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  1. Cheers Col, perhaps in a parallel universe they were pink, the more I look at it the more I’m warming to the people pink
  2. Fantastic build Pat, flicking through your build reminds me of the time spent at the dining room table. Watching my Dad build this kit, with him occasionally letting me glue a bit.
  3. Fantastic build Dave, I’m seriously thinking about doing the second one in my box as a tropical variant.
  4. Almost there, I think the pink looks rather nice.
  5. Thanks Carts, its all coming together nicely, I just need some RLM 04 yellow to finish off the wing tips. I’m really pleased with the figure he really brings it all to life.
  6. Time for a lick of paint, undercoat Tamiya XF1, pink XF17 then moving on Vallejo air 71.255 RLM65 and the green is 71.260 RLM63. I’ve got this stencil from eduard to tryout on the wings and fuselage top.
  7. Thanks Col, im going to wait for the temperature to drop before I start with any paint.
  8. Nice build mate, looks the business.
  9. Cheers Col, it’s starting to look more like a 109 today.
  10. I made in roads on the cockpit today, hopefully get some paint on later.
  11. Thanks Stix’s, ive not tried it in the bath yet, another fantastically organised GB. Next stop a 109.
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