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  1. I maintained her back in '92-'93 during my one year tour. She was still dressed in boring grey camo then!
  2. I maintained that Viper when she was assigned to Kunsan AB, South Korea! Outstanding work!!
  3. Thank you all very much! I appreciate the comments!!
  4. Thank you very much! It is such a great looking scheme!
  5. Here's my F-4EJ made from the Revell F-4F. Some details are not correct but if it looks like a Phantom...I added SBS Models cockpit (excellent BTW), Aires exhausts, decals by DXM (Cartograf), Master Model pitots/AOA, and ASM missiles from a Hasegawa weapons set. She is finished with MRP paints. Thanks for looking! Rich
  6. Beautiful! I love the subtle panel lines...what did you use?
  7. Great build! She was a big plane! Thanks for showing her near other aircraft for scale.
  8. Thank you! Tamiya provided the lights, complete with recess on the back for a light bulb and the demarcation for the black half. So small! I can only take credit for applying a few drops of paint!
  9. Thank you all for the comments! I really appreciate it! Rich
  10. Excellent! Beautiful finish. According to scalemates.com, Special Hobby is releasing a new tool this year! Well done!
  11. What a great kit! Typical Tamiya fit and detail. Of course, the one thing lacking are good quality decals...I remedied that with some aftermarket decals to represent a machine in the service of the Greek Air Force. I only added seat belts to round out the cockpit. Finished with MRP paints. Thanks for looking! Rich
  12. Thank you! It is an easy build that benefits from some PE to dress up the rather spartan cockpit.
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