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  1. Thank you. I believe this was an ex BEA aircraft hence the ‘G’ registration. As well as advertising, I think they were used by the German police for traffic surveillance.
  2. Hello, I would like to present my recently completed LF models 1/72 Westland Sikorsky 51 in 'Persil' livery. thanks for looking Aaron
  3. Oh yeah, Chilean ones look good; can’t wait to see whatever scheme you choose.
  4. No WIPs I’m afraid. I’ve got four 105s on the go just now. One CBS Amodel kit, which is the one mentioned above, will be a nice bright orange Luftrettung version. The other three are CB versions (the shorter type with no extra window), two Amodel and one airfix. Plan is to do one in KLM colours, one in management aviation two tone red & white scheme and another in red/orange North Scottish scheme. The latter two will be home made decals. my favourite helicopter the 105. What kit have you got?
  5. Great job and great save! I remember loving this plane when I was younger and always wanting to build this kit but never did. Thanks for sharing
  6. They do look pretty cool with the skirt things, maybe a flying banana group build is in order or there’s the helicopter group build later in the year. I have a few of his decal sets and resin bits (Bell 47 floats with Luftwaffe decals ). Currently working on a Bolkow and will be using one of his decal sets. Can’t wait!
  7. Thanks Joachim, I find white quite a difficult colour to use without the finish looking too flat, if that makes sense? I pre-shaded to add some depth to the colour. It’s not to everyone’s taste, I get that. But I think the effect looks more excessive in these photos than on the actual model. I’ve played about with the subtlety on a couple of kits. I used black as the preshade on a Wessex 60 but the effect was quite dark and the finished model looked very grubby. I’ve tried a lighter grey on a red sycamore and I was really pleased with the result. To be honest I can’t remember what I used here, I think it was grey, but granted it’s maybe a bit too dark but I take that and learn for next time. thank you Aaron
  8. I have a civvie conversion set from DF hello stuff which has some nice schemes and also includes resin float skirts. New York airways and a couple of Swedish options I think?
  9. Wonderful details and lovely finish. Thanks for sharing. Aaron
  10. Thank you all. I appreciate the comments and feedback. happy modelling Aaron
  11. Thank you very much Craig. The bubble windows were a stumbling block, but I’m glad I persevered. A very elegant shaped helicopter, I’m glad you suggested the GB. I now have 3 Tandem rotor helicopters complete, so perfect excuse to complete a flying banana to compliment them all
  12. thank you ever so much everyone. @ Zebra. It would have been about 4 years ago (I think?) when I first started the kit. From what I can remember, the conversion wasn’t that bad. A bit of time was taken filling and Sanding the gap between the resin cabin window insert and the fuselage body but other than that it was okay. The delay was more just me loosing my mojo and having other kits on the go. I never bothered with the resin rotor blades though, I just used the Italeri kit ones
  13. took some time but finally finished... RFI here:
  14. Finished... eventually: actually finished a while back but never took or uploaded photos. RFI post here
  15. Hello, I would like to present my 1/72 Fujimi Boeing Vertol 107 in Columbia Helicopters livery. Finished a while ago for a group build, but I never took and submitted any completed photos. Thanks for looking Aaron
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