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  1. Ripaman

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hi Rich, This will be another very enjoyable ride will look forward to all your progress Regards Richard
  2. Man oh man that is one heck of a diorama Stix you make it look so easy mate Regards Richard
  3. Wow that has been a long soon can't believe over 2 years has gone by Kirk, got into a good book and now it sits waiting for me to finish Now putting all pictures back into WIP using imageshack Anyway thanks for reminding me Kirk Regards Richard
  4. Ripaman

    Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    Brilliant Rich Regards Richard
  5. Ripaman

    Sherman tracks review ...

    Hi Etienne, Which one out of the four are to scale Regards Richard
  6. Ripaman

    AFV Club Churchill Mk IV 75mm Gun

    Thanks for stopping by Gondor hope it's not to bonkers Its coming along Francis bit by bit Giving the engine a bit of a break will come back to it later Seeing as I want to show this as a restoration as per the Churchill Trust on Facebook I have started a new Churchill base so that I could make parts as I see in pictures, these pictures are for help in my build so if not allowed please delete, all the parts I added on the first base were all after thoughts so this time I am planning a little better. Started by making the side trucks they go together very well no issues. After I got trucks done I cleaned up the side plates and bottom plate removed all the areas where it helps glue sides to bottom plate, filled in the space at the back end where the gearbox is with sheet styrene then glued the brake housing on the outside and then milled out the inside so that I could add the brake parts later. Will add the angle which I see in the pictures to hold sides to bottom (will use brass angle) While I was letting a few things dry I looked at another picture (again this is to help my build if it is not ok please delete) this time from Haynes book and saw the front wheels had holes, the kit part don't have these So I got a piece of 3/4" square brass and started to machine as per picture adding the flange to each side made both at the same time each hole is on 45 deg . Then took the sprockets and machined of the inside band on each one Made a jig so that I could glue the middle part to the sprockets so that they were all equal around, glue the one side with this Then stuck a shaft through and glued the other side making sure they were aligned then cleaned up the rubber band which is around the sprocket Am I probable until next time Regards Richard
  7. Ripaman

    Desert Meeting

    That is one heck of a dio Derek very nicely done Regards Richard
  8. Ripaman

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Having you and John show your builds of the Shermans is fantastic do find them outstanding and love all the detail which has been added Regards Richard
  9. Ripaman

    IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    that does look good John lots of good stuff to try and copy when I start mine (hope you don't mind) Regards Richard
  10. Ripaman

    Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    I cannot believe it has been over a year since I last posted on this incredible build ( I do have to get out more) man Rich you are a building machine Regards Richard
  11. Ripaman

    AFV Club Churchill Mk IV 75mm Gun

    Hi Rich thanks for looking in please do tell what is your next build Regards Richard
  12. Ripaman

    Meng Merkava MK III D (Late) LIC

    Very nice Lloyd another fine looking model You were asking about the model Show in Nanton I thought I would look it up on the web to see what day but I don't see it so I am wondering if it it postponed this year Regards Richard
  13. Ripaman

    Hobby Boss TAS 44-M

    Coming along nicely Rob Regards Richard
  14. Superb looking model I think your Dad is going to really like it, also painting looks brilliant Regards Richard
  15. Just wondering if this is the colour I would paint my Churchill engine and gearbox