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  1. I have to say chaps that as my decal designer is currently 'hors de combat' it may be a wee while before stuff happens. But, that doesnt mean it won't, and never say never. Cheers and apologies for my woefully poor reply rate Jonners
  2. I would point out that the electronic version of any magazine requires no payment to commercial printing company to print, fold, stitch and trim the physical copies. And of course incurs no physical distribution costs either. cheers Jonners
  3. Hi chaps, It's probably fair to point out that the advert was more than likely laid out by Hornby/Airfix and supplied as a PDF to drop into the layout. There's usually an expectation in publishing that the adverts one is supplied with are 'print ready'. i.e they have been checked by the client already and are ready to go. It maybe of course that Key do the layout for the ads on their magazine for Airfix, in which case it's an 'oops' moment. Just to clarify - for those who perhaps don't know. The magazine is owned and produced by Key Publishing. It's not owned by Hornby or Airfix. Cheers Jonners
  4. Hi everyone, here's whats coming up for the July issue. It is printed and ready to go out to subscribers next week, and will be on sale next Thursday from all the usual outlets, as always. Hope you enjoy it. The Whirlwind is my build, and I'm rather chuffed to have the cover. Cheers Jonners
  5. Top stuff Sabrejet!! I had no idea though that the lovely Roger Lindsay had died. I corresponded with him over 66 sqn Meteors and his 4 books are truly excellent. Back to Zeke- here's a hopefully more colour balanced version of that shot. I could be persuaded that the name is dark blue, not black … cheers Jonners
  6. Hi chaps, space prevented this going into my Fennec article, but if it helps anyone then please use as you see fit. It's a starting point only, but might save time. It's scaled to 1/48. cheers Jonners
  7. Hi Chris- it will go on just before the print issue hits the shops, which should be tomorrow. Hope you like it. cheers Jonners
  8. My starboard gun bay was a perfect fit, as was the ammo bay cover. Cheers Jonners
  9. Hi chaps, I'm currently building this - and converting to a slatted MK.6. The parts so far are all fitting well, but I'd caution that on the port fuselage half the inserts seem slightly less willing to fit flush, all sitting a little low in their positions. It might just be my kit but its worth mentioning. The wing breakdown makes adding slats very simple BTW. And I could easily see an aftermarket resin company making drop a drop fit slat conversion that would require only a simple mod to the parts. If you do remove the wing fence though- its very slightly hollow so back fill with CA&Talc first. cheers Jonners
  10. Well this afternoon I mixed up some X-21 flat base with LP-20 ( Light gunmetal) and LP-11 ( Silver). Thinned with Tamiya lacquer retarder thinner and airbrushed onto some RAF Mk III lightweight RP rails, It dried extremely matt. I used two large brushfuls of it with about a total of 4 brushfuls of paint and then about twice as much thinner, and I'd say I overdid the X-21 by loads, but then I was just doing it as an experiment. ( interestingly with this amount of matting agent in metallic you get a very, very flat grey speckled fined which could have a use I'm sure) So in short: does it intermix with Tamiya lacquer paints? Yes. Will it thin with Tamiya lacquer thinner too? Yes. cheers Jonners
  11. Their lacquer thinner will thin their acrylics too, so I can't see why it wouldn't work 'in theory'. Is there a reason you want to matt the paint before you apply rather than applying a matt varnish afterwards though? cheers Jonners
  12. Hi all - here's the cover for the next edition, which will be available in the shops next week, as usual, as ever. And it's full to the brim with interesting modelling features and articles, as usual, as ever. Subscribers will receive their copies a day or so earlier, but look out for it on general sale Thursday 25th March. cheers Jonners PS the Mach 2 Comet is fab!
  13. Hi FF, I'm always keen to find out in what way you think some of the builds have decreased quality wise. If you'd prefer to PM me thats fine, and please do be honest. The best feedback is the stuff we can act on to make the magazine even better. Cheers Jonners Assistant Editor SAM
  14. Hi Chaps, yes that's correct @treker_ed. We were hacked and then locked out of our admin, so had to start afresh with a new page, named 'SAM - Scale Aircraft Modelling'. Just as clarification: Guideline Publications Ltd are the-owners and publishers of Scale Aircraft Modelling, which has no links to Model Airplane Monthly (MA) and Scale Aviation Modeller International (SAMI). (I do appreciate it can get confusing!) Model Airplane International is published and owned by Doolittle Media Ltd, who also own and publish Tamiya Model Magazine International in the UK. Airfix Model World is owned and published by Key Publishing Ltd. There will be a short test later Cheers, and I'm glad your are enjoying the mag! Jonners
  15. Hi Greg, yes in a year of many "interesting' things, it is not huge. I'm very happy you like the way SAM is going too. We do aim to get the right balance. cheers Jonners
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