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  1. cheers Craig, it’s all coming together like a good A- Team plan 😁. Thanks James, getting there. bit more done today, etched primed and then the top is given a coat of Vallejo Air Olive Drab. I may give another coat of paint prior to chipping fluid and sand colour.
  2. thanks wings unlevel, it’s amazing how small the trailer looks with her emerging. Thanks Craig, yep coming along nicely, just a little bit more etch to add and a coat of paint. I’ve got the etch finished and added a couple of tarps, the kit ones looked ok but the looked a little chunky on the etch bits. I also added a milliput shroud over the gun as the kit one didn’t fit the metal barrel. should get some paint on this week.
  3. thanks Farmerboy, its always good to put a real face to a build and you’ve got some great builds. I think like most modellers start a project with a tidy clean bench, then by the end of it are using the box top on their knees as working space. not much viable process, mostly been adding etch mainly kit parts as apposed to the relatively small amount from the eduard set.
  4. Looking good Stix’s, great work on the tracks hopefully you didn’t stick your fingers down in the process? The dust dry brush looks really effective.
  5. cheers Stix, she’s getting there. Bit more etch to add and then a fair bit of chipping to go.
  6. no you come to mention it Dennis, you may be on to something. It would have made a great open top tank destroyer. Plenty of space for ammo and crew. thanks Craig, to be fair I had been putting it off and there are still some more etch to add.
  7. got a bit of etch done today, lots of tiny bits and patches of glue that need sanding down.
  8. thanks Craig, she sure is, looking forward to do the chipping on the main body.
  9. thanks Craig and Stef, Due to the curves in places I thought solder would be a safer bet than super glue. I did make a slight mess there was a little to much solder on the iron but it will clean up. Thanks Stix, she’s coming along nicely just need to chip at the running gear then I can pop the tank bit on top. I’ve been doing a little bit more soldering and got a wet paint brush on the sand coloured top coat to reveal the original OD colour. as you can see it’s popped up quickly, I feel like one of those builder on Grand Designs who go from foundations to a house in minutes. With the large panels in about 30 minutes at the bench nearly all the super structure is in place. the roof of the turret is loose.
  10. thanks Craig, not sure if I counted correctly but I have done the other side and I’ve got 2 links left over. I picked up the Eduard brass set for the Grant, while I was waiting for paint to dry I got the soldering iron out. I also painted the tracks with XF-85 with the horns were painted with a mixture of rust pigment and Matt varnish.
  11. thanks Craig, yeah they were 8 off, the worn camouflage should work well. Hopefully looks as good as your P-40. Fingers crossed Dansk, I’ve seen a few pictures with the OD being the dominant colour with a smattering of a lighter colour. progress on the left track, just the right to add, I’ve also done a few bits added metal barrels and brass to the stowage boxes. I painted the join on the turret to allow me to fill and sand the join.
  12. bit of track bashing today, the instructions say 79 links. The first picture is 79 prepared links, the second picture is of 79 links on the road wheels. As you can see I’m a few short. aa you may have noticed the hull has gone OD, my plan is to cover in chipping fluid then a top coat of desert paintwork. I read somewhere, depending on where the desert paint was applied it was watered down the closer you got to the front. Meaning it would rub off easier.
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