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  1. Nice job Ed,....... lovely conversion. I built the same aircraft when it was still a single seater,......here is a link with more pics of the real thing; Cheers Tony
  2. Always nice to see a Hurricane Ed, especially one in desert colours,...... the Arma kit is lovely isn`t it? Cheers Tony
  3. A400`s & Herks have been flying over Liverpool, cutting across Morcambe Bay up to the Faslane area of Scotland and flying around up there for a bit (low level?) quite regularly the past few weeks too. Low over the sea off the Scillies must have been fun?
  4. Looking forward to this,....I`ve just finished pre painting the interior of my 1/32nd B-24J,..... which I`m doing as an RAF 100 Group aircraft. A B-24D would look great in Coastal colours,...... but looking forward to your USAAF model, Cheers Tony
  5. Hey no problems mate,....... no offence taken at all,..... and thanks for your kind words. I`ve bought another,....and hopefully this one came out of the mould a bit better than the one I`m building now which was hopefully just a rogue one off.
  6. Wow it looks superb Neil,.... top class modelling of the first order. I love the faded look too. You have well and truly tamed this beast! Well done mate, Tony
  7. Bit of an update,....... they now look like a pair of little yellow canaries care of Tamiya TS-47 Chrome Yellow; The blue background makes them look a little bit darker than they actually are. Cheers for now, Tony
  8. Oh crikey,..... first of all I`d have to study lots of photos to determine if it was DE & DG or desert camo,...... I`m still up in the air with that one. If DE/DG,...probably Sky,....if desert them a light Azure Blue,...but the lower right engine cowling appears to be in its original black. There is a roundel visible under the wing too. My `instinct' says DE/DG/ Sky,..... with a lighter colour for the upper section of camo on the fin where the serial has been painted out,.... and with MSG or even light blue codes,.... but I`m saying that it is instinct only and I would have to research the camo patterns etc much more first to find a match. The fin doesn`t match the rest of the aircraft pattern,.....pointing at a replacement,....or it being left unpainted if a repaint took place. Hope that makes sense? Cheers Tony
  9. No worries mate,.... it is definitely a strange one,..... the tonal shades look DE/DG,...and the rudder pattern is in this pattern,..... but the rest of the aircraft appears to have the colours reversed,..... as you would find on a desert painted aircraft!! One explanation for the lighter colour at the top of the rudder could be when the pre war serial was overpainted, they often sprayed the entire camouflage section,...... and maybe used a lighter mix? Who knows mate? Cheers Tony
  10. Well said about the RAF Museum aircraft,...... I wrote to them years ago about this and even sent them a few photos of my model along with reference pics etc,..... but never got a reply! Now I`m not saying my model is 100% correct,.....but it is better than they have it! The same with their Thunderbolt too,......no camouflaged aircraft ever had a fin fillet,....so it should be bare metal! I told them that too! All the best mate Tony
  11. Thanks mate,...... yes,.... after my Hercules where dust was everywhere I decided to leave it off until the end. I`ll just fix it with clearfix,....no problem, I`ve already test fitted it. Same with the portholes,...... clearfix.
  12. Thanks mate,...... it is definitely an impressive aeroplane for sure.
  13. Thanks mate,... yeah you`d think I`d bought shares in white paint LOL! Cheers Steve,....... I explained the roundels earlier in the thread, with a photo of the real aircraft,...... these roundels were commonly applied to Met Recce aircraft from 1944 onwards. The next Fortress I build, a Mk.II (B-17F) lasted into post war years and had underwing serials too. Thanks for the heads up Jonny,...... I`ve been ordering mine on line but I may make a trip out to get one,...... sounds interesting.
  14. Another update,...... decals on! I used mostly kit decals but replaced the fuselage roundel and fin stripes as I wanted to replicate PP117 earlier in its career with the unit when it still wore wartime style markings; Still quite a way to go,..... but at least this milestone has passed! Cheers Tony
  15. Thanks Neil,.....yeah decals are on now! Thanks Steve,..... it is no `shake and bake' kit,..... but I`m quite happy with it,..... nice to have a Mk.V to be fair. Yes I wanted to replicte a Berlin Airlift aircraft which flew between Hamburg and the Havel See.
  16. Thanks mate,..... it has been a struggle for sure,...... but will be nice to finally have a Mk.V in the collection! LOL,.... no worries and cheers Jon,...... glad you like it mate!
  17. Cheers Anthony,..... yeah the RAF ones, especially around the time of the Berlin Airlift were EDSG mate, it is definitely not black on the reference photos. Here is one in the markings I`m doing the model as, PP117, 4X-W of 230 Sqn; And another later in its service after it had the fuselage roundel changed to a later style and the upper surfaces painted MSG; I think that black anti glare panels were a latish addition to Kiwi boats, I`ve seen them with MSG in front of the cockpit too, Cheers, Tony
  18. And another update,......... decal time,...... Here are the decals being sorted out,........ I had a sheet of narrow MSG code letters from Modeldecal,.....but no numbers,.... so the `9' had to be made up from a pair of C`s plus some other bits and pieces, as show here,..... along with a set of wider decals which were a standby! The eril was from the Light Slate Grey codes/serial sheet and the upper wing rounels came from the Special Hobby Sunderland that I`m also building; And the model with the decals on; Cheers for now, Tony
  19. Hiya Nick,...... I posted a larger pic of Blenheim UQ-D in the thread below,...... and I reckon that the rudder is faded DE/DG,....remember that it is fabric and the rest is metal,.... so dopes and paints etc, PLUS it matches the normal DE/DG pattern too,..but does look like it came from another aircraft judging by the pattern on the rest of the aorcraft. If it were Mid Stone/DE, then the central dark patch would actually be the lighter colour with MS replacing D/G, check out pics of other Blenheim`s, plus the restored one at Duxford, it has a rudder in DE/DG. I reckon that the serial could be L8376 too; There is also a decent article from Flypast here if interested; https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Blenheim/RAF-211Sqn-UQ.html Here is the Duxford Blenheim, note the rudder colours; Cheers Tony
  20. Thanks for the kind remarks lads,..... well I`ve tidied it up a bit now and added the gloss finish ready for the decals; Thinking of using Medium Sea Grey codes on this one as they appear lighter than the Light Slate Grey ones and the latter on my sheet don`t have narrower options, so time to drawl through the spares box! Cheers Tony PS,... I do have a second main wheel,....I just forgot to take it out of the box!
  21. Probably doesn`t look much,..... but cleaned the model up a bit and put the gloss on ready for the decals; Cheers Tony
  22. Nice to see another naval Tiggie,....... and such a nice one too!
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