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  1. Here is a model I made some time ago based on a photo of a 249 Sqn Spitfire IX on Malta. 185 Sqn also flew some GL coded Mk.IX`s; There are pics of the 249 Sqn a/c,...... a 185 Sqn a/c and a 226 Sqn a/c based in Malta on this post,... amongst others; http://www.spitfireperformance.com/spit9v109g.html Cheers Tony
  2. Your subject aircraft seen on its belly appears to have 4 bladed propellers and the later block style radiators if that helps? The squadron codes would be `FS'. You can see some nice photos and mabe pic up some more info here; https://www.facebook.com/pg/RAF-148-Squadron-Special-Duties-WW2-110405255682875/posts/ https://148rafsquadrontrusty.weebly.com/
  3. Very nice indeed,...... but the wing leading edges on the real thing had a wavy pattern of Sky along them,..... and Eduard got the code letters wrong too,...... they are slightly too thin and small. My model is not as well built and painted as yours,..... but here it is,.... just to show the pics of the real thing,.. the view of the right side of the cockpit may be a different aircraft;
  4. Have a search here on BM,..... quite a few of us have tackled the kit and dealt with it in various ways.
  5. Thanks mate,..... yeah glad I booted myself up the posterior at last! Thanks Mike,..... yours looks rather nice too, good kit the old Matchbox Shagbat. Thanks mate. Cheers Bill,... nice of you to say so. I do hope that you are feeling well mate? Thanks mate,... yeah could get dicey out on the China Station with those pirates,...... the Fleet Air Arm were still policing them with Barracuda`s and Fireflies after the war! The old Matchbox kit is nice in 1/72nd,.....no interior mind you,..... but this Airfix kit would be superb in 1/72nd,....
  6. Looks great and I like the RN scheme too. How did you find the fit of the canopy? Afterdry fitting mine this put me off and I put it back in the box again, Cheers Tony
  7. Very nice indeed,...... it is hard to get the Airfix Gazelle to look so nice. Cheers Tony
  8. Excellent job,..... I love the weathering,.... especially on the fuselage roundel.
  9. Re the `all black' one,...P-Peter from 230 Sqn, wearing SEAC markings,..... I have a suspicion that the EDSG uppers were retained and that they only covered the white areas with black,........ just from studying photos mind you,.... I have no further proof,..... but it makes sense too. Cheers Tony
  10. If you have an Airfix Whitley in the stash that has the ASV antennae,....... or it is worth buying one and doing it as a bomber of the civvie version,...... of course you`s need the Coastal Command boxing. Same goes for the Coastal Wellington too. The French used TSS/Sky Sunderland III`s from West Africa too. Cheers Tony
  11. Amazing Jamie,....... yet again you are building a masterpiece! I have a HC-130 on the go myself,..... and I`ll be following yours very closely indeed,...... this is going to look superb! Cheers Tony
  12. It is coming along really well ,...... if I remember correctly the undercarriage looks a little short after it is fitted,..... give it a dry run and see what you think compared to pics of the real thing,...... but don`t take my word for it! Other than that it is a gorgeous kit. Cheers mate Tony
  13. Nicely done,.... such a shame that the cockpit canopy is a scale above the rest of the aeroplane,...... don`t know why they did this? Cheers Tony
  14. 4 number Bristol Centaurus engines for sale. In a Blackburn Beverley aircraft, just purchased and engines not required. " I guess that's the end of the Beverley as a viable airframe now. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1608482-4-no-Centaurus-Radial-Engines.html?fbclid=IwAR18g2md5vUgjGL3AXws36n7t2KoM4nhNoSK_SgTfbhFrWK1rlkZXTt_K3k
  15. Having done the Spitfire kit myself and removed the decal film,..... this film is very good and shows how the colours improve,.... especially those of the MSG codes;
  16. Massive thread swing again,...... there were quite a few Mustang Mk.III`s and IV`s (IVA`s) wearing Wing Commanders initials in Italy between 1944-47,...... There was a Mk.III, FB260 which Wing Commander Brian Eaton RAAF coded as BE,..... taking it over from the previous owner Lt. Col.Wilmot SAAF who also had his codes LW applied. A photo of this aircrft as LW can be seen in the Osprey RAF Mustang and Thunderbolt Aces book,...... artwork as BE can be seen in the excellent book Southern Cross Mustangs. Later Eaton took over Mustang Mk.IVa KH745/BAE 'Marisa' as comm
  17. Looks gorgeous Glynn,..... especially in its 32 Sqn colours,..... top notch model, Cheers Tony
  18. Hiya Troy,..... I did build a model of Storrars UK based Mustang KM232 some years ago along with a couple of 442 Sqn RCAF Mustang`s for an article in SAMI about the liberation of the Channel Islands,..... for which they provided air cover. For reference for Storrars Mustang I did use a photo of the real thing as reference and here is the pic and model; And the book; Freightdog Decals do decals for both of Storrars Mustangs,.... both UK and Italian based,... I think? They certainly do his UK based aircraft anyway, Chee
  19. Nicely done Seamus,...... this Ju88 is a gem and your Battle of Britain collection is simply awesome,...... top notch mate.
  20. Lovely,..... I remember seeing these flying while on exercise in Denmark and they were awesome. The green scheme suits the type so well and you have it off to a tee,.... nice one.
  21. WOW,.... well how is that for an endorsement,..... thanks very much indeed,..... you will really enjoy it,.... the kit is a gem.
  22. I love it Stix,...... one of the best Hurricane`s I have seen,...... and I love the 32 Sqn markings,...... motorising it is just the icing on the cake,...... fabulous mate! Cheers Tony
  23. Cheers Stix,..... glad you like it mate. Thanks Bob,..... yeah that CA Walrus was rather tough but still welcome at the time. You could have maybe used the Smer struts,...... but then the Airfix kit is brilliant. Yeah the bloke falling out of the cockpit,...... would you hang on on fall off into the sea,..... both seem terrifying!! In those days the Obervers and TAG`s were held in by an unbilical cord which they attached to a ring bolt in the floor,...... he obvously forgot to attach it! Cheers Tony
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