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  1. Spent the evening chopping up the engine and sticking half together.
  2. Good luck with your build 825, looks an interesting subject.
  3. Thanks Adrian on both counts, once I get the base the real work can start laying the wires through the ground work.
  4. Thanks Wayne, there is defiantly a little fiddling with the kit and hoping the fine moulding doesn’t snap, I would definitely build another in the range, I’ve got a plan for the base that is taking a back seat while I get to a good stage with my current MTO build. Thanks John, there defiantly worth a punt.
  5. I picked up this up on Saturday for the princely sum of £6.99.
  6. It’s working on Hotmail, thanks team.
  7. Thanks Davey, its all coming along, hopefully I’ll have a bit of time to start my Panther before Christmas.
  8. Welcome Craig, jump straight in, what are you thinking of building? If you start a thread, there are posts in the FAQs on posting pictures in threads. enjoy oz
  9. Had a go at rigging the lights. Not looking to bad I just need to work on the sequencing for the explosions and were there. The orange lights at the front are the airfield lights.
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