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  1. Nicely done indeed,...... it is from the start of the Battle of France though,..... not Battle of Britain!
  2. Thanks Steve,.... you know you want to mate! There are so many schemes available out there and the RNZAF alone has plenty to keep you busy.
  3. Thanks J-W,.... I believe that `Uncle Les' in Australia will be bringing out a Beaufreighter conversion mate. https://uncleles.net/ Cheers Tony
  4. Excellent info as always Peter,.... thanks for sharing it.
  5. Thanks Steve and yeah I wonder,...... must have been lighter without the turret,..... and the streamlining could help too?
  6. I was doing a couple of Airfix kits along with a Special Hobby kit,..... I would just enjoy the Airfix kit if I were you mate,..... maybe built the SH kit afterwards?
  7. Stunning model mate,....... I have one to build and I`m a bit concerned to hear the stories about the poor fit,...... although you have certainly beaten it to build a beauty. The C-160 is a surprisingly large aircraft,.... especially when compared to a C-130,..... and I saw them quite often in my service,.... once too close for comfort when one passed a few hundred feet below us, head on over the Alps!! Cheers Tony
  8. Lovely job Erik,... and nice to see a 33 Sqn aircraft too, Cheers Tony
  9. As you know I saw you build this one and it is a glorious model in a superb scheme,.... the extra`s that you have done just make it even more fantastic, Nice one Paul, Cheers Tony
  10. Thanks Chris,..... yep glad I used the Beaufighter as a dry run first though!! Still working up to that Aeroclub Varsity,.... but that won`t be overall green LOL! Thank you very much,.... glad you like it. Thanks very much Mark,.... glad you found it interesting and glad to have been of use too,..... I`m always finding out things like that too!
  11. Thanks Bill,..... I`ve added the two new ones to that original Commonwealth Ventura`s post to update it too.
  12. Thanks Gary,.... yeah I`m glad I did it now,..... plenty more to go at too,...... it is quite satisfying. Cheers Chris and thanks for the encouragement along the way,... it means a lot! Glad you noticed the edges to the white and thanks,....
  13. You`ve done a fabulous job on this one Ray,..... I know it is the future but all I see is a 737 airliner! I bet that is what the old boys said about the Orion or Nimrod back in the day too! Cheers Tony
  14. Hiya Folks, Another refurbishment,...... I built this High Planes Beaufort Mk.IX, known as the Beaufreighter well over 20 years ago,.... but it was looking its age, was one of my first ever limited production kits and it was recently submerged in freeing cold water when my cellar was flooded,....... so it was about time it got some TLC,..... it started off like this; Was sanded to this; Then the filling, sanding, cleaning and painting began,... brush painting using Polly Scale RAAF Foliage Green ; here is the WIP if any
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