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  1. Hello,Ian - That’s a beautiful Chipmunk.Superb finishing work and I also love that Phantom that’s underway!
  2. Hello,hsr - I keep checking every couple of days to see if VP are back online but no joy as yet.I use Apple.
  3. Hello,John - It’s still showing unsafe on my iPad too.
  4. Hello,Roger - I’ve got the same issue, my friend.I cannot access the site and getting the same message as you when I try to do so. The issue must be with Village Photos and not with us. Hopefully they’ll get it resolved asap. We won’t be the only ones affected by this.
  5. Hello,bootneck - I built my first 1/32 scale kit just over two years ago.That was a Phantom. I started in the hobby with 1/72 scale and moved up to 1/48 scale for some subjects because my eyesight now prefers that. From 1/144 to 1/32 scale is a quantum leap.That said, you’ve got an excellent kit there and if I’m in any position to pass on some advice I’d say don’t get overly concerned about adding masses of extra detail apart from what you’re confident with, if you so wish of course. With this project,I’d just focus on working with the bigger parts in front of you. To be honest,I questioned my own confidence to tackle 1/32 scale but found that concern very quickly disappeared and really loved it.So much so I immediately went from the Phantom to the Strike Eagle in that scale. I wish you good luck with this new venture and look forward to seeing your progress. Most of all,I hope you ENJOY it.
  6. Hello,neilg - My favourite airliner in my favourite scheme. Beautifully built and finished along with the other models in your photo. Superb work!
  7. Hello,Stix - Superb work as always,my friend.A ‘Corker of a Hawker’ there!
  8. “Hello,Gary” - Brilliant work with this Javelin.She looks absolutely beautiful and I love your chosen scheme.I have this kit patiently waiting for attention.I hope you got my earlier Email,dear friend.
  9. Hello,AlanP - Delighted to see you’ve enjoyed the Festive Period with your latest masterpiece. A magnificent build of a magnificent aircraft.Full marks to Revell for releasing this beauty and you’ve certainly done the kit and the ‘SR-71’ justice.Brilliant! wishing you and your loved ones all the very best for the New Year! As Always, Paul.
  10. Hello,Alan P - Well what can this Phantom Phanatic say about that beauty? ”A phabulous piece of phine work and phine art!” A magnificent model of a magnificent aircraft.I love it. Wishing you and your loved ones ‘All The Very Best’ for the Phestive Season.
  11. Hello,Dean - A great job and result with your TSR2.She’s a fine tribute to that iconic aircraft. I’m currently working on the same type using the 1/48 scale Airfix kit. That’s no ‘shake and bake’ either!
  12. Hello,Alan - The cheque’s in the post,Dear Friend!?! Thank you so much.It’s an outlandish and garish scheme but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the photos of the real aircraft.The DXM Decals worked perfectly which greatly helped with their application.Their quality was also superb.There’s no hint of the Cobalt Blue ‘shading’ the white flashes either. The decals deserve the credit far more than I do.
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