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  1. Lovely model Calum,..... but please,.... the islands are called the Falklands,....... the islanders or the people who fought to free them from invasion do not like the false Argentinian name and using it is disrespectful..
  2. Nice job Chris,.... I do like the scheme you chose too,..... with the lower than usual demarcation along the cockpit `pod',.... makes me want to finish off mine!
  3. Cheers Dermot,.... much appreciated mate. Thanks Colin,..... glad you like them mate. Cheers for the well wishes too,.....I must sound like a real hypocondriac,..... sorry everybody!! Thanks Bill,.... and thanks for the kind words too mate,.... much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Allan,..... thankfully they have now ruled out lung cancer,....... but it is lung disease plus a few other things. Glad you like the models mate, it is nice to think that somebody else enjoys them too. Here is a link to the Whitley;
  5. Thanks Martin,...... things are a little easier,..... we thought that it was lung cancer,.... but thankfully it isn`t,..... but it is lung disease,.... plus a few other things!
  6. Great pics Chris,..... I do like the one where the exhaust ring has graffitti scrored into the paint,..... or delivery instruction for a spare part?
  7. And here are a few reference pics, including some Lanc`s which are the subject of decal options available in both kits; And they were used in various test roles into the post war years too; And a generic Lanc pic, a useful top view of the cockpit in the IWM London; Cheers Tony,
  8. Well I got a full day in today, so with a box set on the telly and a brew,...... I started off with the cockpit and interior; All I added was a set of etched brass seat straps on the pilots seat; Then with all of the windows added,..... and then masked off (as it was easier to mask them now, without the danger of poking them inside later),..... the fuselage halves were joined and the wheel well construction began. I also drilled out the windows for the roof escape hatches plus the hole for the camera hatch under the nose; Then the upper wing halves were attached,..... with a fresh brew added to the table!; The the lower wing halves were added too; Followed by the tail feathers,... and the fairing around the mid upper gun position; Next onto the engines and nacelles,...... the propeller hubs are beautifully detailed and it will be a shame to hide them underneath spinners,..... although some Mk.II`s did fly without spinners; Nacelles fitted to the model; Then on with the engines and the cowlings, with their intakes and exhausts; And the engines and cowlings test fitted to the model,..... note the lack of filler (so far),...... this kit is engineered beautifully, although I may fill in some of the panel lines?; So that is it for now,...... sanding next after it has been left for a day or so for the glue to dry properly. As I said, I may add some filler to some panel lines, especially those under the cockpit area. As with the Merlin engined boxing,....l can highly recommend this kit, Cheers Tony
  9. You were asking about my `coastal' Wellesley,..... here is the build,..... it was used for Anti Sub patrols over the Med; Cheers Tony
  10. Lovely job JW,.... looks like a bus with wings,..... but you`ve made it look great. Cheers Tony
  11. Superb job Chris,..... it looks just the job and I have heard that they are not the easiest kits to build either..... so well done. Cheers Tony
  12. Coming on really well this,.... did you notice in the film how the Hercules often becomes a C-123,.... especially during the fight on the cargo net hanging from the tailgate!
  13. And you mate,.... no I didn`t, sorry. I`ve built it anyway, done it in camouflage,.... I`ll post a piccy sometime.
  14. Hiya Folks,..... I might jump in with this one if it is OK,..... although the interior parts are mostly pre painted, I have otherwise not touched it yet; I also have this Revell kit combined with the CMR conversion set,.... although it may be too far gone as I recently closed the fuselage halves,.... I may just utilise some decals? ; Although the CMR conversion set was designed for the Revell kit,.... the Mk.II style resin bomb bay doors are too short and not deep enough, so will need some work,...... here they are compared with the Revell bomb doors and the separate Airfix doors on the right hand side. Cheers Tony
  15. Shame that BN isn`t filling the gap made by the Merlin leaving Hendon and joining the other helicopters in that corner of the hangar. Hopefully it is just going to Cosford for some TLC?
  16. The Beverley crews used to call it the `Crisp Carrier' due to its comparatively small payload,..... there were other names too, as you`ve alluded to...... Good luck with the model, I`ve built the Magna Models kit (sorry,.... I may have beEn the bloke in a wheelchair that you mentioned Rob S) and I found the vanes around the back of the flightdeck to be the worst part,..... very fiddly and easily broken off. If you need any interior views of the crgo area I have some,..... just let me know, Cheers Tony
  17. Cheers Bruce,.... I`m thinking of doing an RAAF one too, with those large air scoops,..... I have one from a Classic Airframes kit,.... I just need to copy it,... somehow!
  18. Love it,..... what a great subject and diorama!
  19. Superb job and it looks great in Swedish colours, Cheers Tony
  20. Thanks Steve,..... I do like the Phantom in the grey/ green scheme and a 111 Sqn one will be a looker for sure. I`d like to build them all but I`m running out of room!
  21. A bit more done,..... got the black radome painted, gloss varnish on ready for the decals and the bare metal areas around the jet pipes painted too; Cheers for now, Tony
  22. Thanks John,...... definitely the kit,... although it is`t as good as I remember it being!
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