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  1. Hi all! Normally, I build 1/72 kits but have made an exception. My mom bought me this kit while I was visiting her recently and I decided to move it to the front of the queue. Reminded me of when I was a kid and she would surprise me with a new kit. This kit required a little surgery to its rear to make way for the provided metal tail wheel assembly. I also added some detail to the exposed outer main wheels since Hasegawa didn't provide any. I used Techmod hinomarus and tail lettering from Printscale. Paint is by Mr Color (bottom) and AK on top. Thanks for looking! Rich
  2. What a great little kit! Came with four marking options (although I did try masking & painting the hinomarus for the first time), PE, and masks. I think the "Claude" is a great looking aircraft and I look forward to future Clear Prop! builds! Thanks for looking! Rich
  3. I love a well executed Viper! Great work!
  4. Hi all! Here's my latest build. If you haven't built a Tamiya Zero, you are missing out! They are fantastic! Well, except for the decals! LOL! I purchased some Berna decals but they were out of register and didn't adhere at all. Ended up using the kit decals instead. Added Eduard seatbelts and painted with AK's Ameiro paint. I went with a gloss finish as I understand the early war Zeros were maintained shiny. Pictured with my A6M5c. Thanks for looking! Rich
  5. Here's my latest build. Overall, it is a a good kit with some fit issues (engine nacelles and main landing gear). Freehand camo painted with MRP RLM 75 & 76 and Tamiya NATO black used on bottom. Added Eduard PE & wheels, brake lines/clamps from lead wire, and applied kit decals. Included a couple pics with my Hasegawa Me-262. This build was challenging and I need a beer! LOL! Rich
  6. Thank you! I'll have to see what I can find regarding "The Silvers"!
  7. Great camo! Superb Viper!
  8. Thank you! I really enjoyed the build. The intakes require some careful fitting but other than that, no issues!
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