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  1. I'm slowly edging towards starting this model- as the schedule allows, but in the meantime, an unashamed plug for my friend Jeffrey's excellent resin parts: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/fj-2-fury-tail-surfaces You know you want to! Jonners
  2. HI - sorry if I confused. My understanding was it was related. The mod sheet seems to imply the UES was removed when the MDC was fitted and that RAF Buccs didnt need an underwater system anyway. So perhaps there is a changeover period while RAF ones were modified? I think we need an answer! LOL cheers Jonners
  3. Just to reinforce Challys post above. The third and foremost triangle on the port side showed the aircraft was fitted with the automatic underwater ejection system I believe. If you read the MDC modification spec sheet shown in previous posts you can see that this was removed once the MDC mod was fitted: Hence the third warning triangle was no longer needed. My thumbs up for a new S1 conversion too please cheers Jonners
  4. You are most probably correct there. If you have the F6 model and can comment on what should be changed, then I'm sure it would be welcomed. the F6a spine ledge is still there etc etc - but as i said these are all the foibles of the original F6 release. I'm not totally sure how the upper wing changes for an F2/4/5/early 6 other than the dog tooth going? I think somewhere I've posted about the 3 different Aden cannon shell ejection port styles, but I must confess that the nuances of the Sapphire vs Avon fuselage tend to escape. cheers Jonners
  5. Mine arrived today, ironically as I was cutting up the F6 for a two seat conversion. The kit has parts in it for a GA11 too. The new "sine dentum canes" wing inserts look nice and the shape of the 100 series jet pipe looks good too. The Suez Mk5 has full decal stripes too. The only thing the Mk 5 builder will need to do, if they are in the mood, is alter the fuselage vents and grilles for the sapphire engine. The parts for the later big bore rear fuselage are still in the kit, so this is the better buy for versatility I would say as you can now build any single seat non FR Hunter from this box. All in all, despite having all the little niggles of the F6 release- excellent decals and good options make this a really nice kit. cheers Jonners
  6. Hi Jonny, I just wonder whether you might want to respond to the latest edition of SAM? cheers Jonners
  7. Thanks all. if you look too closely you can see all the imperfections. hence 'thrown together". I blame the kit- its just one of those that screams "build me" cheers Jonners
  8. I'm never sure how you do these so well mate other than your total talent and love for the subject matter (and alchemy) of course , but as ever it looks bloody lovely. The asymmetric weathering on the top wings just adds to the look, and it's hard to pull off well without looking obvious or laboured. Yours is neither and is effortless.. Top start to the year Id say. Jonners
  9. HI all, so the first completed kit for 2020 is a bit of a thrown together 1/72nd Airfix S2C Buccaneer. I started it just before Christmas, and it was wheeled over the finish line yesterday. The kit fits well, but one needs to take care cleaning up sprue removal nubs in some areas to ensure a good fit. It is also possible to modify the rear jet nozzle fairings so the exhausts can be added after painting too. The bombs and pylons are meant to go on the inner hard points where the tanks are, but it's easy to snip of the back location pin and use them outboard. Markings are for a 700B squadron machine in 1965, in the early colour scheme (which, I think, is also the nicest!). Back dating involved removing the raised fairings at the fuselage to intake mouth junction and reshaping the wing mounted threat warning antenna to the early pointy circular ones. I decided not to remove the airbrake strengthening plates (because I forgot). Paints used were Tamiya's newish lacquer white and their standard acrylics for a homebrew Extra Dark Sea grey. Most decals are from the kit, but the squadron markings and serials are from a 1980 Modeldecal sheet. The glue had gone lumpy on these so each was soaked off the backing sheet, flipped over onto my finger and a wet brush was used to remove the perished adhesive. Mr Mark Setter was then used as a new adhesive to apply the decals. Final finish is a mix of Mr Colour GX flat and gloss varnish thinned with Mr Colour rapid thinner. All comments are welcome as ever. Happy new year! Jonners
  10. or to put it another way, "The producer hasn't done what I wanted. Therefore they are rubbish" Judging form the other more positive reactions on here, I don't think they will miss your money Cheer up, it could have been another 109! Jonners
  11. Hi all, sorry I've not been on here as much. Have been busy having a change of direction . Here's the output for the year. More scales than just 1/48th for once too! A belated Merry Christmas to you all, and here's to a 2020 that's good for modelling at least. Eduard's 1/48th Tempest V early boxing converted to a series ii and their seriesii converted to a Centaurus engined Tempest MKII (appeared in TMMI mag) Airfix 1/48th Hawker Hunter F6 backdated to an early dogtoothless MK6 AMG 1/48th P-63C Kingcobra Eduard's 1/48th FW190A-4 Airfix 1/48th Spitfire XIV Airfix 1/48th Meteor F MK8 build for SAM article Eduard 1/48th Me109G10 Model Art 1/35 FW Triebflugel build for SAM article ICM 1/32nd scale Polikarpov I-16 Tip 17 build for SAM article Airfix 1/72nd scale Bristol Blenheim build done for Guidelines publications book Modelsvit 1/48th Yak-9T a shelf of doom save- just AMG 1/350 scale Saunders Roe SR45 build for SAM review Special Hobby 1/32nd Kawasaki T-33A build for SAM article AMG 1/144 Bf109C for SAM review Cheers Jonners
  12. Hi all. I'm a little flushed with "Christmas spirit" this evening so will refrain from a reply till I can check stuff, but as I recall we did say with WH384 that the fin might be black or silver- and gave both as options. It does illustrate the problem with trying to give modellers interesting colour schemes though. When we did the research there was one pic of this Meteor and the tail empennage was dark to the point that it could have been shadow or black painted. More stuff tomorrow when I'm not so "tired and emotional" Jonners
  13. My point was that your post implied reviewers fill articles with words purely to make up the word count. As another member has said it's usually a case of trying to cut down the word count for it to fit with magazine articles, as we want to say as much as we can that we hope is of interest! ( but plainly isn't a lot of the time it seems alas ) If I inferred incorrectly my apologies. Jonners
  14. Which reviews do that? Plenty of CA on sale at Telford cheers Jonners
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