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  1. Been awhile but good to be back thanks very much for all your nice comments Having the hatch slide back and forth I thought why not make the doors work so made some small hinges Then made the doors out of Boxwood and machined the grove with a .030 ball cutter Still have to make the pins for now just stuck some .010" rod to hold Then made the compass housing out of box wood cover I made by cutting small strips of wood to go around shape Glued the bottom of compass housing to cabin so when I make the compass I can add, compass top fits nice and snug Did notice I had the Catheads sticking up to high so now made them closer to rail as per drawing Until next time Regards Richard
  2. Very nice work Pat, Regarding your mould and casting how much are you going to do, regarding bubbles in your rubber you could use a vacuum to pull the bubbles out before pouring over your masters and when casting once you pour resin into mould you could install into a pressure pot and that will remove any bubbles in your casting Here is a picture of mould pulled with a vacuum, you will see no bubbles but I also put it in the pressure pot for 2 mins Vacuum pot Pressure pot I used was a pressure paint pot not an expensive one, with a couple of changes. This is how the resin cast came out Hope it helps Regards Richard
  3. Brilliant job Rob it looks so life like Regards Richard
  4. You are doing a grand job on a grand lady Jim Regards Richard
  5. They look troublesomely small but you got them to look brilliant Regards Richard
  6. Thanks Kev for the poke been awhile eh Thanks Glynn its time for an update. Last post had me saying next up was to make the companionway so here we go, started by making the sides and adding the first step Next up was to make the hatch Then I thought I would make the hatch slide so machined a .020" slot in each side and added a piece of .020" wood to the hatch and got it to work If I had the hatch open someone might look inside so made the cabin with sides and planked a floor and made the stairs Then made the companionway fit the stairs so I could remove cabin top tp look inside Until next time Regards Richard
  7. Sorry I missed your build Beefy you did a lovely job on her Regards Richard
  8. 2 months gone by and look what I missed amazing detail in such a small boat Regards Richard
  9. Amazing PE work will look fantastic once you have a coat of paint on them. Regards Richard
  10. Just caught up with your build John, brilliant detail Regards Richard
  11. Very nice Steve, another brilliant build in the making Regards Richard
  12. Was looking at the Bently drawings and books I bought and I noticed there should be a seal on the cockpit side walls I wonder how Airfix missed this Pictures are to help with build if they are not allowed please delete So I made these channel seals out of .004: aluminium shim stock Then added PE Trial fit of the canopy Got the wheels made up so thought I would see how it would look on her legs Until next time Regards Richard
  13. Lovely job you have done there Beefy, I can see her looking after the convoy out in the Atlantic Regards Richard
  14. Never thought of that, do have a few of those kicking around thanks and thanks for looking in Been planking the cabin each plank is tapered Last plank to go in and then a light sanding Now onto the cabin skylight, started with this but made the angle wrong So made a slight change Then looking at a picture of the Bluenose cabin, date not to sure I see the glass goes on top and bars are underneath, so made a step on each side to hold window Then made a 1/32" thk piece of boxwood cut into four parts, drilled 14 .020" holes 1mm apart in each piece and then glued together Now this looks like the skylight on the right of the picture, will add hinges on top as these side both could be raised Next up will be the companionway Regards Richard
  15. Thank you Kev love building this model very relaxing Hi Stuart my dad told me when I was young "buy a tool a week and you will be able to build anything" so once I started working I did just that but as you say still have to make some small special ones for certain things like making the small grove on the coamings worked a charm, hope these help Do appreciate your kind words Beefy Hi Murdo it is differently wood working and modeling, ship building is how Peter is doing his ship Again do appreciate all your kind remarks Regards Richard
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