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  1. Jeannin Stahltaube Wingnut Wings 1/32 I`ve used: Taurus Models Camshaft and sparkplugs Gaspatch turnbuckles Steven Robson`s spokes Masks by Krzysztof Tengli propeller outline cut by Michał Jakś Propeller hub by Proper Plane Seatbelts by HGW
  2. Many thanks for your extremely kind words!!! I`m blushing
  3. Since the last update I`ve attached the engine bay rigging using the Gaspatch 1/48 scale turnbuckles and EZ line. When it comes to the landing gear I`ve used the fishing line instead of the EZ line - it gives so much to the structural rigidity of the undercarriage. Finally, I could use the absolutely magnificent Steven Robson`s spoked wheels. They are like little jewels, I can only hope my model is worth them. And finally, the radiators have been installed.
  4. The fuselage halves are closed. I`ve also painted the airframe. The wings and the tailplane were a challenge. I wanted to make them to appear transluscent as in the reference pictures. It took a lot of kabuki tape and some patience. But I think it was worth the effort. Many thanks to Krzysztof Tengli for the masks for the markings - they were absolutely great! Time for weathering and undercarriage.
  5. I`ve worked on the engine. I`ve replaced the camshaft with the resin one by Taurus Models. I`ve also used the HGW seatbelts in the cockpit. It`s time to close the fuselage.
  6. The cockpit interior section of the Taube is almost completed. I still need to add the interior rigging on the both fuselage halves.
  7. As far as I know the blue was forward during the WWI.
  8. Definitely one of the most challanging projects ever. The hardest part was keeping the dihedral of the upper wing and the proper geometry. Anyway, I`m extremely happy it`s finished.
  9. I carried on with the cockpit. I`ve finished the instrument panel along with the firewall. I`ve replaced the starting magneto with the resin one by Taurus Models. The seats have been painted as well. Finally, before I could proceed with the assembly, I`ve prepared the rudder pedals, the main petrol tank and the control column.
  10. The woodgrain has been painted using the watercolour crayons, both clear orange and yellow as well as the oils. I`ve also sprayed and weathered the engine firewall. (Ammo`s effects).
  11. I started with painting the fuselage CDL bits. I`ve sprayed them with XF-57 mixed with brown and white, in order to make them less uniform. I`ve also tried something new - I wanted to give the texture to the painted CDL, so using the crayons I`ve simulated the fabric weave.
  12. Handley Page 0/400 Copper State Models 1/48 Update #10 I`ve fixed the upper wing and started the rigging of the main wings. It started to look like an aircraft...
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