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Jon Kunac-Tabinor

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  1. Jon Kunac-Tabinor


    For those needing help with French pronunciation; for example - the nuances of saying Fonderie Minatures exactly like a native, then use this easy to remember trick: Fonderie Miniatures- it's Fonderie as in "Oh My God" and Miniatures, as in "Help!". Tres Simples. joiners
  2. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    1/48 Hawker Tempest

    In terms of the nose being too bulbous - I can't see it myself. The spinner diameter matches the Hasegawa Typhoon almost exactly & perfectly - in fact if you had a 4 blade DH prop and spinner from that kit, or a resin AM one - then you could use it to replace the Eduard 'Sinead O'Conner' version ( Far Too "Holy" for its own good). Jonners
  3. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

    A note for builders: The rear lower wing flap area needs a bit of a sand down inside to get it to sit flush with upper surface single piece trailing edge. And the integral actuating jacks in the wheel well (for the UC inner gear doors) are a dead cert to break off - so protect them or remove and reserve. You have been warned! More as it happens. Jonners
  4. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

    Crikey - are they -? and I've got the kit!! LOL. Jonners, discovering his decrepitude may be worse than thought....
  5. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

    Hi Dave - just took a look at the other thread - and yes I agree. I didn't mention the bumps on the upper wing fillet as it really is rather esoteric but they should be there over the rear wing spar attachments (thats from Rowan B not me - to give him full credit). The spinner hub prop hole should be more slit like - that's for sure - Ultracast got it right I think on their resin version. I suppose one could fill in the larger holes a tad and reshape to make it better - its not hard - but I think it would be something most would shy from? Troy - the red green light is done as a clear insert with orders to paint the the relevant colours on the back. It drop sin to a shaped recess on the wing underside. You will all be pleased to know that the cannon ports are moulded open with small inserts for the muzzles, while the srs i longer stubs for this version are slide moulded with open muzzles. Cheers all - off to watch Peter Jacksons They Shall Not Grow Old now Jonners
  6. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

    Please note in the above - all things are just push fitted, and none of the internals are added - so you can see a lot of void inside. There are a few things to note - First, fit is good - but WHY did Eduard choose to spit the underside rear wing join like that - OK I know why - but still.... There's a wee bit of flash on several parts . Nothing bad - just saying. The rows of horizontal rivets along the rear fuselage are easy to "feel" and do show up in the pics - Not sure if they need a gentle rub down. Only way to tell is a coat of paint and see. My gut feeling is yes. That's the larger, late spinner hub in the pic. The recessed area around the front of the cockpit windscreen ( itself a very nice insert as you can see) takes the windscreen which is moulded with a section of fuselage - almost exactly like the Airfix Sea Fury kit solution. Great idea - easy to mask. The rudder is slide moulded and hollow inside. Cool. My cutting mat has a warp. NCC 1799 USS Cutting Mat then I guess The top shot shows the drop tank/ bomb rack location points - which I'm still trying to ascertain as to their existence on series 1. I'm not saying they weren't there on Srs i, Im just saying I need to find a pic. cheers Jonners
  7. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

  8. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

    hi - show price was £32 Jonners
  9. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Eduard's new Hawker Tempest 1/48th scale. Wow!

    Evening all! I think I bought the last two yesterday! However to anyone thinking of building one - all I can say is Cor Blimey Guv- what a diamond. The moulding is incredible - really lovely fine recessed detail, the fin fillet is perfectly sharp and the fuselage length looks to be right too, as does the wing thickness. For those of an impatient nature - all the parts are in the box too for a series ii Tempest ( ie the one you all know & love ) - there are no drop tanks in this series i boxing though - which is no surprise as they weren't fitted with them as far as I know. (the attachment points are still there on the undersurface which is my one ponder - I cant find a ref that says they were there or not on series i birds) AND - for those of your with a penchant for Napier flavoured Hawkers - the kit has (as parts not required) not only zero length RP launchers, but also lightweight Mk III RP launchers - so if you are building alate war Typhoon - you can now do a proper one with the MK III launcher rails. And that is a GOOD THING. I realise Telford has been the Hellcat & HP 1/400 show to some extent but this kit is fantastic. Jonners - I'm back
  10. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    F8F-1 Bearcat

    Gosh, is it nearly 10 years ago I built that? Glad it's still proving useful Jonners
  11. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Mustang seatbelts

    My understanding is the olive green belts were a late war variant - so for aircraft up to perhaps late '44 the beige belt is correct. cheers Jonners
  12. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Driving in France

    Having recently returned from a holiday in France - driving Calais to Langeac in the Auvergne, and back plus day trips in betwixt, I would just put in a note of praise for the high quality of French roads. Nary a pot hole to be found on even the most rural of small country byways. The worst drivers I encountered were fellow Brits trying to get back to Calais for their ferries If you are driving to Paris though - make sure you get your "Crit air'" sticker sooner rather than later https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/ The site gives you info on where its enforced - and in Paris if you do drive into the "inner zone" you will be fined for not having one etc etc. Also, If you can find one - Aldi did a really good " everything you need to drive in Europe" box set over the summer for £20 - hi-viz bibs, generic bulbs 2 x breathalysers warning triangle , 1st aid kit, etc etc All in a nice zip up case. One last thing - if your car has a reg plate with the EU bit built in - you DON'T need a GB sticker - otherwise you do. I'm a francophile, I speak French reasonably well, so I have a less than balanced view - but believe me - driving on French roads is a pleasure compared to angry, snarled up, congested, pot-holed Britain. Have a lovely trip. Bon Voyage, et je vous souhaite une bonne vacance. Jonners
  13. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    On the other hand: A firm making models of subjects from the Nazi-era might be regarded as merely creating scaled versions of existing historical artefacts, whereas a model of a "Napkinwaffe" spaceship might lead one to suppose the company was affirming a notion that Nazi Germany continued for longer that it did- with all the intended horrific historical consequences that would have had. That could be seen by some as supporting it- I stress by some. The interesting thing is Revell's press release at the end: "Revell is currently looking into how a product of this nature was developed and brought onto the market. The development of a new product usually takes the manufacturer at least one year. Product managers are responsible for the development of models and toys and sometimes suggestions from fans are taken into consideration." i.e. We don't want to admit we boxed a kit for someone else without anyone thinking it might look a bit odd for a German company to market a make-believe Nazi gun-laden UFU wonder-weapon model via toyshops like it's a Messerschmitt 109!! FWIW I always thought the machine was an odd choice for Squadron to come out with in the first place; but given that, to quote someone from a well known specialist book publisher when asked what sells the best, "Anything WW2 and German, and if it's definitely Nazi even better, and if its definitely Waffen SS even better still". Couple that with the "Flying Saucer" sci-fi aspect, and I guess we know why! Jonners
  14. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    1/48 FFVS J-22 - Sweden 1945 - PlanetModel

    Nice build, and a lovely finish. I have this kit, and if mine comes out like yours I will be very happy Cheers Jonners
  15. Jon Kunac-Tabinor

    Marmaduke "Pat" Pattle's last Hurricane AS988 - The gen?

    It is very much of use - the pointed Rotol prop would make sense - and as Tony O'Toole states its helped with climb rates - so might be "bagged" by the OC as the newest, and possible best crate. Im going towards sky blue undersides for mine - and I'd be interested to hear what NR thinks too. Many many thanks. Jonners