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  1. A fine tribute to AVRO’s Finest and the classic Airfix kit.
  2. Hello,Russ - A fabulous build as always.The Skyhawk is a very charismatic aircraft and you’ve done the type justice.
  3. Hello,Dan - A delightful model and nostalgic reminder of the RAF Glory Years.Great work.
  4. Superb work and so imaginatively displayed as always,Adey!
  5. Hello,Tony - Another superb transformation and result.I love the Beaufighter and particularly in this scheme.Great work as always!
  6. Hello,Dear Stix - Please accept my apologies for this late reply to your very kind message.Thank you so much,as always.I look forward to more appearance again on BM.My bench time has been quite limited recently but currently at the painting stages of a 1/32 scale Phantom in the JASDF ‘Oceanic Scheme’.I look forward to posting her here when she’s finished. My best regards to You and Mrs.Stix.
  7. Hello,Alan - Thank you so much.My apologies for my late reply.I need to get more active on Britmodeller again.The real aircraft in this anniversary scheme wore an immaculate full gloss finish.This model was painted in Mr.Hobby Aqueous and I built the shine up with about four coats of brush-applied ‘Klear/Pledge’. It’s a pleasure to being in contact with you again.My best regards,Paul.
  8. Hello,Tony - Two superbly finished Hurricanes here.A fine tribute to the pilot and your favourite aircraft.Great work as always.
  9. Hello,Russ - Thank you very much.This is my first JASDF scheme and plan on doing a Sea Camouflage build when I can. All The Best,Paul.
  10. Hello,David - Thank you so much.I must be a glutton for punishment because I love schemes like this.This was my second in a row so my current build is a much easier one! All The Best,Paul.
  11. Hello,Andy - Thank you ever so much.I’m a great fan of colourful Anniversary/Special Schemes. All The Best,Paul.
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