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  1. Ozzy

    Middle Wallop show.

    I'll be there with Models for Heroes.
  2. Ozzy

    Telford 2019

    First time visiting, fantastic day and I got everything on my list.
  3. Now worries Red five, if you PM me your address, I'll post you some sand over the weekend. I painted the insignia on the arms, a splodge of white wine then a blue swirl. Luckily the weather was good that day, it's a trek up the beach and I didn't have the stress of MG fire.
  4. Red five, fantastic job on the T-34 diorama, those figures are looking good too. i tried to send you a private message, but for some reason you can't recived them. not or sure if you would be interested? I was on Omaha beach last year, I scooped up some sand off the beach while I was there. I used a small amount on my diorama, I still have a fair bit left. I was wondering if you could make use of it in your build? below are some pictures on the beach looking up to the 29th's first objective, the other is an MG position looking to dog green one.
  5. I had the same LVCP boxing, moved the arms and weapons about to try and get a bit of variety for the guys in the boat. I think I used the same MB figures, I also used a few Dragon figures. I had a couple of the same MB sets with a swap of arms you get a different figure. I only went for an unload due to shelf space, I used woodlands scenics acrylic resin for the water. Goes down misty then drys clear and hard.
  6. Fantastic project red five, if you get the chance have a read of a book called the Bedford boys. It's about a group of 116 Inf regiment part of the 29th Inf division, these guys were the first wave at dog green 1 sector Omaha beach. Heres my go a a landing craft, 36 figures on mine had a small production line whist painting them all. good luck Oz
  7. Ozzy

    Yeovil show 26/10/19

    Not seen a thread on here for this show? It was the first time at this show, I was on the Models for Heroes table. There were tables of fantastic models a good selection of traders and the refreshments were well thought out, had a nice sausage bap for lunch. thanks again guys.
  8. Ozzy

    Airfix 2020

    1/48 Bf 110 would be fantastic, just before the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
  9. Top job John, reminds me to build my IC variant.
  10. Thanks Robert, i will I’ll have a look.
  11. What they all said, top job sir.
  12. I was going to move the thread, then I realised it was in the Armour WiP.
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