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  1. Hi guys, that would sound to be likely explanation- ie the mistaking of SAM for SAMI. Just to stress that SAM - Scale Aircraft Modelling - has no connection with SAMI, but that doesn't stop me from hoping your missing SAMIs turn up so you can all have something else to peruse while in the "littlest room" Don't forget - if you want to write for us, then just drop me a line. We are always on the lookout for new victims writers, and have plenty of advice and help to get you started too. If I can do it, then you can. Right, I'm off to fiddle with me F-15 Have a great modelling wee
  2. Hi again, I haven't heard back from you about this yet. Have you received your copy? We'v had no problems from the printers/ distributors, so it would be good to know who told you that. They all went out at least 3, now nearly 4 weeks ago. If you prefer- please PM me with your details and we can double check to ensure there have been no slip ups. cheers Jonners
  3. No worries Chris- at leats you know its suitably quarantined now! I hope you enjoy the issue. Cheers and thanks for telling us too. Jonners
  4. Hi Chris, can I ask which issue it is you are waiting for? The October one - with the Eduard Spit 1 on the cover? Hi Ranners, can I ask where you are located in the UK please? Cheers Jonners
  5. I don't think a lot of Mustangs constitutes a problem! It shows a person of taste and style Glad you liked the article, the Eduard kit is lovely but not plain sailing, although it does give the modeller a really top class looking P-51. P-51s are second only to Spits in my collection, although I do lack Allison engined ones, something I intend to rectify. cheers! Jonners
  6. Thank you! It's great to have praise and I enjoyed that build too. It's probably a good idea to email the editor with things you like as it does help us set the tone, and it stops me reporting back that 'they like my models" too!! Many thanks Jonners
  7. Please do! But also - tell us what you do and don't like. We can't promise to cater for all tastes all the time but we are always happy to listen! Cheers, Jonners
  8. Just to make life easier for you all Here's the press release: "Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine will undergo a change of editor from our November issue. Readers cannot fail to have noticed the quality and expertise that Chris Meddings has brought to the title, but Chris has decided to look for new projects elsewhere and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Managing Director of Guideline Publications Alan Corkhill would like to thank Chris for his dedication and commitment to the company while editing SAM, and we hope to see some features from him in our future publication
  9. As an update to the Tornado, it has I'm afraid been sent to the big HAS in the Sky. A recent house move demanded a sacrifice to the gods, and this was one of the "chosen". On the plus side, it doesn't mean I can now build another when the mood takes me! Cheers Jonners
  10. From memory, the Hakaristi was the emblem of Count Rosen, the Swedish noble who donated the first aircraft to the nascent Finnish Airforce, hence it was adopted as their national marking. It was widely used before the Nazis stole it for their own evil purpose, being seen on interwar RAF and WW1 aircraft of many combatants. I assumed the FAF had dropped it totally in it 1944 when they sued the Russians for peace and effectively "swapped sides", but I never knew the AF kept it on as their official emblem. It's bizarre but then I guess if it means something else to the Finns that's what i
  11. Hi Des. I'm interested that you seem to think that many who have come to the hobby in the "internet era" - that's the last 30 years by the way- are just here for "public self fulfilment". What is that? Is it the same as winning medals at contests? Or getting your local clubs best model award? Can you expand a little? I have to say your statement does seem a little judgemental. I'm afraid I don't know the model you refer too, so it's difficult to comment. But if it's the only example that you can give then that does not an epidemic of acclaim-obsessed-modellers make. Just a talented m
  12. Ok so the 109 is not to everyone's taste, yet that does not mean yours is right of course. What sort of style would your prefer? and would you like to see all contributors adhere to it? All contributors are modellers and have their own style. I'd also politely suggest that this does not apply as you state to every article too, and invite you to prove otherwise. "Every article every month".? What would you prefer the photos to show ? I'm trying to ascertain here what you want. You are forthcoming as to what's wrong (the easy bit I'd venture) but what should the pictures show? The issue o
  13. I meant kit as in tools, not model parts. Sorry - it does come over as confusing, I will edit for clarity. cheers Jonners
  14. Think on at a pace that suits. Glad to have your input. Ta muchly & nostalgic musings always accepted. jonners
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