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  1. W, the Banner date of the 30 May is the date to go by as its set by Enzo the GB coordinator. It is not uncommon for builds to be extended.
  2. Thanks Stix’s, there are some nice building around there will be one with your name on it, as we’ve had snow through April I scooped some up and popped it on the base. It’s woodland scenics fine snow mixed with PVA glue, I’ve added some mud to the Stug acrylic resin and Mig dark earth.
  3. An afternoon of fettling and it’s all come to life.
  4. Progressing nicely, I treated myself to a set of Hornet heads HGH 20 improvised covering. I’ve also started to weather the base before a dusting of snow. I’ve dugout some grass and bits, I’ve also got some wire for the trees leaves.
  5. Fantastic vid badder, it’s only watching that clip did I realise how big it’s turned out. I look forward to the next instalment.
  6. How could I have missed this one? Count me in, i really enjoyed the first one.
  7. Take your time six97, sounds a fairly in-depth job.
  8. Nice Tarp Dennis, she’s coming along nicely with all that extra detail.
  9. Fantastic finish Mark, a build to be proud of.
  10. Thanks Glynn, I’m going to get some hornet heads to finish off the figures, hopefully I will make the weathering on the fence look realistic.
  11. Thanks Muchmirth, it was was my first water effect build, it was difficult to make the troops in the boat look different as there were 4 basic positions.
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