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  1. Next part of the build was to redo some of the items I had made a long time ago, and it all started by looking at some pictures and then looking at the hoisting engine cover box, jumbo jib boom crutch etc so first pic is the drawing supplied, next two picture show what I made will use some of the pieces the rest will be binned. What caught my eye was the black mounting frame under the white engine hoist box, it looked to me (I could be wrong) that this was sloping so that the engine was seating parallel to the stations. (Pictures are to help w
  2. Thanks for the comment Beefy the buffer came out as I had planed, have been working on her the last 4 months but have not been updating progress but rectifying that now here is a picture of the main buffer so you will see it. Thanks very much Steve Thanks to you as well Kev. You are right about time and yes having a lot of fun building this great schooner, thanks very much. Thanks for looking in Stuart Regards Richard
  3. Wow that was a lot to catch up on Steve, this is an absolutely brilliant model love all your metal work Regards Richard
  4. Kev this is going to be a fantastic diorama again do like the look of your seascape Regards Richard
  5. Bit late but very nice Beefy Regards Richard
  6. Hi Kev its been awhile again and yes should get back to updating my blog, man can't believe its been close to two years in retirement and also 5 1/2 months of Covid hope you all staying safe. Have done quite a bit to the Bluenose so will start with the small grate which goes by the steering wheel made from boxwood 1/32" x 1/32" Then made the stern Skylight all from Boxwood Next was to build the forward companionway made it so that I could have the top slide sam
  7. Thanks very much everyone for you kind comments and likes do appreciate them, I very much enjoying working on this great Schooner. After the wheel was completed (except for painting) I starting making the steering linkage system, I pinned and glued a piece of rod to the rudder then drilled a hole through the deck, then cut it down to size as per drawing provided. Made a jig so that I could build the linkage off the model, made the same size rod and glued it to the same angle Started with the br
  8. Well time for another update, carrying on with the cabin I was looking at the drawing to see what smoke stack to use and I noticed it said the bent pipe may have been used when Bluenose was racing, so I look at another book I have bought which is for the Bluenose 11 by LB Jenson (great book) and in it there is a page for the original Bluenose which shows it with a Liverpool Head. I scale the drawing approx and here is my take on a Liverpool Head, started with smoke pipe and made connection plate to top of cabin
  9. Another very nice build coming along Kev Regards Richard
  10. Just catching up Steve lots of likes I like working with metal too, very nice updates Regards Richard
  11. Wow brilliantly done John Regards Richard
  12. Been awhile but good to be back thanks very much for all your nice comments Having the hatch slide back and forth I thought why not make the doors work so made some small hinges Then made the doors out of Boxwood and machined the grove with a .030 ball cutter Still have to make the pins for now just stuck some .010" rod to hold Then made the compass housing out of box wood cover I made by cutting small strips of wood to go around shape
  13. Very nice work Pat, Regarding your mould and casting how much are you going to do, regarding bubbles in your rubber you could use a vacuum to pull the bubbles out before pouring over your masters and when casting once you pour resin into mould you could install into a pressure pot and that will remove any bubbles in your casting Here is a picture of mould pulled with a vacuum, you will see no bubbles but I also put it in the pressure pot for 2 mins Vacuum pot Pressure pot I used was a pressure paint pot not an expensive one, with a
  14. Brilliant job Rob it looks so life like Regards Richard
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