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  1. Ozzy

    RMASG Sherman V "Fox".

    Nice build John,
  2. I find using cello tape sticky side up helps, put a link on then add glue to another repeat the process until you have a good run. Leave to dry a little, then move into position. Leave the tape on until dry, take the tape away leaving the tracks in place. hope this helps Rodders.
  3. Ozzy

    German Bunker Hints and Tips

    Sounds like a nice dioarama Simone, some bunkers were camouflaged black and green others were left bare concrete. The weathering would have been minimal, as they would have been relatively new at that point. Heres a couple or pictures 70+ years on.
  4. Nice progress Valkyrie, I like the third hand where did you pick it up from?
  5. Top job Steve, I need to pull my finger out a finish my 1960s kit.
  6. Ozzy

    OOB Airfix 262 +++Finished+++

    Thanks Davey, i know what you mean, I try to do one build at a time as I've done multiple group builds and end up rushing towards the end.
  7. She's looking very nice Davey, I've not used Xtracrylic paints before. I think there is a secret sweet spot for each brand of paint, that us mear mortals will never fully know. Only by trial and error do we find what works best.
  8. Ozzy

    SWS UHU 1/35 + SMDs

    Here the link Steve, good luck with finding a suitable display case.
  9. Ozzy

    1/48 Tamiya Kv-1

    Nice build Pierre, it's definitely all about the enjoyment of the build.
  10. Ozzy

    SWS UHU 1/35 + SMDs

    Nice choice Steve, i built the BR86 went together really well, I've been meaning to build a BR52 but not got around to it yet. I built mine in the diorama section, there's been a few built in the armour section.
  11. Ozzy

    FV432 "Bulldog"

    Nice build Tim, I wanted to build one of these would like an interior to go with it.
  12. Ozzy

    Its a (different) Bomber!!

    No worries Greg, I'm sure your a more patient modeller than I am. That was the bonus of the old B17, it allowed the free movement and you could lock them off. As a boy I built all kits wheels down to maximise building, if I remember there's a bit of clearance with wheels down and Bombay doors open.
  13. Ozzy

    Its a (different) Bomber!!

    If your going to use the ladder Greg, just make sure the glue is dry before you let it all rest on it. I built one when I was a lad ( so last week) my glue hadn't dryed, the ladder went through the door and ended up in the crew tunnel. Never to be seen again.
  14. Thanks Mike, i must pull my finger out and finish this one off, I got a little side tracked building ICMs He-111.
  15. Ozzy

    ICM He-111 1/48

    Thanks exdraken, they are all the Montex masks, I find them a bit more durable than the eduard sets. There sets are real value for money, with the combined canopy and marking masks.