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  1. Getunderit


    Swedish warship bunker built into side of mountain.
  2. Getunderit


    There is a difference in how we see things, when there is a personal tie to it in some way or other. I have a few diorama scenes on my mind, but I know that some of them wouldn't mean anything to most others. If I did build them, they would only be for me. However, I have created a large collage diorama (not a model) of a road cycling incident I was in. I used it as a means for art therapy. Though it's not a scene that most people would want to view, but it is all important to me. I have it hanging above my bike stand. Every time I get my bike ready for another ride, I get reminded to be prepared. This type of diorama, model or not, is a snapshot of what our soul holds. One diorama I would like to build is based on what my grandmother told me about my grandfather. He was, at one time, captain for the Polish soccer team (between WWI and WW2). To arouse the crowed and fans he would enter the soccer field walking on his hands. To most, it wouldn't mean anything. To me it means a great deal. Thanks bar side for sharing.
  3. Getunderit

    Building a HAS

    This is looking REALLY GOOD. Enjoying the added buildings, and the seeing how you tackle the more difficult structures. Thanks for showing.
  4. Getunderit


  5. Getunderit

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Hello Derek. Yes, due to the water being 85% of the display area, the painting job could make/break the whole diorama. But I intend to make it on the first try. I will be preparing myself for it. The goal is to paint the water with varying shades of colour to simulate depth, and to proceed from one depth to the next while wet. The above mache experimental board will be used for testing my approach to painting the mache. Fairly sure I will need more paint, especially Raw Umber, Cerulean Blue, and Phthalo Green. Also will need retarding medium to slow the drying of the acrylic paint. Water and wave machine (for this diorama) . . . Ho ho ho that is so funny.
  6. Getunderit


    HMS Belleisle after the Battle of Trafalgar
  7. Getunderit

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Experimented with creating water surfaces for the river. Used tissue/toilet paper with PVA-water mixture. Used a long haired bristle brush for dabbing and forming textures and shapes of the paper mache. Trying to work out how to apply this stuff around piers, bridge footings, and ramps. Created a wake, which could be applied for the small boat. May introduce a very mild wake around the bridge pier footings. The only time the water runs fast is during a flood. Made ripples waves that come to shore at times, by rolling the brush across the paper mache (bottom right). Bunched up some mache to form a small ripple (wake) wave, as seen near the shore (bottom left). Discovered that it is not good to redo/add-to the paper mache after it has dried. It does not blend in too well. So, to do this job it will have to be done in a single session. To cover just under two square metres, it will take a while, and lots of PVA-water mix (a few litres). Also, using at least four layers of toilet paper, so I will be needing a few rolls of that too.
  8. Getunderit

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Thanks Derek. I looked it up on the Milliput home page. Sounds great, just what I need. Also looked to see if it is sold in Australia. Yes it is, and in the process discovered that we also have a Hobby Tools website. They got some great stuff too. Thanks again.
  9. Getunderit

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    I enjoyed making the shark, and would make others if I had a better medium than DAS. QUESTION: Is there a medium which can easily stick itself together, and pliable like Plasticine, yet dries like ordinary clay?
  10. Getunderit


    I was referring to ... to minimize costs. I am in the same boat. If it costs too much, one looks for alternatives before abandoning the idea.
  11. Getunderit

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Thanks @Gorby for your supporting comments. Thank you @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @stevehnz for your __________________________________________________ Used some DAS modelling clay to make a figurine that requires custom building. I soon discovered that the modelling clay was not as pliable as I hoped. Small parts could not successfully be attached the the main body with wetting. So I made these parts separate, and to be glued onto the main body afterwards. Used a knife, sandpaper and small files to shape these very small parts. Then I immersed them into a PVA-water mix and let dry (again). This will strengthen the clay (less fragile). Then I used PVA to glue the parts together. Used enamel paint the paint the shark. Sorry @Gorby, not squid or crocodile. I wanted to add people swimming in the water, but discovered that nobody swims there. The reason is that there are many Bull Sharks in the area, and they have attacked swimmers in Richmond River. While waiting for parts to dry, I would alternate to altering two figurines.
  12. Getunderit


    Don't sell yourself short on your skills mate. I've seen what you can do. The above would be a piece of cake for you. Budget wise, the diorama does not have to have the same aircraft, and the other scrap bits can almost be anything, and it does not have to be from aircraft, as long as it looks as if it comes from aircraft. As my Drill Sargent once said to me, "B.S. baffles brains". The other thing to remember is that small scale plane kits are cheaper. Carriages can be built, but I think you may have to buy a very cheap second hand toy train set to get the carriage wheels and tracks. Well, that's my two bobs worth.
  13. Getunderit

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    I've been planning to have a small fishing boat (dinghy) on the river near the car park and ramp. This boat is to appear as if made from aluminium alloy, with an outboard motor. Last night, and today, spent making it from Masonite, a paddle-pop stick, scrap dowel, and a paper clip.
  14. Getunderit

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Hello my friends, I think I am back. Feeling much rested, and lasting longer awake than sleeping. It was a strange experience to be so tired without other symptoms such as having the flu, or fever. Anyway, I started doing some more on the diorama. The first thing I did was to give a few coats of grey on the side walls. I used the leftover grey that was used on the bridge.