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  1. Hi all! Thought I'd try doing a WIP thread for the first time! Bear with me! My latest project is an FG-1D Corsair finished in El Salvadoran markings. Feels a bit odd not applying blue to a Corsair but I like that it is different! I am using MRP paint and a Sotar 20/20 to freehand the camo. Here are a few pics showing the progression. Probably not accurate but I am not bothered by that. Thanks for looking! Rich
  2. Thank you! Here's what I used: MRP - 101 MRP - 387 MRP - 227 MRP - 243 MRP - 397
  3. Wow! What a build! This is my first Modelsvit build and there will be more! So much detail! Takes a bit of work/planning to get everything together but just enough of a challenge to keep me interested. Added Eduard PE, Master Model guns/pitot and Armory wheels. Painted with MRP paint (freehand) and kit decals were used (very nice BTW). Pictured with my Yak-1 and MiG-21 for comparison. She's a big jet! Thanks for looking! Rich
  4. I went with RLM 2...not sure why...artistic license? Your build is looking real good!!
  5. Thank you and I agree. Definitely lacks the finesse of the Eduard MiG-15!
  6. Fantastic Tony! Love the cockpit details you added!
  7. Thank you both very much! With regard to the nose...the edges of the lower fuselage and gun cover are beveled where they come together and the sprue gates are located there as well so careful cleaning of the edges is essential without removing too much plastic (easy to do with Airfix's soft stuff). I found when I installed the upper nose ring I had a gap on both sides where it mates to the lower nose ring/gun cover. I elected to keep the gaps in favor of having the nose ring and fuselage come together without a step. I then filled the gaps with styrene shims and sanded smooth. Hope this helps!
  8. Thank you Gary! Yours is a superb Fresco build!!
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