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  1. That's an interesting video of one method of producing a high back. Reminds me of the days of Alan Hall and Airfix magazine.
  2. Thanks to all for your inputs Mike
  3. it will be interesting to see what alternative solutions are proffered. I must say the videos in post No3 are illuminating. Mike
  4. I'm interested in an early high back XIV and I wondered if cross kitting was feasible, what does the team think? Mike
  5. Looks excellent. I note the painted out sky band, a very nice touch. I'm waiting delivery of mine. Glad to hear Airfix have done something about the undercarriage fit. Mike
  6. sprue

    1/48 Spitfire XIV

    Many thanks this concurs with data I've found online. Mike
  7. sprue

    1/48 Spitfire XIV

    Thanks to all of you for your inputs. It seems the 414 Squadron option in the kit was a wartime aircraft taken on charge in April 1945. Next job is to get my hands on a kit as they seem to be selling out very quickly. No doubt Extradecals will be adding more alternatives soon. Thanks again
  8. sprue

    1/48 Spitfire XIV

    What an interesting photograph. Looking closely do I see where the fuselage Sky Band has been painted out? Thanks for the input.
  9. sprue

    1/48 Spitfire XIV

    I'm interested in the new Airfix Mk XIV but only if I can find a war time as opposed to post war markings for it. Any pointers would be gratefully accepted. I can't find the date from when the low back versions started to appear on the operational squadrons. Incidentally is there a cross kit option to produce a high back XIV ?
  10. This takes me back. The Alan Hall conversion in Airfix magazine from the late 1960s was the first conversion I tried and I was delighted to discover that I could indeed shape balsa wood. These were the days of clear dope and talcum powder mixture and plastic wood. Lovely model and well done.
  11. Here's my version of the Eduard 1/48 Hawker Typhoon limited edition. It represents R8893 of No 182 Squadron in about November 1942 when the RAF were still struggling with ocurrences of misidentification leading to aircraft losses due to friendly fire.
  12. Goodness, they don't come much better. Love it!
  13. Thanks to everyone that made a response. The only problem I had with the kit was the undercarriage which as many on this forum have pointed out is very fiddly and even when fitted correctly is very prone to damage. With the advent of the new Tamiya Spit I doubt if I'll bother with another Airfix Spit Mk I-V. Thanks again Mike
  14. Here's my attempt at the Airfix Mk Vb (kit AO1525) finished as a tribute to Jean Offenberg a Belgium fighter pilot who came to Briton to help fight against tyranny in WWII. His exploits are documented in a book titled Lonely Warrior. Thanks for looking.
  15. sprue

    Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish

    Just bought a MKI on ebay for £40.98 including Eduard FE212 and 49212, Tamiya Bracing set and includes postage. Thanks guys for the tip. Mike
  16. sprue

    Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish

    Thanks guys, your suggestions are certainly food for thought. Thanks again Mike
  17. sprue

    Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish

    Is it possible to build a MK I from the MK II kit as the later seems to be more easily available? Mike
  18. Hi Gingerbob It's all very interesting and I've put a request on the RAF Commands forum just in case someone has info or (its a long shot) photographs. Best wishes Mike
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