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  1. She's looking dapper with her turret on Stix, nice work on the tools. Bad luck about your single tin of desert yellow, I've noticed a colour variation of late myself in pots I've brought.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Lloyd, nice size comparison.
  3. Wow, nice start Lloyd I will be watching with intrest as I picked up the early variant.
  4. Ozzy

    Corsair's Me. 262 Schwalbe

    Nice job Dennis,
  5. Nice paint job Delta7, a real David and Goliath build.
  6. No worries Steve, my comment about a brave goat was more about the deadly creepy crawlys that hide in the undergrowth.
  7. Thanks Valkyrie, youve hit the nail on the head, that's the effect I'm trying to achieve, I will need to work on my picture taking skills to get the most effective shots.
  8. Ozzy

    OOB Airfix 262

    Hi Alistair, its says in the instructions it's for a stand, as you said I thought Airfix stands were slotted. I know @PhantomBigStu cut a slot in his kit, I keep meaning to ask in the model shop in town about them.
  9. Ozzy

    Matrix Messerschmitt Madness

    Nice going Enzo, you've made short work of those. I took your advice on fitting the engines, they went on with no hassle once the surgery was complete.
  10. Ozzy

    OOB Airfix 262

    Thanks Rich, im really happy with the coverage, it's a really good set of paint early years through to the end.
  11. Thanks Dennis, I'm may look at putting thing on the roofs as the locals would have used them for drying food etc as Kurfa was a fairly safe area a sentry would look out of place. Thanks Steve, Thanks Stix, i will test and adjust once I get the base, I can see what you mean about obscuring the main effort. I may be more random on my next go? Thanks Steve, it's a brave goat to go eating those leafs. here are my references, the two with the pause symbol are from a documentary on the SAS, the location is Egypt somewhere but gives you two aspects the third picture is from the book and allegally it's heading out of Kurfa. I think somthing in between all three is what I'm after.
  12. A picture paints 1000 words, paint brushes away my trees have arived. This is the effect I'm trying to achieve, this is the first draft of my vision. I've got a couple left over so I may incorporate them next to the buildings? To make an archway effect.
  13. Ozzy

    Sherman Firefly VC

    Definitely is Ray, I've got relatives that live in Lydbrook and enjoy every visit.