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  1. Thank you,... yes I know exactly what you mean,..... I think it was definitely inspired by nature with that design. Thanks Steve,..... I can well imagine mate,.... the 80`s and 90`s were bad enough! Thanks for the pics too,.... I have a second kit which I`m probably going to do in that very scheme,.... I already have a 1/72nd one in that scheme on a very old kit!
  2. Thanks Roger,...... I used Humbrol Dayglow rattle can spray paint, over a white base,.... I`m pretty sure I put a photo of it in the WIP?
  3. Thanks Duncan, glad you like it and the story. Cheers Russ,..... glad you like it mate and the dayglow may have been beginners luck?
  4. Cheers Noel and yes,.... if only they had learned the lessons eh,....... would have saved so much death, destruction and hatred eh? Re camouflage,..... they did actually realise that their overall yellow or solver and dayglow Sycamores were rather garish for the role they were assigned and at least one was camouflage,..... looks like glossy grey and green with silver undersides to me,..... I just didn`t fancy that one!
  5. Lovely job as usual mate,......and superb subject choice. ........Great kit isn`t it? Cheers Tony
  6. Thanks Adrian,..... I know what you mean but it does have some sort of graciousness about it,.......
  7. Thanks mate,.... and yes, rather searing,..... but don`t blame me,.... blame the RAF!! Thanks mate and no worries re the Junglies,........ I have a lot to thank a Jungly Sea King crew for,....... top notch blokes. Aye,.... lets hope that NI doesn`t slip backwards. Thanks mate,..... oh I don`t know, I think it looks quite graceful really....... a bit like a flying jenny...... sycamore seed. Cheers Jon,....... yeah I enjoyed this one too but the small parts were rather fragile and many had broken on the sprues before I even opened the box.
  8. Thanks Chris,..... I`ve always fancied doing a Sycamore in this scheme so it is one ticked off the list. Lots of people know about the `troubles' from 1969 but not so much about the earlier Border Campaign' which resulted in the deaths of 5 RUC men and 10 terrorists if I remember correctly. As well as their policing purpose the Sycamores also carried urgent casualties to hospital and even took Santa to children`s homes over the festive season as well as other more peaceful purposes too! Thanks mate,..... glad that I turned your eye with this one then and thanks for your very kind remarks.
  9. Thanks mate and I totally agree,...... bad old days alright. Thanks mate,..... yeah tis a bit bright,..... it is even brighter for real,....... it would certainly make you quint a bit looking through a sight.
  10. Nicely done,.... I`m just building one myself in Italian markings, Cheers Tony
  11. Hiya Folks, I started off building this model using the initial release of the Sycamore by AMP but I soon realised that this Australian boxing did not have the right rear doors to build an RAF version,...... so I ordered the later boxing with the clear bulged side doors instead and left the initial kit to do an RAN aircraft at a later date. I had intending on cutting the rear cabin doors from the initial kit, but it soon proved very difficult to remove the rear doors from the clear glazing sections, hence buying the second kit,....because the 118 Sqn aircraft that I was seeking to replicate were fitted with these as well as having the doors removed. Talking of the subject,..... before the full scale troubles erupted in Northern Ireland in 1969 and required the British Army to be deployed en masse, Republican IRA terrorists had been conducting a Border Campaign along the border area between Eire and Northern Ireland since 1956 and to help the Royal Ulster Constabulary in the task of combating this the RAF`s Search and Rescue roled Bristol Sycamores of 275 Sqn ( later renumbered s 228 Sqn) were used when available to help their mobility. This ad hoc help was put on a more permanent footing in September 1959 when 118 Sqn (which had recently disbanded as a Hunter unit in W. Germany) was stood up as a dedicated Internal Security unit at RAF Aldergrove equipped with 4 Sycamores under the direction of 39 Infantry Bde whose soldiers were also assisting the RUC. The Sycamores proved highly successful in the anti terrorist role until the Border Campaign ceased in 1962, developing tactics and procedures such as border recce, cordon and search, troop drops, border crossing inspections etc which helped pave the way for helicopter tactics used from 1969 when the terrorism increased to such an extent that Operation Banner began, otherwise known as the North Ireland `Trouble's (although make no bone about it,..... it was actually a war!) with aircraft like the Scout, Lynx, Wessex, Puma, Sea King and Chinook taking on the role of the Sycamore over the years.. Here is the subject of the model,.... I was going to have a go at hand painting the tail rotor danger marking,.... but then stuck with oe of the kit options,..... after all it `might; have received a more standard marking like the rest of the units aircraft,...... well that`s my excuse anyway LOL; Here is the WIP; Here is the model; For anybody interested,..... this is an excellent book dealing with this subject; Cheers, Tony
  12. Hiya Folks,.... another one for the gallery,.... an AMP 1/48th Bristol Sycamore helicopter finished as an aircraft of 118 Sqn based in Northern Ireland to help the RUC deal with the Borders `Troubles' during the 1960`s. I used the 118 Sqn fighter bars from an old Hunter fighter sheet and spares box decals for mot of the rest,..... painted by rattle can, here is the WIP; And here is the model; Cheers, Tony
  13. Hiya Folks,.... well I`ve put the welders mask away and finally got this one finished,......... as the entrance steps under the pilots doors were broken on the sprue I`ve made some up from what remained and some etched brass left over. I left the tail warning decal well alone and so assumed that a more standard one `might' have been applied at some stage, to match others of the same unit; Cheers Tony
  14. Very nice indeed Beggsy,...... I love them both mate,..... superb. Cheers Tony
  15. Hiya Chris,.... it was more to break up the outline of the Fulmar from the front to enable it to get closer to Italian bombers which had a similar top speed,........ the RAF copied it and used it on their Hurricanes too,..... some people thought that it looked rather Italian due to the mottles and that might be where the Spaghetti name coms from? Cheers Tony O`Toole,..... author of said book!
  16. Excellent,.....nicely done,..... great to see a Beau Mk.II. Cheers, Tony
  17. Superb as usual Russ and I love the subject,....... Kiwi Avengers just look so good! Cheers Tony
  18. Nice one Bill,...... I do like the Cornell and I do have a Planet Models kit,........ torn between a SEAC one,...... a Rhodesian one or a Canadian one,...... I know what you would say though LOL! Was the interior really so bad,...... oh dear? Cheers Tony
  19. Gorgeous Bill,...... lovely modelling and I love the theme,...... had a spin in a Tiggie myself but only went through a few basic movements,...... nothing like yourself, All the best bud, Tony
  20. I dunno Chris,.... you are usually the expert and putting me right o stuff,....... thought you would have chapter and verse on it?
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