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  1. Great looking model Lloyd another one to go along with the theme, what will be up next, Regards Richard
  2. Ripaman

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Coming along brilliantly Rich Regards Richard
  3. Ripaman

    Dragon 1/35 M6A1 Heavy Tank

    Very nicely done Sairou, can see a bit of the Sherman in it. Regards Richard
  4. Come back with a bang Carius, very nice project Regards Richard
  5. Very nice Stephen and what a great way to show it Regards Richard
  6. Lovely job Clive you must have some dam good eyesight Regards Richard
  7. I would give yourself a big pat on the back Simon your weathering is just brilliant, the whole model is brilliant Regards Richard
  8. Another nice project to follow Clive just looked at there web page and they do seem to have some other nice 1:35 models Regards Richard
  9. Hi Ben very nice model, do like the Churchill as well they just seam to grow on on me Regards Richard
  10. Ripaman

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Hi Giuseppe see you are doing your magic with your paints again very nice. Simon if you go to this site you will see what he produces ww.true-earth.com they are all very nice paints, I have bought quite alot from him (I have no affiliation with this product just a satisfied customer) Regards Richard
  11. Ripaman

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Looks like you have a good stock of plastic sheet Rich or are you doing this out of card , nice progress either way. Regards Richard
  12. Ripaman

    Falmouth Working Boat

    What a little cracker Kev fantastic progress Regards Richard
  13. Ripaman

    A30 Challenger.

    Lovely update there John have a great holiday don't get to burnt Regards Richard
  14. Ripaman

    AFV Club Churchill Mk IV 75mm Gun

    Thanks very much Glynn, John, Rich, Beefy and Etienne for your kind posts I have immense fun building this as I do with all my models, but have to finish some Regards Richard
  15. Ripaman

    AFV Club Churchill Mk IV 75mm Gun

    Cutting the angle to the dangle = cutting piece longer then file and file until you get angle right Added brass angle going across the base at the gearbox and front end, added the rivets made from the riveter (from the small shop) still need to add the other row, made new engine mounts (out of plastic) and gearbox mount (out of brass) now to get the engine and gearbox at the right angle took this drawing and scaled it to 1:35 Made a jig with the angle needed then machined a spacer to go between engine and gearbox, then machined some aluminum tube to fit inside axles and then go to gearbox shaft Now got all parts glued in Until next time Regards Richard