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  1. mcdonnell

    1/72 Airfix Shackleton MR2

    Hello,Matt - That is a magnificent looking Shackleton build.Great work indeed.
  2. mcdonnell

    Jolly Rogers history in 1/72 (31 planes)

    A magnificent collection and tribute to a legendary unit.
  3. mcdonnell

    FAA Phantom 1/72

    Hello,Paul - A phine job indeed.She looks particularly good with her wings folded too.
  4. mcdonnell

    SA-3 Viking

    Hello,Mark - My full compliments to you on a beautiful looking build of your ‘Viking’.This is a charismatic aircraft which I haven’t seen very often in model form and she looks resplendent in her colourful ‘Hi-Viz’ markings.All The Best,Paul.
  5. mcdonnell

    Airfix 1/72 B-29A Superfortress

    Hello,Derek - This Beauty was the true ‘Superkit’ of the day back in the ‘60’s.As a young lad then I was awestruck with it.Fast forward a little and I’m equally impressed with this fabulous build of her and she’s a fine tribute to this classic kit. All The Best,Paul.
  6. Hello,Tony - Your superlative builds never cease to amaze me.I have a soft spot for the Liberator and know it’s a subject you’ve built several variants of but on a purely personal level, this beauty is my favourite.That scheme is fantastic and you have created that perfectly in my book.I love everything about it.Well done,That Man! As Always,Paul.
  7. Hello,Andy - Another masterclass from the General.A magnificent build and tribute to the majestic Victor.I admire and respect your modelling skills immensely and this latest work is no exception. All The Best,Paul.
  8. mcdonnell

    Westland Wyvern S.4, Trumpeter 1/48

    Hello,Ingo - A fine build and tribute to the Wyvern.I love the quality and detail of the painting and finishing work together with the diorama. All The Best,Paul.
  9. mcdonnell

    1/48 RAF FGR 2

    Hello,Mr.B - Don’t be too hard on yourself.I see a phine build and tribute of a phine aircraft.92 Sqn.would be proud for her to grace their ramp. All The Best,Paul.
  10. Hello,Simon - My full compliments to you on a magnificent build and diorama display. I love the attention to detail in every aspect.A fine tribute to a fine aircraft and to your modelling skills. All The Best,Paul.
  11. Hello,Tony - Here’s another beauty from TONYOT Aerospace to grace our screens.This Liberator looks superb.I wonder if this is the kit was the last minute treat from Huddersfield Show? All The Best,Paul.
  12. Hello,Tony - We really enjoyed seeing you at Huddersfield Show. Another joy to behold here as well.This Sea Fury looks the business,as do all your builds.Great work as always.I’m tempted to go for this kit and park her alongside my RN Phantom. All The Best,Paul.
  13. Hello,Phil - The Dakota is a superb subject and what makes this build even more so is the brilliant job you’ve done with the paintwork.That freehand camouflage looks perfection to me. All The Best,Paul.
  14. Hello,Adrian - It was a pleasure to meet you again at Huddersfield Show.My full compliments to you on your superb looking ‘B-47’.You’ve worked your magic on another truly classic kit.Great work indeed. All The Best,Paul.