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  1. Thank you! The Japanese built 105 of them but they weren't used as they were held back for the anticipated invasion of the home islands. Made of steel and wood with no armament save the single bomb. Also, the landing gear was designed to drop off after takeoff. Wild stuff!
  2. Finished up this little kit and it was fun! Added a Hasegawa pilot and replaced the kit-provided scope, pitot, and tail plane struts with brass tubing. Painted with MRP. Thanks for looking!
  3. What a great little kit! Added a Hasegawa pilot and Tamiya AIM-9 missiles (the kit provided missiles had sink marks - couldn't be bothered ) Painted with AK/MRP paint and kit decals (by Cartograf) were used. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thank you very much! I found the Eduard mask set to be indispensable!
  5. Hi all! Here is my Blenheim, finished in Romanian colors. I used kit supplied decals and added PE seat belts, exhausts/intakes by Quickboost, and a Vickers K gun by Gas Patch (excellent by the way). Painted with MRP. Thanks for looking! Rich
  6. Thank you! I'd wager more than one maintainer got "clotheslined" by those wires!
  7. Finished with MRP paint. Added True Details wheels, antenna, brake lines, seat belts, and backup gunsight. Thanks for looking! Rich
  8. Here's my latest build. Painted with MRP sprayed through a PS771 airbrush and used decals from a Special Hobby kit. Thanks for looking! Rich
  9. Hi all! Here's my completed Hunter. I used Eduard's PE and masks and made intake/exhaust plugs out of sheet plastic and masking tape. Finished with MRP paint. These jets have a glossy finish and seem to be really clean. Thanks for looking! Rich
  10. Thank you! It went together rather well! Very good fit and detail. Recommended! Rich
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