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  1. Hello,Adam - A beautiful result and model of the Vulcan.The Valiant and Victor are also superb models.A trio to be very proud of.Great work indeed.
  2. Hello,gazza1 - A beautiful build of the Hercules and finished in my favourite RAF scheme.Superb!
  3. Hello,Friends - A quick message to thank you all so much for your very kind responses and feedback.They’re much appreciated.
  4. Hello,Pete - Thank you so much.Yes,the special tail markings add a welcome splash of colour against the grey.The tail decals needed a bit of cosmetic surgery to conform over the blister fairings but a sharp blade and Microsol took care of it.
  5. “Hello,Jan” - My fullest compliments to you on your magnificent Viggen build.The special scheme is beautiful and so is the way you’ve created it. I built the 1/48 scale Airfix Spitfire PR19 in Swedish markings and have the Draken and Lansen to add to the Swedish lineup. A pleasure to see your work.
  6. Hello,Pete - Thank you.Thank you so much.Yes,the emblem breaks up the scheme although it was a bit of a challenge to get the decals to conform properly on the fin because of the pronounced blister fairings.A sharp blade and Microsol did the trick though.
  7. Hello,IPMS19 - That’s a stunning model and what a terrible thing to happen to it. Knowing your skills and expertise I don’t think it’ll be long before she’s restored to former glory.
  8. A great job,Deano.She looks beautiful.
  9. Hello and thank you,Tony.I’ve worked many times in Warthill village just to the east of York and only about three miles from the University.I’ve seen a lot of military activity there.The Lakenheath aircraft are among the regular visitors and normally tracking to The Lakes or Scotland.No mistaking their sound! Always a delight to see any military types and particularly out in the wild. You had a special show to help mark Rob’s wonderful achievement!
  10. Hello,SAT69 - Thank you so much.I built this before the big 1/32 scale Tamiya ‘F-15E’. Quite a size difference but the Tamiya kit is a beautiful kit to build. Here’s a photo of mine which I featured in an earlier post.
  11. Full salute to The General as always.A stunning build of the new Vulcan kit and beautifully portrayed on the V-Bomber base with accessories. What’s not to love?
  12. Hello,Alex - She’s beautiful.Simply stunning.
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