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  1. Brilliant thanks, that’s about the same size as the European tram they do.
  2. @Mike just out of internet what’s the length of this one? As I’m thinking of getting one for a project.
  3. Thanks John, these things happen this thread will stay opened but if you would like it moved to the military WIP please let me know.
  4. A big thanks to Patrice for organising the GB and all participants, the MTO builds have been fantastic over the years with this one adding to the trilogy. I look forward to us all coming together for the next one.
  5. Fantastic job Dennis, a really enjoyable build and brilliant GB.
  6. Thanks Stix’s, I’m really looking forward to the build, I’ve seen a MB figure set that will go nicely with the scene.
  7. Just picked one of these up for my Stug’s base.
  8. Unfortunately our hobby funder needs to come first some times, it’s a shame we won’t see it finished if you would like your thread moving just let me know.
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