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  1. add me please. I'm interested. cheers Aaron
  2. great detailing. loving the pedals, nice work
  3. Cracking paint work. lots of depth.
  4. that seat is amazing, Nigel!!! You do realise that you've set the bar extremely high; We are expecting the pilot seats to be adjustable too...
  5. The imagine in my original post doesn't show it well, but the Columbia BV-107's have bubble windows on either side. One larger than the other. This pic is better. cheers Aaron
  6. Thank you very much guys. Bit out of practice with the vac forming and my first attempt didn’t work out; too big. I’ve started making two new moulds. However, I’ve been ask to go back to work for a week so I’ll be away from the bench until then. cheers Aaron
  7. thanks very much guys. a small update: I wasn't certain, but some photos looked like the top section of windows were tinted so I've applied some Tamiya smoke to part of the pit glazing. I'm in the process of building moulds for the bubble windows. I've cut the the kit parts and masked and glued into their final position. I've also applied a wash and highlights to the cockpit. I used the cut offs as a template and built the frames from plastic card. The bubbles are black milliput which are coated in varnish; they need some minor finishing then I'll attempt to vacuum mould them. * Yes, they are suppose to be different sizes. ** sorry for the poor photo quality. cheers for looking Aaron
  8. hello, interior pretty much done & fuselage pieces glued together. I wanted to keep wires & tubing minimal. For the Cabling I used white EZ line - the multicore was 4 strands twisted together and drops of CA glue placed at certain points. Normally I would have used copper wire for this sort of detailing, but I'm glad I went with the EZ line. The wires for the headsets in the cockpit are copper wire wrapped around an acupuncture needle to create the helical and them coloured with permanent marker pen. The harnesses are eduard PE from my spares, the instrument are the kit decals. I'll probably weather the cockpit area a bit more. sneaky fire extinguisher from whirlybirds. cheers for looking Aaron
  9. Some photo that reminded me of this video I had seen. Unbelievable, I struggle to corner my car without clipping the curb...
  10. Add another WOW from me! That looks the biz. Very impressive painting- just the very thought of trying to paint splinter camo scares me. Kudos sir!!
  11. wow! Detail detail detail! Great idea to swage using a ball point pen; Very effective. ditto regarding the GB. Cheers Craig. A helicopter I know very little about and hadn’t considered building. Thoroughly enjoying my build too. P.S. What did you use to cut those holes in the brass? cheers Aaron
  12. UPDATE I noticed that all the Columbia 107's have the rear doors removed, I presume to reduce weight. Not much going on inside the Fujimi kit so out with the Evergreen. Using a thin strip of plastic card and my RP punch & die set, I punched out holes; I went by eye rather then measuring hence the wonkiness, but it should suffice. Also adding some detail to the pit; just to 'busy it up' a bit - thought I'd use eazyline for the instrument cables - seems to be a better option than copper wire. improved the seats as well. well, thats me for at least 5 days... cheers for looking Aaron
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