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  1. Thanks for your kind words gentlemen! I've updated the information on the model - it's Eduard's 1/48 kit. I've used some parts from the profipack release but in general this is. The weekend edition. Some parts are from the spares box and others are built from scratch.
  2. Hello, So here she is, nothing fancy I know. The most boring scheme ever, I know. The most boring aircraft of the Great War, I KNOW but still wanted to have one... Painted with Tamiya XF7 and artistic oils etc.
  3. Another update. Try as I might it`s really hard for me to get some depth out of that monolith red. Even though there is some pre-shading ( you have to believe me ) I used oils and will probably use some more...
  4. No surprises here at all. The 100th anniversary of Richthofen`s demise approaches. Good time to finally build some red triplane. This is where I am so far:
  5. Cheers! The problem is the cowling is that it is slightly too narrow, but it might be just a mistake I made along the way. Happened for the second time though, since I`ve built another one in Barker`s scheme a few years back and it had the same problem.
  6. My latest build - Forder`s Camel built OOB for a friend of mine. I`ve used elastic thread to imitate RFC wires. It was a pure joy apart from the cowling.
  7. Bob, they are just the drilled kit exhausts. I thought about replacing them with injection needles but after drilling, they looked decent enough.
  8. Many thanks for your extremely kind words! I`ll be back with some Soviet birds but right now I`m going to build something from more usual subject range
  9. Definitely out of my comfort zone, since I build mostly WWI subjects: it`s Safonov`s number 10. The missing starboard decal was printed and designed by Melius Manu, thanks a lot Kajetan! The model was painted with Hataka Red Line colours (camo) and Gunze, Tamiya. I know it`s far from perfect but still a joy to build. I`m going to build another one in the future and hope to build it with more details and fewer mistakes. This is what I used for reference when it comes to the paint scheme: And the rest of the pictures:
  10. Many thanks! That`s a true honor for me! This GB has been a lot of fun. So many great models were built. Keep up the good work Jaime!
  11. Many thanks for your kind words! You are a way too kind guys.
  12. Caudron G.4 Hydroavion Copper State Models 1/48. It was a pure joy with more than 170 pieces of wires The build thread is here: Caudron Hydroavion WIP
  13. Hi there, as a break from my usual subjects I`m going to build the second sub in my modelling career
  14. Thanks Dave and John! You`re way too kind. The device is indeed a wind-driven power generator for the wireless installation.