. Speaking of Winston, I regret to inform you all that my capering homunculus's aircraft identification skills leave something to be desired: He is very interested in the MiG-29, because I told him it was both a bad guy fighter (You Know Who) and a good guy fighter (Poland), and as a creature of profound and rapidly shifting duality, Winston identified strongly with it. Mrs P peeked in on him in school the other day, and had the dubious pleasure of watching our brewing revenge upon the world inform his classmates that electricity would kill you dead, and then miming the death throes for them all as his weary teacher tried to get him back on track. I also obtained something to tide me over until I can see all of you again: I made an adequate Eton Mess: and Cambridge burnt cream (Oxford and Winchester don't seem to have their own desserts, a lamentable oversight), which was excellent and afforded me an excuse to buy a kitchen torch: My children refused to eat either, the little darlings. I've begun the tedious process of masking off the interior framing of the Mossie's cockpit: I still need to figure out which side window to use; I lean towards bulged, but that may be totally wrong.
  13. Zvezda C-130 Revell A400M And of course decals to build a RAF C-130 -- advice or help in building a RAF A400M used in the evacuation of Kabul would be appreciated.
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