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    Hiya Folks, I don`t appear to have posted this model on BM before and as my MAC Ship Swordfish proved popular I thought that some of you might like to see my Airfix 1/72nd scale Swordfish floatplane? Some may have seen it in Airfix magazine some time ago, but hopefully it is new to most people! Due to the soft plastic and plethora of struts it was harder to build but I`m very happy with the result. For my subject I chose to replicate K8363 `Mitzi’ from 700 NAS which was one of two Swordfish floatplanes that constituted the catapult flight based aboard the battleship HMS Valiant during July 1940 at the time of the unsavoury but unavoidable action against the Vichy French fleet off Oran at Mers el Kebir, following the fall of France. During this operation Force H of the Royal Navy had been ordered from Gibraltar by Winston Churchill himself to attack units of the Vichy French Navy in harbour if they failed to agree to British proposals to sail to a neutral port or French territories further afield or align themselves with the British in the continued fight against Germany and Italy. If the French fleet fell into enemy hands this would have left the Royal Navy heavily outnumbered and at a distinct disadvantage so this uncertainty had to be dealt with, no matter how unsavoury the result may be. Unfortunately the French declined the British terms leaving them no option but to open fire on the 3rd July 1940, causing great loss of life amongst the French sailors during a fifteen minute bombardment and air attack which sank the battleship `Bretagne’, crippled the battleship `Provence’ and the battlecruiser `Dunkerque’ while also causing substantial damage to smaller vessels, port facilities and barracks. Obviously this led to much ill feeling towards the British from within the French Navy and the entire nation as a whole but the British sailors who were involved took no pleasure in their actions and found the entire incident highly distasteful. Prior to this confrontation the British and French fleets had been working together closely in the Mediterranean for years and many of the `matelots’ had French friends in Mers el Kebir. The role carried out by K8363 `Mitzi’ in this operation is open to question but the undisputed fact is that this floatplane was catapulted from HMS Valiant on the 3rd July 1940 and was forced to make a landing on the deck of HMS Ark Royal after the arrester wires were disconnected and soap was smeared over the landing area to help reduce the friction between the steel deck and the keel of the metal floats! Some accounts say that Captain Holland of HMS Ark Royal was catapulted in a Swordfish floatplane from HMS Valiant to convey the British terms to the French Admiral Gensoul and that he landed back on the flight deck of his own ship in this aircraft so that Vice-Admiral Somerville who flew his flag in HMS Ark Royal could be quickly informed of the French refusal, however most authorative histories of this action state that the British terms were actually taken into Mers el Kabir harbour by motor boat! One of the men who flew as part of the three man crew of K8363 `Mitzi’ on this day was Roy Tolley and he makes no mention of the carriage of Captain Holland. What he does say is that the name `Mitzi’ referred indiscriminately to either of the two Swordfish floatplanes operated by the catapult flight aboard HMS Valiant, these being K8363 flown by Petty Officer Ben Breese, himself and Sub Lieutenant Peter Starmer and P4197 flown by Lieutenant`s Hugh Davenport and Vernon Graves with Leading Airman Bungy Williams. Roy Tolley goes on to say that on the 3rd May 1940 whilst the tragic action took place ashore at Mers el Kebir both Swordfish were overhead directing naval gunfire but with fuel running low they received a coded morse message simply stating `Land on Ark Royal’. It appears that their home ship HMS Valiant was busily engaging the French warship Strasbourg and therefore unable to recover them both, so despite having floats rather than wheels they both safely landed aboard HMS Ark Royal instead. Some slight damage to the top of a float on K3463 “was repaired with a hammer and a tube of Bostik” and upon arrival back in Gibraltar the Swordfish were craned down onto the water and then water taxied back to their home ship ready to continue their usual catapult flight duties. Anyway I won`t bore you anymore,...so here is the model!; Massive thanks to Ian G for his help with photos of the real aircraft to use as reference,..cheers mate, All the best, Tony
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    My first Wild Weasel Started this (converted from a Trumpeter F-105G) before I embarked on my current craze of Vermont ANG birds. Resin cockpit made a huge improvement. "Crown 7" was a Korat-based Weasel in the middle of the Vietnam fight. Weapons loadout is the Weasel favorite of a couple CBU's with a Shrike. Takes out the radar with the Shrike, then goes in to destroy the rest of the site with the CBU's.
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    Hi all, here my latest model;AMK MiG-31BM.
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    Hello all, I'm really a slow builder, and when I finally manage to finish something or reach the finishing stages, my sausge fingers do produce chaos ... So thiis kit bgan its life in the guise of a Djibuti desert color scheme and it reached decals stage, but then I spilled some isopropyl (sp?) alcohol on the camo, thus leading to paint removal and the blue air defense scheme. This is the 1/48 Hobby Boss kit, paints are Gunze acryls and AK metallics for the undersides. Enough banter, on to the piccies ...; Comments and crits most welcome. Stef (#6)
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    1/48 scale, OD/Neutral Grey. Mostly OOB. Comments welcome.
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    OK - here is a first... Build by my 5 year old son this morning. Guess this is the first time that the Gallery was finished before the build log... Revell TIE Fighter Level 1: ;-) Mind you - he started another build...
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    evening folks - many thanks for your kind words so, some Spitfire action... yes, there has been some - lots of fiddly work and some frustrating moments... ..the target for tonight are torque links - two of them, they are the scissor link on the U/C leg that helps absorb landing shocks.. ..I started by discarding the PE bits I had made as they were grossly overscale- with a printout of the part I re-made them from sheet brass and pucnhed out the holes... ..once made, I needed to make the arms that encase the triangular parts - the real thing looks like a casting, but this would be a way to fake it.. I marked out the 8 sides I would need and drilled the holes for the hinge points at each end... ..and here is a sequence of shots showing how Imade 8 identical parts by making them together - first by pinning them through the holes, then by shaping them clamped in a vice... ..end result is 8 uniform parts.. ..then started to assemble them using pins as helping hands and also geometric guidance.. the lower one needs to fit into the upper one at the hinge point - that was tricky to do.. ..and some similar fettling to get them square and even on the mounting lugs... ..you can't see it here, but I added thick CA to round the inside edges and make it more like a casting would be, and now one leg is done with the other on the way.. ..I also added the distinctive spindle part at the top of the leg - only one side of it or I won't be able to slide it onto the mount in the wing due to the forward rake of the leg - I can add the other half when it is fitted.. ..and here it is push fit onto the mounting in the wing - you can see how angled it is... more soon TTFN Peter
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    Hello everyone! Here is my latest model - this time it's Willy Messerschmitt's personal Taifun. I used Fly's 1/72 kit, photoetched parts from Brengun and Techmod's set that contained decals for D-IMTT. I did not experience any great troubles with assembling the plastic. Some trimming was required to make sure that cabin fits into the fuselage. Also proper dry fitting is required before fuselage and wing are sticked together. Tamiya XF-25 was used to represent RLM-63. I think that is a very good match. Red band on the tail is painted. Model was finished with Future. I've always liked the look of this small and flawless aircraft - so I'm very happy now having it on the shelf! And a familty foto with a younger brother (Italeri's Bf-109 built years ago). Nice weekend to everyone! Dennis
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    And his second Blitz GB entry... :-)
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    Here we go with an update then. There are a couple of ejector pin marks or holes to fill, these are on the rear of the armour shield behind the pilot's head and are visible when the cockpit is constructed. The hole behind the headrest is filled now, both with superglue/talc mix. The cockpit was fitted to the lower fuselage piece, the bottom of the cockpit being the roof of the nose wheel bay. Time check... A hodfull of lead shot was added wherever I could to make sure it isn't a tail sitter. The instructions say 6g in each of the forward engine nacelles. I removed the great big alignment pin and socket from the forward fuselage and got more in there and in the nose cone. My (much) better half went out to the greenhouse while I was fettling, hence the 'snack bowl'. The main lumps are together and it's time for an Aldi (other discount supermarkets are available) Snack Noodle. Yummy. All the food groups.... simulated. Back later............
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    Just finished my first 1/24 car build. Quite a challenging build whuch at times really tried my patience, but in the end I enjoyed the challenge of the build. This was built for my nephew, who is now eyeing up several more builds for me to do, more of that in the future. Anyway here are the details, and I hope you like it. Kit - 1/24 Revell Ferrari 458 Italia Exterior Paint - Zero Paints Rosso Corsa Red & Gloss Black, with their pre mixed 1K Clear Lacquer. Remaining Parts Painted with Tamiya and Vallejo Acrylics, and cleared using Alclad2 Aqua Gloss Detail Parts - Hobby Design PE set and Metal Logo Set. Scale Motorsport 1/24 Carbon Decal Sheet. Lighting Kit from Jennifer at JS Minatures With the lights on And finally my favourite photo Anyway that's it and thanks for looking
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    Fort Amherst, Furness Withy. Small passenger/cargo ship. Scratchbuilt. Bob
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    Well I voted for the GB so I had better take part. I'll give this a go in two sessions (I am weak) of 0900-2100 Saturday and Sunday. As you can see from the clock, and the time of this post, I am late starting! Here we go: P3801
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    Around the Mediterranean in Messerschmitts, part one: Kit: Zvezda 1:72 Bf 109 F-2, snap kit but mostly glued together, build thread here Decals: Extradecal "Battle For Malta: Axis" III/JG 53, Sicily, March 1942 Paints: Humbrol enamels, painted with hairy sticks No other aftermarket stuff nor a dab of filler anywhere Thank you Enzo for running this for us, this was fun and I`m ready have another shot! Regards, V-P
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    Hey John, Invida and Limey, all of you guys are more than welcome on the topic! I agree with you John, the Victor is possibly one of the best looking aircraft ever. Menacing and graceful at the same time. Anyhow, life is one big puzzle today: I know it looks very rough now but I hope it'll get better once I'm done with the basic structure and once I start applying the filler.
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    This story reminded me of those halcyon days when Nimrods were based at St Mawgan. There was a holiday park / campsite that lay within the footprint of the visual circuit. That day, low level circuits (500ft) were being practiced by an OCU crew - 4 Speys being quite noisy. Cue an irate holiday maker (IHM) phoning up OC General Duties Flight (OC GD) to complain about low flying aircraft. Now, read on... RIng Ring OC GD: "RAF St Mawgan, Flt Lt Bloggs speaking." IHM: "I wish to make a complaint. There's an aircraft flying over the campsite that is illegally low. So low in fact I could see the whites of the pilot's eyes!" OC GD: "Oh really sir? The whites of the pilot's eyes you say? Did you happen to see the markings on the aircraft sir?" IHM: "Of course I did. I told you, this aircraft was dangerously low!" OC GD: "I see sir. Now these markings, where they red stars?" IHM: "Of course not!" OC GD: "Well then sir, we're obviously doing our job, aren't we." Click. Brrrrrrrrr
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    Saturday. 6.24am. Starting with some sprue shots: Looks to be a very nice kit. More later! Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
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    Well this is a bit unexpected, I had planned to build another Macchi C.205 in 1/48th but it hasn’t arrived yet and I was a bit surprised to see only one SM.79 in the build! I have so wanted to build this one or the resin one for so long that I really couldn’t at least attempt it for this GB. This was the original choice when the GB was suggested, so it’s always been in the back of my mind. Ok the model is produced by Flashback and appears to be a re-boxing of the old Classic Airframes SM.79 but with an Eduard PE set and different decals, which are rather nice. The model has a full set of resin extras, in the way of a nice cockpit area, propellers/engine faces and guns etc. I’m adding a nice set of Sky decals, …..some additional resin bombs and main wheels, which I may or may not use, …plus some additional PE from Eduard that was to be for the resin version. I’ll be using some of this just for detailing up the model a bit. I’ve already made a bit of a start to it, I haven’t build a limited run plastic model for a while and had forgotten about ejector pins, there’s plenty to remove! I’ve glued and cleaned up the wings already…no photo’s that part is a bit boring. The main section of the fuselage is bare, unlike the cockpit that is fully detailed, so with having the main door open as well as the upper turret, I need to have some sort of detail for the interior. So using that was the first job, making up the exposed framework. I’m not to sure how far I’ll take the interior, a lot will depend on time and how much will actually be seen. I haven’t decided yet whether to build the bomber or torpedo version, the kit supplies the parts for both, the same with the colour scheme. For that I intend to be a bit adventurous with that one, as there are some really colourful ones to choose from. So I can’t promise to have the one finished by the end of the build, but I reckon I’ll be close and will try to have it done, even it I have to forget about the 1/48th C.205!
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    Grossdeutschland on the move, dio was inspired by the photo in my Wip of a railway siding in Romania there is lots of armour on the move. It started out as going to be a tiger command tank on a platformwagen, then I brought a BR 86 to push it the base I built had 2 sets of tracks. So I brought a gondola then when Sabre models brought out their 50 ton platforwagon, that would finish it off with a Panzer IV moving onto it also. So here it is I'm going to call the project finished for now. The Wip link http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234968409-not-009-or-007/
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    Good day, gentlemen! Let me present you my piece of summer fantasy))). Not used any additional sets, just from box. Only wing edges sharpened.
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    And we're done for the day.
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    Hiya Folks, I don`t think that I`ve posted this one before,.....it is the Airfix 1/72nd scale Swordfish Mk.I converted into a Mk.II of B Flight, 836 NAS in 1944. Shore based at Maydown (HMS Shrike) in Northern Ireland, 836 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) was the largest operational squadron in the Fleet Air Arm with over 90 Swordfish on strength and it was tasked to deploy small semi independent flights aboard all but three of the 20 MAC Ships that were in service, the three exceptions being Dutch manned vessels which instead embarked Swordfish from 860 NAS of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Despite its success the old `Stringbag’ was plainly obsolete as a front line strike aircraft aboard the main Fleet Carriers but from 1941 it found itself a new niche flying in the anti submarine role on convoy protection duties from Escort Carriers and the even smaller MAC Ships. A MAC Ship was basically a civilian oil tanker or grain carrier that was fitted with a flight deck which enabled it to operate a flight of 3 or 4 Swordfish and as only a very small number of them had space for a tiny hangar below deck, the small Royal Navy contingent who also signed on as Merchant Navy deckhands like the rest of the civilian crew members had to service the aircraft out in the open in all weathers. The deck was so small that the Swordfish on deck had to be shunted forwards and backwards to allow others to take off and land and rocket assisted take off gear (RATOG) sometimes had to be used to get airborne. Equipped with up to 3 x Mk. VII depth charges, 8 x 60lb rockets or a top secret Mk.22 mine, which was actually the first ever homing torpedo and codenamed `FIDO', the Swordfish proved well suited to this anti-sub role and its slow landing speed was a real bonus when landing on the small carrier decks in mountainous mid Atlantic seas B Flight to which this aircraft belonged was deployed aboard the MAC Ships MV Empire MacAlpine, MV Mac Andrew, MV Mac Dermott (all grain carriers and the MV MacMahon (a tanker) and most aircraft also had the title "Benvorlich" (the name of a Scottish hill rising above Loch Earn in the Grampians and also a fine Scottish whisky) painted on the nose too. the Mk.II was fitted to carry rockets under the lower wings so to prevent the fabric covering from setting on fire the majority of the lower wing was skinned using metal instead. This version also had a larger oil cooler on the right hand side of the nose as it was fitted with an improved Bristol Pegasus XXX engine with a longer flame damping exhaust pipe and most were fitted to carry ASV radar with dipole antenna on the leading edge of the mid upper wing section and yagi antenna on the outer wing struts. Here is the lower wing converted along with a photo of the real thing; Here it is almost finished with the wings rigged and ready to add; And here is the finished model; The black nose and underside to the upper wing was an anti glare measure seen on many Swordfish painted in the anti submarine White/ EDSG/ Dk. Slate Grey scheme. The wartime phonetic alphabet used B- Baker, hence the B Flight bakers head badge. All the best Tony Edit,......I meant to add that since building this I found that the forward facing gun was removed and the rear firing gun probably was too. Here is a photo of some of 836 NAS`s aircraft;
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    Thanks Ben, you'll survive a 1/72 LWS surely? 27/8 update: First track finished, more work done on crew compartment All for now,
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    Thanks chaps! Well I've not managed to work at this all the time but below are some photos from today's session so far. I've still got under a couple of hours left. First off I drilled out the gun barrels: Tracks painted with thinned Revell Anthracite - although you can't tell in the photo! Tracks dry- brushed with Humbrol's Gunmetal: Wheels cut out from sprues ready for painting: Wheels given a couple of coats of thinned Humbrol 93: Turret parts assembled: Everything given a thin wash of Revell's Gunship Grey: Tracks given a wash of thinned Humbrol Desert Yellow: The rest of the photos show dry-brushing (with a lightened version of the base coat and a variety of pin washes: Finally at this stage I started painting the tires - but only 3 done so far: Still a long way to go. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
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    To stop you all fretting, there's no pair to match E1 and E2 and I can't see any difference between these and the C parts. Odd. Cleaned up and ready for the wings when they're dry: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr
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    When I started my C-3PO build this morning after breakfast my son asked to join. So I pulled the easietst kit I had in his stash (yes... he has a stash. a small one with kits I reject from my own stash and with kits I buy especially for him - like this one): A Level 1 TIE Fighter from Revellwith light and sound! It will be hard to find a more simple build: Before I blinked he was done with it: Thanks for looking ;-) René
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    Now then: about this 'Hunter pilots having crew cuts'!!! You will have to decide while of these 'steely-eyed air warriors' is me.
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    grizzly-bear-warning by Ced Bufton, on Flickr
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    Managed to get the polished Aluminium on before bed Props painted and fitted (but not glued into position) Hope to try and get some more done this weekend but I must avoid the temptation to rip the masking off to see if it's worked.....must avoid.....must avoid..... mike
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    I guess it is finished... or will it ever be? for the time being at least it is angled/offset cockpit section/ rear fuselage: cheers, Werner
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    Here is PT495. It was an 80' Elco MTB and it is configured as it looked during the Battle of Surigao Strait in Oct of 1944. It was part of MTB Squadron 33 (RON33). She was named "Gentleman Jim" after a crewman who was KIA in July of '44. Later, on the night of Nov 19/20 '44, while transport a group of Alamo Scouts to a landing behind Japanese lines, the 495 boat survived a near miss from a bomb dropped by a Japanese float plane. One crewman died and all the rest were wounded, including my friend. With the help of one of the Scouts, he survived and returned to the States for a lengthy recovery.The kit is the 1/35th Italeri PT596 that was backdated using information and photos provided, in part, by a crewman who was aboard that night that I got to know as a result of my research. This was built not long after the 596 kit was released so most backdating items were built from scratch or made from molds I made. The colors are WEM. Please excuse the odd backgrounds. All lettering and markings were painted using custom stencils. These photos were used to strip away the backgrounds while generating some posters I made for my crewman friend and his family. Comments welcome.
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    Hi people, so an out the box build, with just a little mod to open up the hump, otherwize a stright foreward job......but then came the camo....the model is all brush painted so took a few days to paint needless to say. Hope you like. ohhh and the decals were a nightmare as they would not peel from the backing, theres only 10 of them and 6 gave me trouble but all was fine in the end, I elected to have the codes on the white panel because TBH you could not see them on the camo otherwise. So not bothered that it's wrong like that. Found me a hot sunny airstrip and a little dio as to how she will be on display Box art that I followed(ish)
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    I couldn't resist manipulating the photo above for a little period feel. It's the Caudron C.448 Goeland from the Paris-Saigon 1936 race. A race that none of the three participants finished... The model is built from RS Models 1/72 kit using a mix of decals from both Renaissance and LF Models, as well as a resin rudder from LF. I went mostly with Renaissance instructions and the only small blurred reference photo I could find. With some unclear details I have simply used my imagination. There is a build thread here. And lastly together with a little sister, the Caudron C.635 Simoun from the Paris-Tokyo raid 1937 I built quite a number of years ago.
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    Righty-o then! Here's my entry for this wee GB. Not starting until later today, but I thought I'd better do the drudge work while I had a chance. The Roden box tops are more funner, but this'll do. Box front. Box rear. I'll be doing the Gebirgsjaeger version, as I liked the camo (and if it falls flat or I run out of time, I can cheat and do the plain Dunkelgelb version ) As is apparently typical for Italeri, the colour callouts between the instruction sheet and the box made no sense, so I spent more time working out paint requirements yesterday than I think I will spend on the build. Then I went and bought bottles of paint, because I didn't have anything remotely close. Parts trees. All there (all 65 bits of it). The instructions have but 6 steps, so I think I'm in with a chance here. More when I kick off!
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    Hello folks , assembled this kit a couple of months back . This is the academy kit and it goes together really well . The entire model is brush painted , the NMF being Gunze Mr Metal colour Aluminium which has been buffed . The red and olive drab bits are revell acrylic which are really good to brush paint with as they level off nicely. The nature of the Mr Metal colour NMF is such that any clear coat will severely affect the finish so a downside is the decals have to be left either unsealed or you can apply klear as I did and ignore the 'smudge'. I added what I assumed considerable amount of nose weight but it still a tail sitter.
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    Got the internal detail painting done. Sidewinders built to be painted next. Wings joined and fuselage inserts under way. In this segment I have mostly been listening to Planet Rock and eating custard donuts (I know how to live me). Biggest pain is using enamels but there's always a way. Next coffee then back to the campaign.
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    Hi all – this is my latest, the small 1/72 Hasegawa Polikarpov I-16, built straight out of the box without any modifications. The kit is painted up to represent a machine from the Spanish Republican forces, “Alas Rojos” Esquadrille, c1938. I tracked my build time on this one - I spent just on 12 hours overall for this build – around 4.5 hours for construction, and 7.5 hours in painting. Paint was done with Gunze acrylics and oils for weathering. There were no issues whatsoever with the build itself. Overall a great little kit, ideally suited to a reasonably quick and easy build. Comments / Criticisms welcomed! Cheers
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    Hi everyone So, after a stuttering start, 3 hours in, I'm ready for paint. Center front 'jump seat' rebuilt. Before... ....after.... Armour plate behind driver.... ....and rear mud flaps....but PB wont let me add that last photo - what a pile of it is today, of all days! It doesn't look like much, and I have to admit, when I was planning, it didn't seem like much, but its easy to forget its everything x6 More later Craig
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    Here we go. Hold on tight, rider! And literally five minutes after the last photo. I have removed the front mudgards as shown in the photo of the real thing.
  41. 4 points
    OK -just quickly. I started this morning at 10:00 and have so far assembled the 4 arms and some sub assemblies. There is no reason to ask which version to build as you can swich the parts any time after assembly. I had to go to the electronics store to get LEDs - butthey are bigggg. No idea how this will work. I painted the belly part but used the kit decals for the knee hollows - I should have painted them too. A bit of wash was applied to some parts. My son accomanied me with a Level 1TIE from Revell. He has done it already. My workspace: Rene - in a hurry
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    Hello,Friends - This week has seen further progress with 'Dagger'.Wheels,Undercarriage Doors and Speed Brakes are fitted.The Tanks have received the Unit Sash markings.('xtradecal Stripe') and the Canopy Lining from the same product.Small detail work continues with paint and stencil decals.The Ejector Seat is also being dealt with. All the very best,Paul.
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    Good afternoon from a cold and damp Middle Earth. Well here t'is after eight months on-and-off the bench, my Hasegawa 1:48 Crusader. Now before I go-on, as I was editing the pics for size, I noticed that I've forgotten to add the IR Sensor on the front windscreen but I know where it is and I'll sort-it next time I'm in the 'cave' !! What can I tell you ?, well construction was no problem throughout although on this kit, some of the detail particularly around the dive-brake area was almost none-existant which I'm guessing points to over-use of the moulds. A few extras but not too many, the build is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234993482-f-8j-crusader/ if anybody wants to check-it-out. Some folks here may know or have heard of Frank Cronin from California, just want to publicly thank Frank for sending me the decals for this build without hesitation when I put out a cry-for-help over at iModeller... Cheers Frank, really appreciate it. That's all the yada, yada, yada for now, here's some photos: Kit - Hasegawa 1:48 Paint - All Tamiya, Humbrol & Xtracolour enamels. Decals - Aeromaster, Microscale stencils, Furball 'Canopy seals' Extras - Cobra Co. resin seat, Quickboost aft intakes, AIM-9D's from Hasegawa Weapons Set 'C'. LTV F-8J Crusader Assigned to Cdr. Paul Stephenson CAG CVW-21 VF-211 'Checkmates' USS Hancock 1972 Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment, as ever happy to take any criticisms, comments or questions. AFN. Ian.
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    Awww thanks PC Professional as in 'doing a good job' or as in 'getting paid'? I can let you have my bank account details... (Just kidding, probably). As an aside Mrs B has recommended a book she's read for her book club, 'Under the Skin' by Michel Faber. It's a while since I've read something not on my Kindle for iPhone and this looks like a novel device*, made of what looks like paper with stiff outsides. I think it needs charging though because, no matter how hard I press, the pages won't turn. More later. * See what I did there?
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    Ask and you shall receive. Firstly, I ordered a new cutting mat (A2) and a daylight LED lamp which arrived yesterday and today, respectively. Pleased with both but what a difference the lamp makes! My efforts of last night and this evening. The 212 Still a fair fit of etch and detail painting to complete then the wash and pigments but seats painted red (I'll be touching up the bits I messed up with grey, don't you worry). collective & cyclics painted but some little details to add to the latter. yaw pedals (etch) fitted and some of the inst panel parts too. below is just a dry fit to see how it all goes together. life rafts painted, varnished with alclad aqua gloss (my favourite) then sand flory wash (oh and some etch belts from the UH-1B set added). Some highlights to add and I'll probably tone down the wash a bit but pleased enough for what will be seen of them. The small windows have also be fitted to the doors but the rafts have not yet been glued into position. inside and outside and a dry fit to see how it all looks. I'm liking it but as I said, still a fair bit of work to complete before I can glue and join it all together. as for the 205, similar to above. Painting ongoing, few bits of etch fitted but still a bit to do. thanks for looking Aaron ** Edit** you can see in one of the pics and I can't recall if I mentioned but the SARBE (beacon) has been fitted to the fuselage. this is a resin piece from the Whirlybirds set.
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    Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind if I share some photo`s of my latest effort: My attempt at Academy`s/Hobbycrafts 1/48th scale Peashooter Which I`ve completed as an aircraft of USAAC, 34th PS/17th PG and representing one as it may have looked in..... the temporary, experimental camouflage scheme worn during War Games that took place during the late 1930s Built OOB with just seat belts and rigging added.... Rigging is done with Copper wire from a flex and the aerial wire is invisible mending thread Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
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    So, last update of the day. I actually found some more time to be somewhat productive. So here goes: Tidied up the cockpit floor and found some time to wrap up a bit of the airframe! The plan you see in the next picture ia slightly smaller in scale That's all for tonight! How"s that for some tidying up Guy?
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    On the RHS of the fuselage I have had to file this wing mounting hole further rearwards to get the wing in the right place (the left side was fine): To prevent the wing mounting peg from being visible after assembly I decided to plate over this area with 0.25mm card. I also then had to trim the peg slightly: I also decided to plate over the slot and depression caused by the ejector pins with 0.5mm card like this: Next I masked all the mating edges ready for some paint: Then I got some primer applied to all of these (except the exhaust nozzle as I decided to leave that until after assembly): After that was dry and inspected I applied these top coats: With the engine internals painted and unmasked I could start to assemble it Here it is clamped and drying: Well that's it for today, the next update should be in two weeks time. Until then, bye, Nigel
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    Here we go then HobbyBoss F-80A Shooting Star After the visit this morning by SleeperService I can now get started At 15:47 today I had the Interior Green all sprayed and the cockpit 3/4 built At 17:47 today I have the wings, tail section and interior elements almost complete The front fuselage needs it's nose-weight and a few parts in the cockpit area Tea-time and upload at 16:00
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    Thanks Simon, Leon, Rob and Giorgio! Thanks Ian - odd how things develop differently eh? I have this horrid image in my head of a UK erk trying to start a US engine and getting thrown across the airfield... The port side of the canopy is looking OK now: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr I love the way the Gator's Grip cleans up when rubbed with a damp cotton bud. Nice stuff. The other side has been glued now and is drying with the help of a Berna. Next WDBD was the landing lights. I'd stuck the strip in yesterday so it should be dry enough for confident sanding. I decided a nice wide micromesh strip could be used so that the middle bit took on the shape of the outside bits and wing. I chopped some bits off first with the edge cutters: and done: Happy with that. Note the tape applied to protect the detail whilst sanding - another WDBD - see, I do learn (slowly). Note also the gouged line, now filled with CA, where the scriber slipped - too confident. Dymo tape all the time, next time. I think tomorrow I can just do some kit bashing getting the nacelles assembled. Then I can see how the wheel bay doors fit in the closed position. Oh joy.
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